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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 19, 2017 9:03am-9:51am EST

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is this the actual project we need a relit result in private roads being built from small airports to resorts or resort in public goods like the flint, water piping being released. ? going forward, the devil will be in the details in almost all policy decisions. and dansh bivens griswold, appreciate both of you talking to our viewers this morning. coming up, we returned to our question we asked all of you this morning on the eve of the 58th inauguration. are you excited or apprehensive? that is how we are deciding -- dividing the line. we have cameras outside the capitol grounds looking at the west front. we will show you those pictures, our cameras were there yesterday as separations continue to get
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underway before noon tomorrow when donald j. trump will become the 45th president of the united states. we want to show you a portion of yesterday's confirmation hearing nextcott pruitt to be the administrator. he was asked about climate change. >> i would like to ask mr. pruitt a question. as i understand earlier in the hearing, you said mr. trump was wrong in suggesting and stating over and over again that climate change was a "hoax." is that the case? mr. pruitt: that is correct senator. sanders: some 97% of scientists who have written articles for peer reviewed journals have concluded that climate change is real, it is caused by human activity, and it is already causing devastating
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problems in our country and around the world. do you believe that climate change is caused by the emission -- by carbon emissions by human activity? mr. pruitt: as i indicated in my opening statement, the climate is changing and human activity contribute to that in some manner. senator sanders: in some manner? signing -- 97% of the scientists who wrote articles believe that human activity is the fundamental reason we are seeing climate change. you disagree with that? mr. pruitt: i believe the ability to measure with precision is subject to more debate on whether the climate is changing or that human activity contributes to it. are notsanders: you certain the vast majority of scientists are telling us if we do not get our act together and
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transport our energy system away from fossil fuel, there is a real question as to the quality of the planet we will be leaving our children and grandchildren. job asare applying for a administrator for the epa to protect our environment, overwhelming majority of actntists say we have to boldly and your telling me there needs to be more debate on the issue and that we should not be acting boldly. no, senator, as i have indicated, the climate is changing -- senator sanders: you haven't told me why you think the climate is changing. mr. pruitt: the job of the administrator is to carry out the statutes passed by this body. senator sanders: why is the climate changing? mr. pruitt: the epa administrator is constrained by statutes. senator sanders: i am asking your personal opinion. mr. pruitt: my personal opinion is immaterial. senator sanders: you are going to be the head of the agency to
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protect the environment and your personal feelings about whether climate change is caused by human activity and carbon emissions is immaterial? announcer: washington journal continues. host: welcome back on this january 19, 2017. we are one day away from inauguration day, the 20th amendment of the constitution noon ontakes place at january 20. our coverage will get underway at 7:00 a.m. eastern time here, and listen on the c-span radio app. this is how the day will unfold. around eight: 30 a.m. eastern time the president-elect will make its way from the blair house across the street to st. john's of visible church for the traditional service ahead of the swearing in and then he will head to the white house and meet with president obama briefly and the two of them will take a car ride to capitol hill. the inauguration ceremony begins
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around 11:30 a.m. eastern time and donald j. trump will raise his hand to become the 45th president of the united states at noon eastern time and sworn in by the justice of the supreme court. president obama will depart around 12:45 and make his way to andrews air force base where there will be a ceremony for him and the family as they leave for a vacation in california and back to capitol hill at wonnacott p.m. eastern time. there is a -- 1:00 p.m. eastern time. there is a luncheon to honor the president and at 3:00 p.m. the new president will begin the inaugural parade making his way to the white house where there will be a viewing stand for him and his family, vice president-elect mike pence and his family to view the marching band and others participating in the inaugural parade. alreadyident-elect
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tweeting "getting ready to leave for washington, d.c." " the journey begins and i will be working and -- working very hard to make it a great journey for the american people. i have no doubt we will make america great again." the president-elect along with the vice president-elect will participate in a wreath laying ceremony at arlington ceremony at 2:45 eastern time. at 4:00 p.m. he will participate make america great again concert at the lincoln memorial on the national mall where we have a camera this morning, two cameras out there. we were out there yesterday as well. we will show you preparations underway for the estimated 800,000 that are going to be attending the ceremony tomorrow and again, our coverage at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. on this eve, we are asking you
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-- you excited or? apprehensive? am apprehensive. i am very upset about the person the head of the epa who does not believe in climate as most of us he does not believe that it is activity.human that is my main reason that i am against president trump. i want to give him a chance in every way that i possibly can, but i have been worried about climate change. i have lived it. i live in alabama and i have seen the climate change. i have seen summers go from 80-85 degrees to 100 and 105
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degrees and i am very upset about it. host: usa today front page has a story about the confirmation hearing yesterday for president-elect trump's pick to pruitt. epa, scott the headline "trump's epa pit splits on climate." the story says scott pruitt suited the epa 14 times and said he believes climate change is real despite comments from mr. trump over the years, including during the campaign that climate change was a hoax graduated by the chinese to reduce the cost and competitiveness of u.s. manufacturers. front page of the new york times -- for the 30the year the earth hit record heat. scientists report on wednesday the earth reached the highest temperature on record in 2016, trouncing a record year earlier.
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it is the first time in the modern era of global warming data temperatures have blown past the previous record three years in a row." robert, west haven, connecticut. you are excited about tomorrow. good morning and tell us why. for donald trump i think on to what he did, with him being in office. i don't know. not to at ease with that he has been playing with people too much. host: i think you called may be on the wrong line. we are divided between excited and apprehensive. are you going to watch? caller: yes i am. host: a poll found fewer
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americans plan to watch the inauguration this year than in 2009. joe from florida, apprehensive. caller: good morning. just quickly, i was very excited to hear because i thought for the first time in history we were going to have non-two establishment candidates against each other, but the democratic establishment kind of put the fromon bernie and kept him getting the nomination which he deserved and probably would have won the election. trumpe was cast because was an independent candidate, not an establishment candidate. recently, his appointments have that he haslieve somehow gotten into bed with the establishment when i thought he was not going to do that. i am kind of concerned about what is going to happen from here on.
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host: you talking about the business people he has nominated to serve in his cabinet? caller: yes, those and the military people. i just don't think somebody who is nonestablishment who -- would have nominated the people that he nominated. host: ok. brenda from tallahassee, florida. good morning calling on those that are excited about tomorrow. caller: i am very excited. trump is where he belongs and we need someone to take care of our country. emitteds carbon being into the atmosphere, our trees won't grow without carbon. our earth has a wonderful way of observing carbon -- absorbing carbon and for people who want climate change, that is their religion and their god is earth. at my god is the creator, not the creation and i think people the to get a grasp of what is
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really happening. brenda, theght, barricades are up in the risers are in place. washington, d.c. is preparing for the 58th inauguration of the president that will take place on january 20 tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. is when we begin coverage and we will bring you all of the sights and sounds from the white house to capitol hill where the ceremony takes place. they have barricaded off areas around the mall, there are set entrances you have to go through when the 800,000 people come to participate in the swearing in of our next president. it will be a very busy time. numerous roads from the white house to capitol hill blocked off, you will not be able to travel on them. you can travel on foot to these places obviously to get in. the metro will be packed and we will bring you all of that tomorrow along with your phone
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calls, of course, your thoughts on twitter, your facebook messages, and what you think and -- about what you are seeing as the day unfolds. around 8:30 a.m. eastern time is when things kick off, when the president-elect goes to the traditional service at saint john's visible church his way over to the white house. following that to capitol hill and then back to the white house. we will re-air everything tomorrow night and bring you live coverage of the inaugural balls taking place. there are three official balls taking place tomorrow night and we will bring you the speeches, the remarks by the then president, donald trump, and the dance he will do with his wife, melania. there is the melania watch happening in washington, if you go to the reliable source
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section, emily and helena wrote that it has already begun. "forget the capitol dome or the marble pillars of the white house, the site many washington watchers want to see is the future first lady, melania trump. she was not with her husband at the tuesday evening black-tie dinner hosted by the presidential inaugural committee for several hundred diplomats, ambassadors, and assorted bigwigs. even before she steps out on inauguration day, the first lady is expected to attend a thursday night candlelight dinner at union station and a luncheon featuring the ladies of the first families. events made available to donors shelling out as much as $1 million to hobnob with the new administration. we might see address -- a dress by ralph lauren. the designer is believed to be working on a down and and
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inauguration day ensemble and his team is said to be creating custom pieces for other members of the family. "womenswear daily."" taking a look at what the first lady will be wearing. she serves as the hostess of the day. in baltimore,t apprehensive. tell us why. caller: thank you to c-span. i am a world war ii veteran and i have seen a lot of transitions. what i am apprehensive of is the inauguration, not of donald trump. i want to make that clear and i did to the speaker. the thing about it, i am so disappointed in obama not saying "we lost, take it to the next election. if trump doesn't pay off, then you can protest."
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all of these people protesting now do not understand the constitution. it is not about the person that is being inaugurated, it is about the smooth transition. anybody who violates that, i don't care whether he was a big hero at one time or not, is violating the constitution intent and that is my main comment. tom from conway, south carolina. you are excited and you are on the air. caller: i am excited and it is nice to see you back to work, greta. i am excited and i agree with the last caller. i think everybody get busy, including congress to solve our problems and i don't think we should have wasted the time we have in the last two months with everybody protesting and trying to get president-elect trump impeached. i think that was disgraceful and anti-american. it is nice to see you back, you
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seem to be off quite a bit. , don't am still working worry. there a lot to do behind the scenes that do not include sitting in the chair. we have been showing you all morning the preparations that are under what it -- underway one day before they have been happening in weeks in washington ahead of the inauguration. there is also a lot of activity inside the capital, inside the office buildings and over on the senate side, they have been busy for confirmation hearings for the past couple of weeks. you are looking at the nomination for the former texas governor rick perry to be the energy secretary and we will have coverage -- that is about to get underway. that will be around 9:30 a.m. eastern time, about 10 minutes they will gavel in the confirmation hearing and you can c-span numeral two to
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watch that or over before the senate finance committee, steve medicinova, president-elect -- steve mnuchin will be sitting down at the table before the senators taking their questions at 10:00 a.m. eastern time and you can watch coverage of that on c-span 1 or go to or get the free, free c-span radio app if you are not near a tv or a computer. download that to your phone and listen in to these confirmation hearings on capitol hill. if you missed any from yesterday, there were four, go to our website,, you can find them there. jimmy, apprehensive, why is that? caller: good morning. nauseated totle think about it. first, i want to say the obamas have been awesome, the
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president, his wife, his family, hit it -- he is an amazing man and i am sad to see him leave. as far as the inauguration tomorrow, i will not be watching that. picks --rump's cabinet you really need to think about this. you have all is this people, billionaires and millionaires. what possibly could they have that they are going to gain from all of this? they already have all kinds of money. they have no idea what it is like to live on -- i live on $733 a month. they are not in touch with anything like that. that is just my comment and i appreciate your time. host: absolutely. jimmy mentioned president obama, sad to see him go in he held his final news conference yesterday.
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he was asked about his views on the future of america. this is what he had to say. [video clip] president obama: i have had off the record conversations with journalists where they say you seem like you are ok, but what are you really thinking? [laughter] i said, what i am saying really is what i think. i believe in this country. i believe in the american people . i believe that people are more good than bad. things happenic and i think there is evil in the world. i think at the end of the day, if we work hard and we are true to those things in us that feel true and feel right, then the world gets a little better each time. that is what this presidency has
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tried to be about. i see that in the young people i have worked with. i could not be prouder of them and so, this is just -- this is not just a matter of no drama obama, it is really what i believe. it is true that behind closed doors i curse more and sometimes i get mad and frustrated like everyone else does, but at my bee, i think we are going to ok. we just have to fight for it and work for it and not take it for granted. host: president obama in his final news conference. front page of the white house -- the wall street journal "then and now. on the right, the president yesterday had his final briefing where topics included immigration, israel, russia, and chelsea manning. eight years lady -- later, a few more last questions and a bit
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more garay. back to your calls, douglas from oregon is excited about tomorrow. caller: good morning. i want to agree that i am so glad to see you back. i am glad you are back. you are just one of the best posts. -- best hosts. everybody is great, but you are at the top of my list. everybody is excited. i believe we actually have a chance to maybe make america what america was supposed to be, not this massive government. if you look at what donald trump ,as done since the election projects under budget and ahead of schedule, that is taxpayer justice to try and rein in this massive bureaucracy.
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it has gone beyond the constitution and beyond the individual. it is almost like we work for the government instead of the government works for us and that is not his philosophy. and these democrats that are sitting out the election, i do not think they are afraid that republican -- the donald trump is a racist, i think they are afraid he is going to succeed and the government will go up in smoke. think he doesn't look at the empty factories and parking lots and the weeds growing -- he is a capitalist, that hurts him to his core. he is going to do something to do that and he will be the best plan for our inner cities. it is a wonderful time and i am proud to be an american. i have always been proud, but i have extra proud -- pride this money. host: you might be interested in this story from the hilton newspaper, "drunk team prepares
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-- trump team prepares dramatic cuts." they propose the changes are dramatic. major reductions in funding with programs under their jurisdiction either being eliminated or transferred to other agencies. the department of transportation, justice, and state would save cuts. the corporation for public broadcasting would be privatized. overall, the blueprint being used by trump team would reduce federal spending by $2.5 trillion over 10 years. also happening here in washington, moments away from sean spicer, the incoming press secretary for the -- will be giving his first briefing and we will have coverage on c-span 3, expected to start around 9:30
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a.m. eastern time. michael in indiana, you are apprehensive. tell us why. caller: yes, i am apprehensive and i believe donald trump is a con man. he is a self-serving egomaniac that wants to be the richest man in the world and i will make a prediction. he plans to take control of the oil in the middle east. he will claim that oil money is supporting terrorism. to save the world from terrorism, donald trump with the u.s. military at his disposal would take control of the oil through war or other means. host: those are michael's thoughts. betty from long island, new york. good morning. caller: good morning. i am very, very happy about mr. trump becoming president and hoping billy -- hopingly placeing good will take
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out of that. i am from new york and my name is betty and i want you to remember what i have to say. you just showed a clip of president obama making his last speech and in their he mentioned evil. the people who are out there that are worried and upset about the -- about what our future i saidbe, the reason that is he let some very dangerous, dangerous people out. you don't think those people that were in guantanamo bay for all those years are not going to come back and hurt us? then you are very naive and if my son was in the military or my daughter, i would be very worried about what that man did. he has released some of the worst people and i do not understand why nobody is worried about the fact that they are going to come back. they are angry, very angry people. host: ok, there is a story on
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the front page of "the -- the number of gitmo detainees to just 45. that was one of his campaign promises and one thing he wanted to do was close guantanamo bay. wyoming,, apprehensive. good morning. caller: i am deeply apprehensive. i would like to say that i , in myto be a geezer mid-80's. andught history and civics trump, to begin with, president is one of our better presidents in american history. he is being replaced by one i believe will be one of the worst
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presidents and i have a lot of reasons. i do not care if it is the environment, civil rights, his stand on climate change, board , hisy, all of these issues dealing with public lands like our national forest and our national monuments, climate change, i am deeply scared and worried not just for the united states, but for the entire world. int: all right, victoria oregon, apprehensive. good morning to you. caller: good morning. i am apprehensive on a lot of fronts. i think the cabinet picks are totally inappropriate for the jobs they are doing. maybe a couple are ok. somebody said you should not protest and it is not american, it is very american. i would have been protesting during the vietnam war, but i was a registered nurse taking
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care of soldiers and here is a guy who loves the military, but he was a draft dodger. i am concerned on many fronts and for the first time in 1972i am protesting in the women's march in portland with 15,000 other women and i feel good about that. host: the women smart taking place here in washington, d.c. on saturday, go to our website for more details. let's go to the energy committee on the senate side and show you what is happening. the room is filling up ahead of the hearing for rick perry to be the energy secretary. you can see senator cornyn, kowskir mikulski -- mur from alaska. the talking points memo this story, senator joe manchin is doing everything he can not to be labeled as a liberal in his upcoming election in 2018 and so
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today, he will introduce rick perry at his confirmation hearing. up for the been job himself, but announced he would stay in the senate. he is gearing up for what is going to be one of the toughest election campaigns of the 2018 cycle. you will see their today, senator manchin at the table in front of his fellow senators introducing rick perry to be the next energy secretary. c-span 2,ge on this morning and the free c-span radio app. a couple of callers have mentioned those that are boycotting tomorrow's inauguration. a front page of "the washington times" says "the number of house democrats that have said they are staying away has risen to roughly 60 and the reasons range from russian hacking to
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president-elect donald trump's dispute with don lewis up -- john lewis of georgia." a third of the democratic caucus will not be going to tomorrow's inauguration. we are asking you this morning, are you excited about it or do you have some concerns? let's hear from mary in new jersey at harbor city. you have some concerns. what are they? caller: actually, i am more than apprehensive. i am actually terrified. among the people that mr. trump and his cabinet posts seem to hate, i unfortunately have to live off the government for entitlement programs, benefit, etc. i hear the solution that everybody should be working for notxample, working does save everything. minimum wage is not enough. what i have heard from mr. trump all along and what i have seen
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and the ideas of his cabinet people, i think the poorest among america, for whatever reason, make them poorer, job loss, disabilities, we are in great danger of losing everything and i think america's attitude to people in our situation is terrifying. andink we are almost hated i totally get that tomorrow is a transition of power, but that power -- the people that are coming into power, their ideas are terrifying to people in my situation. host: mary, right there on the west front of the capital is where the transition of power will take place. at noon eastern time, our coverage under way at 7:00 and we will bring you everything that happens before mr. trump's
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raises his hand to be sworn in to take the oaths of office and everything that moves after that, the pomp and circumstance ahead of tomorrow. it was reported by marketwatch that the prime minister of britain, theresa may, gave donald trump a christmas present and that was one of winston turtle's speak -- winston churchill's speeches. and yesterday, from the donald trump instagram account, this picture was sent out, what he -- s the sitting down with a pen and pad and working on his speech that he will give tomorrow. first, before he delivers that speech before a crowd of 800,000, he will put his hand on a bible. trumpports that donald will be sworn in with the same bible as lincoln and obama.
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for all their differences, npr reports, when donald trump takes office, one small but symbolic similarity will be on display. donald trump will place his hand on the bible that donald trump used for the first inauguration in the same one president obama used at both swearing-in ceremonies. it was purchased for the 1861 inauguration by supreme court justice william. charles in north carolina. you are excited and you are on the air. caller: i am highly excited and grateful. i waited for hours to vote for mr. trump and my son waited four ours as well. i am sick and tired of the way the democrats are continually trying to throw a wrench in the system and that is all they can do and that's all they can do. they just need to sit back and relax that we -- and realize
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that we have a new president, just like we had to realize we had a new president with obama. i was just as upset as they were. that is the difference between democrats and republicans. i believe we carry ourselves with a little bit more pride and angst against other people. against other people, we carry it inside instead of letting it out. we all came together and voted mr. trump in. host: i was wondering what you are looking forward to the most tomorrow? caller: i believe the actual swearing-in and the moment it is over and maybe when he gives his speech, he can reach out and bring everybody together. i hate the nation's so divided and every time it is always republicans are racist, i think that is more racist than anything. i have never called anybody anything outside of american. i love this country. host: up on capitol hill, as we
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told you ahead of the inauguration day, senators are busy trying to hear from and get in place president-elect donald .rump's cabinet over on c-span 2 this morning already underway is the confirmation hearing for the texas governor rick perry. the chair of the committee, lisa murkowski giving her opening statement and at the table in front of her are two senators introducing the former governor of texas and that is senator john cornyn from the state of texas, a republican, and senator joe manchin, democrat of west virginia. before,ote -- we wrote he is trying his best not to be seen as a liberal ahead of his 2018 reelection. he is introducing former republican governor rick perry to be the next energy secretary
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and there he is sitting behind the table. he will come up to the seat and the microphone after the senators introduced him. give his opening statement and hold up his hand to swear to tell the truth and then the senators will begin their questioning. you can watch that and listen to , or on c-span, the radio app. catherine in bolingbrook, illinois. you are apprehensive. tell us why. caller: good morning. i enjoyed your show a lot and i hope you do very well and you are feeling great. i am very apprehensive about trump, not because i did not ite for him, but because don't see that he is a god centered person. his statement a few months ago saying i never get on my knees and ask god to forgive me
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disturbed me to know end. you cannot be a christian unless you ask god to forgive you and i feel that god is not on him to guide this nation through so many tough times. i would have easily voted for the john kasich or marco rubio, but trump does just not strike me as somebody who has holiness and god-centered feeling in their heart. that is what i wanted to say. host: he will be putting his hand on the lincoln bible, as we told you tomorrow and raising his other hand to take this both of office. i do solemnly swear or affirm that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states and will, to the best of my ability, preserve,
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protect, and defend the constitution of the united states. anthony, spring hill, florida. good morning to you. what are you looking forward to? caller: good morning and thank you for having my call. first of all, i would like to say president-elect trump is a patriot. very looking forward to his day one. a very happy he was elected. i happen to be one of his campaign volunteers in my area. i think his pickup cabinets are a collection of fine, fine intellectuals which will lead this country in a positive way other than we have had in the last eight years. finally, i think, we will make one day, day one, starting tomorrow at 12:01. thank you. host: i miss spoke before saying there are three official inaugural balls. there are 2 official inaugural
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balls, but donald trump will be present and attending the salute to our armed services balls, a tribute to members of the military, their families, and first responders. we will be reairing everything you see during the day tomorrow night and bring you coverage of the inaugural balls where the president will give brief remarks and then dance at each of those balls. richard in california. apprehensive. you are on the air. caller: good morning, thank you very much for taking my call. i am a little apprehensive about mr. trump being our president. as an american hispanic democrat, i accept him as my president. whats voted in and that is it is. i do hope that he will keep the economy going the way it is and that what he does as a president will help everybody in this
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country and we will see tomorrow when he gets inaugurated and maybe we will all benefit from his presidency. host: will you be watching tomorrow? have you watched every four years? caller: yes, i watch everything that is political. host: what do you like about the ceremony tomorrow? caller: when he puts his hand on the bible and takes the of -- takes the oath. host: richard in california. washington post-abc news poll has this recent survey they put lessmr. trump is far popular than past presidents at time of inauguration. do you have a favorable or unfavorable impression of him? unfavorable, 54% and favorable,
9:45 am
40% and take a look at the numbers for president obama back in 2009, then president george this poll,ording to far less popular than past presidents on inauguration day -- at the time of inauguration. memphis,r from don in tennessee. what are you looking forward to tomorrow? caller: i am excited about tomorrow. i really am. all of you deplorables out there, it is time for real hope and change instead of this eight balogna baloney we -- we have been fed. another thing with senator sanders preaching climate change, people have other things to worry about beside the climate, bills to pay and food for your family. that guy is so out of touch, it is unreal. when is he going to wake up?
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i am just so excited and i know mr. trump being a businessman that he is will be the best for this country. thank you and you all have a nice day. host: all right. by the way, the pomp and circumstance, the best of these are not cheap. this is a story in "the guardian" the republican has outgunned obama financially. the inaugural committee raised more than 90 million private donations, far more than obama's inaugural committees which brought in 55 million in 2009 -- three $3 million in any money left over will be donated to charity. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. eastern time you want to tune into c-span or go to and if you are not near a computer or television, the c-span radio app so you can
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listen in. we will take your phone calls and get your thoughts on this 58th inauguration. cutler, in new hampshire. you are apprehensive. caller: good morning. i have concerns. i was watching the hearings yesterday and some of the senators recommended that the inauguration be postponed. what with this russian meddling in the election. i think there are questions that need to be answered. i am not saying that it is not a legitimate election, but if there was collusion, that needs to be determined now before anybody is inaugurated. i am comprehensive -- apprehensive. yesterday i learned the price tag and i was appalled at how much money is spent on the event when there are so many other needs in the country than he to
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be addressed. i will not be watching the inauguration. host: that is cutler's viewpoint. think?, what do you caller: i am excited. i am a democrat and i voted for hillary, but i am a history major. this is a historical event and it is for all of the american people, whether they like him or not. the only thing i think trump would it do that would be acceptable is if you would drop his -- his barrages on people and attacks personally. i think if he could drop his awful" all ofe, that. he could be acceptable if he changed a little bit, he would have -- not have to a lot. otherwise, i think he has a
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friendly personality generally. there have been other presidents that i was not happy about, but you just have to go with the flow and be american. that is all. thank you. host: scott, austin, texas. you have concerns. what are they? caller: i think we are looking at the new face of fascism here. donald trump is mirroring the rise to power by appointing people he has -- corporate billionaires and military men and i am very worried about his ambitions here. michigan --in stephen, we will end with you. what are you looking forward to tomorrow? caller: i am looking for him to bring something back to this country, but i doubt it. i look at him as being an
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opportunity to serve our country. he failed at that and how anybody can salute this man for liar, and ard, a thief. nothing more. that is it. host: that is stephen in michigan with his thoughts. thank you for all of your calls. we want to bring you back up to capitol hill on the senate side where the senate finance committee will be hearing from shortly donald trump's picked to head of the treasury and that is steve mnuchin. there is a headline in "the washington post." suit alleges major problems that lender run by mr. mnuchin. the bankowers accused of mishandling the loan modification request and this is something that could come up today. the hearing room is already bu


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