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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 19, 2017 7:00am-8:07am EST

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economic legacy of president obama. josh bivens of the economic policy institute and dan griswold will join us. ♪ host: good morning, everyone. we are one day away from the transfer of power in this country. the 20th amendment of the constitution specifies that the term of the new president begins at noon on january 20. you are looking at a live picture of the west front of the capital where donald trump will to besing his hand sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. are you excited or apprehensive? you can dial-in at 202-748-8000 if you are excited. if you are concerned, 202-748-8001.
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join the conversation on twitter or facebook. of inauguration day tomorrow kicks up at 7:00 a.m. eastern time here on c-span, or the c-span radio app. here is how it is all going to unfold tomorrow. the 7:00 a.m.g at coverage kicking off. at 8:30, the president-elect will make his way from the blair house to st. john's episcopal church. there is a service before the inauguration swearing-in. after that, he will head over to the white house to meet with the president. the two of them will have a brief meeting before they take the ride from the white house to the capital.
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thee at 11:30 is when inauguration ceremony begins. and the president-elect president-elect will be sworn in at that time around 12:00 p.m. eastern time. at 12:45, you will see the formerre of the then president obama. he will head to andrews air force base where he will have a farewell ceremony and he and his wife will take a vacation in california. 1:00 is the congressional luncheon with the new president. after that, the new president begins the inaugural parade from capitol hill to the white house where there will be a viewing stand at the white house for the president and his family to watch from there. c-span will re-air all of the day's festivities and bring you live coverage of the inaugural
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ball. there are three official balls. we will bring you the dancing of the new president and first lady and remarks at each of those balls. are you excited or apprehensive? mississippi. apprehensive this morning. tell us why. caller: i'm very concerned. liar.cted a serial thatannot trust this man comes on tv -- i don't trust this man. host: robert in connecticut. also concerned. good morning to you. caller: good morning. concerned.very all of mr. trump's picks have been questionable at best. host: you mean his picks for the
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cabinet positions? caller: correct. yes. dr. price with all of his stock picks to help him and his finances with those. sued thedministrator epa 19 times. the list goes on and on. on thee had coverage networks yesterday up all the confirmation hearings that were taking place. there were four. scott pruitt, oklahoma's attorney general for epa. wilbur ross to head of commerce. nikki haley, the governor of south carolina, nominated to be u.s. ambassador to the united nations. priceen, as you said, tom , republican of georgia, who has been selected by president-elect
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trump to head of the health and human services agency. you can go to and watch it there. we will show you moments from yesterday's confirmation hearings and the final news conference that took place for the outgoing president, president obama, faced the press corps one last time, took several questions about his commuting the sentence of chelsea manning, russia acting, etc. we will show you the final question he took and the answer , his view of the future administration. let's get to your calls about inauguration day. doreen is excited in connecticut. good morning to you. go ahead. host: good morning. i'm very excited. i'm taking my day off from work.
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think that president trump will do a good job in support for the police departments in our country. country. where president obama did not give them the support they needed. oft was a reason for many the murders in this country. there is racial divide -- back in the 1970's. i thought this president had a great opportunity to bring blacks and whites together as one. instead, what he did was divide our country. host: are you coming to
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washington or watching from home? guest: i am staying home and watching it. host: what are you looking forward to the most, doreen? caller: the 12:00 swearing-in. i'm excited about the whole day. just the swearing-in -- my heart pounds when i think about it. host: doreen is excited in connecticut. we'll be watching when the festivities get underway. our coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. or c-span radio app. that is the west front of the capital where the swearing-in will be taking place at noon eastern time. doreen looking forward to that. they are expecting 800,000 people to be descending on the
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capitol grounds and the mall tomorrow to watch it all take place. many of them coming from around the country. here is the story in "the tennessean." , 110 of tennessee's --gest trump da diehards veterans -- paralyzed veterans of america and wounded warrior project. they did not participate in inaugural parades for president obama. indian americans will celebrate trump's inaugural with a ball. along with other asian-american community members on january 19.
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facilitate that prominent among them, nikki haley. ifstifying --s you plan to be here in washington, we want you to call in as well. springfield, massachusetts. you are looking forward to this inauguration. are you there? caller: yes. good morning. my name is ayana. every four years to see the inauguration, regardless of who is in office.
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i believe god is the author of everything and no matter who is in office, we need to support that president. that is why i'm excited. host: what do you like most about these inauguration ceremonies? caller: i really enjoy seeing the thousands of people out in the that on the mall. -- out on the mall. i love seeing the excitement of everyone. and just a hope that resonates with everyone throughout the day. the commentary, the news media, these inbelieve operations are about the people and it's a way to showcase the greatness of our country. president obama's final news conference yesterday. views onked about his the future of america. [video clip]
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somedent obama: i have had conversations with some journalists -- you seem like you are ok, but really, what are you thinking? [laughter] obama: what i'm saying really is what i think. i believe in this country. i believe in the american people. people are more good than bad. i believe tragic things happen. i think there is evil in the world. at the end of the day, if we -- therd and we treat world gets a little better each time. that is what this presidency has tried to be about.
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i see that in the young people i've worked with paid i could not be prouder of them. -- i worked with. i could not be prouder of them. it is true that behind closed doors i curse more. [laughter] core, it obama: at my think we will be ok. we have to fight for it and work for it and not take it for granted. host: president obama in his final is conference. front page of "wall street showsl" this morning president obama eight years ago at his first news conference and yesterday at the white house. you can watch the whole thing on colleen in florida. apprehensive. tell us why. apprehensivevery
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with disabilities come especially mental disabilities. in my younger 50's, i ended up with something that was pretty tragic and now, i have a mental disability. i'm very concerned because i'm truly unable to work steadily. all i hear about are the diabetics. i feel for them also, but mine is pre-existing also and i'm highly concerned about myself and anyone else that has mental it and-- you don't see it does exist. host: dave in denver, colorado. also concerned as we are one day away from inauguration day.
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i just wanted to point i'm concerned about his picks. somebody who wants to destroy -- epa is put in charge host: you have to turn the tv down. you are concerned about his picks. caller: yeah. his head of the epa. i am more concerned about that an jeff sessions. what he said about medical marijuana and marijuana in general is out of touch with reality.
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speaking to that, all these people said that trump was a reality show. that is a bit of a stretch of reality, too. it was a game show and it was celebrities. that goes back to my point about reagan and w. i'm from texas. we know him as w in austin. the view was a really likable guy that should w was a really likable guy -- w was a really likable guy and so was reagan. but reagan was kind of out of touch with reality, more than w
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was. , we need to see some help about handling his ego problems. reality matters. my understanding is the ego is the interpreter of the mind's eye. in "theont page story washington post" this morning about the confirmation hearings picks. cabinet exp three of donald trump's cabinet picks came under growing fire yesterday on ethical issues.
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hasesentative mike mulvaney acknowledged that he failed to pay more than $15,000 in state and federal employment taxes for a household employee. as the headlight indicates, this could derail these cabinet picks or not. all of those are the kinds of problems that have torpedoed nominees in the past but it is far from certain or even likely that trump's nominees will buckle under the political pressure. the president-elect himself has norms.70 so many
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we are talking with all of you this morning about inauguration day, getting your feelings about that. whether you are apprehensive or excited. front ofs on the west the capital yesterday talking to some people and getting some video of the preparations that are underway. we want to show you the viewpoint from the president-elect as he sets foot on that platform tomorrow. and descends the stairs to approach the podium where he will take the oath of office at noon. he will be sworn in by the chief justice of the united states. it is at that podium that he will be giving a speech to the 800,000 some people that will be gathering on the mall. people will be sitting in chairs to his right and left as he makes that walk to the podium.
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there is a story in market watch that prime minister theresa may gave donald trump a gift. one of winston churchill's speeches. she gave donald trump a copy of that. yesterday, the instagram account of the president-elect sent out this picture from three weeks ago. it is at what he calls the winter white house, his resort in florida. a picture of him working on his inaugural speech. this is from a few weeks ago. david in oklahoma. you are excited. welcome to the conversation. go ahead. tulsa. good morning from the excited about inauguration from the perspective that i love american history. as contentious and hateful as , we arepaign has been
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having a peaceful transition of power. that is so rare in the world. 1800s, our presidents have taken office, whether i like them or did not like them -- the fact that donald trump with all the things he said will peacefully take over as president of the united states is a wonderful example of the republic we live in. whether or not i like him or not is irrelevant tomorrow. tomorrow, we join together and celebrate this peaceful transition of power. host: over the years, what has been your favorite part? caller: the speech itself. what does this president have in store for us?
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tracking that as they become president and start making some of these changes that they promised. do they keep their promises? , thet think the pageantry balls in the evening, the parade , everything -- it is a significant part of the tradition of our public. that's our republic. it is irrelevant who is becoming president, really, because the american people spoke. i may disagree with that, but i think that is very significant. comments as we take a live view this morning of the west front of the capital. you can see the flags that have been put up for the ceremony,
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the pomp and circumstance, as david said. this headline from pew research that fewer americans plan to watch the inauguration this year than in 2009. david also mentioned the inaugural ball. column inle source "the washington post. " forget the capitol dome or marble pillars -- the site many washington watchers want to see is future first lady melania trump.
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we sat down earlier this week with one of the curators at the smithsonian who focuses on first ladies. about the her inaugural addresses over the years and the role of the first lady. [video clip] >> what is the role of the first lady on inauguration day? really, it is the first lady's debut on the national stage as the first lady of the united states.
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it is her first chance to play that ceremonial role that she will be playing for the next 4-8 years. she holds the bible as the president takes the oath of office. she plays hostess at the inaugural ball. she plays that first moment of becoming someone families will be looking at over the next 4-8 years. host: we will bring you the dancing and the speeches as well as reairing everything that happened earlier in the day. bill in west virginia. you are apprehensive. good morning. tell us why. caller: well, i believe that trump was helped by the russians and by the rnc. i will not be watching the inauguration. i am very apprehensive because people have believed rumors
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about a woman while ignoring the truth about a man. he is a very vile man and should not be taking the oath tomorrow. bible he willthe be using to take the oath. -- with the headline you can see the picture there of the bible. donald trump takes the oath of office to succeed barack obama friday, one small but symbolic similarity will be on display. donald trump will place his hand used forble lincoln his inauguration. by presidente used obama. angela in georgia.
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you are excited and you are on the air. good morning. caller: good morning. that trump iskful elected. i think god for it. ank god for it. i hope you can hear me. i have an allergy problem. there are so many things i have worried about and i am so glad that now we will find out what will happen. speaking,at was just he needs to think about other people that have doubts about the russians and how the hillary
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thing, this, that and the other. him not watching just because of that -- he should watch it for himself. you have people that complain about everything -- i think they are just looking for something to complain about. sometimes. -- i've been up since 2:00 watching c-span. of republicans and democrats like each other. they seem to. i like that. host: kevin in jackson, mississippi. concern. caller: thank you for taking my call. thank you for c-span.
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i enjoy watching it. host: glad you called in. tell us why you are apprehensive. every: well, i've seen xon'suration since ni second. i was a little young for the first. my parents would let me take off a school day to watch it because it is historical. because, as the man who called earlier said you cannot believe anything thatdent-elect trump says his secretary of state nominee, i cannot believe he even picked him. tillersonnominee, rex
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, is expected to get a committee vote on monday. we learned that yesterday when nikki haley was testifying before the foreign relations committee on the senate side. she will get a committee vote that they as well. -- that day as well. brought to the floor at some point for a full senate vote. the washington times story this morning about trump's cabinet, "trump's cabinet could look a bit bare on monday." mr. trump will officially submit the nomination when he is inaugurated friday.
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we are one day away from january 20, inauguration day. the 20th a madman of the constitution says it needs to take place on january 20 at noon. -- the 20th amendment of the constitution. many looking forward to the pomp and circumstance. one of the events that takes place come after a service at st. john's episcopal church, the president-elect has a brief meeting with president obama. the two of them take a car ride together from the white house to capitol hill. we sat down with a historian and he talked about that ride. [video clip] >> that often times can be awkward, too, in a situation like that. and -- hoover was silent
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and depressed. he did not like roosevelt and roosevelt said later he kept on trying to start a conversation they saw a and building being built along the road and roosevelt said something like, isn't that nice? hoover was still silent, so roosevelt gave up. reagan and carter had run against each other. they were a bit more amicable. tryingwas understandably to get reports on whether the american hostages had yet been released in tehran. he was a bit distracted. reagan tried to warm up the atmosphere by telling old stories of hollywood and ls like jackgu
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warner of warner bros.. carter gets out and talks to one asked aides and the aide who is thisde -- jack warner he was talking about? from the white house after a brief meeting there, they will make their way to capitol hill to the west front of the capital where we have a camera this morning. that is where the oath of office will take place at noon eastern time. are you apprehensive or are you excited about tomorrow? kevin in jackson, mississippi. tell us how you are feeling. i am apprehensive
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because i'm really nervous about what the new president's agenda is. he doesn't have any experience except companies. this country is not a company. you have to work with congress. he has the majority in the house and the senate. but a lot of the republicans don't like him. host: he has said government needs to run like a business. he has nominated business people. does that make you concerned? caller: yes. millionaires or billionaires. most of them are millionaires. they don't know what the average man is going through or average woman.
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they don't have to worry about paying rent or the light bill or car. host: given that they have a lot of money and they don't need to bee this position, could it that they have a genuine interest in trying to make things better? caller: i hope so. i don't think they will. host: you might be interested in this article in "the new york times" this morning. with a redvernment line through it. mr. trump is poised to test once and for all if good governance and crafty dealmaking are
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really similar skills. experiments are messy. separating the signal from the noise takes diligence. in this case, so much will depend on the savviness of those will pull billionaires who had it so good -- willful billionaires who had it so good and now will begin a pix thrust into a maze that has overwhelmed so many test subjects before them. -- now will be guinea pigs thrust into a maze that has overwhelmed so many test subjects before them. eth in north carolina. you are excited. go ahead. excitedyes, i'm very that this inauguration has finally come to pass.
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, dark nightthe long of bashing white americans is finally over. , peoplet very ironic that are boycotting the election want to talk about making it easy for people to vote, but they want to take away my vote. voted, hean people was elected, he won the electoral college. also, i'm very excited that the most derisive president in our history, the great divider and deporter ish exiting. he deported more people than anybody else. i have grown up in multiracial,
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multiethnic neighborhoods. continue to live that way as an adult. the people out here are not as andded as what the media some of these great dividers want america to believe. host: you're looking at live s thatof the media tent have been set up around the capital. cnn, etc., many of them setting up with lights and cameras on top of buildings around the capital. thatare really doing shows many already -- many already doing their shows. media trucks have staked out their positions for tomorrow.
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it is at noon that donald trump will become the 45th president. on twitter, one of our viewers saying -- another tweet from larry says -- what will happen at noon tomorrow with our federal government? joining us on the phone is nicole, a reporter for -- nicole ogrysko, a reporter for federal news radio. january 20 whatat will happen to the political appointees put into office by president obama? appointeespolitical committed they have not left already -- if they have not left
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have untiley will noon on generat january 20. typically employees who are well-versed in a specific program, have been working with transition team members to pass on that information. they are the ones that will be in charge of carrying on the agency until the next step. host: has there been someone designated as the person in charge? guest: yes. there are political deputies and career deputies. when career deputies sign-up, they know what they are getting into. they know in time of transition they will be asked to lead the agency during this time. they are the ones that will lead the agency's particularly during
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this gap when the president-elect may not have named a specific leader to that agency or they are still waiting for a confirmation. positions are we talking about? political appointees in the federal government? guest: donald trump about 4000 political appointees to name. we have heard some of those names already. there are still some secretaries that have yet to be named. , the are deputies political deputies i just mentioned that will have to appoint. there are members of the chief executive agencies he will have to name. host: bloomberg had a piece, the empty trump administration. is no trump appointee for
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any of the top state department jobs below secretary nominee rex tillerson. no appointee for any of the top department of defense jobs below james mattis. no solicitor general, no one at civil rights, no one in the civil division, no one for the national security division. is this unprecedented? guest: i'm not sure that it is unprecedented. the career employees who will step up and lead these positions during the transition will be able to take on some of the work. it is not a great idea to have these positions vacant for too long. but 4000 people is a lot of people to name. it does not seem unprecedented to me. host: how long does it typically take for the incoming president's political appointees to get notified, you can now
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come to work? guest: that process varies depending on the person in the senate. we have seen in the obama administration that some of these appointees who have been named by president obama and even had their nomination hearings before the senate, some of them have waited months, even to come in to work. it depends on when the senate holds that confirmation vote. the senate will act quickly on some of these major positions and some of the secretaries. there happened nomination hearings already. -- there have been nomination hearings already. host: what is the process for political appointees to get a job? what do they have to go through beyond the senate confirmation? guest: there is typically a
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vetting process done by the office of government ethics. we have heard a lot about that process, particularly that during this transition -- there's also an investigation by the fbi before the nominee appears before the senate committee. they have to answer a series of questions before the committee itself. usually on policy and their positions. then, they will go before the senate committee that has jurisdiction over their agency. once the committee goes to nominate or not that appointee, the senate can hold a full vote. it is a pretty long process. there are other betting activities that happen as well. can these cabinet secretaries get classified briefings if they have not been clear get?
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there is a memorandum of understanding that they have to sign off on that says until they are sworn in, whatever secretary of that agency, they cannot receive classified information or information at all about the activities of the agency. it is not until they are sworn in that they can start to dig for that material. have learned that in these top positions in the federal government that the incoming nominee and the outgoing executive have had sitdown conversations. susan rice and michael flynn, they have sat down four times now. what is the purpose of those nominations? what are they talking about? about they are talking
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priorities the obama administration focused on. general concerns about running an agency. they will have to oversee thousands of people in a variety of different jobs. at the very least, the current appointee can help out the incoming appointee to understand just exactly what the getting into. host: when did the work begin for a transition? the electionfter was overcome a you had these so-called landing teams from the going toadministration each of these federal agencies. this: the preparation for started about a year ago. --hink it was generate 20th , agencies began
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to put together their briefing books. huge binders of all the n different o programs. members will work with the transition team members at that agency and they will pass on information. they will be the ones in charge of getting that information and starting to understand it. , thank youe ogrysko for explaining all that. we appreciate your time this morning. back to your call spirit are you excited or apprehensive for the 50th inauguration -- back to your calls. are you excited or apprehensive for the 50t8th inauguration? caller: i was very nervous about
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things that trump said on the campaign trail and his cabinet picks. . had volunteered for obama it was freezing cold at his inauguration. it was a beautiful process going into -- i stood just behind the repl reflecting pool. it was so exciting and massively crowded. everyone huddled together like a beehive. manyember talking to homeless vets at the memorial right across from union station. i hope president-elect trump pays attention to our vets like he says. i volunteered for obama and after he was elected, many of us
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tried to hold obama's feet to the fire on particular issues that we supported him on. i hope trump voters really do that. hold president-elect trump's feet to the fire on things like jobs and draining the swamp. withfeel somewhat at ease what i'm hearing about the transition between the obama administration and the trump administration. one strong memory i have on the mall was standing next to a , a young african-american male, steve. we were talking about his experience in iraq. i had asked him why he had volunteered that he said because he had believed what bush and cheney had said about wmds in iraq. i asked, what did you learn? never toe learned
7:49 am
believe our presidents and vice presidents without doing a lot of examination and research on my own. who put a young man other soldiers in body bags when they were being shipped back to the u.s. of's hope trump keeps us out any unnecessary wars. what do you think about representatives that have said they are boycotting it? caller: i don't necessarily agree. i do agree with peaceful protest. the protests going on, they have every right to do that. they know a lot more than i do. maybe they have some personal reasons, but i don't think that beingood reflection of
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supportive of the process, quite frankly. let's all hold trump's feet to the fire on this idea of jobs, jobs, jobs. host: i want to read "washington times" front page. 60 house democrats plan to be elsewhere when mr. trump takes the out of office. vicki in alabama. you are excited. go ahead. caller: good morning. say, i heard mr. was aone day say he christian and i appreciate that, standing up for krishan people. people say they are
7:51 am
not going. -- standing up for krishan people. -- standing up for christian people. all these people say they are not going. that is a disgrace. i want to say that i am very excited that jeff sessions is on his team. he is from alabama. he did help us get a fire truck for our volunteer fire department. i think you will be a great man on the team. -- he will be a great man on the team. alabama, the home state of senator jeff sessions, the nominee to be donald trump's attorney general.
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the president-elect made his way to washington yesterday. for some events happening today. we will have coverage this afternoon at 2:45 p.m. eastern time where the president-elect and vice president-elect mike pence will take place in a wreathlaying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. there will be a make america great again welcome concert. the event is taking place at the lincoln memorial on the national mall. on in chesapeake, virginia. apprehensive. go ahead. caller: i think it is a disgrace that these democrats are not going to go to the inauguration. they are just going to lose more seats. they've already lost over 1000 seats. they are going to lose more.
7:53 am
a lot of democrats are flipping over to be republicans now. , the wayerstand that the government has been going down the drain. these are probably the swamp people anyway that have been lining their pockets and government. maybe they need to stay home and then they won't be reelected and we can get something done in congress. we haven't gotten anything done in eight years. they held the house and the senate, they did not do anything for two years. to help the people in the black helpnity who really need in the city's run by democrats. maybe it is time for them to stay home and let somebody take that seat to get something done. oakton,is in
7:54 am
virginia. caller: i'm very apprehensive about trump. the bottom line is the character of the man. he has shown us over and over again that his decisions are made on what is best for him. what gives them power, what gives them control and nothing else. that is very scary. go ahead and take ukraine and i can build my tower in moscow. his pathology is so severe that i think that is going to be a problem for this country. i wonder about other republicans willpaul ryan -- who control this man? can you control that type of pathology so we are not going to end up in nuclear war? host: susan in north carolina.
7:55 am
what are you concerned about? caller: i am a democrat but i'm very apprehensive and cautious about our new president. willery hopeful that he somehow be able to manage the health care system and not let it drop. i am a retired public health nurse of 37 years. that is my number one care and also the epa, would like to see that continue on to protect all of us. host: did you watch this confirmation hearings yesterday with the epa and minister nominee and dr. price for hhs? caller: yes. i did see some of it. .'m very concerned
7:56 am
i am retired now. just went to washington with my retirementbrate my and enjoy washington, d.c. he is on the other side of the coin. but we enjoyed it together and he is a history buff, too. i'm really proud of our country. well. everything will be that we can go on and go through each problem that pops up and we can devote -- and that the american public will look at turning to their higher power. need to lift up the president-elect. even if we don't care for him.
7:57 am
we need to lift him up because he will be our president. host: the joint congressional all thee organizes events that take place on the grounds of the u.s. capital, including the actual swearing-in. yesterday, we talked with senator roy blunt who chairs that group. this is what yes to say about why inaugural's are held at the u.s. capitol. [video clip] >> is almost always been at the capital. adams, the first person to be presidentere, washington said the second inauguration will be important in many ways -- the first time a group of people willingly
7:58 am
gave up control of the government to another group of people they thought would dramatically view that government in a different way. that is the real test of democracy. ii, the samear party has only held the white house three times in a row once. you are changing political parties, the direction of the country is defined in a new way. and democracy celebrates that. senator roy blunt on the west front of the capital where the inauguration will be taking place tomorrow. talking about the importance of having it there on the capital and democracy. you can watch the full interview on a lot of preparations underway for weeks outside of the capital but also a lot of activity aside the capital building confirmation hearings have
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gotten underway. last week, there were several. .gain, this week yesterday, there were four taking place. take a look at the headlines -- this is from "usa today." the key haley says u.s. cannot trust russia, must be conscious. price says trump does not want to pull the rug out on health care. this from the front page of "usa today." flips onpa pick climate. on the front page of "the new york times," this story on climate change. the shift startles scientists. ,n the confirmation hearings wilbur ross to be commerce secretary, testifying yesterday.
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the headline in "the financial times" out of london, ross steps up anti-beijing rhetoric. then there is this about today's confirmation hearing. will have his confirmation hearing thursday. soon alleges major problem at lender run by mcuhcin. testifyingwill be this morning, donald trump's pick to be energy secretary. . you can watch our coverage of the energy secretary nominee at 9:30 a.m. eastern time on , and on c-span radio app. will have coverage of the
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treasury secretary nominee as well. back to calls. john in great falls, montana. excited, john, good morning. president --caller: when president obama got in, i invested in some stocks, gun stocks, and they have done quite well in the last eight years. , see the same opportunity here to invest a little bit of money in a certain company and make some money, so i'm excited. want to know the company i'm going to invest in? host: ok. guest: proctor and gamble. grady in fayetteville, north carolina. i am very excited. of aexcited because an era
8:02 am
president has ended and another one is about to begin. about, ini am excited this country, somebody once said before, be careful what you ask for. we are clicking our heels, jumping up and shouting because we got the government now riddled with businessmen. when the framers started the government, they did not rule it with businessmen, they had patriots, people like me, excellent hair he, who love the country, trustworthy, fair. now we have businessmen. everybody keeps hollering about christianity. jesus hired ex businessmen. were, john, paul, they fishermen, not businessmen. business is in it to make money. money forot making
8:03 am
you, but for themselves. host: if you were not able to make it in this morning, you will get another chance in our last hour of today's "washington journal." coming up next, we take a look at president obama's legacy. today's conversation focuses on his handling of the economy. we are joined by two that have differing views of the obama economy, josh bivens and daniel griswold. we cover those confirmation hearings on capitol hill yesterday. here is a moment from yesterday's hearing with representative tom price. in this exchange he had with chris murphy. >> we hear you and president trump prays all of these aspects of the affordable care act and eerilygoals that sound
8:04 am
familiar to what we have been living with for the last six years. don't wantid you there to be a gap between the repeal and replacement, that at least as many people will have coverage with the goal of more people having coverage. sick people will not face discrimination, young adults will get to stay on their plans we don't 26, and yet, get any specifics as to how that will occur. it seems as if you and the president-elect want to do everything that affordable care act does but just in a totally different way. so i will give up on trying to get to the specifics of this plan and maybe ask you about metrics, how we will measure whether what you propose as a meeting yours benchmarks. for instance, the number of people covered, the cost of health care to individuals, the
8:05 am
amount of money out-of-pocket that people have to pay. when you are at the end of your four years, how will you look back on this replacement plan to measure its success, and to the extent you can give me specifics as to how you will measure the success of this replacement, i appreciate it. >> you identified some specific areas that i think we need to be looking, from a metrics standpoint. what is the cost? is the out-of-pocket cost for individuals higher or lower than it was? right now i would suggest the cost is higher than it was when the program began for many individuals in the individual and small group market. they were promised bring that would come down but they have gone up. they were promised they would have access to their doctor but many have not had access. from where we are today, if you look at the things that many of us believe have been harmed by the affordable care act, i hope that we are able to turn that
8:06 am
around and decrease the out-of-pocket cost for individuals, increased choices, increase access to the doctors and providers the patients want, -- >> increase over the number of people that have insurance. >> we still have 20 million individuals without coverage. as policymakers, it is incumbent upon us to say what can we do to increase the coverage? the goal is to make certain every american has access to coverage that they want for themselves and their family. >> those are two different things, having access and having coverage. we have gone around that a few different times. host: president obama's legacy on the economy. we are joined by josh bivens, research and policy director at the economic policy institute, along with daniel griswold, at the mercatus center,


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