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tv   Open Phones on Donald Trump First Week in Office  CSPAN  January 26, 2017 1:42pm-2:03pm EST

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♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> we had the president finishing up his remarks in philadelphia, downtown philadelphia, this three-day conference of republicans from the house and senate, their policy retreat that began yesterday and continues through friday. we are hoping to hear from vice president pence can expect to
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speak, also, british prime minister theresa may who was in the united states to meet with donald trump tomorrow. she is expected to speak to republicans this afternoon. the scheduled start time for mike pence was set for 2:30 eastern. he is there in the room and we are working on the video and hope to have that available to you shortly. we will open up our phone lines here as the president approaches the end of his first full week in office. we want to hear your thoughts on how the week has gone. 920 four democrats. 921.republicans, 202-748-800 922.independents, 202-748-800 back are able to take you to philadelphia to hear from vice president mike pence and also from british prime minister
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theresa may. we have had cameras outside of the loews hotel in downtown philadelphia. market street and 13th right around the city hall there. protesters there yesterday and today. we will show you some of the scene, live outside of the meeting in philadelphia. [indistinct conversations] of you are familiar with we shall not be moved? we shall not be moved.ns♪ we shall not be moved. like a tree that's planted by
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the water, we shall not be moved ♪ >> ♪ we shall not, we shall not be moved. moved.l not be ♪ >> we are black and white together. ♪ we are black and white together. we shall not be moved. we are black and white together. we shall not be moved. we shall not be moved. ♪ >> ♪ we shall not be moved. we shall not be moved. we are together. we shall not be moved.
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♪ together. and white we shall not be moved. ♪ of the scene outside the republican policy retreat in philadelphia. we are waiting to hear from vice president mike pence this afternoon and also from british prime minister theresa may. we are taking your calls and comment on the president's first week in office. anchorage, alaska. gloria on the republican line. caller: i am expecting president trump to do positive things for all of us. i'm wishing him the best. i truly hope he will work for all the people and make this a great nation. for everyone. him bringingo see
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jobs back to this country because we do need that. we do need to be a bit tougher than we have been in the past on things like not having enough jobs in this country, a lot of the gang violence that's been going on in chicago and across the country. i'm looking forward to him doing great things for all of us. i hope he will. i am a democrat, but i just don't care that he is a republican, i want this country to get better for all of us. host: that was kathy in south carolina. caroline in the burke, virginia on our others line. lynchburg, virginia. caller: we need the people to be concerned about medicare and medicaid. before we replace obamacare, to really have something in place
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for the people. it is not just for political gain. host: we continue with your comments on twitter as well, asking your thoughts about the president's first week in office. jim tweets -- donald looks like the tougher guy in terms of mexico. the mexican president announcing he will not visit the u.s. from wayne -- since pro life made such a big deal that they did not get invited to the pro-choice march. he's talking about the women's march on washington last saturday. sioux city, iowa. cindy. republican caller. i think donald trump has done an excellent job his first
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week. i am so looking forward to him continuing with his message and putting people back to work. i love everything that he is doing and i appreciate it. host: when the president comes back to washington later today, he is expected to sign a couple of executive orders, including his investigation into voter fraud. those orders signed later this afternoon at the white house. we will keep you posted it we get any video or comments during that signing ceremony. democrats line. merchant bill, new jersey. pedro, good afternoon. caller: good afternoon. i am a democrat. since donald trump is our i hope,t, i support -- god willing, that he does write for this country. like his energy.
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i like that he is a man you can tell what he is going to do. he doesn't beat around the bush. i hope he does what he says he is to do, bring jobs. as far as the pipeline, i think that we should have better ways of finding jobs than anything that might hurt the earth. this is the only earth that we have. jobs are one thing, but if we are not able to live here to work in this earth, what good is it? i hope them the best and god willing he is going to do what he says he's going to do. host: blair on the others line. caller: right now, i've been checklist to trump see how much president trump is going to actually do. -- i thinks making
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he is going to do a good job. uniting party lines, if democrats support him or come we can get more coverage. i think he is doing a good job. host: getting your thoughts and comments on the president's first week in office. we heard from president donald trump at the republican gathering in philadelphia. we are expecting to hear from mike pence and theresa may. she is in washington tomorrow for the president's first foreign visit. ahead of today's meeting in of the tweetsone this morning from the president said this -- an hour after that we came out
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from the mexican president announced he was not coming to the u.s. here's president trump's response this afternoon. the presidentp: of mexico and myself have agreed to cancel our planned meeting scheduled for next week. unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless and i want to go a different route. we have no choice. host: president trump from philadelphia this afternoon. we will have all of that speech later this afternoon and on bill on the republican line. caller: hi. my comment regarding trump is i knew he is a great guy. i as soon as i heard he was going to run i was going to vote for
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him. i did not pay any attention to the entire process of getting him where he is at now. hillary clinton was completely out of it. she is so far out in left field, she will never find a way back. host: when you said you first heard him, you knew you were going to vote for him. what to do here? that's what did you -- what did you hear? caller: it's what i see. don't takesm -- he no crap. he is no liar. i don't care what anybody says, he's not a liar. what he done in the past is in the past. he didn't know he was going to run for president 34 years ago. just leave that alone.
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regarding hillary clinton -- i withhe follows through going after her. i want to see that woman prosecuted for all the wrong she's done for this country. i cannot think of the name of the country that i marines were killed and u.n. people were killed -- not u.n. people, but our diplomats and everything were killed. i think it was in africa. host: thing ghazi. in libya. -- benghazi. virginia on a republican line. i'm sorry, democrats line. caller: i liked what i heard from mr. trump today. and everything sounds very positive. to how many is
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promises he can keep alienating the democrats. if we heard this with the democrats and trying to reach across the lines, i would be more enthused. why is it that he can talk to only republicans? there has to be some unity between both parties or we will be at a standstill. host: do you think the democrats would welcome president trump to their retreat? the house democrats? caller: it is being publicized. everyone is aware of it. it seems like he has to have friends on both sides of it. i like everything he has said so far. milwaukee, wisconsin. this is edward on our others line. caller: hello. host: go ahead, edward. you'd your television. -- mute your television.
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caller: i support president trump. there's two things were he's really off the track. he talks about our defense being decimated and weak. we spend more than the next 10 nations combined. this has been going on for decades. how can we be weak spending that kind of money? second is how he's going to bring the jobs back. of jobs are lost to technology and robots. is mr. trump going to fire the robots? that is my comment. i would like somebody from the begin to ask mr. trump that this from the media -- somebody from the media to ask mr. trump that. tweet --is is a
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kissimmee, florida. republican line. he has done an awesome job throughout the week him everything he said in his campaign, he is doing. and he will continue to do. his team is backing him up. side,r, the democratic charles schumer and his team are dragging their feet. the media needs to take a look schumer's office. what he does at his residence there. you don't have a word coming out of there. the media needs to look into that. charles schumer should stop dragging his feet and work together with the president. he is awesome, he is a man of integrity, he is doing his job to make america great again and
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he is securing america first before he goes outside america to deal with other issues. host: we are waiting to hear from vice president mike pence at the republican conference, the retreat in philadelphia with house and senate republicans. mike pence will speak and this afternoon, we expect to hear from british prime minister theresa may. house speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell spoke earlier. bill to build the wall. supplemental spending bill the house will take up. ohio. beth, go ahead. caller: hi. who is going to pay for this wall? host: where do you think it
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stands now? the president said mexico would pay and now, the mexican president said he is not coming to the u.s. next week. caller: exactly. said he would not raise our national debt by one penny. who is going to pay for this wall? what is the wall supposed to do? going throughes native land. the natives are not having the wall. you will have a 75 mile breach in this wall. the house speaker mitch mcconnell talked a bit about that. you can search paul ryan at that will air in the next couple of hours here on c-span. a couple of hours before we take you back -- a couple of colors before we take you back to philadelphia. republican line.
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old a: i don't know how bunch of these people are watching, but he's done more to taken this last week us back to not than any president has ever done. this guy is completely insane. lies,es, it is insane -- it is insane. host: nicole in bowling green, virginia, republican line. week of hisfirst presidency is doing great. he has done a lot of good things for the country's -- country and i am excited to see what he will do with the presidency and i think the rest of the nation and everyone should stand behind him to build him up instead of all the protesters tearing him down. host: we are still waiting -- thank you for your call and more to come -- waiting to hear from mike pence speaking to house and senate republicans in
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philadelphia, later theresa may and we will take you back live, we have cameras outside of the loews hotel where the meeting is underway. we will watch protesters as we wait for the speeches to resume. >> water is life! water is life! >> he will not divide us! he will not divide us!
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he will not divide us! he will not divide us! he will not divide us! he will not divide us! he will not divide us! divide us! he will not divide us! he will not divide us! >> everybody is something -- host: in downtown philadelphia, the scene of the republican conference, the retreat for house and senate republicans, here is what the head on c-span, live coverage of mike pence speaking to the group and later the british prime minister theresa may, we will have that live on c-span. now we go back to president


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