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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 27, 2017 8:33am-9:05am EST

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looks at the country's racial divide. cessation want is a of the velocity of stereotypes, and a granting to us of the same humanity that you grant each other. >> go to book for the complete we can schedule. washington journal continues. host: we are now taking calls for our viewers with open phones taking your thoughts. immigrants can call 202-748-8000 -- democrats can call 202-748-8000. democrats -- republicans can call 202-748-8001, and independents can call 202-748-8002. susan is calling on the republican line. good morning, susan. caller: good morning. that lady was a wing dinger theree.
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she said that they did not want to spend money when obama was there. that is why we are $2 trillion in debt. as far as the wall, trump has a good point. it would protect us. like the lady said, there are gay members coming up through those south american countries. and if they knew the wall was there, they would know mexico is not easy access. so all those people would not be coming through mexico causing problems there, too. and jobs -- all i care about is jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. if we had them, i think everybody would feel a lot better. all right, thank you. host: ok, terri is calling in from fort lauderdale, florida. high commentary. caller: i am so glad she mentioned jobs, jobs, jobs because every time president
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,bama wanted jobs to go through the congress would not pass it. mcconnell said his main goal was to make sure he was a one term president, so they did actually nothing but obstruct. and they wall -- how much money do "way to oil companies every year in tax breaks? people will be losing their health care like it is going wild. -- 2008 will seem at the good old days. host: some other headlines as we are taking your calls -- the new york times reports the ads for the health care law having canceled just days before. the trump administration is pulling back advertisements that encourage people to sign up for health insurance under former president barack obama's health care law. the ads were to have run in the next two days of the annual open enrollment period which ends
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tuesday. in the last two years, large numbers of consumers signed up just before the deadline. it goes on to say the federal government has spent more than $60 million promoting the open roman period. -- we have says pulled roughly $5 million in an effort to look for efficiencies where they exist. he is calling from pennsylvania. high, ret. caller: thanks for taking my call. i have comments regarding immigration. i have experience with that. i married a mexican woman who came across the border 20 years ago illegally to work to escape poverty and grinding social conditions in mexico. we went through the immigration process. at that time, we were able to do
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that independent of lawyers and legal fees. we did pay fees and fines because she was here illegally, but we paid those fees. we got the appointments and went through the process and were successful. ultimately, she became a citizen. we have tried in recent years to get her mother, who is a .5-year-old woman in mexico she can put up her property as security. i want to tell your listeners and people who may not have been through it, or may have an idea of how these "illegals" are coming, and they are coming because they are too lazy or don't one be bothered with the process, that is not the fact. if we had sensible immigration spent and if money was
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instead of on a wall, but on a system that allowed people to go through that process and effectively be qualified and be vetted properly, many, many, many, many people would not do it illegally. it is so arduous. nowadays, it takes thousands and thousands of dollars with lawyers involved to go through that process because it is so difficult for regular people to navigate it. host: can i ask you a question? republican lawmakers said they want to deal with border security first and then look at immigration reform. what that is good idea to you? do you think they should go on the opposite order? caller: i do not think that spending -- and border security requires billions and billions of dollars to be spent on a
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wall, which is going -- yes, the wall will keep people from coming in that way, but people poverty,violence, or they are not going to stop because of a wall is there. he will look for other ways to get in here. way, the vast majority of these people coming into this country are here to escape those forces. not to bring their gangs. not to bring their drugs. not to create that kind of -- to do that, but to live their lives. wrongthink the order is to build an ineffective border security, and then make a immigration reform. just make it simpler. down money to the person that can vet these people --
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apply money to the personnel second that these people. a simple misspelling of your name on an application -- by the way, countries like mexico, bottom, sound of -- mexico, guatemala, and new mexico -- they are not as good as accuracy. something like a misspelling or pen out of place when you some of the applications can reject that and put you back in the line again. people who are hungry and fitting for their lives don't feel they have the time to go through that kind of thing. that is my comment. thanks for listening. is calling on the republican line. -- anna is calling in on republican line. hi, anna paired caller: good morning. i am calling about the social security and the medicare. youdemocrats keep saying
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won't be able to pay them, but if the democrats would keep medicare andut of social security, obama just took 700 and $16 million out of medicare -- $760 million out of medicare. i think that they don't treat the elderly i think it is about time they start putting money those entitlements, and whenever they talk about anything, they talk about cutting social security and cutting medicare. why don't they cut welfare, food ,tamps, the wic program subsidized housing? illegals come over and we are keeping them. they have the babies one right
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after the other. you see a woman walking down the street taking a kid to school with four others trailing behind her. i don't think the government was meant to keep people. host: ok. another news this week in the house of congress, labor party leader jeremy corbyn spoke about concerns the prime minister has about today's meeting between president donald trump and theresa may, who is in d.c. let's take a look at what he said. [video clip] many have concerns, mr. speaker, then in her meeting with president trump, she will be prepared to offer up for sacrifice the opportunity of american company to come in and take over parts of our nhs, all of our public services. moshe assure the house that any trade tools, none of those
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things will be offered up as a bargaining chip? joining us by phone to talk more about prime minister theresa may's visit is toby harnden, the washington bureau chief for the sunday times and the u.k. thank you so much for joining us today. guest: hi, kimberly. good to be with you. host: what can we expect from these meetings the president trump and prime minister may? is a doubted moment fortress of may and president trump. anything that president donald trump, we don't know what to expect. we are giving a joint press conference. they will be speaking side-by-side. but for theresa may, she gave a speech yesterday in which in wasadelphia -- in which she at the philadelphia retreat, and was the first --
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linked toy closely donald trump and the dismay of moderate opinion in britain. she has taken the decision that is in line with long-standing british to be as close as possible to the american president. she talks about a new era of renewal held it by trump's victory. and she described her sub as a fellow conservative to republicans. he talks about not having -- she talks about not having overseas ventures. and she makes it clear comparison to the bush-cap relationship. she's the margaret thatcher to trump's ronald reagan.
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there are areas of difference. she spoke yesterday about the united nations being vital. she said that we should be aware of russia, so she is much more skeptical of russia than donald trump is. aboutcould stop talking -- trump could stop talking about who knows what? torture is a very touchy subject for britain, and something said if the u.s. is going to reintroduce that, beccah: to question intelligence if the uses -- said is going to be introduced that, that could call into question. plan,he stick to her which is to be as close as possible to donald trump? or did she air a difference?
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host: in your publication, it says prime minister may may come under pressure to confront donald trump on the issue of torture. it says a new american president has ordered a review of controversial detention practices, and told her broadcaster yesterday that torture absolutely works. the u.s. should fight fire with fire when it takes on terrorist groups. ms. may warned that britain would not condone torture in any way, but eight refused to say whether she would race the issue with mr. trump. what would be the reaction back thiseat britain to discussion, especially on the issue of torture? a sort of rapid hole that theresa may does not want to go down and will avoid if at all possible. his side says he does
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not want to believe in it --his sites if they do not believe in it. theresa may, i would think, would not raise this because it seems to be something which is probably not going to happen. john mccain has said there is the presidentt can say whatever you like, but this is against the law. we have been through this argument, but it is fairly controversial. in general, opposition to the iraq war and issues like torture --in the are in the united states. i doubt that she would try to confront them, and certainly not publicly. -- theresh questions will be one about torture.
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we will see whether she dodges it, or whether she gets sucked into the subject. i think she will try to avoid going there she can. host: what is prime minister may hoping to get out of this trip today? guest: well, obviously the broader context is the brexit voter last july. is thing she really wants agreement over a trade deal, a bilateral trade in between the united states and the united kingdom. , in her speechhe yesterday, a lot of talk about the special relationship, which the anti-american relationship churchill's terms a relationship.
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once a pump and ceremony and theme and to be on equal footing. she wants to build up her own special relationship with donald trump. she talked about this on the plan coming over. about may be opposites attract, which got a lot of attention from the british press. what she wants out of it is to bask in the glow of donald trump , just as david cameron bast in the glow dass -- justice david cameron basked in the glow of obama. the: toby harnden, of
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sunday times. they do so much for joining us today. guest: thank you so much. host: we will continue with calls from our viewers and open lines. -- wee a net calling from have annette calling from cleveland. caller: i want to talk about social security. i hear so many seniors calling. .nd it talk about issues social security -- i live in queens, new york. i love new york and i love the diversity. for the last two years, my husband and i, we are on a fixed income, and luckily, we belong to great unions, so we were able fromve a nice retirement our 401(k)s and what have you. but the social security bill
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proposed by elizabeth warren where it would be a one-time payout to veterans and to those on social security, i have not proposedone when she it, and i have not heard anyone under this administration talk about that bill that would be a one-time payout. ofhink it was the amount $589. many of our seniors who are less fortunate that my husband and i come are living on fixed incomes , and it is very expensive in new york. and they could use an increase in the social security, sewing people talk about folk folks on food stamps, we have a lot of elderly who are on food stamps and supplement the cost of heating and buying food. so, it does not bother me when folks start talking about and corporateks,
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folks get away with a lot. i would like to hear further talk about that bill that was proposed by elizabeth warren, and that payout for veterans, and those on fixed income. was 589hink amount dollars. if anybody has any more information about it, i will be listening. thank you. roberta on a republican line. caller: i have so many things i would like to say that i don't know where to start. first off, i think it should be brought to the attention of every person out here that for very many years, and even still gone, if a woman has never worked,of her home and that woman has never paid one sent to medicare, or one cent to social security.
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but she gives advantages of both of them. this has been from day one to today. therefore, there has always been a big financial gap in these systems, and we need to bring the truth out, and have conversations about the truth. another thing i would like to bring up is mitch mcconnell said i hope this president is successful, but if he is not, we need to make them a long-term president. i would say that c-span has never corrected that in all of the years i have been watching. you have always allowed people to use the last part of that sentence, and young lady, that is dishonest. we should have never allow that kind of conversation to go on for all of these years, which creates hate among the people of the country. it is disappointing -- i watched , and sat to day watch every single person sitting in your chair allow that same conversation to go on.
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i would like to also draw the attention of the women's march. i watched the conservative people have marches, and i watched the radical-type people have marches. every time there is a march, what are we hearing but the last women's march? four letter words. you had people calling into c-span complaining that you covered it. and leaving trash behind for other people to pick it up. they have a history of doing these things. if these people care so much about the earth and the world, then why do they act like such animals and speak so terribly? there is no excuse for it. the american language is very plain. we do not have to use four letter words in which to make a point. thank you. host: steve is calling from callison -- california. hi, state. caller: thank you for taking my call. ifarding medicare --
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congress would change the rules so that medications -- so medicare does not have to pay full list price for medicines, and this they were allowed to negotiate with the drug companies, with the reporting -- with the drug companies, which republicans do not allow, it would save lots and lots and lots of money on medicare. the real reason i called is it is interesting because president trump, when he was inaugurated, one of the things is that he is support to -- that he is supposed to support the constitution. the press bannon says and the thingion,
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about that is that the first amendment protects the press, and if this guy is so high up in the trump administration, shouldn't he know that? -- i will leave it at that. host: all right. anthony is calling from buffalo. independent line. hi, anthony. caller: yes. you have a conservative media continuously -- they are the mainstream media. voice of thell people. they call the mainstream media.
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i am not surprised every time a republican calls and they say something about the media. that is what they been saying for the past eight years. i want to talk about the --ublican party continuous [indiscernible] will they consider passing a law that when a man gets a woman pregnant, that he can never be that child? a bunch of men making laws about women. are they going to make a law that we men should stay with a woman who we get pregnant? thank you. is calling from new orleans on our line. good morning, charlotte. caller: good morning, inc. for having me. -- good morning.
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thanks for having me. my biggest complaint is that you have these mothers and fathers who work and make good money, and yet they will not by medical insurance from the company because they are on government assistance. you know how much money is being spent on people who are making lots of money every month, because i worked in the casino industry, and i have seen people make anywhere from $2000 a month , and they are on government assistance, and i am not talking about one race, i am talking about all races. that should be checked into. one more thing -- are you going to cover the march? host: the march will be shown on c-span today at noon as well as
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you can catch live coverage of that right here on c-span and on the c-span radio app. theill be having covered of march. don is calling. caller: good morning, kimberly. i have two statements. i take my hat off to the women's march -- 3.2 million protesters out in the streets and not a single arrest. unbelievable! that is restored my confidence in the american people. the second thing i wanted to talk about is air america. for years, they have been coming at c-span about not being funded by the government, not having any sourcing that way because of its suppose it liberal stance, and now the republicans have hidden in the abolishment of the
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that overlooksd the air america and will allow it to be broadcast in the united states and it is a government run radio program.
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states that are in violation of and the only on way you can figure this out is if you get the constitution book, which i've already read rom the library and a dictionary. i'll start real simple. cepa laws, i have right to go from here to there without restraint. what is a seat belt? a restraint. seconds, ave a couple i'm giving you the last word on it. caller: okay. thank you. the whole look in perspective it is against the laws r them to make against the constitution. we have the right to go from here to there without restraint, is a seat belt?
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restraint. look in the dictionary, there it.have radio p next, joined by talk show host hugh hewitt, here to talk about his book, "the fourth way: the conservative playbook for a lasting gop majority". first, president trump addressed the republican retreat in philadelphia, where he talked not only about the workload congress will take on, but also efforts this week. president trump: this congress being to be the busiest ongress we've had in decades, maybe ever. maybe ever. think of that. and think of everything we can achieve and remember who we must achieve it for. e're here now because tens of million of americans have placed heir hopes in us, to transfer hour from washington, d.c. and give it back to the people. [applause] important.rump: so
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now we have to deliver enough all-talk, no action. we have to deliver. this is our chance to achieve and lasting change for our nation. since taking office, i have steps toor contractual estore the rule of law and to return power to everyday americans. [applause] president trump: and even days, it's only a few we've done it in record numbers. orders toued executive build the keystone and dakota pipelines. [applause] resident trump: and issued a new requirement for american pipelines to be made with fabricated in and the united states.
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[applause] sitting trump: i was at may desk, i'm getting ready to sign keystone and dakota, i say, where is the pipe coming from? i won't tell you where, you happy.'t be i say, why do we build pipelines and not using pipe that is made our country? temperature i say, let's put is a lause in like it one-sentence clause, that clause is going to attract a lot of make that pipe here in america. okay. applause] >> "washington journal" continues. host: joining us now is hugh hewitt, the author of "the fourth way: the conservative playbook for a lasting gop and he's here to as uss that book, as well the republican strategy now that they control both the white congress. thank you so much for joining us today. guest: kimberly, good to be back. ouwas one of your


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