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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 26, 2017 9:38am-10:01am EST

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would write to douglas. liberty mustcivil not be surrendered at the end of one or even 100 defeats. announcer 1: for the complete schedule, go to announcer 1: "washington journal" continues. greta: your thoughts on president trump issuing orders on immigration. he visited the homeland security department to talk about it. here is what he said about his plan for the southern border. president trump: the secretary of homeland security working with myself and my staff will begin immediate construction of a border wall. [applause] president trump: so badly
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needed, you folks know how badly it is needed. this will also help mexico by deterring illegal immigration from central america and by disrupting violent cartel that works. as i said repeatedly to the country, we are going to get the bad ones out, the criminals and the drug dealers and gangs and .ang members and cartel leaders the day is over when they can stay in our country and reach havoc. we are going to get them out, and we are going to get them out fast, and john kelly is going to lead that way. greta: the president yesterday. what do you think about what he had to say on immigration, the moods that he made? do you oppose them or support them? -- you are supporting, two- 202-748 -- 8000.
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202-748-8001. if you live on the border, 202-748-8002. it has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of nafta with massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. theco is willing to pay for wall, then it would be better to cancel the meeting. that meeting he is referring to is supposed to happen next tuesday, next week, between him and the president of mexico. the wall street journal reporting this morning that yesterday five president trump is shaping u.s.-mexico relations, and yesterday a mexican delegation was sent to the united states to talk to senior advisers including mr. trump's son-in-law jared kushner. they were to talk about bilateral security and
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immigration. leaders said that it would be impossible for mr. pena neito to go to that you -- pena pnieto to go to the u.s. mr. trump did not say mexico would pay for the wall, although he did during a news interview that aired between the two delegations. he made an address to his country last night on what he had to say about them pay for the wall. president pena nieto: i regret us.decision to divide .exico doesn't believe in walls i have set it over and over again. mexico will not pay for any wall. that was the mexican president. the front page has the full
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report of the executive order yesterday, which does not explicitly say how it will be paid for, but mr. trump has ordered a report on all foreign aids to mexico. million inived $59 u.s. foreign aid in 2016. trump said the wall would cost a billion dollars, so it is more than three times higher than that. douglas opposing the president on this, go ahead with your thoughts. good morning to you, go ahead. caller: yes, if you want to build a wall, that is useless. all you have to do is find [indiscernible] thereu can start right and make them pay. if we had [indiscernible] they and the president would and turningre 12:00
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back. they are not part of the country, they are foreign bank accounts, and filing bankruptcy [indiscernible] right, michigan, you also oppose. you are on the air. caller: hi oppose trout. i think he is a joke. you ask people why they think the way they do, probably because they do. anyway, the funny thing to me is, i haven't seen so many white people trying to turn themselves brown in my life. en'sa: all right, k thoughts. and new jersey, you are supporting, tell us why. caller: i think some of the republican concerns that just keep coming in, and with trump being strong, it is good for
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people. aboutbama is concerned you, and trump by being focusing on the criminals, securing the border, once it is secure, then we could have something definitive for the people. greta: while you were talking, showing you and our viewers our footage from our visit to laredo, texas, a city on the u.s.-mexico border in the state of texas. that is one of the points of entry right there on your screen. we are also showing you as we went along the rio grande, the river right there. that is the natural boundary in some parts of the border between u.s. and mexico. there is miles and miles of ranchland owned, privately owned , there in texas. if you missed any of that program, if you are interested in what we learned, you can go to and find it all there.
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we will show you what we saw when we were down there as we take your calls. president trump's moved yesterday on immigration. you are supporting. caller: i totally support his effort to stop illegal immigration. i believe president obama broke the law. our immigration laws that were on the books. he went into five them, and congress did nothing about it. -- and defied them, and congress did nothing about it. all he has to look at is the southern border, and you see the fence completely across it. people are still sneaking in and riding trains up from down in central america, and he is allowing them to come up and come into the united states. so they are guilty, and president trump needs to close that border. there is 96 million american people out of work.
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i am not really worried about immigration right now. i worried about jobs and the economy. who are all these people? greta: on that point, if there is retaliation by mexico because of what president trump is doing, and it hurts our country economically -- we were showing you the trucks that passed between the united states and mexico going back and forth, auto parts, all sorts of technology and goods that are partially made in mexico and brought over to the united totes, finished off or added , brought back to mexico back and forth, there is this supplier network that has been established. caller: it has been established because corporate america has decided is -- it is cheaper for making parts in mexico and making parts in mexico, shipping them into the united states and
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reaping big profits. that needs to stop. if you are an american company, you should be in america. you should be hiring american employees to do the work. it is simple as that. donald trump, his best idea is make america first. you look after your own before you give billions of dollars to foreign countries, ok? these foreign countries are just bought by you. they are not your friends. we put $21 trillion in debt. that is something to think about. greta: you might be interested in usa today's money section. this is something you hear from silicon valley, executives contemplating implications for their business model if president trump follows through with a major border tax on goods made outside the united states. the global supply chain after decades of advanced and off shoring jobs would throw off large companies especially in
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the tech sector. tech analysts are warned to uproot their complex systems of overseas plants, suppliers and distribution partners, would lead to price your goods, and layoff. they think these would doubt the bottom line. several trump ideas like deep deregulation and eight cut incorporates could offset matters. we heard from the chairman of the ways and means committee, congressman brady of texas, he was at the financial services roundtable. he talked about these tax policies written in that last paragraph of usa today. you are interested, go to our website let me go to byron in philadelphia. you are opposing president
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trump's idea on immigration. good morning. caller: i am opposing from a basic right that is god-given, and that is the truth. and the truth of the matter is, a lot of americans do not know how our government functions. a lot of americans do not realize that your congress and your senate are supposed to protect your rights, supposed to bless your rights, supposed to hold the law of the land regardless of who the president is. they take an oath to god. this is to hold them to the highest standard of god and country. this is something our military has successfully done. what they have got to realize, the only successful walls ever built was the china wall, ok, and there is a couple fortunes that rome made, but they were during war times and they were not necessary.
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we are in 2017, and we put a man in the oval office that has violated some of the highest laws in the land against women, and we still call him president? the oval office, now he is walking in his shoes. hack -- hehe russian is trying to cause a problem between our allies and our mexican family, our latino family in south america. racist, ignorant man that has no education about american history. our second grader could tell you more about american history that he can. lincoln, washington, carter, even -- byron'surt your point,
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viewpoint. -- in philadelphia, speaker ryan and majority leader mitch mcconnell talking to reporters about their annual retreat they are having in that city, the cnn correspondent tweeting out that speaker ryan will not say if the $12 billion to $15 billion cost of the wall will be offset by spending cuts. president trump designing for an aid to mexico as a way to possibly reimburse the united ayers for the cost of the wall. he puts it at $8 billion. you can see this is more like $12 billion to $60 billion, some as high as $20 billion. extremists the republican leaders, you -- if you missed the republican leaders, you can go to our website. coming up, coverage today, the
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vice president and president going to philadelphia to meet with republicans behind closed doors, and prime minister of britain theresa may will also be talking to republicans for their retreat. they will give remarks before the cameras. our coverage mideastern time on c-span, or listen with the free radio app. back in el paso, texas, good morning to you. what do you think, and what impact with the president have on the city like el paso right there on the border? caller: very divisive. i oppose naturally the president's policies on immigration, but more important, i would like to make a general comment. i think we have a basic misunderstanding. i think it is a very difficult thing. most immigrants came over in -- stressful and
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exploited conditions. we have to understand that our system is built upon the exportation of immigration -- exploitation of immigrants. we brag about being a country of immigrants, this means basically we are a country of most people who came under -- i am from philly, and from the way back since the 1600s was either slaves or indentured servants. this is immigration. i would like somebody to get out and explain immigration. i say thank god i am not an immigrant. itpetition, we are all for as long as we win, but the minute we lose, we are against it. most immigrants came over in very stressful circumstances. it is hard. and then when we
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have a president who exasperates the problem by spewing hate and division, and i live right here, i can look over and see the mountains of mexico. i am from philadelphia. i have lived down here since 1967, and i do not see any help whatsoever for misunderstanding of the basis of this. i wish it would not. i admire you asking questions. this: i mean, do you think would hurt the economy of el paso and the relationship -- time -- theevery africans have a saying, when the hippopotamus fights, the frogs get crest. it will hurt the poor people in el paso and the poor people in mexico. it won't really hurt too much to people calling the shots and the politicians.
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right now we have a terrible situation where the gasoline multi-n up, we have this -- we have these corporations in ezrez making a fortune -- juar making a fortune displacing people, so no, it will hurt. the poor, when you have these arguments, i sympathize with mexico. what does this man supposed to do? is he supposed to come up? the president is a very fair man. to, i would. pena nie be afraid. if the united states for one minute withdrew some bonds or something, it would be devastating to mexico. greta: the papers this morning saying that the president of mexico is also facing political pressure at home to cancel his meeting because of what the president is saying, a story we
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will continue to watch here as the president trump, this morning, if mexico will not pay for the wall, they should cancel the meeting. columbus, georgia, opposing the president. caller: i oppose the president of building a wall for a couple of reasons. first of all, make no mistake about it, mexico will not be paying for that wall. united states taxpayers will be paying for that wall, and donald trump touted in his campaign how mexico would pay for this wall. i oppose the wall. i would prefer some immigration reform, but the reason i oppose the wall, seems like america has a closed mind when it comes to immigration. mom-and-pop, every gas station is owned by someone from asia. every doctor you go to or specialist here in columbus,
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georgia is someone of pakistani or indian descent. so you are telling me, and we have china towns all over the united states of america, so we would have people believe those immigrants from those cultures are here illegally? we never talk about the other portion. you only sure about the ones that come across from the southern border. i would like someone to explain how many illegal immigrants we have here in the united states that did not come across from the southern border, who does not have brown figments and their skin, and who just flew in here on we -- work visa and never went back. greta: all right, yolanda. on your point, we will hear more from the president on immigration and the refugee policy. in the wall street journal, the president will order six refugee curves.
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he is reporting that their crafting executive orders for sweeping changes to u.s. refugee and immigration policy including the middle east, north africa deemed as a terror risk. that list includes people expected to include people from libya, and syria, molly. i. mal and also the safe zones, those familiar with the plan said mr. trump has said the safe zones could serve as an alternative to admitting refugees to the united states. don in arizona, right there on the border. good morning to you. caller: hi. people willa lot of listen to what i will tell you. a lot of construction jobs are being taken over by illegals.
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new home construction, corporations that own homes across the nation, and they are giving -- getting away with usewing companies to subcontractors, american subcontractors illegally hire illegals. with that being said, they are not employees. 9's for everybody, or anyone that will use 10 guys of the illegals. .hat turns into a 10-99 you should be able to look into this and see how many fake 10-99's were handed out when this economy took a dive, and people say, the illegals are taking jobs that we don't care about? i am one of them. i am a skilled labor owner of a company that has got my job taken away because of greed.
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agreed is from builders from new-home construction to commercial. now you are sending illegals to our homes. greta: i have to interrupt you because we are going to bring you over to an event with the atomic scientists. they are holding a news conference today in washington on the iconic doomsday clock, a story from the l.a. times. a change of policy and posture. how close the world is to midnight. the let's listen in here live --erage on c-span pair c-span. >> in making the decision, a group that includes 15 nobel


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