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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 17, 2017 9:32am-10:03am EST

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we have used with president bush and president obama. it is similar to what the services were like. sense ofs your own history on this january 20, the day that represents the peaceful transfer of power? >> you stated it. it is one of the great events in history, the transfer of peaceful power from one president to the next. that needs to be celebrated regardless of who is elected in any cycle. for me it is a very exciting time. . love being here i love being part of it. it is a thrill and just a great moment, i think, and part of the american tradition. >> the president-elect, the first lady, his family, they enter this church, you greet them, have you thought about what you want to say? >> my greeting will be very brief. the secret service will usher him and quickly.
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they don't want the president-elect or any president to be outside the doors for very long. i will give him a brief greeting and how delighted and honored we are to have the service here again. >> "washington journal" continues. host: part of the inauguration festivities includes the building of structures to accommodate the events of the day. that is what you are seeing outside the u.s. capital in washington, d.c. our coverage on c-span starting at 7:00. you can go to the website for more information on what the day will bring as far as the inauguration activities themselves. c-span,, and the c-span radio at his where you can turn -- radio app is where you can turn. (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8002 independents. a profilerk times has
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of tom price. taking a look at aspects of his career and some concerns as he faces confirmation, saying as he prepares for two hearings, the first scheduled wednesday, his past with companies that have generated don't asleep -- generously to his campaigns. democrats have called for investigations into whether he called for stock buys based on information he gleaned in congress. , betsy devos. those will be available at 2:15 this afternoon. oft is for ryan zinke montana. go to the website for more
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information. we will start with john from illinois, republican line. caller: when i think of the last eight years with obama, all i think about our part-time jobs, industry failing, and drones. i wish he would've done a better job instead away from wall street. host: why those three things come to mind? caller: because while he was president we talk about employment. i don't see any full-time jobs. i don't see him doing anything when i look back on his eight years. he just said i'm cutting. employment is picking up. it is all our time jobs. most of those jobs were probably jobs people cannot live on. when i look at that and for him to take credit for that, it is disappointing. drones, he used those just kill people all over the world. i think the man has no heart.
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he is not what he appears to be. he cozied up with wall street. geithner, all those people when he first came to office. it was terrible. i'm sorry. go ahead. host: we are going to go to stephen from kentucky. democrats line. caller: hello. that gentleman, the illinois republican, i find it hilarious some of his remarks. donald is $650 million in debt and declared bankruptcy six or seven times already. he is casual about nuclear weapons. i guess that slipped his mind. i wanted to talk about this farce that is happening on friday. i cannot understand how jimmy carter or george w. bush or the clintons can bear witness to this. john lewis had every right like
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everyone else in this country to freedom of speech. the fact is, and i think it is terrible to say, but you know, there are a lot of questions about the legitimacy of this election because of putin's influence. the fact is that the people that are resizing lewis for speaking out the way he is, that is so wonderful. we are supposed to be polite about a man might have committed treason against our country? people need to wake up. donald trump talks out of the sides of his mouth more than any other politician i have seen. he says he is an outsider. i wanted to believe him on the night he won the election. what does he do? he appoints these fringe people to his administration like steve bannon, mike flynn, jeff sessions. we are supposed to take that. that is why people are upset.
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he is not listening. he even said he won in a landslide. i don't know what planet this man is living on. that was not a landslide. host: let's hear from tom in farmville, virginia. independent line. missed it seems like i the segment i was interested in. i was wondering how obama's record compared to the other presidents. i guess that has come and gone now by the time i got in. not: she said that they had attract these promises under president bush. they started under president obama, and it will continue with the president-elect. caller: thank you very much. that answers my question. have a good day. host: mike from florida. line for democrats. caller: how are you? host: fine. thank you. caller: i was going to comment
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on the story. it was interesting. i wonder, that is one individual. individuals might be playing that kind of sleight-of-hand, shall we call it, politics. i also wanted to make a comment about c-span. i hope you guys will try to do administrative change and upgrade your quality. it has been kind of substandard. i am not knocking you guys. you do a heck of a job. try to improve. thank you. host: specifically how? caller: i mean with your guys are like when you doing the camera work. you just put up the faces.
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there is a big room there. i would like to get a feel of the room and what is happening in the room instead of looking at just faces. qualitya little more with b communications. -- the communications. i think you guys could do better on the quality of communications. it needs to get a little more tuned in with what is going on. host: don from st. cloud, florida. democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. good morning, america. i think this president will go down as one of the greatest presidents in history considering when he came into office what he had to deal with. wars,y and the tanks, two
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and the congress that did not him i think you. will go down as a very good president memory ofve a short what the country was like eight years before obama. they call in and say all these things about the president. it blows my mind. as far as donald trump, he was not my candidate. he is our president now. i wish him the best. i hope he keeps his promises. god bless this country. have a good day. host: wall street journal highlights an announcement about general motors upgrading infrastructure for their company and jobs as well.
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adding 1000 jobs stemming from investments they plan to make. they don't specify which factories will get more work. saying in an interview that the general counsel declined to confirm specifics of the announcement, but the investment the company might disclose has been long planned and is not in response to pressure from the president-elect. it is really getting our story told in a way that i think is complete and full. jobs, gm has added 25,000 6000 factory workers. the rest were in engineering, information technology, and white-collar jobs. about 15,000 those were shifted from overseas. robin is next from pennsylvania. hi. caller: good morning. i just called to say that i heard something on the news
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yesterday. i think they are going in the right direction. -- theve that mr. trump democrats that are not going to the inauguration, i believe they are afraid. they don't hate mr. trump. they don't like him. i think they are afraid that donald trump is going to fix in her cities, help the african-american people, and i think they are afraid they're going to lose elections because they are all going to go for the republicans when they see how much they are going to do for the country. please give him a chance. thank you. host: the washington post updated those number of congressmen saying they will not attend activities, now more than 40 house democrats who have declared they will not attend the inauguration. the number rose sharply after the president-elect tweeted about representative john lewis.
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sees donaldho trump's win as legitimate because of russia's alleged interference with the election is known for his civil rights protests in the 1960's. other congress members who have said they will not attend, saying it started with a list of people. one of them sent out a tweet ioncerning the matter saying, " want to hear from my constituents, do you want me to attend the inauguration with donald trump?" other members expressing they will not attend as well. independent line from wisconsin. hello. caller: good morning. i have been a democrat michael life. after the obama administration, i switched. the administration has done nothing as far as the middle-class and lower class. my health care went from $150
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$5,000,le to almost co-pay. is legacy is going to stick around much after done from for the civil fact -- after donald trump for the simple fact he has done nothing. i will give donald trump a shot. i am willing to give him a shot. i think he is pointed in the correct direction. if all these scandals finally go away, because it is absolutely pointless to talk about some of this stuff, just move forward. that is my comment. i think your show does a fantastic job. thank you. host: we appreciate you watching. one of the people commenting on claims that donald trump's legitimacy as present is vladimir putin himself.
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he accused the obama administration of undermining donald trump's legitimacy, saying that president obama's team is spreading "fake information, calling those who spread fake accusations were sent prostitutes." michael from alabama. democrats line. caller: i would like to say thank you, c-span. i watch you every morning. you do a great job. i would like to say, i am glad the young lady is doing that. someone needs to keep track. if you have a teacher and 10 people in their classroom, and six of those people say they will not listen to the teacher. it will be hard to get a's out of that class. we have to remember when obama first of congress, republicans had meetings saying they would not work with this president no matter what. he had to work with what he had to work with.
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thank you. tennessee, that is where sharon lives. she is calling on our republican line. good morning. caller: thank you. you are doing a great job. i wanted to tell the democrats or whoever was listening that putin and russia did not influence my vote. while obama has been here for eight years, i stood behind him and pray for him every day. i will do the same for donald trump. andeed to stand behind him pray for him and lift him up. that is what we are supposed to do as nation. if we cannot do that, we just need to get out. host: why did you vote for the president-elect? caller: i listened to the
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president-elect a few years back on fox. i said that man needs to run for president. i have always thought he had good views. i prayed about it. god led me in this way. i will vote either way as long as they are a good man. that is why i voted. host: many people heading to trump tower in new york to pay a visit to the president-elect on a variety of issues. one of those people yesterday, the son of dr. martin luther king. theaid yesterday that president elect intends to represent all americans. communities must keep up pressure on government. we will continue to evaluate that. mr. king is the oldest living child of the civil rights leader. he went on to say that he believes that is his intense. we must continue to engage with
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public pressure. my father understood that ended that. k place yesterday. jim on our independent line. from the happy and carefree, voices of the news idea thisget the malicious monster is going to turn into a presidential gentleman on friday. host: what lead you to say that? -- leads you to say that? caller: a lot of people seem like they are in extreme that i'll as to what this thing is ial as toe got -- denail what this thing is that we've got. he has condemned john lewis in the past two days.
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he condemns people every time he opens his mouth. this country needs friends, not more enemies. host: you don't think that is not to drastically change friday at noon? old or is is 79 years it 69? what is it? he is an old man. even a teenager finds it hard to change. he is what it he is. he is not going to be something that we wish for if we cross our fingers and pretend we are not in danger. this guy is not healthy for us. host: that is jim in texas. "the president made his legacy by executive order. his legacy will die by the repeal of executive order." the washington post talks about possible last-minute clemency for this president especially in
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drug connotations. saying department of justice officials have completed their review, and their last recommendations were sent to present obama who is set to grant hundreds of more commutations during his final days in office. "everyone has killed themselves to get the spinal recommendations to the president. we were in overdrive. we were determined to live to our commitment." from golden valley, arizona. the public in line. caller: my comment is that ,eople we elect in washington they are supposed to be adults. they had not acted like adults during the eight years of obama. now they are even being more childish. if anybody believes that putin
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influenced my vote, i don't understand how you can believe such propaganda? the american people are not that stupid. the american people voted, and now everybody is upset. you all need to grow up and realize that we are all in this together. my husband was killed and 911. we were supposed to come together. all you act like his big babies in washington. i would not even want children to watch washington people. they act so ignorant. illegals of it coming to our country and making a mockery of the blood that has been shed for our freedoms. you come to this country, you
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break the law, you get in trouble for it. there are consequences. i don't want to hear your sob story about why you committed a crime or why you did this. host: independent line from virginia. you are next. caller: good morning. toee that mr. trump wants repeal the affordable health , more than 20 million insured citizens. if the bill had been brought during the bush and menstruation when the republicans wanted something like that, but they did not have , ilan to bring it forward think that by them doing that is going to be catastrophic. in the free world,
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you have universal health care in great britain, canada germany , why can't the united states citizens have the same benefits? we already pay into the system. why can't they change the tax havingws, and instead of a federal income tax, why can't you just have a federal tax placed on everything we purchase? tot could generate cash flow supplement a program like that. you need to read the fair tax book. i think it was written by a congressman from georgia. the american citizens need that. we also need to take care of our
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veterans and her citizens. thank you. host: 50 states and 32 countries. have plans for protests for donald trump's migration this friday. an estimated one million people according to a story in usa today. the national park service is issued permits for 25 separate events this weekend. the main event is the women's march in washington on saturday. that is expected to draw 200,000 people. cities with the largest numbers of registrants include los angeles, seattle, portland, boston, denver. and topeka. we are not taking a single step back. that is the president of the national organization of women. let's hear from peggy in new jersey. democrats line.
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caller: i'm just calling about the democrats. i am a democrat. sometimes you get in office the person you don't like. donald trump was not my first choice. either was hillary. that are notocrats going to the inauguration, shame on them. they come from new jersey right here. guess what? they are supposed to represent all of us. half the country voted for him. mr. lewis, i lived in the 60's. i knew what he did. guess what, he did not go to the bush and not duration -- inauguration. they are doing it because it is a republican in office. sometimes you just have to suck it up. donald trump was not my first choice, neither was hillary. i voted for her the first time but not this time.
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i will say you just have to suck it up. halfust can't represent the country. when you are elected in congress, senate, or present, you represent all of our country. get back to work. that is what we pay for. do your job. if you don't like him, then do something about it. this is ridiculous. i am ashamed to be a democrat. host: from texas. douglas on our republican line, you're next. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. kudos to that lady who just said everything i agree with. job, youget a new don't get to come in and then for eight years complain that the situation was so screwed up when you came in to work that you cannot do anything for eight
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years. i am sick of hearing that excuse. who want tomocrats import all these immigrants, take 20,000 and ship them off to d.c. sea where obama lives, and take them into their community and see how they like living with these illegal immigrants. host: we will hear next from marie in new york. independent line. good morning. caller: i would just like to make an opposite point. i don't think president-elect trump has done a lot to bring the country together so far. doesn't he think people in new york and other places that are blue states voted for him? night obama, they met the of his inauguration to say they were going to say no to him on everything. there is back and forth on both
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sides of that equation right there. the last thing i would like to say is that new york gets more federal aid than they received. states owes the red wants to come down on new york like we are homogenous and all agreed and are all liberals. we have conservative values, too. host: we appreciate the call from new york. if you were to come to washington, d.c. and take a walk outside the capitol building, you would see construction projects leading up to inauguration day. a lot of activities will take place this coming friday. we would like you to join c-span to view all of those activities with our coverage starting at 7:00. the inauguration of donald trump. 7:00 a.m. is when we will start. you can follow along at
10:00 am and courtesy of our c-span radio app. that is it for our program today. we will see you tomorrow morning. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] >> coming up today at noon eastern time after a show pro forma session in the house, we will go live to the elena kagan washington, d.c., for remarks by the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., samantha power, talking about u.s.-russia relations. later, the next confirmation hearings for the incoming trunk cabinet. the senate starts with wanton republican congressman ryan
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zinke, nominated to be the next secretary of interior and will testify will for the senate energy committee live at 2:00 15 -- 2:15 eastern. then that the device's nomination to head up education. a live look inside the lobby of trump tower. we will watch here for just a moment.
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>> live inside trump tower, watching some of the action outside the elevator lobbies -- the elevators. the president-elect said to be inaugurated on friday. donald trump will become president with a 40% approval rating and new cnn/orc poll shows the lowest of any andident, recent president, 44 points below president obama. here is some details on the preparation underway for the inauguration. preparations for the 50th presidential inauguration are well underway in washington. tom baer, check the presidential inaugural committee, spoke with reporters at trump tower in new york city. he gavta


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