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tv   Watch Recap of Inaugural Activities  CSPAN  January 20, 2017 11:22pm-12:05am EST

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there. wee intoring you back to aietoday,here weef off, congrsial leaders, mbers of the s, a eering for n by the cheon put ngressnal ldeand foowg that, reew of the oops and parade. wel ntinue that here on c opinion span.
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congrema see you, >> thank y ct
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[iistinguishable voices] >> let me tell you a bit about hatxpected to unfold over the next 45 minutes or so rht ow the trump are inside the pitol in a room onhe senate side called the president's room. cusmarily t new president signsrders, and we news ot yet seen any reports that president trump has
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signed these or intends to sign them today but we'll keep an eye and let you knows e news unfds on it. shortly, we're expecting that presidentrump and the embers of the joint congressional committee on nauguration ceremonies will b escorted down to statuary hall and intruc to the gup, and will remarks by roy blunt, senator from msouri, who chairs th congressial committee. saw him at th inaugural ceremony earlier, an invocation chaplain, and then theights ll go down a t cameras will go down as ppl lunch. foowing tt, there will be a ceremony insidthe citol fm the clus gifts congress to the w president, nd some toasts and we'll le you see all of that as if you were in the room during that 40-mite break we'll open up our phone lin and getoureti to the auraadess. we'll soave a professor who
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is an expert in presidential uas aaddsses with guest to lk about wt he heard and mr. trump'sheric toy. rhetoric trump's today. so we hope you'll be with us. and be partf that conversatio ust as soon as the ndd of gets under way. but in thinriwel continue to watch scenes regularly, h c-span some very well known washington faces includg gh there your ni on the center o screen, we'll watch along with back after the itial ceremony is over for urhone calls.
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[indistinct conversations] >> congratulations. [applause]
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[indistinct convertions]
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ndistit conversaon [indistit nvsaons]
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wha to sign that. esent trump: i know that erwould you like me to sn? ms. pelosi: anypla y want. ms. losi: here's a cole pens esident trump: good. polar desion by everyone. that's . is is the first signin a's eat. [indiscernible
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president trump: i hear rex was approv tay. [lghter] ear anit's coming thgh, right? >> hopeful. speaker ryan: it looks like you added letters to yr name. president trump: beautiful ilen.
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>> y have another stack coming.
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presidt trump: ok. i'llta doing it. how about we'll do nan fst. s thaok there it is. [laughter] naublenauble ms. pelosi: tom price.
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tom price. president trump: tom price is going be terrific and he's oing to be approved. ms.eli: mr.redent. mr. prede. he leader wants one. >> you get price bk. speaker ryan: i'll keim >> put them back. presidt ump: did very well sterday, rick perry. >> better than carson. president trump: w would like one?
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it's a tough group of people we have. they're leaing the hard way. >> exactly. president trump: betsy for education,ight? chuckand it. senator schumer: not that one. thank you, mr. president. president trump: next. i think we're going tne me more pens, by theay. labor. >> o n esidentrump: come on, senator. i think he's gng to do a gd job. th is a person wh has gotte grt reviews. no well-known. this ithe veterans administration. think chuck may like him.
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>> it's like trading cards. >> thank you. good pen president trump: this is who kelly. l want, john speaker ryan: put the cap on there. you'll get yourhi stain. president trump: john key. > pull it off. president trump: are you tting some more pens back there? oh, dan coas. speaker ryan: it'an equal nuer dans -- prident trump: if we run out
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f pens we'll use the me >> everybody is emptying thei pockets. >> but i he a pen. present trump: mike pompeo, great. they tl he'soing to be pprovedomtarily. >> soon. president trp:ere's e that tnk nancy will like. again, she'd like a double one. scott. scott will do a gat job >xaly president trump:ust won a orld series with hite.
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>> deputy seety of coer. president trump: vincent vio. everybody likes vce. nator schumer: i like vinny. president trump: yourenl tting thene. headf e f.c.c. lia mcmahon. errif wan.
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mike, that's your person. veryalted. nikk haley, i think she' goingo do a great job. ok. 're running out of people. kki haleys, do weav a send one? i'lligitusin case. ngest servingovnor. cha ves him and he loves china. dan.
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mspesihe's f the renebl standds presidt ump: i say hs rric guy. longes serving governo 24 years. here's one tt's not at all ntroversial. david is goi to do are job. thank u. roclamation.
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[applause] [indistinct convsaons]
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[indistinct conversations]
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>> honor guard.
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ello, how are you?
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>> at ease.
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>> speaker pl ryan. tch mcconll accpanied by laine l. chao. ladies and gentlem, house majority leader kevin mccarthy accompand by mrs. judy crt. ladi and gentlemen house mocrat lderancy pelosi accompanied by mr.aul pesi. >> attention.
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presen halt.
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>> ladies and gelen,he esent of the united states, donald j. trump, a mrs. melania tmp, accompanied by chairman roy bluntndrs. abigail blunt ppus
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>> erye, be seated. inaudible]
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senator bnt m psint, which i got tsa twice alrey. mr. prident, gues, e incommittee on auraeremonies seen pleaseto host this luh at least since 1953 with psint eisenher psintean's auraon, the lunch took its cuent fo a medo this grandal t nional stea wrall, which -- staff aral which served until taarha, which served unt 17 e chamb the hsef presentatives. the atues are placed rohout the citol a they coizimrtantigesn our naonistory the coectionn statuarha doesn't change very often t acal sincehis lunch was ldheasti, it's had several additions. ro parkss w in staary ha, d she is, ocourse
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at rhehan stdi,s she should be. [applause] wh ms. pksie i20, e of t f peopl w never he a public officer serv ith mity to lay to honor in the cit tua,ndeval of us we erthat day. anothe aitn, norman bergugthe leader of thi eenevution. althouhis revoluonas ouhigrtffts toeed pelehe deman in food producti and hwareally a leader in atrea an tking gernor perdue last nht about what's goingo pp a worlfo dand dbl in 3 40 yes d t gat oprtunit we have tre berryoldwater, aeal inirioto a generatnf
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coertives,asdd to atry hall over t lt few yes. and tmas ednf ohio who discoved-din of oo who scover 10,0 ysot toak a lightul untile discered the one way to ma thatight bulb. the pating in th mide of the rooms from a grt missrirtist, grg bingeh. he d threeleion serie e painting here, three patiers. one was stomp spki. one was the cntelecti and is one is vdi of th pele inhe 185s enhis was pate oent s several da aerheleion before thestsernnnc, and allin opele are in is inng pele froal walks ofife. pelehore exced, people who aronse ppl w ndered whas ppened a op who wdewh's going hpeare al there. acally h pnted this
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pating aut the se timen this very rm,ome of the letucssful bas in the sty of our country wer beg ldndf urse, idherice f notei ab tfind solutions. onofy favorite statues the bldg is in a rm at i veerin the citol right n. hait ithwh'sffe when i washe whip in the us, d it's one my favorites beus nody knows whits a i d'tea body here can gssho it . i mn,obody owwho iis annody h known who it wa since aut93 couldn have been in e capitol buding more than 10 yes foeoe gan to wonderwhs is pern? and i thinit a great rend tt what weo here is l me importanthan o we e. soe veor in ont ofs. it a wondeul opportunity it i a greayand i'm ki bryla, the
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aplainf the senat tco nd give uour opening prayer. chaplain black: leus pra eternal lood, ourefe and strengthwe prae you h whaveotng to ar can stand fearlsl during th ssonfeaful your becsee ow pridence will prail lo, wreratefuforhi ingural luneoanfo your pridcehatasroht presidentond tru t th milesne moment. you have aonisheus to pr
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for lde and geren so pray for o new president withrown his labors sues ldi h t the destinatio you have chosen. rrnd him,is famy and th membersf hisabet with the shield of your divine protection and fav. y president tmpee your wisdom, jtice a gce ading wh ur strength, which reaches out to those on light's margins -th lt, loly, last, least aeft ou may he rememr athose who would lve legac o
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eaess must strive to become servants of l. lord,nsreurrede to rform s g-appointed duties with ch reverceor yothat his tur will be li t sunining fort on a cloudless morning, like a rabo after a stormnd like e sinngf the birds at dawn. bless our food and fellowship. we pray in your sovereign name, men. senatorlu: lunch will be served.
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thendfer: near nc lders hosted presen trp and presented him wit vaous gifts. thpresident then revie t troops at e easfront of the capital h fstuty of mmander of chief of four inaugul beforderting to the inaugural rade. itngig bk er the was a young congssman who w ielieveg-term is our fest president, abram lincoln. mrmccarthy: will i give two word the people will come throu and go andta othtile. an go and stan i'll tell them to sta ith exspacsp othat death, ok back at that cloc ielthem to retehe te. i llhe tte mwhat me that was. they ask mehy. beus i said that's the exact sa view that abraham lincoln had. wonder whaisdeas and thouts


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