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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 14, 2017 9:32am-10:01am EST

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certainly as a builder that has been a life experience. this is where i stand at i'm not going to move whether it works or not. thatgives us some hope opportunities may present themselves and we can work together towards a common end. he has to did in a disagreement paulumber of instances -- ryan has pointed that out. we will see. we ought to be open to working together. >> washington journal continues.
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are taking your calls about relationships with police in your community. this.e regionalized , andain and pacific members of law enforcement, there is a line for you. we talk about this in light of the news from federal action on some police departments. the federal investigation to the chicago police, the department routinely uses excessive force in violates the constitutional rights of presidents. blistering one hundred 64 page report by the justice put ament released friday welcome spotlight on chicago, withity already struggling a surge in gun violence.
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margaret is calling in from leavenworth, kansas. what are police community relations like where you live? caller: sometimeslor bank you see big things that they get. you wonder why they need that here. there are a lot of guns in kansas and missouri. and a lot of chasing. the news media loves these car chases and you kill part of the community you serve when you run through stop signs.
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they get shot a lot. to openthe ability ,arry, carry anyway you want they seem to be voting against their safety. get out of prison, i don't know what happens to them. i thought it would be a little more peaceful. they are very aggressive. it is racial and also brutal. what side you get on.
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if you get between the fight going on, you can get shot at. thank you. >> we are taking calls between the relationship of the police and community. a rally here in washington dc. care,al justice, health and it will be broadcast on c-span. upchers are already lining as well as law enforcement , preparing for that march that takes place on this day in washington dc. bill calling from alabama. what is the relationship between the police and community in your i canity their? caller: only speak for myself.
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our relationship with the police department has been absolutely excellent. i have been stopped by officers from both races and treated very well. when you call them they are usually here within a few -- i don't have any problem at all with our police department. i have been encountered by black and white officers. i have been treated very well. this is a permit carry state. in my weapon lands there on the seat.
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i have nothing but good things to say about the alabama police department. host: and we continue to talk about community relationships as we monitor the streets in where a march on civil rights is scheduled to take place. is little bit more about the justice department education, the washington post said on friday chicago leaders have promised to negotiate with the federal government. a similar agreement is in place for the city of baltimore but president-elect donald trump's nominee has criticized government law.
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good morning. caller: good morning. the: what are your thoughts -- thoughts about police and community relations in florida? community i live in is a diverse community. i grew up here, i raised my children here. i will work on gray's -- work cn is a diverse community. on raising their grandchildren. they are here very quickly. they are there to back you up if they have it -- if they have any concerns. something you haven't seen before, moseying around are doing things.
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they send out a cruiser and take care of the problems that need -- need to be done. he would rather us call and they're not be a problem. i can't say enough about sheriff judd. he encourages the youngsters to do right in school. i think it is fantastic. host thing more on the views of law enforcement officials. according to the pew research center come up -- pew research center, please work has always been hard.
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majorities of police officer say recent high-profile fatal encounters between black citizens and police officers have made their jobs riskier. and manyd tension officers reluctant to fully carry out some of their duties. we have james calling in from san diego california. how are police community relations in san diego? caller: we are the finest city in america and have the finest police department. i have been stopped one occasion by san diego law enforcement. they let me go extremely fast. also have a unique story about
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san diego because this is a large county. i take la jolla where i work. i have seen sheriffs and they always have been cordial. i'm a big guy. i read my bike frequently come easily 120 miles per week. positive views for law enforcement and military. host: have you always lived in san diego? caller: for the last 10 years. we share a hometown. matt is calling in from north carolina. what our community police relations like a their?
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all the officials out there who are keeping their own 10 doing their job, but the of justice is not and they need to be investigated. the citizens need to be on top of it. there is a citizen investigation going online. if the citizens don't know what is going on in the media isn't reporting it and the justice department is being indicated of both the trump-pence obama administration, there is not due process. >> we are talking about community police relationships in that area. do you have something to share about with the community relationship is with police in north carolina?
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the citizens are upset and they want accountability. host: in the situation in baltimore, the baltimore sun reports in a historic agreement the city of baltimore and u.s. department of justice signed a consent increased all permit the city sweeping police reform aimed at store -- aimed at community trust and ensuring they can conduct everyday police work within the boundaries the constitution. the reforms will put significant restrictions on officers as they battle a two-year spike in violence, including when and how they can gauge individuals suspected of criminal activity. the decree orders more officers and training on de-escalation with mental illnesses.
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that came after a long investigation of the baltimore police department. caller: the tucson police department and piedmont county sheriff department are the best since 1976. you have been arrested for a couple of times. a black man. 74 years old. they have always been great. they should come to tucson arizona. because they are helpful and not a grants -- helpful and not aggressive. more about theit findings of the justice
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department, report of the chicago police department. the report found that officers are described as running after who they had no reason to believe committed serious crimes. some of those chases ended in fatal gunfire. chased cases officers demand that they described as fidgeting with their waistband. the officers claimed the man fired at them during the chase. a gun foundtates almost a block away was fully loaded and in operable. charlie. view of police >> policerelations? here they are ok.
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they don't have a big problem with them usually. nation -- we have a big divide between the citizens and police. the other cities need to be investigated. basically 10 years of tender. all of them aren't good either. here we don't have no problem. worse. it >> as we discuss police community relations, we have live shots from the setup.
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marking martin luther king day. the march will be live on c-span. we have some sites on the ground. preparing for the rest of today's show. electponse, the president has tweeted something to congressman john lewis. fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape area the election results, no actions, bad. max calling from texas. are you there?
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caller: can you hear me? i have been profiled several times in my life. policer the country ended mass incarceration, to stop funneling military equipment, to stop departments from stepping on civil liberties and all this nonsense. i may remind you of the case in fort worth where a woman was arrested. that officer got a 10 day suspension. the charges haven't been dropped. ,he charges against that man that child haven't been pressed. this is exactly
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what communities, some people don't trust police. they are never caught -- they are never punished for their wrongdoing. that's my problem. so much work to be done. donald trump is not helping. host: investigators also described and utter absence of morale. they are adrift and unsupported. a significant problem. many officers feel abandoned by the public and their own department.
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nearly every place we went within cpd officers generally feel they are insufficiently trained and supported to do their work effectively. calling in from roslyn heights new york. calling this is not to deny their er a very good constants of our nation, but there's a serious problem with the killing of american citizens. this is not a racial problem. black cop actually killed a .ix-year-old white child it is not a racial thing. ,he group lack lives matter black nationalist organizations, they are making it a racial thing, which is why we are not getting anything fixed. part,,g racism played a
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but it is not totally racial. together ando come do it. caller: brian is calling in from bel air maryland. relations ine hartford county maryland, last year we had a tough year because we lost two of our officers to violence. they were very well known in the community and they were volunteer firefighters. it's a shame we had to leave such a good police officer and father in our community. they respond to our calls that are out and about. i live outside baltimore.
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i can sit and see why baltimore city police department, why they have such a problem with community relations. is a shame the department is so politicized and driven about politics. that is the biggest problem in our city. on more ofo start their officers out of the area where police have the community to know the people. >> a little bit more about the consent decree. the justice department announced a collaborative review. 100 civil suits, alleging police brutality. a full-scale civil rights
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investigation after the death of freddie gray. what are police community relationships like there? caller: here is exemplary. things that happen in the news and texas. we have a lot of police departments. host: what you see that is working well? i'm not a political person, i just watch the news.
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the biggest things was the incident with the little girl in mckinney. i think they have the situation very well. i don't see the racism people talk about. greateste have the police department. host: there is videotape of police pinning a girl to the ground when she was in her power -- in her bathing suit. caller: i think we have a good police department. host: steve cohen from phoenix, arizona. good morning. how are police relations there in phoenix? caller: every police, man and woman, is different. it really depends on who you run
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into that day. i work for a trucking company. if you get pulled over it make a well it may go not -- it may not. the may not always be friendly but any people interact something can go wrong. that's just my opinion and thank you for c-span. host: peggy is calling from illinois. good morning. -- caller: from what i have seen and read and heard -- i can't hear what you are saying. host: go ahead. caller: do i start over? are caller: even i live in this
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community and i live in this are policinghere activities, they have a program where young people, young kids can, their parents can get them involved at a younger age and they go on trips with them. they go places, trying to get the younger kids, before they are teenagers, knowing the activitieser and through the township. i'm sorry, i'm kind of nervous. host: it sounds like you're saying the good work is being done in the relationship there is good. caller: yes, overall yes. people who don't
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wonder going to rockford or chicago because of the murders. and the crimes paid but it is in there. uphink they need to step more community orientated activities with younger youth from ages seven or eight on to 13. it would be helpful in the school system also. could step up what they are doing. jewel is calling in from jackson mississippi. how are police community relations there? caller: police relationship, it seems like an jackson -- it seems pretty good. we are just a black city, it seems like. i don't see too many whites in this area.
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i was thinking about, we really have too many police around the country. shoulds like everybody have their own police with as many police as we have. i go through the school zones and you have four or five police and the schools on. i think that is a waste of taxpayers money because you never hear of any crime. that is where the police are. policeman whot was fired by pulling the two girls by the hair. they can throw them across the room and kill a kid and be promoted. but teachers get fined on the spot. is a racial thing on the whole with police. eventually a black police man is
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going to kill a white. it doesn't happen much. host: remember to stay tune to c-span for coverage of inauguration day. on friday the presidential not duration of donald trump will take place. live coverage from c-span will begin at 7 a.m., also on, and you can listen live on the free c-span radio app. we will have -- jodi kantor, the author of the obama new york times correspondent, talking about her her selling book -- best-selling book. and the great equalizer, how -- how mainstream capitalism can create a great economy for everyone. and discussing president-elect donald trump's agenda once he takes office. at


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