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tv   House Debate on Abortion Funding  CSPAN  January 25, 2017 2:12am-2:57am EST

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d c marking the decision known as roe versus wade. the rally begins at noon eastern. at 1:00 they will march to the supreme court. one of coverage here on c-span. coverage here on c c-span.]sp -- discussing the executive orders assigned by president trump to expand the pipelines. stephen moore will discuss president trump's proposals to lower taxes and increase jobs and boost the economy. editor and publisher at the republicanority in government and cover president trump in a changing media environment. washington's order --
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washington journal live, join the discussion. >> the house debated a bill to block funding for abortion. abortion services and a formal care act subsidies for insurance courses that cover abortions. the bill makes permanent the hyde amendment. that bars several medical facilities from providing abortions. strongse today and unflinching leadership on this issue. it was just -- write off ready to this presidency as it just began. there were millions of pro-life women who were explicitly told
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they were unwelcome at this event. today, the people's house is giving them and more than 60% of americans from all political taxingions who oppose abortions ensuring their hard-earned tax dollars are not used to fund the destruction of innocent life. thats the principle numbers of both parties have supported in this chamber before. democrats and republicans alike come together to support the bills that maintain the hyde amendment which prohibits the erect federal funding of abortions with limited exceptions. this 40-year-old law has seen an estimated -- save 2 million lives but it is not permanent. this protection could be taken away on a quinn.
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the law in its current form has clear loopholes. a 2014 study found that taxpayer-funded insurance subsidies could be used to pay for abortions on over 1000 obamacare plans nationwide. today we have the opportunity to make this life affirming all permanent and governmentwide. as a mother and a grandmother and a nurse for more than 30 years, this measure is especially meaningful to me. in the health-care industry i saw the joint joy in young parent tries when they met their newborn for the first time. i held the hands of grieving spouses and children as they said goodbye to their loved ones and sadly i witnessed a young woman lose her life due to the effects of a botched abortion. these experiences inform my view
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that all life is a precious gift from god. i pray this in time will be reflected in the nation's law. until then can we not at least do this much? norge a yes vote on the taxpayer money for abortion act and i yield my time. the gentlewoman from colorado is recognized. >> i yield myself two minutes. our constituents are looking to this congress to address the economy, jobs, the crumbling infrastructure, and so many other issues. despite these pressing needs the only substantive bill this house is considering this week is a bill restricting a woman's ability to get a full range of and abilityservices of passed before and we know is going nowhere.
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x title alone must be part of the majority's new plan to fax -- we now have in our discourse alternative facts which takes this to a whole new level. the bill is called the payer funding for abortion act. under current law, under the hide amendment which i hate, which i will do everything to repeal, but under the current law we have no taxpayer funding for abortions. taxpayer funds are currently prohibited to be used for abortions. instead what this does is take that concept and uses it to far expand a restriction on a woman's ability to get a full health care that she needs. let me talk about what this bill does exactly.
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it codifies beehive hide amendment into statutes which has never been done in this nation's history. it codifies a ban on abortions in d.c., even when they are done with the scenes taxpayer money is not with federal money. it codifies the health amendment which denies women abroad access to safe abortion care by severely restriction the use of u.s. funds to pay for health care services in developing countries. i yield myself another limits. .it prevents people who have plans where they get subsidies for paying for plans with her own money. this is a far expansion of a restriction on a woman's right to get her own health insurance with her own money. it denies insurance related tax
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credits to small business that is plans that offer abortion services. bandsrently abandons -- it for employees and codifies a ban on abortion coverage in military coverage overseas. the fact we are debating this after president trump issued an executive order -- atating a rubble gag global gag rule is a slap in the face to the women last weekend. let's vote no and go to the business, the one the american public cares about. > the gentlewoman from tennessee is recognized. >> i would like to yield three .aintenanc -- minutes >> jonah from virginia is recognized for three minutes. >> i think her for her hard work on this important cause. however stark american
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differences of opinion can be on the matter of abortion, there has been long bipartisan agreement that federal taxpayer funds should not be used to destroy innocent life. the hyde amendment, named for haschief sponsor henry hyde prohibited the funding of abortion since 1976 when it's passed the house and senate composed overwhelmingly of democratic members. it has been renewed each appropriation cycle with few changes for over 40 years, supported by congress controlled by both parties and presidents from both parties. it is the most bipartisan pro-life proposal sustained over a long. of time then any other. it is time the hyde amendment was horrified. the u.s. code. the no taxpayer funding for abortion act
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sponsored by representative chris smith of new jersey would do just that. it would codifies the two core principles of the hyde amendment throughout the operations of the federal government, namely eight and on federal funding for abortion and a ban on the use of federal funds where health benefits coverage that includes coverage of abortion. as hundreds of thousands of people from across the country come to washington to express their love of unborn children at the annual march for life, as we now have a president who supports this legislation, let's reflect on what could be accomplished if the bill we considered today was signed into law. during the time the hyde amendment has been in place, the most reliable estimate and those of the congressional budget office are that millions of innocent children and their mothers at the spared the horrors of abortion. millions of lives have been saved and of those millions of lives saved, many more have
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grown up to bear their own children and to raise them in happy, loving families. this bill is more than a proposed law, it is a celebration of the life of those millions of americans, always and girls, men and women of all races, who give joy and feel love and create and. -- contribute. this bill is a welcome sign for millions and millions more americans to come. i congratulate the president for already reinstating the mexico city policy which prohibits the federal funding of abortions overseas and i look forward to him signing this bill into law to codify the same policy here in america. thank you and i yield back. frome gentlewoman tennessee reserves and the gentleman from colorado is recognized. missyield a minute to
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czajkowski. -- chef kautsky -we areonly-10 days into the> 115th congress and already republicans are bringing> legislation to the floor to harm women's health. it is clear that house republicans do not respect women and our ability to make our own decisions. millions of women peacefully march around the world and here we are once again voting legislation to give politicians more control over women's bodies then they have of their own. let's be clear, the ultimate goal of this bill is to effectively eliminate access to abortions, even when women pay for it themselves. seven out of 10 americans
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believe that abortions should be safe and legal and just that we have seen in texas when women lose access to abortion they tol take drastic actions seek back alley abortions or self abort. wade was not the beginning of women having abortions, it was the end of women dying from a more since. . > i know yield two minutes to dakotalelady from south . >> i rise today in support of hr seven, the no taxpayer funding for abortion act. specifically the bill says directly that federal dollars, taxpayer dollars, could not be used to provide abortions. it does not do more than that but it puts into statute eight
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permanency to legislation that has anyone again renewed. becoming a parent was something i husband and i always dreamed about. when we didn't realize we were having our first child we prayed for her and our future children, recognizing they were a gift from god and that flight was to be protected even from the moment of conception. that is the belief i have and my hope and dream for everyone in america that we would recognize those children are a gift from andfor us to protect, keep be brought into this world safely. toperspective and committed protecting unborn children is why i am standing here today. time and again congress has arisen with bipartisan support to oppose taxpayer-funded -- funded abortion. they have been estimated to save 2 million innocent lives. our goal is to save even more. we need to make these provisions
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permanent. obamacare has allowed the text dollars of hard-working americans to flow to over 1000 abortion covering health plans. has made the bipartisan legislation even more important than ever. hr seven would create a government wide prohibition against federal dollars to fund abortions and would ensure the affordable care act applies with the hyde amendment until it is repealed and replaced. today we stand to make sure that every single life is a value, not just the ones we pick and choose for political reasons. every single one that god has created has an opportunity to live out its dreams in the united states of america. >> gentlewoman from colorado is recognized. >> i ask unanimous consent to put mr. conyers statement into the record.
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i recognize the congressman from florida for one minutes. she is not here. i now recognize a woman from california for one minutes. >> gentlewoman from california is recognized for one minutes. >> thank you very much. i want to thank the gentlelady for yielding and your leadership on behalf of women's health. i rise in strong opposition. this discriminatory bill would undermine a woman's access to abortion care which is a constitutional right as affirmed by roe versus wade 44 years ago. by making the hyde amendment permanent this bill would restrict access to reproductive health care for millions of disproportionately harm low income women and women of color. as if this isn't enough hr seven
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comes on the heels of a dramatic expansion of the global gag rule which denies life saving health care to women around the world. continuous republican attacks on contraceptive access, comprehensive sex education law and plant parented. i was a staffer on capitol hill when the hyde amendment was first passed. i remember the days very clearly a back alley abortions. clearly republicans are trying to take us back to the days when women died from unsafe abortions in this country. that is why i offered an amendment that would have recognize that women do not employers or politicians, have the right to make their own reproduction of health choices. they refused to make it an order and allow for debate. metal speaker, women should be able to make their own decisions about reproductive health care including abortions. without congress or employers interfering.
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>> the gentlewoman from tennessee is recognized. >> i have referenced in my opening remarks that this has been a bipartisan support for this measure on the hyde amendment on a purely racist and i want to make mention that the former gentlelady from california that's just spoke did vote for this measure in fy 16 on the bill. it is my honor to recognize the gentleman from new jersey. mr. smith is the sponsor of the bill and a champion for the unborn. it is really an honor for me to have served with him on this particular issue. i yield him three minutes. >> i want to first think the distinguished young lady diane black for extraordinary leadership. i hope thisto say is accepted for the profound
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change that it underscores. the hyde amendment have saved to my young lives. 2 million survivors who would died if medicaid funding for abortions have not made available. died ifsome of whom were 39, 30 children every year. if you look at where this comes from, much of the analysis comes from a peer review done by the --t locker institute in 2009 a 25% reduction in medicaid abortions when medicaid money is not available to effectuate the dismemberment and chemical poisoning of an unborn child. child is athe unborn human rights issue of our time. we talk about the unborn child, we degrade them. we treat them as if they are
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tumors, works to be excised growing,an children developing, and maturing. ultrasound developing has shattered the myth that a child is anything but human and alive. i hope the science that is very readily available catches up with the policy. this makes hyde and all the other amendments permanent. every year we have an annual battle over several of those amendments. out of obamacare the facilitation and funding of abortions. when president obama did his executive order in december of 2010 he said the hyde amendment would be applied to the obamacare changes. thatonths and years after house debate people have said that has happened. it did not. we know bond -- beyond plans pay doubt, 1000
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for abortion on demand in the obamacare stages. that got the votes of the pro-life democrats needed to effectuate the passage of the affordable care act. frankly it has not happened. thee to of this bill says hyde amendment will be applied to the obamacare exchanges. i remember when the president stood right there in september 2009 and said under this plan no taxpayer funding will be used to pay for abortions. absolutely untrue. makes that true. we don't want to be complicit in the killing and maiming of unborn children. -- women areout coming forward and speaking out especially who have found peace
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to say abortion also hurts women. there are two victims in every abortion, mother and baby. to me in the lives saved, that is what we should be about. >> the gentlewoman from colorado is recognized. >> i am pleased to yield to one of our new members from washington state. >> recognized for one minutes >> i rise in strong opposition to this bill. this weakens millions of them in the clear that they demand respects. instead, for their efforts, they have received a trip to 1984 where once again a paternalistic white house signed executive orders infringing on a woman's right to choose. hr seven, the bill we are considering here today is the next notch in the republican belt that will take away our control over our own bodies.
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i have years of experience working in family planning and i can tell you this bill takes away our ability to plan our families properly and make decisions about our own bodies. edition -- a decision that should be left to a woman. this is not a health care issue it is part of an extreme right-wing political agenda that puts women's rights on the chopping block. hr seven tells millions of women their voices do not matter and the rights do not count. passing this bill will create even more barriers for women including women of color trying to access quality health care. iron to my colleagues to oppose this misguided and heavy-handed bill. >> the gentlewoman from tennessee is recognized. it is my honor to yield one of minutes to one of my colleagues and a longtime supporter of pro-life the gentleman from illinois. >> gentleman from illinois is
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recognized. >> metal speaker i have a prediction to make. in the course of this debate the opponents of hr seven will not acknowledge nor give voice to congressman smith's claim of saving 2 million lives. why? to acknowledge 2 million lives that are saved is to acknowledge the weakness of an argument. those people are to be dismissed. how do you dismiss 2 million people? how do you dismiss 2 million , 60,000 per year? if you would imagine what it would be like if somebody in here said with certainty that unambiguously if you pass this law you will save 60 million lives, we would line up. we would be voting on that over
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and over and over again. my prediction is during the remainder of this debate, not a word about it so far. opponent will be silent about those 2 million lives. we need to vote for this and to save lives in the future. >> the gentlewoman from tennessee reserves, the gentleman from colorado is recognized. >> i yield one minutes to the distinguished young lady from wisconsin. >> i want to answer his question with a question. do you care about the 4 million off ofn today that live less than two dollars per day and live in extreme poverty? no you do not. let me quote our founding father samuel adams, freedom of thought and the rights to private judgment in matters of happyence directed their course to does have a country.
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the first amendment, the fourth amendment, the 14th amendment notion ofe to this right to privacy except when it comes to women and their bodies. republicans continue to wreak havoc for women's health, operating as if they have some sort of moral imperative to tell us. get. your. laws. off. our. body. >> please address the remarks to the chair. gentlewoman from tennessee is recognized. to theeld one minute gentleman from arizona, a long-standing supporter of life. >> i want to thank congressman black for this bill. it seems like whenever we talk about this issue we always talk past each other. the real issue before us is does
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abortion kill a little baby? if it does not i am ready to quit talking. those of us sitting in the seat of freedom are also sitting in the midst of the -- the greatest human genocide in humanity. although we may not agree on the vicissitudes of abortion, one thing is sort of an -- certain. someday we will recognize the humanity of the children of god and the inhumanity we did. we will regret these days. until then let's at least say we should not force taxpayers to pay for the killing of innocent little human beings. and -- openn hope our eyes to that truth. >> the gentleman yield back. pleased to yield one minute to the listing was young lady from california.
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>> on saturday millions of people took a stand against the assault on women's rights. today i stand with them once again to say we have had enough. only two days after the historic marches republicans in congress have introduced hr seven to limiting theiry constitutional rights to make personal choices about their reproductive health without undue government interference. hr seven is a health catastrophe. penalize employers who offer health care plans with conference of coverage and prevent the 80% of aca enrollees who received subsidies for purchasing plans that cover abortion services. in effect it makes abortion and option only for the wealthy. not sayof the land does that only some women have the right to choose.
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it says all women have the right to choose. i urge my colleagues to oppose this reckless legislation. >> the gentlewoman from tennessee is recognized. >> thank you. i want to mention this has been a long-standing bipartisan support for the support of the hyde amendment. the gentlelady from california that just spoke voted for this bill on three different occasions most recently in 2015. the omni passed in december 2015. also december 2016 in the f-117 cr. two minutes to be gentlelady from alabama, the member of the committee and a supporter of her life to>> recognized for two minutes
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fromthink my colleagues tennessee, the gentle lady from tennessee from yielding me this time. opponents of this bill are suggesting that we are against women's health care. what we are vehemently opposed to is the killing of innocent lives. innocent babies. let's call abortion of abortion and be reminded that the one voice not heard is that of the baby. it is my privilege alongside my colleague to speak on behalf of those who were not here today to speak for themselves. new taxpayer dollar should ever go to fund abortions. this is a commonsense truth that even the most ardent pro-abortion activists have a hard time arguing. i am unapologetically pro-life and it is no secret that i believe in stronger protections
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for unborn children under the law. must also believe that we assign greater respect for life within our society. that is why it is so important for congress to make a statement once and for all that there is no place in the federal budget for abortion funding. as an appropriate here i can tell you that the hyde amendment has stopped funding throughout our government health care agency. now it is time to apply the same standing provision across the entire federal government. colleagueslife fighting on behalf of the on -- unborn has been in a beer -- of battle.ttle --- uphill the summit and obama administration made sure the pro-life measures were if you did. with a unified republican are thatt our hopes
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the prospects have changed for the better. of hissecond day presidency president trump issued an executive order blocking federal funding for international groups who provide or promote abortions. pro-life unity this was a welcome sign that the trunk administration will be a powerful ally in the fight for life . there are many policy improvements to pursue, limits on abortions after five months. improving access to services and more. a great place is to start is passing hr seven. it is our responsibility to defend the unborn and it is imperative we get this right. >> the gentlewoman from tennessee reserves the gentleman from an colorado is recognized. >> the gentlelady from tennessee
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has attempted to imply that several of our speakers today support the hyde amendment because they voted for very large on the this spending bills that included the hyde amendment. i would like to be really clear that none of the speakers on this side support the aside -- hyde amendment. in the last congress we had a bill sponsored by a number of us with 129 cosponsors which would repeal the hyde amendment. sometimes people vote for large pieces of legislation because they do things like keep our government open. we will do everything in our power to repeal this poorly thought and regressive amendments. we will do everything we can to defeat this bill today. i'm very pleased to yield one minutes to the distinguished young lady from california. >> i think the gentlelady and for her leadership.
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president trump-pence his favorite book is the bible. i think he is writing a new book for the bible called the apocalypse of women. genesis.everse in the beginning he divided the country in half with right-wing duck whistles in his inaugural address. on the second day he nor to millions of people who marched across america and the world. on the third day he pondered changes to nafta and which women's rights to trade away. on the fourth day he reinstated and expanded the global gag rule risking women's lives worldwide. today, he at his house mouthpieces are blocking access to domestic reproductive health coverage. trumpeting alternative facts about legal abortions that have been somehow prevented. some 2 million of them. prove it. i shudder to think what will happen tomorrow and i doubt on the seventh day it will be devoted to rest. we must fight this madness and
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oppose hr seven. the gentlewoman from tennessee is recognized. >> 50 seconds to mr. smith. million,it about the 2 there is a consensus study done by michael new. the review of literature in 2009 why the guttmacher institute found one for the woman who would have been medicaid funded abortions gave birth instead when this was unavailable. >> the gentlewoman from tennessee is recognized. >> three minutes to the chairman from texas. >> thank you. i rise today in strong support of hr seven. no taxpayer funding for abortion act. this bill is pro-life,
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profamily, pro-taxpayer. i want to thank chris smith and diane black for their unwavering leadership in bringing this bill forward. among other important actions what i'm excited about is this bill finally making the high commitment permits. this long-standing policy prohibits taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortions through federal programs. for many years the policy of america was whether you were pro-choice and i'm pro-life. your taxpayers dollars would not be used for the active abortion. taking this action now, especially important given under the affordable care act taxpayer-funded health insurance subsidies have been funneled towards health plans that do cover abortion services. the bill before a state that us today will ensure they are not used in any form to cover abortions. this will be permanent and apply government wide in the form book
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air act. house rebellions are going to repeal this failed law and put in a system americans deserve. we can also take immediate action to protect life and taxpayer dollar from the law of harmful impact. this is a family issue. i wife and i are proud parents of two adopted children. of two a family because difficult situations toes life. -- chose life. choices andose encourage and protect innocent lives. this bill takes an important step. i want to thank again congress and smith and diane black for your leadership and i urge my colleagues to join me in supporting this. i yield. thehe gentleman from gentleman from colorado is recognized. one minutes to these
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distinguished young lady from california that florida. >> i think the gentlelady from colorado. in our nationrive they must have the ability to own reproductive lives with full access to health care choices. republican efforts to force unwanted pregnancies and eradicate affordable safe abortion will not save lives. repealing the affordable care act, defunding planned parenthood, and driving returns womenrage to the days of coathanger medicine. allowing women to be killed and maimed in back alleys is not life. it will not make america great again.
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on thef america are march at madame speaker we will not retreat. >> the gentlewoman yields back. the gentlewoman from tennessee is recognized. >> i want to talk about the long-standing bipartisan support. the gentlelady from florida has supported this measure in the omni bill. it is my honor to yield two minutes to the gentlelady from missouri, mrs. wagner, who is a member of the financial services committee has been price -- fighting for pro-life issues or many years. >> thank you madam speaker. i think my friend and colleague from tennessee for her wonderful leadership on this issue along with congress and smith for his wonderful leadership. i rise today to express my
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support for the new taxpayer funding for abortion act. has receiveddment by start -- bipartisan support for 40 years. it is a testimony to the freedom of conscience for all americans and the dignity of the unborn. that opposition to the amendment has become a political gimmick. all human beings, the board, the unborn, the young, the old, the sick, healthy are entitled to a government that promotes their dignity, their conscience, and their gift of life. this bill spells out congress's commitment to all people including children across our nation that the profits of big abortions should not be offered off the hard work of the american citizen. tax dollar should be spent on
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the destruction of human life. in passing this bill and making we hyde language permanent affirm that protecting children and mothers is our most precious duty as members of congress. i urge my colleagues to vote for life. i yield back the remainder of my time. >> the gentlewoman yields back and if the gentlewoman from colorado is recognized. >> i yield one minutes to the distinguished gentlelady from florida. >> the gentlewoman from florida is recognized for one minutes. for think congresswoman yielding the time and strong opposition. i urge the republican-led congress to hero -- hear the voices of the voices -- of
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millions of marched saturday. women's rights must be respected including the right to choose her own health care. sending a message to this congress that our rights are constitutional rights and must be preserved. americans have a right to privacy as we are reminded on the anniversary week of roe versus wade. this republican bill tramples on that right to privacy. women and their families and their doctors have the right to make their personal health care decisions. not the mostly male politicians in washington. it is especially poly they are targeting those in the military for a reduction in care. i urge a no vote and encourages americans to lift their voices. gentlewoman from colorado reserves and the gentlewoman from tennessee is recognized. say thatgain i want to this is been a long-standing
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parts and support and the gentlelady from florida supported this measure that in 2015 on the hr two bill and the 2015 on the bill. to yield twor minutes to be gentlelady from utah. >> the gentlelady from utah is recognized. let's talk about what this is really about. this is about the loss of human life. potentially brings with them unique gifts and talents that can be used for the betterment of our society. an unborn child may be the doctor that horse cancer or alzheimer's. the afternoon that lends us on mars or the future leader that solves the problems of today. the list of our children potential is infinite in value. anytime a child's life is lost that was something more that is lost. in loss for us, a loss for
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society and a loss for our nation. if you want to invest in our future, in the words of henry hyde we cannot in logic or conscience help fund the execution of these and it's a that innocent human lives. a strong majority of americans and bipartisan support in congress oppose this taxpayer-funded abortions. there exists over 40 years of loss that prevent this practice. this law has been deemed constitutional by the notes state supreme court. this is not about women's health. i want you to know very clearly that i support a healthy organic open health care system that gives women more care than they currently receive today. is codifybill does something we already have. it didn't speak past and establishes permanent protection stores children and the future
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of our society. i want you to know madame andker that when i stand up meet with my maker i want you to know that i will not be ashamed. i am going to know that i stood up for the lives of these innocent children. i urge my colleagues to vote in favor of our future, our unborn potential, and hr seven. >> the gentlewoman yields back. the gentlewoman from colorado is recognized. >> i'm pleased to yield one minutes to be distinguished gentleman from illinois. >> the judgment from illinois recognized for one minute. >> thank you for yielding this time. saw millions of americans march in cities and towns across the country and , are more thand attended the inauguration the day before. i joined the march in chicago where one of the most visible


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