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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 14, 2017 7:00am-7:50am EST

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recent piece in national affairs magazine looking at whether congress needs an office to better balance the power between the legislative and executive branches. washington journal is life. cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] the premise of the world went week on capitol hill were a number of presidential elect donald trumps cabinet nominees went before a senate panel confirmation hearing, attorney general nominee senator jeff sessions and secretary of state takes rex tillerson and cia director designee mike pompeo were among more than a half-dozen cabinet text who faced questions from members of senate committees. at times the questioning was contentious and in instances, nominees express views that differ from donald trump campaign statements.
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what are your key moments of this week's confirmation hearings? democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independence can call 202-748-8002. reach us on social media, on -- and at the busy week on capitol hill included action on obamacare as republicans moved to repeal that measure. according to the "washington post" congress took the first that on rolling back the health care reform law friday with the house voting along party lines to pass the crucial precursor to the affordable care act's unraveling. it will only get harder for republicans as they must assemble a viable replacement for a law that expanded health-care insurance coverage
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to about 20 million americans and eliminated unpopular insurance industry practices such as lifetime coverage caps and widespread refusal to cover already sick individuals. republican leaders have focused on the affordable care act flaws , rising premiums for plans sold in state marketplaces, high deductibles, and burdensome taxes. gop lawmakers said together in philadelphia later this month to hash out a more complete alternative. that was one of the many things going on in capitol hill this week. a week that was largely dominated by the confirmation hearings of donald trump's selections for -- to head federal agencies. according to politico, donald trump says he is happy with some of his nominees decisions to differ with him on some points. he treated his support of his friday mornings
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after news organizations highlighted the different stances between the president-elect and some of his fixed, writing that they should feel free to express views different than his own. "all my cabinet nominees are looking good and doing a great job. i want them to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine." tweeted that in a series of messages he posted. he gave his approval at how the candidates did. one of the candidates who went before the senate this week was secretary of state nominee rex tillerson who faced tough questioning from senator marco rubio, let's look at that weird marco rubio -- let's look at that. is vladimir putin a war criminal? he directed his military to conduct a devastating campaign
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he started in schools, markets, not just assisted the syrians, his military has targeted schools and markets and other civilian infrastructure resulting in the death of thousands of civilians. not the first time vladimir putin has been involved in these kinds of campaigns. when he was appointed prime minister before he was elected, there was a series of bombings and they blamed it on the chechens but mr. prudent said that he would punish them so he ordered the air force to bomb and a used capital scud missiles and hit hospitals and the city's main outdoor market packed with shoppers, 137 people died instantly, they used bombs that ignite and burn the air breathed in by people hiding in basements. they used cluster munitions and battlefield weapons against civilians and an estimated 300,000 civilians were killed and the city was completely destroyed. there is credible reporting, open-source and others that this was all part of a black flak
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operation on the part of the ffb. putin'svation, vladimir approval rating before the attack was 31% and by mid august of that year it wasn't 78% in three. based on this month -- in three months. you are still not prepared to say that vladimir putin and his military has violated the rules of war and conducted war crimes? those are very serious charges and i want more information before reaching a conclusion. i understand there is record in the public domain and i'm sure there is a body of record in classified domain and in order to deal with the serious questions like this -- marco rubio: there are pictures and the public -- rex tillerson: i want to be fully informed.
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marco rubio: there is much information, so much information , it should not be hard to say that vladimir putin's military has conducted war crimes in aleppo. never acceptable for a military to specifically target civilians which happened through the russian military and i find it discouraging your inability to cite that, which i think is global acceptance. -- globally accepted. the wall street journal, taking in and gave her take about the exchange between senator rubio and rex tillerson, she said, in his confirmation hearing at the foreign relations committee, secretary of state designate rex tillerson came across as distinguished, call, informed, intense questioning, marco rubio was strangely hostile, is vladimir putin a war press, i mr. rubio would not use that term mr.
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tillerson replied with an expression that allows you to imagine a thought bubble. you can mess with me, son, but it will not end well for you. new york city, democratic line, what was your key moment from the confirmation hearing? caller: coincidental that i was going to talk about tillerson denying knowing about exxon mobil lobbying efforts. the u.s. from putting sanctions on russia after they invaded and stole back crimea and the ukraine. you know, i have a lot of respect for marco rubio and his ability to get to it. my second comment really is that donald trump is in over his head in all of this of government. he does not know government, he does not know what he is doing
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and to distract us from his inexperience and his ignorance, he is throwing out this date, these tweets -- bate, these tweets, it is his clever way of distracting us from his inexperience from his insecurities that he knows he is in over his head. so he is throwing out these meaningless things and everybody is laughing it up. g it up, tooappin bad we have such an inexperienced guy at the helm. host: senator tim kaine of virginia -- kim k -- he tweeted that tillerson answer on russia and refusals to answer on at some mobile makes me question whether he could set aside the interest of exxon mobil. is calling in from jackson, mississippi, independent line,
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what stood out for you in the confirmation hearings this week? caller: the rex tillerson for secretary of state. i do not believe he is qualified. host: why not? caller: he is a businessman. so is president-elect trump. that is a serious position. he was not elected, he has to be nominated by the senate. -- fourth,ery big fifth in line in succession in case something bad happens. buddy-body -- buddy-buddy with vladimir putin and i cannot believe he would nominate him. host: what about the statement
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from donald trump and others who say that rex tillerson has traveled the world extensively and his connections around the world make him more qualified than most to run the state department? caller: that is a joke, he is a tourist businessman. he is not on state business, u.s. business. he did not meet with public leaders. president.ter's, -- prime minister's, presidents. that is dollop trump talking. -- that is donald trump talking. host: let us see what donald trump set at trump towers about his nominees disagree with him. told them to be themselves and save what you want to say and do not worry about me, i will do the right thing whatever it is, i may be right and they may be right but i said the yourself, let them do it.
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i could have said do this and say that but i do not want that, i want them to be themselves in -- i want them to be themselves. host: republican line, what did you think about them? caller: the naacp is racist and they give bad ratings to senators who are republicans and only good ratings to the democrats. also, i felt they are -- somatic, they talk about unqualified, president obama was a community organizer and look how bad the country is. the affordable care act is not affordable. i am a 23 year army veteran and an eagle scout, same as tillerson and jeff sessions. off sessions had a lot support from black leaders and politicians and lawyers in alabama. the met has almost squeaky clean. squeakyan is almost clean but they will not support him because he is a republican and conservative. host: the hill reports that the
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house passed the waiver that general james mattis needs to assume the position he is nominated for two hit the pentagon. does the house friday passed a waiver that would let james mattis served as defense secretary, clearing the path for his confirmation despite a swift rise and democratic opposition this week. 268-151 on the waiver, 36 democrats voted in favor of the waiver while one republican representative austin mash-up michigan voted against it. california,ch michael, what are your thoughts on the confirmation hearings this week? caller: back to rex tillerson, he is a rich white men and i am quite, he will say anything to get the nomination, climate change does not exist, just like
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the cigarette commercials at yesteryear, cigarettes are fine for everybody but i cannot wait to the the nomination confirmation hearings for betsy devos, secretary of education. she and her husband are worth roughly $10 billion as she has done everything in her lifetime to deny public school for succeeding, she wants a private, that is the confirmation i really cannot wait to see her get grilled on. thank you, c-span. host: dan, republican line, ohio. what were your thoughts on the confirmation hearings? are you there? caller: yes, i am. hello? host: go ahead. caller: i just wanted to say that the recent donald trump has been elected is because the people that voted for him understand that the
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establishment are corrupted. in both parties, not just the democrats but also republicans. inse republicans are going and try to manipulate the president-elect. and they will fail. who willf the people rise up against this, establishment and try to change the system from the people's view, not from the politicians view.- politician's donald trump will triumph. host: all of the from administration confirmation hearings will be carried on c-span networks live and you can check your listings. they re-air in prime time. they are also available always
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on the website, bill is calling in from new mexico, democratic line. what were the key moment for you in the confirmation hearings this week? caller: i listen to the kellerman hearings -- tillerman hearings, the eagle scout who tillerman was an eagle scout but the coo -- ceo of exxon, they left super funds around the world, including the philippines, amazon jungle, portugal, he left a lot of super funds mr. eagle scout. let me tell you something, donald trump has a moment to destroy both parties, the republican and the democratic party. look at the way he is treating the chicken hawks in the republican party. john mccain and all them.
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voteore thing -- i did not with the racist klan. host: the new york times reports that the fbi -- the chief of the fbi was confronted by democrats during a recent intelligence freezing here in -- intelligence briefing. they thought it would be a straightforward briefing on russian cyber attacks but what ensued was a confrontation, democrats have long thought with james comey, the director of the admiral bureau of investigation. why the house members demanded to know mr. comey believed it was ok to make disclosures repeatedly during the campaign about the investigation into hillary clinton's emails here he to the state refuses to say whether the fbi is investigating links between the trump campaign
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and russia. his answers did not prove satisfying. nancy pelosi from california, the minority leader, grew so frustrated that she chastised mr. comey for being " condescending to members." we are asking you what the key moments were in the confirmation hearings this week. democrats call 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independence call 202-748-8002. keith calling from savannah, tennessee, on the republican line. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call, what i thought in the hearings themselves, john lewis and cory booker, they are putting it all on a race side. donald trump will do what needs to be done and the people he chose will do what they are supposed to do. it is not a race issue, the way
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they did sessions is wrong and they should be ashamed. good man and is a john lewis and cory booker should be ashamed of themselves. they did something that should be proud of, they are wrong. presidentust like obama on his way out, they should be on their way out for what they did. president obama came in with no experience. donald trump is coming in with no experience in that field as a politician, but as a businessman and and an intelligent man, far greater knowledge and concept of what needs to be done. hey should be ashamed, picked the right people, go with it, get over it, democrats, you lost that tomorrow is another day. host: let's look at what senator cory booker of new jersey said in a breaking with tradition and
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testifying against his fellow senator for the job of attorney general. jeffor cory booker: sessions will be required to pursue justice for women, but his record indicates he will not. he will be expected to defend the equal rights of gay and lesbian and transgender americans, but his records indicates that he will not, he will be expected to defend voting rights but his record indicates he will not. he will be expected to defend the rights of immigrants and affirm their human dignity but the record indicates he will not. his records in the case that as attorney general he would object to the growing national bipartisan movement towards criminal justice reform. his record indicates we cannot count on him to support state and national efforts towards bringing justice to the justice system. and people on both sides of the aisle who readily admit that the justice system as it stands now is bias against the poor,
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against drug addicted, gets mentally ill, and against people of color. his record indicates that at a time where the fbi director is speaking against racial bias in policing and the urgent need to when thet, at a time last two attorney general's have taken steps to fix our broken criminal justice system when the justice department, he would lead has uncovered systemic abuses in police departments all over the united states, including ferguson. including new work. senator sessions would not continue to lead this urgently needed change. the next attorney general must bring hope and healing to this country. this demands a more courageous empathy that senator sessions record demonstrates. the independent
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line from west hollywood, california, what stood out for you this week, john? caller: good morning. the thing that stands out for me that in the tillerson testimony, i have a degree in political science and i specialize in international relations as did the president obama. i have been in business with my whole life and the thing that stuck out with the the most was rex tillerson said that $5 trillion per day are transported in goods through the south china when he was addressing the chinese building the islands in the self china sea. and arming them. if you do the math on that, it 1.825 trillion dollars -- when we are being told that the u.s. economy is
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$18 trillion in size and the entire world gdp as it is activated is approximately -- and it is calculated is approximately $18 trillion yet the nominee for secretary of are 1.825 quade trillion or thousand trillion dollars of goods transported through the south china sea every year. and no one has brought this up. note network i have seen and no news organization. nothing from the washington post, new york times, etc. on that number. it is like when former treasury secretary tim geithner acknowledged there was a $600 trillion credit default swap industry in july of 2009. that was the first time the administration acknowledged this and the commodity futures
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trading commission former chair name gary gensler who was the vice president at goldman sachs said over two years ago when he left the commodity futures trading commission that the united states had over $20 worth of derivatives for every one dollar of gdp. i called c-span several years ago and said, until we reconcile the real economy that is going on which is quite really ends of dollars in size with what we are being told, this country and the world economy is never going to recover. jacksonville, florida, on the democratic line, what were the key moments for you and the many confirmation hearings that were held? caller: i think the nomination of mr. tillerson who is exxon president is a puting p
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lant. exxon mobil has $500 billion invested in russia. because of the sanctions on the dig oil, they cannot wealth -- oil wells so the money is just sitting there and vladimir putin gave that name to the president-elect to make him the secretary of state to get the sanctions removed so they can all make money. everybody knows that the president-elect would do anything for a buck. host: other headlines today on the front page of the "wall street journal" -- trump says the bar for china and russia, he says donald trump wants to emphasize flexibility in dealing with america's two largest strategic rivals. basing your relationships on the degree to which china and russia
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corporate with the u.s. economic , diplomatic, and military priorities. keepd trump said he would sanctions against russia imposed by the obama administration at least for some time. commit to would not america's long-standing agreement with china over taiwan until he sees what he considers progress from beijing and its currency and trade practices. he said he considered any improved relations with moscow as positive, if a vladimir putin likes trump at it from likes putin it isump like a good thing for the world. tina from missouri, independent line, what stood out for you in the confirmation hearings? caller: as a veteran of the personally think that pick for donalt
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d trump. because i have no confidence in and i doump whatsoever apologize to the supporters but in my view donald trump is the of a cult lea donald trump's number one priority is himself and his family. half of our nation, or maybe less than half of our nation, feel like they do not want this -- do not want business as usual. i am sure a large percentage of us do not want that either. but to totally destroy democracy
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to allow a foreign leader have more recognition and authority -- donald trump is giving vladimir putin authority over our citizens, over our democracy, we are supposed to be an american family and he has put out every dirty laundry on pretty much everyone in our nation. host: let's look at one exchange between retired general james reeds and senator jack during his confirmation hearing over the question of -- general mattis's views on the intelligence community. + if you become secretary of
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defense, you will be a critical component of the intelligence community, you produce intelligence and you can consume intelligence because it is the basis of most every recommendation or decision you would make. very unusual -- unique situation where we have the president-elect disparaging the intelligence community and questioning its conclusions and its motivations. suggesting perhaps that there taken,e some actions perhaps bordering on retribution for intelligence analysis that is being done i presume based on allegiance to the facts and the best judgment they can make. do you believe if you observe
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behavior such as that, disrupting the intelligence community, disparaging it, , iermining it, ignoring it could go on, do you feel you have an obligation to the country and the constitution to inform the committee of those actions? mattis: and my many years in the military i had a close relationship with the intelligence community and i could evaluate their effectiveness at times on a daily basis and i have very high degree of confidence in our intelligence community. community -- that if you see that community undercut, not debated about their conclusions, but undercut or somehow ignored or selectively being listened to or ignored, again, do you feel you
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have an obligation to make us aware of that so we can exercise our responsibilities? gen. mattis: i will be transparent but i would not have taken this job if i did not believe the president-elect would not be open to my input. host: time magazine said president-elect donald trumps campaign statements differ from those of general mattis and several other cabinet picks when it comes to the intelligence community. it says what donald trump set is he has repeatedly called for friendly relations with russia and vladimir putin, even in the face of evidence of russian hacks on the united states. for months he publicly cast doubt on the intelligence communities conclusion that russia was behind the election related hacks in 2016, only acknowledging for the first time wednesday that russia was to blame. general mattis said russia continues to be an adversary in key areas.
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"trumps take for secretary of defense told the armed services committee, congressman mike pompeo come at the cia director hearing that he accepts the report that found russia responsible for the hack and general kelly, the homeland security nominee told the committee that he believes the intelligence community's findings on russian hacks are with high confidence. michael from tallahassee, florida, independent line. caller: good morning, c-span. host: what are your thoughts on the confirmation hearings last week? caller: i have a lot of thoughts and a lot of concerns. first, i will go with rex tillerson. i believe him to be not qualified for the position. he is a business guy, very successful business guide.
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secretary of state is such an important role. aboutnot know anything his philosophies with respect to governing or his political philosophy, he does not have a track record. he was less than candid in his questioning. it is pretty clear that exxon mobil was lobbying against sanctions and he was not candid. when cornered on that. being a successful businessman does not translate into the same skill set and background needed to run a state department and to be the main diplomat if you will for the united states of america. from brad's calling in
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unity fell, pennsylvania on the democratic line. what are your thoughts on the confirmation hearings? caller: good morning, my first thought is relative to cory booker's actions during the jeff sessions hearing. i am a long-standing democrat, 28 years, i found it appalling that he would take that forum to push his own political agenda. same with marco rubio during the tillerson hearings. he did the same thing. foray have had retaliation how he was treated by donald trump during the primary. think thebooker, i democratic party needs to realize that they have pushed a way a lot of their constituents. i voted for donald trump. to think that the russian impact -- overwhelming
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impact on the overall election, what about all the things the dnc had done to bernie sanders? the collusion between the media? they have pushed the democratic party away, the democrats themselves and that is my comment. host: ok. arlington, virginia, republican line. what was the key moment for you in the confirmation hearings this week? caller: how are you this morning? the key point for me is that every person that he appointed was smart and intelligent enough , there will be some dispute if he had gone out of line but i would like to say one thing. , ishould give him a chance am a citizen of this nation but i was born and raised in east africa. we need to know what democratic obama and hillary clinton did to
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libya,ntry and to smuggling children and women, criminal acts have been done by obama himself and hillary but issue,is taking this to donald trump is smart and we can tell because the people he say theyo the table and disagree on torture intelligence that the cia has gotten. -- he deserves a chance and we should come together. america is a big country. we should rally behind this and show support. what do we have to lose? i am from africa. we have gone through so much. host: let's look at other
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headlines today about a change that is going to be happening in the middle of next week's inauguration. the washington post reports that the army general who heads the pc national guard and has an interval part in seeing the inauguration that he will be removed from command effective at 12:01 p.m. january 20, just as donald trump is sworn in as president. departure will come in the middle of the presidential ceremony, classified as a national special security event and while thousands of his troops are deployed to help protect the nation's capital during inauguration, he has spent months helping to plan, he says the timing is extremely unusual in an interview friday morning, confirming a memo announcing his command not only members of the u.s. guard but
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also 5000 unarmed troops dispatch from across the country will also oversee military air support protecting washington during the inauguration. paul on the independent line from dallas. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: what are thoughts on the confirmation hearings? caller: i have been watching and the one thing that strikes me about all began it -- not all of the candidates but most of them, they are all oligarchs, wealthy people, we are turning the government into an oligarchy, most of the cabinet members are wealthy and he is wealthy. he is trying to push a rich rule which concerns me. i do not know what we can do about it. that is a big concern of mine. the rich are now in control of this country and that is not right. that is what i have to say. host: birmingham, alabama,
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democratic line, good morning, darrell. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: what are your thoughts on the confirmation hearings, what stood out for you? caller: what stood out for me is -- these areople very rich people. they think they have a connection to everything that is against the united states of america. , i am an air force veteran. protecte career was to against russia. in the mccarthyism, if someone spoke of communism, they were blackballed. they were excluded from their jobs and ridiculed. to fast-forward and have our
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president-elect speak upon the person that i personally try to protect us against is totally, totally -- it seems so backward. i am hoping that these people, to be concerned under donald littlewould give him a more advice on how the democratic process works. because the people who are following him do not seem to have any idea, no disrespect, one person cannot do every task. we are just hoping that -- i have always had people, i have had teammates that i did not like. but i want them to knock it out of the park. thank you. host: let's take a look at what he had secretary nominee dr. ben carson said in an exchange with
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massachusetts senator elizabeth moran. warren.beth war and -- dr. ben carson: the things that i do are driven by full values -- values and morals and i will not play favorites for anyone. to ask a more pointed question, not about your good faith, that is not my concern. my concern is whether or not among the billions of dollars you will be responsible for handing out and grants and loans , can you assure us that not one dollar will go to benefit either the president-elect or his family? not be carson: it will my intention to do anything to benefit any american. it is for all americans, everything we do. >> do i take that to me you make
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manage programs that will significantly benefit the president-elect? it ben carson: you can take to me i will manage things that benefit the american people, that will be the goal. >> to the best you understand. dr. ben carson: if there isn't a next or narrowly good program that is working for millions of people -- if there is a great program that is working for millions of people and the person you are targeting will gain $10 from it, will i say no , the rest of america cannot have it, logic and common sense may be the best way. >> i appreciate your good faith but we have a problem, the problem is that you cannot money, nothat hud $10 right is but of multimillion dollar varieties, will not end up in the president-elect's pockets. host: republican line from
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pennsylvania, paul. what are your thoughts? caller: good morning from south-central pa. i was a philosophy major in college. i have seen the philosophies of the democrats fighting back and forth and what i think about the cabinet hearings is this -- donald trump has picked excellent people. is, everybody open your eyes, they do not agree with donald trump and they will present their points to him and i think they can convince them as they have done already with obamacare, leading the adult children keep their obamacare. mattis will mad dog do a good job, he knows his people. it is right for donald trump to say this is what is going on and i think rex tillerson has had dealings across the planet, you say he is not qualified, he is still with different countries. they will offer russia a carrot
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and not a stick. , i want to see what it does to all of us americans, republicans and democrats and usependents, how it benefits all and that is what i'm hoping for in 2017. from beryl is going juneau, alaska on the republican line, a very early morning to you. caller: good morning to you and hello from the state of alaska where you get the finest seafood in the world. -- donald trump has excellent picks for his confirmation hearings and the democrats need to quit whining and get on with the ballgame because they will get burned. i have never seen a country where one party wins and the other starts whining and crying about it. grow up, democrats. your liberal policies that are socialist back, the reason why you did not get elected. have a great day.
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catherine is going from fort collins, colorado, on our independent line. what were the key moments for you in the confirmation hearings? caller: the fact that some people disagreed with president trump is going to be absolutely no good anyway, he has shown from his campaign that he does hereisten to other people he does not listen to his advisers. i think he will run a dictatorial company. he will run it like a dictator. during the course of his speeches shortly after the made a remark about how they had to get rid of hillary clinton. he said if i cannot do it, maybe somebody -- maybe some second amendment people will do it,
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that was a direct threat against a sitting politician in our government and he should have been jailed for that. -- hee the remark that was always talking about a rigged election, how the electoral role was doing things, was not good, hillary made the remark that what if you do not win and he said if i do not win, then i know it is rigged. , heas in it from the start is too cozy with the russians, it will cause us problems because i do not believe his cabinet can control him. he will be in complete control of his cabinet and do exactly what he wants when he wants. senate,ards to the regardless of anything, we will see a real president who thinks he can get away with murder basically.
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host: coming up, we take a further look back at this busy week in washington, including the confirmation hearings for several members of cabinett-elect trump's nominees, congressional action on the affordable care act, and remarks about president obama and president-elect trump. later, a case by the u.s. supreme court which looks at the educational benefits for disabled students and whether they deserve more meaningful education. first, the house voted friday on a budget resolution that would pave the way for obamacare's repeal, here is a taste of the debate that took place yesterday before the vote. under the so-called republican plan, seniors will be forced to pay more for their medicine. under the so-called republican plan, children with pre-existing conditions like pediatric cancer
7:47 am
are at risk of being kicked off of their health plans or denied health coverage. under the so-called republican plan, young people in america will no longer be able to stay on their parents health insurance through the age of 26. under the so-called republican plan, more than one million people who are receiving drug treatment because of opioid addiction are at risk of being denied that life saving care. under the so-called republican plan, premiums will go up, co-pays will go up, deductibles will go up. and the american people will be screwed. people in michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio, screwed. seniors in florida, screwed. evil on the west coast and east coast, screwed.
7:48 am
people in appalachia, and in rural america are screwed and the only folks who will benefit are the fat cats who are part of the health care cartel. the system indeed is rigged and the american people should pay attention ask you who is jimmy them up -- jamming them up. >> these facts remain, obamacare is failing. health coverage is becoming less affordable. health care is becoming less accessible. and the american people want and deserve something better than this broken status quo. other colleagues on the side of the aisle are doing best to defend this law, and make excuses for the harm it is causing, republicans promised the american people that we will not ignore those in our country who are suffering under the current health care system.
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today, we have an opportunity to begin to bring relief to the american people. today's vote will kickstart the reconciliation process through which weekend and must repeal obama care and pave the way to a patient-centered health care system. i urge my colleagues to vote in favor of this resolution so we can pursue this solution that will expand access to care, increase the quality and affordability of that care, and to give the american people, not washington, the power to choose what best fits their individual needs. >> "washington journal" continues. host: joining us now are s.v. date a senior political correspondent from the huffington post and ben pershing , the managing editor of national journal who are here to participate in a roundtable discussion of the event of the past week in washington including the department of justice inspector


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