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tv   Open Phones  CSPAN  January 23, 2017 9:34am-10:03am EST

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ethe prs crar bus wsed, jrnis ofri ctism of thr n. aingatiegood mornin caer: go mni,atie i' calngecse'm mhe nue.a-time wa t tchy chilen how woerlmecas d how ch wlo ts cnt. antrump sndp d rt of thicotrwi , ndorakorimself eutght, dtae msf igryor l ate'lingn a join e st of e it stean pul ve thatanted erica be rsfo our otus f ama tel groupf epwi. h many ileno u ha, nalie? ll: ha twohiren, a o-arldoynd foureaold gi. i t bt r em and ho m floamicans to, o. stthk u. od luck with yourhire
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licohillarclto fighting nt ve adecrs pseatns,o clinrert owhe e xaly wha and we wrg. xtp oerostod nejeey li.lican rst week oth tmp mistti, what areou okg r? 'm loongorimo al thdidef eoury 'rve vid, d't back oba,e hadig os for m, tnk he saoiedhemeca pele conservative ler a uics,ou he ne re withi ptfmndor thult h. e u llav ansvave, puithiayotve consvave, he iprmac dilreh t a ppl ecine's neefe pridt. m okg rorof th. arn th kingn e alffe, awe a uril t last
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e thenryhais, reecvef erthans om ho: thanyofo the cl. syayorheene, miti oseetary of ste d mitiorhe c.a egni a 30 stn cpa. wpt ne, viin, moats le. goodorng caergo mni. iktoay tnkha esentrp edto me ot amics fs bsnd hethre concera me sdi troop oer cntesrodhe wod. neetope mo meyn aho l rht no e edo elut mita trooponntten americ amera,ureaif cnt,
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cnt a i tnk nd to ccentra tetr, e ate n dtoel pele ohi cnt. hethere canom toghe orgr o what nd ren th cnt. tnk you vto for t call. it etoofuzee hawrtea pie. y zzfeed publisd e arclabt daltrump d nsor d inrmion diutitrerd daltrump and inforti ohia h read hxpnationvailab at nytimeco r rero n yk,au, u a next, good moin caergo mni, stev veee wchg c-span sce it wasniat a i mis ourey lambbut votest he. ia i sll ll: kn, don't see engh ohi wchimve
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im.nht because ms myelgsoday as ve be wchg is who tng astwyears e andvethg,on rll li daltrp r , aa b iik somofis sectns forhe cin st i vere fth ty llo the righ tngbuhene 'vobrv a i hope he will t rg ldein igssed io naon ocrabs. bther we edo ofoofeelin alo, ng timego c remr me ofattheraf od elg. o erydy is epngny elgs e' a,e'llotur xpedo e ct sobo wlurt ouelgs oufein.
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t'geovt. t'grp d a good of da t youth ineaofavg the coegamseanhi schos a a or. ybieto spei anrouproup ho: plathk uorhe frchlneyo, fntag ofaily ns,toy,arn ut tm umuts alrnivac. qterokeyae conw o eehere,efends o gh med omeworday ns. nt,ro flida. go rng. ll: yes, i cli aut prio iue, gtlan sted tt umpeed qt auteahce d th a tt a focu ds auginste wha alca i its hendtr
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homa nse a doctoran deand evyby gngo dpled toughoutur f fuy glek hethre t cl.yofo ll mni ns,ha haenafter the rallies? miions mchg whito d. a elwhe t cotronatda mes march. weavhilito our wsite c. isex rsye odonaldru as rede, atreou lookg r? ll: lli peirim lg-me lters thk y for tinmy cl. sterin. hope aturex rede , m um rp,ilutmecars hsa, thk wspd o on ootrouri
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st of th cntes wou eh smeca dd d ntue to fan tir wel beg. hit te wpu eran fst tnkfoth cl. ibe. pe higo famiaronathi house cote ofhemuum cgrsial republanauouy eeth isront pe sty. s dgoe,n rp d mia rk upts. eraryoualngro sa nt vno n rk inpeen caer h myam is sa. howreou tod? stgo. anyo caerthkouor-sn. cleyoad
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baroviin, d seenyean theay i tored f he- pped, wh thoht th iid -na hped us noon wh t sury the wldbu wit peoplehese. heuxyfavg to and i d'thi tt wshld tocae dal trumpwas to tnkfothe call. sa othreblanin go mni. callermyomnthen th ild ftoesn the ute
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wl be he gutis oltas, thefet gngo lp wmi. enhe bldacri i tr unie they e ewg t poutantsth mocrats out b hpyit at you.a tnk arn itiahaapar thd gree mnin e h lstetoual i isheli, . psint th ectn ov. autt oir ur,he o seomnton c-anrge a itia brdot psint me sing smt the c.aonisir fl day. he andis sffilha t ty ntoame i succd agorng. isas not aredeia ouormanc but m tmp no risurng theve a se-eend, o se-ctedifabthe si ohi cpan lly, te ganeenn veanhowisne mia
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naugurros. all,utegd f pital c.a othcaer pleeby suggestgosat ime c.aha't vedor chefsine aut vicry akmr iaovage um lk alansere o t rern reased
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al makin ns ltnave ct suayho ce aron sp riooo ete te. frank frtan land, w yo, rubcane ll: odorng, r. ryap wretaina w a here. s m tmppridt tmp is mni, mti wh me
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lde, lki t ta cut tegatnsso a kp roer bsn t utestes i nthe ecomyimat. iimrtant ave a w ouook. i le ate dheinr stig f t l cmuty i' rir ny oic f0 t ou ro i'veap t s tt er bac o lwh enrcen cmutynd hedoheob thla ehtea tt s seenhe bune wl psp a b hangaw andrder, will tle the amerin peop ha cfinc minmore op wt gt,uslike h cldtomoufoth auraon the lt y g
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rdroienna, myland, decrs ne goorng. morning. i so happyo t throu t u. kemeca gre ain in oer to makamicgrt ai tt means sllt ha oorngeoe ma ls money have p re tre planng bli liryilng o sucre anwee goin to give ppl atakmoy eaxre. wl t prest wki >>ay bheilha ppl
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whwi wk th iaid - whwi wk thim tir tt main op wl rkit h to he h makamicgrt agn p pplba t wk t rheof eics tabrkoul ho: a bk moow rng 70. an f jni uon this nd. ho y enjoyheesof you da [ctis pyghnaon cae teitco. 17 [ctiinpeord t naon ctiininite, icisesnsleorts ptn ntt d curacy. vit]
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