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tv   House Speaker Ryan Briefs Reporters on ACA Repeal and Replace Timetable  CSPAN  January 12, 2017 11:31am-11:47am EST

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in his statement, i express my profound dismay at the leaks appearing in the press, and we both agreed they are extremely corrosive and damaging for our national security. there is a statement from director clapper from the office of the director of national intelligence. paul is in appleton, wisconsin, a democrat. good morning. caller: i just want to say to all the people who voted for trump, congratulations, you just >> speaker ryan is expected to talk about the health care law repeal measure that the house will take up tomorrow morning. speaker ryan: this is the first of several steps we will be taken to deliver relief to americans who are struggling under this law. some of these steps will be taken by congress. some of these steps will be taken by the incoming trump administration, and after he's confirmed, h.h.s. secretary tom price. so this will be a thoughtful
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step-by-step process. are not going to swap one 2,700-page monstrosity to another. we are not going to jam it through harry reid's office. we are going to do it the right way. we will do it through the congressional committee system, and that is why we had to get it right. of course, our goal, though, is to deliver relief as soon as possible. because this is just not a matter of us keeping our promise to the american people. this is a rescue mission, and the reason we need to act and act as quickly as possible, using the process the way it was supposed to be designed is because we are on a rescue mission to prevent obamacare from making things even worse. look at the premium increases that we're getting hit with this year. minnesota, 59% increase in premiums. tennessee, 63% increase in premiums. alabama, 58% increase in
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premiums. north carolina, $40%. maryland, 25.2%. pennsylvania, 53%. the law is collapsing. take a look at the deductibles. deductibles are become something high people don't feel like they have insurance in the first place. and families barely have the ability to find something better. in many areas people are stuck with just one option to choose from which isn't an option. it's a monopoly. these are not doom's day scenarios. these are real-life scenarios that are affecting real families and real people, so we are determined to provide relief as soon as possible because this law is collapsing while we speak. and working with the new administration, taking action step by step, that is what we are going to do. reporter: mr. speaker, there's a lot of desire among rank and file members to get more details on how this is going to play out. how soon and in what form can they expect to hear what is
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going to be done and at what time and in what form? speaker ryan: so as you know i like to run a bottom-up process that's collaborative here in congress. we are going to work with all of our committees that's in charge with the health care legislation, the education and work force committee, the energy and commerce committee, we are going to have a full and exhausting retreat to go through all these things. what i think people are going to begin to appreciate we have lots of tools in front of us. it's not a one and done bill kind of thing and that's what we have been working all our members through is to get the options available to us. we have the budget reconciliation process which is something we are moving on right now. we have the other regular order kind of options, and let's not forget we now have an h.h.s., an administration that wants to work with us to fix this problem. so we have many tools in front of us, and if you want to take a look at what our vision for replacing obamacare looks like, if you want to see what our plan is, go to our website and see what all those plans are
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and now we're looking at exactly what is the best way to deliver on all of those reforms. and that's the process we're going through right now. reporter: mr. speaker, did the president-elect, though, virtually put you into a corner at his news conference when he said the replacement will be ready virtually simultaneously. speaker ryan: we are working together on this. i spoke with president-elect trump probably two times in the last two days. mike pence was in my office yesterday to discuss this so we are in complete sync and we agree, we want to make sure that we move these things concurrently at the same time, repeal and replace. we need to show that there's a better way forward. we need to show that even though this law is collapsing we can bridge ourselves to a much, much better system. the pillars that we stand upon with replacing obamacare, more choices, more options, lower prices and more control over your own health care. those are the things that we all believe in. we're completely in sync, planning on a daily basis with
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the administration for how to roll all this out and that's what we're doing. reporter: let me follow up for a second, please. tomorrow when most of us report that the house has voted to repeal obamacare, don't you think a lot of americans will be asking that question -- what is the simultaneous replacement part? speaker ryan: tomorrow, we had the vote this morning. we're having that vote tomorrow. that is a procedural vote to get the process in place. then, we're going to go, as i mentioned in my opening remarks, through the process as it was designed. through our committee system to make sure that we spell out exactly how we're going to deal with this law, using all the options and the tools we have available to conduct this rescue mission to rescue people from the collapse that's occurring now with obamacare. let me put it another way around. i think the president-elect said it pretty well on this front. we could just stand back and do nothing. as republicans we could just stand back and just watch obamacare crash. we could watch the further pullouts that the insurers are
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telling us are coming this year. we could watch the massive deductible increases, we could watch the massive premium spikes, we could watch the collapse of the health care system and say look at what these democrats did. we are not going to do that. we have a responsibility. people's lives are being affected by this, and so we have a responsibility to step in and provide relief from this failing law and so we're going to use every tool at our disposal to do just that, and we have to do it all at the same time so that everybody sees what it is we're trying to do and that is why i say we are in sync with the administration on that. reporter: you said you have been speaking with the president-elect a couple times in the past few days. do you agree with him that members of the u.s. intelligence community are behaving like nazis and if not, have you expressed your views? speaker ryan: look, i think as he gets to know our intelligence community better i think he'll learn to appreciate all the great work they do. i spent a lot of time with the intelligence community given my line of succession and i've
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spent hours and hours with them in certain locations going through this. he is just beginning that process, so obviously those are not words i would use. but he is understandably very frustrated at what's happening because it isn't fair and it's all unsubstantiated. his frustration is completely understandable, and i do believe that as he begins to see what the men and women in our intelligence community do -- i am not talking about the political people on top but the people who are actually producing the intelligence, who mike pompeo and dan coats will be working with, i believe he'll appreciate what they do. reporter: how do you think it will affect morale? do regular order options include for repeal and replace include the -- also, when you say relief, aren't republicans going to have a hand in that scenario by creating this process in the budget? speaker ryan: so the budget process is the regular order process. you know, we pass a budget every year and we use budget
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bills that come from that process. that is regular order. that is what we're doing, and we're going to use every other tool at our disposal. that's the other point i am trying to say is there are many steps we can take to bring relief. not to mention an h.h.s. now that wants to bring people relief from obamacare in addition to the things we can do here in congress. all taken together, we feel the need to step in front of the collapse of this law so that people don't get the rug pulled out from under them, so they don't, you know, collapse with this law and bring a new system that will work. that's going to take time. that's going to take a transition and we want to make sure and we want to put people's minds at ease they are not going to lose their health care some february day, that we're going to have a good transition period while we move on all of these steps to rescue us from the collapse that is now occurring with obamacare. over here. reporter: you are setting up a process where you can repeal large chunks of obamacare with just republican votes.
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to replace it in a significant way, you need democrats. how is that not pulling the rug out from under people? speaker ryan: let me say it this way. the premise of your question i would disagree with, casey, because obamacare is collapsing. remember, the base case that we are walking into in 2017 with this new government is we're staring at a health care law that said, if you look your plan you can keep it. that's not true. it said it would lower your premiums by $2,500, that's clearly not true. oh, and said your deductibles would be reasonable so you would be able to use your insurance. that's not true. oh, by the way, five states have one plan to choose from and we're being told they may lose that. oh, and 31% of the counties in america, one plan to choose from. political monopoly. that's not choices. so you have to remember the law is in what the actuaries tell us a death spiral. so we got to intervene to prevent this from getting worse. and so, yes, i do hope and believe that some of this can
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and should be bipartisan. but if people are going to be so partisan and so ideological to try and cling to the failure of obamacare, which is doing damage in people's lives, then, you know, shame on that. but we've got a job to do and our job is to use every tool at our disposal to fix this problem before it gets worse. reporter: kevin mccarthy said yesterday, i believe, on the hugh hewitt show you would have the reconciliation repeal bill to the president's desk by the end of february is that the timeline? speaker ryan: we are going to work the process as best we can. we're not holding hard deadlines only because we want to get it right. again, we need to move quickly because the law is collapsing but we also want to get it right and we are going to go through regular order, unlike what the democrats did. we are not going to do the harry reid's office on christmas eve. you know, and then pass the massive bill that you don't know what's in it until after it's passed, we're not going do that.
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we are going to do it the way congress is supposed to work but we do feel we need to act quickly because, again, this thing's collapsing. yeah. reporter: speaker ryan, are you concerned at all including language defunding planned parenthood in the reconciliation bill and how that could impact modderate house g.o.p. leaders in 2018? speaker ryan: we are working off the bill from last year. our goal in that policy is to get health care to women, particularly in low-income communities, without the controversy surrounding plained. that's why we think those -- planned parenthood. that's why we think federally funded health care clinics, like in wisconsin, are very good. for every one planned parenthood clinic there's 20 community health care centers. 20-1. we think it's better to send those dollars to those clinics that do a very good job giving the women they need, the preventive services, without the controversies surrounding
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planned parenthood. reporter: are you concerned about 2018? speaker ryan: i think if we deliver our promise we will do well. christina. reporter: how can you confident that the replacement legislation will be ready and ?an pass concurrently it does face the hurdle in the senate. speaker ryan: to casey's question i said we are going to get this right. we are moving these bills through the committee process and so when we have those ready is when we will move forward. sorry. go ahead. reporter: with you tell what you mean by rescue in terms of the immediate sense? when you talk about high deductible plan design -- speaker ryan: it's a good question. so we are hoping to pass reforms. it's not just repeal obamacare but it's repeal and replace. and so we're hoping to pass as many reforms as we can to bring new options and opportunities in the marketplace for people to buy affordable care but also don't forget the fact that the administration, which we now are getting an administration that wants to provide relief,
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that's not lashing people to the mass of obamacare that's sinking and we believe the administration will have the ability to give a lot of regulatory relief. i think mike pence, when we had the press conference, we believe with the new administration, we can get some quick relief so we can find something they can afford and that's just not the case these days. yeah. reporter: donald trump talked yesterday at the press conference about not selling his business or putting to in blind trust. do you think he's doing enough to separate himself from the conflicts of interests? speaker ryan: i have not looked at the arrangement. i think he's solely focused on pizz presidency, he's turning his business over to the remaining family members. i'll leave it up to the government reform committee to look at this that's part of their responsibility. >> last question. reporter: anything concrete on what will be the obamacare repeal and replace plan? kids will be able to stay on
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the plan until age 26? speaker ryan: yes. go to our website and take a look at what we're doing. oh, go packers! [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the u.s. house comes back into session at noon eastern to consider two bills dealing with financial regulation. the first would extend commodity futures tradesing commission programs through 2021 -- trading commission programs through 2021 and exempt some financial swaps and derivative trades butt in place by the dodd-frank bill. the other bill changes the way the joseph cecconi issues regulations -- the way the securities and exchange regulations would require a review of rules every five years and after two years require an assessment of whether a new rule is working. tomorrow in the house the affordable care act repeal. last night the senate approved
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a budget resolution that would start the process of repealing the 2010 health care law, and the house takes up that measure 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and that will be live from the house floor here on c-span. right now on c-span, the senate vote early this morning on the affordable care act repeal. mr. schumer: tens of millions who will see their costs go up whether they are in the exchange or not, i vote no. the presiding officer: debate is not in order during a vote. debate is not in order during a vote. the gentleman from illinois. mr. durbin: i record it. on behalf of the down state


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