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tv   Senior Intelligence Officials Testify on Russia Hacking Activities  CSPAN  January 10, 2017 8:41pm-8:57pm EST

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total political witchhunt. the intelligence committee heard from james clapper and james comey, the new york times reporting that director james comey telling lawmakers at the hearing that russian hackers had penetrated the republican national committee's computer record, but called it a limited penetration of old rnc computer systems that were no longer in use. take a look at some of the back-and-forth between the chair of the intelligence committee and the ranking democrat on the committee. we start with respect to the findings, we first address russia's goals and intentions. we have high confidence that president putin ordered and influence campaign in 2016 came at the presidential election. the goal of this campaign was to undermine public faith in the u.s. democratic process,
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denigrate secretary clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. putin and the russian government developed a clear preference for donald trump. russia conspired to help his chances by discrediting secretary clinton and quickly contrasting her unfavorably to him. moscow's approach evolved over the course of the campaign based on russia's understanding of the electoral prospects of each of the candidates. that senatorared clinton was likely to win, the russian influence campaign began to focus more on undermining her future presidency. moscow's influence campaign blended covert intelligence operations with over efforts by russian government agencies, state-funded media, third-party
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intermediaries, and paid social media users. that theghly confident russian intelligence services conducted cyber operations against people and organizations associated with the 2016 u.s. presidential election, including both major u.s. political parties. intelligenceary compromised the email accounts of the democratic party officials and publicly released .ata they also relayed material to wikileaks. russia collected on some republican affiliated targets, but did not conduct a comparable exposure campaign. russian intelligence obtained -- maintained access to multiple u.s. state and electoral board.
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however, the department of homeland security assesses these types of systems were not involved in vote tallying. the russian state copper in the machine -- propaganda machine contributed by using russian public funded outlets. moscow's has long sought to undermine u.s. led liberal democratic order. russia, like its soviet predecessor, has a history of conducting covert influenced campaigns focused on u.s. presidential elections. they have used intelligence andcers, influence agents, press placements to discourage candidates perceived as hostile to the kremlin. reflectsbehavior russia's more aggressive cyber posture in recent years, which poses a major threat to u.s. military, diplomatic, commercial, and critical infrastructure networks, as well as our elections.
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in 2016 activities demonstrated a significant , levelion in directness of activity, and scope of effort compared to previous operations. we assess moscow will apply the lessons learned in the 2016 in the future against u.s. allies. left in my 53 years or so of the intelligence business. i believe the level of professional tradecraft required to put this report together has given me great confidence that we have it right here. i am open to your questions. >> thank you for that thorough and concise testimony. director clapper, as i stated in
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my opening statement, i've instructed a select group of committee staff to complete an independent and bipartisan review of the report of the intelligence community assessment before today. do i have your assurance that you will provide the access that they need to the reporting necessary to make their conclusions? >> yes. >> let me talk about fred's it for just a second. the fbi has the expertise there. there is tremendous investigative value when the fbi is able to conduct their own forensic review on devices that have suffered cyber intrusions and attacks. or some some confusion conflicting reporting as to whether the fbi requested access , thee dnc services
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democratic congressional committee servers. did the fbi request access to those devices to perform forensics on? dir. comey: yes we did. >> with that access have intoded intelligence findings concluded by the intelligence community? dir. comey: our friends expects would prefer to get access to the original device or server involved. experts wouldcs prefer to get access to the original device or server involved. a privatehighly -- company got access and shared their findings. >> is that typically the way the fbi would prefer to do the forensics? or would you rather do the for in six themselves question mark
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-- do the forensics? >> was there one request or multiple? dir. comey: multiple requests at different levels. it was agreed to that the private company would share with us what they saw. >> there has been much debate over the content released by wikileaks. , you have mader it perfectly clear in your testimony that the community feels that vote tallies were not altered. do you believe there is any evidence that the dnc or the d.c. cc or the podesta emails released publicly were altered in any way? >> we have no evidence of that. director call >>
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me comment you have evidence that any republican system that was targeted by these same groups was successfully penetrated or data at full traded?- data x full dir. comey: there are campaigns on the state level on the republican side of the aisle, and some limited penetration of old republican national committee domains. penetrations of those national committee domains? dir. comey: they were no longer in use. >> from the same point of republican candidates that were running for president, were those campaigns targeted under the same effort by the russians? dir. comey: the campaigns themselves, not to my knowledge. vice-chairman.
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>> thank you mr. chairman. we thank you, director klapper, for your report. and the point that you continue to make that it was not your job to analyze the effects in terms of the political campaign. i would add that any of us who are appear who have ever been through postelection that any item can either be cause or harm. information that was taken from republican affiliated entities. there was a great deal of information taken from democrats that was selective leaking, which the director has indicated had eight clear political content. one of the things i am thebergasted at is that
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russians have the capability of taking information and selectively leaking that. -- to thisescribe mind -- to my mind, this is an ongoing threat to all of this and our electoral process. guard, and to be on could you speak for any members of the panel -- could you speak towards, do you expect to see similar tactics used by russians in terms of the upcoming elections in germany, france, and the netherlands? >> yes we do. taking whatllies has happened in america with significant enough importance,
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and are they putting up new defenses to guard against these activities? the extent to which they have reacted to this, but they are certainly aware. europe has long been a target of russian attempts to manipulate the electoral processes, so they will continue with that, and because of the controversy that is generated in our country, that will reinforce their desire to do that. >> one of the things that another member of the committee raised is certain russian that there was a russian dissident in london
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where russian agents planted false information in this individual's personal file and then called law enforcement and said look in this person's file, and it was child pornography placed there. could you anticipate rush of trying those actions against american public officials? i have no compunction -- the russians have no compunction about using before a of tools and techniques available in their kitbag. i wouldn't put it past them to do that or any other tools they have used such as paying people to participate in social media, for example. >> this has been described as the new normal for russian doctrine. is that correct? >> i believe, yes. are we seeing a significant ex collation -- a significant in any of your
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careers, have you ever seen this level of russian interference in our political process? dir. comey: no. i've not. >> no. >> no. >> thank you, mr. chairman. all of thatn see hearing later in our programs scheduled on c-span. i had of that, we take you live to chicago in just a few minutes. president obama is there, the first lady michelle obama, and their two daughters. this at the farewell speech tonight at chicago's mccormick center. it is set to get underway in just over five minutes at 9:00 eastern. we will have it for you here on c-span and follow it live with your calls and comments. we look forward to that in just a few minutes. that,of that, -- ahead of
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we are looking at our continued coverage of confirmation hearings for president trump's nominees. we heard from jeff sessions today. coming up tomorrow, rex tillerson, the former exxon ceo and selection to be secretary of state. 9:15 eastern tomorrow, live on c-span3 and the senator will not testify tomorrow, but there will be three separate panels, including cory booker speaking against the nomination of jeff sessions. that is it 9:30 eastern. shein elaine chao at 10:15, has been nominated for transportation secretary. all of those hearings streaming live at on the cory booker appearance tomorrow, senator tom kaufman of
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-- not happy about it. --ator booker saying today criticizing senator cory booker on his decision to testify against senator sessions. thatys, "i'm disappointed senator booker has decided to start his 2020 presidential campaign i testify against senator sessions." the second half of the hearing will be on c-span two. another hearing today, retired general john kelly, who is the nominee to head the homeland security department, testified before the only security committee. it looks like we may see some video momentarily from chicago, so here comes michelle obama and her mom and the otters. -- and the daughters. live coverage coming up next.


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