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tv   Washington Journal Hannah Northey Discusses Oil Pipeline Pipeline...  CSPAN  January 25, 2017 10:09am-10:29am EST

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the political power game. i think that he saw when you are level,hen you're at his at the top level in the country, when you win, you win big. but when you lose, you also lose big. announcer: sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q&a." in the nation's capital, police say seven protesters who climbed a 270 foot crane at a downtown washington construction site blocks from the white house aren't associated with greenpeace. the protesters have shut traffic in the -- are associated with greenpeace. the protesters have shut traffic down in the area. they told police they are conducting a first amendment action, this coming a day after president donald trump's administration moved to delay implementation of at least 30 environmental rules and froze contracts.
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host: a reporter with environment energy news joins us now. she is with us one day after president trump signed executive action advancing oil pipeline products. take us through what the executive actions did yesterday. guest: president trump signed four executive memos and one executive order. essentially they are the same thing. they have the power of the executive branch behind them. keeping manufacturing in the united states. the first calls on all pipelines produced built in the united states to use domestic iron and steel. another one calls for the fast tracking of environmental reviews of critical infrastructure projects, anything from airports to highways to pipelines, which we are talking about today. and obviously the most talked
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about, the keystone xl and dakota access through those are executive memos. president trump really opened the door for those projects to move forward, to advance. host: why is this one of the first actions that he took. -- that he took? this is on day four of his administration. why this want? guest: it was a campaign promise. covered an energy conference in pittsburgh, and this was a promise that he made, that the government was going to move forward with keystone and to code access and get jobs for rural america -- and dakota access and get jobs for rural america. host: we want to get your calls.
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202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001 .ndependents, 202-748-8002 here is president trump from yesterday. trump: it is subject to a term of renegotiations by us. we are going to renegotiate some of the terms. if wey like, we can see can get that pipeline built. a lot of jobs, 28,000 jobs. construction jobs. a renegotiation of terms. he said renegotiate twice there. what does that mean? not know yet. on the campaign trail he talked about getting a better deal for america.
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industryome in the puzzled, what eminent domain would mean. we don't know. we would have to wait and see. host: reaction to opponents of the pipelines -- the dakota access pipeline is one that is more recent. we have seen footage on tv of the mass protests. over the weekend, the leaders of the native american tribe out there told the protesters to go home from the protesters. are they asking the protesters to come back now? guest: not yet. there has been a lot of backlash. is mostx tribe concerned about the dakota access pipeline. they've out to fight the project in court. they vowed to continue to protest. there are concerns about an encampment close to the pipeline. a resolution was passed asking
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protesters, fewer than 1000 who want to stay there. they have asked them to leave because the encampment is on a floodplain. as you know, north dakota has little winters. they are worried about the snow melting and the area flooding. peopleat we are hearing, want to stay in that encampment, but they are not being asked to come back yet. the: let's talk about timeline here. how soon can the pipelines start moving along after what president trump announced yesterday? guest: that is really difficult to know. they have to move. had askedor keystone transcanada to resubmit its application. the executive memo calls on the secretary of state to decide whether the pipeline is of the national interest in 60 days. so potentially 60 days, but we still are watching rex
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tillerson, the former head of exxon mobil, go through his confirmation process. we do not know when they will submit that application. dakota access, this memo calls on the court to reconsider whether this is deeper environmental reviews for the pipeline. we do not know how long that will take. is here toh northey take your questions as we talk about the executive actions yesterday. .he signing ceremony the executive order and other executive actions that president obama took on the controversial pipelines. michael is up first from minnesota, a democrat. good morning. hannah andd morning, john. my question and concern is that we understand that this will create more jobs. but what happens if we have the pollution and stuff like that?
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that is going to create a vast problem when everything else like farming communities as well as livestock as well as our wildlife will be affected by this transition. i would like to know your opinion on it here at host. host: hannah northey, this is the concern all along. the standing rock sioux tribe brought that up. they are worried about drinking water being contaminated. there have been oil spills in north dakota. oilink opponents of the pipeline have argued that moving oil pipeline -- moving oil via pipeline is safer than by rail or truck. i think that is a legitimate concern. a lot of people are concerned about that. it is reaching the court. we will see how it plays out. that is part of the environmental review. host: 28,000 jobs -- the number
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of jobs on the keystone pipeline -- i am not sure about the decoder access -- but the number of jobs on the keystone pipeline has been in dispute. guest: you have a spectrum being cited, tens of thousands by some proponents. there is a state department report that puts it at 4000 full-time permanent jobs. activists claimed there will only be 50 people that need to man that pipeline. so it is all over the map. is harder and more controversial to nail down, but they say that project has prompted 10,000 jobs in construction. host: our next guest -- our next caller. good morning. caller: i believe that what mr.
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trump said yesterday was a great thing, not only for the whole united states, in using our own oil under the ground, and gas. but he signed it because he does not have to answer to the people that mr. obama had to answer to. mr. obama would have done the same thing, but he had to protect the people that he had to answer to. that is my feelings. i have been on the phone in the last session, and i think that the constitution and the supreme court -- put a man in there regardless of his political persuasion. follow the constitution. follow the bible. and everything will be ok. pick partsff and that you like and do not like.
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you have three people on the supreme court right now who are completely political, and they would vote against anything and everything that is being put up by this administration. thanks, paul, from pennsylvania. we will stick to the pipeline. talking about the interest president trump has to answer to versus those that president obama had to answer to. guest: under the obama administration, these pipelines solved or scrapped. about climatern change, emissions. president trump has made clear that he wants to increase the infrastructure for oil and gas. administration
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are from oil and gas. rex tillerson, rick perry. very different promises. that will be a challenge for they arentalists when already bringing their concerns to president trump. westland, michigan, and independent. good morning. caller: good morning. hannah, can you please inform the viewers about the amount of earthquakes in oklahoma directly attributed to fracking? and we recently had the largest earthquake in the continental united states history. it is unfathomable to me that the media is so fixated in washington, d.c., on political theater, that these great events , these earthquakes are not being reported. the previous call from pennsylvania and his other
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friends need to realize these are facts. these are numerous, hundreds and hundreds of earthquakes directly attributed to fracking. do not ask me, asked the geological scientists. please inform the viewers. thank you. host: is that something that you cover? guest: not specifically, but thanks for the question. we do cover that. we have written extensively about the studies linking fracking activities to earthquakes in oklahoma. so i can mention that. but for the pipelines specifically, i think that is some of the concern that is popping up with the gas pipelines as well as the oil pipelines. environmentalists are very concerned about not only earthquakes but other effects natural gas and
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oil infrastructure. host: hannah northey is with us for the next five or 10 minutes or so, taking your calls. john is up next in beaverton, oregon, a democrat. good morning. guest: hi. one thing from the last caller mentioning fracking. my niece has done a paper on public health issues relating to of oil fields, natural gas. there is a large amount of water that is being used in these .racking to extract the oil and also in terms of spills, there have been numerous spills in the last month or so that, from what i am saying, are polluting indian reserves and
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indian lands in canada and the united states. there was one i believe last the pipeline, basically a private citizen had to detect it. private company with their high-tech sensors. guest: thank you for the question, john. that is at the heart of what is happening with these pipelines. the standing rock civilization is concerned about standing water on their land. i do not know how much water is used. we have reported on that. but these communities could be vulnerable to spills, and that is the concern they are raising. as far as the dakota access pipeline is concerned, there is a different study on what should be included in these
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environmental reviews at the core. how deep should you go, how should you look at oil spills back to that is a discussion we are having around dakota access. for our visual learners, i want to give you this map. the original keystone pipeline is the solid line coming from canada down through cushing, the junction in oklahoma. thexl pipeline would be dotted area there. the dakota access pipeline, this is the dakota pipeline, the standing rock indian reservation that we have been talking about in northern south dakota. there is the map for you. several columns are talking about this. "usa today." the executive director of euro , thehas an executive piece
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headline, "we will keep fighting these dirty projects." the environmental review of the these access pipeline, are the facts and they cannot be changed by signing a paper. if you want to read his column or the editorial board of usa in tyler, texas, a republican. good morning. >> good morning. i want to make a couple of comments. i believe we want to try and become energy independent. we do not need to be buying oil from saudi arabia. whatever helps this country create jobs, from manufacturing to engineering to refining, we can ship out amounts of oil to become the energy independent. now there are pipelines samently running in the
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path. underground.m the dakota pipeline is coming from canada. now, oil and water comes from the ground. i think it is a safer alternative, other than having it trucked in. that is all i have to say. host: hannah northey, anything you want to follow-up on with that? good point.kes a that is what the proponents of some of these projects have also iseed, that piping the oil safer than trucks or rails. we did see an explosion on a carrying oil. that is a concern. host: we can get one more call in. eugene is a democrat. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. we are on a slippery slope here. impressiven a lot of
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rhetoric from this president, and the thing that is really disturbing is that the greed withwe are talking about capitalism, this is the type of guy that we feel we have put in the white house. we have this guy with so much oil, theyal money and are going to get the economy to be worse again because money is never enough. donald trump wants to rebuild as well on the back of this country again. this guy acts like he never lost. he lost money in the casinos. he should know what loss is. what makes me really sad is that they could create 28,000 jobs, but what are the risks? this is a guy who was tweeting -- he hasllion people tal instability
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that he does not have to run the country. do not got these guys after more money by polluting the water and making a dirty project that they are trying to do that is really scary. should that the wise dog -- by the impressive rhetoric that is not going to cut it. host: our last caller. some protests yesterday afternoon. these exams orders -- these executive orders -- how much is the public and congress going to be able to weigh in here before construction might begin, particularly on keystone xl but also on dakota access? guest: that is unclear. senator john hogan -- we caught up with him yesterday and he said it would probably be an administrative process. as you can see from the executive


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