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Nancy Pelosi
  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Briefs Reporters on Capitol Hill  CSPAN  January 13, 2017 6:46pm-7:14pm EST

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was to take place last week but will take place this week and and focused on her finances she and her husband are incredibly wealthy and interested in her financial holdings. she enator warren said doesn't have enough sprention. host: thanks for joining us with an update on some of the key confirmation hearings in the coming weeks. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] nick nick >> watch more live hearings on -span or
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she talked about republican efforts to repeal the health care law and defund planned parenthood. his is half an hour. ms. pelosi: good morning. thank you for your patience. as you probably know on the floor of the house right now, the republicans are putting forth their reconciliation bills which sky rocks the ziferts. we were not allowed to offer a
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substitute and talk about job creation and infrastructure and iddle incomes. central to the budget reconciliation is the repeal of the a.c.a. and it is important to note that the affordable care act, medicare and medicaid are now red. if you read the a.c.a. has medicaid pacted the and seniors who depend have reason to be concerned because what they will do is do serious damage and then accompanied by the speaker's budget which calls for the voucherizing medicare. and families in our country have a lot at stake of what is
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happening in this bill. the three standards that we have, hopefully go forward in some cooperative way and we don't want to increase costs and diminish the been at this time package or lower the number of people who are covered right now by health care. it's important to note and members are speaking out, hospitals would be deficient stated because they would be left with uncompensated care. this uncompensated care is in the bill once of dollars. and it has been paid for in the past by corporate america, paying more with the policies for its own employees addressing etween 1,000 to $3,000 to each policies or employees. but they have it to the tune of billions of dollars and the
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impact it has on individual hospitals in their districts. we also talked about medicaid and medicaid is a health program that crosses the economic spectrum. and some people think of it as a poor people initiative. the long-term health care is paid for by medicaid. at least a large percentage of medicaid is spent on long-term health care for our seniors. so obviously, seniors cannot be cared for under medicaid. they are going to be moving home. it will impact the ability of families to invest in their children's future to sustain their home, their own plans for dignified retirement. this is a very bad thing. that's why at least five of the republican governors who have
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expanded medicaid are asking for that not to happen, including the governor of ohio. again, medicaid comes into effect and talking about opioidses and addiction and one of our best tools to address that. the other part is what it does to jobs. 3 nt estimates are between million to 3.5 million jobs will be lost. this is a bad move on the part of the republicans. repeal and icies, replace, it's not real, so far we have seen the replacement as cut and run. the republicans are cutting and running. cut benefits from hospitals.
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cut jobs. no positive upside to it. so again, we are not going to identify with cut and run, cutting the benefits, cutting the coverage and cutting the savings that we have there. we just came from -- we just came from an intelligence -- as you know last week, last time we met, i mentioned unclassified report would be made public in the day and it was and in the public domain, the russian vernment hacked us and putin ordered to denigrate hillary clinton. and sort to help donald trump and will do it again and again, not om in our country but other countries as well.
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i had a more complete briefing last week. it is important for congress to pass legislation to create an outside nonpartisan independent commission. national security, leaders in our country on both sides of the isle, not even political, have called for this commission. every house democrat has co-sponsored the protect our government act. and republicans are saying, mitch mcconnell is saying the intelligence committee can do that. he g.o.p. chair, senator burr, said it will not investigate links between russia and the campaign in the u.s. and president-elect trump's prays of putin. and let's hope for the best.
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let's hope any further investigation will remove doubt that the russians were not successful in effecting policy in the united states as they affected policy in the united states. you heard me say long before these briefings, i wonder what the russians have on donald trump that they are so insistent on his election, a. and b, so protective of his information. we want our agencies of government to investigate that those connections are and hopefully that is in our favor. as you know, ranking member cummings have been calling for d.o.j. inspector general to have an investigation on senator clinton for some time. and with those instances, if
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hey -- if they begin inspecting, we might not know. but they have announced that the inspector general of the department of justice agreed that the review is necessary and know what the review and raising efforts. and again, i have serious concerns about the director of the f.b.i. said he wouldn't sign a consensus document because it was too close to the election, 11 days before the election. he decided to put forth something that might not be significant but announcing a further investigation of hoibt hillary clinton emails that turned out to be nothing and announced hours before.
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and why people were voting before the election. so what i can say to you by the standards of the department of the f.b.i. as to whether they will tell us there is an investigation or not, sometimes it's not to let potentially guilty parties know. i don't know what all the standards are. but i know one of them to announce an investigation is that is of high public interest, this is of high public interest. any questions? trillion in president obama's office, do you gret that president obama -- [indiscernible] ms. pelosi: you want to talk budget? as i said over and over again, show me your budget, show me
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your values and today on the reconciliation and we haven't seen the full budget because that will come later. when president obama -- when he stood on the capitol eight ears, the deficit was $1.4 trillion. it's reduced by 70% in his administration. and increased in the national debt that has occurred in this time. two unpaid-for wars. the cost that we owe our veterans owing and the give-aways they gave to the pharmaceutical industry and the cuts that have carried forward with any job. president absent work of president obama, this national debt would be even higher.
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just a reminder, when president clinton was in office, the last five budgets was imbalanced or in surplus. $5.4 us on a path on trillion in debt reduction as opposed to the annual deficit. president bush came to office, he reversed all of that. under president clinton as well as under president obama, we were operating on a pay as you go basis. he offseated and paid for it and can't pay for it. that is how we operated. president bush became president and threw it and took us on a in se path, $5.4 trillion
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debt. adding to that, $11 trillion theg, $11 trillion swing in national debt. some of the reasons i mentioned at the time the c.b.o. said, two unpaid wars and tax cuts for the high end, which were not producing job creation or waynue to the treasury in a that it might. so coming back now, we have pay as you go. and the deficit was reduced. republicans come in. they make us pay for in an development in education. but they won't pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. so it's pay as you go for investments to grow our economy, et cetera, but no pay as you go,
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for give-aways for special interest tax breaks, et cetera, unpaid for, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. so that's how we get to without president obama, the national debt would be even higher. republicans are putting forth -- $9 trillion to the deficit, if you go down that path to the bill. nothing brings more money to the than the nothing, education of the american people. early k-12, postgrad, lifetime learning -- nothing reduces the deficit more than investing in education. that is something they are not interested in investing in, m
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ake us pay for. >> catalog later, there are reports that michael flynn has with theegular contact u.s. investor from russia. sean spicer said that they text each other. are you aware of these contacts? rep. pelosi: no. but i do think that communication with ambassadors is probably an okay thing. that is why ambassadors are here, to communicate with an administration to be. of course we have serious concerns about the president's national security advisor flynn. what i am more concerned about is what possible connection there was between the trunk campaign and russian government -- trump campaign and russian government by order of vladimir putin to denigrate vladimir
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putin. promotinginton was democracy in the region. he wants to undermine democracy in the world. i would say that an administration should be talking to an oscars of other countries constantt know that emailing. that is why the fbi should be investigating this. what is it that the russians know or have about that communication during the campaign that increases their leverage over this new administration? >> the briefing today with fbi director comey, did he give you any indication that the fbi is investigating the trump can think? -- campaign? rep. pelosi: i can just say
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publicly the american people are owed the truth. there is a great deal of evidence to show that this is important to the american people, for the integrity of our own democracy. that is why the fbi should let us now whether they are doing that investigation or not. you have seen public testimony in the senate. >> you said you welcome the inspector general's report. even if it does show wrongdoing, do you think that is too little , too late? rep. pelosi: too late for what? >> the election. rep. pelosi: obviouslyrep. pelosi:. we are having an election in one week. [laughter] >> what would you expect that to yield beneficially? of president-elect trump
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nominees have been testifying this week. have various opinions of what he thinks and --troys from what they think and it strays from what they think. including muslim registries, the iran deal the list goes on. can you think that is a good or bad thing? rep. pelosi: your colleagues allowed you 2 distinct and important questions. what was the first one? getting the truth to the american people about what happened in this election is only helpful for the future. involvement -- for example the director of the fbi saying it is inappropriate insign a consensus briefing early october, and at the end of october, saying, i don't know if
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it is significant, but we are investigating emails on hillary clinton. did rudy giuliani know that an advanced? advance?n -- i have trust in our agencies in protecting the american people. functionery important in our country to protect the american people. security, protection of our troops if they are to go into harm's way. i don't want to do anything that diminishes the comments that we have. that is why it is important for them to be on the level. they might be benign answers. we need to know why one standard
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was applied to the russians, and another standard applied to hillary clinton. not to re-litigate the election, but to have confidence that we all have the same goals and strength in our democracy. i haveond point is that not been following the hearings since i have a day job. i can say when you hear general sayods -- general mattis that we gave our word on the iran agreement, and that we should keep our work. what else did he say that was different? confronting the russians on certain issues. rep. pelosi: we certainly need to do that. his testimony was not menacing in that regard. what else did he differ on? >> muslim registries.
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rep. pelosi: senator sessions was very clear about that, as well as donald trump. we will see where that goes. hopefully they will have an impact on his thinking in terms of what is the law, what is the constitution, and what protects the american people. i always respect people's hopeions where they are, they respect mine, and try to compromise. but acting on new information is a different story. testimony ofn the these witnesses is based on information. hopefully that will be received humbly by the president-elect.
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we must be humble in receiving new information, and current in what we know. 2017, have you gotten information about the path forward from the house gop? rep. pelosi: the caucus is ramping up. i am choosing you over the caucus. [laughter] >> can you talk about minibuses? and have you heard about senate democrats, about what would lead them to block legislation on spending? rep. pelosi: no no no. [laughter] no, the senate will act. the senate will make its decision and the house will go forward to protect them. protect jobs, protect the good health. as we say together, we want affordable care, not chaos. we want to resist the republican
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attempt to make america sick again. we have no guidance on minibuses or anything like that. they will have to get with it. because the clock is ticking. >> nothing on domestic or defense minibuses? rep. pelosi: we have not gotten anything. you'll have to ask them. no. when something happens, it is in the public domain. you will know when we did. with that leads them to block legislation? rep. pelosi: i would not share that with you anyway. [laughter] trust -- do you trust the fbi after they handled the clinton investigation? rep. pelosi: i trust the agency. let's talk about the united states of america. we can withstand anything.
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i have confidence in our country. when we inaugurate a president, the peaceful transfer of power from one to the next is a sign of strength for our country, whether you support more like the other candidate's ideas were not. isconcern about the fbi signing one thing and not. -- and not another. that was the direct judgment of -- that was the judgment of director comey. the truth will set you free, as the saying goes. let's get the understanding that they knew full well that the russians actively engaged in disrupting our election to benefit donald trump, to denigrate hillary clinton because of the personal involvement of vladimir putin. herehen their success
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would have an impact in other countries. undermining democracy is their major goal. >> on transportation, there has been some suggestion there could be a renewed interest in chairman schuster's idea of holding air-traffic controllers, and more broadly on introduction investment. do you think your republican colleagues are serious about following through on donald trump's campaign promises? rep. pelosi: i don't know. you say there is a renewed interest, and they are going forward with the original bill? >> there might be new interest in the administration. what do you think of that? rep. pelosi: i have no idea. i don't know if they know. they are beating bombarded with so many things. for that, they have my sympathy. the learning curve of someone
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who has served in public service is difficult to know. somebody coming in from the outside, there are so many decisions to make. i have no idea about how receptive they will be to get. i hope we can have a transportation bill from the same committee. i said before, we would be interested in talking about. our motion to reconnect. -- recommit. we could not do a substitute budget this year. event, i said we would be willing to talk about and infrastructure bill, as long as it is a real infrastructure bill creates good paying jobs, and is not a tax break at the high end disguised as infrastructure bill.
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as we go forward, we have standards about cooperating. on the affordable care act, reduce the benefit package and reduce costs. let's talk. today, reconciliation budget bill today, let me end on this note. deficit reduction -- forget that. what are they doing in this bill? overturning the affordable care act, undermining the house majority and financial stability american working families, and defunding planned parenthood. thing, their manhood defunding planned parenthood. how could they establish that is a priority, unless they were coming from this