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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 21, 2017 7:00am-10:07am EST

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>> a on c-span, washington journal live is next. then we will take you live to the women's march on washington. ♪ that was the 45th president of the united states, donald trump, giving his inauguration address yesterday. that speech focused on putting america first and returning control of the government to the american people. he also spoke of unity missing america can only be strong if it is united in the name of patriotism. ," today's "washington journal we are asking our viewers, can president trump unite the
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country? those in the eastern and central time zones can call 202-748-8000 . those in the mountain and pacific regions can call 202-748-8001. you can also reach us on social media, on twitter and on facebook. good morning. "the wall street journal" has more about yesterday's inauguration address by president trump. president donald trump delivered what historians and speechwriters set was one of the addressesus inaugural ever, reinforcing familiar campaign themes of american decline while positioning himself as the protector of the "forgotten men and women."
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let's take a look at a bit more speechident trump's yesterday when he talked about american carnage. [video clip] president trump: a different reality exists. mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities. , scatteredfactories like tombstones across the landscape of our nation. an education system flush with cash but leaves are young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge. and the crime and the gangs and the drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential. this american carnage stops
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now. here and stops right [applause] president trump: we are one nation. their pain is our pain. their dreams are our dreams and their success will be our success. we share one heart, one home and one glorious destiny. of thousandsdreds of people who gathered in washington yesterday for the inauguration consisted of people who were both supporters of president trump and detractors. that created an interesting scene as noted in "the washington post" today. the thousands who flocked to the
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district for president trump's inauguration friday reflected a divided and polarized nation. there were multitudes of adoring followers and thousands of protesters. most condemned the trump peacefully but others turned violent and clashed with police, leading to 217 arrests. can president trump unite the nation? janet is calling from tacoma, washington. caller: i think he will do everybody good. i think he wants to follow the law of god. he wants to save our lives. he is against abortion. he cares about everybody and he wants success for everybody and not just the rich at the white house and the politicians. my whole life, i was a democrat. i am on social security.
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democrats were a very good party at one time. it turned against the law of god and the republicans i never trusted, but i don't feel -- even though he ran on a republican ticket, i think he is as much for the democrats as he is for the republicans. since i had seen him tonight, i think more of him than i ever did before. i can see how much he cares about every buddy, wants our country to be so successful and get back what we used to have. -- he cares about everybody. much it meant to him. host: is there something you would like to see him say?
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you believe he's going to work for the good of everyone. there are a lot of people are very concerned and worried that -- the wealth and success has always been in politics. he says we will not have politics like that anymore. the success and the wealth will be shared with all the people, not just the rich, not just the politics. said this day is for all the people. host: ben is calling from pennsylvania. good morning. caller: good morning. host: do you think president trump can unite the country? caller: absolutely. i've been a donald trump supporters since he announced in june of 2015.
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everson since then, i've been on his side. somethough he has used pretty strong language in the past. after seeing that speech yesterday, it was amazing. i have no idea how somebody could watch that yesterday and not think he would do a great job. host: what stood out most in that speech to you? caller: just everything about it. his tone. everybody talked about his tone in the past. his tone was calm, almost a soothing. he was talking to all americans. he said it doesn't matter if you were born in the urban sprawl of detroit or the windy plains of nebraska, he will be president for you. mark is calling from california. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: i'm great.
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go ahead. caller: c-span is the greatest. i hope it endures a long time. oron't want to be alarmist disrespectful to the people who believe he can pull it off, but pridemeone who believes always comes before a fall. i am 48 years old and i've tried to watch every speech i've been alive for on inauguration day. never have i heard such pride. i watched it live on the west coast and fell asleep shortly after that. i woke up, the inaugural ball was on. i don't wish anybody who supports him any disrespect. we are not going to get anywhere if we are just going to line up
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on different sides and bark at each other. that will get us absolutely nowhere. but his pride is what scares me more than anything. you can argue policy differences , but if asun rises man is filled with pride, as he clearly is, there is just nobody else -- host: on the issue of unity, do you think it is the job of president trump to try to unify the nation after the election season which was divisive? or, do you think americans can come together themselves regardless of who is in the white house? caller: i believe it is both. absolutely both. it is every person's job to love their neighbor as themselves. to -- fdrer also has famously said to the people who
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came and asked him for civil rights things in the 1940's, i agree with you, now, go out and make me do it. it's both of our jobs. host: a little more about yesterday's inaugural address. from "the wall street journal." that echoed his campaign rhetoric. walter is calling in from georgia. do you think president trump can bring the country together?
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caller: i have some real concerns. i don't think so. -- as soonain to you as he was sworn in, he turned around and cut the fha mortgage insurance premium. this helps individuals, first-time homeowners. fell 25 basis points. it ensured first-time homeowners' mortgages won't go up. how do you speak that way and then turn around and hurt a middle-class homeowner? i can't understand that. host: carol is calling in from north carolina. good morning, carol.
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caller: good morning. america said we will never be ignored again. that is what everybody should listen to. it is one thing if you live in california and you have reaped all the wealth of the country sitting out there, but when you are living in north carolina, on , in the lowert counties, nobody was reaping, everybody was being taken away. but nobody wants to listen to what happens in one section. everybody thinks the rest of the world has to live like new york and california. they did not. now, it will be we the people, not we the rich state of america. there are so many
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divisions within the nation, do you think there is something the theident can say to make people in places like north carolina and the people in california have a more united front for what is best for all americans? caller: i don't think there is any division in america. the division was created in congress and by our media. the media is the one that comes displayedevision and this untruth of what is really going on out there. they think they can just show hollywood or just showed new york. you don't hear of anybody in the media telling the real truth of what is going on in america. it is all this liberal stuff. if you just don't want to go
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their way, there is no way at all. welcome in the american people said no. it is going to be we the people, not we the politicians. it is not a republican or democrat that you need to theore something in politician area up there in washington. it is not republican or democrat come it is we the people. at a let's take a look little more of president trump's inaugural address. he talks about how politicians have treated the public until now. [video clip] trump: today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one power to another. we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. [applause] trump: for too long, a
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small group in our nation's capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. politicians prospered but the jobs left and the factories closed. the establishment protected itself. but not the citizens of our country. their victories have not been your victories. their triumphs have not been your triumphs. while they celebrated in our nation's capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land. [applause] trump: that all
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changes starting right here and right now. because this moment is your moment. it belongs to you. a little more from "the wall street journal" about the reaction from americans to president trump's inaugural speech. in chicago, a married couple raised glasses of champagne at trump international hotel and tower. , a 52-year-old stayed home and watched the inauguration on television, turned off by a new president he felt seemed to hold a dark view of america.
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diana is calling from texas. do you think the president can unite the country? caller: yes, i certainly do. i want to thank you for c-span. i think c-span is one of the things that made this election possible. it gave us honest news. we could watch and see for ourselves and make up our own minds. may i say what i'm calling for? host: go ahead. caller: one of the most important things we can do them buy american., think about what you are buying. go for the lowest price. go for quality. go for something that is made in america. host: robert is calling from massachusetts. lord have mercy, i've
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never seen nothing like that in my life that i thought i was going back to 1960. people like george wallace. a person -- all these people go back to the 1960's. i fought for civil rights. you still see this today. in this country, it is unbelievable. this man sounds just like strom thurmond. the american people. what american people are you talking about? he's talking about white america.
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host: the president did say he wanted unity, he wanted prosperity for americans, whether they are black, brown or white. part of the speech convince you at all? host: if you believe that, you're crazy. movie "roots" came out in the 1970's, it was some mad black people in the 1970's. what you will see is the exact same thing. it is just not right. host: a little more about yesterday's inaugural festivities which saw the installation of a new president and the departure of another president, former president barack obama said his goodbyes yesterday. "the new york times" talks about
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the ceremonies. the president gathered on friday with 2000 political appointees at joint base andrews where the truest of believers during eight years in which hope was repeatedly tested and change often proved difficult. jeff is calling in from colorado.
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do you think the president can unite people, especially folks like those who just were mentioned in this piece who feel concerned about the new administration? caller: no. host: why not, jeff? caller: i am a reagan republican. senior bush, w the first term. host: what are your concerns about president trump? caller: he manipulates the in the simplest sense. their emotions, their fears that he frightens me. i've never seen an american politician like him.
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i admired his thoughts when he wrote "the art of the deal." my father is a real estate developer but he frightens me. betty is calling in from arlington, virginia. caller: good morning. host: do you think president trump can be a uniter? caller: no, i do not. i have not heard anything that donald trump has said since he has been running for president. yesterday, one of the darkest i'vets for our country -- been listening to politics and inaugurations for years and i've never heard an inauguration speech like that yesterday. host: what about it struck you most?
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caller: the entire speech, even from the beginning. everybody said he had written his own speech. i expected something different. some people have called in and said he will unite the country. i did not hear anything yesterday i thought would unite the country. -- i listen tove this stuff religiously. it frightened me yesterday when i began to hear his speech. i texted people, what is going on, what is going to happen? even london and other places, people are upset just by listening to his speech yesterday. i don't know what will happen. i'm going to miss president obama and michelle obama. i'm going to miss that team. host: speaking of how views of the president's inaugural
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address from other places -- "the financial times" wrote in its editorial today that trump's challenge is to narrow the risk that he widened. the speech did not conclude with the notion that americans are single people linked by shared va and unstoppable when united in a common cause. ur's li -en a famili a
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meetove w bakn i that maybe you had never even thought about visiting and met people that on the surface seemed completely different from you, did not look like you or or like the same tv programs as you and yet, when you started talking to them, it turned out you had something in common. people took notice. it was infused with a sense of hope. as i said in 2004, it wasn't
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blind optimism that drove you to do all this work. or willfulaivete ignorance of all the challenges that america faces. it was hope in the face of difficulty. hope in the face of uncertainty. you proved the power of hope. throughout this process, michelle and i, we have been your front men and women. face, sometimes , out front on the tv screen or in front of the microphone -- this has never been about us. it has always been about you. things that have
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happened over these last 10 years are really just a testament to you. host: ann is calling in from georgia. caller: how are you this morning? host: i'm great. thank you for calling in. say, i i just wanted to don't think he can unite the country for several reasons. whennk you will see that using the women marching all over the world. that's when you see the women marching all over the world. countriesed out in with daylight before we do. trump careshink about the things that women care about. they don't think he is going to really respect women. look at some of the things he said during the campaign. i think we can begin to see the
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kind of person he really is. people did not believe the bad stuff, they only look at the promises he made about bringing jobs back. he has plans in 12 foreign in 12ies -- plants foreign countries where his products are produced. how can they think that a man is going to bring work back to the unite states when all of his workers are overseas? really conning people. goes far beyond any action he is going to do for the american people. the he did was he played on fears of people, he is take rhetoric. .- he used hate rhetoric
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his actions and his words have been far more divisive than anything else. i do think the media has played in making some sort of equivalency between the and othert he did things that were not nearly as radical or is important. suitsump industry has had filed against him, he's had women who have filed suits against them for assault. people ignore them. host: the women's march on washington is taking place today here in washington, d.c. and in several other cities. the event here in washington, d.c. has scheduled speakers include gloria steinem and cecile richards, among others. our live coverage will pick up at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on c-span and later in the show,
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we will bring you some light shots of the scene as people gather for that march here today. jason is calling from montana. do you think the president can help bring americans together? caller: i'm hopeful. i am not a big trump supporter. being a native american who montana,small town watching what's going down in north dakota with the oil pipeline and how we are being ignored, it worries me. i am hopeful that he is going to shake up washington and the politics there. because it needs to happen. we will miss obama.
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he had his flaws, hillary had hers, bill has is. we all have flaws. is -- do you think it you think it is harder to govern when the populace is divided as opposed to more united? in 1977. was born i did not get to witness the vietnam era. c-span thising morning with them talking about fishe fascism and everything else, it seems like vietnam, antigovernment is coming back. people are fighting back and we need to do that. we need to fight for us. today's "wall street journal" point out several areas where president trump's policies will differ starkly from the policies of the obama administration. says global
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hotspots will vie for a white house focus. the new commander in chief has vowed to accelerate the fight against islamic state in iraq u.s. troopsere since mid-2014 have backed an offensive by local forces to out the group from its self-declared caliphate. it also talks about the supreme court. trump is expected to pick a conservative justice soon for the court. within two weeks of taking office, president donald trump plans to announce a supreme court nomination to move to restore a conservative majority
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on the divided bench that many ed was lost after the --th of incidents glia antonin scalia in february. up next, we have madeleine calling in from birmingham, alabama. 65-year-olda retiree. i worked for the federal government for many years. this is what i want people to know. bring americans
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together when he destroyed it by racist -- i want the people of america to look at themselves and see within themselves who they are and what they want to be. c-spaned to listen to when they are doing these things about all these cabinet members. listen to the facts. listen to everything. check the bills out that have been passed. check out the bills in progress. this is what you need to do as americans. there are jobs. do you qualify for them? if you have a college education, you qualify for this. if you have a high school education, you qualify for that.
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look within ourselves. this man cannot bring the united states together, it is up to the american people to do it. two of president trump's cabinet members have already been installed. defense secretary general james mattis was confirmed by the senate yesterday by a 98-1 vote. also, the homeland security secretary was confirmed on an 88-1 vote. senator jeff sessions did not vote. all 11 votes against secretary kelly were from democrats. fred is calling in from florida. ♪ good morning.
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-- caller: good morning. how are you? my concern is, if the jobs to come back, the minimum wages need to be raised. the people who own the companies that will be doing all this infrastructure are the ones who will make the money and the people on the lower end will be left at the bottom of the totem pole. greg is calling in from colorado. caller: good morning. presidentve that trump can bring us together. comment on the lady two colors back -- two callers back. she was right about getting
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everybody educated about the political system, learning about the bills and learning about his administration and his appointments. but i disagree with her in that he can't do things to bring us together. the same talk is cheap is maybe applicable here. office and is in saying he got there by saying he -- now, he needs to do it. he willhe big problems be running up against is over the previous administration, people have become addicted to handouts. issue the fight against. -- to fight against. he can bring them together.
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host: brenda is calling in from dallas, texas. ken president trump bring america together? caller: yes, i do believe that he can. theml like god has touched . it is time for a change. we only had two presidents before him, kennedy and lincoln -- he could be the third president that make a change. i have faith in him. a lot of people don't believe in him. we have to start somewhere and have trust. i feel he can do the job. you just have to believe. host: alberto is calling in from california today. what do you think? do you think president trump can unite the country?
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caller: it is going to be difficult. the country has been divided by president obama. president obama put in welfare for 93 million people. they are not working. they are addicted to collecting money from the government. everybody is going back to work. money andwill have they won't have to depend on the government. the problem with the past administration, they went out handoutsthe people for and that is why we have all this dividing. host: let's take a look at a little bit more of president trump's inaugural address from yesterday. a portion where he talked about american patriotism and unity. [video clip] trump: at the bedrock
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of our politics will be a total allegiance to the united states of america. and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. when you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. [applause] trump: the bible tells is how good and pleasant it when god people live together in unity. we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly but always pursue solidarity. , americaica is united is totally unstoppable. [applause] trump: there should be
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no fear. we are protected and we will always be protected. we will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement. and most importantly -- [applause] president trump: we will be protected by god. host: many of president trump's supporters filled the national mall yesterday to hear him deliver that address. times" reports that washington became a microcosm of the unusual mixture of americans who helped donald j. trump win the presidency. they came from nearby suburbs and rural communities in every direction.
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don is calling in from charlotte, north carolina. -- donna is calling in from charlotte, coletta. caller: if you are coming in with a 40% favorability rating, there's no way you can bring america together. trump had no intentions of bringing americans together. amidst will stay divided this presidency. host: from "the wall street
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trump's" president tough talk could be directed at congressional republicans just as much as congressional democrats. all of them are collectively a big part of the reason american factories have been closed, manufacturing jobs have been lost and the forgotten men and women of our country have been left adrift in a globalized economy. the remarks resembled more of the trump rally speech than a traditional inaugural address. tom is calling in from florida. caller: good morning.
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let's look at the situation here. we are talking about whether the country can be united. how did it get disunited? could it possibly be that the democratic party pitted every possible social class in this country against each other to get votes? it became so selection is that the newsprint couldn't keep from reporting on it. manld trump is not a con like people claim yes. that's claim he is. people claim he is. i think the first thing donald trump is going to do is stop the con going on in the labor
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department reporting on a planet. that's unemployment. -- labor department reporting on unemployment. people aren't used to hearing the truth, i guess. the think economic -- bottom of the totem pole in the united states sees the top of the totem pole -- donald trump does have a tough job. the press will be against him all the way. but i am so proud of the united states that donald trump was they dideven though everything they could to stop them from elected. you will see the unite states come back together economically. as far as equality -- do you
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think equality is even achievable? like everybody has the same ability? come on. host: ken is calling in from cincinnati. caller: in order for america to come together, you have to have the democrats and these anarchists and these union activists come together. you cannot put it all on president trump. need toary supporters want to come together. what happened to hillary's question about accepting the result of the election? what i see going on now is totally based on hillary supporters and obama supporters and their violent protesters. law should have a where no one should be able to protest having their face covered up or wearing a mask.
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they are just anarchists. donald trump has come forth in good faith and it's time for people to put everything aside to come together and make america one america. host: one of the attendees at yesterday's inaugural address was hillary clinton. president trump's rival in the election. reports york times" this was not the inauguration that hillary clinton thought she would be attending. some democrats still bitter about her election night defeat grumbled privately that she should have skipped donald trump's swearing-in.
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betty is calling in from illinois. caller: good morning. , it takes a con artist to know a con artist. , born in southd carolina. all you have to do is look at the crowd yesterday. it was not a rainbow crowd. look at his cabinet. one black person, which was a brain surgeon and he gave him the job over at hud. no, he cannot make the country
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better. he has divided the country. god bless america. thank you. host: this week, c-span's newsmakers introduces the leaders of the u.s. conference of mayors. they talked about the trump administration's plans for a big infrastructure building program. >> we have so much deferred maintenance in our roads and bridges and water systems. what it is going to look like is hard to imagine. how they will pay for it is yet to be described. we are willing to be active partners. we understand the need and we want to help them find the solution to this and we are glad that they are prioritizing. they could not be more correct about the biggest issue that is facing america right now. >> as a republican president obama tried to do the same thing, blocked by the
8:01 am
republicans in the house and senate. what's different today? >> remember, that stimulus program sent money to the states and never wound up in the cities and addressed the state inventory of infrastructure but didn't address the inventory mitch and i control. i have 8,000 lane miles of road in oklahoma city, none of that was subject to the department of transportation funding. so that was almost irrelevant to the needs of cities. what's different now? well, i think they may try to include infrastructure into some of the tax policy discussion but that's really taking place in rooms i'm not allowed in to. that's what i hear. >> mayor landrieu? >> i agree with mayor cornette. everyone is trying to get things happening, trying to get things on task and on to budget. we build things every day. we're excited about the possibility of investing in trillions of dollars and making america strong again. there's no question we believe investment in infrastructure will create jobs and increase economic output for the united states of america. and we're ready to get after that and have a conversation. the devil, as you know, is in
8:02 am
the details. you can waste a lot of money quick if you don't send it to the right people and spend it on the right things. roads, bridges, ports, airports, sue irand water systems are the kinds of things that stabilize cities and economies are the things the mayors are interested in. listen, we're ready to engage in a very aggressive way and be a really good partner on this particular issue. host: that is newsmakers, check out for the programming for that. "newsmakers" can be seen this sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern time. and you can also see it on as well as on c-span radio through its radio app. benjamin is calling in from san bernardino, california. do you think president trump can unite the nation? caller: i do. and i hope that he does because i'm a physician and i live in this horrible california tax
8:03 am
plan. this is just a gross environment and we can't get along. i mean, we're hurting. i'm trying to put my kids through school. just elementary school. and it's painful. we can't afford anything and the physician salary that i make. can you believe that? host: what would you like to hear from the president or what did you think of his inauguration address, does that give you hope things may change there? caller: everything. he made a great speech, in my opinion. he's trying to unite us. he's trying to cut down on crime. if you remember, san bernardino is where i'm from, and right across the street from -- not right across the street, but what they shot up is
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unbelievable. you cannot even believe it because it's kids. it's about progress. it's about future. what they shot up was just disgusting. and nobody brought that out. host: ok. tracy is calling in, also from california. hi, tracy. caller: hello, hi. host: you're on. do you think that president trump can bring the nation together? caller: yeah, i do but i think all of us as americans need to come together and try to get long with one another. he did stir the pot a little too hard back then on the campaign. so i pray that he will. and like kennedy said, we all need to get out there and do our best for our country, too. so we've got to get to work and get educated and try and get
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better skills for ourselves. host: do you think that it's more the job of the president to be a leader to unite americans or do you think that it's up to americans to be able to come together regardless of who is in the white house? caller: i'd say a little bit of oth and a lot of both. i think we'll all have to try and get along with everyone. host: and a little more from the trump administration and a little more from "the wall street journal" says immigration revamp is likely, after campaigning for the white house, promising hard line immigration policies, president donald trump now has the opportunity to implement them, in some cases he did act alone, other changes will require congressional approval. the most immediate and
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politically fraught question regards a program that gives temporary work permits and safe harbor from deportation to about 750,000 young people brought to the united states illegally as children. mr. trump has promised to kill the program but these so-called dreamers are a sympathetic group. he recently promised to, quote, work something out but hasn't said what that might be. david is calling in from east hartford, connecticut. do you think the president can unite the country? caller: good morning, kimberly, how are you? host: i'm good. caller: thank for you c-span. i'll give you what is the easiest way to look at it for myself. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. the man won the electoral college and comes back to perhaps the bustling tact, our emails seemed sort of a juvenile party response to a loss that almost makes the man look like a putin victim. i don't like it. it's my huge excuse for why i
8:07 am
voted for him and the man has y congratulations. host: brian calling in from kansas. caller: hello, kimberly. no, i don't think he can bring america together. i think it goes back to president obama when he was first inaugurated and the republicans had a meeting the night before and decided that the strategy would be to oppose everything that he did. he had a jobs plan and he wanted to invest in infrastructure but they would not do that. so if i were the democrats, i would use that exact same strategy, you know, to oppose everything that he has -- that he would want to do. but, you know, all you have to do is listen to the man and,
8:08 am
you know, first mexico will pay for the wall. now mexico is going to reimburse us for the wall. he's simply a conman. if you listen to what he says, somebody said they thought that god had touched him. he said he never even felt that he needed to repent to god for ny reason. you listen to what the man says and who he installs. he installs white nationalists in the top of his cabinet but he wants to bring people together. just look at what he does and you will see it as the opposite of what he says. host: steven is calling in from wyndham, connecticut. do you think that the president can be a uniter? caller: i think he's got one shot at it. in fact, the republican party has one shot to pull this off.
8:09 am
he invited chuck schumer to speak. that's an indicator he's trying to reach out. but he has to stick to the plan. he has to rebuild america. he's got one chance to rebuild america, to restructure all niece networks, all these systems. it's going to take $11 trillion to pull this off. it's going to be a very expensive venture but we can all benefit from this rebuild. he's got one chance to do it. so right now i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. but if the republican party blows this, you know, it's going to be a real shame for everybody. host: "the wall street journal" has an article how democrats are preparing for the trump administration. democrats and congress led by senate leader chuck schumer. it says democrats are their weakest in washington in more than a deak.
8:10 am
they're counting on mr. schumer, the senior senator from new york, to throw up hurdles to the republican agenda. senate democrats can block most legislation, unlike their house counterparts and they can show -- they can slow action on the chamber floor. their biggest goal to stop a g.o.p. event to dismantle the affordable care act. goes on to say, so far, mr. schumer looks as though he decided to play a long game aimed at swinging public opinion his way rather than joining the dozens of house democrats who said they wouldn't go to mr. trump's inauguration. mr. schumer spoke at the ceremony, pressing ahead over boos from the trump friendly crowd. frank is calling from beacon, new york. do you think president trump can help bring the country together? caller: absolutely not. and i think he will have a lot less to do with his policy and his actions in office than just
8:11 am
the fact that prior to -- as part of his campaign, he turned off so many people, he offended practically every ethnic group in the country, every major constituency possible and people dislike him. he's proven before and during the campaign that he was one of the sleaziest candidates that's ever run for a public office. he currently has 44% of the nation in the survey says that they distrust him and as much as 50% said they dislike him. regardless what this man does in office in terms of policy and actions and so forth, there are a number of us here who dislike the fact that this man was put in this position or voted on by people knowing the
8:12 am
kind of negatives that he had going for him as a candidate before he ever even got elected to the office. so no, i don't think he'll ever be able to unite this country, at least not me because i will dislike him regardless of what in office because of the person he was proven to be during the campaign. host: donald trump who is famously fond of using twitter took control of the official white house twitter account at potus yesterday, his first post from that handle said with the #inaugurationday with a picture of him ready to walk out to deliver his final address. it was also a twitter change for the former president, president barack obama who went back to using his personal
8:13 am
handle@barack obama and tweeted, hi, everybody, back to the original handle. is this thing still on? michelle and i are off on a quick vacation and then we'll get back to work. cristina is calling from edinburgh, texas. hi, cristina. caller: good morning. it's actually from kempner, texas. host: sorry about that. do you think the president can bring the nation together? caller: no, i don't believe the 45th president will be able to bring the nation together. and in his original inauguration speech, he almost sounded as if he was calling for vigilante type justice to step in to take control of situations that the police are andling. you don't know how anyone can feel that's a uniting kind of statement. plus, anyone asking a foreign entity that is an enemy of the
8:14 am
united states to look into things that are involving his opponent to try to help booster his win, i don't see how -- and not apologizing for that or never apologizing to president for saying he's not a legitimate president and then whining because people are questioning his presidency. no. my answer would be no. and then the heritage foundation, i am in education and to say that you want to it pbs support and have privatized only, there are so many children not fortunate enough to be able to go to head start or able to go to preschool, and they need pbs to help get them their first start in school where the educational programs are on there. this is not looking like a positive beginning for me.
8:15 am
but as a true christian, give me a moment to calm down and hopefully things will get better. thanks for listening to me and good luck to everybody that's out there in the united states. host: randy is calling in from hickory, north carolina, what do you think, can the president be a uniter? caller: i tell you what, i watched it. i'm a christian, too. ok. i mean, my god, he talks to me, i talk to him, i say it's agiege reduce. everyone tells me it's the holy spirit. ut i watched this. the man basically gets a tax cut by going back to the capital. now, i have been disabled for several years, i've had eight heart attacks, i've had cancer, i e had hepatitis c, and
8:16 am
come to north carolina back from florida, my heart with 20% compression. the doctors tell me my heart is back to normal. i tell my doctor, he says i have hepatitis. i've been tested many, many times in florida. i go to the doctor, he tells me this ain't nothing to play with. i said you think? i go to the disease doctor, he tells me that you have to have all these shots in your stomach. i come home and say lord, i can't deal with any more of this. says you have hepatitis. i come home and prayed about it. i went back to the doctor and he said you ain't got hepatitis. i said i know, i've got the
8:17 am
best doctor there is and i pointed to the ceiling. and he took a blood test again and called me back and he said you don't have hepatitis. host: randy, are you saying we should have that same kind of faith in the president? caller: and i think trump is doing a wonderful job. host: ok. some more changes that took place when donald trump assumed the white house as the 45th president deals with the website, according to "the new york times," climate change references were purged from the white house website as the trump administration took hold and said within moments of the inauguration of president trump, the official white house website on friday deleted nearly all mentions of climate change. the one exception, mr. trump's vow to eliminate the obama administration's climate change policies which previously had a prominent and detailed webpage
8:18 am
on white the purge was not unexpected. it came as part of the full digital turnover of white including taking down i aag tanxug all of alonnuervemr osonsndai ote,namo yothk r? a e buhe t
8:19 am
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8:30 am
mpasne, t y tpl ho lao tintp ll. im wl swruthngay t c i thk att astngssop
8:31 am
8:32 am
he w t litilein o an peace language common to past presidents' inaugural rhetoric did not make the cut in mr. trump's speech nor did equality. so we heard about carnage, ripped away, wealth, stolen lives and destroying of jobs. we heard mr. trump repeatedly offer make americans would be protected against these transgressions and betrayals. i will fight for you, he promised, ultimately personalistic, paternalistic and estate grab dyesing.
8:33 am
these formulations were hard to square as of his claim at noon friday the people became the rulers of this nation again. robert is on the line, calling in from belton, missouri. hi, robert. caller: good morning. i was listening to what you early in the show and that is the president, the first thing he signed was a bill to actually raise the cost of a house by $29. i watched for a year and a half and all the different campaignings everybody did, i they eard anybody say would raise the cost of a house but that's what he did. then he went right into signing bills -- or getting rid of whatever he could possibly find that has to do with health
8:34 am
insurance for the people that really need it the most. so i think all we have to do is stand by and we'll see what he really is going to do to the merican economy. host: nick is calling in from sarasota, florida. what do you think about president trump, do you think he can be a uniter? caller: i think he can but i'd like to see him now that he's in office, really move forward on veterans benefits. i think i can speak for most of the veterans out here. the thing they don't remember and i hope some of the people are listening to the show this morning, they talk a lot about health care and it does need fixes but in general in florida, i've gotten pretty good health care. i've had to wait in line for other people but that's ok because they're my brother and sisters in arms. the other half of v.a., the benefit side, you've got people waiting on claims that go back to the vietnam era.
8:35 am
he should sign the executive order saying that all these claims up to, say, january of last year, so no false ones they try to slip in, to be honorable and just and paid immediately in full as claimed and get some real help to the veterans and their families that he assured us on the campaign trail. host: ok. and we are talking to our viewers today about president trump who in his first full day in office as president of the united states today, we're asking if you think he can be uniting, if he can unite the country. those in the eastern and central time zones can call 02-748-8000 and those in the ountain and pacific regions, 202-748-8001. randy is calling from warsaw, virginia. hi, randy. caller: how are you doing this morning? host: i'm good. what are your thoughts? caller: you know, i think i agree with many of the other callers that we need to get the
8:36 am
economy going and people back to work and will solve many of our social problems. what i really look forward to in the trump administration is not so many lives that came out of the obama administration particularly per straining to illegal immigration. host: ok. and cassie is calling in from montgomery, texas. hi, kathy. caller: good morning. i think president trump wants to unite the country. i think it's been divided, honestly, for so long. i think we should give him a chance. it's a fight between capitalism and socialism and we kicked out the socialists and pray to god the people can unite and give trump a chance. this country can't survive if we keep this up so god bless america, god bless trump. host: dan is calling in from
8:37 am
florida. dan, do you think the president can bring the country together? caller: yes, i believe he can but it will take a little time to get what happened in the senate and the house. i believe one of the things trump can do in order to be able to actually start uniting the country is to look what's happening in the street and try to drop the sur names. we're all americans. we're not black americans, white americans, indian americans and on and on. i believe that if we can have this country and this leadership can start mending the division between the blacks, the whites, the asians and so on and so forth, there would be a good possibility we could actually start working as an american people again, as being americans, we are what we are as far as race, creed and color. the thing of it is, though, is when people in the streets start looking at each other, they see just americans, not
8:38 am
seeing who they are and what their denominations are. host: ok. let's hear president trump say what he believes his inauguration will be remembered for. [video clip] president trump: january 20, 017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. the forgotten men and women of this country will be forgotten no longer. everyone is listening to you now. you can by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen efore.
8:39 am
at the center of this movement is a crucial conviction that a nation exists to serve its citizens. americans want great schools for their children, safe neighborhoods for their families and good jobs for hemselves. these are just and reasonable demands of righteous people and a righteous public. host: bill's on the line from mississippi. bill, do you think that the president can unite the country? caller: yes, ma'am, i believe if given a chance he probably could do at least more than what's gone on so far. but just to show you how disingenious some people can be in his defense, the fact -- not in his defense, excuse me, but against him, is this whole story about the f.h.a. loans. they made it sound as if he's done this on purpose, that he's
8:40 am
taken $30 away from these folks. this was enacted and announced 12 days ago by obama's administration. and all it was was a program that said, hey, we're going to -- we need to do more analysis on the plan before we simply give it out and not under what the full weight might be on that plan. this wasn't something that, like the gentleman from missouri said, he went in and decided to take away the money. that wasn't the case at all. that money was taken away and then he said wait a second, we need to make sure that we understand -- it's kind of like the whole we need to pass it before we can understand what's going on, you know, the whole health care issue. this whole notion he was attempting to subvert the homeowners is just crazy. host: ok. dan is calling in from winter park, florida.
8:41 am
do you think the president can bring the country together? caller: no, i don't think he's going to bring the country together. mainly because he ran on a campaign of division. he just has identified a lot of enemies and scapegoats, you know, blaming race, immigrants, and he ran on dividing us so that he could win, so his intention isn't to bring us together but to keep us divided , and i think everyone should go and read the article by lawrence britt, it's the 14 characteristics of facism. and if you go through the list, you can check off each one of those things and see exactly how president trump is headed
8:42 am
down the path the of facism. i'm a 67-year-old retired registered nurse here in orlando, and i do plan on going to the woman's march today at 1:00 p.m. to protest. i think we need to fight back because before we know it, we will become a facist nation nder a person who wants to put the power into business. people need to remember that government is not a business. government is force. and when you connect business and government, nothing goodwill come of it. host: ok. and the editorial writers at "the new york times" gave their assessment of president trump's inaugural address and the way it painted america and said one
8:43 am
longed, as mr. trump spoke, for a special kind of simultaneous translation, one that would convert trumpian myths into concrete fact and it might have noted when mr. trump sounded like a politician from the 1980's in promising to get our people off welfare and back to work that the number of people receiving federal temporary assistance for needy families benefits fell by more than 70% to 1.2 million between 1996 and 2016. and mr. trump spoke about the disappearance of jobs. it would have voted that the unemployment rate has fallen from 10% in 2009, the height of the recession, to less than 5%. mr. trump portrayed the nation's closed factories as having needlessly hemorrhaged jobs to overseas companies. but even as production jobs fell by five million since 1987, the country's manufacturing output has increased by more than 86% according to the bureau of labor statistics.
8:44 am
trade is a part of the complicated story but so is automation. fred is on the line from carrie, oregon. do you think donald trump can unite people? caller: yeah, i think he can. everybody needs to get out of their trenches where they're dug in on their opinions one way or another and just be positive thinking americans, if they've got good ideas, head them towards the trump team and i'm sure if they hear good ideas, republican, democrat, liberal, it won't matter, if they're good ideas, they'll be implemented. at least that's what he says. and he has a chance to be a great president for a great country, the greatest country on earth. and i think we need to give him a chance. host: do you think the unity will come from the things the president says or do you think that it will come in the result of his policies?
8:45 am
caller: i think it will come from people taking a look at what he's implementing and seeing if it works in the interest of the american people. host: ok. we have mark calling in from louisville, kentucky. hi, mark. caller: hi. host: do you think the president can you fight america? caller: yes, i do. i believe he can. everything he said yesterday, i believe that he was telling the truth for the american people, not just black or white but all americans, black, white or brown or all americans, not just your ethnic group or whatever. i got a slap in the jaw a little bit when i got a raise on disability for $3 for the cost of living. and i don't know if anybody else has, but i'm sure they
8:46 am
have. that was kind of a smack in the jaw on the administration that was in there before on the way i think the service men and service women of our foremost ed to be taken care of first and not just them but people of need, people that are of need and curious of need. and when he said united states, american people people first, i believe in that. and that's the way i think all people should believe that are here in america no matter if you're from a foreign country or any other country that you came here to be here in a free country. and i really do believe he is going to try his best.
8:47 am
and nobody is perfect but i do believe he's going to try his best to be a good president for our country and for all americans. and that's the way i believe, yes, ma'am. host: lee is calling from chatsworth, california. hi, lee. caller: how are we doing this morning? host: i'm good. caller: i do believe he'll be able to get us together when he starts putting money back in our pockets. he needs money for himself but in our pocket, too. i'm small business. it's hurting right now. so when he puts money back in our pockets and jobs back in everybody's pockets, it will put smiles on their faces. also, about the obamacare i switch a vet so
8:48 am
out the generic ones and they don't work. hopefully that will get straightened out. i lived in iran and all kind of places so i have a lot of comments but now i'm blanking out because i got on finally after dialing so long. but yes, he'll unite us and if we can be patient with it, i believe it will happen within the next month, you know. he's human, you know. he's not a politician and what we wanted, a republican. small business would make money for republicans, democrats included. host: "the washington post" points out some potential conflicts of interest that the president faces entering office. it says on the first day of office, president trump declared on the white house website that he would roll back a clean water rule that has been opposed as bad for business by a coalition that included his own golf courses.
8:49 am
he also effectively became his own landlord at his district hotel which his company rents from the federal government that despite a lease that forbids such benefits going to any elected official. trump's golf course tweeted congratulations to its owner as he became president, though a trump lawyer previously promised no company social media accounts would reference his office. and in his official biography on the white house website, trump bragged of his -- of the success of business he still owns and his book "the art of the deal" which remains for sale. likewise, first lady, melania trump's biography noted her jewelry line is for sale on the cable television channel qvc and is trademarked, a registration now overseen by a trademark office that is part of the executive branch led by her husband. denny is calling in from north carolina. jenny, do you think donald
8:50 am
trump can help bring together the americans who are divided right now? caller: no, i don't think he can unite the country because of his divisive and toxic rhetoric during his campaign. host: do you think that what he says from now on now that he's in office can change from what he did in the campaign? caller: no, i think the damage has already been done. host: ok. and oliver is calling in from washington, d.c. hi, oliver. caller: hi, greta. good morning. thanks for working on c-span. host: what do you think about the president, can he bring the country together? caller: i don't think he can bring the country together because i don't think that's his job. host: what do you think should happen? do you think americans should decide for themselves to be more unified?
8:51 am
caller: yes. i think his job is to help educate americans, to help bring them more on par with what is actually occurring in government which might be interpreted as a war between government forces and corporate orces. in terms of their influencing our economy. host: a programming note, join us this weekend as our c-span cities tour takes books tv and american history tv to pennsylvania's capital city of harrisburg as we explore its history and literary scene. today at noon on book tv, all of our nonfiction offerings ll air together in one block including a look at
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pennsylvania native cameron who served as lincoln's ontroversial secretary of war. [video clip] >> cameron is the most important and political leader in american history that people haven't heard of. doubt the without a most talented machine builder and most talented politician of his general. -- of his generation. people talk about the age of andrew jackson but in many ways should talk about the age of simon cameron. this is a man whose political skills were undeniable and a man who built a political machine that lasted far beyond any of those constructed by his contemporaries. and it's unfortunate his name has become mere shorthand for corruption and for sharp dealing because in realt, -- in reality, his story has so much to tell us about american politics in the first three quarters of the 19th century.
8:53 am
host: and that is this weekend on c-span on book tv starting at noon. you also can catch it on al is calling from arlington, texas. al, do you believe that president trump can bring the nation together? caller: he can. but you didn't ask does he want to? ell, the way he got elected is because he divided the nation and got elected. why would he want to divide? he's a businessman so he knows he has to break down the competition in order to win. however, he will unite people who don't believe in science but they want their m.r.i., which was built on many, many, many years of science.
8:54 am
and with a lot of money from the government to the national science foundation. those people who give literary to the constitution but only like the second amendment. they don't like the first amendment, they don't like the right of the blacks to vote, so he's going to unite those. he's going to unite those people who did not believe in president obama as legislating as president. well, those very people whose retirement funds, the very people who watch fox news, the stock market went from 8,000 to 0,000 during his term, yet they are against president obama. president obama did not want to
8:55 am
push back against the very same people like the majority senate leader who said from day one we want to make him a first term president because if you push back, the very people who didn't like him on the outside, they would say he's an angry black man. so that was his fault. hopefully, i'm very doubtful, that he would unite the and lican -- the democrats armchair philosophers who said bernie or nothing. hopefully they wake up and get united. host: ok. paul is calling in from north las vegas, nevada. paul, what do you think? can the president unite the country? caller: well, if everybody goes on the single premise basically that what the constitution
8:56 am
means when it was written is basically what it's supposed to mean today and everybody realizes that and accepts the constitution, understands the constitution, i think if you ask certain people what parts, what articles, they don't even know what's in it. so if everybody is indoctrinated and everybody basically takes a look at it and they read it and everybody in the country says yep, i stand by those principles, all the articles, all the amendments, then the country is united rather than now where certain parts of the constitution are under attack by certain factions or certain parties, and they're ignoring it. basically the constitution has been relegated to the bathroom, and people don't want to use it. host: do you think the president plays a role in
8:57 am
bringing people together, at least refocusing on constitutional principles? caller: well, he did that in his speech. he gave us the power back. but if we don't know what our -- the power that we have based on the constitution -- on the constitution, because you don't remember it when it was taught to you in school or you just don't care, he gave us the power back but if you don't know where your power lies and what your power is, then you can't use it, can you? so i think he can, if everybody will go under the premise that we have rights granted to us under the constitution, everybody agrees with that, but you do not try to remove articles and amendments through executive fiat or legislations legislating from the bench, and you let the constitution work the way it worked when it was
8:58 am
adopted. host: ok. marie is also calling from north las vegas, nevada. hi, marie. caller: how, house it going? host: i'm fine. what do you think about the president, can he help bring the country together? caller: absolutely not. i'm so proud of my state. my state actually, we did go for hillary clinton. we elected another democrat in harry reid's seat and we elected -- we're getting ready to get rid of dean hiller, so he's next. what i have to say is why he's not going to basically be able to unite the country is because he starts out on the premise that basically he's not legitimate. and he's just not a legitimate president. we don't still know what's going on with russia. we don't still know what's going on with his conflicts of interest. i think there's a lot of stuff going on with him. and i actually work in the
8:59 am
mortgage industry. ok. the day he and everyone can check this out. the day he was elected, the next day interest rates went up. so if you were to have went in and tried to get a mortgage before the election day, you would have gotten probably around 3.375%, now you're looking at 4.25%. when he just decided to do an executive order on the fha mortgage insurance premium where he decided to scrap it, the problem is the industry needs that business. when we actually -- when mortgage insurance premiums are lowered, customers actually then refinance their loans. we're not getting refinanceed loans right now because of the mortgage rates are too high. so what we have to do is it's all purchase business. you just saw that lowe's is laying off 2,400 people.
9:00 am
what's going on with the mortgage industry, my company just laid off a ton of people. the problem is he's not increasing jobs, he's taking away jobs. everything starts with mortgages. if people aren't buying homes and refinancing, they're not going to lowe's, they're not going to home depot, that's in 2009 and 2010 when we had the worst industry in the whole country, this is what it started with. it started with mortgages and this is why he will not be able to unite as because he is not going to bring the jobs. host: abc news is providing a look at how other countries are viewing the trump inauguration and incoming administration through their newspapers. some of the headlines we see are from argentina, the front page airese point ibuenos
9:01 am
erald." the "toronto star." post" anderusalem in israel. let's hear what president trump himself had to say about his foreign-policy. [video clip] trump: we will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world, but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first. we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to
9:02 am
let it shine as an example. we will shine for everyone to follow. [applause] trump: we will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and unite the civilized world against radical islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth. [applause] host: shelley is calling in from texas. good morning. what do you think? can the president be a uniter? caller: yes, i do think so. it is up to the people also. it is going downhill since the last eight years and that is when the division is all started. it wasn't president trump that made all the division, it has been from the other side. president trump has tried to
9:03 am
unite people. since the beginning of his campaign. i have been behind trump from the very beginning. he is a fighter and a worker and a man of his work. i get so emotional about it because all this going on and just like the march today against president trump, it is so uncalled for. why can't people except it -- accept it and move forward? it is up to the people. obama in the last eight years, it's never been this bad. used to not be among us and it shouldn't be now. we are all one for america. host: shelley mentioned the women's march on washington. that is taking place today and will be covered on c-span following this show, live.
9:04 am
the mission statement of the women's march states in the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights committee committee and justice dignity andhts, --tice coverage of the women's march will be found right here on c-span beginning at 10:00 a.m. directly after this morning's "washington journal." nancy is calling in from washington, pennsylvania. caller: good morning. i do not think he can unite the country. i wish that he could. what i keep going back to is
9:05 am
when you are looking at a person and their behavior and their words do not fit well together, you should never trust the words. you should always trust the behavior to know what you are looking at. , he has always been a man who did what donald trump wanted and what donald trump needed. he claims he is against elitists and yet come every member of his proposed cap it is elitist. -- and yet, every member of his proposed cabinet is elitist. divisive,d misogynistic, discontented rhetoric. he was a thinly veiled racist. he's picked people for his cabinet who have a history of being negative to work various races and ethnic groups.
9:06 am
he claims he understands the average american struggle and yet, he's done nothing to help it. he talks and laments about closed steel mills, doesn't talk about how automation played a role, doesn't talk about his own use in his buildings, foreign steel, foreign marble, foreign crystal. host: do you think other people, democrats or the previous industries nor anyone else bears some responsibility for the divisions in the country? there's been a fairly long pattern of it. when you look back at george w. bush's presidency, he ran a campaign of fear. he worked american fear very well to get consent from the american public to go into iraq, not just afghanistan, but into iraq.
9:07 am
i think trump learned from that lesson very well. if you while the american people and make them afraid -- while -- rile the american people and make them afraid, you can control them. used cary much a salesman kind of a person. he made a point of telling win, that's what i do. the democrats underestimated him. then't fully blame democrats for what's been going on in congress or the republicans. i find it very concerning that we had mutiny in congress for all of president obama's terms in office and the american public did not rant and rave about a congress that said we will not do anything he wants. host: the inaugural festivities
9:08 am
are not over. they continue today as president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence attend a national prayer service at the national cathedral in washington, d.c. we will have live coverage on c-span2 starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern. you can also watch live on and listen to it with the c-span free radio app. we will have full coverage of all of that today. sylvia is calling in from broken arrow, oklahoma. do you think president trump can unite the country? pray thathope and this man can. there are so many values from state to state, city to city, i would like to see more federal
9:09 am
ourrnment program to help police and firefighters across the nation. haven'tot seen that, i heard of any programs. they put their lives on the line for the people. i will like to see him do something about this from city to city, state to state. i've been doing my part by submitting proposals and i have more proposals to go in front of the counselors to get things done, but i would like to see veterans getting their first time home. that would be a blessing. i know there's money there for
9:10 am
.e and for my dad got out afteron 16 years, but i would like to officershelp for the from state to state, even in broken arrow, tulsa, doesn't matter. more federal funds to help them with training, or cameras, whatever they need, i'm all for it. i have been for it. they can have community relationships with the areas that they serve. that he gives an apology to the pope as he goes into prayer service. prayer changes things. help our committee to
9:11 am
broken judicial system. for the children come of the young adults in the system. -- for the children, the young adults in the system. they built brand-new prisons and what have you, but what about helping the young adults that commit crimes and then sending someone in there that has been in the system and changed their life around? host: sandy from stockton, california. you think donald trump can bring people together? caller: no, i don't. i think that mr. trump has shown america exactly who he is. there's no confusions about who this man is. an his trump beg campaign for president in 20
9:12 am
11-2012 when he began accusing president obama of being a foreign-born, illegitimate president. and he ran with that. coalition ofa white supremacists, kkk sympathizers, neo-nazi sympathizers, some of which he has in his cabinet. those members of his cabinet that cannot require senate confirmations. host: do you think there is anything the president can do now that he is in office to give a more unifying sense to the country? caller: i don't believe so
9:13 am
because i don't think that is his goal. i don't think his goal is to unite the country. let's be clear about how mr. trump was elected. campaigned on divisiveness. when he came down the escalator and he took the podium, the first thing he did insult andgrate, malign hispanic americans in this country. he went from there and proceeded have the same type of tone with the african-american community.
9:14 am
personally watch all it takes pretty much all the time. i'm a political junkie. -- i personally watch politics pretty much all the time. what happened in our capital is a coup. they are purging career civil servants in the federal government so they can install all of the lackeys, all of the sycophants that have followed this man to washington. host: derek is calling in from maine. good morning, derek. what do you think about the president? can he help bring the nation together? caller: i think donald trump will do all right. he has a good agenda. he is sick of everything that we are sick of. he will unite us and bring us
9:15 am
all together. he has a lot of good people around him. a lot of smart people around him that will actually help facilitate that. the other thing i wanted to , i think he will stop all the corruption in the white house. to bring us all together and to stop all the corruption in the white house. host: we are now getting some live images of the washington national cathedral where the prayer service will be held with the president, president trump and vice president pence. those also directed to be present, tom price, the designee to head the department of
9:16 am
health and human services and mike pompeo, the congressman up to be the director of the cia. we see people arriving at the national cathedral now. full coverage of the inaugural prayer service can be found on c-span2. stay tuned for that. up next, robert is calling in from baltimore. do you think president trump can unite america? caller: he has in a very twisted way. he has basically united people that he has targeted from hispanic americans, the community of lgbt, mexicans, african-americans, women in general. ironic, the ending of the pt barnum circus comes to an end after 146 years of operation and we have our own live pt
9:17 am
barnum in donald trump. i am a schoolteacher. kids who come from el salvador, mexico, honduras and so forth. toil it has taken on my students after witnessing this man being elected -- it is absurd. effect has been felt all the way down to the primary level. we have kids crying in school because they are so afraid of being deported or the parents being deported. vitrioliety with such expressed against innocent people, good people who haven't done anything but try to get some type of living in this country, to ask a question such as can this man unite those
9:18 am
people might find that to be absurd, with all the respect. the effect this guy will have on this country for the next 4-8 years will be disastrous. not half the christian, half a decent man that our outgoing president was. for anyone to say he will unite the country i find to be ridiculous. there was a lady who called -- 20 minutes ago and she said president barack obama was the most divisive president ever. i take issue with that. what has been the case is he has basically exposed people who've always had those thoughts against other types of people
9:19 am
outside the mainstream. host: ed is calling in from north carolina. what are your thoughts today? caller: i don't think mr. trump can unite america. not at all. i am a veteran, a vietnam veteran, 16 months in vietnam. taxes.n has not paid the only people in his cabinet are millionaires and billionaires and the people who voted for him are the ones that will be hurting. he talked about obama. the economy is on the upside, he will take credit for that. people who had insurance, he will cancel all that. mr. obama did a lot for the veterans and i'm a disabled veteran. i can tell you for a fact that
9:20 am
he did a lot for the veterans. this man right here, al capone died in prison for tax evasion. this man right here and nothing 35,000on who sued people, whose file bankruptcy six times. he has to borrow money from foreign countries and he is a billionaire. there's more to do with him" and haneeth him and putin reaainfoerir eyatowha [v clip]
9:21 am
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