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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2017 10:29am-10:42am EST

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the trump administration and trans canada. he is asked them to resubmit their application. we do not really know what role congress is going to have. with hannah northey is environmental energy news. check out her work and her colleagues there at environmental energy news. announcer: apparently, protests against the executive actions on the keystone pipeline, the coda access pipe -- the dakota access pipeline, continues. a group of seven greentree's protesters -- a group of seven greenpeace protesters have climbed the crane box from the white house, calling for resistance to president donald trump. a tweet from paul schwarzman. we are going to take you live back up to capitol hill.
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the house and senate are out of session today. republicans having their joint retreat in philadelphia today through friday. we are expected to hear and reaction to president trump's executive actions over the past few days. it should get underway shortly. we want to let you know that the white house briefing later today is set for 1:00 eastern. we will have that live as well on c-span.
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we're live on capitol hill waiting for the start of a news briefing for democratic leader nancy pelosi. the house and senate not in session. there is a republican retreat for members of the house and senate getting underway today in philadelphia. a look at some video of members leaving capitol hill this morning.
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>> good morning. what has been planned for the next few days? >> we are going to fix the world. [laughter] >> fix the world? [general chatter]
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>> how are you, this morning? >> good, how are you? >> well, i wish i had your coffee.
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>> that policy joint retreat with house and senate republicans beginning today in philadelphia. president trump will be in philadelphia tomorrow to speak to the group. he is also expected to bring along british prime minister heresa may, who will make appearance in washington on friday, being the first foreign
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dignitaries to visit during the trump administration. we are back live on capitol hill. the house and senate out. democratic leader nancy pelosi will be speaking to reporters about their agenda. their reactions to the president's plans and actions so far, with additional executive actions planned to be signed. president trump plans to sign executive orders today enabling construction of his proposed wall on the u.s.-mexico border and targeting cities were local leaders refused to hand over illegal immigrants for deportation. according to white house officials, those familiar with the decisions, the action is part of a multi-they focus on immigration, among an array of sweeping changes to the nation's immigration system under consideration by the new president. president trump expected today to be heading over to the department of homeland security, visitsrnoon today, as he
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homeland security on sunday, over the weekend, on saturday, rather, he visited the cia over in langley, virginia. we will stay here live waiting to hear from nancy pelosi, live coverage in washington today that will include later today the briefing from white house spokesman sean spicer at 1:00 p.m. eastern.
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here on c-span waiting to hear from nancy pelosi, the democratic leader, with thoughts on the democratic agenda, reaction to the president's executive actions so far, and perhaps some questions, as well, on repealing and replacing the federal health care law of 2010, obamacare. we may hear about the houseboat yesterday on defunding abortion.
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the house passed that late yesterday afternoon.
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nancy pelosi, the democratic leader, should be out shortly speaking with reporters about the agenda i had. just happened at the white house, vice president pence is theg-in nikki haley
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new ambassador to the united nations. the associated press reporting that president trump is asking for a review of methods of interrogating terror suspects and the possible reopening of a cia run black site prison outside of the united states. according to a draft executive order obtained by the associated press and some reaction to that from senator john mccain, the chairman of the armed services committee, tweeting out, "the president can sign whatever executive orders he likes, but the law is the law and we are not bringing back torture." that is from senator john mccain. we wish her you today's washington journal as we wait -- we will show you today's washington journal as we wait. visiting fellow at the heritage foundation joins us to talk about the recent report from the "hill" newspaper that the trump team is thinking of cutting the federal budget over


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