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tv   Open Phones on Civil Rights Rally  CSPAN  January 14, 2017 1:49pm-2:07pm EST

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>> no justice -- >> no peace. >> no justice -- >> no peace. >> no justice -- >> no peace. in the cold, rainy day nation's capital, this martin luther king day holiday weekend kicking off with a civil rights march and rally in west potomac park. this event organized and sponsored by reverend al the national action network of the naacp. to open the phones now and get your thoughts on what you saw and heard today in the last couple of hours from west potomac park. the numbers are on your screen. tweet us, of course, @cspan, and
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also leave a comment on c-span's facebook page. want to go to your calls. lexington, massachusetts, is up first. mark joins us on the republican line. hi, mark. mark: hey, how you doing? i wanted to comment on this rally. way, but ing in a also thought that in a way, it is inspiring people to do the wrong thing. no justice, no peace kind of leads me to believe that people might get the wrong idea and start not following the rules that we have in place in this country. marry in wilcox, arizona, on the line for democrats. your thoughts on what you saw today. mary: it was a fantastic rally and thank god for people like
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reverend sharpton and john lewis. thank god for them. we have this terrible donald trump, and thank god that we have leaders and the civil rights movement and the women's movement to help us get through these terrible times. thank you. >> thanks for calling, mary. donald trump in the news again today thanks to another tweet. this one, the story from cbs blastsrlier today, "from -- "trump blasts civil rights icon john lewis in twitter attack." again, that from cbs news coverage. that story today.
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tok to your calls now, cornelius in alexandria, louisiana, on the line for independents. what you think about the rally or the story about the donald trump tweet? >> i want to thank c-span for covering everything. i really enjoyed it, but i am a trump supporter. i happen to be african-american. i am one of the few independent trump supporters. i want to give the men at chance and see if he can turn the economy around and stuff like that. everybody just needs to give the man a chance -- democrats, -- andcans, independents just see what he can do. >> thanks for calling. vicki on the republican line from texas. you are on the up. >> a just want to say that we -- afraid that >> you need to turn the volume down on your television and just listen through your telephone.
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that way you will not get that effect back. >> ok, i didn't. playing -- ok, i did it. we were praying that god would bless us with a president that was concerned about his people. and he blessed us with mr. trump. people need to give him a chance. he wants to help everyone. america. he cares about us. he sacrificed his business. he sacrificed his family. for arificed his money salary. he is interested in making america great again, and i get very upset seeing this on the tv. it doesn't make any sense. on more days and america is its way to be great again. so i'm just very upset. we have our answer. mr. wait six more days and
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trump is going to be president. >> thanks for the call. days.ntioned six more next friday is inauguration day. we will have live coverage here on c-span january 20. live coverage gets under way on .ur website, also in the run-up to inauguration day, a couple of program notes for you, sunday night, a conversation with two trump incoming trunk -- administration's staff members. kellyanne conway, who led the the rnc, and communications director who will become the white house spokesman. we will have an interview with them tomorrow night, 6:35 eastern time. and throughout the week, more confirmation hearings. more of president-elect donald
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trump's picks for cabinet positions. we will have those for you live on the c-span networks, and they will re-air in prime time as well. back to your calls on the civil rights rally in washington. to the democrats line, felix jones is from mountainside, new jersey. >> good afternoon. i just wanted to speak on the rally. even though a lot of people are talking about that president trump is not going to do much of anything, and i agree because it's a situation where during his campaign and everything, so much stuff that he has been talking about, all the negativity and everything, and still, he wants to make america great again -- i don't think so. president barack obama was in
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office for eight years. , but heso much abuse was able to turn the economy around. he was able to do a whole lot. what makes donald trump think he can make america great again? >> thanks for calling, felix. margo next from indianapolis on the line for independents. >> it's funny. i have never called him before, and my grandson was playing with theremote and found channel. i don't know that i have listened to it much before, but i happened to look up, so i watched and saw what was going on the last maybe five minutes or so. is what iy strikes me heard over the last two callers. there was no specification. there was nothing that they
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could show what donald trump said he would make america great .gain, but he never said how just some nonspecific things. we are going to end up having a wall. here is just so many inconsistencies. they don't make sense. what about that bit about draining the swamp? and that he has all of these ceo's that have nebulous ties -- maybe this, maybe that -- with russia and how people can forgive that. you know what scares me? i was born and raised in minnesota, and i remember how
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nervous i was at the end of the election. it took so long before minnesota declared against trump. six, -- my son is sick , so i have to make a lot of trips between where i live in minneapolis and the mayo clinic in rochester. maybe it's just 90 minutes to get there and not so many miles. -- i don'tis just know what i thought, but it did worry me. the election,t of it took us so long to vote against him.
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it has scared me. i don't understand how all of these wonderful people that i know in minnesota -- minnesota is known for being nice. i cannot believe it. against we do to vote -- what has happened that we almost voted against the person that could help us most. >> thanks for the call. couple morend get a thoughts here. moving to michigan, to a republican collar, nancy, and her thoughts on the civil rights rally today. go ahead, nancy. >> i have lived in michigan all my life. arest all of my family republicans. i have been raised in a republican family. am registered as a republican, but i did not vote for trump. .rump is a tyrant he needs to grow up.
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every time he doesn't like anything somebody says about him, he slams them on twitter. president should be doing that? i mean, he's a disgrace. we are the laughing stock of the world. this rally was wonderful. i agree with everything everybody said, and i think more people in this country should start worrying about where this country is going. thanks for your call. jane is on the line for democrats now from iowa. >> good afternoon. , and i was in the military with all kinds of racism, and we got along and it
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was just great, and you get out, and it's just sad. it hurts. it's awful. >> what did you think of the rally today? >> i loved it. i would have been there i was closer. >> thanks for calling. alex on the line now from canton, ohio. >> i did not much like the event, honestly. i did not think it was very good at all. as a black man, i'm just kind of ashamed of what our community is doing. that have beene influenced by people like lbj in the past, and now they only hold progressive goals, such as when you ask them what they want, they tell you they want more entitlement and plus a bigger government. black people used to have better unemployment rates before white people in 1931, before the .avis-bacon act was enacted
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i just did not really like the event today at all. thanks for your thoughts. a couple of tweets coming in from folks who watched the civil rights rally. back to the calls. jimmy in lebanon, missouri, on the republican line. go ahead. yes, i've been watching all -- abc, cbs, c-span,
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fox news. then i watch all these rallies, and all i see is a good way for them to disrupt and try to discredit donald trump before he even gets in office. know, from what i've seen, he's trying to put people in there that know what they are doing, that made a good life for theirself. they have made some money, and i am willing to risk my money to try to make america better as well, but on these rallies -- >> looks like we lost jimmy. one more call. james in cordoba, tennessee, on the democrats line. >> how you doing today, so? i see donald trump like this -- if you are inside your house and a leopard destroying everything that comes in his
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path and you bring him into your house, do you expect him to do anything different? >> what is your expectation? >> my expectation is a leopard is still going to be a leopard, in your house or not. >> all right. thanks for calling. appreciate all the calls, and a reminder that this weekend, we will have a couple of programs of note. newsmakers coming up on sunday with the minority whip in the hoyerouse, democrat steny will join us on "the newsmakers" interview program. the two incoming members of trump administration, sean spicer, who will be the white house spokesman, and kellyanne conway, an adviser to the president, counselor to the president. we interviewed both of those folks who are going to be part
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of the administration, and we will show that to you as part of our road to the white house coverage sunday at 6:35 eastern ,ime on c-span, and you can listen on the free p.span radio ap now, secretary of state john kerry. he outlined foreign-policy challenges on tuesday at an event hosted by the united states institute of peace. this runs about 40 minutes. [applause] >> thank you, nancy. i'm delighted to be here. mr. secretary, i understand you sprinted across the street. is that right? secretary kerry: my sprinting days are reduced, but i came. i got here. ms.


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