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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 25, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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or hold it up until the next election. we should wait until the next president is in office before filling any supreme court seats. fromcalled in this morning alabama on the line for independents. good morning. caller: hello?
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i would like someone who upholds the constitution as it was written by our founding fathers. this means not holding their finger of the political wind. follow the constitution as it was written. thank you. baltimoree is in city, maryland. republican. good morning. caller: good morning, american. i hope as a conservative on most issues that we would have a supreme court justice that has cap conservative values. support family, support law enforcement. immigration.l even these smaller cases concerning the issue with --
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host: all right, bruce. couldn't really hear you. in battle creek, michigan. democrat. good morning. caller: yes. i have to point out that i don't think donald trump has actually read the constitution. i'm a little bit worried about an overreaching executive. they have arrested journalists at the protests. trump is suspending twitter accounts of executive agencies. the other thing is the conflict of interest that trump has which is in violation of the constitution and the clauses.
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up hoping if the issue comes and actually gets to the supreme court there will be independent and not beholden to the executive branch. host: have you followed the individuals whose names we are hearing as the finalists? do you have any thoughts on those folks? caller: i'm not a lawyer. i am wondering where he is getting these names from. his pence in advising him? i don't know the specifics. to doubting trumps ability do basic bedding. a sick investigation. i really distrust any name. it going to have to research
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and i don't know who these people are and i'm assuming they may not be very good. of 21 names a list when he was on the campaign trail that he often talked about. the finalists that we talked about earlier on that list. always looking for dark horses to come in as well. we will see the final answer sometime next week. selection expected soon and so is a brawl. senator chuck schumer of new york has said democrats are prepared to try to keep justice scalia see open indefinitely if the president proposes a nominee who is out of the legal mainstream. yesterday senators met with donald trump at the white house. they talked about the supreme court nominee process. that andeporting about
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what the senators had to say coming out of that meeting. a brief interview with chuck schumer after that meeting on the supreme court nominee. senate democrats would fight any nominee that was outside the mainstream. other membersrom in that meeting as well. mitch mcconnell saying i had a productive meeting with the president and vice president. chuck grassley is the chairman of the judiciary committee. for people who want more information about the white house meeting it was a good discussion. what's the most important point for you? what would you tell the president? edward is in syracuse, new york. democrat. good morning and thank
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you to c-span. truthfully --ump it's a travesty of justice that tothinks he has the ability forward people into a that is soal system forward that he wants to -- it seems like it's a crucifixion of democracy.ceived -- he talks about mainstream. i don't think he's much in the mainstream. i think he's in his own stream. he wants to go about dictating democracy in his own way. basically i think he kind of lies about things. i don't think he's very truthful.
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that's how i see it. do you see the supreme court as it is today in the mainstream? caller: i think it would be more -- even when barack obama an individual that he wanted to put on the court and the republicans just decided not to give the person with the ability to serve. aboutk that's horrible individual didn't get the ability. than anyre mainstream of the other individuals they want to put on the court. isn't it about what people want?
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or is it about what mr. trump and the republicans want? about president obama's unsuccessful effort to get a hearing on judge merrick garland. donald trump will put up his nominee for that open seat that was occupied by the late justice antonin scalia. we are asking our viewers on what they are looking for in a nominee. rick says for the court we need a brilliant mind and judicial scholar who is fair-minded. edwin writes i'm looking for someone who will enforce the constitution and not follow the party line. in massachusetts. independent. good morning. caller: yes. that since the
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democrats were denied their opportunity to put forth their nominee i think they should do the same to the republicans. and keep the court open. fair is fair. host: you think they should do that for four years or more? caller: yes. very fair. do you think that gets in the way of the functioning supreme court? caller: well it didn't matter to them. the republicans have a tendency to change the rules to suit themselves. i just don't think that is fair. fair is fair. and that's my comment. on the line for republicans. good morning. caller: good morning. think if adherence to the constitution and conservative values. more so, less legislation from the bench and more adjudication.
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we are talking about these things -- president obama got more than a few times. think the legislature should take a lot of these things on and leave it out of the hands of the executive and and conform to the norms we have done in the past. as far as the blocking stuff you are getting towards more polarization. if we want to become more polarized in this country that's the perfect way to do it. when he to get less polarized and start talking to each other. host: what's the most egregious example of legislating from the bench? caller: probably row versus wade.
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things that wasn't included in the national dialogue. there has been a monologue. we are supposed to be a marketplace of ideas. we've been getting just beaten over the head the red part of the country versus the blue part and vice versa. wade, abortion was a pretty egregious violation. i think it was an overstep. they are coming into immigration. these sanctuary cities and stuff like that. it's against the law. if you come into the country illegally, you're a criminal. donald trump today expected to sign more executive orders targeting sanctuary cities among other things.
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there is also expected to be at order on the building of the between the united states and mexico. perhaps the signature issue that drove his presidential campaign. today andok for those see what's in those executive orders. plenty of reporting saying they will be about the wall and sanctuary cities. this focus on immigration could be more than just one day today of executive orders. floyd in virginia. republican. you are next. i am a supporter donald trump. voted for him. i hope you picks a supreme court justice that will stop the premeditated murder of little
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aborted babies. nobody should have the right to murder anybody in the united states. they have the right to kill their babies. forthey made it right homosexuals to be married, they took a lot of rights from christian people. refusing to bake cakes because they didn't believe in homosexuality. it's not right to take away anybody's business for supporting being against homosexuality because it's wrong in the bible. bathrooms. they won't throw the men and women in the bathrooms together. that's not right. a man sitting beside their wife in the bathroom? that's not right. he picks a supreme court justice that stands up for christian values and what's right. life the march for
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expected this week here in washington. the house with legislation last night on the floor about a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion and ab cove from bsidizordacare a
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