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tv   Open Phones on President Trumps First Week in Office  CSPAN  January 25, 2017 1:32pm-1:55pm EST

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on the court? sec. spicer: there have been several names floated out there. he put out the list a while ago of 20 or so. that's where i would look. i'm definitely not getting ahead of the president on this. i would suggest to you that the people that are on that list that he put out during the campaign represent the kind of people that he's not going to nominate for the supreme court. we have well over 100, i think it's 100 and three vacancies at the federal level, at the appellate level, and i think that's going to continue to guide him. reporter: point of personal and which -- personal privilege. [inaudible] sec. spicer: i was just told the president is about to speak. i will get you the executive orders asap. real quick, hold on -- just for guidance purposes, we will be gambling tomorrow on -- be gathering tomorrow on air force one. bye, guys.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> kind of a quick end to sean spicer's briefing at the white house, saying that the president is about to speak. donald trump headed over to the homeland security department for the swearing in of the new homeland security director, former general kelly. we will open up our phone lines to get your thoughts on the trump presidency midweek in his first week as president. (202)748-8920 -- we welcome your comments on twitter. send us a tweet, @cspan. we will also read some of the postings we've seen this half hour on
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it was shorter than the previous couple of briefings. a very busy day once again for the administration. for donald trump going over to homeland security. sean spicer mentioning the executive orders the president is signing today on border security and authorizing and moving forward with that border wall between the u.s. and mexico, and also further actions on immigration, including actions to withhold federal funding on so-called sanctuary cities in the u.s. so, we expect to hear more of that. one of the reporters asking sean spicer about the text of some of those executive orders. by the way, we have covered all of the signings president trump signing the executive orders monday through wednesday of this week. you can find those on our website at our programming this afternoon will include sound of the
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briefings so far today -- include some of the briefings so far today. congresspeople are on a three-day retreat. we heard from nancy pelosi, here in washington. let's hear your thoughts on the trump presidency. we will go to gordon on our democrats line in arlington, massachusetts. >> yes, massachusetts. definitely that one. i was interested by the comment about the sanctuary cities and states. obviously, massachusetts and california are large recipients. what happens if california and massachusetts say, ok, you are going to cut us off, we are going to leave the country? >> what potential conflict do you see happening? >> we get medicaid money.
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those massachusetts and california provide us a huge amount of tax dollars to the federal government. so, the federal government is now threatening to remove the return of some of those tax dollars and grants and federal and nih funding, etc. what happens if we say, ok, you don't want to play the game, we are going to leave, takes our -- take our tax revenues and run? >> the governor of california certainly spoke about the potential conflict with the federal government. the state of the state happened last night in california. we will show that to you later in our program schedule on the c-span networks. matthew is in essex, maryland. what are you thinking so far of the trump administration? >> i think he's doing really good so far. i just think as long as we keep -- that america first mentality, geep not necessarily x-in everyone else, but we come
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first, i think he's going to do great. as far as everyone else, like the protesters and everything, if they really care about their , everybody is guaranteed the same stuff, as long as we keep that mentality, i think we will be fine. i think he's doing an awesome job. i'm not a big fan of trump. but he's showing up and doing the job the right way, i think. >> did you vote for him? --in a republican he was not my first pick, i will tell you that. out of more personal value, i did end up voting for him in the end against hillary. >> thanks for your comment. we are also seeing your comments on facebook. we streamed live at arch says, "i would love to answer the need for gag orders
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in our government. we are mindless followers of one man's opinion." valeri says, "it hasn't even been a week yet in the very things he ran on our already in motion." "he went over to the dark side and gave a foreign kingdom the right to u.s. land after promising he would give america's resources back to the u.s." we hear from miami, florida, on our independent line. >> good morning. i think it is still morning. i'm not surprised at all. i think that what he's done is begin the dismantling of our democracy with the cabinet appointments he's made. i have one question that was not asked by any of the white house reporters. in this study of voter fraud, is he also going to include a study of voter suppression? the fourth circuit court of appeals in the recent case ruled
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that legislation adopted by the republican-controlled ure was specifically targeting disenfranchised african-americans. two appeals courts have ruled they did the same thing in texas. the trump administration has already postpone the hearing on that appellate case, indicating that they may be abandoning the appeal so that that law can stay in effect. i think there will be a student -- if there will be a study of voter fraud, which, by the way, there is none, statistically -- i have a stipulation that was filed in the court in a case in pennsylvania where they passed legislation outlawing or requiring voter id that was hat theable to people, t republican party stipulated that there was no such thing as voter id fraud that they were aware of. thatur point, howard, is
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the president, president trump keeping up the twitter stream of the disproven allegations of will beaud, saying "i asking for a major investigation into voter fraud, including those who are registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal, and even those registered to vote who are dead." next, our democrats line. amy, that afternoon. >> thanks for having me on. i'm a democrat, obviously, in a former teacher. i do not support whatsoever th devos dismantling our public schools and turning them into voucher magnet schools. i talk in private school and public school -- i taught in private school and public school. we have to protect these forms of education. our government has to do that. she is an awful candidate.
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that's really all i had. the pic foros, secretary of education. her nomination yet to get a vote in the u.s. senate. they are back next week. go ahead. >> i have, from what i understand, a theory about the immigration. from what i understand, in the past, it was if you became pregnant in the united states, the child was actually a citizen, which i understand all that. other than building a wall, is there a way to implicate the fact that, if you come here and have a baby, you have two choices. one, we pay for the baby. you have the choice of going back home. which would counteract the theory of all you have to do from anywhere is just come here and have a baby and you can stay. ok, so, if they have the chance of, come here, have the baby, but tocare or adoption,
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decrease the fact of the immigrants coming, use that as a theory to be able to keep from building a wall. it would be cheaper in the long run. >> ok. david. juneau,ar from doug in alaska, on the democrats line. >> good morning. number one, i want to thank you, c-span, for being there all these years. i am really disdainful of this new president who has been elected. i suspect him of being a traitor to the united states. hisearly connections with original campaign manager, who for displaced and replaced ukrainian president, at the behest of vladimir putin. and then carried on into our
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election, where the russians took a large role in supporting trump and putting down hillary clinton. -- convention, the republican convention, they only said that there trump they only said that the trump campaign had to modify issues regarding support for the ukrainian government against russian intervention. i feel like this new president and his new regime is trying to create a reality just like putin has, where they run against the press. ,hey create alternate truths to quote propaganda minister conway. i think the american people and our country is in grave danger.
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i'm -- and i've just wanted to mention as well that, at the commander-in-chief's meeting during the election, president trump said that he would -- we should have taken the oil in iraq. he has recently repeated that statement. i'm appalled for all of our servicemen and all of the iraqis who died when we blew that now areup and who listening to our president say they are going to take the oil. we have serviceman -- america's servicemen fighting alongside to retake mosul. how is that supposed to be perceived by the iraqis? >> our defense secretary is making his first overseas trip. abc news tweeted this earlier, saying the james madison would
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travel to south korea and japan next week, his first foreign trip as defense secretary, according to the pentagon. coverage here in washington this week will include the march for life, coming up on friday, the 24th -- 44th anniversary of the wade wade -- roe v. decision. kellyanne conway, the president's advisor, is among the speakers. good afternoon to joe on our republican line. doing?how are you i'm a union carpenter. i support from for the fact that rump he said -- support t for the fact that what he said he was going to do, he is doing. he believes in america. he wants to make america better. he's a businessman. another thing people don't realize if they do their research, just before he got sworn in, obama sat there and gave away $200 million to
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overseas when other people in the party did not want to do it. as a host, to do something like that, when we have people in america in west virginia and kentucky who are starving and have lost their houses because they shut down the coal mines and everything else, and they don't have anything at all for their family and kids -- here's a guy who wants to make our country better and wants to support everybody in our country. people don't realize this. another thing, this black and white thing. all americans, we are all people. we should be standing up for america. that's what we should believe in. for people to say that -- it's african-american. you are not african-american or anything american. your parents are from the same country. you are born in the united states.
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we stand up as american people. we all have the same kind of blood. we should believe in our own country first. >> a few more minutes getting your thoughts on the trump, presidency so far. a lot of comments on twitter. mp's first week has been great for wall street and has done nothing for the middle class." "if california says it is leading the nation -- leaving the nation, i will take up arms to keep that from happening and preserve union." "he's doing a decent job. my concern is for the executive orders." "i don't hear anything about djt mobilizing fema to help southern states after tornadoes and floods." either at the beginning of this news conference or yesterday, sean spicer did mention that the administration has fema teams on the scene, based out of atlanta.
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good afternoon. >> i want to ask a question. do the people that are in the press briefing room -- they get paid a lot of money. why do they ask such stupid questions repeatedly? >> you are saying why are they asking such stupid questions? >> yes, and they asked them over and over again. they asked them a different way. aside, i have been a lifelong democrat. i'm willing to acknowledge the fact that we boned this election. and i do not understand why everybody is acting like a petulant child. we lost. it's done. just live with it. deal with it again in four years.
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>> we appreciate your call. west virginia. good afternoon. >> hello. i am a trump supporter, that's for sure, ok? what i didn't like is when hillary said that i was a deplorable. her husband bill also called me an angry white man. he is correct. he's absolutely correct about all of that. the reason i'm calling is because all of these folks out there like robert de niro, other actors and stuff like that, even he said that he wanted to punch trump in the mouth. madonna making her comments, these kinds of things. if these people don't like the united states, i'm from the middle part of america. i tell you what, i do believe the middle part of america says "get out, get out of our country.
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f you don't like it, get out." i got that off my chest. thank you. >> president trump tweeting out earlier today about his anticipated supreme court pick. he mentioned it yesterday to reporters, i will be making my supreme court pick on thursday of next week. some names being floated out there already. we will take a couple more calls. line.ia, the democrats go ahead. about the fact that donald trump talking about getting rid of all of these people without -- people. without some of those people, we will not have jobs to pick vegetables, anything we need. what are they going to do once they get rid of all these people ? then he's not doing anything about obama care. i was abundant -- i was on
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obamacare. now i'm sick and i need it. i don't have any insurance. what about all the people who are very concerned about this? he needs to stop talking about this and the stripping of all of our rights. the european people came here. we were enslaved by ancestors. this is what trump is doing to american values. i'm very upset. all these european people coming over here, talking about how they want to get rid of everybody. that means the african-american people have to go, too. >> as sean spicer began his briefing, there was a protest underway. this banner being hung from a construction crane at 15th and l street in washington. we understand there were seven individuals hanging from that crane.
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they have now been identified as greenpeace supporters. call, to resist the trump administration. no change in the status of that banner that is in view of the white house, by the way. lewiston, idaho. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. i'm in idaho. i'm just letting you know, obama took office, one of the first things he did was he paid for abortions outside our country. we got to same day, see obama's wife -- dolls were being made -- parenthood --ed hits the neighborhoods where they have the native black
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people. and i know also that the native indians do let their people off the reservation -- tell america that they have child molesters. that has happened. i am knowing about this. now, if you want to have more you don't have the government pay for abortions. everybody wants, oh, abortion, then they whine because of this and that. >> the d funding bill passing the house yesterday, but jeff schumer tweeting that it will not pass in the u.s. senate. the president signed the executive order dealing with foreign policy on abortion, u.s. funding of agencies overseas that have provided abortion and also additional overseas moneys for contraceptive and abortion services as well, one of the
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orders he signed yesterday. we do this this afternoon after sean spicer's briefing. you can find it online at search in the search box "sean find it up next, the briefing from house democratic leader nancy pelosi from this morning. it's about 40 minutes. [applause] [applause] rep. pelosi: here we are. good morning, everyone. i think we can all agree that few people have more interest in -- have a more intimate understanding of the stakes of the health care debate in people's lives than america's nurses. as republicans forge ahead with their plan to repeal the affordable care act and make america sick again, it is my privilege to be joined by nurses from across the country who stand on the front lines of


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