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tv   Washington Journal Cal Thomas Discusses President Trumps Agenda  CSPAN  January 22, 2017 8:02am-8:49am EST

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policy discussion but that is taking place in rooms i am not allowed into. guest: i agree. republican and democratic mayors are trying to get things to happen. we build things every day and are excited about the possibility of investing trillions of dollars and making america strong again. will increase economic output for the united states of america. we are ready to get out there and have that conversation. the devil is in the detail spirit you can waste a lot of money quickly if you do not spend it on the right thing. roads, bridges, airports, sewer and water systems, the kinds of things that help stabilize the economy's are the things the mayors interested in. we are ready to engage in be a partner in this issue. >> "the newsmakers" airs today
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on c-span and c-span radio app her joining us is nationally syndicated columnist and author cal thomas. yesterday was a big day. you have been around a long time. what is your take on the size and scope of the process? guest: political theater goes back to the founding of the country. it is part of the wonderful things we have an america that you can petition your government for addressing grievances. i am always amused by the labels my colleagues in the media put on these things. a woman's march, women's march, as if this is all women. a lot of women were not a part who were excluded. we heard stories from pro-life today on the 44th anniversary of roe versus wade. they were excluded because they were pro-life. people like madonna who dropped more f bombs than may have been
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dropped on berlin in world war ii. her.e -- c these were ultra liberal women who had a point of view and they are free to march and free to have their say. beginning the political opposition to the trump administration capitol hill, and elsewhere in the country. what does it mean to you? guest: the left is trying to establish a narrative early. the -- in then washington beacon, it says they are plotting already to impeach trump here this just will not happen with a republican congress. this is a fundraising tool and it is how they raise money for their causes. they are perfectly fine to do it. if i were advising the new president, i would say let's stop focusing so much on crowd size and these other things and
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focus on the solutions of the problem. i think they will transition to that. but most americans are not benefited by crowd sizes or who is disrespecting the president. they want better jobs and higher pay and to be able to have school for their kids, especially the children trapped in failing governments. these things are what got trump elected. i hope they shift the -- to that because the left cannot counter this. going back to the 1960's, theyark service deciding are no longer issuing estimates are you mentioned the administration's's reaction, that you would counsel against reacting to things like this. guest: there are bigger fish to fry. these kinds of things do not really matter to the public. it feeds into the feeling of conservatives especially in this country that the media are out of touch with them. show that the
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trust for the mainstream media is at an all-time low. major media is the only profession i know of that does not care what its consumers think. imagine if you owned a gas station and had that lighting, high prices, dirty restrooms, and a competing guest asian prices,s with lower gas better lighting, cleaner restrooms, and the guy with the dirty restrooms at high prices says i will continue to do what i do, you would go out of this is pretty fast. reaction is we are not biased, we are fair. executive editor of the new york times raise this memo acknowledging may have a problem but not really and says we will be more diverse now. to the new york times, diversity means a more liberals who look different. they are not all white males, but women and hispanics and
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african-americans, but still with lib -- still liberals. the middle america, red states, do not think like this. that is the real problem for the media here in most conservatives do not pay attention to them anymore. host: we welcome your input. -- host: you mentioned the gallup poll a moment ago. i want to start their with the latest release. at the start of the trump administration, they have the headline that trump takes office. the biggest problem facing the u.s., the top problem facing the , and the economy government dissatisfaction. guest: that is true. a 2% growth in the obama's administration.
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democrats are in charge of the government, you never hear about the debt. republicans are in charge, you hear about passing this along from -- to our children. i would say terrorism is probably number three or rate near the top. president trump said he would wipe out isis from the face of the earth. that is easier said than done because isis is a radical philosophy tied to an apocalyptic religion and there is no singer -- single leader of it. it is easier to wipe out a virus than this kind of virus i think. host: the president and steve nugent -- hise hearing the other day was 4% growth the other day and thought his nation could get to that. how do we do that? guest: the way ronald reagan
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does. you cut taxes and make it easier for corporations to go overseas. which donald trump says he wants to do. realizing many fled precisely states and united japan have the highest corporate tax rates in the world. businesses were in business to make profits. people and those people pay taxes and there is more revenue to the government. ronald reagan did these things and records amount -- record amounts of money floated to the government here that is only part of it. you have got to cut the size and cost and bureaucracy of the town. host: you are a conservative columnist. any of donald trump's stances opposed to trade policies of the obama administration? i want to hear more
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details. he has put a lot of broad strokes out there and let us find parallel a lot of people are more interested in the process than the destination. president trump now, it is hard to say. you have got to figure out the right date but i think president trump has the pulse of the country. they really want change. the polls show they do not like the direction the country is going in. president obama's very popular personally but at a sand time, a huge majority believe the country was on the wrong track. i think president trump tapped into that. is right when other nations take advantage of us on trade in we are not getting a fair deal for our people, this resonates a lot and it always has. world. the we need to help ourselves out at least for a while.
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your most recent, what works, comments and solutions for america. we hear from guy in fall city, washington. democrats line. meeting years old and i've been watching c-span since the late 70's. -- 1970's. congress, the house of representatives, they write the laws, they make the checks, the last bill that they passed through the house, he cannot do anything. theyis not the only law passed. it is the house of representatives. has got both houses now p or to how will he work with congress? guest: we will secret initially, paul ryan was a reluctant trump
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supporter and now they are best buddies and it had meetings. they will repeal and replace obamacare, republicans claim they have a plan to do this without jeopardizing people who are relying on it. is going to build a wall across the southern border and we will see how that goes, whether the mexican government pays for it or not is another matter. these are promises he will be held accountable for. republicans have a unique opportunity. all three branches of government. their ideas are at the forefront. they will either succeed or they don't. host: you were a reluctant supporter of donald trump. what changed? guest: i thought into the business of, you know, chavez the phone -- phony tv evangelist type because that is what a lot of my colleagues were saying. then i looked at where the country was headed, hillary
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clinton and bernie sanders on the left, which really just a physically -- just basically offered more of the same. bigger government. let's give someone else a chance here. trump last july. he is a different kind of person. this is one thing we have to be careful about what we try to squeeze every new president into a certain mold, the establishment mold, a way of doing things, and a certain process. he is not like that. the proof will be in the pudding. ideas work and will republicans in congress go along with it? mississippi. good morning. caller: thank you. he ask a just answered a question that i was going to ask him. think our president,
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withd trump will comply the democratic congress, -- not congress, but the senators. also, in texas, talking about the women's marches. women talking that all should get out there and get involved. i disagree. hand, there was a gentleman talking about the democrats and the kkk. if i am wrong, stop right there, but this is where all of that stems from. the south. i'm from the south. do andwhat they used to democrats, it is not the republicans that were pushing all of this kkk on people.
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it was the democrats. it was the democrats. really, like i said, i'm from the south and i know as a child, i remember all of this stuff. i can say that and tell the truth. i believe we could talk about women all day long. i figure a lot of women should go home and shut their mouth. a lot of them are the reason the country is in the shape we are in. you can have all the men's jobs and go to any major factor you want to and you do not see a lot of men. you see a lot of women. host: you put a lot on the plate. i do not liket: labels. --hink we have had these you're running america, you're running america, you are a secular humanist.
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nothing is achieved. it is great for fundraisers and good for some people on tv, but no problem is solved. are democrats who are more moral than republicans and the reverse. we have got to get rid of these labels and stop hating each other. we are americans first. if we do not make the airmen work, we're only one generation away from losing it all. democracy is not the natural state of humanity. is an experiment that has to be renewed from generation to generation. if it is not, we will lose it. different ways of solving problems but we are not each other's enemies. if you want an enemy, make it isis and the taliban. host: good morning, independent line. there are four words
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that would change the course of this conversation. donald trump could tweet about this tonight. are black ofs oath storm- -- black front. and donald trump is a russian stooge. vladimir putin. the rope we used to hang them with. president trump has said would you rather have russia as an enemy and not talk or would you prefer to talk to them. opened the door there. democrats did not think we could do that at the time. reagan meant -- went to meet with gorbachev. and margaret thatcher, prime
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minister of great britain, said someone we could actually deal with. i do not think it hurts to talk to your enemies. it hurts when you do not talk to them. i do not think he is a stooge. he says he has never met vladimir putin. to talk.t is better caller: i agree with everything you said. thing. one there has been collusion between the trump campaign and put in. guest: how do you know that? caller: i am a prodigy. i'm a hypnotist. i know things. guest: i am about to go to sleep here. the line if you are a hypnotist. host: ohio, democrats line.
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caller: i really agree with you. i was a sanders supporter, grew up here in dayton, ohio. yesterday, i pushed my 88-year-old mother. less than the50 men she was standing right next to. yesterday, i pushed her down to the ohio -- i would not call it anti-trump rally. i call it each -- equal wages and day and health care care and equity and education. i went to a trump rally. i wanted to hear what they think and who they were. former gm workers.
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looking for a better paying ,obs, i was agreeing with trump i thought it was brave of him to call them out right there on the when he said washington, d.c. has been isolated and many have been profiting. we need to call our legislation out, right, left, or center. , i agreexplain to me msnbc, cnn, ifox, found msnbc during the campaign unwilling to talk about hillary clinton policies record, i am so set about. syria, libya, and iraq. i think whether we are right,
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left, or center, we only to call getwhat we believe in and off our butts, get in the streets, get in the hallways and lobby our reps. edit -- host: that is a linux as we are no longer all talk and no action. time for them to talk is over. need terms is why we limits. my favorite story on why we need term limits goes back to my old friend, the late senator from south dakota, 1972 presidential nominee george mcgovern. 1980 reaganin the landslide, doing something totally different. he went up to tonight -- to connecticut and try to run it. after years, it went bankrupt.
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you need to know about what happens when people stay too long in washington and get out of touch, georgia government said i might have done to philly in the senate. it is not just term limits , but members going to work for , lobbyingons organizations in washington, the lobbying business in washington and elsewhere. guest: there is a lot of that in the media. i started out as a copy boy and i learned the ethics of journalism from some of the greats for my respect more than anyone else. nancy dickerson, many others. jack perkin spirit only a couple of them are left now. back then, you did not belong or
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contribute to any political party or persuasion. you may belong to a party but no know about it. net -- now there is a revolving door. -- most of them used to work for a democratic president or democratic oriented organization. very few republicans. mean what ioes not met when i was growing up. that is good shooting to the low esteem the -- the public is holding the profession. home of tony bennett. the trump era begins in washington, and there will be resistance. i went to the protest in your city yesterday. there was a groundswell. i'm an ordinary citizen. i would normally avoid crowds like that. i had to go. the feeling of it was so
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and everywhere i look on my way to the protest in protesters, this is what democracy looks like. i made a homemade sign. i carried them for about three hours. unfitere regarding this president. one might -- one of my science says a perfect is unfit to be president. does that include bill clinton? caller: i would like to see what the right-wing will do when he starts acting like he doesn't white house. do youwhat difference think the protest will make. deacons the republican congress and trump will say we should change our policies? what democracy looks
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like, there will be resistance to his right-wing regime. make: do you think it will a difference? apparently not. ok. do you think it will make a difference? caller: we will see. see the resistance to his right-wing regime. march. tweet about the -- we hear from linda england burnie, maryland. republican line. good morning. mute your television or radio. if you are listening on c-span radio, and go ahead with your question or comment. i will let her go. we will go to mike in south carolina. guest: she may have been hypnotized by the previous caller. host: independent line.
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caller: i have a question. hear a bunch of trump supporters and some folks around him talk about the affordable care act, repeal and replace. one thing they keep talking about is let's allow buying insurance across state lines. the next breath is, and get the federal government out of our health care. if it goes across state lines, it is interstate, it's -- which gets you right back into the commerce clause. guest: not necessarily, with the banks. banks were constrained by borders. now you can go into a wells fargo bank in washington and one in san francisco and los angeles or chicago. many of the -- many of the other
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banks out there. it is a great convenience for a lot of people, we are a mobile society. allowing insurance companies to what it isd that is about, competition, which is good, it helps control costs and improve services, in an ideal situation. not all parts of the affordable are opposed by conservatives. we endorse pre-existing conditions. we like competition. we see the mess the federal government has made and why we cannotne think -- even win wars anymore. we do not even know why we're fighting some of them. thewould anyone think federal government can do a better job in the private sector with health insurance and health care. look at canada. how many people come down to america. competition will raise a lot of
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boats. recognize,fails to where not talking about the banks. i am talking about health insurance. guest: same principle. caller: it is not the same thing. it is currently it is totally different. it is controlled by the states and the premiums are approved by the states. guest: no, that is not true. maybe in texas where they control car insurance by state insurance board. the companies set their own rates. by having competition as we do in package delivery and virtually every other area except public schools, i think you will find improved service. president obama promised if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, the rates will not go up and your deductible will not go up, and all of those things turned out to be untrue.
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that is another thing that president trump has addressed. competition in drug pricing will lower the cost of drugs. i do, it isw why -- the fda and the government again. government gets involved providing grants to colleges and universities and helping to subsidize, the rates go up and they increased fruition. it is always that way. the private sector does a far better job running almost everything than the federal government, in my view. author and syndicated columnist. -- we noticed this past week a column of yours entitled a new approach in washington. you said a sign of the changes to come in education secretary betty devos's testimony.
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what is the sign of change you are seeing and that position? ofst: a strong component school choice, as mi. ,egan in the late 19th century an old model that no longer fits the 21st century. we have competition in virtually every other area of our life, and there have been surveys taken over the years. remember the film, waiting for superman, eight by one of al gore passes top associates, that showed inner-city poor people want desperately to get their children out of failing and unsafe public schools. i praised president obama and his wife on they came to washington, putting their children in private schools. a wonderful choice for them. i said at the time, they should give the same opportunities to other people who do not have the means they have.
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left,amazing to me on the favored choice when it comes to abortion but not when it comes to educating those fortunate enough to have been born. a nomination could face a little more delay. the report from the new york ises saying he sensed she using biofeedback technology to and teenagers, she and her husband are major financial backers of a company that operates a drug-free center and claims to work with 10,000 children. number of years, the school system thought by outng ritalin, boys acting and being boys, boys will be boys as the cliche goes, a good thing. and off a lot of people including on the left have
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opposed to the drugging of america's young children to keep and restore order to the classroom. it is something worthy of discussing. we need to get kids off drugs and back in the schoolbooks. host: virginia, republican line. caller: thank you. front and i believe the liberal democrats acting out in writing and give him a chance to prove he can do the job, we would be a lot better off. as for the relationship with russia, i am well over the age of 50 now. it would be much better for us in russia to go back to being allies like we were in times of war and say that way even during times of peace. it would make both countries than the smaller
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countries like the mideast, they would behave themselves and twice before acting out. guest: the old phrase, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. i do not see any problem with tim up with russia to wipe out isis at least in syria. it does not mean you have to subscribe to everything, the invasion of crimea and all the other things russia is doing under vladimir putin. when you see a common enemy, as we did in world war ii, tim have against the nazis in hiller, i do not know of anyone ask that was a bad new -- bad move. what followed was the eastern europe slavery -- calmness and. we defeated a greater enemy. there are ways to promote the general welfare. host: danny on twitter asked this question to you.
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-- there's one thing about talking to your enemy and talking to an enemy that wants to destroy u.s. part of its religious and political doctrine. we had deals with north korea, shutting down the facility. not all enemies can be reached. likeave a nationstate russia, it may be somewhat easier. iran is a different deal. their leaders have a religious motivation to wipe it all out including those possums who do not agree with sharia law. that is the problem. host: democrats line. caller: good morning. listen. several of our
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country's problems for almost six years now. by accident. the professor runs around and say it's, you do problem too. last week of my college education, one of your illegal immigrants slammed into the back of my vehicle when i was in bed for five or six weeks. 400s not going to read a each book on it and i will not read a 3000 page book, get this through your head here it is illegal. since no state has succeeded from the union it is illegal. it is not 3000 pages long. but it is still the highest law in the land. all of your answers to all of your problems, be it the health care law, what to do regarding iraq and iran and all of that, let's get a couple of things straight. the country is not founded on freedom of religion.
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it says congress shall make no religion establishing -- no law establishing a national religion. no law establishment -- establishing means no law establishing. national religions and every law in the country aat supports any of it, religious fanatic is unbelievably deadly. establishment of any government than the one that is supposed to be there. 1776, for us and our posterity, those born here are citizens. one of my degrees was premed and we had to take history. our founders knew about abortion and the concept of it. 17 76.nd answered july 4 our nation is founded on that --
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not having taxation without representation. at 21% total taxation, you are a tyrant and under the citizenship clause, we are wired to take up arms against you. host: i will let you go there. guest: i am not sure where that was going. she had a lot of things on the late. i would disagree with the idea the only citizens of the united states are those on here. people legally immigrated and have got to the process of becoming stiff -- citizens and they are very welcome. they have contributed over the years from the irish to the polls to george friends -- jew ish friends. they want to contribute something. there is a difference between those kind in the illegal kind who cross our borders and break our laws. some of them commit violence, as we have seen, and become burdens on the economy.
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i think we have to control our borders. no nation that fails to control its borders will remain the kind of nation for long. host: were -- what you thought about the inauguration address. guest: it was different. i think everyone agrees. there have been some great inaugural addresses. john kennedy asked what you can do for your country. ronald reagan, a great and soaring address. we have a nuclear confrontation with the soviet union. it almost led to nuclear war. the speeches are great that the proof is in the pudding. we will just have to see. he was certainly channeling a lot of the anger and frustration of the voters. it would not have been my speech but i was not elected. host: here is what donald trump
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had to say. trump: ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of energy'snd harness the , industries, and technologies of tomorrow. pride lift our sites and heal our divisions. it is time to remember the old wisdom our soldiers will never forget, that whether we are black or brown or white, we all believe the same red blood of patriots. [applause] president trump: we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms and we also lift the same american flag.
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is worn inhild detroit, or the windswept plains of nebraska, they look up at the same night sky and fill their heart with the same dreams, and they are infused with the breath of life by the same almighty creator. so to all americans, in every city, near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, from ocean to ocean, hear these words. you will never be ignored again. your voice, your hopes, and your dreams will define our american destiny. your courage of goodness and love will forever guide us along .he way
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together, we will make america strong again. make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again. will make america safe again. and yes, to gather, we will make america great again. thank you. god bless you, and god bless america. thank you. a listen and look there, what is the tone you heard from president trump? was good.t you think of president obama's thousand nine inaugural address in the comments he made in the run-up to that election, we are not red or blue, but the united states of america. that we will end the divisions in america. those are noble objectives. but how are you going to do that? we have democrats and republicans, people on the far
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left already planning impeachment against donald trump, how are you going to bring people together? with success. succeeds, iump think the polls will shift and people will realize government .ctually can work host: good morning mark on the republican line. ander: the left-wing media people in the mainstream media painted it to be bleak and black and negative and so forth. what i got out of the inaugural dress -- address is i would like to see the truth. costs a lot of hoopla like a lot of up have in the past. if you are going to do somebody a kind service, do not lie to
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them. tell them the truth. a line said years ago in a commencement address, truth is not a light tap on the shoulder. or you can go the jack nicholson line, you can handle the truth. host: pennsylvania, independent line. caller: thanks for taking my call. my question is false on the press corps. you probably saw the quick conference yesterday here and i have a journalism degree that i had dinner with helen thomas. a white house press member. then, president of professional journalism in my school, i was thinking journalism still had some ethics , the canons of journalism, i think personally journalism is dead.
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have groups on both sides, advocacy issues. my question is obviously the press does not like trump at all. you can tell they do not like them -- do not like him and will fight him all the way. is always there, why should always be the same people? why can't you have a lottery of bringing in new media and bring those people in through a lottery get access to the presidency and ask some questions? i see the same combative left-wing advocacy journalism that goes on forever and ever and ever and i think it is dangerous to the country and i would like your perspective. good point and i made this point in a column weeks ago that trump should include expanded ways of communicating. more bloggers, more nontraditional communication. something else here.
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i am old enough to remember the resignation of the point man for attacking the press and channeling richard nixon. this was before twitter and facebook and social media and the rest and most of those views were filtered through the broadcast networks and major newspapers. i would not do this. i try to reach out to people and befriend them and try to at least get a fair shake. president, feel they are under attack and there is a lot of evidence for that. as nick and found out, if you make a consistent enemy of the press, it can come back to hot you. great alliteration and probably a lot of truth in it. there is no question if you read the major newspapers, it is all
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negative against trump. there is no divine right or any other right for the same people to be at every news conference and every briefing all the time. i think trump understands that and i think sean spicer does as well. you will see happen exactly as you suggested. and: syndicated colst thor oca
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