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tv   Congressional Republican Retreat Briefing Representatives Black and Cheney  CSPAN  January 25, 2017 5:31pm-5:43pm EST

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>> that is outside the republican meeting and a couple of members gave an update about what is happening at the retreat. >> i am congressman diane black from tennessee, the sixth congressional district.
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i understand there are some in the room that would like to have a little conversation about what might be going on across the street. i want to tell you we are very excited. with the unified house and is and senate, this opportunity to make america great again as president trump has said on the campaign trail. ways to makeg at sure we can get people back to work in this country and we give them affordable health care that has choice. that is what we are talking about, the ways in which we as a unified congress and house of representatives can work we arer to make sure doing what we want to do for america to do what we are doing more fully and that gives people relief and rescue, especially with the health care bill, making sure they can get the kind of insurance they want, not a washington-driven, patient
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centered health care on choice. >> do you have a plan to replace it or are you just agreed on repealing it? have you decided or are you assessing what to do about the taxes or to find an alternative? know, in the reconciliation bill, especially in house, we are limited on the kind of things we want to do. number one, there's only so me things you can do in the reconciliation bill. , we are limited because of how much we can do because of the bird rule. you can get an idea of what that might like from what was done in 2015 and additional pieces to that as far as what we can put in there.
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what we are able to do given the reconciliation process. >> as far as obama care, would you make the commitment that anyone firmly on obamacare now will stay on it under the new republican plan? is to make this a patient centered health care system where we give people options. to 20 question is, 18 million people currently on obamacare now, are the republicans going to agree those people could remain on their plan? >> with all due respect, we will have a plan or we can open the options and give people options they do not currently have. >> [inaudible] >> we will have committees marked up in the next two weeks
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and we expect probably toward the latter part of february or the first part of march, we should be ready to go on a reconciliation bill. >> you said some replacement in the repeal bill, but what kind of replacement are we talking about? >> i can give you one example of something that might be in the bill, but that is part of what this conference is about, to talk about the kinds of things that might be possible given the constraints on reconciliation. but one of those might the a health care savings account, which is something people really do want and as we know, in the affordable care act, that gets wound down. that's one example, but there are more examples as well. we should be having a lot more conversation about this after we have had our conference where we
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can get together with both the house and the senate. thank. -- thank you. >> i'm liz cheney. i represent wyoming and i just want to act go what chairman black says. it is a real honor to be here. to be very exciting time coming into congress as a freshman and there is a real focus in these sessions as we go forward in the next few days as on the in washington ways we can begin in the near term to be making the kinds of change those of a selected this time but the republican majority as a whole were really elected to produce for the people of this country.
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it's a tremendous opportunity we have and i look forward very much to the rest of this conversation and the beginning parts you have seen already in terms of things like the reins act and the congressional review unrollingill begin where we are taking clear steps to undo many of the regulations and have caused such damage such harm over the course of the last eight years. i would be happy to take your questions. >> do you support donald trump's announced executive order to expand the use of enhanced interrogation techniques? >> i support very much that we will review and that's what the executive order does. since we stopped the interrogation program, we are not in a position anymore where we are very often capturing people. we have nothing to do with people when we do capture them.
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providing some of the evidence that led us to locate, capture and kill bin laden. i do support enhanced interrogation. it's something that helps us to prevent attack and save lives. passed a new law authorizing waterboarding -- >> i think what we have on the books now in terms of the authorization of military force, we are still engaged in the war on terror. once the review goes through and we see what happens in terms of the usefulness of enhanced interrogation, the difference between the enhanced interrogation manual techniques in the army field manual, i think we can then decide what steps are necessary.
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i think it is important to remember the difference between with theield manual questions which are sometimes effective if you have the military engaged in a situation where they have a number of detainees and if one chooses not to answer, they can go down the line and ask the next. the u seven hands to interrogation, when it was not limited, limited to only three people who were waterboarded and used in a situation where we had to get information to save american lives. american people have vastly supported that and i think it's the responsibility of any chief executive, any commander-in-chief to make sure we use every tool at our disposal to make sure we save lives, understanding is not torture. the president's executive order was very clear. we do not torture and have not tortured. but the ability to get information from people who do not want to provide information and have information that could
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save american lives and prevent attacks. enhanced interrogation techniques were used and were useful in finding a courier to track down bin laden. the senate report concluded specifically that was not the case. >> that report was put together without interviewing a single person involved in the program. side ofpeople on both the political aisle, including defense secretary panetta and dni clapper talk publicly about the extent to which information that came from the enhanced interrogation program was part of what led us be able to bin laden. it has been a claim affirmed by both sides of the aisle. >> is it compromising national
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security talking about the existence of black sites? orderhink the executive is a good executive order and i think the president is doing the right thing. he's saying we are going to do what is necessary to defend the nation and do a review and make sure we are undertaking every possible effort to use every tool at our disposal. that is something we did not do for the last eight years and as in ault, we are living situation where the environment in the middle east, the extent to which we have both isis, al very muchiran resurgent creates a situation are less safe, so i was heartened to see president trump take that position. thank you.
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>> c-span's "washington journal" live everyday with policy issues that affect you. thursday morning, the american federation of government authority j david cox will discuss president trump's executive order to freeze that all firing. then tony perkins joins us to talk about this week's actions by the trumpet administration on matters of abortion, the upcoming supreme court nomination and the march for life taking place this week in washington. watch "washington journal, live at 7 a.m. on thursday morning. join the discussion. >>


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