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tv   Washington Journal Hugh Hewitt Discusses the Future of the Republican Party  CSPAN  January 28, 2017 2:31am-3:28am EST

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protect my country, i will. he does that kind of mussolini thing with his arm and said, but i did not give that order, and we said, wait, just call him down. former senior cia analyst john nixon talks about his book, debriefing the president. >> saddam was a realist in the use of power and the way political power is exercised in the political power game, and i think he saw that when you are playing it at his level, the presidency, the top level in the country, when you win, you win big, but when you lose, you also lose big. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. hewitting us now is hugh
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, the author of "the fourth way: the conservative playbook for a lasting gop majority" and he's here to discuss that book, as well as the republican strategy now that they control both the white house and congress. thank you so much for joining us today. young associates asked me, you been on before? i said, i was here before you were born, the transition show had proun hair, not white hair. it is an institution, happy to be on. here.glad you are let's talk about the fourth way, the title of the book, what does mean? guest: attention of the way. the first way was f.d.r., build big, reagan, cut back at home and be aggressive abroad. blair's, picked up by bill clinton to make liberalism way, ate and the fourth delivered to every republican member of the congress at their philadelphia retreat, all threw house, how to go big, what , go fast and marry president trump wants, which is
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infrastructure spending, large navy, a wall, regulatory reform with what paul ryan and the is tax ans want, which reform and entitlement reform. the fourth way is marriage of republicanism with president trump's agenda. host: who should read this book? republicans or do you have another audience, as well? audience.ave another i want to know what is being done by the leaders. liberals, they don't believe the first chapter of the book, about the 18 years i've spent on the children and family's commission could possibly exist. a lot of conservatives are compassionate conservatives, they want to help the poor rise, make sure people have healthcare. they just believe and i believe better, more in a efficient, more effective way than for example, the collapse obamacare has revealed. the transition is awkward, it is wayscult, there are better to do almost everything that president obama wanted to do in
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how do that.y, host: we discuss the new book hugh hewitt, democrats can call in 202-748-8000. republicans 202-748-8001. 202-748-8002.ts, strategies, these everything from the wall to fiscal conservatism. the idea of the wall, which is estimated will billion, yet $15 you have folks that have speaker ryan, who is known to be very fiscally conservative saying he's behind this. is this a shift or do the two principles gel? necessary.s president trump made it the centerpiece of his campaign. a wall n arguing for across about half of the mexican/u.s. border, 2000 mile half unpassable anyway because of mountains and lakes,
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alf needs the barrier across the mexican/american border many times from southern california. it effective, visible expression of sovereignty. don't think it ought to be a spark point between mexico and wall on mexico has a the southern border between the west bank and parts of israel, he wall saudi arabia is building, a wall in yemen, wall necessary hungaria, a wall house, they hite work for a reason and you care about the people on the inside, on the the people outside. it is expensive, but it is an opportunity and i discussed this "the fourth way," i would like to see president oversee immigration overhaul. to china moment, detail it, by the way, i think singling it with spicer's daca childrent the don't have to worry, young
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adults now, i don't think you will see sweeping deportations, except of crime commiters and ang members and people not desirable because of the violence they bring to society. i think you will see trump egularization and that will realign american politic when is he does that. host: in your book, you layout that you say republicans should have. let's go through them. increased spending on infrastructure. increasing spending on overhaul.on resupply the military. select the right justices and judges and allow the free market fl flourish. the t on that with immigration infrastructure with the wall. what about the military? hat would you like to see there, president trump going to today?t gone pentagon >> he will meet with general mattis. 350 nitive number for navy ship navy. i asked my friend, captain jerry hendricks and a man called fficer x and robert o'brien, a
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law partner of mine to outline, how do you get from where we are depending how you counts the 350. and laid are specific out in the book. ship building is the backbone of free trade and security of the sea. we're mayor's time nation and have been from the founding. getting to the 350 is massive. repairing the nuclear deterrent is a major deal mentioned in the story this mes" morning, what he'll be talking with general mattis. fighter aircraft up to 1400. arine corps have to be expanded. a general, mel, tell me what the marine corps need. i put it out. ot just someone that read too many tom clancy novels. i checked with the air force to me the outline and i way," ge in "the fourth convene, vicemp to
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president and leaders of the senate armed services committee have everyone in a room and say, sequester is over, this is what we'll build, when we're going to build it. these are the states in which e'll distribute the new ship building. can't build replacement for the anywhere put ne where they are being built. you can build new things in reenergize laces and american industrial base in the process. policy and ilitary the 15 billion dollar wall are going to cost a lot of money. -- you propose you pay for it? guest: and even more. 5 -- one tenth of what president obama got. trump can do it. entitlement reform. doesn't want to do entitlement reform. the big deal, i'll be talking this morning. give president trump has nfrastructure, his wall, his navy, his regulatory overhaul, in return, the deal maker gives
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and mitch mcconnell entitlement reform and it is not that hard and shouldn't be scary. raise retirement age gradually o 70, unchain the cost of living adjust frment inflation, you test social security, do block grant medicaid and make hanges to medicare as outlined by paul ryan. it will pay for itself with corporate tax rate cut from 20 15% or lower and paul ryan suggested, speaker ryan said, six-month window where the repatriation rate will 7%.s low as $2 trillion in american profit stranded abroad. outline this in the book f. it comes home, we'll bank a lot of abroad.randed host: joined by hugh hewitt, way," and the fourth with adio talk show host the salem radio network and law
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professor at chapman school of commentator on msnbc and cnn. now during the campaign, at one point, you were not always supportive of now president trump. drop int you suggested he out after the access hollywood tape was released. you a anged in what made supporter? -- was always with him well, i put this in the book. did the presidential debate, i was neutral. interviews and didn't endorse anyone. andidate trump became nominee, i supported him. i was critical during the judge episode and believed it was like into the mountain and that approach, not the president, but that approach was to be cancer and needed treated. he stopped, i got back on the trump train. with clark, jon joight, dennis prager, worked around the clock until access hollywood came out.
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that stunned me. pretty conservative, atholic evangelical presbyterian. it stunned me, i asked him to step aside. he didn't. if there was e more. there wasn't o. election day, i voted for him proudly. happy he won because of the courts and defense and reth latory overhaul and pleased with first week. i've said many american guess to went ts, most recently i to see jackson brown. this was like a concert with a now a bad songs and concert with three bands playing at the same time. to oisy i don't know what think. i'm focusing on what he's doing and he's doing good things and i the supreme court nomination next week. from west palm bea good morning.
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caller: good morning. i'm a fan of yours. you mentioned your book, five points you think the gop has to have for success, etc, and with all due respect, i think you one, d the most important which is parental rights and education of children. betsy devos is up for secretary of education, she's ro-choice, etc, but over the years i've read republicans talk about what they believe school things o be and it is like in the public school system, like more charters. you don't have religious option for school choice, have you no school choice. schools right now are secular, humanistic, whatever to have, someone like me, catholic, like you said offends me to have to pay for those schools that run down my religion and i don't free exercise clause. i mean, this thing is a disgrace. prem eminent the issue for the republican party. thank you. guest: thank you, dennis. i'm on the board of great heart schools in arizona, public charter. charter schools, public and private and i like
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the fact the governor of arizona credit for tax people giving directly to catholic private schools. choice talk about school much in "the fourth way: the conservative playbook for a lasting gop majority" because it federal issue. education is a state issue and local issue and ought to be that way. i believe very much in what you allowing people to support their local catholic school through things like the arizona credit and through things like private vouchers and have been s, which upheld by the supreme court. this comes in play in the judges and judicial selection. 103 vacancy in addition to the supreme court vacancy. if originists go in and appropriately understood and nterpreted by the court, i believe you will find that trump udges will be upholding every voucher program passed at the state and local level consistent ith the free exercise clause and the establishment clause. ennis, let not your heart be troubled, help is on the way. school reform is local level,
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not federal level. host: you mention the supreme the president will make his announcement next week. you have seen the list of people that he has drawn up with help conservative groups. what do you think of them? they are not all the same, either in terms of background or ideology. included 21 judges put on the list. when he resident trump was a candidate, if you nominate someone not on this list, is mitch mcconnell justified in bottling it up? he said, absolutely. i will stick with the list. they are all originalist. judge straus, 42, some are old, justice, supreme court 66, different colors and different genders. allegedly, the tenth circuit judge and judge both fine jurors, both amazing. i just read their opinions. of the udge kelly military court of appeals, notre grad. extraordinary choice.
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is irish, notre dame, i'm getting confused. willet, is a friend. i'd love if he were nominated. 11th circuit,f the very traditionalist catholic, juryist.narily gifted all good. i want one to get up there. i know they will be we will invoke the reid rule. thank you to all the democrats reidmachlt jority vote for nominees and judges and be ices and they will confirmed. host: robert calling from georgia on the democratic line. hi, robert. caller: hi, thanks for taking my call. you seem quite pleased with sold out at you military, high-ranking military what a that told you, surprise, this is what we need to do to get our military in order. familiar with the chicken commercial for the
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caffey family that owns chick illet, it says eat more chicken. what did you expect the general to say? there is an awful lot of military. militarys on 12 the face of the earth, spend ess, total than we do on our military. what do we do with it? use it everywhere we decide to use it. state of war.ant why don't you talk to people who ave less involvement in the military who want to spend less on the military and more on the people? thank you. guest: robert, great question. good comment. need resume, i assume we an 80. and oceans haven't gotten maller from when president reagan almost had 600 ship navy. we don't need a 600 ship navy. in the military, inside nd outside, the pentagon, people like jim talent, lots of civilians look at the oceans in and understand that free commerce and freedom of
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navigation require at least 350-ship navy. we have 272-282, depending how count, especially if you are a peace-loving person, you want freedom of the seas, especially don't want to have to go to war, keep the american navy afloat, maned with marines, manned with aircraft, f-18's and updated, if you want peace, you prepare for war. strepth, reagan policy, donald trump's policy. it works tochlt avoid conflict, biggest military, by far, navy equipped for the size of the ocean. eddie from marlboro, massachusetts. eddie.orning, caller: good morning, folks. big fan of yours. almost hung up, you kind of stole my thunder. my question is about the supreme court. called in toago, i the journal and steve was on and question, what do you think the most important issue
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s going to be to face the next president? i think it was after scalia primaries efore the were over. i thought, inequivocally, i didn't have to think at all, i was the supreme court. i don't want to filibuster myself, so i guess my question is what do you see as the est case and worst case scenario and maybe if you could, give an order that you think judges might step down. i think obviously the key one for conservatives would be kennedy. i was under the impression he might have been hanging on the eight years for the job isn't a republican, trump conservative, but a republican did get in, so we would have his obviously, he's closest to the one that straddles the fence. f you could answer those two questions. i look forward to picking up your book, i haven't read it. up the of yours and keep good work for the conservative
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cause. on zoomed in i hope you get the book n. "the fourth way" i talk about justice kennedy's resignation this june. the reason i believe this, he legacy on federalism. jurisdiction is deep and wide federalism. he has judicial legacy on same-sex marriage, i do not disturbed by e five member originalist supreme outlined by asons chief justice roberts. and i discuss battle royal with priscilla, she thought i was being too legal. a chief justice wrote concurring opinion in the case, which ted explains the judicial doctrine of what you keep and what you don't keep and when you overturn. he explained why in my view, not his view, my view, will not be overturned by originalist supreme court, but roe v wade be.ld the best case scenario and i
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on't expect the court liberals to retire and judge ginsburg was on the dc circ sxit my judge got sick, i wish her the best. justice kennedy would retire this june and we have a five-member originalist court. any other ect retirements from the left wing or the court. host: what makes you think, one say you hope he does, a ot of liberal folks wanted ginsberg to retire before president obama left office. mulling e kennedy ?etirement dpeekt guest: no signs. my only belief is that the ruth bader ginsburg example, she did not retire and she was expecting secretary clinton to win and would have retired and had a replacement. to stay nt your legacy n tact, justice kennedy likes federalism legacy. the numbers are prorepublican in
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2018, 25 democrats are up, eight republicans, people like john ester are going to lose, bob casey. ohio is going to lose probably mandel, the secretary. we will get more, but we won't get 60. kennedy is tice aware to make sure his seprotected.egace host: you warned recently the resident, who you support, is on thin ice. you talked about the idea of he told be impeached, according the post. you said, the idea of impeachment of president trump hardly a fantasy. if president trump proves reckless, he will be impeached, tryd and removed. he would be impeached, tried and removed. and did you mean by that what is the likelihood you think of impeachment? chapter of "the fourth way" is about
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impeachment, the precedence, the impeachment, clinton impeachment. what did hamilton write about it? republicans proved they are willing to impeach one of their krupgcorruption, i don't think there is going to i don't of power, think there will be. he would be impeached by his party. i was interviewed y katie couric, she asked my biggest fear. it is that the house switch in 2018 in a change election, as we 2010, 2014, 2006, they ats in control, emullument clause -- i don't believe it has been violated. exchange on the assessment that it has been violated. i read council don mcgan, and
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fielding, my old boss at he white house, astutely said -- democrats would impeach the majority.t the message to congress, go big, go far, go fast, so you don't thrown out. i remember former speaker boehner sitting in my studio in assuring me it was impossible to lose the house because of redistricting. house.t the the american people want things done. if the republicans don't give he ident trump what campaigned on and what conservatives like me expect him o do, they could lose that majority and he would be on constitutional thin ice. sword the democrats would use. ost: hugh hewitt, radio talk "the ost and author of fourth way: the conservative playbook for a lasting gop
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majority". also, you hold various posts reagan he administration, including deputy director and general counsel for the office of personnel management, general counsel for the nal endowment for humanities and assistant white house counsel and special attorney to the general. speaking of the national endowment for humanities, that s something that could be on the chopping block in trump are your tion, what thoughts about that? guest: i would be sorry to see it go, it could go. go in an era of fiscal strifrjency, national endowment for the art. matter of what is an essential function. federal government function is to support the humanities. find cked, i hope they someone like bill bennett or throw into and platform for legacy of life-long literacy.nd love of liberty and he literacy and
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stable regimesof with the west is my definition, nixon. richard national endowment expands literacy. it is not essential. money, we're broke. i would rather if you told me we endowment ortional another aircraft carrier, i would take the aircraft carrier. from the republican line. hi, tommy. caller: hi. good morning. morning, very is well, very good points. i'm republican, but i'm not all to the right, you know, middle to the and i think all his points are very good and i've been saying years, that is what we have to do, tighten up the money working again, like ronald reagan, build up the military.hrough the that has been proven for
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years, that is about it. i get mad, i'm in new york, protesting all over. let the man do something wrong, hen protest if he does something wrong. don't protest now. go to work, eople trying to come home, moron young contribute anything yet, young kids who don't work, or nothing,bute tax stopping people coming back and forth to work. that is their thing, for year, all they do is tax the working people. their farce, they make like they are on the side of the working people. tax, tax, tax, the working people, they can't ax anyone else, they can't tax the rich, they got lawyers and can't tax the poor, the poor don't have anything to tax. give it to people wanting handouts, people that are afraid handouts taken away. it is ridiculous, let these
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eople do something wrong then go out against it. host: let's let you -- i disagree., i hope you enjoy the book, get it and agree with it. big supporter of the women's march in washington. house to my friends from california who wanted to march and prosdpeft president trump said yesterday to abc, great, super, first amendment, i ouldn't want to be in new york on fifth avenue on the day of the protest, that looked like a nightmare. is march for life and c-span will be covering it. world and ge to the dictators, if you have robust first amendment style approach disagreement, you avoid violence, channel political activity into the street and aif telling my republican friends, the women's march was the beginning of the tea party the democrats, left-wing tea party f. they don't think that
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is going to turn into activism, they are wrong. it is a battery jolt to the left get off the back and back in the game and trade out some of the old leadership f. they start promoting people like tim ryan camalla harris, new faces, young faces, new ideas, that be looked at as historic event it was and i of the ree with a lot agenda or reproductive rights agenda, i'm pro-life. the fact the first amendment says come one, come our if you can get attention, we'll pay attention. host: let's focus on the eproductive rights agenda in terms of your strategy for republicans, president trump has signed an order cutting funding for groups that perform internationally. we have the women's march for life today and you said you see overturning court roe v wade, is this the first roe v wade republicans have the ability to make change when is it comes to
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reproduction? guest: actually the second time abortion rights have been before the court. casey decision when justice kennedy joined o'connor. i teach a class, with david with edith room jones, great judge, a friend of mine, the court would be and the country would be different if george h.w. and not e picked jones suitor. this will be the second time and casey roe reproductiveend of rights. to decide the state what their people want vis-a-vis reproductive rights and the issue. constitution, california will never be other than a pro-choice state, ditto new york. states like pennsylvania, missouri, alabama, raditionally much more catholic, more evangelical, want rights.rict abortion much more, especially with regard to minors receiving
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etc.ent of parents, federalism is supposed to work that way, i look forward to overturning of roe, of casey. okay. arland is calling from courtland, ohio, on the democratic line. caller: good morning. my daughter graduated from j.f.k. the military check, did you come cross the "washington journal" expo say on the f-35 that showed input ject was getting from 49 states? how can we have a good defense, barrel like ork that? how does potus make decision? consult? who does he listen to? guest: two great questions. about president trump, big mitt romney fan. romney would have made a great state.ry of i believe the courtship was real and that president trump was down with he sat governor romney. for reasons primarily political,
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not select governor romney. he needed a secretary of state. robert gates to come to the trump tower. and the secretary went up to the trump tower and donald trump asked him, who do you think should be secretary of state? talk to rex tillerson. rex tillerson in, said this guy is real deal, i'll nominate him. shows great openness totalent and what donald trump does best, stand up executive teams. a friend of is mine, terrific administration. andy, secretary of labor, he is hiring wisely and hiring well makes think that is how he decisions, he listens a lot. as far as the f-35, that is one he didn't listen on. lockheed. he will see the production of reform18 continue and see to the f-35. i know a lot of people on both
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the debate, i am not an expert, i believe president trump is forcing competition boeing and lockheed, benefit the american taxpayer men and women who fly the fighters who are first line of defense in this country offer air force and e off of the faces around the world. host: we're talking republican radio talk show host hugh hewitt, again, call 202-748-8000. and licans 202-748-8001 independents 202-748-8002. recent opinion piece in the "washington post," you suggest that people give a chance and you talk a little bit about his temperament. tempamentialump is opposite of president obama. temperamentging the of your next door neighbor as radically as we are, right took office, change those for our president.
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if you grew to like the new would take some getting used to. ou said earlier, you're focusing on what president trump is doing, but a lot of people the thingsocusing on he's saying and his actions on twitter and elsewhere. do you say to those folks? "washington post" article was about my friends and hey are very anxious, distressed actually about the approach of president trump. i tried to calm them down and reasons.m they gave me faint smiles, maybe you are right. are not. the women's march is expression, people are deeply unsettled. like when andrew jackson came to town, it is that much of cultural shift. very, very and he is connected with the media, smart more so than edia anyone else in that job. i do believe and i write up this anecdote in "the fourth way,"
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presidencyday of his president george w. bush had talk show hosts for 90 minutes. honored to be among them. it was off the record, president ush's message was give the new guy a chance and that is all i ask my democrat friends, give guy a chance and wait and see. i think you will like what happens. boom, economic boom. dow 20,000 corporate tax repatriotation, jobs, light industrial policy, going to be great. like those glasses. host: thank you very much. the "the fourth way," immigration, one of the issues you hit in that. j. trump can ald do perhaps what no other american president can do, immigration system while regularizing the 11 million immigrants in the without permission while building a wall in reality a double-row border fence, with interstate running
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etween the two fences for the border control to travel on quickly. he can do this without any number of serious critics, branding it an amnesty or sell-out, talk more about that. guest: the nixon to china shorthand means richard nixon visited maui in china, back to the -- and that is because nixon was anticommunist anticommunist. nixon to china moment when theyne does something that are invulnerable on for criticism. someone might have criticized being soft on communism, at.y would have been hooted if someone says donald trump is soft on immigration, they will be hooted at. there are people out there and they will be marginalized. if donald trump puts his on immigration egularization bill, it is not attacked. so it would realign american
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politics. "the fourth way," the specifics ought to be in that. it will be up to him, he's a f. he comes to the american people and says, this s a good deal, not amnesty, regularization and it will work for everyone, help mexico. i built the wall, presto, we the problem behind us. it has to be fixed. host: david from albany, new line. on the independent david, you are on with hugh hewitt. caller: good morning, mr. hewitt. guest: hi, david. caller: question for you. something that has preturbed me for many, many years. you mentioned you had people in the military and that you believe strong military is way of keeping the peace. my problem, you are spending billions and billions of dollars but you ng military, can't win a war.
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we've beent 10 years in and out of iraq, afghanistan, with f chickened out ukraine. we have fumbled the ball in syria. so who are we impressing with military?ng guest: good question, david. i heard chairman dunford, chiefs of the joint staff make the point i want to make here. we have the finest, greatest history of the history. it can go further and furth sxer do more and protect us better other military in history and we've done it pretty 2.5% gdp.he cheap at any nation that seeks to protect spending 4% orot more, this is the message to european allys and japanese, to carry their share of the burden. our share is 4 to 5%. safe and at to be deter attacks on the united states. we are facing and address, we will eradicate islamic terrorism from
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earth, that is a very big lift that will require strong military. comment, we first don't win wars, vito disagree. i believe the men and women of the merican military won war in iraq in 2011 and the recipitous withdrawal of remaining troop are reason i consider to be nonadequate loss peace as we did in vietnam. therefore, we win wars, we simply do not win peace. we didn't win the peace in vietnam or in iraq. we have to go back and fight them again. a learning machine, general james mattis, secretary gifted maybe most strategist to be in the job since george marshall, very confident we will start to so that it at house works well. no disrespect to ash carter, secretary of defense, i believe your president has to back you up with resources and give you tools and we can win when we have to win and preserve the peace when warranted. host: we started the show talking about the president's
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relates, for as example, to the situation in mexico. he twitter spats between him nieto and's president just this morning the president tweeted again about mexico. e says mexico has taken advantage of the u.s. for long nough, massive trade deficits and little help on the very weak border must change now, with caps, in the wake of the cancelled meeting between the two presidents next week. of the you make president's use of twitter? guest: if he wants to tweet out, everyone should buy "the fourth way." if the president is watching, ou want to tweet, go for it, president trump. i think this is new. this is different. say one way or the other. ronald reagan arrived with
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mike deefer and nancy reagan advising him, he changed the way the american communicated with the public. limited events to one per day. nixon had a hostile were talking we outside, this hostility between the press and the president is not new. the ability of the president to go over the press, around the press and through ronald reagan as deefer and the press steve bannon did, you were the new.sition party, that is he has 47 million impressions every time he does a tweet and a facebook post. his social media trektor has this, quite adept at steve bannon is skilled at this. kellyanne conway all know that the seismic shift that in communication empowered this president in way no one has ever been empowered. see.l wait and i wait upon eecvents. emphasizedus/mexican policy f. he welcomes theresa may, post-brexit with the u.k., that will be great. nobody misses it of the my radio changed every morning. just what you did. i keep the twitter feed open to
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see if the president of the united states says something i tell the audience about. he makes news at his leisure, on schedule with his desire. instantly, i'll bet retweets of that are already at 5000 to 10,000. it travels around the globe. good or , i won't say bad, it is new and it is his. host: paul from danville,. caller: good morning, mr. hewitt. guest: good morning. great. caller: good. two or three comments to make. first one i got to make about military. when i hear these people that on't know a damn thing about the military complaining we don't win wars and this other tuff, not that the military can't win the war, it is that the politicians will not allow rules of engagement. e have to be shot at before we can shoot back. enemies have safe zones we but they can t, shoot at us. t's been like that since
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vietnam. get rid of the rules of engagement, make no chemical no nuclear womens, no biological women and no unnecessary civilian death, we can win wars faster than being done now. politics out of war, if you are going to send us over there, let us win. was in the military 21 years and i was in the navy. i have a year's time, when i was only home three months out of the year. that is why we need more ships people.e so our people can spend more time at home. to get back to what i was calling about, in order for the republicans to win and keep winning, they're going have to take pages of this playbooks, ocrat democrats get up there and they republicans about how your constituents do this and that,
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money for receiving this and that. one thing i'm looking at is parenthood. republicans need to get up there and tell the democrats how much members are getting from planned parenthood that is taxpayer money. item, the wall. paid -- the wall can be for by mexico, here is how it is done. the money that we send mexico aid, guatemala for aid, honeduras, any other country there, cut that off. we put that toward the wall. okay. let mr. hewitt address those points. uest: paul, i thought you were on the democrat line. it must have opinion a crossed line. ou are right about length of eployment of men and women in the military. it is breaking their back, we have to expand it, one reason we have to stop using reserve like ready return force because they deployments,o many one of the great things to expand. aggressive, i do
3:14 am
think that the republicans have far, go fast. that is my hash tag, i couldn't agree more on planned parenthood believe will be be out of the budget, instructions are there. have to apologize to c-span, i broke their pen, i'm dating myself. johnny carson walked in once and broken his pen. look it up on the johnny carson show. rickles, i'm sorry, i did it, my fault. myrtle beach, south carolina, on the republican line. hi, matt. caller: hi. yes. thank you for having me on. from e is matt and i'm myrtle beach. i used to live in oregon. while in oregon for a number of i observed political process from afar. noticed going on with global hedge is
3:15 am
mony against the united states essentially against american sovereignty. i think this is driving our posture, as well as brexit, symptom of being isolated. to drive at is going ur distance, distance our two countries apart and we really on't have a plan when it comes down to foreign policy, but i of the that much republican majority is due to the fact we're on a defensive the united states and last time that we were isolated ike this was before world war ii. the only problem is that we do ourhave, we cannot count on allies such as russia, what was other countries to be on our side. think essentially and also
3:16 am
the fact that last democrat spent so far down the line economically that we fund any to reasonable defense when it comes to protecting our national sovereignty. i just like to see if you agree with the views. matt.: not entirely, i believe foreign policy can be summed up in six words, leading behind, red line and jv, position.n a weak part of the book how to restore that. eorge schultz came down to the school of law dedication of the building and he's -- he is one americans test living, he talked about collapse of the post-war. haas has a new book "world in disarray," and all things built post world war ii have d up wounds and they outlived usefulness in some respect. fan, i believe e.u. is
3:17 am
democracy on steroids. the fact people don't want to be governed by ameless, faceless bureaucrats fair away. i'm optimist and theresa may is the special , relationship will be strong and rebuilt. donald trump is clear-eyed about this. bragz of the world for those in favor of expansion of will be nd literacy rapid and we will be on the better side of history and we still the big dog and after ight years of retreat, purposeful, it was a theory, discussed at length with ryan others,rey goldberg and just on work. lefto is the end result of that. i am in favor of what you but perhaps i'm not as pessimistic as you are. the let's talk about timeline for republicans, it seems things are moving quickly. the president wants things to
3:18 am
quickly, but perhaps somes may be thinking it is time to today's n a bit in "washington post," paul cane deadlines on capitol hill can be deadly, those set for political appearances so made a smart ve early decision by giving up on traditional marker of measuring success in the first 100 days. the es on to say at republican retreat, house speaker paul ryan titled his 200-day plan. the he said on thursday morning, ryan acknowledged it is really one-year plan. talk a little about the timing you'd like to see the the licans make some of changes or accomplish the thingos their agenda? guest: my hash tag, go big, go far, go fast. do it in a hurry. 200 day system more realistic approach to this. book,r mcconnell put out a "the long game," magnificent book.
3:19 am
book inught to read the depth. 200-day cartthey has a layout and the budget review act are able to do nder cra is extraordinary, eye-opening, everyone should read it. they are working, if they are orking around the clock and have to spend floor time breaking filibusters, floor time don't want them to go home, i don't care how many day its takes f. they work will be happy, the agenda is full and rich and can get passed. host: jeffrey from pennsylvania on the independent line. hi. caller: how are you? thank you, jeffrey. caller: question. i just picked up the program and you talk about your faith and being catholic. i don't really like to bring it much, but as that franciscan, i've heard one
3:20 am
thing from you since then that ad to do with anything that pertained to the catholicism i for ve in, that was pro-life. can you just tell me what is the that you believe in? guest: thank you, father or brother jeffrey. franciscan bishop, i talk about my ideas with him. to ve gospel approach immigration, i believe emphasis with al control comports the doctrine subsidiary. war for elieve for war's sake, in accordance with the doctrine. i read the story in the "wall the t journal" about knights of malta and pope frances, i'm concerned approximate that. orthodox. i think you should have tuned in agreer, i think you would with most of what i have to say. here is the issue. disagree on a can
3:21 am
lot of different things, maybe abolishing national endowment humanity makes you happy, maybe it doesn't, it's not a doctrine issue. is the most important part of social teach nothing american politics today. on that, and gree we've had this argument for a long time, you're not going to it.y too much about i believe in the whole cloth rom pre-born life to natural death and i nbl protecting the dignity of every single human every human ieve being has a soul and we're called upon. doctrine, every catholic ought to think on four things everyday. life, death, heaven and hell and judgment. i think we actually would get time. well if we had more host: let's talk about some, one thing the president has focused voter fraud. estimated that upward of five illion people cast votes illegally. today he's also tweeting on that
3:22 am
looking well, saying forward to seeing final results stance. greg phillips say three million do s were illegal, we must better. he's saying he will call for an investigation, what are your on that guest: if you are going to tweet, mr. president, tweet out by "the fourth way." do not believe there was voter fraud in the last election. not te a book, "if it is cheat," voterannot fraud exists, there were anecdote necessary virginia and indiana, does not exist on widespread scale. only matters in close election. voter fraud i believe had a role holman and al franken's election. they kept counting in kingsspay county until he lost. is aroma of the daily machine, machine in kansas city. infuses republican distrust of democratic machine.
3:23 am
to want to see i.d., t is emphasis on no i.d. that inclines us to believe bad things are at work. it is not massive. is nly matters when it close, not very often. when it matters, it matters a lot. centerville, virginia on the republican line. hi, rich. caller: good morning. call. you for taking my i've been carrying this idea around in a head for a while. i would like to throw it out. the idea of sponsoring some of the undocumented people, i have a business, i have guys that work for me that are here on ork papers and i just don't understand why that possibility isn't out there. know, i'm catholic and when somebody goes to sponsors on, somebody
3:24 am
them. there is sponsorship in this entire community, i don't care where you are, i think if i was able to do that, and the people that i was allowed to sponsor, that would make us a community the and our love for respect you were talking about with the last caller. an i don't know how you get idea out there. i can't admissibling the president or anybody in this willing to,d not be you know, say i'm responsible. i know this family, they're good don't send them home, are not criminals. you know, why hasn't anybody praut that idea up? guest: it is a great idea n. fact, i'm glad you brought it up. in the book, talk about the purple card. sponsorship existed in aftermath of the fall of vietnam. ponsors adopted vietnamese families across the united states. my parents adopted a family and sponsored them. undocumented in this country, vast majority are hard-working people. one way we regularize them, through local pored, not
3:25 am
but local board of local people. bring us your paperwork. what you have been doing for the last 10 years, have you been working? church or t of a club? check mark, like the draft boards. this could be done very quickly having a sponsor, very good idea because it attaches the idea, attaches a real person with a real person and cabital s them social and if i could plug a different j.d. vance, has he been in? yes, he has. amazing essay on social capital. ability to be resillient when things happen to you. it is very low for the undocumented, low for people who opioid dependent parents, e have to increase infusion of social capital. the government can't do it. one message of "the fourth way" it is government is very bad at this. not they are ill intentioned,
3:26 am
are not competent because of rules. host: we can find the interview findarch on, to that. ken on the line from south dartmouth, massachusetts on the democratic line. go ahead, kendall. morning.ood i have a question about ronald reagan. he used to claim to be an expert on ronald reagan. he was onnderstanding a drug called halson during his you have to drug sleep for eight hours or you could die and you can't be woken up. he was an actor before elected, a lot of baby boomers believe he was the best president, best republican president we ever is difficult sometimes have a different idea of things, they grew up in a different time and it was kind f made into a cartoon with him falling asleep and how cute he was and how the presidency ended
3:27 am
ended. life host: let's use the last few seconds to give hugh hewitt a chance to respond. guest: that is a lie, he was not on the drug. know the president, met him, worked for him, i know fred the ing, very well and met reagans to help them on the library. lie. he president was wonderful and generous and warmhearted and wilight years under alzheimer's. sphere of"the fourth way,"-- is influence. [applause] host: joining us now is eleanor clift, the washington correspondent for "the daily beast," here to talk about the president's first days in office, h


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