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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 13, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EST

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james mattis, allowing him to become the secretary is confirmed. following, a conversation with congressman kevin cramer, also congresswoman diana degette on a strategy following the repeal of the affordable care act. ♪ host: good morning. it is friday, january 13, and we are expecting big news out of the house of representatives today as it looks to follow the senate by taking a big step, a repealingoday toward the affordable care act. they are in at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. we will have it all for you here on c-span. meantime, the justice department 's inspector general has opened an investigation into how the fbi handled its own probe of hillary clinton females. we have a return to the question of whether you think the actions
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of the fbi director, jim comey, affected the election outcome back in november. here are the phone numbers to call, if you are a supporter of hillary clinton, call (202) 748-8000. if you are a supporter of donald trump, the president-elect, (202) 748-8001. everyone else, (202) 748-8002 is your number. is not by phone, you can weigh ison social media, @cspanwj our twitter handle, and you can also leave a comment at here is a write up this friday morning that comes from the "wall street journal," the justice department's inspector general has launched an investigation into how the fbi and his deputy handle probes into democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton, another tumultuous developing of the nation's premier law enforcement agency, which is, under withering criticism from both parties for its handling of liquid sensitive cases.
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they go on to write ---- host: when he issued public statements and sent messages to congress about the investigation into mrs. clinton's use of a private email server when she served as secretary of state. that is the setup, and the writer of that piece in the "wall street journal" is a staff barrett, whoon joins us now by phone. what happened between the and now?no there are a series of things that jim comey did, talking about the clinton case is before the vote, and what happened, and there are a series of stories talking about with some other people at the fbi did they came out before the election that prompted lawmakers start demanding an inspector
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general investigation. so there are sitting demands on the inspector general to look at a lot of the issues that came up, both before and after the election. basically, what the inspector general announced is that he is going to look at it whole bunch of these issues. host: how long does this work take by an ig, and what could possibly come out of it? guest: we are looking at months, at a minimum. some inspector general reports can take years. the ones that take years usually involve access to evidence and things like that. the fbi director, has pledged full cooperation with general, so far, that is not look to be an issue, but it is something to keep tabs on. she is basically going to be looking at -- the justice rulesment has launched about how its officials are not
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supposed to speak publicly about cases and not supposed to do anything in terms of investigative activities just before election that might be seen as trying to influence the outcome. obviously, mr. comey has been accused of taking steps that did influence the outcome. hillary clinton herself is made that charge. so the inspector general is going to be looking at, you know, did he, in fact, break the rules, and if so, what are the punishments going to be for that? but he can only make recommendations. host: i was going as he by the power of an inspector general, but you just got through it. who oversees the inspector general? who has power over that person? guest: that is another wrinkle. the inspector general is appointed by the white house, meaning the president can fire or higher an inspector general whenever the president wants. completely unclear what donald trump's view is of either this
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inspector general or the other inspector general. often when parties change in the white house, inspector general's isl end up staying, but that no guarantee. obviously in the current environment where there is a lot of uncertainty but exactly how donald trump will govern and who will decide, so it is theoretically possible that come january 21, michael horowitz is it isger in that job, but also entirely possible that because of this investigation, he remains for some time. host: so, finally, explain what would happen next with all of this. you mentioned the timetable for all of this, but i guess i am looking for some context here. how important a moment is this here in washington and to the future of the fbi? guest: look, i am a law
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enforcement geek, so i think it is usually important. one of the things that happened in this election is the fbi the game a critical player in the election, and that does not normally happen, so i think one of the things that this investigation is designed to didle is -- was what comey appropriate? was what his director did appropriate? should there be more clear rules we ever getd if into a situation again where the leading candidate for one or both parties are under active fbi investigations? people, frankly, even among law enforcement officials and prosecutors, feel very strongly that this is not the way it should have been done. some people support him, but a lot of people have very serious concerns about what happened. host: before we let you go, we want to go out to chicago and get your advanced word about and
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evidence that loretta lynch is holding, she calls it a holyark moment for chicago spirit what is going on out there? thet: this is essentially last big move by the obama administration and the justice department on this issue about trying to reform police departments around the country, so what has happened in chicago has obviously been a fierce debate about how the chicago police department does its job, and the justice department is going to issue findings saying that there are serious problems within the chicago police department. normally what would happen is that would lead to a judge whereeing consent decree the police department promises to make certain changes, and a judge makes sure they do. what is tricky about chicago in particular is what is going to happen today is the government is going to announce its findings, but the people in the
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justice department who are announcing these findings will not be there long enough to enforce a consent decree, most likely. up to the really be trump administration and the people he puts in those jobs to decide, essentially, what chicago has to do about it. there is always a slim chance that the obama administration officials to cut a real last-minute deal with chicago, but that would be an incredibly rushed timeline, and the folks i talked with are skeptical that they could get it done before they leave. host: devlin barrett, a staff reporter for "wall street journal, the" thanks so much for your time this morning. guest: thank you. host: let's coming in about the justice department ig launching an investigation about the fbi's own probe into hillary clinton the mills. a little bit more from the "wall street journal." the announcement was called
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"highly encouraging." host: we did check twitter, and it looks like in the last hour, the president elect has left a here, of tweaktweets hillary clinton's people complaining about with respect to the fbi? they sought information, they should have never allowed her to run -- guilty as hell. they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states -- no enthusiasm!" caller: good morning, c-span, and thank you very much for the job you're doing. because, c-span, we do not know which media to trust anymore, so i want to thank c-span.
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mr. comey confessed that mrs. clinton had grossly, negligently mishandled information. he uses the term "gross." and then he comes back and says that he has new evidence. i think he does not know what he is doing. at the end of the day, the big loser in all of this is the american people because we have seen how the fbi, who are , thesed to be neutral obama administration, and loretta lynch -- i mean, i do not trust our law enforcement anymore. host: eric, thank you for calling. sheila is a hillary clinton supporter. good morning to you.
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caller: yes, good morning. i supported hillary clinton -- you are going to have to excuse my speech a little -- i am 66, and i have had a stroke. host: take your time, sheila. what do you make about the investigation? should i think comey have been fired and arrested. uh, all this is just ridiculous, and trump is going to get us all killed. host: sheila, thank you. to north carolina, michael, what is the name of your town?
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go ahead, michael. what are your thoughts, what are is your reaction to all of this? caller: well, we have got people like fbi director comey breaking the laws, the thing about the pedophiles, it is all over the media everywhere, but the mass media will not talk about it. all the evidence says unquestionably they broke the law. they should be put in jail, but they don't get arrested. why is the media covering up, and nobody goes to jail? how do you get somebody prosecuted when it is the justice department doing the crimes? they keep the things washed down theuse they throw it all in trashcan. have destroyed your evidence, so how does the cents citizens start investigation so that when the
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head of the justice department and the head of the fbi are involved in pedophilia and tampering with the election, how do we the people get them prosecuted and out of office so that we can get decent people in there? host: michael, thank you for calling. the "wall street journal" its right to it on its editorial page. they write that there may be a temptation among some in the trump administration to want mr. comey to stay in office on the feeling that they benefited from the october letter, but if the fbi has demonstrated anything in the last year, it is that he has lost the trust of nearly everyone in washington, along with every american who believes itsfbi must maintain reputation as a politically impartial federal agency. now mr. comeyce can render is to resign. jeff sessions should, after he is confirmed, ask mr. comey to resign. if he declines, donald trump
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can, and should, fire him. we are moving on to west virginia now, middleton, west virginia -- i am sorry, caller, your name is middleton? caller: yes, it is. host: go ahead. tell us what you think about all of this. you are a clinton supporter. good morning. caller: good morning. when comey came out and made that statement, he convicted hillary clinton without actually putting her in jail. everything he said made her guilty. she would have been better off if he would have said, "we are going to indict her for this." he convicted her come all the way through everything he said, and that turns people off just because he said all about. he made so much harm in what he said without convicting her. he convicted her in people's minds.
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unbelievableis that that is what we have to put not carealthough i did too much for her being president because a president -- everybody thinks that they are the almighty. congress controls the government. the president is not. the president is allowed to do what the congress lets him do, and this donald trump, all of the stuff that he is supposedly going to do, congress has to do it -- he cannot do it. don't think he can do is repeal everything that president obama did, executive orders. rid of all that, but you know what he has to do back in return? he has to go and do the same thing with executive order, so, unbelievable the
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way they talk, what the president does. he is one person -- he is not the almighty. you forddleton, thank calling. let's get a trump supporter back on the line, terry from hagerstown, maryland good morning, terry. caller: good morning, sir. me, the peopleo who were demanding donald trump and his supporters like myself except the election are the ones now howling -- accept the results of the election are the ones now howling. we'll of excuses. wheel of excuses. e mills show what she really thought of the voters, she hadon aideslicies, and even her were saying, "what is her stance on these policies?"
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and folks, get over at third and join next friday sure c-span will have great coverage all day long. i am going to love it. and liberals, if you need some , or go hug a puppy or a kitten, the world will not end. enjoy the trump presidency because i sure will. host: that was terry. we will be on and what eastern for inaugural coverage leading coverage, full coverage of the parade, going on well into the evening. watch it all live here on c-span. we will use the opportunity of the last caller to hear from hillary clinton. you might remember this piece of tape, she spoke to donors and what she thought led to losing to donald trump. the audio is not the best, but here it is. [video clip] taken from it that voters make their decisions in
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the final days, breaking against me because of the fbi director and they believe, i do not believe this, that that letter most likely made the difference in the outcome. unprecedented work of russian spies in this election. this is something every american should be worried about. recognizewe have to that as the latest reports make clear, vladimir putin himself a covert cyber attack against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a beef against me. host: hillary clinton back in
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december. here is a tweet from carol, "we need an independent ag one trump becomes president." we have june on the line from wisconsin, clinton supporter. what do you make of this news out of these justice department, june? caller: well, i think it is comey cameas soon as out with this connection to hillary and anthony weiner, i that somebodyly on in the republican side -- he is a republican, after all -- put pressure on him because the trump campaign was just blowing up, it was a horrible, the things we were finding out. and hillary was on her way up. and the second heat with that craziness out there trying to connect hillary to anthony weiner -- although, ok, there was really nothing there.
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listen, it was so clear that this man was under fire from it is justk, and really sad, and i am you, this thing is much deeper than anyone wants to realize. yeah, are to russia, you kidding me? and russia jumped in on c-span live yesterday during the congress or whatever, a russian program going on for 10 minutes or something. it was not a glitch in the russia no, it was showing you, yes, not only can we have to your everything, we can get on to your airwaves -- anytime they want. there needs to be some serious, deep investigation going on. i mean serious. can you really need to keep your eye on president-elect trump.
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host: june, thank you for calling, and we will take a moment's response to june's comments about what happened on our website, our web stream of the house coverage yesterday. it was not on television here in c-span, but it was at our website. we do not think we were hacked as a company, and all signs are pointing to an internal error by somebody here at the company. in case you missed it, here's a statement of the company put together, on thursday afternoon, one of our online feeds, which was carrying c-span's lighthouse telecasts, was briefly interrupted by signal carrying the rt network, which we regularly monitor along with other newsfeeds. this did not affect c-span's tv broadcast of the house. we do not believe we were hacked. instead, our initial investigation believe that was caused by an internal routing error. we take our network security
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very seriously, and we will continue with a deeper investigation, which could take some time. if we learn anything different as a result of this probe, we will have a further public statement. i just want to make sure we responded as a company to what that last caller suggested. we do not think we were hacked yesterday. we know this has been out in the news a little bit. let's get back to the subject at hand, though, fbi director comey and the ig doing a probe now. joan is calling -- joe was calling from maryland. caller: thank you for c-span. i wanted to call in, the guide raving about trump's victory -- it is not what you got, it is how you get it. theway the republicans won election -- nobody is trying to change anything, he is president, but he be president. but people who support his ranting and raving, you have got to look at how he got there --
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insulting, lighting, and cheating. dirty, buttics is how can you stand up more really, you who oppose abortions, but you support denigrating and insulting people? you don't represent america -- you represent a part of it because you did not win maybe the popular -- win vote. you did not win people's approval. and people are calling in, expressing the truth identity of what happened. your morals have been compromised, and you are ranting and raving like you wanted victory. we are still american, and this is still the greatest country on earth. let me tell you something -- god is still in charge the message you better watch out how you think you are going to change so much because this is about america, the people, not only about a republican party, republicans who want to change everything. we don't want to fight no more. , havels and conservatives
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a mindset to be either/or. as americans, think about how you got there, what you got, and how you got it. god is going to test you on that. have a blessed day, and. to what i hope you think -- and thank you. i hope you think about that before you call in. host: thank you, joe. the house is at 9:00 a.m. eastern today. they have a big vote on a measure which would basically assigned committees in the house and senate to start writing legislation to repeal the affordable care act, .you may remember the wee hours thursday morning vote in the senate, an hour vote there. the house is taking up the same measure, not a bill, an internal measure that gets the process started, and you can watch it here on c-span a little bit later. we're asking you if fbi director comey's actions affected the election's outcomes, meaning
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the statements he made about hillary clinton's emails. wanda is on the line now from seattle. good morning. wanda, are you there? let's try pat. pat is in south carolina. are you there, pat? caller: yes, sir. host: go ahead, please. you are a trump supporter. caller: yes, i voted for him. it was a choice between two evils. that is the way i made my vote. director, as the fbi i admire the man for standing up for what he thought was the right thing to do. politically, it killed him. i mean, the man had to know the problems he would encounter, but these people take an oath for us, to protect the american people, and i think we have a right to know the background of any candidate that is running
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for president. thingseople are doing that are illegal, wrong morally, whatever, we are the american people and have a right to know. i give the man a high five, and i think the american people, whether the you believe you wanted clinton or trump, the man stood up for the american people to give us the information we needed to know in order to make a decision in voting. thank you. host: all right, onto rapid city, south dakota now. clinton supporter jan. good morning. caller: yes, good morning. i was a hillary supporter, and i think comey absolutely affected the outcome of the election, and that is ae in a way disservice to the whole american people. i do not think trump is evil, do not think hillary is evil, i do
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not think comey is evil, but what it does is it raises some huge questions that it is really good, and i really credit c-span with giving the american people the opportunity to look at this and talk about it, and as we go forward with this. host: thanks for calling, jan. a little facebook reaction at our page. charlie writes, "absolutely comey caused clinton the election, but the democrats have -- blame themselves for pushing and rating for the wrong candidate. had bernie won the nomination, there would have been nothing on him for russia to hack." a little bit of sarcasm from kurt stevens, "it was everyone's fault but the dnc and hillary smiley," with a little
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face. benjamin writes "she could not connect with her base." rich, springfield, good morning. caller: good morning. much for c-span. brian lamb is a national hero for coming up with this network. now, let me say this -- i voted for hillary. whattotally scared about is bad for a country with mr. trump, however, the person who cost hillary the election was hillary, and i think, as a hillary supporter, we need to be elect.and look at who we i think mr. comey is an honorable person. i think he made a bad decision, however, we all make bad decisions. and i also put into context in my own life what happened to hillary. i was a banker for 46 years, and
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my employees always were very frightened when they knew the auditors were coming. and i told them, i said, "look, if you do things right every day, you do not have to worry about who looks into what you do on your job." so i hope all politicians heed that word. thank you very much, and happy new year to everybody. host: one more call, and then we will update what is going on in the house. robert from brooklyn, new york on our line for others. good morning. caller: i think the word "elected" should be replaced by two other terms -- "people elected" and "college elected." theou get the majority of popular vote, you are "people elected," and if you do not get either of those and are picked exclusively by the electoral college, you are "college ."ected that is all i want to say about
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dealing with the action in the house today. leaders are confident heading into the budget vote. this is repealing the affordable care act. it's a procedural move here. one of the writers of this piece is a budget reporter. where is the confidence coming from among house leaders? guest: this is at the highest level. staking out gop steering committee meeting. i caught kevin mccarthy taking a break to tell me when i asked if they have the boat and he nodded and said yes. paul ryan has expressed confidence in this vote.
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there have been some jitters from moderate and conservative republicans, democrats are united against the measure. there is a concern that there is not a replacement plan in place. that's making some constituents nervous. it seems that the whip operation on this will is going smoothly. believes majority whip . he said they are looking forward to a good vote. all eyes will be on the house today. the first vote is around 10:00. it will be a one to watch. this is the first step. host: that's what i was going to ask. this is not a bill. happen if andoes when the house passes this resolution today. guest: it's a document.
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the president never signs it. it requires a simple majority vote in both chambers. this unblocks the legislative pass for lawmakers to put together reconciliation bills is a big mouthful of a word to explain how they are going to repeal. paul ryan committed it would be repealed and replaced at the same time. that's a little bit of a shift from the rhetoric about how this was going to go. republicans were repealing immediately. there will be some type of grace. it. there is no way people will be dropped off their health care. the message is very clear and enforced by donald trump. it will occur simultaneously. that is a difficult schedule. donald trump said in a press
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conference on wednesday he is going to roll out his plan after his hhs secretary pick is concerned -- confirmed. that could happen in february. there is some concern about how this is going to happen. this is the first step to unlock these special reconciliation bills. it's a specific type of bill that gets special treatment in congress. host: a couple of quick things, there is a passage in the new fromtimes from andy harris maryland. he is with the freedom caucus. he would like to see more flesh on the bone. he is talking about the replacement language. he said they are skeptical of going forward and they look hostile to the repeal effort if they were to vote no. how are they balancing all that?
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they don't want to look skeptical to the approach. guest: we have to remember that republicans ran on dismantling this law. the point of the budget vote early in the session is to send a clear message to voters. republicans of told me that this is something we ran on. where not going to repeal the law after we ran on it repealing it. services constituent that are going on behind the scenes right now. assuringffices are their constituents that they are not just going to get peoples health care away from them. foxx whoo virginia told me -- what are you telling your constituents? i am telling them they are not going to get thrown off their health insurance the day we pass this hill.
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this procedural element is something they are starting to emphasize in order to deal with these concerns from constituents who don't understand this complex process. host: one more thing. we know they are in course of the debate different measures for the main resolution. the democrats will get a shot at their own version. there is half an hour of discussion on economic goals. what will the debate be like? guest: you will see a lot of partisanship on the floor. you're going to see to opposed parties when it comes to this law. even though this is just a procedural step, it will see people talking about the endgame. maybe the culmination of that is the one made in order under this rule that was approved yesterday by house leadership for consideration of this budget resolution that puts together the path for repeal. it comes from a kentucky
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democrat. this repeal. it cause for passage of resolution to create jobs and infrastructure and reform the tax code rather than anything to do with the health care law. it is expected to fail. i think you will see a high level of debate. this is a vote on a budget resolution that doesn't do anything concrete to health care plans. for any president to sign. trackrts the legislative of repeal and replace the republicans of the looking for for such a long time for so many years. host: she is a budget reporter
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at rollcall. we appreciate your insight this morning. guest: thank you. host: the house comes in at 9:00 eastern time to get this started. we are asking people about the fbi director and the decision by the inspector general to do his own probe on mr. comey's probe of hillary clinton's emails. a headline in the washington post that you can look at here. thank you for waiting. caller: thank you for taking my call. happy new year to you. all, i have to say i am glad they are looking into the investigation because it was just bizarre that he would come out and make this statement. say she is not going to be held accountable. weiner ands with mr.
7:38 am
his wife being so close to mrs. clinton. that whole thing blew up at the end. it was all very bizarre. when it came to the everyday think the campaign for hillary clinton was dysfunctional. she didn't really have a clear message. she is unlikable. she appeared tired and old, establishment. she was not the right person for the position and the wrong time. election beingle very unusual. she was definitely the reason. she did not like republicans. they were her enemies. everybody was a deplorable. she was hobnobbing with the elites and the establishment.
7:39 am
then she falls out on 9/11. that bizarre thing of running out after an hour. it was just too much. write an amusing story about this election. it was just bizarre. god bless america. moving from florida to maryland. this is roxanne now. caller: good morning. intot wanted to call c-span2 give my opinion. i think he was effective in the outcome of the election. issues we are having domestic and foreign who
7:40 am
negatively impacted our election. they didn't stuff the ballot alks, but they engaged in series of propaganda which had the same effect as if they had stuffed the ballot box. aknow that we live in democracy and we're not supposed to say that it's not working right, but it's not working right. election was deeply flawed. if we could have a do over, we should. i know we can't. is going to impact us and our grandchildren for years to come. that is my opinion. jersey is on our line
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for others. caller: thank you for the opportunity. if his not be surprised action affected the undecided. i did not vote for anyone. democrat, butred i am turning independent. i think it could have affected the undecided. they vote as the latest ads on tv or what they say they are going to do if they get elected. what i would have liked to see whereresidential debate the candidates would say here it is. this is what i have accomplished in the last 30 years. for america. that didn't happen. comey's actions affected the undecideds for the
7:42 am
wrong reasons. we didn't see what we wanted to see from candidates. host: thank you for calling. this is the release put out by the justice department yesterday, specifically the office of the inspector general announcing this probe. there are some key elements. they are looking if the fbi practices were followed or not followed with the public announcement and his letters to congress in october and november. director should have been recused from certain investigative matters. this is what they are looking into. the timing of the release of certain documents were
7:43 am
influenced by improper consideration. jim comeytle bit from at a hearing on the senate side earlier this week talking about the hacking by russia of the election. senator angus king is talking to him. they are looking at ties between russia and the campaign. the question that there is an investigation underway as to connections between either of the campaigns and the russians. >> that was my intention. >> she didn't say one way or the other if there is an investigation? in a public forum, we never confirm or deny an impending investigation. >> the irony of you making that statement here, i can avoid. i will move on. >> we sometimes think differently about closed
7:44 am
investigations. host: back to your calls. mike is in washington. caller: how are you this morning. i am doing great. thing, the cia, the fbi, all of these guys talking about hacking with russia, that really annoys me. there is no straight line that they could prove. it should have never been put out there. like me accusing you of stealing my car but nobody saw it. lie and it's all political. that's how i feel about that
7:45 am
whole thing. lostr is hillary, she because the people i know that voted for trump already knew $325,000 fortaken a speech from goldman sachs and she did let people know what she said. fromad two more speeches goldman sachs. she was dirty. debated, shend her would not talk about the fact she'd taken almost a million dollars that she would -- tryingthing on the to tighten up what happened with the economy when we let wall street run wild, which we've done nothing to stop them.
7:46 am
i am going to let you go. we are to get some other points in. we are running a little bit slow on time. caller: good morning. i wanted bernie sanders to get in. i had to vote for clinton. i would not vote for this antichrist and this settler. donald trump is just like hitler's. he wants to get rid of the media. has anybody study their history? fidler wanted to get rid of the media just like donald trump. i think they need to investigate his daughter. his daughter ran around with vladimir putin's girlfriend.
7:47 am
republicans, you wouldn't hear the last of it. the republicans give them all this about donald trump making fun of this disabled person. , they'verepublicans got a guy talking to an empty chair. do about talking what people . that's all the republicans are. they want to talk about an empty chair. host: thank you for calling. this is a little snippet in politico i want to read about all of this. one republican said the investigation was not broad enough. on investigating
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the attorney general. it's good to hear the inspector general agreed to my request to look at multiple concerns i raise to route the investigation. this is in a statement thursday. nancy, you are up in ohio. thank you for taking my call. he changed the
7:49 am
outcome of the election. i think most people had already made up their mind by then. i believe comey is a democrat. he decided on his own or was carlos didn't to releasing the information when he did because the democrats knew she wasn't going to win. they wanted to create havoc to make trumps when not seem legitimate. that's the way i see it. thank you for taking my call. host: virginia on the line for others. caller: good morning. i am good. thanks for taking my call. doanted to let you know i not agree with the previous call when she saved that -- says that comey was involved with this. bribed by trump
7:50 am
or russia. lookovernment needs to into why he did that. after that, he announced there is nothing going on. the number one a number two, i was wondering about trump. basically, the russian government won the election, not america's government. obama doesn't have strong evidence, how could he kick out 35 diplomats? i don't know why the government keeps quiet and why they're not going to impeach trump. the have strong evidence that
7:51 am
the election was stolen. evidence, yourong people, hight 35 diplomats of russia. vladimir putin said he will wait for donald trump because he is a puppet. that's the main reason. got: we're going to let you and get to jeff in georgia. thank you for calling a. caller: i just like to comment on this whole thing. unemployed blue-collar worker. making almost $60,000 here. introduced.s i couldn't keep the insurance on my family. russians and the fbi had nothing to do with my vote.
7:52 am
this is what swayed my vote. i have never invited -- voted more than twice. i had no choice but to vote for trump. russians had nothing to do with it. saymight is way sale -- space aliens swayed my vote. now that obama has given joe biden a metal, i would like to of the victims wives terrorists in our country this year those metals. this is ridiculous. host: thank you for calling. this is an the washington times. the president is ending the policy giving cubans legal status. it was revoking a special policy
7:53 am
because cubans who reach the program that the lets doctors working in other countries to flee the u.s.. the new jersey democrat is of cuban descent. he said the u.s. is abandoning its role. that's what he had to say. this was an the washington times and other papers as well. let's go to bob in illinois. he is a clinton supporter. good morning. caller: i have two quick points.
7:54 am
i don't believe james comey was the real reason she lost the election. there are a number of reasons. the major reason she lost the , who once jokes about someone's husband in the white house? the jokes around the world would be too much for them. that's the real reason. i love both of them. point, i love obama and biden. he is an american. he wants to be a good american. he doesn't need to be an american.
7:55 am
i guarantee this country is going to need him. he knows too much. his are going to need counsel and his advice in the next up. host: one last call here. good morning. caller: good morning. the inspector general should ask rudy giuliani to testify. on the weekend prior to the james comey letters, i sub rudy giuliani on fox tv stations promise that something really big was coming up next week that was going to turn the election around 180 degrees. he kept repeating that and the
7:56 am
tv hosts asked him what is it. you, but itn't tell will turn this election 180 degrees around. i sort of ignored this. , the jamesdays later comey letters came out. i was curious about this. i think it's justified. i really hope that rudy giuliani can explain to the ig how he knew that something really big was going to happen almost a week before it happened. host: thank you for calling and thanks to everybody who called. one of the earlier callers mentioned the vice president receiving a metal from the president. with all of the rancor in town this week, this is one of these nice moments that got a lot of attention. this is a photo of the vice
7:57 am
president receiving the presidential medal of freedom. it's the highest civilian award. this is a dining room ceremony yesterday. it came as a surprise to the vice president. here are a couple of minutes from the event. >> for the final time as president, i am pleased to award our nations highest civilian award to -- the presidential medal of freedom. [applause]
7:58 am
>> and for the first and only time in my presidency, i will bestow this metal with an additional level. as in tillman, i am proud to .ward will the aid please read the citation? >> vice president biden, in a career public service spanning half it century, he has left his mark on almost every part of our nation, fighting for a stronger middle class, a fairer judicial
7:59 am
system, and a smarter foreign policy. providing support for our troops in combating crime and violence against women and our quest to cure cancer and safeguarding the landmarks from corruption. with his charm, candor, optimism, and patriotism, he has garnered the respect and esteem of both parties. while some in the strength faith, and grace overcome great personal tragedy, he is become one of the most consequential vice presidents in american history. an accolade that rests behind his legacy as husband, father, and grandfather. a grateful nation thanks vice president biden for his lifetime of certain's -- service.
8:00 am
[applause] host: you can watch that event with the president and vice side c-span our web doing. we have one hour left. in at 9:00.mes we will talk to a couple of congressman lican kevin cramer is first calling but has a s questionnaire about what he media.bias in the news he will send it to the major news outlets. of diana degette a member the energy and commerce committee talks about what is her view with the affordable care act. house.r vote today in the first in case you missed it we
8:01 am
will show you a portion of the earing with defense secretary nominee retired general james mattis and confirmation hearing rank iing member about his views on the intelligence community. a >> if you are to become the secretary of defense you will be component of the intelligence community. you produce intelligence through defense intelligence agency and you can consume intelligence ecause it is the basis of most every recommendation or decision that you would make. unique n a very situation where we have the president-elect disparaging the community, questioning its conclusions and motivations.its suggesting perhaps that there actions taken, bordering on retribution
8:02 am
for intelligence analysis that done, we presume -- i certainly presume -- based on trade craft and allegiance the facts and best judgment that they can make. you observe e if disrupt such as that, being the intelligence community, disparaging it, ignoring it, i do you feel you have an obligation to the country and constitution to nform the committee those actions? >> senator, i can tell you in my in thears of involvement military i had a close relationship with the intelligence community, he could their effectiveness at times on daily basis and i have high degree of confidence in our intelligence communi community. if you can see that community
8:03 am
undercut, not debated about their conclusions but ignored or somehow selectively being listened to or you ed, again do you feel have an obligation to make us aware of this so we can exercise responsibilities? >> i will be completely transparent with there committee but i would not have taken there job if i didn't believe the president-elect would also be pen to play input on this or any other matter. > "washington journal" continues. host: our guest is congress evin cramer republican from north dakota first time guest. representative cramer: good to attention caught our is this your sending to etoadcast


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