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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 27, 2017 7:00am-7:31am EST

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republican party with hugh hewitt, author of the fourth way, a conservative playbook for the last thing gop majority. -- for a ♪ host: good morning. it is friday, january 27th, 2017. on today's "washington journal," the focus on donald trump's twitter diplomacy exchange between president trump and mexico's president leading to the cancellation of the meeting that they were to have next week. the disagreement between the two leaders focuses on president trump's insistence that mexico pay for a southern border wall and p presidente -- and refusal. pena nieto's
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today, we are asking our viewers about resident trumps use of twitter. is it helping him? if you think it is helping him, call (202)-748-8000. you think it is hurting him, call (202)-748-8001. and if you are not sure, call (202)-748-8002. you can also reach us on twitter andanwj good morning. "the new york times" has a piece that talks about the president's frequent use of twitter. it says in an analysis that president tru -- he talks about president trump's daily routine and use of twitter in the white house. it says "he sits in the white house at night watching television or reading social media and through twitter,
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issues instant judgments on what he sees. he challenges friends, ideas and ands them careful weights denigrates the conclusions of intelligence professionals and then later denies having done so. he thrives on conflict and chaos. -- capital that typically host: we are talking to you today of president trump's use of twitter. willis from atlanta. you think it is hurting the president. why? caller: good morning. yes, it is hurting him really bad. a president should not be tweeting all the time. you cannot run a government tweeting. you have to do government business. donald trump should know better.
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he is like a big kid. only teenagers tweet like that all the time. he needs to realize he needs to run a country. another thing, running a business and governing is two different things. it is different trying to govern and run a business. you cannot make stuff two together. a lot of people have a twisted. they are thinking by him being a businessman he will be able to govern and run the country by wheng deals and stuff, but you run a business, you're more like a boss, hiring and firing people, but the government doesn't run that way. is like three entities. you have to work together. all these executive orders he is doing, or complain about when president obama did a lot. republican said you cannot govern just doing executive orders all the time.
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that is exactly what he is doing. understand how this country is going to move forward with what he is doing. host: a little more about the twitter back and forth between the president of the united states and mexico yesterday from "usa today." it says -- canceled thedent meeting with president trump at afterite house just hours the american president issued an ultimatum that mexico scrap the visit if they want paper while he plans to vote along the u.s.-mexican border.
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david is calling from lafayette, louisiana. you think that the president's twitter use is a good thing. why? well, the liberal news media is constantly hammering networks in the and they'reences not giving them a chance. i personally think that he msnbc somehow route cnn, and those other sources and use fromer to protect himself the dishonest media, like he says. i think it is a legitimate opportunity for him to get information out to us, the
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people, who voted for him so we know it the truth is. oryou watch c-span or cnn nsb see, everything may save negative and not true. a lot of information is not true. timenk this is a special in our country and i think he is and he ispresident going to have to use twitter because if he doesn't, the peoplecation between the in this country, who voted for him, and the rural states like weisiana, where i am from, will not know what the truth is because the only resources we have our resources like "the washington post," "the washington times," which are liars, or the tv. steve is calling from germantown, maryland. you say that tweeting is helping
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the president. why? we saw in thee media to try to talk all the time and they tried to hurt our president. [indiscernible] the first one willing to .o the job you see the person before [indiscernible] the helping other countries build a hotel and other countries [indiscernible] the hotel built for $100 million. politics.stupid, the persons send the money
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overseas. a little bit more from "the times" story about trump's twitter routine. some examples of what kind -- of what went behind his tweets. on fox news on tuesday, bill o'reilly aired a segment on the crime crisis in chicago and interviewed an expert talking about whether the president could intervene. the guest called violence in chicago "carnage." at 9:25 p.m., mr. trump sent out a twitter post using the same statistics that mr. o'reilly had flashed on the screen -- "if chicago doesn't fix the horrible carnage going on, two hundred 28 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings, up 24% from 2016, i will send in the feds," the president wrote. susan calling from oregon.
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you think the twitter users helpful, susan? caller: yes, i do. it not only gives folks access to him because he is using twitter to let us know how he the is feeling right now, at that moment, updated, so he is letting us know he is on top of it. is aware of everything going on around him. it gives us access to him to let him know what we think. we can twitter as well as he can. i think it is a good idea. host: what about any concern that the fact that these things the president can say can have a major impact, the stock market immediately, trade relations with the country as with the case of mexico? the mexican, president, that is true by what he says and does, his actions
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speak loud. he is a businessman, as well as the president now, and i think that is a good quality and him. he does have a hot temper and he will need to curb that. that will take time for him to larger that he is a lot and i think he doesn't realize how large is at this moment. it will take a little bit more to sink in. for ourhe is good country, and i approve of it. host: in "the daily caller," a piece that says -- president trump's twitter diplomacy is not anything new. president-elect's use of twitter to conduct diplomacy is not unprecedented despite multiple claims to the contrary. it goes on to say that the u.s. department of state, the spokesman and representatives, routinely use twitter to send major messages to friends and foes. john kirby used twitter to call
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on turkish media to stop falsely reporting on the u.s. role in instabul stumble -- terror attacks. kirby also used twitter on december 20 72 dispute the times of israel's reports that state department officials colluded with palestinian officials on a recent u.n. resolution condemning israel. in stark contrast, trump is often lampooned for disputing the backs of stories on twitter. we have calling in from new jersey, was on the -- velma. you say it is hurting him. why question mark caller: -- why? caller: because no president should do this. this is disgusting. this is the worst president i have ever seen. he don't even come out to the public.
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there is something wrong with them. he is doing something no good. trust me. did this too many red flags flying around him. he is up to no good. trust me. calling in from griffin, georgia. you like the president's twitter use. you think it is helping him? caller: i really do. this is something brand-new for the world and it is a way you can reach out, give his views to the rest of us, his words are andtested by the media, just like with anything else, with something brand-new, you're going to have your kinks. he is a businessman, not a politician, which is why we get report willld trump come from his mouth. he will learn to curb that but
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it is kind of nice after eight ,ears of being left in the dark no contact whatsoever from the president to have someone who is very willing to talk to the people, and that is how i feel. tur. host: everett -- thank you. everett calling in from illinois. you are not sure. what do you think overall of the presidents use of twitter so far? caller: i think it is up to the president to determine the best way to communicate. as far as whether it has beneficial or not, i do not know. i personally do not believe anyone else knows. people, they black need jobs and a better stand becausehis president that is one of the problems in chicago. people don't have any jobs and they go to crime in order to make some money and buy things
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they want, so what i want to say is let's get behind this forgetnt and [indiscernible] jobs,s important is jobs, jobs to make america great again. thank you. host: "usa today" has more on the relationship to the u.s. and mexico. of a 20% tax could play for the wall. they say donald trump's plan could be financed through a 20% border tax on all imports from the southern neighbor. the white house said "it clearly provides the funding and does so in order that the american taxpayer is wholly respected."
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michael is calling from los angeles. you think that the president's radius is hurting him? caller: yes -- twitter uses hurting him? caller: yes, i have a lot to say but i will limit to the issue at hand. first of all, he is a grown man and besides that, the president of the united states. i see my grandkids and they tweet like heck. they get themselves in trouble having arguments over what they said by mistake and he does a lot of that as it is. second of all, he gets most of his information, by his own words, through television, through the news, cnn, nbc, abc. he said it in his own words. he gets most of this information through television. at the same time, he is contradicting what he says and is saying they are all liars.
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[laughter] that makes sense. and then we have people that i hear saying that it is doing the good, trying to excuse his use e of tweeting. it is crazy. i just don't understand how the men can be where he is at and then excusing and then also using at the same time. cannot think of it, like being at theholic and being bar drinking, and saint alcoholics should not be alcoholics. calling from chesapeake, virginia. you think it is hurting him. why? yes, he is like telling the whole world everything about our country, secret stuff.
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tweeting.g it with another thing, he is not qualified to be our president. this man wants to be a dictator. he wants to be adolf hitler. that is it. and the republican party is right behind him. pardon me question mark host: i'll -- pardon me? host: twitter is something that did not exist in past residents. caller: i know that. presidents have used television or mediums. isn't twitter just a new method of communicating that any president would use as it comes to existence? caller: not any president right now. that managed to be in a straitjacket. batman needs to be in a man needs- that
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to be in a straitjacket. it is worse. he's got these people and the whole republican party, hook, line and sinker. before you know anything, yes, commit a terrible thing to the people in this country. he will commit another holocaust. has a piecel garson today called "the trouble with the president's tweets." he says he holds his office in part because of his talent for twitter. he shows an ability to redirect the national conversation in an agreement of 140 characters. for trump, this is a living, styling and 10 great thing.
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make no mistake, this is not only change. it is regression. he goes on to say that twitter has dramatic limits and can become a disturbing substitute for discipline thought. 140 characters are suitable to expressing an impulse but not an argument. it is the rhetorical equivalent of a groan, a shriek, a snare or a burp. his reason and persuasion are what our politics lacks and needs, twitter is not the answer. that is in today's "washington post." on the line from indiana. what you think? isler: i am not sure if it helping or hurting. it is the way that balances out more, but i think that he can come across as not very intelligent sometimes when he goes off the handle and he
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really fast without thinking about how it comes across to the public. i do think a lot of his followers are happy about him .oing that i don't know, i don't think it is a good idea that they can use because -- that he continues to do it because when you put it out there, you cannot take it back for it if you misquote #for chicago numbers and stuff like numbers like in chicago and stuff like that, it is not right. host: timothy calling from north chicago, you say it helps them. why? caller: the reason why it helps him is because you have other news stations like all the other ones and that is all they do through the whole collection, bash him, so you cannot trust them.
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their agenda is part democrat agenda, that is all it is. every time i turn on the tv, that is all you see on a lot of news stations. then bashing him. he is the president of the united states to read he has only been in office for how many days? not even giving him a chance. he is going to fix america because america is broken, all right? they do not see that. democrats have been covering up -- i live in chicago -- have been covering up all those shootings. obama lived in chicago. did he do anything to stop the shootings? no, he brought in the department of justice and they did nothing. they did an investigation. they did not do anything to stop it. there were more people who got shot out at a vigil for someone that got killed and they started shooting those people. today not see the violence going on?
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even in north chicago, the mayor covers of violence, all the shootings over here, and he asked the department of justice on record, when is it alright to be racial. he is a black mayor and be said that to the department of justice in a town hall meeting. they don't see that the democrats have been covering up all these shootings and not doing anything about it. look at all the homeless people. you know what his advantage was? that's by them tents. -- let's buy them tents. you are going to buy them tents to live under the bridges and set up helping them? look at all the unemployed people in chicago, north chicago. this may have got $3.5 million for mayor daley when he was in office to move all the people from there to out here in chicago. host: ok, we will continue our discussion about the president's intter use from marcia pennsylvania. do you think it hurts, why is that? caller: i think twitter itself
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is not a bad thing. president obama used it but with discretion to send out condolences after mass shootings over to boost the country during the happy moments, but donald trump is using it with no , and very, flip-flops unpresidential. i mean the constitution lines that his job description. number one, aside from leading the military, foreign relations. if our the president of mexico and read donald trump's tweet, mexico had no choice but to withdraw from that meeting. that is telling me he is not doing well with foreign relations. how he approached it was off-the-cuff, not presidential, certainly not professional and
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they are on our border. this is not how you run a country. host: ok, another headline that has drawn reaction from president trump on twitter, the decision five miami -- by miami-dade cities to reject miami-dade mayor orders jails to comply with federal immigration plan, citing donald trump's executive order, cracking down on century cities. the move was a victory for mr. trump, who rolled out numerous policies this week, citing illegal immigration, including penalizing cities that protect undocumented immigrants in defiance of the federal government. he celebrated the decision in a writingursday, "miami-dade mayor drops century policy. right decision. strong!
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and end of quote. we have ruben from maryland. what you think about his twitter use? it as: the issue of president is [indiscernible] because we are used to it is not a new thing for us, so we are used to it. they are telling us on top of the issue. host: we hear you. caller: it is on top of the issue that he knows what is going on in the country. [indiscernible] tax that mexico will be paying on shipments in the country.
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when they ship it back to the and [indiscernible] shipping things to the country, it will be fair by the americans. [indiscernible] that is what i want our president to know. thank you. congdon from canton, ohio. he thinks the president's 20 is is hurting him. why? -- twitter use is hurting him. why? elect, because i did not or i thought you were supposed to respect your president and that ain't -- i cannot respect twitter.
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so it is like, you know, what is wrong with these people who put these people in position to do what the hell they want? america has been around for years and now look what we are me, theyith because to don't care when they should care. host: joining us now from mexico city bureau of the washington ow,t, reporter joshua partl bureau chief for "the washington post" and mexico city. thanks for joining us. tell less of it today about the current situation between president trump and president enrique pena nieto. the basis of the story on the front page today. basically, there has been
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major conflicts in the u.s. and mexico that has been building for a long time, since trump started his campaign and made mexico sort of a target of a lot of threats and policy proposals that are seen as the disruptive, headsically, it came to a yesterday when the president of , decided to nieto cancel his scheduled visit to washington next tuesday after threatened, basically suggested mexico is not willing to pay for this giant boardwalk and it would be better he did not come, so he agreed. now, that puts the country in a difficult position because mexico really wanted to be able to negotiate some of these issues with trump and now they are in a standoff mode more so than before. host: what is the reaction in
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betweeno this standoff the leaders? guest: one thing that is interesting is you see mexican politicians of all different parties rallied behind the president, which is something that has not happened at all here. pena nieto approval rating is at 12%, extremely unpopular, so one thing -- you know, right now, you see his opponents and other governors and senators and congressmen saying he did the right thing by canceling and saying he has to stand up for mexico more. the way he has approached trump for the most part over the last several months is to try and take the high road and be polite and save the u.s.-mexico relationship is important and that we can work through these issues to have a mutually beneficial result. that really has not worked and
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approach to trump's mexico, so you may be seeing the mexican government taking a more confrontational approach. host: we are talking to joshua partlow, that mexico city bureau ,"ief for the "washington post and author of the book "a kingdom of their own." how might this affect trade between the countries? there clustered partners. -- they are close trade partners. guest: that is the main board for the mexican government and people and business community, is that there will be a disruption and texaco sends 80% of its exports to the united states. -- and mexico sends 80% of its exports to the united states. businessmen are shocked the united states, which had really argued for mexico to embrace free trade 25 years


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