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  Vice President Mike Pence Addresses Congressional Republicans  CSPAN  January 26, 2017 4:13pm-4:41pm EST

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few e will be out in a inutes for pictures and tea, and coffee. temperature >> british prime minister heresa may joining lawmakers gathered in philadelphia for the congressional retreat. he is expected to hold a news conference with president trump tomorrow, making her the first foreign leader to meet with the inaugurated president, live on the c-span networks for you. been lawmakers have tweeting from inside the retr t etreat, diane black tweets, it
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was wonderful to visit with the vice president, mike pence and his wife at the retreat, and congressman duck lamborn says, excited to hear my friend and great vice president. here are the vice president's remarks from earlier today in philadelphia. mike pence: we have a vice having led the transition has been working with day one, earlier this week he came up to the capitol after we had been white house, to spend more time going over our shared agenda, working on the 200-day plan. he's so committed to get thanksgiving right and making page.e're on the same mike pence is the glue that keeps us all together, focused shared goals, e eyes, minds and challenges. admire most about mike, our friend, he really is the happy warrior. if any of you serve with him, which most of you have, you know he is fond of this proverb,
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so one rpens iron, person sharpens another. well, the vice president all of us. he makes all of us better. what a ds all of us privilege it is to serve this a criticalry at such hour in her history. we are so grateful for him being today. ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the vice the united states. [applause] [applause]
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vice president speaker, hank you, mr. leader mcconnell to the leaders of the membership and congress families. good to be back. [applause] i just feel so at home, i know that the speaker told me backstage that six out of 10 embers of the house of representatives are new since about a year before i left the be governor ing to of indiana. it doesn't feel that way. home.l very at let me say how grateful i am, thank you for giving the 45th of the united states of america such a wonderful, people.come by the [applause practical [ vice president: i have to tell
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you, i've grown accustomed to at eding the president various events, oftentimes my uty to spruce him, hard man to precede and a harder man to follow. you, ladies and gentlemen, what you just saw today is what i see from him of the week, that that , that enthusiasm, optimism, that strength, that determination. honor and great privilege to serve as his vice that ent and i know president donald trump will make america great again. [applause] vice president pence: this is a historic moment for our country, make no mistake about it. by the confidence of the people and the grace of god, we have an opportunity to do tremendous good for our the next few years. i know that each one of you will and i know challenge
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that the best is yet to come for united states of america, with the great republican leader n the white house and in the people's house. t truly sehumbling to be with you today. i see so many familiar faces in the room. pack in indiana, we have a saying, when you see a box turtle on a fence post, one he had u know for sure, help getting there. and there's too many people in who know this box turtle got on this particular fence post with a lot of help support, prayers and friendship is a great source f encouragement to me to this very day. thank you for each one of you, for the encouragement over the years. years ago i was sitting in the same audience serving in congress on behalf of of indiana sixth condpreszional district. of public burden service in the congress. know the long hours, the
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travel and days and sometimes even weeks away from loved ones. tell you, on behalf of the president of the united states and on behalf of the people, we appreciate your commitment and your hard more, even more, i know you won't mind me saying, sacrifices e the every ur families make day that permit you to serve the american people. [applaus [applause] pence: on behalf of the american people and the president of the united states, hank you for loving your country and your loved ones, hank you for patriotism, would you members mind get og your feet and thanking your spouses members?y [applause] yes. president pence:
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>> before you get too pencetable, my wife karen is here with us today. -- working with me for the people of indiana and now for the people of america, i'm so proud. know, for all the demand necessary public life, i know everyone in the room knows we jobs with the hard public service. those come with uniforms. join me, join me in thanking the men and women of our armed forces that may be on, our veterans and any members of law enforcement community who join us here today. appreciateow much we the hard work they do. [applause] the 12 sident pence:
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years i spent in the house of representatives gave me a deep respect for what you do as legislators and as members of branch.icle i not an easy job. you know drafting america's laws requires first an understanding america's principles handed down in the declaration of independence and the constitution. thankfully we have leaders with a long history of doing just speaker der mcconnell, ryan, senator corner, leader mccarthy, the american people are blessed by your leadership you my proud to call colleagues and friends. let's thank the leadership of and this senate for country. do for the [applause] american dent pence: people are fortunate to have caliber and ur
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conviction, i know having watched you over yours, i know rit and he commitment. under the constitution, it is my privilege to serve as the of the senate. kind of new down there for me. new territory. one of the perks is i have off the ce office just senate floor, in there just the ther day, but anyone who knows me well knows that i'll also house anda man of the i want to thank speaker ryan for iving me an office at that end of the building, too. [laughter] pence: i know how difficult it is to organize want to -togethers, i hank the conference chair and congressional institute. let's hear it for them. [applause] pence: oh, and
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john.or john -- thank you, thank you, as well, to senator toon, conference chair, couldn't have picked a better place or more important time in the life together in this retreat. pivotal nia played role, you just heard him say in sending president donald trump the white house and keeping republican majority in the congress. decade hat feat, been a since the party held both chambers of congress and the white house and before that, it about 80 years since our party had the opportunity to nation.e so we owe pennsylvania a debt of and [applause] vice president pence: a few lity and support short months ago, we have to return the favor. we need to repay the people of g pennsylvania and americans everywhere who yearn for a brighter future
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through our efforts. the people of this nation place us because we made them a promise. it, this stake about president and this congress are business.omise-keeping the american people can count on that. [applause] vice president pence: wooelt show the american people the party has principles and policies that will make america great again. and ow from experience history that we have the solutions for the country's problems. the same has been every year, power of the free market place, arsenal of limited and constitutional government, build n personal responsibility, and above all else, deep and abiding faith in the goodness of the american people. my friends, this is our moment. this far because president donald trump unlike any a movement
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movement in american history. [applause] vice president pence: i saw it. as i traveled around the country. i attend rallys with him, tens thousands would come out. or i'd speak at rallies of my of literally hundreds america to hears would come out me campaign on his behalf. to tell you, they came out because president trump is notreal thing, he's a doer, a talker. he talks pretty good. talks, he president also doesn't tip toe around anything or anyone, he says it speaks from his mind and heart. the american people hear him loud and clear. his own man, independent, trong, boundless energy and optimism. i like to say, president donald distinctly american and
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already fighting every day to people country and the first. president trump has charged head first into the fray. actually marks the end of our first week in the white house. historic dy signed executive orders, on obamacare, keystone and dakota pipeline, rolling back regulati starting to build the border wall, enforcing the country, sanctity of life and more. just this week, this pro-life president reinstated mexico city banning public funding of abortions in american foreign aid. [applause] pence: and t american, i ife couldn't be more proud to stand with him. if there's a problem the white can fix, rest assured,
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president trump and i are going t roll our sleeves up and act swiftly to solve it. the american people expect nothing less. our challenges are large, they we mean great urgency and executive action every chance to address them. what he won't do, however, the last administration example and bypass the people's representatives. president and i have profound respect for congress' i can utional roles, so say that president trump and i working e a strong elationship with the congress and with all of you to enact the laws that will serve the interest of the american people s contemplated by the constitution of the united states. [applause] party, striving to achieve the same objective and
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together we can do great things for the american people. you know president trump's agenda, you heard a lot about it today, i'd like to highlight a priorities. success of policies depending foremost on the confirmation of this world-class abinet that the president say ated. i'm proud to that even before he raised his right hand and took the oath of office, 21 of the 21 cabinet officials had been named. we're pleased a few have been senate.ed by the to see the rest in short order sent to their duties so they can serve this president and the american people. we hope you'll move faster when our resident announces nominee for the supreme court of the united states. applause] ice president pence: and i know there's -- you know about the list, and president trump reviewing that list and
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he's already indicated he'll be making an cision and announcement next week. i can already tip you off, keep his trump will promise to the american peep pell he's going to nominate a strict constructionist to the supreme court in the tradition great justice scalia. you can count on it. count on it. this will person will legal mind, unwaivering commitment of the constitution. need this person on the bench as soon as possible. vacancy that exists on the court. you heard the president say this administration will put the and security of the american people first and foremost. providing for the common defense is the first obligation of our government and working
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with all of you, president trump and i will roll our sleeves up, we will rebuild our military, we will restore the arsenal of democracy and we will at last give our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guard resources they need and the respect they deserve to ccomplish their mission and protect this nation. [applause] our top ident pence: legislative priorities begin ith repealing and replacing obamacare. president trump has made it very clear, we need to end this law's burdenos hard-working families and businesses and with aneously replace it better plan, based on free market principles and choice. north star should always be lower cost, higher quality and to care for
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everyone without exception. economic growth is also one of trump's top priorities. i don't know if you noticed dow went over the 0,000 for the first time in histo history. limitless potential will break down the countless barriers that the natural way of ingenuity working with the congress, utilizing act, we ional review ill roll back the recent avalanche of regulations stifling american growth starting next week. [applause] pence: it means slashing tax reform, slashing working businesss and families, makes america the number one destination for investment. regulatory under relief
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of the cra, to prevent bureaucrats from crushing the economy and the american comfort dreams from the of taxpayer funded offices in ashington, d.c. and it means dismantling dodd-frank's laws, mandates well apitalized, well-regulated banks can meet the need of small business, the engine of american job creation and prosperity. i was in a meeting just the other day, president trump was a guy that owns a pizza parlors in nevada, very successful pizza parlors. he stopped the president on campaign trail and told him he was trying to get a loan to open but largely because of heavy mandates following dodd-frank, the local bank said, we don't make loans like that anymore. promise you, we will work with each of you to make it be ible for resources to available so small business can thrive in america once again. [applause]
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also resident pence: america's lding infrastructure through better roads, sturdier bridges, airports and investments in the future. yet, haven't noticed america elected a builder to be the 45th president of the united we look forward to working with each one of you to find ways to meet the needs and ture challenges of this still new century. point is by going, the president's agenda we'll kick the economy spo overdrive, unleash opportunity and prosperity, likes of which this country generations.n i said on my first visit to capitol hill afterthe election, great respect to members of house and senate, buckle up, work.ready to go to [applause] but it isdent pence: going to be in a partnership making it all o
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happen. for my part as leader and the speaker know and many of you heard, i intend to be on the hill frequently and that door is every one of nd you. president trump and i are committed to working with you or the benefit of the american people. as he said today, that's what we're here to do. this isn't really about party, it isn't about any particular ideology, but serving american people with integ rit and he laws to nd enacting improve lives. our success depends on whether us put the good of the country, people of this country who put trust in us ahead of our own political fortunes and i know you will. we work for the american people, other way around. america has demanded government our people once again, our job from this day forward is to rise to the challenge, and that is overnment efficient, effective and above all else accountable to the women who g men and
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have been too long forgotten in this country. forgotten no be more with president donald trump in the white house. [applause] vice president pence: got a lot no doubt about hat, but i have faith we'll succeed. to tell you people have stopped said, you twice and don't look usy, you that tired. i tell them, well, to be around president trump is to be around someone of boundless enthusiasm is contagious. you saw that today and you can that.ed to seeing the truth is i'm very confident because i'm confident in the man the american people placed in the time as ce at such a this and confident in all of you because i know you will respond integrity ling with and determination and we'll make america great again. in our country,
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historic for the republican party, for the american people nation we're eat blessed to call home f. we hope to make the most of this moment, well to do ould do one other thing, prepare to roll to work, s up and go put this new president's agenda improving the lives and enhancing security and safety of our nation, prosperity american people for this generation and the next. thing we might do. do inclined to i have to tell you, great to raise my me right hand surrounded by you on he platform now about a week ago. incredibly humbling to be surrounded by my family. i had two decisions to make and no speech. that was who would swear me in nd on which bible would i take
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that oath. it was my great honor justice on his 25th year on the supreme court of the united states have the honor. honor of my life. [applause] vice president pence: when it came to the bible, i thought long and then we made a call out west to library.n i asked if i might have the of officeake the oath on the bible that our 40th of ident took his oath office on. what touched my heart was to he took the verse oath on is one of my very favorites, it is one i often on the campaign trail. and i leave it with you today as
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now is the because time for us to do our work, support this new president and confidence of the american people place in him and in the agenda that they've elected him to advance and elected all of you to advance. i think if you are inclined to the knee and bow the head, good time to do that, too. reagan'se in president bible was ancient words that are today, if his people were humble y his name, will themselves, you will hear from he'll heal this land. it's been true for milennia, today, if we do all hat we can in the momentous days ahead to support the 45th president of the united states, of uly do believe with all my heart we will make america again. we will heal this land. so help us god. thank you very much and god bless. wonderful to be with you. [applause]
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[applause] pence: thank you. the vice president says he will be one of the speakers at march rally, first vice president to attend the march, according to politics and opinions, the march takes place every year on or around the v iversary of the roe ade decision will include kellyanne conway, joanie congresswoman ah mia love. c-span live coverage of the will start at noon eastern time, you can watch, or listen
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app. free c-span radio some tweets from the retreat, he got president trump to sign a card for the in the freedom museum, first district, and gutierrez on the wall that president trump will build at the mexico border, trump's great wall will actually be a great china, it will push mexico toward trade and commerce with them. one topic st president trump talked about at the republican retreat in philadelphia earlier today. [applause] >> please welcome to introduce our special guest, the majority of the senate mitch mcconnell. [applause]


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