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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 16, 2017 7:00am-8:05am EST

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include jesse holland, sophia nelson, host: it is they washington journal, january 16, 2017. that is the memorial for the late dr. martin luther king. today celebrates his birthday and his work as a civil rights leader. with that in mind, we are hosting a series of programs leading up to inauguration day this friday. as part of that, we want to take a look at president obama's legacy when it comes to race relations. we will examine a topic with guests later. ask about raceto relations and if you think they have improved under president
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obama's eight years in office. here's how you can let us know. if you think they have improved, give us a call at202-748-8000. if you think the have not -748-8001.202 or our post on twitter facebook page as well. gallup on january 9 took an assessment of president obama's term in office. taking a look at the eight years asking people what they think has occurred under those eight topicsn a variety of lost up specifically, race relations. the responses, 25% of those cold said when it comes to race relations, that progress has been made. stoodid that it has still. 52% saying there has been lost ground when it comes to the
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topic of race relations under president obama's eight years in office. that is gallup on a poll that came out on january 9. we want to hear from you, your thoughts on race relations here in the u.s., if they have improved in the eight years president obama has been in office. on facebook, post or twitter. to give you context of the things that president obama has said, we will show you bits of video that president obama's eight years, thinks he has referenced when it comes to the topic of race starting with his farewell address last tuesday in which a blog of the speech was devoted to raise issues will stop -- race issues. pres. obama: i have lived long enough to know race relations
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are better than 10, 20, 30 years ago, no matter what some folks say. you can the it not just in statistics, you see it in the attitudes of young americans across the political spectrum. but we are not where we need to be. and all of us have more work to do. if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class minority,eserving then workers of all shades are going to be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves. host: that was last tuesday, president obama addressing the issue of race. we are getting a sense from you we areve improved -- getting a sense from you if they have improved or haven't
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improved from you. if you think race relations have improved, 202-748-8001 if you think they have not improved. we will start this morning with jerry in detroit, michigan. jerry calling and saying they have not improved. go ahead, you are on. guest: caller: good morning. i think race relations have not improved, but i think white people blame president obama for a lot of the racial tension in america. i have heard that a lot from quite a few callers in the last few days, especially in older white woman from spokane, washington, who denies there is still such a thing in america as white supremacy. i think the older generation of whites still have a lot of
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preconceived notions about who they think black people are. -- has what donald trump been there from the very start. i think the tendency of most older white people, and you will hear a lot of them on the republican line, is that they all blame president obama for a lot of the racial tension when in fact it has been there all along, long before president obama was there. redundant is quite for some white people to blame president obama for racism in america when it has always been a from the beginning. host: how do you think president obama has done in addressing the issues of race? doler: i think you trust to the best with what he had. he wasn't perfect, but no one is. i would like to say one quick
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thing. a lot of the white people -- the only hope i have with regards to what people, is among the older generation because i mention them because i think a white person in their 20's is less likely to hate people of color than a white person say in their haveand older because they not been painted by the same racial bigotry of their parents or grandparents generation. host: let hear from ryan in houston, texas. he says relations have improved. tell us how. aller: it has improved just little bit, not a lot. i think president obama and joe biden, you can feel the goodness that is leaving the white house, the fairness that is going to leave the white house. i think the southerners are still the most -- their blood is
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rotten in the south. they just a light black the matter what we do. black noo not like matter what we do. if we do too good, they're going to be mad. , they'ree doing bad still mad. why people of america, especially in the south where it is rampant, it is like the guy before said, it is a shame. hate people. hate rightu turn back toward white people. know what i'm saying? it improved a little bit. like the guy said, man, it has been there. host: when you say it improves a little bit, what areas? caller: we needed white folks for president obama to be elected. meet good white people, but i meet more stereotype white folks toward black than
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anything. on jobs. it is just a shame, man. you can't even -- i remember when you cannot even make a comment about obama on the job. going to get fired. it is a shame, man. host: let's go to charleston, south carolina. carl, go ahead. caller: thank you very much for having me on. i don't think he really changed any. it is about the same. at least the last 40 years. who knows, major change after that point. we have come to a point now where black people will never be truly, truly totally accepted in america. we have too much fat history to even expect -- too much bad history to even expect that. i don't think one guy is going history. all of this
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it is what it is. america is what it is. there is nothing we can really do. individually, we just have to try to be good people. host: you think election of a black president twice, that perhaps relations have improved? too.r: that is the thing, i'm glad you brought that up. --, really, it is like obama people figured out. you just have to get the right people to vote for you and everything. it don't really change the overall picture of people. just like what trump did. he got certain people to vote for him and everything. once you pinpoint those people -- people in america don't vote. just pinpoint the people you elected andu get everything. it don't say anything about the
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total overall aspect of america. it has been beautiful having a black president. accept forople can being americans. ofhave to be respectful being americans first. if you're not respected for being an american, it don't really matter what happens. i am 63 years old. host: let's hear from dave in new jersey says relations have improved. how are you? caller: i'm doing pretty good. i was listening to urban radio, and i listen to all of the radio stations, man. let me say this, if anyone wants to wake up in the morning with a pessimistic attitude, you have to look inside your heart. don't think you know what is inside everyone's heart because you see their color first. martin luther king said, "character, content of." let's think about that today. who cares what color anyone is, man? what is in your heart, right? host: you said relations have
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improved. how would you measure it? dave is gone. this is from the "kansas city star" writing about the topic of president obama and race. here are something she had to say from her column on january 8. we will read more in just a bit. the topic of race relations in the united states have if you're just joining us, if they have improved under president obama. 202-748-8000 if you think they have improved. 202-748-8001 if you think they have not improved. cordova, tennessee,
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says they have not improved. specifically, how would you measure that? caller: i would measure it as the conditions of racism and those who would project it has always been there. president obama being elected brought those people out, ok? they were come to bull in coming out. obamaeve where president in whenchoose to delve he could have with everything that was going on from the police shootings to the shootings after trayvon martin, i don't think he wanted to weigh in as bill clinton would have weighed in. i think that made people be more comfortable. i think you should have took a stronger stance in bringing out
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that we are a united country. and i don't think that was done sufficiently. those people that choose to be racist have already been there, you know? and the underlying racial injustices in this country will continue until we have a president that will stand up against it. host: so you're saying -- i don't want to put words in your mouth, but you're saying maybe president obama was hesitant to respond, even if he did respond at times over the years, but he was initially hesitant to do so? exactly. that is exactly what i am saying. i think you should have took a stronger stance. leader of our country, the free world, and he should
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delve -- i felt like, more --cefully at times, letting saying, hey, this is not a black or white issue, it is an american issue. and not be has a dent to say -- not be hesitant to say a police shooting of unarmed black people is unacceptable in society. and i think that stems from when he first came in office with the skip date situation. i believe he should have been a stronger force. as far as racism is concerned, the underlying racism has a ready been there and those people that would have protected -- that protect it, they've always been there. they felt comfortable in coming out. i feel like now they feel more so come to bull in coming out. is being made,
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donald trump was elected by the people. we should except that. ruby, referencing a couple of things. if you go to the memorial that stands for dr. martin luther king junior, some things you'll see our famous quotes of his lining the memorial. that impressive statue that you saw earlier post a plenty of people out on this martin luther king day, a federal holiday come also taking place across the united states. that is the memorial. we're using today to talk also about president obama's legacy of race relations to get your thoughts whether they have improved or not improved. 202-748-8000 if they have improved. if you think they have not improved, 202-748-8001. referenced trayvon martin, the shooting that took place in 2013. a press conference held at the
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white house where the president was asked about the shooting and asked to give his thoughts on it. here are his comments from 2013. win trayvon martin was first shot, i said this could have been my son. another way of saying that is, trayvon martin could have been me. 35 years ago. when you think about why in the african-american community, at least, there is a lot of pain around what happened here. i think it is important to that the african-american community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that doesn't go away.
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there are very few african-american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store. that includes me. there are very few african-american men who haven't had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars. that happens to me -- at least, before i was a senator. there are very few african-american to haven't had the expense of getting on an elevator and had a woman clutching her purse nervously and holding her breath until she had a chance to get off. that happens often. i don't want to exaggerate this, but those set of experiences inform how the african-american community interprets what
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happened one night in florida. and it is inescapable for people to bring those experiences to bear. host: if you're interested in seeing comments, not only on the trayvon martin shooting, but other comets of the president on race over his eight years as president, you can go to our website at and find all of those video and other information there as well. caleb from iowa says relations have improved. good morning. tell us how. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to first start off by saying i think it is kind of irresponsible to measure only eight years on such a big issue, and also it is a big issue that it takes small steps to improve. you can't come at it was such a broad spectrum. you have to isolate the root cause of the problem. from my personal interactions
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with people -- i'm a white male, 23. i look around and i see every time i go to work or i am in classes right now, i see all types of people in there like -- we're all fine with each other. then i look on social media, and all of these news outlets as a race is the biggest problem. i just don't see it. i think it is unnecessary to blame the president who has to deal with all of these isolated isues, when there is -- it small solutions to big problem. i don't think it is fair to point the finger at him about it. host: tony from greenwood, colorado, also says relations have improved. tell us how. caller: your previous caller actually hit the nail on the head. we have a tendency to look at contemporaneously what happens and did it work or did it not work. obama walked a very fine line trying to be president to all of
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america, not being perceived as the president of black america. and he said something -- caleb just touched on it -- obama said something in his farewell address the other night that was very subtle. you said -- he said, the optimism that he has going forward is because people like caleb, his generation, our soon going to outnumber my generation . call it over 50. and when that day comes, race relations through all that has wepened will you bald and will see -- evolve and we will see the progress that has been made. my generation, which is so embedded still with racist views, are still the dominant group. we're on our way out. its way in.p is on i see that as a very positive sign.
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as we go down in this next administration and every day that comes, ratings go down, obama's ratings are going to go up, and we will appreciate him in the view of history greater than we do contemporaneously. so i think caleb -- he is smart. that is why i have optimism in the future. host: on twitter -- from smith in ireland, he says relations have improved as well. given sure thoughts. caller: this is the solution that a lot of people have been missing this. where we can eliminate racism is first of all, only the word
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"black" or "racism." the more we keep saying "black " -- if we keepose quot , [indiscernible] they don't boast about white lives matter. we have two solutions. first, eliminate "black lives matter" phrase. it will either eliminate racism or raise it up. if the present president do more than obama, than obama did the worse for blacks. let say this current president don't do well, the racist will
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tell you, that always refer like the previous caller said, like i said, two examples will stop obama's feeds seeds heme -- obama's eliminating those words. an op-ed piece in "the new york times" -- he planned the poor people's campaign in which millions of american impoverished would gather in washington for an enormous demonstration and
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called for $30 billion annually in anti-poverty spending. asked commerce to guarantee an income for each american, to many americans, sounded like socialist lunacy. further down in the article, he writes "dr. king's legacy, the meeting of martin luther king and the popular mind, began to change as soon as the man himself left him. groups like black panther and weatherman called for armed resistance. dr. king's peaceful message looked more appealing. embolden him into the gentle champion of colorblindness." that is from "the new york times" this morning. if you want to find that piece, shots of the in ok memorial we have been showing you and will continue to show you as the morning goes on, as we get your thoughts on race relations, if they have improved or not
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improved under president obama. we will spend the day taking a look at president obama's legacy on race issues. we will hear from paul next. he is in portland, maine. he says it has not improved. tell us why. reason i say one it has not improved is the example of what happened in ferguson, missouri. i have always felt like when it comes to racism, it is always just -- even when it came to have improved in this country, it was always still there just simmering under the surface. stressld really like to that you don't hear very often, whiteent obama is just as as he is black. his mother was white. his mother was as white as the
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driven snow. areeally, when people mulatto, which is half white, half black, everyone seems to refer to them as black. but the fact is, he is half white and he is half black. i believe that may have had a .earing on his being elected sometimes i question how much of a bearing that had on his being elected. whether it was subconsciously or not. but that was just a point i wanted everyone to keep in mind was the fact that, technically, half black.hite and so really when everyone keeps saying the first black president, you know. host: also on our not improved line, carry from washington. caller: good morning.
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old and if-century have witnessed a lot of presidents and i have to say never, ever experienced a president that has been so antiwhite. like he is angry. in fact, i am thinking what the guy was just talking about. i think he is angry he is not all black, to be honest with you . he has an anger that is like a him festering, wanting to explode. he hates whites. i think he hates americans. host: when you say he is antiwhite, specifically how do you define that? how do you qualify that? caller: because he won, he lets
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all of this racial -- i have never -- i am from california. i have never experienced racial stuff -- i moved to washington. i don't experience here, but over on the east coast, i have never seen it so rampant ever. i do not feel that he is a leader in helping these people unite together to make things better, but only to make things worse. host: out of the mountain of , one of the quotes you will see the memorial honoring the dr. martin luther king here in washington, d.c., and we have been showing you pictures of that throughout the morning. sebring, florida, says relations have not improved. go ahead. waser: martin luther king
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-- would be very, very disappointed if he was alive today. if you read anything about the man, he was about freedom and justice, ok? freedom means, in no, protect and do and be individuals come in ok? so today with obama and the racism that is going on and there never really has been a black president, ok. host: what do you mean by that? caller: because he hasn't. because he hasn't. you're either-- in or you are out. and he has been out of touch with america. you can see that. i have never seen in my lifetime the horrible things that are happening to people because of this president. and i blame him because he had
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the opportunity to make a difference. and i blame also shall obama, too. reverend. oh, she is. however, if you don't give her a speech that is written, she will tell you her mind. and her mind is she is not proud of this nation. vale, arizona, says relations have not improved. jenny, caller: hello. good morning, world. fbi and don't get the the cia more after me like they are already. let me mention some important facets of our development of this country. this country was involved and has evolved from so much anger and so much unfairness such as taking over what was -- number
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one. number two, have become very ridged over enslaving people. number three, have become very, very rich by enslaving immigrants. it is all about the image that is projected. s projected in the star-spangled banner that is so hideously towards violence and towards the need to fight for it can become yours. let me tell you the final story. host: president obama's influence on his issues? tell us your thoughts on that. caller: he did not want to get shot. i will be true for with you, ok? who in the hell once to get shot? host: scott says relations have improved. caller: good morning. how are you? man, i just wanted to share my
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feelings that i am kind of depressed. i think president obama has been a great president. he showed his character for the last eight years. pushing jeffans sessions and the voter restriction law and redistricting and all of the above, i mean, just sessions people --ped 250,000 hampered the right to vote and get ids. republicans have been just dividemoving the racial in making it worse. it is not obama. host: even in all of that, you called in saying relations have improved. is that your thought? caller: i live in north carolina. democrats here, we are pretty tight. of there is a love
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hardness republicans your north carolina. i live, like, 12 houses up from a vfw that actually burned a cross two years ago in their back lot. it was big news here in salem. i mean, there is actually klansman that have been by my house and pulled up in my yard while i was mowing to give me a card. that hurts me because i have so many black friends and mexican friends. i have mexican neighbors. they are great. they are great. they are legal. i'm in, i just don't know what to think. all i know is president obama has done his best -- is best. he has made us better all the way around. norththat is scott in carolina. the associated press last week put a timeline out of sorts talking about president obama, his discussion on race issues. it starts -- they start, actually, july 16, 2009.
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this is when henry louis gates, a black professor at harvard university is arrested by a white police officer after trying to open a jammed door at his home. suspected burglary had been reported. days later the president ways in saying he is unsure what role race played in the incident but "there's a lot of history this country is african-american, latinos being stop i law-enforcement disproportionally." the president invites professor gates and the officers to the white house in what will be known as a beer summit. you may remember that early on in his first term and taking place at the white house. this kind of prompted over law -- a response from of your on twitter that says the first of the president weighed in on race he was inundated with criticisms that he was a racist. that is unfair, the viewer adds. we are getting your thoughts on a presidents influence on issues of race. you think that
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race relations have improved under president obama. 202-748-8001 if you think they have not improved. one of the accept the president before leaving office is that he is designating a couple of monuments on the topic of civil rights. he said it was last week he designated three new national monuments devoted to national civil rights history including the first national park service a dedicated to the reconstruction by featuring the advance and sometimes the violent role of citizenship rights for african americans.
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tim in wisconsin who says relations have not improved. good morning. caller: yes, good morning, pedro. great show again. i was just going to say, i think anyone with any common sense or anybody telling themselves the truth would realize that president obama has made race relations much worse. that is basically in line with, well, the platform of the democratic party the last 45 to 50 years. i mean, they have to have a divisive culture like that. they have to have division between the races because that is the way they get their votes. they know they won't get them on stuff like a people are -- like men are allowed to go in women's bathrooms and things of that nature. i don't know anyone with a straight face that could possibly say that. host: what specifically would
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you point them to president asama's actions saying he h worsen relations? caller: who was it that just brought up the thing with the police officer and he said that -- he said the police department acted stupidly. he did not even know what happened, really. then when he comes on tv and says trayvon martin would be like my son and the other thing was -- i'm china think of the place, where was it, in missouri. not missouri, but that eric garner, but the boy that was shot that was wrestling with the cops, the officer. host: ferguson, missouri? caller: ferguson. and things are said -- it turns out to be a lie that this kid was running away from the cops and the cops shot him he was running away.
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he is just a typical leftist. i mean, they have to keep racists divided or they are not divided or races they're not going to get their votes. that is my opinion and the way things have gone. i think with law enforcement, i mean, basically, 99% of the law enforcement people are heroes in the way he talks about them with our sharp did, they're all running around everyday shooting black people. it is just not true. the evidence is obvious, if you ask me, in my opinion. that is just what i got to say. host: tim in wisconsin. last july in dallas, texas, president obama that with a matter of race at a memorial service for five dallas police officers that were shot and killed in the july 7 protest. here's the president's thoughts from last july. [video clip] pres. obama: we know the overwhelming majority of police incredibly hard
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a dangerous job professionally. they are deserving of our respect and not our scorn. [applause] pres. obama: and when anyone's, no matter how good their intentions may be, call police buys or bigoted, we undermine those officers we depend on for our safety. and as for those who use rhetoric suggesting harm to police, even if they don't act on it themselves? well, they make not only the jobs of police officers even are dangerous, that they do disservice to the very cause of justice that they claim to promote. [applause]
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pres. obama: we also know that centuries of racial slavery andon, of subjugation and jim crow, they did not simply vanish with the end of lawful segregation. they didn't just stop and dr. king made a speech or the voting rights act and the civil rights act were signed. race relations have improved dramatically in my lifetime. those who deny it are dishonoring the struggles that helped us achieve that progress. host: president obama from last july speaking at a memorial service for police officers, the topic of police issues him up in an interview that the attorney, the outgoing attorney general loretta lynch did with usa today
7:41 am
era -- this she said "i think the world is watching how we deal with these issues." the story goes on to say -- she said technology, specifically the speed of more for thoughts available with the interview with was a today. we're talking about president
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obama's impact on the topic of race relations. and what you think he has done over the last eight years. 202-748-8000 if you think they have improved. 202-748-8001 if they have not improved. that is the mlk memorial that you can see here in washington, d.c. a statue with other quotes of his featured on walls that surround the statue. texas, saysmont, relations have improved. good morning. caller: good morning. it depends on what communities you live here in the united states. you draw your opinion whether they have improved or not. i remember coming up here in beaumont, texas -- i'm african-american. the city itself was segregated. we have our own different little neighborhoods. now we are integrated. my next-door neighbors are white. i have been living by them for
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the last 18 years. we get along great. we even discussed this racist stuff and laugh at these people. i just want to make another comment. this guy that kept saying president obama's mother is white and all this. it don't matter. when you walk outside that door, if you look black -- it is what you are. if you look white, that is how the community judge you. we don't walk around with signs on. do president obama look black or white? people go by what they see. johnny, you talk about you and your neighbors relations in texas. how do you think president obama has responded to issues of race or topics of race? what do you think his record is going to be for the past eight years he has been in office? caller: president obama being president of the united states has improved race relations in this country. no matter who you are, if you're black, white, hispanic -- any of these other races, you can sit back one day and say, well, my
7:44 am
son and i crank it got a chance to be president of the united states. before that, we are nothing but white men. host: thomas is next. he is from massachusetts. he says relations about improved. thomas, good morning. caller: good morning, sir. i believe race relations have not improved in this country. and it never will improve so long as you have the people in office, the house of representatives, the congress that turns a blind eye when they see racism. they don't address it. .bama is truthful a lot of white people cannot handle the truth when it comes to race relations. and that is the cold facts. if you look at the president today of the united states, which is going to be donald trump, there would never be an
7:45 am
issue if you was black. he would never be where he is if he was black. that right there is a perfect example for race relations. obama, when he came into the presidency, he had to get rid of some black friends that he had. he had to show his income tax. he never would have gotten -- he never would have gotten to the black.oor if he was i'm talking about donald trump. host: what about the fact the president has been elected twice and he is black as well? -- the yes, because reason why is because the people seeing the first four years that he did was an excellent job. and that is the reason why he got elected the second term, because he did a great job in his first term. and he did a great job in his second term.
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that ande not to see then to vote donald trump in as president, is a cold slap in the face to all black people in this country. host: ian, frederick, maryland, says relations have improved. good morning. good morning, c-span. i would like to say, if an attic or alcoholic denies he has a problem, you can never get better. that is sort of what the race relations are like in this country. we deny we have a problem, so we can never get better. partusa today article made of my point for me. i have been using computers since 1984. technology is a big part of it. blaming obama for all of the shootings your single of the time it's like blaming george w. bush for katrina. it is something that is inevitable. since 2007, that is when the first iphone came out. in the last five years, we have had where you could stream live to your facebook page.
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so we have seen a lot more of what is going on. it has been going on forever, but now we can see it. now that we can see it, we're. denying it so we can make progress. -- we are seeing it, we have to stop denying it so we can make progress. host: a series of programs we will host this week leading up to the inauguration is coming friday, live coverage available to you on our c-span network, .org and our radio app. thisan see it starting friday. go to our website for the events that will take place during the inauguration of the 45th president and find out more information when you visit our website at mark, columbus, ohio, says relations have not improved. good morning. how do you qualify that? how do you define that? caller: well, personal experience.
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feels like i am 10 years old. i was speaking with a gentleman get a day in the store and he is a 90 year old black man and he sees no difference, either, ok? the problem we have in america is like the last general and just says, we don't admit it. we have military installations, military vessels named after people who today would be considered terrorists. it is thrown in our face every day, the racism that this country has experienced throughout its history. it is never going to change because white people do not recognize people of color as americans. we are always hyphenated. white people don't hyphenate there's. they do not call themselves european americans. which every last one of them
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are. are. they are not americans. they even use the redundant term native american. how stupid are you? come on. you're supposed to be educated. i don't think so. the racism with obama commenced the night that those white boys got in that room and said, we're not going to support this man. if they wanted race relations to improve, that is when i have the opportunity. i'm not saying -- i'm not going to say you agree with everything he did. i don't. i am black, too, and i never call self african-american. i, self american. we start recognizing everyone here is an american regardless of the shade of their skin, we might get on the road to something different. until that happens, it is never going to happen. host: huntsville, alabama, fred said relations have improved. go ahead. caller: hey, everybody. first of all, i want to give you
7:50 am
quick note. i am retiring next month finally. to tell you the truth, barack obama has been a beacon of hope for this country. you might see a 10 from 20 years from now. he is been a beacon of hope. he really has. we don't expect things to get automatically better overnight. it will still take growing and learning and doing and doing. the what barack obama has done for america, he took it on the chin. he took all of the words and the praises, but he created a miracle for us. i love him to death. he did a wonderful job. keep the faith, america. host: you are saying the improvement in relations comes but just the fact that president obama it -- being elected twice as president? caller: yes. this is the first step. we don't need to have another
7:51 am
president for 40 or 50 years. the marquis has made in this country, there were good times and bad, there were times when the way people -- there were white people that fought him at every turn. just his being there, just his presence, just his awareness, just his coulter in the way he lived and he conducted himself, he was tremendous for us. he is going to be a beacon of hope for us for years and years. thank you. host: do you think he addressed the issues of race in after his eight years as president? we've seen instances after shootings, he talks about these issues. do you think he did enough as far as talking and discussing them? did.r: yes, he he probably did more than he wanted to. see, barack obama is the kind of person -- he is the right person at the right time. he had to be president for all americans. even president for those who didn't like him. and he did the job. what a wonderful, wonderful,
7:52 am
wonderful man. we will have people that get deeper and deeper in years and years and years down the road, but he was the right person at the right time with the right message. he did wonderfully. thank you. rochester, new york, says relations have not improved. go ahead. caller: i think the relationships have improved here, but unfortunately, with the media, relationships throughout the united states are broadcast as being negative. one other comment i have is in regard to congress. we have a black caucus in congress for stop we don't have a white caucus in congress. maybe with the new president should do is invite or the black caucus should invite 49 white representatives from berries parts of the country and maybe they should have out some of their disagreements and/or concerns. it might bring the country better together. host: did you say you saw
7:53 am
relations improving them rochester? isn't that what you initially said? caller: i believe the people in this area are pretty diverse. i have individuals in my community who live down the street that are black. just like the guy in texas. we communicate. we talk. we discussed things. i can't say race is one of the things that are brought up, but we are friendly. host: but no measurable improvement as far as race relations under this president? caller: i think he has made some errors. i think some of the other people that have called in have discussed it. i don't need to re-review it, but -- . what error in particular would you think of ? caller: you can go back to that beer summit. we didn't need to make a big deal about that.
7:54 am
the kid in california that was seen with a hoodie. i man, those are stereotypes. when we start bringing up all of that stereotype stuff and then you throw your opinion and you get the representatives in congress talking about it and so on and so forth, then you have a black representative in congress who just said the president is illegitimate -- i mean, it is just a negative thing. it doesn't help raise relationships when you start talking negatively like that. host: dan talking about the recent comets from commerce meant john lewis a president trump as first interview he did with nbc. richmond, virginia, says relations have not improved. bob, go ahead. obama, it was race, race, race all the time and it was nauseating. you looked at -- we ask yourself
7:55 am
the question, what is the smallest minority in america? well, it is the individual. the individual is the smallest minority in america. it is the only minority that matters. you protect the rights of individual can ever thing else takes care of itself. time after time after time, isolated incidents between individuals, obama would come in behind them and inject race and try to make it a discussion about race. you talked earlier about the justice department and loretta lynch's comments on race. with eric holder, department of justice leader, he decided he was not going to prosecute black people that stood out in front of a polling place for violating -- oh, they stood out front with the lead hikes, the black panthers did. he wasn't going to prosecute them. there was a tone set early on of
7:56 am
a race focus and looking at it from a point of racism only comes from white people, not like people. he just ruined race relations, as far as i am concerned. sayinghat is bob, relations have not improved. that is the focus of our conversation for the next few minutes. we will talk to separately about president obama, his legacy on race over his eight years as president with a series of guests throughout the morning. the reverend dr. martin luther king memorialized in stone here in washington, d.c. you can see not only that statue on your screen if you were to go around the memorial, various quotes of his highlighting him and things he has said as he planned for -- if you plan to check about yourself and the washington, d.c., area. henry, new york, says relations have improved. go ahead. caller: yes, i believe race has
7:57 am
improved for a few reasons. first, president obama has been elected twice as president of the united states. that speaks in an of itself. for some positive gain. also i live in new york and i see the workplace in new york, whether it is going to subways or banks or in stores, people -- you just don't see one color anymore. everyone is just one community. that is a little optimistic, perhaps, but i like to say it is important have a good healthy outlook. however, there are two things that have worsened. racism is aieve disease. it is a serious disease. i bring upon that speech to the most recent campaign that was fueled with hatred. in it was. listen carefully to the speeches. it was terrible. it brought out the worst in
7:58 am
people. the second part is that how many more people -- i will be blunt -- a lot of people getting shot over nothing, except the color of their skin. i watch the videos on youtube. absolutely no reason at all. we have a long way to go in ofms of culture inclusiveness and understanding. vermont.go to he said relations have improved. go ahead. you are on. caller: yes, good morning. best tot obama tried keep unity between black and white and gray and green. he is the best.
7:59 am
he was loyal. he put sanctions on russia. the office, we're talking about black people blame him that he take black side. because he was president of black, white, brown, he had to make unity between all of them. he tried best to defend racism to black as much as was given the chance, as much is the opposite people tried to give him hard time. what a president obama the history we will remember, black forle remember, and he was martin luther king. host: one more call. harold, brooklyn, new york for stuff he says relations have not improved. go ahead. caller: yes, i am a retired police officer and i think his comments throughout these various events and shootings
8:00 am
around the country has exacerbated the discourse between the black community and the police departments. i am not partial to police that are corrupt or need to be disciplined, fired, or jailed. that is a given. the bottom line is, he's but many a time before he had the facts. many a time he spoke before he of the facts and he exacerbated the split between the black thing.r there were 752 murders in chicago and he didn't attend one funeral. he didn't go to the communities to tell them to knock it off but putin to knock off hacking of the american computer systems. he was a joke as a president and can think of 100 black men more qualified than him. first hournishes our of discussion looking at president obama and his history issues.related three guests will join us on the
8:01 am
legacy of president obama. irst up is jesse holland reports for a.p. on race and then we will hear voice of a nelson the many that will join us throughout the program. we talked with gary walters and discusses what happens during the transition events in the day the white house and logistics of how one first family is moved out and the moved in. >> the incoming president will do receptions or dinners or whatever they decide him he people that helped get elected to office. as far as the staff, it starts making the preparation of move out of one and move in of
8:02 am
the second family. the sitting first family, it is their home until noon on day and the staff makes every effort to see that slighted and not they are taken care of. the sitting president and president-elect and families the north portico and head to capitol hill that is crazy.t gets a little i have referred to as organized chaos. are amily's belongings moved out and the others moved in with the important thing of trying to get the house by the time there are finished with the inaugural arade, around 5:00 p.m. on inaugural day. that they walk into a house that is extraordinary into their and something they are comfortable with. the things they have chosen and and pieces of art work that can be change the out. they ose are done when walk in the door. there are no boxes in the corner unpacked.'t been
8:03 am
they are out of the way and the american people have a great in what the president does in the oval office and that day. place on inaugural the president very soon after like to go l parade over and go into their office, which has been converted to thr there -- their office with the items they want to represent administration. >> if you can go to detail a lot ed chaos requires of planning. walk us through what the staff what ng january 19 and happens at noon as the president departs -- before noon -- and you have about six hours to transform the white house. guest: hopefully the staff has go home and y to get a good night's rest. that doesn't always occur. hope is everything is in place and the next day the staff groupen divided into that
8:04 am
that is responsible for moving the family out and that group that is responsible for moving a family in. we use two different elevators, for things going out one for things going in. predecided are leading up to the 20th. and the 19th is a day when you trying to get be organized and make sure they know what their jobs are. there is no time for decisions that are something that hasn't been decided. has to be choreographed. there is a hrelittle bit of tim hours, maybe six, and everything is choreographed. and body has a job everybody does those jobs and one thing moves in, one thing moves out. is similar to an ant hill. but its like it is chaos is extremely well


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