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tv   Womens March on Washington Protests Against New Trump Administration  CSPAN  January 21, 2017 11:02pm-1:25am EST

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donald trump can't do nothing because we're the power. all power to the people. love you guys. peace and blessings. say her name. >> have you been to the ynecologist yet? that was the question my mom asked me at 15 when i informed her about a change i noticed in my body. i would like to start off by saying, i am not by nature a particularly private person. by profession, i am extremely private. i am fearfully protective of my family and i have no social media presence, but i feel that in the face of this current
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political climate it is vital that we all make it our mission to get really, really personal. yes, at 15 i had been to a gynecologist. i was living in new york city and had visited a planned arenthood there. my mother moved to california a few years before my brother, hunter, and i were living with my father and at 15 i had been working in the entertainment agency for eight years and was fortunate enough to be eligible for health insurance through my union. my family had been on public assistance for several years and i was primarily responsible for making my own doctors appointments, but still, i was nervous about making this next bride toured -- toward -- next sure toward planned arenthood.
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my doctor was compassionate and professional and told me she was happy to treat me with regular checkup and for the -- when the time came for std and cancer treatments, no judgment, no questions asked, planned parenthood provided a safe place where i could be treated ith gentle guidance. i may have been 15 and surprisingly self-sufficient, but i am sure there is not one person here who has been helped by plan point -- planned parenthood directly or otherwise. when i knew i was coming to speak on the half of women's and reproductive health issues everything the one of my girlfriends had a story about planned parenthood. they saved me so many times. one of my best girlfriends confided in me saying they saved my ass and some other parts, too, when i found out i had precancerous signs i never would have found out about without my annual checkup.
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she described the organization helped her decide between treatment options and she was able to make difficult decisions deciding what was right for her and her then partner without anyone else's nterference. [cheering] my sister also used planned parenthood services for years after moving states. she had been living her whole life in new york city. pursuing her dream to move to california. she had no contacts and no health insurance but was able to regularly see a doctor at a planned parenthood clinic for screenings, advice, birth control, and checkups. for the more than 2.5 million patients a year in a rely on planned parenthood services for cancer and s.t.d. screenings, birth control, sboorks and pregnancy planning, these are
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uncertain and anxious times. lawmakers in 24 states have tried to block patients from receiving care at planned parenthood. congress has voted to limit access to reproductive services nine times. boo. yes. boo. there are very real and devastating consequences for permitting access to what should be considered basic health care. for millions of americans, planned parenthood is often the only trustworthy and affordable clinic providing safe education, sex education, safe abortion and life-saving services. president trump, i did not vote for you. that said, i respect that you are our president-elect and i
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want to be able to support you. but first, i ask that you support me. support my sister. support my mother. support my best friend. and all of our girlfriends. support the men and women here today that are anxiously awaiting to see how your next moves may drastically affect their lives. support my daughter who may actually as a result of the appointments you have made grow up in a country that is moving backwards, not forwards, and who may potentially not have the right to make choices for her body and her future that your daughter ivanka has been privileged to have. [cheers and applause] i ask you to support all women and our fight for equality in all things including the fight to be recognized as individuals who know better for ourselves
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what is right for our bodies. better than any elected fficial, popular or otherwise. [cheering] it is a great honor for me to be speaking here in front of all of you today after the results of this november's election, i felt as a woman, as an american citizen, a great weight bearing down on my shoulders, the feeling that the near future would present many obstacles, confrontation, and division. my immediate thought after hearing the election results was oh, man, we have so much work to do. but once the heaviness began to subside i realized that an opportunity has presented itself to make real long-term change. not just for future americans but in the way that we view our responsibilities to get involved with and stay active
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n our communities. let this weight not drag you down but help to get your heels dug in. i pledge my relentless devotion to support women's health care initiatives. i will not stop fighting to make basic women's health care available to all. i believe with every fiber of my being that the conversations that we have with our partners and our doctors, about what we do with our bodies and our future, should not be made fodder for any politician, political agenda, lawmaker, and for-profit corporations. [cheers and applause] we must stand up for what our -- are our basic human rights and always move forward, never
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backward. the current political administration benefits from taking the power away from us. don't give up your power. don't -- don't let the feelings of helplessness make you complacent. i urge you all to make a difference on the ground. volunteer. volunteer with organizations that help women seeking a safe place to make some of the most difficult decisions of their lives. onate to causes. [cheers and applause]
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♪ >> good afternoon, families. my name is carmen perez, and i am the executive director of the gathering for justice. i am truly humbled to join and serve you as one of the national co-chairs of the women's march. alongside my sisters, linda sarcor, bob bland, as well as the many, many people who have worked so hard to make today happen, thank you. i stand here as a mexican american woman.
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as a daughter and granddaughter of farm workers, as a family member of incarcerated and undocumented people, as a survivor of domestic violence, as a woman who knows pain and who has transformed her pain into gifts. gifts that have allowed me to see light in the darkest places. for 20 years, i have worked in america's prisons. i have seen families being torn apart, locked up in cages, many stripped of their rights, their freedoms, and ultimately their lives. and the majority are black and brown. including women. women who i call sisters. this has to end. this will end. because of you. because of us. today i join you all and raise my voice loud and clear to say
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we have had enough. we know what the problems are. we know who our enemy is. we know what the injustice have done to us and those we love. but to overcome them, we have to stand in solidarity. we have to listen to each other. and know that we always have more to learn. to protect each other, we don't always have to agree. but we have to organize and stand together. we must remember that unity of action does not mean that we have to be unanimous in thought. but that injury to one is injury to all. i am reminded of the words of my mentor and boss harry belafonte. those who are working toward the liberation of our people are only subject to friendship and support. those who are being divisive are playing the enemy's game.
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and so our responsibility is to find our way. there's an entry point for all of us to be involved in this movement. so get involved. stay involved. and keep your eyes on the prize. know that those closest to the problem are also closest to the solution. trust them. stand with them in your actions. because i believe what fan i lou -- fannie lou haimer said when i liberate myself i liberate others and if you don't speak ain't nobody going to speak on behalf of you. and to those threatening us and if they hood, i say, don't let us dream, we will not let you sleep. we stand here on day one of the new administration refusing to let them sleep.
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not for one second. we will hold all our officials whether elected or appointed accountable. there are some in this country who say we should adjust, work with and adjust to hatred. but dr. martin luther king spoke of the power of being maladjusted to an unjust society. we will not adjust to hatred and bigotry. we will resist islamophobia, xenophobia, white supremacy, xism, racism, misogyny and ableism. we will be brave, intentional and unapologetic in addressing the intersections of our identity and collectively we will stand up for the most marginalized among us. because they are us. we will not wait for some magical bean to rise up and save us. we are not helpless. we are the ones we've been
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waiting for. [cheering] we are who we need. when i see my liberation involved in your liberation and you in mine, together we will get free. so remember when you go back home, think about why you marched. and organize, organize, organize. thank you. woo! thank you so much. i am so proud to stand here with all of you today, to be in service to you. because this was truly a service opportunity for all of us who work for you. it has been such an honor to work alongside the co-chairs, bob bland, linda saucor and the birthday girl who you just heard from, carmen perez.
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[cheering] today is not a concert. it is not a parade. and it is not a party. today is an act of resistance. [cheers and applause] now, some of you came here to protest one man. i didn't come here for that. i came here to address those of you who say you are of good conscience. to those of you who experience feeling of being powerless, disparaged, victimized and antagonized, threatened, and abused, to those of you who for the first time felt the pain that my people have felt since they were born here with chains shackled on our legs, today i say to you, welcome to my world. welcome to our world.
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i stand here as a black woman a descendant of slaves. my ancestors literally nursed our slave masters. through the blood and tears of my people, we built this country. [cheering] america cannot be great without me, you, and all of us who are here today. today who may be feeling aggrieved. but know that this country has been hostile to its people for a long time. for some of you it is new. but some of us it is not so new at all. today i am marching for black and brown lives. yonana ra rice, for
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stanley jones, for eric garner, for michael brown, for trayvon martin and for those nine people who were shot at the emanuel african methodist episcopal church. we have a chance, brothers and sisters, to get this thing right. we can do it. if women rise up and take this nation back. when you go back home, remember how you felt. what made you that instinct, that gut, that said i got to get on a bus, a plane, a train, no matter what, to protect my children? that feeling, take it back with you to wherever it is that you came from today. you have awoken a new and renewed spirit. and i am so excited to be a art of this with all of you.
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[cheering] but to be quiet in our whisper, to speak low about it, is not going to get it done. we must be bold the way you were bold to come here and these lives numbered today. when you feel that we are not taking care of one another properly, put your feelings aside. put your pride aside and stand up for the most marginalized people in this society. because if you stand for them, you stand for all. dr. king said i will not remember the harsh words of my enemies. i will remember the silence of my friends. god bless you.
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may peace be upon you, brothers and sisters. my name is linda sarstor and i'm one of the national co-chairs for the women's march on washington. i stand here before you muslim american. unapologetically palestinian american. unapologetically from brooklyn, ew york. sisters and brothers, you are what democracy looks like. sisters and brothers, you are y hope for my community. i will respect the presidency but i will not respect this
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president of the united states f america. i will not respect an administration that won an election on the backs of muslims and black people and undocumented people and mexican and people with disabilities and on the backs of women. [cheers and applause] many of our communities, including my community, the muslim community, has been suffering in silence for the past 15 years under the bush administration. and under the obama administration. the very things that you were outraged by during this election season, the muslim registry program, the banning of the muslims, the dehumanization of the community in a i come from, that has been
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our reality for the past 15 years. sisters and brothers, if you have come here today as your first time at a march, i welcome you. i ask you to stand and continue to keep your voices loud for black women, for native women, for undocumented women, for our gbtq communities and for people with disabilities. you can count on me, your palestinian muslim sister, to keep her voice loud, keep her feet on the streets, keep my i am not high because fraid.
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sisters and brothers, fear is a choice. we are the majority. we are the conscience of these united states of america. we are this nation's moral compass. if you want to know if you are going the right way, follow women of color sisters and brothers. we know where we need to go. and we know where justice is because when we fight for justice, we fight for it. for all people. for all our communities. i want to remind you that the reason why you are here today is because mothers and yoga teachers and organizers and bakers came out to organize
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ordinary people made this happen. no corporate dollars, no money from corporations, this is your dollars. this is your work. this is -- you make this happen. i am honored to stand here today on the stage as a national co-chair with samika and carmen my sisters. but also with my family. because i organize my mother. i march for my daughters. and all my children. but most of all, i am my palestinian grandmother who lives in occupied territories. wildest dreams sisters and brothers and i'm so proud to be here with all of you. justice for all.
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♪ was born by the river in a little town just like the river i've been running ever since long time long, coming but i know that change is going to come oh, yes, it will living n too hard ut i'm afraid to die
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because i don't know what's up there beyond the sky long time long, coming but i know that change is going to come oh, yes, it will i go to the movies and i go downtown somebody keeps telling me don't hang around long time long, coming but i know the change is going to come oh, yes, it will
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o not go to my brother and i say brother ell me, please knocking me up ack down on my knees oh there are times i thought i couldn't lie for long but now i think may have to carry on long time long, coming but i know the change is going
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to come oh, yes, it will it's been a long, long time coming but i know the change is going to come oh, yes, it will it's been a long, long time the change is ow going to come h, yes, it will ♪ >> i know that change is coming and it's going to come. thank you. >> hello. my name is judith leblanc.
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and i'm a proud member of the cato tribe of oklahoma. and the director of the native organizers alliance. and i march for my daughter, jepa, my nieces norah, marie and victoria. we march today for mother earth. standing rock has shown the prayers, faith, our people power is stronger than rubber bullets. across indian country, generations have suffered from contaminated air land and water after fossil fuel corporations ran with their profits. that israel carnage, president
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trump. heard youtrump, we are considering privatizing indian land for oil. you will not steal our land. we have been there before. here. native women are it is a standing rock moment. president trump, let me break it down for you. a standing rock moment means our power is rooted in love for humanity. our strength is drawn from our ancestors, our medicine is stronger than rubber bullets or water cannons.
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standing together, people united, people who are here today who are standing with standing rock, standing with flint michigan, standing with immigrants united. people, waterous protectors across the world are saying no to pipelines and no to the corporate plunder of sacred sites, no top wars for oil. president trump, the movement we faith,lding is driven by by hope, by love and prayers. we will stop the carnage of mother earth. water is sacred, water is life, women are life.
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>> hello, latinos in the house. i am jessica gonzales from the national latino institute for reproductive health and i'm here with my women of color sisters represent reproductive centers at the march for women. i stand here today to boldly and proudly proclaim in the face of fascism that we stand for health dignity and justice for all people and we will fight against phobia,sexism, seen a wens-phobia, homophobia -- will be hiding this with all of our heart. this is a hard moment.
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we are a resilient community. we are a community who has been fighting. we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors and we will resist. the latina community. aqui estamos. we will continue to fight in the face of this administration and stand up for help and justice. here representing our asian american pacific islander community marching here with us today. i stand before you and immigrant of south korea and i am marching today because we cannot normalize the presidency of someone who does not demonstrate that he values women, immigrants and people of color. not only in his speech but his
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action. i will not sit silent while trump revokes dhaka they will not sit silent while trump cuts funding from programs that prevent violence against women and i will not sit silent while accessible health care is taken away from us. and i will not sit silent while the administration protects a right to choose if we want to parent and how we want to parent. >> how are you doing today? >> my name is monica simpson and i am the executive director of sister song. you representing black women and the lack mamas matter in alliance for -- black mamas matter in alliance. we example five the charge crib and to us from our dear lord.
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we cannot have single issue movements because we do not live single issue lives. reproductive rights sense for access to healthy and legal action. it is not a sin, it is not genocide it is our human right. when black men women and children are being taken down and have to live a life with fear that is reproductive in justice. we fight for health care reform because black women are dying at a rate four times higher than white women in childbirth have to address how racial discrimination still resides in our health care system. this movement understands that our movements are inexplicably linked. to get together, get the freedom, and to see justice. we are not afraid to fight for our human right to live free from violence against our
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bodies, -- we are not afraid to call out white supremacy that continues to overly criminalize and violate and kill us. we will always resist. sister song celebrates 20 years of amplifying the voice and those of indigenous women of color. get to the of us to other side so join us in october for the national conference and let's build a movement for justice. thank you. >> there are so many people here today that we already have a group marching. there are a few things we have
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to do. maxwell andmonday, a few other incredible artists are going to be coming before you in just a moment. also, we have a few speakers left. after 30 seconds, i'm going to stand with them and cut the microphone off. are you with me? who have next? ella, allname of praise is due to the god most high i want to tell you that i stand here as an african-american muslim woman. theand here on the heels of native americans and the africans who came for columbus.
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i stand here on the heels of harriet tubman. corrina, betty and others. says is a teaching that the womb of the woman is connected to the throne of god. so when you say truth, god will wait down truth. when you say justice, god will rain down justice. when you say no more, it will be no more. women, we stand with you. never let islam a phobia -- there is nothing radical about islam unless peace is radical. there's nothing radical endless justice is radical. aboutis nothing islamic terrorists. we stand with you today for our children.
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is george gresham on the resident of 1199 sei you. to president donald trump, i don't know what kind of president you will be, you are a hell of an organizer. we are here today because this is what america looks like. this is our country. respected.oing to be that youre to tell you cannot divide us. that you cannot bring us back to the bad old days. if america is going to be great again, it will be because we united together will fight for
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our rights. giving in sisters and brothers. we work to make the progress that we have and the fact that you came here today is true that we in this country will stick together, we will fight together we will support each other, we will stand up for women's rights. we will stand up for immigrants rights and worker rights. humanl stand up for rights, environmental rights. >> i am the president of the teachers union, the asa.
11:42 pm
we represent children in america and educators in america and nurses and america. youepresent america as do in this crowd. want good schools in america? do we want good jobs in america? do we want reproductive health in america? againstnt to fight islam xenophobia, racism and sexism? up like youst stand are right now. we use our voices?
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let's march. and brothers, my name is wendy carrillo. from an undocumented child el salvador. i am in unrecognized refugee of this country. during the war, my mother sat refuge in the u.s. and was denied under incredible violence. hard mother she worked babysitting other people children so that one day she could save enough money for her mother, my grandmother and her sister to bring us to this country. i'm here because of her courage and the sacrifices of my biological father who paid with his life so that others can have the right to vote. my father who raised me to my whose family oiled in the fields of telephone a petition for my
11:44 pm
mother and my so we could one day have residency and before the age of 201i became a citizen of this country. i am here with the spirit of my ancestors and millions of women just like you who dared to dream, sacrifice and fight for all of us. this is our moment, our movement, and we will not go down without a fight. i say to you, i am fearless and we are fearless women. the fight for freedom will continue, the fight for justice will continue. spanish] ♪ >> hello. my name is miriam ali. fatherre in honor of my mohammed ali.
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i just want to say something to the nonvoter. we have to start voting. advocacy andt of distrust of the government but we have to learn from civil rights movements from the past which is how we got the civil rights act of 1964. do,ck obama said don't vote. this is what we have to do. don't get frustrated comic it involved. don't complain, organize. watchy people binge television for hours, they are on the computer or facebook for hours. they will stand up for their sports team and know every rule of the nba or nfl but do not know how local government works. we have to start spending time to be responsible for all humanity and stand up for equal
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rights. >> good afternoon. to dj beverlynext barn. she's the just the dj, she is the founder of black girls rock. with theam standing legendary mc light. >> i am woman, hear me roar. >> the women we are about to introduce to you have suffered unfathomable loss from racist violence. but they are here out of love for their children and hours. please welcome to the stage, the mothers of the movement.
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please welcome them. applause] >> hello. first of all i need you to do something for us to give us energy because we are still amateurs at this. say i say mothers, you other movement. mothers? other movement. >> i want our kids in heaven to hear it. >> hello and welcome. .y name is sabrina fulton these theheaven with
11:48 pm
.others of trayvon martin mohammed barnes mother. andre hamilton's mother jordan davis's mother. all of our sons are in heaven and we continue to fight for our children. we will not stop, we understand the movement. we understand what we have to do as women is to stand tall and we will continue to stand tall. we are stronger together. notme also say that it does matter who the president is. we are going to continue to fight. we have come too far to turn
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back now. there is no turning back. i just what to say to all of you continue to support him a continued to show up and participate. continue to pray and women's rights are human rights. thank you. >> you're ready to march, i know them a but i have a very special surprise for you now. i need you to give me around of supplies -- a run of applause to get me pumped up to bring this person out. we have a grammy-award-winning sister in the house. my sister and friend, alicia keys. gentlemen, are we here?
11:50 pm
say mark, >> out of the hooks of history's shame, i rise, up from a past rooted in shame. sweeping in ocean wide, well enough air in its tide. leaving behind nights of terror and fear. i rise into a daybreak wondrously clear. i rise bringing the guests that my ancestors gave, i am the dream and the hope of the slave. i rise. i may have been hearing a lot of talking and you have some much to say inside of us i just want to thank you so much for your courage. thank you for your womanly miss. thank you for your strength. let us continue to honor all
11:51 pm
that is beautiful about being feminine. we are mothers, caregivers, artists activists, we're entrepreneur's doctors, leaders of industry and technology. our potential is unlimited. we rise. we rise! we will not allow our bodies to be owned and controlled by men in government or men anywhere for that matter. we will not allow our compassionate souls to get stepped on. we want the best for all americans. bigotry, no muslim registry. we value education, health care, and equality. we will continue to rise until until our are heard.
11:52 pm
dollar is the same dollar as a man's . we continue to recognize that, yes, we can. respects mother energy, and everyone was -- with a belly button must agree so i need you to repeat after me. we are here. we are on fire. living in a world. that is on fire. feet on the ground. not backing down.
11:53 pm
.eet on the ground .ot backing down ♪ this girl is on fire. this girl is on fire. we are walking on fire. we are walking on fire. put your hands in the air. oh oh oh
11:54 pm
put your fists up. i see your strength. we feel you. yeah ♪ [applause]
11:55 pm
>> are you guys fired up? are you guys ready to march? we are almost there, be patient. we are about to shut washington, d.c. down. another very special guest. it is our honor to introduce janel monet.
11:56 pm
>> hello, future. i'm so proud to stand here as a woman, an african-american woman. my grandmother was a sharecropper. she picked cotton in aberdeen, mississippi. i am a descendent of them and i am here to help us move forward defend the future. i just want to say that i want to remind you that it was woman that gave you martin luther king jr.. youas woman who gave malcolm x. and according to the bible it was a woman they gave you jesus.
11:57 pm
it.t you ever forget we must remind them, those who are abusing their power. that's what i am here to march against. the abuse of power. lgbtq to say to the community, my fellow brothers and sisters, to emigrants, my fellow brothers and sisters, to women who continue to embrace the things that make you unique even if it makes others uncomfortable. enough. doubt.r you feel in whenever you want to give up. you must always remember to choose freedom over fear.
11:58 pm
i come here as an american and a woman but not as an artist. when i go home i have the same concern. when i see bullies trying to bully you, know that i am upset about it and it does not go unnoticed. the things happening from washington to other americans abusing their power and abusing others will be hidden no more. more.will be hidden no we will not remain hidden figures. we have names. we are complete human beings. they cannot police us, so get off our ariella -- areolas.
11:59 pm
get off our vaginas. we birthed this nation and we can on birth an asian -- a nation if we choose. we can stop completely if we choose. this is about unity and i want to bring on stage more american women and men. as i talk about the abuse of power, it is not just happening here in washington. it is also happened on the ground in the police force. we have amazing cops and amazing americans. we are here to fight against the abuses power and to unite and remind us all that at the end of peeday we all key -- we all
12:00 am
the same color. we must protect one another. this is a song, music that we wrote, not for ourselves, but for you. make some noise if you will that is a a song vessel and a tool for you to take out as you march. we are talking about this right now. we must continue to exercise our voices. us protest in silence and some of us believe that silence is not an option. and our sound is a weapon. there is no wrong way to do it. this song is going to honor those who are victims. victims due to the abuse of power. for us to bence
12:01 am
one living breathing organism. i need your help. can i get you to sing with us? it goes like this. it is call and response. i going to use sandra bland. our sister sandra bland. when i say sandra bland, say her name, i'm going to say sandra bland come and you say say her name terry gwen moore time. sandra bland. sandra bland. sandra bland. say her name. say her name. you talking about? how you talking about?
12:02 am
? you talking about ♪ >> everybody come up that your hands in the air. what you talk about?
12:03 am
what you talk about? what you talk about? you talk about? about?u talk say her name. say her name. sandra bland. say her name. what you talking about?
12:04 am
>> kanisha anderson >> say her name >> kanisha anderson >> say her name >> kanisha anderson >> say her name >> say her name >> trayvon martin >> say the name >> trayvon martin >> say his name >> trayvon martin for his mother >> jordan davis >> say his name >> jordan davis >> say his name >> ♪ hell you talking about hell you talking about hell you talking about hell you talking about hell you talking about
12:05 am
>> all right. we are going to improv this. well we are going to do right now is we are going to jump back here. we have the mothers right here. say your baby's name. jordan davis. >> we are going to say jordan davis so he can feel less. we are doing this for his mother who gave birth to him. we are proud of you for standing standing up with us here today. i'm giving you mic because this is not about me. >> jordan davis. >> no, no, no. we will do it right. this is a moment for history. we are listening and in tune. 1, 2, 3. >> jordan davis. >> say his name. >> jordan davis. >> say his name. >> jordan davis.
12:06 am
>> say his name. >> jordan davis. >> say his name. >> say his name, say his name, say his name, say his name. >> hell. we have another mother, eric garner's mother. we will give you the mic. this is about you. this is about your son and about all this fighting back against the abuse of power. so when it comes in, on the one, say his name, 1, 2, 3 >> eric garner. >> say his name. >> eric gardner. >> say his name. >> eric garner. >> say his name. >> eric garner. >> say his name. >> eric garner. >> say his name.
12:07 am
>> woo. ♪ >> this is the mother of -- >> nypd came and kicked him. [indiscernible] justice for all. >> 1, 2, 3. >> say his name >> say his name, say his name, say his name. ♪
12:08 am
>> the mother of trayvon martin, thank you for your words. thank you for everything. this is about you. >> trayvon martin. >> say his name. >> trayvon martin. >> say his name. >> trayvon martin. >> say his name. >> trayvon martin. >> say his name. >> trayvon martin. >> say his name. ♪ >> 1, 2, 3. >> say his name. >> say his name. >> say his name. ♪ >> we've got one more.
12:09 am
this is for my trans brothers and sisters. you are not forgotten. we will continue to fight with you for the injustice done to you and the injustice done to anybody. one to me is one done to all of us. >> maya hall. >> say her name. >> maya hall. >> say her name. >> dianna mason. >> say her name. >> ♪ hell you talking about hell you talking about. >> remember. >> ♪ hell you talking about. >> they must continue to choose freedom over fear. we can't give up, we can't be scared.
12:10 am
we are going to keep talking about this. we are watching as alicia keys says. we are here. we are watching. god bless you. god bless you. >> ♪ hell you talking about. hell you talking about ♪ [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, i am the head of logistics for the women's march on washington. [cheering] thank you for coming. i had the distinct honor and pleasure of welcoming to the stage the incomparable angela davis. [cheering]
12:11 am
>> so, a challenging moment in our history. let us remind ourselves that we, the hundreds of thousands, to millions of women, trans people, men and youth who are here at the women's march, we represent the powerful forces of change that are determined to prevent the dying cultures of racism, hetero-patriarchy from rising again. we recognize we are collective agents of history, and that history cannot be deleted like webpages.
12:12 am
[cheering] we know we gather this afternoon on indigenous land. [cheering] and we follow the lead of the first people who, despite massive genocidal violence, have never relinquished the struggle for land, water, culture, their people. we especially salute today the standing rock sioux. [cheering] the struggles of black people that have shaped the very nature of this country's history cannot be deleted with this week of a hand. thatnnot be made to forget
12:13 am
black lives do matter. [cheering] this is a country anchored in slavery and colonialism. which means for better or worse, the very history of the united states is a history of immigration and enslavement. spreading xenophobia, hurling accusations of murder and rape and building walls will not be erasing history. no human being is illegal. [cheering] the struggle to save the planet's, to stop climate change, to guarantee the assess accessibility of water from
12:14 am
the lands of the standing rocks you, who fled michigan, to the west bank and gaza. the struggle to save our flora .nd fauna, to save the air this is ground zero of the struggle for social justice. this is a women's march. march represents the promise of feminism against the pernicious powers of state violence. an inclusive and intersectional feminism. [cheering] an inclusive and intersectional feminism that calls on all of us to join the resistance to
12:15 am
racism, to islamaphobia, to anti-semitism, to misogyny, the capitalist exploitation. yes, we salute the fight for $15. we dedicate ourselves to collective resistance. resistance to the billionaire, profiteers and gentrifiers, resistance to the health care privateers, resistance to the attack on muslims, immigrants, resistance to the attacks on disabled people. resistance to state violence perpetrated by the police and through the prison industrial complex. [cheering] resistance to institutional and intimate gender violence. especially against trans women of color.
12:16 am
women's rights are human rights all over the planet and that is why we say freedom and justice for palestine. [cheering] we celebrate the impending release of chelsea manning. [cheering] and oscar lopez rivera. we also say free leonard peltier. over the next month and years we will be called upon to intensify our demands for social justice, to become more militant and our -- in our defense of vulnerable populations. those who still defend the supremacy of white male
12:17 am
hetero-patriarchy had better watch out. the next 1459 days of the trump administration will be 1459 days of resistance. resistance on the ground, in the classrooms, resistance on the job, resistance in our art and in our music. this is just the beginning. in the words of the inevitable ella baker, we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes. thank you. [cheering] >> ladies and gentlemen, you may have read a story that said we are not marching. i am here to tell you we are
12:18 am
marching. [cheering] we are marching and we are going to use constitution avenue. please use the numbered streets to march to your north, which is this way. march to the north. gets tough -- get to constitution avenue and turn left. go to the washington monument and turned to the right. you will see the elipse, and then we can go home. we have already achieved our goals so we are marching. [cheering] >> make sure you take care of the elders, the kids, and help your neighbors. we want this to be a safe march. we still have speakers and we still have programs. it will take everyone in the
12:19 am
back a little bit of time to prepare, so take your time as we are preparing to march. let us hear from the rest of our speakers. give it up for raquel willis. >> hi everyone. i know you are amped and ready to go. i promise i will not take too much of your time. i want to take a second and look around. look at all these people who are gathered here to take a stand. these are your partners and -- in resistance and liberation. and today you all are making a commitment to each other and to a new vision of liberation. when i was younger my father used to always tell me, walk like you know where you are going. i thought he was just trying to be big. i did not know what he was talking about.
12:20 am
when i was 19 he died in a -- and i quickly learned what he meant. he was no longer my guidance and my safety net. that loss pushed me to figure out exactly who i am and the life i wanted to live. i found my voice. and today i stand here with my mom as a proud, on apologetic, queer black transgender woman from augusta, georgia. [cheering] i am more than those labels. i am a daughter, sister, an auntie, a lover, a friend and a feminist. so i want to stress the importance of us being intentional about inclusion. i think about historically, trans women of color who lit the
12:21 am
fire on the lgbtq rights movement, and they were quickly kicked out and erased. they share a common thread with truth, another revolutionary woman. and just like her, black women, women of color, queer women, trans women, disabled women, muslim women and so many others are still asking many of you all, ain't i a woman? as we commit to build this movement of resistance and liberation, no one can be an afterthought anymore. we must hold each other in love and accountability.
12:22 am
♪ >> ♪ grandma was a suffragette go, go ♪ >> ♪ raise your hand raise your hand high don't stand aside ♪ >> ♪ go, go, go be the fire and the flame
12:23 am
i know the kids are still rock is cool, but the struggle is better go, go, go ♪ >> ♪ raise your hand don't takehand high a peek don't stand aside ♪
12:24 am
>> i want a person with aids for president. i want someone with no health insurance for president. [indiscernible] >> ♪ if they told it was set in stone that you would end up alone use your years two old to care but too young to count if they said he would come undone you try to put the sun underground too old to care but too young to count go, go, go ♪ >> i want a president with no
12:25 am
air-conditioning. i want a black woman for president. i want a trans person for president. ♪ >> ♪ don't go, go, go, go, go don't go ♪ [cheering] >> all right.
12:26 am
>> i am from flint, michigan. please don't forget about us. we have not forgotten about you. as you amazing women get out there and marched us know that went has been without clean water for 1002 days today. sick, poisoned, we are but we have not let that stop us. we have gone in the streets and courts and we stand together. we stand with all of you as you are out there fighting the right we all deserve like clean water and clean air. don't forget about us and we will stand with you. go out there ladies and have a great day. >> good afternoon. sometimes it happens maybe once in a generation that a spirit of resistance is awakened at the intersection of love and faith and holy outrage. in those moments, we are reminded what we are fighting
12:27 am
for like what our armed forces are willing to die for at our -- and what our flag flies four. and that is liberty and justice for all. this is one of those moments. today around the country, we, the people, stand together in protest proclaiming our fidelity to love over hate. progress over regress. and inclusion over exclusion. because the nation we love is in crisis. but we know it is not only a political crisis. it is a moral crisis. it is a soul crisis rooted in a cynical politics of division that pits vulnerable populations against each other. but spiritual resistance, which is the marriage of radical empathy and moral action, spiritual resistance reawakens us to our shared humanity. one nation, indivisible. our children will one day ask us, where were you when our
12:28 am
country was thrust into a lion's den of demagoguery and division? and we will say, i stood with love. i stood with hope. i stood with sisters and brothers of all religions and races and genders and sexualities. we will emerge from the darkness and bask in the brilliance of an america that honors the infinite work of all of god's children. i ask you to take the hand of someone to your right and take the hand of someone to your left. raise your hands high. we are the best manifestation of hope and love and spiritual defiance that will hold our nation to its greatest aspirations. we are the agents of change. together, we stand against the moral bankruptcy that threatens our democracy. together, we reclaim truth and lift our voices for justice and mercy. together, we become the midwives
12:29 am
of a new america. may this holy day bring peace to all of us and peace to our beloved country! [cheers and applause] >> thank you. i have one quick announcement before an amazing guest. there is a 12-year-old little girl who has been separated from her parents. she is in that white tent. her name is claire. she has red hair and converse shoes. she is in that tent to my right. claire, 12 years old. she is safe. go to that tent. thank you. >> it is my honor to introduce the amazing, the incredible, maxwell .
12:30 am
>> it's good to be here to celebrate this incredible experience. this is an incredible occasion that represents not only women, but all mankind, all people. thank you for having me here to sing a very special song written by an incredible woman, kate bush. the song is called "this woman's worth." ♪ [vocalizing]
12:31 am
♪ i know you've got a little life in you left. i know you've got a lot of strength left crying but i just can't let it show i should be hoping but i can't stop thinking all the things we should have said that are never said
12:32 am
all the things we should have done that we never did all the things we should have given but i didn't godarling, make you make it go away ♪ ♪ >> this is dedicated to memory a sandra bland. to all the women out there who have come before us. , to angelateinem , to the future mothers of america and all around the world.
12:33 am
[vocalizing] give me these moments give them back to me give me your pretty hand ♪ >> ♪ i know you've got a little life in you left ♪ >> ♪ i know, i know, i know ♪ but i just crying can't let it go
12:34 am
should be hoping but i can't stop thinking all the things we should have said that are never said all the things we should have done that we never did all the things we should have given but i didn't didn't ♪ this is a man who stands for all women right here. oh darling, make it go away make it go away
12:35 am
make it go away ♪ how are you feeling out there? do you feel empowered? loves andike everyone is here to protect? ♪ just make it away it awaye make it go away fight and fend off hate for all the women and all the mothers and all the daughters away ♪ e it all go
12:36 am
thank you so much. day.arch goes on every each and every day. take you for having me. [applause] -- thank you for having me. [applause] >> hello, everyone. unafraid.umented and in 2016, tell you millions and millions of families across the country are undocumented. the day i get a call from most precious person in my life, my mother. she tells me, erika, what is going to happen? i am afraid. this is coming from a woman who would never show a sign of who which heoman
12:37 am
was hit over and over again by my own father, never showed a sign of weakness. this is a woman who decided to leave the country she was born in through the desert and did not find a weakness. the same one who was in my house and i accidentally opened the door to ice and was taken. even in handcuffs, in front of me in my family, she looked me in the eye and said i'm going to be ok. i'm going to be fine. this same woman called me on november 8 of 2016 and i said what is going to happen? i said, you know what? you are not alone. there are millions of people who will be there and will fight for you and who will fight for millions of others who right now feel a threat because of everything that our current president said about you and about millions of others.
12:38 am
i also cannot tell you what is going to happen, but i can tell you this as well. you are not alone. every person out there. every transgender woman in a detention center, you are not alone. can we say it? you are not alone. , proud, muslim, lgbt child who is depressed and does not know what to do with their life because they don't know what is going to happen to them, you are not alone. women who have been raped, who have been sexually harassed but does not know what is going to happen to them, you are not alone. be amonday, it might threat to take away our different action, something that
12:39 am
has been said over and over again by our current president and i can tell you to all the dreamers out there, this monday, if that happens, you are not alone. i want to thank you all. i wanted to you one last thing. everything that our president and the rhetoric that happens, it is up to estimate sure that is not the norm, hate will not be the norm in this country. love will be the norm in this country. thank you. [applause] >> i was at the inauguration yesterday. i know most people were not at the inauguration yesterday. i went and i know we did not go because we did not want to make it normal, what was going on. but let me tell you, i was standing there and there was a lot of craziness going on and
12:40 am
one of my students looked at me and said is this normal? and i was not sure how to answer. should i say no, this isn't normal because we are americans and we move freely and joyfully? even ifa normal because we lose, we know that our freedoms are instantiated the very soil of the document. this isn't a normal because we know that we can go back and we can fight and we can be certain that the winners don't take all. or should i say yes, this is normal? because we're japanese-americans and we were ripped from our homes and our property was stolen and we were labeled enemies of the state even as her
12:41 am
sons fought and died at war and we shivered in horse stalls at the racetrack as we waited to be shipped to be american concentration camps. yes, this is normal because we are black americans and our tax dollars build edifices that we cannot enter and solid prisons we can't exit. and we have never move freely across his free land. we came shackled in the holds of ships and we were pushed into jim crow's crowded ghettos and prison.enned in it is known because we're women and every man lays claim to our wokeand some supposedly fool calls us the community's greatest asset while he uses us up and fathers and brothers dates and strangers pin us if we
12:42 am
struggle and call us liars if we tell. this is normal because we are children. we are precious as embryos and irrelevant when we are born and no one can even ask us what we want before imposing change on us because we are assumed to not have a preference or deserve a voice. yes, this is normal because we are undocumented and separated and walled and removed and voiceless and betrayed by friends and foes alike yes, this is normal because we are sick and are killed without comment. yes, this is normal because we are muslim, so we are called enemy and foreign and registered. yes, it is normal because we are queer and our very being is deemed unnatural and unloved and unworthy and our families laughable and yes, this is normal because we are disabled. we are shut out of homes and work in classrooms and sidewalks. it was not the inauguration that made it normal or not.
12:43 am
we're going to decide today whether or not this is the norm. [applause] >> i have a very important announcement. the little 12-year-old girl, claire, who was lost from her mother, her mother is right here downstairs, downstage right. her mom has a pink hat on. the little girl has red hair. a lot of us have a pink hat on but there is a little girl that is lost. she is looking for her mother. she has red hair. she has converse on. has blue that she shorts on. please bring her to the stage. 12 years old. bring clear to the stage. hi, i'm amy schumer. [applause] i'm so grateful and proud to
12:44 am
be here with you guys today and i'm so proud for all of you for showing up. we need to stay organized. it is my great honor to bring to the stage my friend, ladies and ladies, introducing madonna. [applause] >> thank you, amy. i'm going to head over here. should i stay here? >> go over there. over here. >> hello. there? still awake out are you sure about that? can you hear me? are you ready to shake up the world? revolution of love.
12:45 am
.o the rebellion to our refusal as women to ,ccept this new age of tyranny where not just women are in danger, but all marginalized people. for being uniquely different right now might truly be considered a crime. it took this horrific moment of up.ness to wake us the fuck -- it seems as though we had all slipped into a false sense of comfort, that justice would prevail and that good would win in the end. well, good did not win this
12:46 am
election. but good will win in the end. so what today means is that we are far from the end. , the marks the beginning beginning of our story. the revolution starts here. the fight for the right to be are, to be who we equal. let's march together through this darkness and with each step afraid,t we are not that we are not alone, that we
12:47 am
, that therek down thatwer in our unity and no opposing force stands a chance in the face of true solidarity. detractors that insist that this march will fuck add up to anything, you. [cheering] >> fuck you. beginning of much-needed change. change that will require
12:48 am
sacrifice, people. change that will require many of us to make different choices in our lives. but this is the hallmark of revolution. so, my question to you today is are you ready? i said, are you ready? ready -- we are ready. >> yes, we are ready. >> say yes, we are ready. one more time. you're ready. >> yes, we're ready. >> yes, i'm angry. yes, i am outraged. about goingthoughts up the white house, but i know
12:49 am
that this won't change anything. we cannot fall into despair. ogden once w.h. wrote on the eve of world war ii , we must love one another or die. i choose love. are you with me? say this with me. we choose love. >> we choose love. >> we choose love. >> we choose love. >> we choose love. >> we choose love. >> all right. this leaves me very beautifully into this song that i hope some of you know. are you ready? yeah?
12:50 am
please feel free to sing along. it will keep you warm. it will make me happy. come on, girls. do you believe in love? because i've got something to say about, and it goes a little something like this. ♪ put your love to the test you know, you know you've got to make him express how he feels and baby, then you know your love israel. you don't need drama or 18 karat gold. cars that go very fast noy never go very fast,
12:51 am
need a big strong hand to lift you to your higher ground make you feel like a queen on a throne make you love him tell you can't come down don't go for second best, baby put your love to the test you know you've got to make an express how he feels and maybe then you'll know your love is real long stem roses are the way to your heart but he needs to start with your head satin sheets are very romantic what happens when you're not in bed you deserve the best in life right, thenme isn't move on second best is never enough you'll do much better, baby, on
12:52 am
your own don't go for second best, baby put your love to the test you know, you know you've got to how he feels and then you know your love is real express yourself you've got to make him express himself hey, hey, hey, hey if you want right now, making show you how express what he's got, baby ready or not express yourself so you can respect yourself hey, hey so if you want it right now, better make him show you how express what he's got, baby, ready or not
12:53 am
express yourself so you can respect yourself, hey, hey so if you want it right now, making show you how express what he's got ♪ y, ready or not thank you. thank you very much. song.have one more one more song. i'm going to need a little bit more audience participation. can you handle it? the you have the energy for it? song, i can even say his name. this song is dedicated to the new d.t. in the white house. boo.
12:54 am
ok. d could stand for dick. i don't know. here we go. are you ready? .ut your hands together on, all you people clap hands. all the way back there. 100 miles back there. i'm going to fly and i'm not sorry hang your shit on me
12:55 am
you wouldn't let me say the words i long to say you didn't want to see life through my eyes you try to shove me back inside your narrow room in silence me with bitterness and lies did i say something wrong? i didn't know i couldn't talk about sex did i stay too long? oops, i didn't know i couldn't speak my mind and i'm not sorry it's human nature i can't hear you and i'm not sorry bitcht your me't hang your shit on
12:56 am
you punish me for telling you my fantasies i'm breaking all the rules i didn't make you took my word and made a trap for silly fools you held me down and try to make me break did i say something wrong? oops, i didn't know i couldn't talk about sex long -- did io stay too long? oops, i didn't know i couldn't speak my mind and i'm not sorry it's human nature sorrym not itchnot your b don't hang your shit on me ♪
12:57 am
repeat after me. here we go. ♪ i'm not your bitch don't hang your shit i'm not your bitch me't hang your shit on one more time i'm not your bitch don't hang your shit i'm not your bitch shit on meyour one more time. here we go. i'm not your bitch a dicktrump, suck i'm not your bitch us ♪ hang your shit on
12:58 am
[cheers] >> thank you, everybody. thank you for coming here today and show you and your support. thank you to all of us for everything you have done along the way, throughout the years. you know who you are. this is the beginning, ok? choose love. thank you. >> my sisters and brothers, can you help me give thanks to our organizers, bob, tamika, carmen, and linda? you can do better than that. they got us here. [applause] [cheers] >> thank you. i am here with my sister, the reverend dr. barbara williams skinner. would you pray with me as we
12:59 am
began to march? >> mother father god, you brought us to this place, allowed us a symbol and to rally for justice and equality for all. o god, we thank you that we are fired up and ready to go. [cheers] >> we've been empowered by every person who has stood before us and we are empowered, god, to make a change in our nation. help us to remember every day of our lives that resistance begins now. this is only the beginning. we will march into the future surered, oh god, to make each person's writes, each person's dignity, worth, and value is insured. we ask this [cheers and applause]
1:00 am
>> i am a professor of chicano studies at the university of california, santa barbara. i want to dedicate my couple of minutes to honoring one of my former students, carmen perez. it is rare that a professor, a teacher, gets to stand next to a student and say, you have done better than i have. and i want to say that one of the saddest things that happened during this incredible period is one of our leaders saying he does not read, that he does not believe in books. and so i am here to say, as professors, as teachers, this is the product of that knowledge.
1:01 am
this is the product of what we can do to the universities. this is what we cannot envision when we are doing the day-to-day teaching. this is what the future, where the future lies. so i am here to represent the academy, the best of what we have in writing. and so i want to say, believe in education. believe in the vision that education gives you. carmen, and today is her birthday -- is the best of our public education. it is the best of what your tax dollars pay for, so support your professors and most of all support education k-12. may god bless. [applause]
1:02 am
>> ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear carmen happy birthday to you ♪ [cheers and applause] >> i am so honored to be here with so many fierce change-makers today! let's begin by taking a moment. think of the reasons why you are here today to march. take a deep breath and let's make some noise! [cheers and applause] >> are we committed to fighting injustice? are we committed to fighting inequality? are we committed to staying involved?
1:03 am
now it is time to prove it. take out your phones and text women to 40649 to stay involved. i am a registered nurse and the codirector of the coalition, a muslim immigrant from pakistan. i am the product of my parents' perseverance and the embodiment of their values, values that prioritize love and unity over hatred and division! which is why it is incomprehensible to me how bigotry, racism, and xenophobia could be allowed to occupy the highest office in this country, the presidency!
1:04 am
how millions of americans could vote against 11 million immigrant families, jeopardizing the assistance of 750,000 daca recipients like us, counting us as collateral damage. while i find comfort in the millions more who voted against hate, it does not change the reality of the election results. the next 4-8 years will require strength, unity, love, and resilience. [cheers and applause] >> yes, hopefully, four years. today is the beginning of our journey as activists! we must commit to fighting policies and politicians at every level that threaten the existence of our families.
1:05 am
we must resist calls to divide us on the basis of background, color, or perceived merits. remember, together, we are a force to be reckoned with. through the activism we engage in, we must be mindful and respectful of the spaces we will be entering. there are values that have existed long before us and will continue after us. we must be mindful not to trample on the very people we want to fight alongside. above all, remember, our journey does not end at this march. we have a long road ahead of us, and we must commit to taking care of our physical and mental well-being if we want to persevere. i'm going to conclude with a quote by leo watson. if you have come here to help me, stop wasting your time. but if you are here because your generation is bound together
1:06 am
-- liberation is bound with mine, then let us work together! we are going to conclude with a chant. the people united will never be defeated. the people united will never be defeated! thank you. [cheers and applause] >> let's march to the washington monument! thank you. >> here we go. >> i have an announcement of someone else that has been lost. she is a 92-year-old woman. her name is josie. she is carrying a very large rainbow-heart balloon that is
1:07 am
very noticeable. she was lost several blocks away at seventh and independence. if you find josie, the 92-year-old woman, please bring her to the police at seventh and independence waiting to reunite her with her family. thank you. for our final, final song, we are going to have everyone that wants to come and take us out with ella. >> ♪ ♪
1:08 am
>> ♪ we believe freedom cannot rest. police killing a black men, a black woman son, is as as important as a white mother's son. we believe in freedom. we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.
1:09 am
i need to be one in a number as we stand in unity. they have the courage where we fail. and if i can shed some light as they carry us through the gale. we believe in freedom. we believe in freedom cannot fail. cannot rest. we who the believe in freedom cannot rest. we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.
1:10 am
we who believe in freedom cannot rest. we believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes. we who believe. we cannot rest. we who believe, we cannot rest. we who believe in freedom cannot rest. we cannot rest. we who believe in freedom cannot rest. we who believe. we cannot rest. we believe cannot rest. we who believe cannot rest. we who believe, we cannot rest. we who believe in freedom cannot rest.
1:11 am
cannot rest. we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes. we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes. we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes. ♪ ♪
1:12 am
yeah! [cheers and applause] >> thank you all so much for coming. >> ♪ we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes ♪ [cheers and applause] >> amen, a woman. indeed. thank you for being here today. let's hear it for them. let's hear it for the band! [applause] >> peace and blessings. i am a proud lakota native
1:13 am
american and african american woman. and we, as indigenous women, we are all connected, every single one of us, so we would like to close you all out, all of us, with a prayer, because we are the original inhabitants of this land. and so we want to thank you. we are going to sing a song. it is a women's warrior song. this song was sang when women marched for injustice. i grateful to sing it with my sisters. if you know the song, saying and put your fist in the air. represent the murdered and missing women and children.
1:14 am
>> ♪ [indigenous singing] ♪ song]a warrior women ♪
1:15 am
>> i just wanted to say thank you to our mothers and our grandmothers. and i also want to acknowledge our ancestors in this museum right here. [applause] >> i want to say that we fight for the injustices of the original women of this country. and i want to thank the women here that have organized this to give us the opportunity to say that out loud because our ancestors do not have a voice that is heard in that courtroom. they speak to us, and it is our job to stand up and sing and dance and love one another because that is what we are here
1:16 am
to do. we are the seed and the blessing of our ancestors. i want to acknowledge that place that holds our ancestors. that is what we are fighting for. it is unfair that we are not able to be in a museum at times to pray with them. but we are here right now praying with them and pray for our future. i thank you. i want my sister to sing this last song. >> [speaking indigenous language] lakota]aking >> before we say anything, we always thank the creator first. my lakota name is bear woman. my english name is joann spotted bear. i do come from wounded knee. i want to thank all of you, each and every one of you, for coming out today to celebrate life and woman, water, and mother earth.
1:17 am
none of you may have never met mother earth, but she cleans you, she feeds you, she gives you life daily. she presents the next seven generations, and you are the next seven generations without even knowing who you are, what you are, or where you come from. i want to welcome you into this land and this world. furthermore, i want to sing a song. it is a prayer song. it is a song that says, creator, have pity on me. have pity on me and help me to live. help my people to live. that is what this whole day has in about, helping our people to live. before i say that, i want to take a few minutes to express what is really important. i have been waiting for this moment all day, so here goes. united states went bankrupt in 1933. treaties started in 407 before christ. there are two constitutions,
1:18 am
1787 which belongs to the people, and 1871 which belongs to the corporations. it has never been ratified or notified to 564 recognized tribes from north and south america, let alone the world. with that being said, i am calling for judicial review of the bankruptcy of 1933 and asking for a class-action lawsuit. and i would like everybody to be part of it. [cheers and applause] >> with that being said, we are going to sing this song. it says please help our people to live. ♪ [singing in lakota language]
1:19 am
1:20 am
♪ >> before i pass the -- before i pass the mic over, i want to give a fair warning to everybody. they sold out standing rock for $30 million, which is less than 30 cents a person. there's a thing called bitumen, once it hits water, you cannot smell or taste it, but it will cause the bone marrow, it will kill the children. and at the end, it creates death.
1:21 am
this is what fighting the dakota pipeline looks like. stand up for your rights and stand up for your future. [speaking indigenous language] >> we stand with standing rock and the tribal council and the tribe of every man. water is life! >> ladies and gentlemen, before we leave, we have another person who has been separated. megan from stafford, virginia, who has on a gray jacket with an "a" on the back, please meet your sister at the stage. meet your sister by the stage. we want people to leave safely. please know that we have been standing here for hours.
1:22 am
listen to your bodies. do not march if you do not feel up to it. there are metro stations along the way. if you want to march a little bit, one metro station is three to four blocks down the road. march part of the way and you can take that metro station. if you are marching, go to the north, this way. the north is this way. you're going to turn left on constitution and march to the washington monument. on the right, you will see the ellipse. that is where you can pick up signs like these and apart to go home. yes, please pick up the trash. please make sure you clean up. this is our country. these are our streets and we want to take care of them. we hope you enjoyed this day. and more importantly than anything else, make sure you act
1:23 am
when you get home. this is just the beginning. remember to act when you get home. thank you. >> we want to thank you all for coming. we are going to march now. remember, don't stop marching here. march at home. march in your states. march globally. and let's get home safe and let's get going. >> right before we march, as we march, we are going to be listening to d.j. samantha ronson. >> ♪ >> if you can hear this message, please meet kim at the smithsonian.
1:24 am
beth, please meet kim at the smithsonian american indian museum. >> ♪ >> ♪ i am so reckless when i rock my dress i am so possessive that i rock his necklaces you mix that and make a texas bama i like my i've got hot sauce in my bag. i dream and i work hard. i own it. vinyl alligator. i go out. i go hard. i slay all day.


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