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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 12, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EST

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your reaction to the senate foreign relations committee confident nation -- confirmation hearing of rex tillerson. we look at the choice of dr. david show can to be the next veteran affairs secretary. trump: the best cabinet ever put together. we have been hearing that from so many people. so many people are very happy. ♪ host: that was president-elect donald trump at his first news conference in six months. it was the highlight of a very busy day in politics that also confirmationnt hearings for cabinet nominees mentioned by the president-elect, as well as a dramatic late-night senate vote that sets the stage for the republican appeal of the affordable care act. we will talk about all of this this morning on "washington
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democrats can call in , republicans,000 (202) 748-8001, and independents , (202) 748-8002. you can also catch up with us on twitter and facebook. a very good thursday morning to you. we begin this morning where the senate left off just a few hours ago. politico reporter john brennan ham with a tweet last night saying the process of repealing obamacare has officially begun. the senate approved a resolution that allows it to happen. the house is going to be voting on it on friday. the politico story accompanying that tweet, it was a 51-48 vote that came after a seven hour photo from a, a rapid -- vo
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te-a-rama. the budget that was voted on last night did not become law after the senate and house vote. it does provide a powerful procedural tool known as reconciliation to let the republicans dismantle the health law with simple majorities in the house and senate. senate adoption of the budget is the first step in that process. this morning we are going to be talking about it, talking about donald trump at his press conference. we want the viewers to call in, but more on that vote from last night, lawrence o'donnell from msnbc tweeted last night, they were violating the rule of no speeches well voting against the repeal of the affordable care act. i want to show viewers with the scene looked like last night. >> the senator is not recorded. >> because there is no plan in
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the alternative, i vote no. >> no. >> madam clerk. >> ms. baldwin. >> how am i recorded? >> the senator is not recorded. >> i vote no because -- >> debate is not allowed during the vote. >> miss baldwin? >> no. >> madame clerk, how am i recorded? >> the senator is not recorded. speeches are not allowed during vote. >> mr. merkley. >> no. >> reading clerk. -- madam clerk, how am i recorded? >> the senator is not recorded. >> i vote no -- >> debate is not allowed during a vote. host: fox news tweeting that all
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democrats voted no except for , whoor dianne feinstein was not president, and rand paul voted no. he wants a replacement plan to be ready first. starting all the republican side of the aisle after the vote last night, david perdue of georgia said, we are one step from getting some relief from this disastrous law. cam scott said we took one step closer to providing the american people with a health system that works. claire mccaskill, democrat from missouri, because there is no replacement plan i voted no on repeal. this is called repeal and run. chaos is coming. there is senator casey from pennsylvania, it has been a wild
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day for votes and i'm just getting started to protect affordable health care for pennsylvania residents. the front-page headline in today's papers all belong to donald trump. here is some of the headlines after that press conference yesterday. trump saysk times -- , thea probably hacked front page of the washington post. trump prepares to hit the ground running, lashes out at press over fake news on russia. the front page of usa today this morning -- trump on offense amid controversy, his first news conference since winning the white house gets confrontational . we will be going through that press conference through all the headlines this morning, but we want to hear from you and get your reaction on those confirmation hearings, the press conference, last night's vote.
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darrell is up first in bedford, ohio, public and. -- republican. caller: i want to talk about the , donald trump and the press conference. i think it was awesome, i think it was great. i think what it tells to russia and russian hacking, it is something that you have to look into like cyber security. if hillary clinton won the election you would not hear anything about russian hacking from the liberal media or from democrats. the reason why obama did not say anything about russian hacking before the election is because he thought it was not a big deal because hillary clinton was going to win the election. russia did not tell hillary clinton not to go to wisconsin. russia did not tell hillary clinton to use a private email server. the whole russia thing is just political.
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as far as the rex tillerson hearing, i want to talk about that. i thought marco rubio was horrible in that confirmation hearing. he was absolutely horrible. the reason why he was so bad in that hearing was because he basically asked a guy who is supposed to be the top diplomat of the united states, at a confirmation hearing, he is asking him without him having all of the information, he is asking him to label people were criminals, murderers. that is just crazy. how is he going to have any room to negotiate, and a room to do anything if you are calling half the people you have to deal with on a diplomatic level murderers or more criminals. -- war criminals. i agree with rand paul, some
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people like john mccain, marco rubio, all they want to do is ave confrontation and war. you cannot disparage all of these world leaders before he even gets confirmed. that would not make any sense. host: we will get to all of those topics this morning. matt is up next, emerson, new jersey, the line for independents. caller: i would like to say that the president-elect trump handled himself professionally. specifically with regard to the , and verys, rude nasty reporter from cnn, which by the way does put out fake news. they are so biased, and this is an example of why the american reject not just
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madame hillary and mr. obama's agenda, but they rejected the dishonest media as well as the failed policies of obama. on behalf of the people of new jersey, i would like to booker whoor the mr. wants to be a basically clone of behavior,his terrible unnecessary what he did in the senate. referring to, for our other viewers who may have missed it, cory booker to testify against his senate colleague, jeff sessions who was before the judiciary committee and is up for attorney general. we will show you some of the highlights from all of these different events yesterday.
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a very busy 24 hours in politics. joe is next in sarasota, florida, a democrat. caller: i just want to say that donald trump can be one of the best presidents in modern history if he honors his own words. he promised to the american people he was not going to touch social security, medicare, and medicaid, and marco rubio, i agree with him. , i disagreeller with him. the people that voted for clinton, close to 3 million. donald trump eggs to stop saying obama created isis -- needs to stop saying obama created isis. we all know isis was created by .ush, the unnecessary war the dictator of iraq has weapons
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of mass destruction. we all know that. when they said iraq had weapons of mass distraction, let's say, ok, the only weapons of mass was two sons. , we see asaid mushroom cloud, the only mushroom cloud we were going to own twoaddam hussein's sons. host: he said to become one of the most -- one of the greatest presidents -- you said to become one of the greatest presidents in history all he has to do is not touch medicare, and medicaid. caller: most americans respect social security, medicare, and
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medicaid. american history, the first , warren harding, coolidge, the first depression was because of them because they believe in -- the first depression, who fixed that? fdr. social security, fixed the problem. you have to understand that. the second depression, they called it recession thanks to , andn, started with nixon father and son, the bushes. who fixed the problem? barack obama. to me in my lifetime -- i am 48 thes old, close to 50 -- best president in history is barack obama. if we look at history, do not
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get me wrong, i know three good republicans in history, the best in history. , david [incoln indiscernible]. host: debbie is waiting in troy, ohio, an independent. caller: good morning. i love donald trump. i am so glad he is our president elect. he is going to stand up, not be pushed around, and he is going to do a fantastic job. those people that he has selected for the cabinet to try to turn our ship around, they are intelligent. and everys a good man one of them that has been up there has so far been good.
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marco rubio and john mccain and lindsey graham and schumer and and arcsd all of those -- whatever, communists, they want to go to war with russia. it is so funny that john mccain was the one that was given the report, the fake news report. he is dangerous. wasn't he called a songbird in vietnam? it is sickening. host: susan page in today's usa today wraps up donald trump's press conference, saying has any other president elect or president held a news conference quite like that? he announced he would turn over control of his businesses to a trust controlled by his sons. -- he said to enact he would nominate a supreme thet justice to replace
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late antonin scalia in the first two weeks. he said he would fulfill his promise to build a border along along mexico and have the mexicans pay for it. issues from donald trump's press conference yesterday, but most of the national headlines focusing on his comments on russia. here is what he had to say. mr. trump: as far as hacking, i think it was russia, but we also get hacked by other countries and other people. lost 22y that when we million names and everything else that was hacked recently, they did not make a big deal out of that. that was something that was extraordinary. that was probably china.
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we have much hacking going on, and one of the things we are going to do, we have some of the greatest computer mines anywhere in the world we have assembled. agoaw it just a few weeks -- you saw it just a few weeks ago. we are going to put those minds together and form a defense. i have to say this also -- the democratic national committee was totally open to be hacked. they did a very poor job. they could have had hacking defense, which we had. i will give reince priebus reince sawause when what was going on in the world to this country, he went various forms and ordered a strong hacking defense. and they tried to hack the republican national committee and they were unable to break through. we have to do that for our country. it is very important. host: an hour-long press
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conference yesterday with a dozen reporters called on. cnnof our viewers noted, was not called on despite a bit of a confirmation between donald trump and one of the reporters. we will talk about all of it this morning, and we want to hear your calls as well. democrats, (202) 748-8000. andblicans, (202) 748-8001 .ndependents, (202) 748-8002 jerry is in stratford, connecticut, a republican. caller: one of the issues around a press conference they came up and is continually in the news are these leaks coming out of our intelligence community, be the obama white house or whoever it is. i want to express that if you are an investigative journalist, these leaks are crimes.
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if i am working for the washington post, i do not owe nbc news anything, so if somebody is leaking, some government official is breaking the law and leaking stuff to nbc news or the new york times, every other investigative journalist with every other news organization should be looking into that. they should be tried to find out who is breaking the law. you have no obligation to the sources for other news organizations. you should be putting the public .rust and public interest ahead if somebody else gets the scoop, great, but you want to find out who is linking to them. yes, i hope the trump administration really does drain the swamp of these politically motivated leaks, but these are crimes. it is in the public interest for every investigative journalist to find out who has been leaking classified materials to other news organizations.
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host: do you think it is in the interest of those journalists who may not get any leaks coming their way if they do something like that? caller: it is the public trust. if you are in the business of protecting the public trust by looking into governmental wrongdoing, this is governmental wrongdoing. if it cuts off your sources, that is a price you pay. how many journalists do pay prices? the public has a right to know who is breaking the law and leaking classified information to other journalists. understand you do not turn over your own sources, but you are under no obligations to protect the sources to the new york times, nbc news, or fake news organizations like cnn or buzz feed. news coming out overnight, the director of national intelligence james clapper said he spoke with president-elect
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him therump and told intelligence community did not leak information about the unverified memo that sparked a firestorm of controversy when it was published online. quoting, ibc news this document is not a u.s. intelligence community product and i do not believe the leaks came from within the intelligence community. the intelligence community has not made any judgment that the information in this document is reliable and we did not rely upon it in any way for our conclusions. in hislapper saying statement, i express my profound dismay at the leaks appearing in the press, and we both agreed they are extremely corrosive and damaging for our national security. there is a statement from director clapper from the office of the director of national intelligence.
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paul is in appleton, wisconsin, a democrat. good morning. caller: i just want to say to all the people who voted for trump, congratulations, you just voted for all americans to lose your health insurance coverage because once they repeal obama you are not going to have any more guarantees for lifetime caps. if you get cancer, once your policy hits its maximum, you are going to lose your insurance. congratulations. thank you, because now everybody is going to be vulnerable again. they will bring back lifetime caps. ceos can get their big bonuses again. congratulations, thank you. host: yesterday that press conference, donald trump talked about his plans for obamacare, the affordable care act. mr. trump: we are going to be
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submitting as soon as our secretary is approved, almost simultaneously, shortly thereafter, a plan. replacede revealed and -- repealed and replaced. it will be essentially simultaneously. it will be various segments, you understand, but will likely be on the same day or the week. could be the same hour. we are going to do a repeal and replace, very complicated stuff. we are going to get a health bill passed, health care taken care of in this country. you have deductibles that are so high that after people go broke paying their premiums, which are going through the roof, health care cannot be used as the deductibles are so high. obamacare is the democrats problem. we are going to take the problem off the shelves for them. we are doing them a tremendous
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service by doing it. we could sit back and let them hang with it. we are doing the democrats a great service. so as soon as our secretary is approved and gets into the office, we will be filing a plan , and it was actually pretty accurately reported today, the new york times. and the plan will be repealed and replaced obamacare. we want to have health care that is far less expensive and far better. host: that was donald trump yesterday. that before the action in the senate last night in which the republican led senate set the stage for votes later this week in the house, starting the process for the repeal of the affordable care act. i want to hear from you this morning on that topic, on any topic from the confirmation
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hearings to the many issues donald trump was asked about yesterday. keith is in the bronx, new york, independent. caller: this is keith from the bronx. old -- 69 years old. [indiscernible] going under the table and dealing with the threat of nuclear situations. we have beenhis -- having this thing with russia all these years back and forth, and the people who come off and talk about that, they do not remember those things that we had to go through. a nuclear threat from russia at this point in time, we need to remember because it turned out to be our history. number two, what about insurance companies? our enemy in health care issues is the insurance companies.
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if trump would use his bully pulpit to go after the insurance companies, that is the question. host: keith, on nuclear proliferation, it was a topic brought up in rex tillerson's confirmation hearing yesterday. if you missed it you can go back and watch it at rex tillerson not going to be having a confirmation hearing, a second day today. let me run through the hearings that are happening today and where you can see them. at 9:30 this morning, c-span3 will be airing the senate armed services confirmation hearing for general mattis, james mattis. c-span2 will have the senate committee on intelligence for congressman mike pompeo of kansas, a republican house member and the director of the cia.
7:26 am, you can watch the committee hearing for ben carson, the housing and urban development secretary. c-span.orgoday on you can also watch the house arms services committee meeting and vote on the granting of an exception for general mattis for that seven years removed from active duty, the rule that he would need a waiver to take the .ob for secretary of state all of that happening today on the c-span networks. you can watch all day long. we are going to be with you until 10:00 this morning as usual. gregory is in baldwin, missouri, republican. caller: good morning, and thanks again, c-span. with my choice of changing from independent to republican.
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i was an independent because they both had good siz. -- good sides. after eight years of president scandals, andthe with the house coming back, they are starting to get in line finally. i am very proud of trump. i voted for him, first-time republican, ex marine. the guy from wisconsin who called about his health care, it was falling apart. the democrats did not even read it. i think you are going to get better than that. i am very proud of president trump. host: when you say republicans in the house are getting in line, explain what you mean. is it a matter that they did not have a leader before they could get behind question mark -- get behind? caller: what president-elect trump is starting to show, and
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he has made comments, this should have been done long ago. your representatives are not doing their job and it should have been done a decade or two ago. i just like it that way. they will straighten up and get in line. host: gregory in missouri. on twitter, the conversation happens every day. edward perkins says -- i do not trust the mainstream media, regardless of this administration's stance. from breitbartuy as his chief of staff and calls cnn fake news? his supporters will follow him blindly. james is in mississippi, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead.
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followed the presidential campaign for a while, and i cannot take it anymore. military,n a proud and i am 58 years old, i cannot take it anymore. it is absolutely plain as the nose on your face, donald trump is a disaster. conference. a news he was just informing us how he was getting out of his family business. what the idea presidency of the united states is all about. i do not understand how all of these people can support him. he does not have policies, and the policies he tells us about on twitter or nothing. you cannot be president by tweeting your feelings. donald trump does not have a clue what the presidency is .bout, and i am so afraid
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i have never heard so much about nuclear weapons from a presidential candidate in my life. nuclear weapons should not even be a discussion, except in private. these peoplebout should have them, these people should have them, this country should have them. i have never heard this in my life. this is going to be a disaster, i feel it. he does not have a clue and people are going to see that. they are worried about obama and the affordable care act but what we are facing is a lot worse than the affordable care act. i am glad i heard you this morning. i have to say it, in the next six months if not sooner we are going to find out donald trump is a total disaster, and america will suffer. host: richard is in mount shasta, california, an independent. caller: i think the first thing the democrats could do is have an amendment to their repeal law for health care, to repeal
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health care for congress, the senate, the president, the vice president, and the supreme court. that would be a good start, probably other government agencies as well. why should we taxpayers pay for all of these government worker'' insurance when they do not want to contribute a dime to us? doctors have to take the hippocratic oath. republicans take the hypocritical oath. host: in california. colleen is in brea, california. good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for having c-span and allowing us to vent our ideas and feelings. watched donald trump's press interview today, and it felt to me like he is telling everything
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-- and i realize he was whatining his almost trust he is doing with his corporation -- but i feel like everybody he has chosen is a corporate person . he is saying he is going to give jobs, but trickle-down does not work and ronald reagan started that. things do not trickle-down. the split in this country is so terrible between the wealthy 1% and the rest of us that do not have that much money, and are just living. our living standards have been reduced over the years, and i do not see that that change is going to happen. certainly not from someone who is just dictating to us. i feel like we are getting a dictator instead of a president. i do not trust all these corporate people that are, have been chosen to be heads of all
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of these departments. realize they have qualities that allow them to be great in their corporations, but what about us people? the president is supposed to be the president for all of us, and i feel that he is not going to be the president for all of us. he seems to have ideas, but i doubt if they are really going to happen. i thank you so much for allowing me to talk. host: a couple of our colors bringing up donald trump's comments about what he is going to be doing with his business interests. he is going to turn his company over to his sons and bands foreign deals. here's a bit from the press conference when donald trump was asked about his business conflicts of interest and what he would do. mr. trump the tax returns are under audit.
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[simultaneous speaking] mr. trump: the only one that cares about my tax returns is the media. i won. that is all. i think you care. first of all, you learn very little from a tax return. people have learned a lot about my company and now they realize, my company is much bigger, much more powerful than they ever thought. we are in many countries and are very proud of it. what i'm going to be doing is my two sons who are right here, don and eric, are going to be running the company. they are going to be running it in a very professional manner. they are not going to discuss it with me. again, i do not have to do this. they are not going to discuss it with me. with that i'm going to bring up
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, these papers are some of the many documents i have signed turning over complete and total control to my sons. host: sherri dylan, a lawyer who talked at length about what donald trump was going to be doing with his business interests, some of the other details about and that washington times story. donald trump said in order to be completely safe when it comes to international engagements, he will donate the profits from every hotel room in his empire that is paid for by a foreign government, sending the money to the u.s. treasury instead of pocketing it himself. he declined to sell his stake in the trunk organization, a move many ethics watchdogs had wanted, but he said he is resigning as the chief and will have no say in the management, leaving it entirely to his two adult sons. some player -- papers talking
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about concerns, starting with usa today's editorial board. they say, count us unimpressed. donald trump is not divesting himself of anything. he is the chief executive and has been exempted from conflict of interest laws, so he does not need to recuse himself from matters, but he is also the servant andp public he is willing to undermine his credibility to keep his business empire intact and in the family. avoiding conflicts is clearly difficult but trump could have done a lot better than what his plan calls for. one other editorial board looking into this today was the wall street journal. they say he took an important steps yesterday to a leave some vulnerability -- a leave --
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allieve. are replete with born-again -- but that does not mean the dangers are fake news. another question is the role of the ethics manager. companies often assume independent monitors as part of the settlement agreements but it is not clear how independent or transparent this one will be. the media will howl if he is merely a rubberstamp. spring hill florida, republican. have obamaand my son health care insurance, and i pay for him to hundred $63, for me $24 -- for him to hundred $63, 3, for me $24.
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i thought the new president donald trump does not want to cancel this insurance. we need insurance. trump willsident give us better insurance. even better than obama health care. john, manchester township, new jersey, independent. off like amp came want of a dictator and his press conference. watched c-span the other day, they would see in the senate that not only they want to cut obamacare but medicare, medicaid, and social security. guys pay their
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share of maybe 4000 or $5,000 more. it is ridiculous. i hope all of you people who voted for trump, good luck. host: who did you vote for? caller: i actually voted for clinton because for years now, all i have heard from the republicans, citizens united wants to go to the supreme court and say social security is not part of the constitution because it takes away people's freedom from doing what they want to do with their own money. i worry very much about the supreme court. i think women have a right to choose what they want to do with their own bodies. churches should stay out of politics. i was raised religious, but that goes too far if you want to butt into your life. the republicans want everything and the coke or others had their hands in it -- koch brothers had their hands in it.
7:40 am
,or many years i have seen this and they actually said right on c-span that they want to take everything back to teddy roosevelt, undo it all. if people do not wake up, you want to be a diehard republican, this is what you're going to do. you are going to bring us back to lower wages and no safety net whatsoever. the other guy that called the other day and said he did not get a raise for social security should of obama, he blame congress because they control the purse. host: why aren't you a democrat? caller: because there are times when i disagree with the democrats. host: what are some of those times? caller: i was really a bernie sanders supporter is i think he would've kept on top of what they are trying to do to regular people. he really sees the big indifference, getting rid of
7:41 am
unions and stuff. look at wisconsin, their unions got busted up so bad they cannot protect people anymore. this is what is going to happen to our country. unions were created for a reason, to protect workers. corrupted, but it is a right to work. you better watch. the republican party has changed and the democrats, maybe it is a wake-up call for them to be stop -- for them to stop being greedy. int: democrat, marcus charlotte, north carolina. caller: i was calling because i watch c-span every day. i sit here and here nonsense. first of all, that was not a press conference, that was a rally. basically he surrounded himself with supporters and had them
7:42 am
cheering in the background. but anyway, i wanted to talk about the power of the american people have been duped, believing that cutting taxes and less regulations help job growth . first of all, i am a small business owner. anybody knows that small businesses, the biggest danger to small businesses is the big business. it is not regulation, not taxes, any of that. big businesses are what put small businesses out of town. anyone that hasn't hardware store -- that has a hardware store and a walmart moves in, within months their business is gone. when you cut taxes you do not do nothing but help big businesses undercut small businesses. that way you cannot compete if you are a small business. people think their hardware stores and boutiques leaving
7:43 am
somehow, those are being outsourced. those places are not being outsourced. they are closing down because big business is the ones getting the tax cuts. it is not sustainable for a top-down economy. you have to explore from the bottom up or from the middle, and expand from there. that is the only sustainable way for growth. i think people will learn as soon as they really start, dumbed down, and as far as fake news, people do not know what news to believe because they want to hear what they want to hear. it is all types of media, that is what you need to understand, how to sort out the media. host: how do you sort out the media, marcus?
7:44 am
caller: pretty much, i draw media from different places. i watch all the major media markets. i watch my local news and i read the newspaper and i pay attention to the details. the devil is in the details. trump, he has no plans. i do not understand. people like the rhetoric, but he has no detail that is what i do not understand. i am not against him because he is a republican or whatever. --is short on details of how that is what is going to take, details. host: market in north carolina. we will be taking your calls all morning on the topic of the press conference and confirmation hearings and those votes last night. you can keep calling in. phone numbers, democrats, (202)
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748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. , (202) 748-8002. we want to focus on racks tillerson's confirmation hearing -- rex tillerson's confirmation hearing. he is up for secretary of state. an interaction that rex tillerson had with marco rubio, senator from florida, over marco rubio's questions about whether vladimir putin is a war criminal. here is the interaction. >> let me ask you this question -- is latin america region a war criminal? >> i would not use that term. hasn aleppo, mr. putin ordered a campaign, he has targeted schools and markets and
7:46 am
other civilian infrastructure. it has resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians. this is not the first time mr. putin is involved in campaigns of this time. when he was just appointed prime minister before he was elected, there was a series of bombings and they blamed it on the chechens. he would punish them so he ordered the air force to bomb them. dhey used skype missiles -- sku missiles. they use their explosive bombs that ignite and burn the air breeze and by people -- briefed in people. he used battlefield weapons against civilians and an estimated 300,000 civilians were killed, and the city was completely destroyed. it was a credible body of reporting that all of those bombings were part of a black flag operation on the part of the fsb.
7:47 am
if you want to know the motivation, here it is. putin's approval ratings before the attacks, 31%. --er the attacks, it was at what is in the record about what has happened in aleppo you are still not prepared to say vladimir putin and his military have violated the rules of war and conducted war crimes? >> is her very serious charges to make, and i would want to have more information before reaching a conclusion. i ensure there is a body of record in the classified domain and i think to deal with a serious question like this -- >> mr. tillerson -- >> fully informed before advising the president. >> there is so much information about what is happening in aleppo, leaving the chechen
7:48 am
aside. that not difficult to say vladimir putin's military has conducted war crimes in aleppo because you agree it would never be acceptable for them to target civilians. i find it discouraging your ability to site that, which i think is globally sets it -- accepted. host: for more on rex tillerson's appearance before , weforeign senate committee moved to our foreign correspondent who was watching many hours of hearings. they give for joining us. one of the headlines from politico is that tillerson had a shaky show before skeptical senators. you are one of the reporters on that story. why a shaky showing? guest: he did not seem to satisfy a lot of the concerns that senators had, especially on russia. he acted very lawyerly, almost.
7:49 am
he would not take a position that marco rubio or others wanted on putin. in theights violations philippines, saudi arabia, he just did not want to say yes, they are violating human rights. he kept saying he needed more information, he does not have access to the classified documents. a lot of the senators felt like that was not good enough and wanted him to speak out strongly about everything from the extrajudicial killings of thousands of people in the philippines to the way saudi arabia treats women. it was just a very strange thing where he kept saying, i need more information and they were like, all you have to do is read news reports. it was a very odd day. host: we saw that interaction with marco rubio. do you think marco rubio is going to be a no vote on rex tillerson? he seemed concerned. guest: it seems like he was
7:50 am
leaning toward a no but he is not quite said what he will do yet. i think it is going to be really interesting what he does, because the foreign relations committee is basically 11 republicans and 10 democrats. so one vote can actually make a difference. the senate majority leader could bring the votes to the floor and skip the committee as a whole, so that is another possibility, but i do not know. at this point i would say rubio will probably vote against tillerson, what you never know. there were a number of democrats who seemed white friendly to tillerson. -- who seemed quite friendly to tillerson. i do not think it is impossible that you might have a democrat or two going with this nomination. host: where are the places where he broke with president-elect donald trump? guest: there were a number of places.
7:51 am
that thehe was clear u.s. should defend its allies in nato, including the baltic states because it is a treaty. we have an obligation, article five. trump in the past has not been so clear on that. he has suggested that some countries are not paying enough into the defense structure alliance, that maybe the u.s. should not come to their aid. whether theres on should be a muslim registry of sorts. tillerson could not quite get .imself to say yes for sure he said he would have to get more information. he also did not agree with banning muslims from the country. he did agree with trump's new position that there should be very strong venting of whoever entered the united states -- vet ting whoever entered the united states.
7:52 am
also, on the idea that other countries such as japan, south korea, some of the u.s. allies should have their own nuclear weapons, tillerson broke with what trump has said. he said no, we do not need more countries with nuclear weapons. we need to go down the path of nonproliferation. possibilitywas some that there would be a second day of hearings with rex tillerson. that not happening. what is the timing for his confirmation from here on out, if there is a vote in committee or the senate floor? when are we expecting to see those? guest: i think it is entirely possible we could see it in the next few days, probably not this week. there is a number of hearings going on this week, and i think people are trying to figure out where they can land on all of them, but it is possible we could see it next week. even rubio said that he feels
7:53 am
like the secretary of state is the second most important position in the government. i think there is a strong sense among republicans and democrats that this is an important job that needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible, possibly before the next president takes office. host: nahal toosi with politico, thank you. thank you so much. guest: thank you. host: as nahal toosi noted, a busy week on capitol hill and another busy day. morning, general james mattis will have his hearing before the senate arms committee for his position as secretary of defense on c-span3. at 10:00, mike pompeo will have his hearing for his position as cia director. that is on c-span2. on at 10:00, you can watch the senate housing and
7:54 am
urban affairs committee on ben carson's nomination to become director of housing and urban development. lots going on today. we are keeping track of it for you on the c-span networks. stay with us all day long, including at 2:00 p.m. where there will be an arms -- house arms services committee meeting to vote on the exemption waiver for former general james mattis, which he would need to become secretary of state. we will keep you updated on all of those happenings, and we are with you for another two hours this morning on the "washington in florida on is the line for republicans. american,am a proud disabled vet 100%. i am glad they took their time, and he said he went through 12 people.
7:55 am
i am glad he took us time to go through and hopefully find the right person for the veterans administration this time. they have 22 people killing themselves a day, veterans, and they have got to find out these things. i get pain medicine myself, and they give me a 30 day supply every month. how many months have 31 days? what do i do for those months? you have no pain medicine. nobody thinks about these things , and i think rubio is an idiot because we have war crimes. even our own country bombs ,hings, even by mistake hospitals in afghanistan for instance. and then the president apologized. there is a lot of things people do not know what is going on out there. trump has godthat behind him, and the country behind him because i think he is going to be a real true american
7:56 am
and try to help us. if that is what happens, great, but we did not need no hillary people in their, that is for sure. ask the haitians. they built eight crummy houses to look at and they built them a soccer field and that was it. and all of that money is gone. host: on the topic of the v.a. secretary nomination, donald picked david sc he is the current undersecretary for health at the v.a. and has been in that post since july 2015. he is a physician who ran hospitals in new jersey and new york, and was named among the most influential people in health care. we are going to be talking more about that pic later this
7:57 am
morning with leo shane of military times, who has been tracking the v.a. secretary. day, james mattis for secretary of defense, his hearing happening. mike pompeo for cia director and , a carson for hud director day after donald trump announced another pic or his cabinet. norm is a democrat. good morning. caller: i am one of those folks who is in the position where i will be dead if they repeal obamacare. obamacare works. i went in for a routine cataracts exam, after a cataracts surgery, and they found blood in my eye and found i had early-stage colon cancer.
7:58 am
i just had surgery in december. soy caught it early, and prior to that, obamacare came along and i signed up on the first day. i had went seven years without health insurance and i could not get health insurance. it would cost me $8,000 a month they wanted, because i had pre-existing conditions. thenestly want -- hop republican care seems to be i have no care at all. the reason their premiums have gone up is because republicans interfered with the program with the decision by the supreme court to let states do what they want to do. the same marco rubio blocking
7:59 am
the subsidies that congress initially had to help people keep their premiums down, they blocked it because he wanted the premiums to go up. i want people to know that obamacare works. host: norm with his story in michigan. anthony is in newport news, tennessee, an independent. caller: i just have a couple things i would like to say. if we ever have and a small conflict, he will put us in a war for sure. i am a vietnam vet. guys wound up going to prison. he has the same mentality. host: what is the mentality? caller: he was the kind of person that did not take any prisoners.
8:00 am
he has got the same mentality. getting back to my other thing i wanted to say, obama is being blamed for this thing. with the phony news, for example, the only one that was screaming the phony news was trump. now he is going, it is phony news and we should not pay attention to it. i think real news people like yourself, they are the ones that got the turnaround and fight the phony news because the government is not going to do anything about that. from blamed him for isis nobody mentions that. george bush was elected the same year and if they were more have a--we wouldn't
8:01 am
problem with iran. everybody that is kind of their doesn't know what to do. it seems like everybody has brought into office, they are all very risky people but that doesn't help the country. lifee done very well in my and he is going to repeal the capital gains tax for any stocks so i get paid, which i don't think that is right but i his ideas for the rich and how it is going to be and always middle -- these people -- i think you for putting me on the air. host: james on twitter says "trump played the press like a fiddle yesterday, again holding a press conference during the confirmation hearings of his top picks." george munro on twitter, "it is
8:02 am
about making as much money as he can with as little accountability from the american people." and also "trump has shown better quality since when election." 8:00g your comments in the hour, we will be doing it until 10:00 on the washington journal. we want to hear your thoughts on donald trump spread -- donald trump's press conference and the hearings all week and that late-night vote last night in hours.ate into the wee the story from politico, the senate oks a budget and moves towards the demise of obamacare. we noted that republicans looking to use the powerful procedural tool known as reconciliation to help dismantle the health care law with simple majorities in the house and senate. this vote last night was the first step towards doing that. the house is going to take up this issue on friday. the story in political --
8:03 am
politico noting "the quirky votee ritual called the arama can be squeezing the republicans for targeting obamacare, republicans easily democrat -- rejected the democrat proposals." republicans tod balk at supporting popular provisions under bob casey. he offered an amendment to discriminate against people with resisting conditions. kirsten gillibrand aims to block legislation that makes women sick again. both of those proposals went down to defeat, 49-49 last night. a lot of action last night on the floor of the senate. if you missed any of it, you can rewatch it. we have all of the action at
8:04 am we will have all of the action from today's hearings as well. karen is waiting in texas, a republican. good morning. >> good morning. how are you doing? host: doing well. guest: i am calling up because -- i have health care for the last 40 years and my wife is pregnant right now and my premiums went up from eight dollars -- from $895 to $6,000 a month. toy told me -- i had increase my payment. am a businessman and i -- i just think
8:05 am
that everybody says that obama health care is a good thing for , but when you have to knew it your premiums go up. i've got four kids in college. how can i make it? i love the united states of america and i'm honored to be , and we needrybody to trust that the people to run this country in a right fashion. host: do you trust congress right now? do you trust donald trump? guest: i trust the people like me that are working to get to a better place.
8:06 am
if they elect donald trump, everybody should give them a chance. likely give obama a chance and the previous president a chance. host: let's go to cheryl in anderson, indiana. a democrat. good morning. guest: good morning, how are you? host: go ahead. hist: when i saw trump at press conference yesterday, and then when i saw the tweet that he did to china and what he talked about what he would do when they gave a dirty finger or whatever it was, it made me think about when i was 16 years old, which is almost a hundred years ago. i remember my family -- i am an only child -- but we were watching tv and all of our theyy was around because had the bay of pigs on tv.
8:07 am
billy me, i was so frightened sobbingcared that i was and i told my mom, i am so scared. why did he make that kind of decision? wherever he was going to bomb? worry. it is't going to work out ok because he is working from a position of strength. he is a competent man and he and iwhat he is doing thought, then and i do see it now, i think she was trying to tell me that he was working from a position of strength because he didn't have a problem with his self-esteem or self-worth. host: you are talking about john f. kennedy at the time?
8:08 am
guest: yes. i think the reason, to me, this is the way it appears, that some of the reason that donald trump react the way he does is it is almost like he has to prove that he is a big man or a cowboy. positionerate from a of strength, you don't have to prove anything to anybody. and i think that is the way obama did. they all his talk about him being weak but i don't consider him week. i think he thinks through and thinks out what he is going to do before he doesn't. and i think trump would be in a lot better shape if he would do that, stop and pause or count to 10 or 20 or whatever it takes, just to make sure that you do what you are supposed to do because there is no coming back .rom a nuclear war once we do that, we are through. host: are you scared now like you were scared then?
8:09 am
guest: i am. i'm at the end of my life, pretty much. 72. i think about my grandchildren, my kids, great-grandchildren. even if you don't have the war, just getting that close to it drives you nuts. it is just too scary. more i hope you have many years, keep calling in for years to come. riva is in michigan, republican. good morning. guest: just a couple of things. on tillerson, i think the public should be aware he stated that he is going to put his assets in you look itt and if up in the u.s. securities and exchange commission, it clearly has two different filings. one is it states that tillerson, if he becomes employed or
8:10 am
provides services to a company, whether it is gas or oil industries, that he referred -- that he forfeits his assets in his trust. but the documents between tillerson and his trusty which were also filed with the sec say something entirely different. and it's beastly agreement with forfeited ifeing tillerson violates a clause that the beneficiary will not engage in competitive employment, which means he cannot go to bp or somebody else but he could go back to exxon, which means you really need to read the fine print and read both of those. he has already got his golden parachute. switching gears over to health care, i think people should know that he is covering his bases. which is fine. i think that is smart but i think people should know it.
8:11 am
host: what about health care? guest: i think that veterans thisd be in revolt because person that they hired from shelter, he is a fine physician. he has never been a veteran which is unprecedented but the position does not require that you are a veteran. my concern is this. you need to pay attention to those little words when they say "privatized." is, when you look at total deficit spending for this country, health care trumps our defense spending. of weird.ind i am old enough to remember when insurance companies were built for literally billions of dollars for things that were never done by hospitals, doctors, clinics and the pendulum swung the other way.
8:12 am
insurance companies are running the show so they are making a fortune. whole 100 tablets of aspirin at the dollar store for a dollar. you can go to a hospital and they will charge you city five dollars for one. we need to do by line, item by item, stop coddling the insurance companies and when i say privatize veterans care, that is exactly what is going to happen. one by one, they are going to close the veteran hospitals, the clinics that the gentle men spoke earlier about, what do i do about months that have 31 days in them? he is going to have to go to a private physician. good luck finding somebody that will take you. i don't know what they say they ,re going to address preconditions that you had. i don't know that they will or won't.
8:13 am
host: we are going to be talking more about the veterans affairs department and what is in store ly proposedr this new secretary of veterans affairs. we will talk about that in a half hour or so. that is riva in michigan. staying in michigan, maxine is in new baltimore. that morning. >> thank you for taking my call. can you hear me? host: yes, ma'am. guest: thanks for taking my call. trump's news conference in today, i am so him.led with i cannot express how happy i am that we have finally got someone in the oval office that will stand up to this corrupt news media. on the senate confirmation hearings, i watched sessions and i watched tillerson and both of
8:14 am
them are excellent. i was so impressed with tillerson and marco rubio -- i am so disappointed in him. it is like he wants everybody to be a war criminal. we he doesn't remember when .ombed hiroshima we took out civilians. i wish marco rubio would just go to his room and just think on what he is doing because i think tillerson would make an excellent secretary of state. host: as janice from new york talks, we will get through some of the front pages from newspapers around the country so you can see how the press conference played in those papers starting with the atlanta journal. janet is on our line for democrats. guest: i want to make a statement. i'm from new york city. . am watching trump yesterday
8:15 am
it is very concerning because i am listening to him. this man should be impeached. before he even -- once he gets into office he should be impeached. he doesn't know anything. if you don't agree with trump, you are in trouble. he is just like a kid. i think the man is mentally ill. he is not stable to be president of the united states. if people don't understand that -- when hell of this starts working with russia -- russia has him in his pocket. he has to do everything russia tells him to do because russia was the one that won this election for him. that,ple don't understand russia, putin and trump start to fight against each other -- it is going to be troubled. those two people are mentally unstable host:. let's go to brad in minnesota,
8:16 am
republican. good morning. guest: how is everybody out there? i am calling on the reaction to the press conference yesterday. i want to know what people would have thought if they would have done that to president obama and were acting the same way? for instance, if someone kept on pressing obama on asking why he caused by ai was video, which was a blatant lie and he knew it -- hillary told the egyptians and her daughter within hours that it was a preplanned attack. but obama kept on giving us a intentionally., more importantly, the cia has been caught manipulating information to go out to the news that was false.
8:17 am
what do you want him to do? it is just what it is. i just think it is a double standard. host: one of the questions that donald trump got yesterday at that press conference, was what forould do, advice he had those members of the media who were in the room and those who are in the industry. here is his response. people that have some moral compass. i've been hearing more and more about fake news and they are talking about people that say all sorts of things. but i would tell you some of the media outlets i deal with our fake news more so than anybody. i could name them but i won't other but you have a few sitting right in front of us. they are dishonest people. i think it is something we are going to have to live with. the advantage i have is that i
8:18 am
can speak back. when it happens to somebody that doesn't have this, doesn't have that kind of a megaphone -- they can't speak back. it is a very sad thing. i've seen people absolutely destroyed and i think it is very unfair. all i can ask for is honest reporters. host: the times daily out of alabama, in their story about the press conference this morning does with this headline. "trump denounces disgrace of reporters." uping your calls as we wrap the press conference and also talk about the many confirmation hearings ongoing. 202-748-8000 if you are a democrat. (202) 748-8001 if you are a republican. (202) 748-8002 if you are an independent. andrew is in new mexico, and independent. good morning. go ahead.
8:19 am
guest: i understand all of the hot issues that everybody has right now but there is something that concerns me. as a veteran of the u.s. and as a citizen, it really bothers me nobody is talking about things patriot act being repealed, the national defense authorization act, the free speech zone which limits you in a cage, the presidential war , how about act repealing all of this subversive miss against our constitution? as a veteran, i did not have the right while i served my nation to utilize the constitution and the bill of rights. i fell under the uc mj. now, as a citizen, i see all this subversive legislation being passed -- the patriot act is 500 pages long. have you read it? host: i have not. doubt that anyone
8:20 am
in congress has read all 500 pages either but they passed it. do aboutwe going to all this subversive miss against us as citizens? host: do you think donald trump will do something about that subversive miss -- subversive miss? guest: i do. some of the things that concern me about donald trump our freedom of speech. he shuts down the news when he doesn't agree with it. that is not the way it works. just because you don't agree with it does not negate the other person. host: let's go to one. in chattanooga, tennessee. democrat. good morning. guest: i wanted to speak on donald trump and his movement towards his appointees. first of all, i think trump and are capitalizing.
8:21 am
first of all, i think there is a monopoly going on and they are capitalizing on american people. a lot of people put their trust in donald trump. these people really didn't know what they want to do but they do know that they want someone to lead them. who is strong. donald trump is speaking strong people want their incomes to go up but they don't realize that it is a monopoly going on and they are going to get the short end of the stick. as usual, i really am so sorry for those people but they can be humble now. host: one of those nominees is senator jeff sessions, republican for alabama. he testified in the last -- two days ago but there have been hearings for two days about his nomination for attorney general. yesterday is the second day of
8:22 am
hearings. senator cory booker of new jersey, a democrat broke precedent by testifying against his fellow senator. at that hearing, he talked about his concerns with jeff sessions's nomination. here is a bit from that hearing. >> if confirmed, senator sessions will be required to pursue justice for women. but his record indicates that he won't. he will be expected to defend the equal rights of gay and lesbian and transgender americans but his record indicates that he won't. he will be expected to defend voting rights but his record indicates that he won't. he will be expected to defend the rights of immigrants and a firm their human dignity but the record indicates that he won't. as record indicates that attorney general, he would object to the growing national bipartisan movement towards criminal justice reform. his record indicates that we cannot count on him to support
8:23 am
state and national efforts towards bringing justice to the justice system and people on both sides of the aisle who readily admit that the justice system as it stands now is biased against the poor, against drug addicted, against mentally ill, and against people of color, his record indicates that even the fbi director is speaking out against implicit racial bias and policing and the urgent need to address it at a time when the last two attorney general's have taken steps to fix our broken criminal justice system, at a time when the justice department he would lead has uncovered systemic abuses in police departments all over the united states, including ferguson, including newark, senator sessions would not continue to lead this urgently needed change. the next attorney general must bring hope and healing to this
8:24 am
country. this demands a more courageous empathy and senator sessions's record demonstrates. you host: may have noticed in that clip of cory booker, sitting behind him were several members of the congressional black caucus and also sitting at the table next to him, congressman and civil rights legend john lewis, also testifying yesterday. you can watch the entire second and first day of hearings for senator jeff sessions's nomination on donny is waiting in wyoming, a republican. what is your mind guest:? good morning. i believe that trump is doing the best he can to get his nominated and i wonder what the democrats, why they are
8:25 am
so upset about him doing the job he is doing. i think he is doing of good job and people have better look and the democrats have something to hide or they wouldn't be like this. and try to get everything stopped that trump wants to do. and ieciate your time thank you and god bless america. host: alvin is in newark, new jersey, a democrat. good morning. alvin, you with us? guest: yes. i just want to say that since to effect, all in caps were lifted from the from what you, have to pay. thisas soon as they appeal minutesgoing to be five
8:26 am
before all caps go back on. they are going to be coming to your house. i want all the republicans, ts torats, and independen understand. host: what does that mean for you? >> it means nothing for me. i am 70 years old. i'm talking about all the people , even the employees of employers or private insurance is going to have to put that back on. you have a lifelong cap where the bills to how sick you get, you are not going to worry about bills coming to you because there is a lifelong cap. it,s soon as they repeal if cap is going back on and you have saved $5,000, you have
8:27 am
used up your insurance. what is going to happen to the people then? host: kirk is in springfield, massachusetts, an independent. , john and thanks for c-span. i watched the conference yesterday and my problem was it wasn't a press conference. it reminded me of the third world's government where the leader puts all of his money and family in so you do business with his family to get your way. he shuts down any dissent. he called cnn fake news. people stand for this and defend him and believe him and that is the problem we are facing in the country right now. it is that people believe what they want, not facts, whether the facts are true or not, they are always facts, they are always true. and they look at facts as true or not. i'm scared for my kids and grandkids. hopefully, the country endures
8:28 am
mr. trump when we are in serious trouble. thank you again, john. you look just like my little brother. host: thanks, kirk. what is real news versus fake news? trump has his own tank. the story, one of the past media instructors, professors that they interviewed for that story said that coverage of that classified briefing, which grew donald trump spier is real news, not fake news and trump should have expected this story to come out. how cnndebate about handle that story and how buzz feed handle that story as well, publishing that 35 page document online. here is one of the stories about what was he did, a column by margaret sullivan. feed crossed the line in publishing that salacious dose
8:29 am
yet on donald trump." "where does transparency meet your responsibility? decide to stepou over in the name of serving citizens best interest? the doubts should have prevailed . government in financials -- government officials are known for months about this information but despite many attempts the claims about his behavior and relationships could not be verified, thus major newspapers and magazines sat on them. buzz feed, publishing those 35 pages." pennsylvania, good morning. guest: i am really concerned about the press conference and where our country is going. you have a woman in michigan, she probably -- she completely believes donald trump. i more on the side of the man who called for massachusetts. i am worried because we have a president-elect that is talking about fake news -- this big
8:30 am
thing of fake news. he started the fake news when talking about president obama's birth should get. certificate. he pushed the fake news then you don't want to listen to the news. what is news? what is real? only what donald trump, our president-elect believes israel? -- is real? if there was a story that the pittsburgh steeler's had just ,eaten the kansas city chiefs and donald trump said it was fake news, half the country believes it is fake news. fake news is not what donald trump the leaves. it is madness. he doesn't believe real news. you can't have the leader of our country arguing with the press.
8:31 am
you can't have him tweeting about stupid stuff. he is the president of the united states. why is this so divisive? why is he making it even more divisive? i don't understand. can you just give me some insight and respond to my concerns? host: for those viewers who may have missed what you're talking about, here is the interaction that donald trump had with that cnn reporter during that news conference yesterday. that the disgraceful intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake out. i think it is a disgrace and i say that. that is something that nazi germany would have done and did do. that information that was false and fake and never happened got released to the public, as far as buzz feed which is a failing , ie of garbage writing it
8:32 am
think they will suffer the consequences. they already are. as far as cnn going out of their way to build it up -- by the way, we just found out as i was cohen, awn -- michael very talented lawyer at my firm, just reported that it wasn't this michael cohen that we were talking about. i said i want to see your passport and he brings his passport to my office and i say, wait a minute, he didn't leave the country? .e wasn't out of the country it turned out to be a different michael cohen. it is a disgrace what took place. it is a disgrace and they ought to apologize to start with michael cohen. president-elect -- since you are attacking our news organization -- >> not you, your organization. president-elect, can
8:33 am
you say categorically -- can you give us a question -- if you are attacking us can you live us -- give us a question? >> i'm not going to give you a question. you are fake news >>. can you state, categorically -- mr. president-elect, that is not appropriate. getting a reaction this morning until about 10:00. we will talk about that press conference. all the political news in the past why four hours. out in california, a democrat, go ahead. guest: good morning. man so embarrassed for this . fake news. really? he has created the fake news we are watching today. his whole group has made some just protect him. he has got no truth, no truth in his words. is ane played
8:34 am
embarrassment. calling americans nazi germany? can you prove one thing that was fake? everything that has come out about his relationships with putin is very real. his daughter was just in the soviet union this summer studying her vacation. there has got to be some truth. host: where do you go for your news? what do you trust? msnbc, bbc, i read a -- is things on politico that the name of that place? host: yes. guest: just different organizations. one thing here is russia and trump. it is synonymous. you look at his picks, and bannon -- he was involved with russia. -- does heto use
8:35 am
think we really are? i pray to god that we impeach him, the day he comes into office we start the proceedings because we cannot handle this. we need our obamacare. we need to be safe here and it .s not going to be by him more headlines from newspapers around the country as you hear from kumar in florida. line for republicans. good morning. guest: good morning. i'd like to say something about msnbc,s media, cnn, washington post. , even someeople republicans and democrats, they'll tried to defeat trump but he won the election. i'm an immigrant but he is an honest man.
8:36 am
he has said some things and he is saying what is. all this fake media that tried to defeat him, now they are ,ommitting the same thing starting all this fake news. what the russians did to the elections -- who ordered for the elections. the russians, americans. that theo agree russians have more quality elections. what we're seeing right now is all this media, they are donald trump. minnesota, go to bob, an independent. trump,in the statements, to me, is a second fiddler. es.spreads li
8:37 am
what did hitler's new? same thing. he is a two headed snake and speaks with a forked tongue. one day he says one thing and then he turns around and says the other thing. he doesn't believe our own government is secure. on the he puts his hand bible, i hope it doesn't burn his hand to badly. the bible -- you will never be able to use it again. i don't know. the country is in bad shape the next four years and even eight years if they put him back in office. host: harry is in edmonton, kentucky, a republican. terry, good morning. guest: good morning. can you hear me? host: yes. guest: first i want to say that c-span is my choice for news at this time. i don't care what donald trump says to the media.
8:38 am
i have tried to watch this campaign for a year, from channel to channel to channel. can't get any truth from any of them but i pick up bits and pieces. secondly, these people this to ang comparing trump dictator is absolutely ridiculous. i think trump presents himself as a very stern parent. had or would still do their jobs and train generation x to go to work and provide their own medical insurance and their own housing we wouldn't have these problems. i'm a taxpayer. have voted the democratic ticket for 25 years. when democrats started giving more than i can afford i had to switch tickets.
8:39 am
i wouldn't consider myself democrat or republican at this point. all i know is that if people don't -- 50 years ago, for example, people left my part of the country, the south, and went north seeking work. they didn't sit around and wait or have two or three children they couldn't afford so they could increase their food stamp paid. i know that is a small slice of the pop in the big scheme of things but it is the biggest thing that common taxpayers can see on a daily basis. host: you are from kentucky. you said you are a democrat. have you voted against senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in the past? what do you think? >> i think he needs to go home. i think we need term limits. we need term limits for a long time.
8:40 am
the man right now makes $174,000 a year. he is worth better than 10 million. it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how that happens. i draw the school bus. -- i drive a school bus and i have been retired for 23 years. i've been telling my husband that they are dumbing down our children. our children -- they are not taught to write cursive anymore. bus, i would go to the office every morning to see if they put this signature on the list and i made them write in cursive. my boys are saying, why do you care? don't want you to have to sit three or four years from now at a bank desk and then slide through 50 or 60 poppies -- copies of paperwork and you
8:41 am
have to print your name. it is ridiculous. the whole mess is ridiculous. aspectsick out little and run with them. i can't tell you what kind of job trump is going to do. i think he is on the right path. i think that pride has been stripped from our youth. whatsoever inride wanting to have homeownership. they don't want my scars. -- they don't want my scars. cars.y don't want nice it has to be learned in school and everybody just has to sit back for whatever reason. life is not easy. trying to get
8:42 am
doctors to give their children diagnosis so they can get more of a monthly income, more on their food stamps. i hope it is not like this everywhere. all i can speak for is what i see in my community. something has got to give. somebody has got to put these people to work. they've got to worry about providing their home insurance. i provide insurance for my family. my children provide insurance for their family. and i know --ctor they have a better insurance policy for their children than my daughter can afford for her child. it is disheartening. i just know that something has got to give. i am not afraid of donald trump. that is from edmonton,
8:43 am
kentucky, and speaking of kentucky, elaine chao cruised through her confirmation hearing in the wall street journal. her hearing in contrast to the questioning faced by the secretary of state candidate was part policy discussion and part reunion. she was secretary of labor under president george w. bush and introduced by her spouse, mitch mcconnell who has praised her good judgment, drawing chuckles from the fellow senators within the friendly confines of the hearing. there were hints of policy fights to come. ae declined to take position on the proposal to privatize the air traffic control system. a dispute that has been held up -- that has held up a bill to reauthorize the federal aviation administration. andon that clip we were playing, you could see her husband, the majority leader sitting behind her.
8:44 am
lizzy is in bloomington, indiana, a democrat. guest: i want to thank all the democrats for all the work they are doing to help protect the people, the people that are on the affordable care act, that need it. that are using it every day. i have an illness that is was not what i wanted. i am disabled now and this has been a lifesaver for our family. me and my husband. i think if the republicans are so pro-life, why are they trying to take planned parenthood away? why? why don't they stop? doing this to people, they are pro-life, the care should continue after birth. for all the people.
8:45 am
they can save this law to help us. host: we will keep taking your calls until 10:00. but we want to focus for a minute on the announcement yesterday from donald trump during that wide-ranging press conference of his nominee for the department of veterans shulkin, avid current undersecretary at the v a. here he is making that announcement. >> i appointed, today, the head secretary of the veterans administration, a vid -- david shulkin. he is fantastic. .e will do a truly great job one of the commitments i made is that we are going to straighten ourthe whole situation for veterans. our veterans have been treated horribly. they are waiting in line for
8:46 am
15-16-17 days. cases where they go in and have a minor stage of cancer and they can't see a doctor but by the time they get to the doctor, they are terminal. it is not going to happen. is going to do a fantastic job. we are going to be talking to a few people to help david. we have some of the great hospitals of the world going to align themselves with us on the veterans administration. like the cleveland clinic. like the mayo clinic. group.going to set up a these are hospitals that have been at the top of the line. the absolute top-of-the-line. they are going to get together with their great doctors, dr. toby cosgrove from the cleveland clinic has been very involved. i cap been very involved. straighten out
8:47 am
the v.a. from our veterans. that is what i've been promising and something i feel very strongly. you will get the information on david and i think he will be very impressed with the job he does. we look long and hard. we interviewed at least 100 people. thatgood, some not so good we had a lot of talent and we think this selection will be something that will, with time, straighten it out and straighten it out for good because our veterans have been treated very unfairly. host: for more on that nomination announcement, we turn to leo shane of the military times on the capitol hill bureau chief, with us on the phone. considering how critical donald trump has been on the campaign trail, is it surprising he would nominate a current undersecretary of the v.a. to had that agents the under his administration? >> it is a big
8:48 am
surprise and there was some support for keeping dr. shulkin on as undersecretary of health in conservative circles but there wasn't much chatter about giving him a promotion to this job. this was someone who, for the last 18 months, has been the person in charge of veterans health issues in the obama administration. not only is this the first obama hold over, and obama appointee that will join his cabinet, but one who indirectly was getting a lot of the criticism on the campaign trail. host: was there any thought to keep robert mcdonald as head of the v.a.? >> there was a big push from veterans organizations to try to do that. he is a registered republican, someone who worked closely with obama but in the past has supported some republican candidates but the numbers -- there was never really serious conversation about that in light of picking dr. shulkin. about may bestions
8:49 am
why, if you are looking for a bridge secretary, why he didn't get more serious consideration. in,when dr. shulkin came that was met with the president-elect and apparently he impressed him enough and convinced him that not only can he help smooth the transition .ut he can be a change agent someone who can interact some of the wide-ranging reforms that trump has suggested. host: i know you watched the v.a. administration closely. has david shulkin broken publicly with the obama administration or robert mcdonald on any key issues? >> no. publicly, they have been on the same page. now, it is how those things get spun and who is saying what they are for. secretary mcdonald has spoken a lot about consolidating outside care programs. there is this issue of privatization and how much veterans care should go on outside of the department of veterans affairs and secretary
8:50 am
mcdonald and dr. shall can have both talked about building more partnerships with outside clinics. looking for ways to simplify when veterans want to get care for private doctors. a lot of that could play very nicely with the promises that president-elect trump has made about getting more care out there and getting more access to veterans but we haven't seen dr. shulkin be critical in any way or say that the president is holding back real reforms. it would be intriguing to see in the next few weeks if there is a more public break. if there is a difference in the spin and the approach of how he is going to approach the top job now. >> support from senators is certainly important in the confirmation process but particularly in this position, support from veterans groups. can you run through what you have seen in the past my four hours of reaction from those groups when it comes to david shall can? >> he has gotten thumbs up for
8:51 am
the most part that it is worth noting he has sparked someone with folks over in the house over continued problems with weight times. they are going to see if any of that comes up in the confirmation -- confirmation hearings. veterans groups have praised tamil or at least said they are open to him. the biggest hurdle for him is that he is not a veteran and this is the first time in 94 years that someone who is going to oversee the v.a. or the veterans of ministration without having military experience. grew up on a military base but the veterans groups have noticed the difference between respect for veterans and actually understanding what they go through. i expect that to be a minor issue but for the most part they came out yesterday and said for
8:52 am
vet he is a good guy. host: thanks for your time this morning. back to the phones. we are going until 10:00 on the washington journal, getting your reaction to donald trump's press conference. those senate confirmation hearings are going on all week long. night in the senate, setting the stage for the repeal of the affordable care act. what do you think about it brian? houston, texas, independent. caller: good morning. i called in when we were discussing what news channels i particularly watch and where i get my news. that was what i was focused on, if you can hear me. host: you tell me. caller: when it comes to watching you guys on this television, especially some of when people get
8:53 am
on the television and say things that they say actually up their mouse and get so candid about being insensitive to america, means as far as the of formal character in one, congress just sits on television publicly and says "we are going to take that." you have to take a certain mindset for an individual to be so inhuman because if you saw someone who has cancer and they let's say it is your sister or your brother or someone related to you -- then it might have the effect it should have the people like ryan is nonell, paul better, these people speak with forked young's. if they really had a heart, any kind of real heart, they would not do any of these things they are doing but i do understand the system is designed a certain way.
8:54 am
you have to have, unfortunately -- this is how this country was built on the back of blacks -- it is unfortunate that for this society to work and how it was built, you are not going to have that type of free income anymore. the falling of america. you're not getting free labor anymore. that is the reason why. it is going to be a most impossible for the amount of tople who are not working, rejuvenate the income, to rejuvenate the social security. you won't be able to do it with the amount of people here, the amount of immigrants who are not paying taxes. you're not going to be able to catch up because it was built on the backs of slaves. you need to pay those people. that is what needs to happen. right now donald trump is going to ted's economy up. we're going to be at war. know it
8:55 am
michael is in paterson, new jersey, line for republicans. caller: how are you doing? this is michael. i am here to say, what is wrong with the policy of making america great again? what is wrong with making america secure again? what is wrong with bringing back jobs? the man that was talking about that, most of these people don't want to get jobs. that is why they want to live on is noe street but there freebie street. you've got to pay when you die. let me tell you about obamacare. when you are over 55 you've got to pay out of your statement on medicaid. that is a fact. so what is wrong with that? build that wall? .eep out the illegals keep up the refugees. we need to make america great. americans first, america first.
8:56 am
that is what i say. i think the democrats are getting a little democrat or not. host: gary indiana, good morning. caller: i'm calling to make a comment about donald trump. i've watched throughout the campaign. my conclusion is that he is a self-serving autocratic bully. he is a demagogue. he is a card-carrying member of the 1% as evidenced by his cabinet choices and to the 99% of my sisters and brothers that voted for him, you are in for a -- a rude awakening.
8:57 am
i am prayerful that i am wrong. if i am wrong i will shop for joy. you are not deplorable but you are expendable in the eyes of donald trump. thank you and have a good morning. host: which one of those cabinet picks are you most concerned about? caller: right now there are two. primarily about tillerson. that tillerson, donald trump and prudent are in this thing together. it is all about the oil. if anyone watched -- and i love her -- what is her name on msnbc? is on at night. the lady. host: you tell me who you like. caller: on msnbc, she comes on at night. i can't call her name now. extensive show on
8:58 am
and how andanies why russia has all of this land space but the united states has and how they are paying each other under the table. somehow they will go in and buy our company for excess of what it is worth. they do this because they get the money back under the table. host: yesterday, rex tillerson talked about u.s. russia relationships and his thoughts on the future of those relationships. let me play that for our viewers. >> we must be clear eyed about our relationship with russia. russia today poses a danger but it is not unpredictable in advancing its own interest. it has invaded the ukraine including the taking of crimea
8:59 am
and supported syrian forces that brutally violates the laws of war. our nato allies are right to be alarmed at a resurgent russia. but it was in the absence of american leadership that this door was left open and unintended signals were sent. we backtracked on commitments. we made allies. we sent mixed signals with red lines that turned into green lights. we did not recognize that russia does not think like we do. away alone do not sweep contentious history between our nations. what we need an open and frank dialogue with russia regarding its ambitions. so we know how to chart our own course. for cooperation with russia based on common interests is possible, such as reducing the global threat of terrorism, we ought to explore these options. where important differences remain, we should be steadfast
9:00 am
in defending the interest of america and her allies. must know that we will be accountable to our commitments and those of our allies and that russia must be held to account for its actions. host: a few tweets about rex tillerson from viewers who are following along at c-span wj this morning. mark stone writes in "i saw nothing in these sessions that would disqualify them.", says "i suspect the exclusive source of information mr. tillerson will listen to will have to come from trump tower." you can follow along on twitter. join the conversation on facebook or give us a call at robert and harrisonburg pennsylvania. good morning. good morning. i was going to talk about a little bit of everything. if i could have time to do that. affordable care act, it is a
9:01 am
political decision. about 20 million americans who don't have enough income. enrolled in that program. they are going to suffer but they are going to suffer somehow . if they have cancer they go to the emergency room. mean, they cannot replace it with something else, they haven't thought about it yet. i guess, those two, the most important selection for government is the secretary of state. we need to have somebody as as can be, like we had
9:02 am
kerry before that. lot of republicans, also. have is trump, they experience. we don't see them. goes to the about, there king is -- should be money put into it. i mean, talking about cleveland clinic, the president talked about it, no way to treat them faster make them treat unless you put money they could go to private hospitals. money for have the it. r they haven't allocated the money. the promises ow will do if there is no money for it. nert harrisonburg, he mentions rex tillerson, will not of confirmation hearings for rex tillerson,
9:03 am
wrapping up their work yesterday. there will be plenty of hearings on tap today and starting in half-hour, the senate armed services committee testimony from general secretary of or defense, that is airing on c-span3 at 9:30. here is a live shot of the hearing room of the senate armed services committee. about to get packed and very busy for that hearing. 0:00 this morning, the senate select committee on intelligence will hear testimony from mike pompeo, nominated for c.i.a. director. at 10:00, the senate banking houseing and urban ffairs committee will hold a hearing on ben carson for hud secretary. e'll be showing the carson online, on c-span, and showing the mike
9:04 am
pompeo hearing, too. stay can us all morning long, as we keep you up to date. the house expected to come in in hour. an we're with you on "washington journal" until then., good caller: -- host: go ahead. yes, good morning, how you doing? host: i'm doing well. is cecil scott. devoted democrat. the affairs the veterans veterans. whole, we -- the bottom $10, 200 a year.
9:05 am
tell me, can you make a living on that? host: all right, let's go to leslie nvirginia. line for republicans. leslie, good morning. caller: can you hear me? host: yes, leslie. aller: i think all americans, democrats, republicans, independents, liberals, are going through life with mrienders on. we're going downhill, taking ourselves downhill. he american people should be able to see why donald trump got president to start with because taxpayers are trying to stick together and change and make a change. change for the lazy people that really don't want to work. military put our first over crack heads. we're spending more on druggies are anything. we're pitful, people. we need to all wake up, everybody, not just one party, all parties f. we can get donald we can stick e, together and change america.
9:06 am
their butts and make them go to work. host: you think we're spending more on drug abuse prevention the military? caller: yes. county, more in scott virginia, on our druggies than we do our military. out more drugs to the druggies than people that have people that can't work. that is self-inflicted. self-inflicted,e they go to the store, alcoholics go to the store and buy it and get it. problem.heir they should be on the bottom. host: all right, let the record nvirginia.slie we have a line if you are utside the united states, 202-748-8003 is that number. therwise lines as usual for democrats, republicans and independents. call from australia this ben, an independent. good morning, what is on your mind? caller: hi. doing? host: doing well.
9:07 am
the u.s.ust want to on and the nd citizen -- whole election, very interesting. a society that -- ] with people trying to get access to healthcare, similar construct to what we have. t's been interesting to see that a lot of people are passionate about it, but they the case to take in study from other countries. in australia, for instance, we a lot of people, they have access to things, don't them with the e same grit as someone who had to for it would. for instance, when it comes to we get subsidies for
9:08 am
everything and don't have to pay front.up we find trop-out rates are higher. people don't actually get the grade level they need to sustain to get back to employment. it's a completely different system. t is not as great as i think the democratic party paints the almost a --nd it is i'm nervous, sorry. it is like people are failing to see that the motional leverage from having to fight for something and fight for your education and fight for your employment and stuff like that, that is something you can't purchase, you know. safety net is actual their benefit and motivation you will never find when you government subsidizing everything for you. that's it. ist: ben, before you go, how that press conference by donald
9:09 am
trump yesterday received where in australia? did anybody watch it? is anybody talking about it? i mean, to be honest, rhetoric -- opinionated, highly australia. i loved it,opinion, he's straight to the point, he's and you don't need we are more left wing, so -- under.ben from town jerry is closer to home, mt. illinois, line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. jeri. go ahead, caller: i was just going to say that trump has already broke one of his promises, that he was a wall and they were going to pay for it, so
9:10 am
keep your -- let him do doing.'s thank you. host: jeri, yesterday donald that issue. about was asked about some comments bout building the wall and who exactly would pay for it. let's play our viewers his comments from yesterday. the fence. it's not a fence, it's a wall. you just misreported it. to build a wall. i could wait about a year and a half before we finish which tions with mexico, will start immediately after we get into office. to wait.ant mike pence is leading an effort to get final approval through agencies and through congress for the wall to begin. year't feel like waiting a or year and a half, we'll start building. mexico, in some form, and there many different forms, will reimburse us for the wall.
9:11 am
that will happen, whether a tax payment, probably less likely it is a payment, but it will happen. this, okay. i would say we are going to build a wall and people would go crazy. i would then say, who is going to pay for the wall? people would scream 25 or 30,000 people, nobody ever had crowds has had.p you know that, you don't like to report that. agrees.he but i say who is going to pay for the wall. mexico.l scream out, now, reports went out last week, pay for not going to the wall because of reimbursement. the difference? i want to get the wall started. i don't want to wait until a deal with mexico. we probably will have a deal sooner than that. by the way, mexico has been so nice, i respect the government of mexico. i respect the people of mexico. i love the people of mexico.
9:12 am
i have many people from mexico phenomenal me, people. the government of mexico is forific, i don't blame them what's happened. i don't blame them for taking advantage of the united states. politicians were so smart. mexico has taken advantage of united states. i don't blame the epresentatives and various presidents, etc, of mexico. what i say is we shouldn't have to happen, it's not going to happen anymore. get the wall started. mexico will pay for the wall. it will be reimbursed. host: headline in this morning's news field, california, conference turns comthe battive. donald trump's first news since being elected, first news conference in nearly six months yesterday, news conference. more than a dozen reports were called on and some not called on the news conference. talking about it, talking about
9:13 am
hearingse confirmation happening today. first up today starting in 15 james , that is general mattis' hearing for the armed services committee. live shot of the committee room. he's up to head the department happening at is 9:30. tennessee, a ton, democrat. we continue to show you the hearing room. ahead., go caller: good morning. if we return civics classes to so we can recognize what government's responsibility is to us and our responsibility to government, the u.s. will lose. exxon, the lady hacalled earlier talking about 69.3 acres of oil land leases they have in russia that they because of the stand to, he and putin that.500 billion for
9:14 am
scary.ter yesterday was the press conference yesterday, the press should never show up again when our president-elect has a press conference to show him that he doesn't run that. he's not going to say anything. on't each go and show him who has the power . tells the s up and press, i don't like what you say, i will not answer your question, i like the first i like the second amendment. i like the first amendment the most, the most important. is wiping us out as a free nation that we know. people are going, oh, it's donald, it's new. the fake news, he is the originator, sitting president state thanksgiving man was not
9:15 am
and he's a usa muslim, didn't matter if he was a lim or not, he was born u.s. citizen. the shoe is on the other foot news, sees it is not fake just not proven or disproven. too eople, this country is great for us to allow this listened to him for a few minutes initially. harsh thing necessary a way, he's a 14-year-old child wrapped up in a jerk's body with of money. host: all right, to victor in maryland, a republican. morning. caller: hi. good morning, c-span. is allowed to talk about affordable care act? yeah, affordable care act, [indiscernible] -- you go to hospital, can't pay for it. to i got healthcare, i go
9:16 am
hospital, i do what i got to do. [indiscernible] -- we're going for it. don't n't have anything, bring anything, what about millions of people, where they go right now? going to go where? we don't know what they are or bring it and approve it. host: all right, victor in maryland. show you some live shots of the hearing room morning, where general james mattis will be sitting for onfirmation hearing for secretary of defense there in some of the front rows of that hearing room. members of the anti-war group code pink. believe that is madea benjamin turned enter that just around to talk to someone behind her. code pink often showing up at
9:17 am
different high-profile hearings on capitol hill, that hearing tarting in about 15 minutes this morning. 9:30. it over on c-span3, cody in illinois. independent. good morning. caller: good morning. good morning. tough seeing this stuff, okay. i'm a veteran of the fifth infantry. uphold the constitution and president-elect trump is now commander-in-chief and he effort and every him for o stand behind whatever. people may not like what i'm going to say, but this is a fact. we are uneducated country. we don't know what fwloebal to do, you oing know, right now our country is divided, like poor abraham
9:18 am
civil war, he he got shot in the head for saving the nation. donald trump will pull this nation together, people, please stop ighting each other, come together and back donald trump and give him a chance. i didn't vote for the guy, i don't like the guy. tillerson, for example, what does his first name stand for? rex means change. don't know that. tillerson. billionaires and millionaires running the show, let them run the show, we're we're not c, communist. c-span, you guys are awesome. all the american people, let's get together and peace on earth. warming to deal with, look at the storms in the country. chicago you get 40 in kayaking in went california. come on. we got to get together. one.ation, number
9:19 am
military, that is another story. day, c-span, thank you. host: vince in perry, oklahoma, a republican. vince, good morning. caller: yes. hat's perplexing me is this -- conversation about resident-elect trump and mr. illerson, the secretary of state nominee. successful n highly nd seems like the cry is they need to divorce themselves from he past 40 years efforts when commentator yesterday said rices and suffer the consequence to serve the public tochlt me, it seems ridiculous me, another left-wing progressive yahoo. i wonder what you might think.
9:20 am
host: want to hear what you think. viewers, as our always, on the "washington journal," to say what they think. from gwendolyn, what do you think? caller: thanks for taking my call. i'd like to make comments about trump yesterday. i think it's really pitiful that he has to -- has no respect for anyone. i know him from well-respected person. and he just thought nothing about speaking down to him and he's not the first one, he just does it whenever he feels like it. he does not have courtesy to respect citizens and another hing about him and his property, i know it is the law law with within the his property, but it sure does seem like he's taking every inch of the system to do exactly what
9:21 am
he wants to do. if he does abuse that by trading off united other people ese and i don't believe everything about their property because i just heard this year, a person at r's, his new year's party in indonesia, he just signed a contract for a hotel and golf club there. me doubt about him. the last thing is that the in uproar really getting split. if you don't really look back hole, at den, that dark to see mitch mcconnell in kentucky, for a long time that had some nasty comments would split that this country up and comes out of the den to make nasty comments. say whoever it is in charge of that, take a mcconnell and his
9:22 am
attitude about how to run the country. caster, bonnie, lan pennsylvania, a republican. bonnie, go ahead. morning.good thank you for taking my call. i just wanted to say that having today's episode, there is an element of truth to republicans, the democrats and independents have said. that, i having said think that america is so morally economically bankrupt that i the see any hopes for future. host: bonnie, what is the element of truth running through today?ments aller: i don't really have anything specifically to say, i just think that we're so far that i don't think there is any hope of it turning around. really inhink that we ll essence owe really $200 trillion, instead of $20 being
9:23 am
quoted, how can you possibly when we need nd new infrastructure? 478,000 bridges in america that need to be repaired replaced.o be i don't see how and i'm not an economist, i tonight see how you turn this around. ost: bonnie, according to the u.s. debt clock, one of the most get up ited sources to to date information about the debt, it's just under $19,950 billion 714 going up.d counting, if you want to check that out. iewers on c-span know, a very busy day yesterday on capitol hill and it went well into the evening. was complicated by a medical
9:24 am
emergency last night. reported in roll call. emergency medical personnel took on a utherford, out stretcher late yesterday. the capitol to yesterday evening for an chest ual experiencing pains, hours after, the a gressman's staff issued statement, he is in good spirits, he did not suffer a to t attack, but continues be evaluated by doctors. update will be provided once doctors finish their evaluation. he underwent emergency room was conscious and alert according to florida times that. reporter covering that happening late yesterday on capitol hill. viewers on as our c-span know, there is a marathon night that on last went deep into the night hours
9:25 am
ast night, to set the stage it was the beginning of the repeal, the republican repeal effort for care act. the politico newspaper noting 51-48 vote that eventually came after a vote-arama, rapid fire series of votes, more than a dozen votes on the hottest issues of the day. it was a budget bill, the budget, expected to be taken up house on friday does not become law, but it does provide tool known cedural as reconciliation that will let republicans dismantle the ealthcare law with simple majority in the house and senate. the senate adoption of the last night,ned late that is the first step in that process. senators stayed in the chamber last night to made t the vote and protests known during the actual violating the
9:26 am
rule of no speeches while making their vote last night. speeches shouting some over the roll call of votes. the is what happened on floor of the senate late last night. not recorded. >> because there is no plan or alternative, i vote no. in order. >> no. clerk.m >> mrs. baldwin. >> how am i recorded? >> the senator is not recorded. i vote no -- >> debate not allowed for any order.enate will be in debate is not allowed during the vote. baldwin, >> madam clerk. how am i recorded? recorded. >> because repeal -- a debate not allowed during vote. the senate will be in order. allowed during the vote, the senate will be in order. merkley, no. mr. koones.
9:27 am
>> how am i recorded? the senator is not recorded. allowed during vote. debate is not allowed during a vote. all democrats in the senate voting no last night, feinstein's, who was absent last night. kentucky rand paul wants replacement plan to be ready first before the repeal happens. we have a half-hour to talk about it left in today's "washington journal." tyronne, philadelphia, pennsylvania, line for democrats. go ahead. of the main things in ave to recognize is that reference to the electorate, hich is the public, if you are voting against yourself, you things to ct for happen in a better way for yourself. example. last night on that -- on these
9:28 am
otes, part of that was tied into the prescription plan. hat the american public has to understand is that the pharmaceuticals are talking to and the senator's move and senators can't move anywhere. example. one of the bills, one of the motions that went up was to be able to buy prescriptions in canada. defeated. defeated. nd they 14 years have been defeating that, so the american public has to ask yourself, you mortgages, you can't pay for your prescriptions, not go to the able to for?tals, who did you vote what did you vote against? major ou answer the questions, and start thinking america, 're going in they are going to beat you from
9:29 am
one side of the room to the other. the way the game is played. hey are playing with the money people and this is why all the millionaires and billionaires country.unning the but we setback and we watched it. totold you what he was going do. he's doing it. he's the president. if we don't like it, we will him. to take action against but all this threatening russia, you're not going to threaten just likeey have arms we do. what are we going to do burn death?her to pennsylvania. in lloyd in massachusetts, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. just want to say maybe some senate hearings on tillerson door because by starts marco rubio
9:30 am
auditions for president, we will not have a prayer left in the world. host: lloyd, all of the nominees invited by various members to doors during osed that informally before the hearings start, the public ones gs, of course, the that get cameras and most of the attention. hearing another starting just about now. eneral james mattis is up for secretary of defense. this is the scene right now live the senate armed services committee hearing room. about to get s started, if you want to watch c-span3.e airing on you can stick with us for the next half-hour until the house comes in. we're going to be live with you andl then taking your calls comments about all of the political news the past 24 hours. ruth up next in minnesota. rosalee, good morning.
9:31 am
caller: good morning. i wish more people would watch hearings to ion better understand what the nominees stand for. hey shouldn't depend on the news stations to give them their one-sided opinion. the seem to zero in on negative. i enjoy watching the hearings nd i wish everybody would be watching them. they're very informative. thank you. host: thank you. in st. joseph, michigan, republican. catherine, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i agree with this lady that was just on. i think more people should watch the senate confirmation hearings. there is a slant, a little thing are reporting, but if you going to be a reporter, i think as need to be truthful and far as what happened with trump
9:32 am
he other day, yesterday, i watched it. accosta, was very rude, he may be a nice guy, a good uy, but he was really interrupting the proceedings by screaming and yelling that he question that he wanted to answer. confirmation hearings, this has to be very stressful on obvious ors and it's when you get a republican up there and when you get a democrat. democrat, but i'll tell you, if he were alive be embarrassed ith the way that the democrats are handling themselves today. you know, it's supposed to be betterment of our i hadment and at one time would be better to be green.
9:33 am
we need democrats and republicans, but we need democrats and republicans that country, not our their own agenda. host: you have been watching the hearings. what is an example where you hink a member of congress embarrassed themselves? caller: well, booker, the senator booker, he was ridiculous and other things, rubio, he is embarrassment to epublicans as far as i'm concerned. you know, we have trump now, he's our president. show him respect. i didn't like obama, but i gave the respect that he deserved because he was our president. e may not like who is put into obvious, but we need to work ith him, with them, whoever they are. you are never going to get a to ident everybody is going like because of the fact we have democrats and republicans and now the green party. it's so ridiculous. jenn up next, line for
9:34 am
democrats. jeana,: good morning, i'm i'm calling about one thing i don't hear anybody address this. about the taxes? the working people. never paid dent taxes, he never paid taxes. the hard-working people have to pay all these taxes, going to happen to that, that is what i want to say. jeana, president-elect trump said the only people interested in his tax returns reporters, do you agree with that? caller: not really. the working bout class and hard-working poor people that have to pay more for taxes. host: jeana, miami, florida. incoming trump administration this morning. his from the washington times, former new york city mayor rudy helping to s he's
9:35 am
organize private sector cyber security experts to meet with trump oming administration about that issue. together o bring corporate leaders and tech fox e, giuliani said on news, the president will meet ongoing basis.n giuliani said he would coordinate the whole thing. take make sure meetings place and they get information to the private sector. information now just donald trump's swearing in, which will happen next friday, a week from tomorrow. louisiana, joe, good morning, an independent. caller: yes. is joe. go ahead, sir. caller: i think donald trump is preparing with russia to have a wall with china. i think what he's going to do is united race war in the stat
9:36 am
states. .eople will get killed and when the war starts, all you people behind him will he help, including the russian rich. when they come out, the war will be over. indiscernible] -- host: why would he want that, joe? caller: what? he want all of that? caller: he wants to take the world out. wants to -- main thing, save energy. he wants everything for the rich eople that would be left, all the rich children. columbus, ohio is next. warren, good morning. citizens, od morning, fellow citizens. sad inion is that it is that my fellow citizens can not
9:37 am
the full press conference or senate confurthermoration rely on and have to specific medias. appears to me we have two parties now, not really three. there is third independent party, doesn't really seem to be viable. competition, much like ford and g.m., we don't we have ve politics, product. we don't have representatives, paid for mouthpieces and we have have two systems opposing and until we can get to one citizen, one vote, contribution,imum it would fall under all laws, national wage, but there is minimum wage. i wonder why that is. warren, watching the
9:38 am
hearings, rely on us at c-span. james aring for general mattis for secretary of defense is happening right now on c-span3. you can watch it in its entirety on c-span3. pompeo's hearing happening at 10:00, we'll show that on c-span2., watch ben carson's hearing in its entirety for secretary of hud. all the hearings that have to n place so far, go, watch them in their entirety. that. here for you for so please rely on us. shirley is in detroit, michigan, independent. shirley, good morning. caller: hi, how are you? doing well. caller: i'm calling in regard confirmation. basically i don't think it is to be a change as far as who will get elected. i think they will all let them through, unfortunately, as
9:39 am
far as -- host: who are you most concerned about, shirley? caller: i am really concerned about two of them, in three.lar -- well, rand, in particular, would be general, our secretary of state and our charge of education. anybody who ever did any background studying on her, not for the public, she's particularly for charter and school system y that is giving public money is going to be in jeopardy. don't care if you are going through elementary to 12th grade r high school or public universities, going to be massive cuts and money to go to universities. you talk about the secretary of our attorney instance, that is a big position. with a to be a person
9:40 am
mindframe that is concerned about this entire country, not a group of people who might be working in law enforcement. i come from a military background of family members law and it is not about just saying that okay, i on the line. our military put their lives on he line all day long, seven ays, 24/365, they see more despair than a lot of men and women will ever see. thingsr people to do some they do and they are not held accountable, that says a lot. tillerson is concerned, mr. tillerson is a businessman, with a lot of wherever he can get business from, whether it be china, wherever, makes no difference as long as they make money. think mr. trump selected him because of his ties he has right russia.h both of them have an interest in
9:41 am
be done wherever they can make their money at. his is why i think he's not totally going against the for either interrupting our voting or whatever they are do because they both have interest in making money over there. talking to one of my doctors and then i'll get off, this was in the spring. could tell he was frustrated. o one day i asked him when i came back to see one of my doctors on a regular basis diabetic.m a i said, you know, when you get run, you go out of town a lot. that is not really you and i personally, i just don't pick that up. he didn't really say too much. him, he me back to see said, you know, i sat down at the table with my wife, he said, know how my patient
9:42 am
could read me like that. i am s, you are right, frustrated, i'm frustrated ecause i got so many sick patients and i spend most of my time doing paperwork, arguing companies, trying to get my patients the best care. my doctors i know, somebody just walked out of medical school, my doctor is the chief. in charge of , many doctors. it is not a medical facility, it a hospital. host: has affordable care act made it worse for him? had r: i don't think it anything to do with affordable care act. he says the insurance companies argue with one to a daily basis. host: shirley in detroit, michigan this morning. shirley, you were talking about confirmation hearing. cheduling note, it was scheduled to take place this week, got pushed back to next january 17th, so look to the c-span networks for
9:43 am
that next week. john is in ohio, a democrat. morning. caller: hi. host: hi, john. caller: my comment is that the press conference donald trump held, did we elect a king, is it?t does freedom of press has no -- doesn't trump anything, huh? think the man had a right to ask a question. he should tell trump to shut up answer the question because that is his job. his job isn't there to pick and choose. okay. and i think the country, i'm second amendment so us democrats can arm up. i believe we'll have a civil war of some type, be in a world war almost verseas, immediately. i think we're in deep trouble. terrified because
9:44 am
the republicans want to take want he healthcare, they to take away social security, they don't believe we have a healthcare in this country. host: let's hear from republicans. onnie on the line for republicans in baton rouge, louisiana. as you are listening to ronnie, few headlines about donald trump's press conference from newspapers around the country. ronnie, go ahead. caller: good morning. host: good morning. yeah.r: i just like to sort of tell everybody this morning to chill, to be fine.s going we survived eight years of barack obama and we can survive years of donald trump. on his tax returns, the i.r.s. returns f. there was something in them, it would have been leaked to the media. know that the i.r.s. was po nonprofit in the whole scandal. if there was something there, it, that isould have
9:45 am
why i believe you quoted someone people he only interested is the press. and which is true, because they to use it as a wedge. host: that was donald trump who at his pressterday conference, that is the headline review las vegas journal. trump blasts media is the headline there. listen to jack, calling from pennsylvania, staying on the line for republicans. go ahead. caller: hey, good morning. great show. half-hour, for about i don't know if anybody touched on this, it was great to see sam during the confirmation hearings, one of the last great democrats. mean, that was back when the democrats and republicans kind madeke worked together and common sense. i think now the democratic party is way out of control. so liberal it's insane. hoping oping, i'm they'll give this administration
9:46 am
and i'm a retired military individual and then i worked 15 years in the department of corrections, so i just have a of the callers0% on the democratic like on i hope they read the newspaper for the wanted ads and contribute. and host: let's not make assumptions about other callers. marie on the line for democrats. marie, good morning. yes, good morning. trump t commenting about that he's not d going to divest, he will leave necessary charge of his businesses. well, i think if he can't if there is no way he can possibly do that, then i down, he should step
9:47 am
shouldn't miss this opportunity. job is the most important in the world and if he cannot divest, if there's nothing he an do that is going to stop a potential conflict, then he step down. he needs to step down. is not something he has to do. his is something he said he wanted to do and this is the only way to do that. donald an announced by trump yesterday in that press conference laid out in the it.ington times story about donald trump will turn his company over to his sons, he foreign deals. he said that his sons would run theday-to-day operations of trump organization. he would put his ownership stake of trust for the duration the presidency. he also said in order to be comes toly safe when it international entanglements, he
9:48 am
profits from every hotel paid for by foreign government sending the money to of u.s. treasury instead pocketing it. he said he declined to sell his organization,trump a move many ethics wash dogs vouched for or wanted him to do. says he is resigning as chief nd will have no say in the management, leaving the say to his two adult sons. was laid out yesterday, getting criticism rom the editorial board of "u.s.a. today." among others taken a look at it, but the editorial board ending by saying if donald trump is serious about being ensure ul, needs to presidency doesn't get bogged the plan outlined on wednesday falls well short of that. if you want to read the full editorial, it is in "u.s.a. today." time for more calls. you haven't gotten in,
9:49 am
202-748-8000 for democrats. republicans. for 202-748-8002 for independents. we've got about 10 minutes or so before the house comes in for the day. is wait nothing largo, florida, an independent. good morning. good morning. i wanted to respond to a caller regarding ur ago tillerson and russia and the sanctions. the rachel rring to matto show last night. rachel went through all of the companies in the world and how all of them are state-owned the united or states. square how much in miles in the millions each oil company has rights to around the world. out, the united one was the highest
9:50 am
like 14 million until it got to has 640,000,on oil rights square miles of o drill, most of which are in the russian artic area. exxon had gone in there with helped teach nd russians how to drill for the oil. they did not have the expertise obviously drilling in the arctic is different than in when the sanctions got put on, away their half a billion dollars worth of income. now we've got tillerson as nominee, of state as a who has invested interest, even retired from exxon, a vested interest in what goes russian if the sanctions come off, both
9:51 am
exxon and putin, more importantly, will get the money back. they will start getting that income. now we've got sanctions on other ountries, against their money coming in so they are not funding their terrorism or whatever actions they will take. only problem, the dot i how trumpnnected yet, himself would figure into the triangle of money. go to paulette , a republican. good morning. morning.ood i'm calling in because i just to dn't continue to listen ll the concerns over the incoming president, i have voted because there p is so much anxiety regarding the we had.ip that all the confusion and
9:52 am
frustration and anxiety programs that were in place under his watch, i only people would just not concern themselves to the point are so filled with , xiety, just allow this man bring s stepped up to knowledge and experience, to bring our country back to a should be. this is i capitalistic country, why shouldn't it be run by who are knowledgeable about capitalism? you think donald trump's interactions with the ress are going to be like, judging from that first news conference yesterday, since elected? caller: well, personally i feel my name was drug through the mud like his was and the lies that were spread
9:53 am
around and then -- oh, i'm wasn't a correct news bulletin. should have the right to say something. s far as i'm concerned, he was speaking for me, too, a lot of me gs have been said about in my lifetime, i haven't had a right or opportunity to say about.g and free speech is wonderful, but as long as it is truthful, what we're looking for in free speech. responding torump questions about the information him, has come out about some reporting from buzzfeed and he toument that they released, the one that has gotten criticism from the trump administration for being unverified. here is donald trump's reaction yesterday. >> disgraceful, disgraceful that intelligence agencies allowed any information that so false and be
9:54 am
fake, out. i think it is a disgrace. i say that and that is something that nazi done and did have do. i continuing is a disgrace. information that was false and never happened, got released to the public. buzzfeed, which is a failing pile of garbage, writing it, i think they will suffer the consequences, they already are. going out of their way to build it up, and by the when i just found out cohen, ing town, mikchael it was just reported it wasn't his michael cohen we were talking about. it is michael cohen. i said, i want tos see your passport, he bring its to my office. i said, wait a minute, he didn't leave the country, he wasn't out country. michael cohen, from the trump administration was in prague. was a different michael
9:55 am
cohen. it is a disgrace what took home. to ought to apologize michael cohen. >> you are attacking us, can you question. mr. president-elect. you are attacking our news organization -- >> not you. your organization. >> you are attacking our news organization, can you give us a question, sir. sir. >> quiet, quiet. go ahead. asking a question. >> don't be rude. >> you are attacking us, can you give us a question. i will not give you a question. >> can you state -- >> you are fake news. you state that nobody -- mr. president-elect, that is not appropriate. host: donald trump at that press conference yesterday. reaction at the end with cnn news coming acosta, out overnight about that the sourcee leak and of nationalre director security clapper says he spoke
9:56 am
with donald trump yesterday and told him the intelligence not leak did information about that unverified memo that sparked published y when online. the statement from james clapper part, i emphasize, this document is not a u.s. do lligence product and i not believe the leaks came from within the intelligence community, the community has not made a judgment the information is reliable and we did not rely our it in any way in conclusion. so we'll continue to update you if more comes out. host: tom in columbia, maryland, a republican. morning. caller: good morning. slowly because i have als. but, i want to talk about the from yesterday. truth is, donald trump wants
9:57 am
trillion dollars on infrastructure. ow mitch mcconnell is going to of anaging the department he's going to, so that and marco rubio, going to have his mouth vote where he'll goou'll see that after mitch mcconnell somewhere along the way. the call from r
9:58 am
maryland. chow's erring to nomination for transportation secretary. yesterday.r hearing chow, the wife of senate mitch mcconnell and also former secretary in the bush administration, secretary labor in the bush administration. time before the house comes in, or two more calls. maryland, a bowie , democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. i'm calling about the repeal act. i can't believe they are doing this and taking the good provisions out that they would let the democrats keep in in.e 26, you get to stay donald trump was all for that. kellyanne conway, his spokesman well, we're not going to repeal it until we have a replacement. going to throw everybody under the carpet. looks like they are throwing under the carpet f.
9:59 am
they want to save money, why don't the republicans bring up a that each and every one of them has to pay for their own and the surance taxpayers don't pay for their health insurance. have health , they insurance, but they don't care about the rest of the americans carpetll throw under the without health insurance and that -- host: thanks, brenda. to viewers, before you get on the line with us, turn can hear down so we your comments without the feedback from the delay on the television. james is in alabama, an independent. morning.ood calle caller: -- host: james, you with us this morning? i am.: yes, yes. host: go ahead. very interested in politics until several years fact, 2008. yes, i am. host: just listen through the
10:00 am
phone. you weren't interested in politics until 2008? caller: yes, that is right. host: why is that? caller: the economy crashed and times and rough tough i listened to a lot of what goes on. seems like one side wants complete control and not to work with the other side between republicans and democrats. host: james we'll have to end there. the house fwetifweting -- getti in for the day on capitol hill. we'll be back tomorrow morning 4 a.m. . eastern, pacific in the meantime, have a great day. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., january 12,


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