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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 21, 2017 7:31pm-8:01pm EST

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gg n i"tss re jrn" id t aura are w uer uomominmpn, e n o n wiei. w pin uan a btohentf isr lile hulha lg way t n e the tk,ore itasow right in the face. more important, he did not in any way align himself with the proud democrats and republicans arrayed around him. he looked out at the crowd and said he was allied with them. ray is calling in from leavenworth, washington. ray, do you think the president can unite the people of america? i do but first we have to deal with congress because congress is the ones that make the laws. they're the ones that say where
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the money goes. the president, he just sets up an idea and congress sets the laws. so in my view, russia is not our enemy. and everybody keeps thinking that russia is our enemy and they're not. if everybody would just look and see how much money -- how much of our tax money goes to the military, we need to quit putting so much money in the military and putting it in this country. they cut the military budget by 50%. we could have college, we could have roads, we could have bridges. we could have health care. if anybody out there, look at the military budget and i guess that's all i got to say. host: ted is calling in from oregon.
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do you think president trump can unite the country? caller: i'm not really going to buy that. i'm 58. i was in the military. i was in the air force. i was overseas. i was in the philippines. that's the last time i saw marcos use a fist pump. me, i don't watch the mainstream media, i watch nhk news from japan, dw from germany, bbc. of we are the laughingstock the world. it's truly unfortunate. one thing i noticed about c-span over time is the voices keep getting younger on the phone. and i don't care if it's after the right in portland right up the road here, you had them tearing up the city again. , this hink to myself, ok
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is a lot of people with nothing to do. how do we get them to do something? if there's one guy i think donald trump has signed up and is going to do a fine job, a lot better than ash carter, is general maddox. and one thing i've learned over time is that if you do not start your life at a certain point in time, you're going to end up like 80% of the people on these phone lines, old and very angry. thank you. host: ok. and then some other news related to the trump transition. the hill is reporting president trump will soon get a call from vladimir putin. vladimir putin will call newly sworn in president trump in the coming days, a kremlin spokesman said saturday. they told the media the call was, quote, a diplomatic necessity according to a cnn report posted on twitter.
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quote, the acting administration will have to be introduced to all the nuances of our bilateral ties peskov said. that's something president trump will be awaiting in the next couple days. brandon is calling from pensacola, florida. hi, brandonon [ caller: hey, how are you doing? host: i'm well. what do you think of president trump, can he bring the nation together? caller: i believe he can because i believe it's going to be the jobs that unite people because we're not democrats our republicans, we're one party, as the english saying. . 're just all americans if he can get the jobs going, i believe he can do it. i was disappointed about the congress, the left didn't come, a lot of the congresspeople. i don't think that was a good thing on their part not to show
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up at least. i think he can unite, once he gets the jobs going, i believe he can. host: "the washington post" in its editorial gave its take on the president's address. and the dark tone and language he used. it said the constitution, which mr. trump never again mentioned after swearing in his oath, was ordained for purposes simultaneously more uplifting but to establish justice and secure the blessings of liberty, yet liberty, justice, and even peace language common to past presidents' inaugural rhetoric did not make the cut in mr. trump's speech nor did equality. so we heard about carnage, ripped away, wealth, stolen lives and destroying of jobs. we heard mr. trump repeatedly offer make americans would be protected against these transgressions and betrayals. i will fight for you, he promised, ultimately
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personalistic, paternalistic and estate grab dyesing. these formulations were hard to square as of his claim at noon friday the people became the rulers of this nation again. robert is on the line, calling in from belton, missouri. hi, robert. caller: good morning. i was listening to what you early in the show and that is the president, the first thing he signed was a bill to actually raise the cost of a house by $29. i watched for a year and a half and all the different campaignings everybody did, i they eard anybody say would raise the cost of a house but that's what he did. then he went right into signing bills -- or getting rid of
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whatever he could possibly find that has to do with health insurance for the people that really need it the most. so i think all we have to do is stand by and we'll see what he really is going to do to the merican economy. host: nick is calling in from sarasota, florida. what do you think about president trump, do you think he can be a uniter? caller: i think he can but i'd like to see him now that he's in office, really move forward on veterans benefits. i think i can speak for most of the veterans out here. the thing they don't remember and i hope some of the people are listening to the show this morning, they talk a lot about health care and it does need fixes but in general in florida, i've gotten pretty good health care. i've had to wait in line for other people but that's ok because they're my brother and sisters in arms. the other half of v.a., the benefit side, you've got people
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waiting on claims that go back to the vietnam era. he should sign the executive order saying that all these claims up to, say, january of last year, so no false ones they try to slip in, to be honorable and just and paid immediately in full as claimed and get some real help to the veterans and their families that he assured us on the campaign trail. host: ok. and we are talking to our viewers today about president trump who in his first full day in office as president of the united states today, we're asking if you think he can be uniting, if he can unite the country. those in the eastern and central time zones can call 02-748-8000 and those in the ountain and pacific regions, 202-748-8001. randy is calling from warsaw, virginia. hi, randy. caller: how are you doing this morning? host: i'm good. what are your thoughts? caller: you know, i think i agree with many of the other
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callers that we need to get the economy going and people back to work and will solve many of our social problems. what i really look forward to in the trump administration is not so many lives that came out of the obama administration particularly per straining to illegal immigration. host: ok. and cassie is calling in from montgomery, texas. hi, kathy. caller: good morning. i think president trump wants to unite the country. i think it's been divided, honestly, for so long. i think we should give him a chance. it's a fight between capitalism and socialism and we kicked out the socialists and pray to god the people can unite and give trump a chance. this country can't survive if we keep this up so god bless america, god bless trump.
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host: dan is calling in from florida. dan, do you think the president can bring the country together? caller: yes, i believe he can but it will take a little time to get what happened in the senate and the house. i believe one of the things trump can do in order to be able to actually start uniting the country is to look what's happening in the street and try to drop the sur names. we're all americans. we're not black americans, white americans, indian americans and on and on. i believe that if we can have this country and this leadership can start mending the division between the blacks, the whites, the asians and so on and so forth, there would be a good possibility we could actually start working as an american people again, as being americans, we are what we are as far as race, creed and color. the thing of it is, though, is when people in the streets
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start looking at each other, they see just americans, not seeing who they are and what their denominations are. host: ok. let's hear president trump say what he believes his inauguration will be remembered for. [video clip] president trump: january 20, 017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. the forgotten men and women of this country will be forgotten no longer. everyone is listening to you now. you can by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen efore.
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at the center of this movement is a crucial conviction that a nation exists to serve its citizens. americans want great schools for their children, safe neighborhoods for their families and good jobs for hemselves. these are just and reasonable demands of righteous people and a righteous public. host: bill's on the line from mississippi. bill, do you think that the president can unite the country? caller: yes, ma'am, i believe if given a chance he probably could do at least more than what's gone on so far. but just to show you how disingenious some people can be in his defense, the fact -- not in his defense, excuse me, but against him, is this whole story about the f.h.a. loans.
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they made it sound as if he's done this on purpose, that he's taken $30 away from these folks. this was enacted and announced 12 days ago by obama's administration. and all it was was a program that said, hey, we're going to -- we need to do more analysis on the plan before we simply give it out and not under what the full weight might be on that plan. this wasn't something that, like the gentleman from missouri said, he went in and decided to take away the money. that wasn't the case at all. that money was taken away and then he said wait a second, we need to make sure that we understand -- it's kind of like the whole we need to pass it before we can understand what's going on, you know, the whole health care issue. this whole notion he was attempting to subvert the homeowners is just crazy. host: ok.
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dan is calling in from winter park, florida. do you think the president can bring the country together? caller: no, i don't think he's going to bring the country together. mainly because he ran on a campaign of division. he just has identified a lot of enemies and scapegoats, you know, blaming race, immigrants, and he ran on dividing us so that he could win, so his intention isn't to bring us together but to keep us divided , and i think everyone should go and read the article by lawrence britt, it's the 14 characteristics of facism. and if you go through the list, you can check off each one of those things and see exactly
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how president trump is headed down the path the of facism. i'm a 67-year-old retired registered nurse here in orlando, and i do plan on going to the woman's march today at 1:00 p.m. to protest. i think we need to fight back because before we know it, we will become a facist nation nder a person who wants to put the power into business. people need to remember that government is not a business. government is force. and when you connect business and government, nothing goodwill come of it. host: ok. and the editorial writers at "the new york times" gave their assessment of president trump's inaugural address and the way
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it painted america and said one longed, as mr. trump spoke, for a special kind of simultaneous translation, one that would convert trumpian myths into concrete fact and it might have noted when mr. trump sounded like a politician from the 1980's in promising to get our people off welfare and back to work that the number of people receiving federal temporary assistance for needy families benefits fell by more than 70% to 1.2 million between 1996 and 2016. and mr. trump spoke about the disappearance of jobs. it would have voted that the unemployment rate has fallen from 10% in 2009, the height of the recession, to less than 5%. mr. trump portrayed the nation's closed factories as having needlessly hemorrhaged jobs to overseas companies. but even as production jobs fell by five million since 1987, the country's manufacturing output has increased by more than 86%
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according to the bureau of labor statistics. trade is a part of the complicated story but so is automation. fred is on the line from carrie, oregon. do you think donald trump can unite people? caller: yeah, i think he can. everybody needs to get out of their trenches where they're dug in on their opinions one way or another and just be positive thinking americans, if they've got good ideas, head them towards the trump team and i'm sure if they hear good ideas, republican, democrat, liberal, it won't matter, if they're good ideas, they'll be implemented. at least that's what he says. and he has a chance to be a great president for a great country, the greatest country on earth. and i think we need to give him a chance. host: do you think the unity will come from the things the president says or do you think that it will come in the result
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of his policies? caller: i think it will come from people taking a look at what he's implementing and seeing if it works in the interest of the american people. host: ok. we have mark calling in from louisville, kentucky. hi, mark. caller: hi. host: do you think the president can you fight america? caller: yes, i do. i believe he can. everything he said yesterday, i believe that he was telling the truth for the american people, not just black or white but all americans, black, white or brown or all americans, not just your ethnic group or whatever. i got a slap in the jaw a little bit when i got a raise on disability for $3 for the cost of living.
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and i don't know if anybody else has, but i'm sure they have. that was kind of a smack in the jaw on the administration that was in there before on the way i think the service men and service women of our foremost ed to be taken care of first and not just them but people of need, people that are of need and curious of need. and when he said united states, american people people first, i believe in that. and that's the way i think all people should believe that are here in america no matter if you're from a foreign country or any other country that you came here to be here in a free country. and i really do believe he is
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going to try his best. and nobody is perfect but i do believe he's going to try his best to be a good president for our country and for all americans. and that's the way i believe, yes, ma'am. host: lee is calling from chatsworth, california. hi, lee. caller: how are we doing this morning? host: i'm good. caller: i do believe he'll be able to get us together when he starts putting money back in our pockets. he needs money for himself but in our pocket, too. i'm small business. it's hurting right now. so when he puts money back in our pockets and jobs back in everybody's pockets, it will put smiles on their faces. also, about the obamacare i switch a vet so
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out the generic ones and they don't work. hopefully that will get straightened out. i lived in iran and all kind of places so i have a lot of comments but now i'm blanking out because i got on finally after dialing so long. but yes, he'll unite us and if we can be patient with it, i believe it will happen within the next month, you know. he's human, you know. he's not a politician and what we wanted, a republican. small business would make money for republicans, democrats included. host: "the washington post" points out some potential conflicts of interest that the president faces entering office. it says on the first day of office, president trump declared on the white house website that he would roll back a clean water rule that has been opposed as bad for
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business by a coalition that included his own golf courses. he also effectively became his own landlord at his district hotel which his company rents from the federal government that despite a lease that forbids such benefits going to any elected official. trump's golf course tweeted congratulations to its owner as he became president, though a trump lawyer previously promised no company social media accounts would reference his office. and in his official biography on the white house website, trump bragged of his -- of the success of business he still owns and his book "the art of the deal" which remains for sale. likewise, first lady, melania trump's biography noted her jewelry line is for sale on the cable television channel qvc and is trademarked, a registration now overseen by a trademark office that is part of the executive branch led by her husband. denny is calling in from north
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carolina. jenny, do you think donald trump can help bring together the americans who are divided right now? caller: no, i don't think he can unite the country because of his divisive and toxic rhetoric during his campaign. host: do you think that what he says from now on now that he's in office can change from what he did in the campaign? >> coming up, sunday morning, author and nationally syndicated columnist on expectations for donald trump as he prepares to push his legislative agenda with a republican congress and divided public. washington post syndicated columnist will be on to talk
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about president trump's agenda and policy proposals, women's issues, and saturday's women's march on washington. washington journal, lies at 7:00 a.m. eastern -- live at 7:00 a.m. eastern sunday morning. join the discussion. tousands into the capital join the women's march on washington. portions of the program contain language that some viewers may find offensive. [chanting]


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