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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 28, 2017 9:31am-10:02am EST

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apollo one disaster. >> there was a flash and that was it according to a nasa spokesperson watching the television screen in the block house a few hundred yards away from launch pad 34. the screen went blank and there was no communication from the astronauts. they died silently and swiftly >>. blumenthal ony the political forces that shaped our 16th president's views on slavery. >> the fight must go on. because of civil liberty must not be surrendered at the end of one or even 100 defeats. >> for a complete schedule, go
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to >> "washington journal" continues. host: welcome back. we want to hear what you think about president donald trump's first week in office. democrats, please call 202-748-8000. republicans, call 202-748-8001. the independent line is 202-748-8002. the president signed some 15 executive actions this week tackling everything from rolling back the affordable care act to the southern border wall to temporarily stopping the refugee resettlement program. here's what he said this week in an interview with abc news on his views about illegal voting. [video clip] i said it and i said it strongly because what is going on with voter fraud is horrible. won the popular vote if i was campaigning for the popular vote.
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i would have gone to california, i would have gone to new york. i would have gone to a couple of places i did not go to. i would have one that much easier. electoral college is all that matters. if you look at put a registration, you look at the dead people who are registered to vote who vote, the people registered in two states, you these different things that are happening with registration, you look at the registration desk we will do an investigation. you have people that are registered who are dead, who are illegals, who are registered in two states. they vote twice. there are millions of votes come in my opinion. we will do an investigation. i want the voting process to be
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legitimate. opinionyou say in your millions of illegal votes, that is something that is extremely fundamental to our functioning democracy. you say you will launch an investigation into this. what you have presented so far has been debunked. author of the p report last night and he told me they found no evidence -- he said no evidence of utter fraud. -- voter fraud. i always talk about the reporters that grovel -- president trump: i always talk about the reporters that grovel. we will launch an investigation to find out and then the next of those votes cast, none of them come to me. they would all be for the other side. host: we have some calls coming in.
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monty in tennessee on the democratic line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm 67 years old and i've voted since i was 18. this is the scariest week i've ever seen. why is the electoral college not being held in contempt for not doing their job? part of their responsibility is to not let somebody like this into the presidency. william in we have buffalo, new york. a republican. go ahead. , my opinion of this week has been quite disappointing. host: why is that? caller: it seems more smoke and an pomp and circumstance or anything substantive.
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considering how trump became the candidate. the party itself was very vehement that this man is not party proof, he is not one of us. , you don't hear anybody in the party questioning what we've been doing wrong so none of our -- so approved candidates were the man. what will the party due to correct this action -- do to correct this action? their brand is not what the country is looking for. i've been a republican my entire life. i've studied the history from lincoln on. we've been extremely fractured. where is there more of uniting factor? don in virginia on the
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democratic line. caller: good morning. thank you for answering my call. where do i begin? i am a disabled veteran. trump asproblem with far as being a draft dodger, being a sexual predator, the fact that he will not reveal his nominations, his supposed qualms with goldman sachs yet five of his appointments come from goldman -- the list goes on and on. what he did with the pipeline with the indians. this guy is a nightmare. appointing people to positions that they are against. host: next, lisa from texas.
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she is an independent. good morning. what is your comment? time tells everything and everything he's done this week is what i told people who voted for him he was going to do. a lot of things he's doing have been insane. why do we continue muddying the waters that doesn't need muddied? why go after someone we've been at peace with four years? eny help toi someone who needs help at this time? too many things to name. i don't agree with anything he's done. i think it is a big show.
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he knows nothing of what he's done. i think it's insane. the front pagen of "the new york times" today. this is from charlie savage, peter baker and maggie hagerman. president trump seems intent to be judged by his first 100 hours. -- noesident has president has started and 40.ron
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independent. -- erin in florida. caller: thank you for being the outlet for freedom of speech in america and the world. we need you these days more than ever. i'm concerned about a very bad job done by our president that has reversed since the emancipation proclamation a lot of the hard work this country placene to provide a free for freedom of religion, freedom recentch and with the eight states passing legislation , theng free protests country is truly in a very bad .lace i used to be a republican growing up. i turned into a democrat and now my main an independent because of what happened in this an independentm
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because of what happened in this election. donald trump capitalized by having 24.7% of america vote him and they popular vote say 46% or something else -- i don't know where that number comes for donald trump. 27.9% -- howaring did it jump 20 points since the popular vote? we have a serious problem in america. the great american melting pot i used to watch on the cartoons in the morning, what happened to that? the shining city on a hill. where is equality for all people? was createdthat
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from separating from england, freedom of religion, no taxation without representation, where have we gone to? donald trump wants to build a wall. i grew up watching ronald reagan tear down a wall. echoing hisn hero mind -- who will be the person to tear down donald trump's wall 50 years from now? this is insane. the 24.9% of hatred in this country is here. we've grown up with the ku klux klan and racism for a long time. we fight against racism and religious intolerance for a long time. this is unacceptable. and our leaders
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and political office need to do something about donald trump for he is absolutely destroying the integrity, the respect and the love the world used to have for america. we are deeply saddened, the youth of today, the disenfranchised -- we hope and his that donald trump turns eye toward russia firmly as he has turned his eye towards others he opposes. host: aaron mentioned the border wall. we have some sound from president trump from that interview this week with abc news. [video clip] president trump: ultimately, it will come out of what's happening with mexico. we will be starting those negotiations relatively soon and we will be reimbursed by mexico. >> the american taxpayer will pay for the wall at first?
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president trump: we will be reimbursed at a later date. i could wait a year and i could hold off the wall, but i want to build the wall. we have to stop drugs from pouring in and people from pouring into our country. i campaigned on the wall and it is very important. that wall will cost us nothing. >> you talk often about mexico pay for the wall and you say they will pay us back. mexico's president said mexico will not pay and it goes against our dignity as a country and as mexicans. president trump: he has to say that. will be ag you, there payment, it will be in a form, perhaps a complicated or impa form. this will be good for the united states and for mexico. >> what do you say to you or supporters who say about mexico was going to pay for this from the start? donald
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when this construction begin? president trump: within months. planning is starting immediately. host: we have connie in new jersey on the democratic line. the morning. that's good morning. caller: good morning. i want to say something about the people voting. the familyon dies, has to report that. otherwise, it will be there for a number of years. butbecause they are voting, because the family has not removed them from there. --n an administration calls be careful.
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this is how a fascist government starts. did -- what was leaning mussolini did, this is what franco did. host: we have some sound from nancy pelosi reacting to president trump's assertion that 3 million to 5 million illegal ballots cost them the vote. [video clip] pelosi: when joeill stein brought up irregularities following the election, the wyers for donald trump said there were no signs of voter fraud to support her account. for a newly elected president to
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be so insecure that he is saying 5 won the popular vote and million americans voted illegally in our country, to suggest and to undermine the integrity of our voting system is really strange. , he wants too that investigate something that can clearly be proven to be false. resists an investigation into russian interference. i feel very sad about the president making this claim. i feel sorry for him. host: we are asking you to rate president trump's first week in office. el paso, texas. republican line. caller: good morning.
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i think president trump is doing an excellent job. starting with the wall. i live in el paso. it is a border town. people telling president trump --keep putting up the wall people don't have any idea what we the people in border towns are going through. people drive-in with no insurance, they hit you and walk away. withe having a big problem our houses, people coming across, asking for medicare and medicaid and we are giving it to them. we are giving it to them. that is why we are broke. social security is going broke. host: peggy writes in today's
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"wall street journal" an op-ed -- she writes -- wanda from philadelphia, pennsylvania. she is a democrat. caller: good morning. is crying about the -- why can'tation he just take his win and move on with it? host: bonnie from arkansas.
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republican. caller: i wonder what is wrong rolespdating the buddha -- voter roll. ole.oter r as far as the border is , mexico makes a lot of money from the drug cartels. we don't need the drugs here in the united states and we don't need the criminals that mexico don't want to support, either. i am all for a border wall and i anyone thattopping history as aor a lawbreaker. the fact that they come to the united states without any kind of documentation means they are
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illegal and they are breaking our laws by coming here. we just need a border wall. that we don'ts should take down the walls of their house. we need the security of knowing who is here and knowing who is not here. that is my only comment. thank you. host: the talk of the border , a story in the "washington saying trump's decision to move forward with the border wall and threatens to dismantle nafta have opened a serious rift between two neighbors, mexican business leaders and politicians warned of economic trouble and the
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possibility of unrest. we now have paul from connecticut. he is a republican. good morning. caller: good morning. i represent a large retirement community, approximately 3000 some odd people. what i heard here this morning was a question and i heard a lot of topics other than that. namely, you said the question is should we investigate to determine whether that was voter fraud. was voter fraud or not is unimportant to the question. the question is, should we investigate it? and findvestigate it out the answer. is it right or wrong? when i hear people talk about
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the electoral college stuff, i think the people need to read their civics book. understand that the electoral college protects the minority of states that are not overly populated. its purpose is to give fair representation to all. what if the populists all voted democrat? we have a balance of power. not this quibbling back-and-forth. i could care less whether the president did or did not receive the popular vote. w that he is doing exactly what he said he is going to do and he is doing it a lot
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faster than what people expected. yvonne from washington, d.c. she is a democrat. caller: mr. trump is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. he said he wanted to make america great again. he meant he wanted to make america white again. he alienated our trading partners from mexico and china. brown people. he is still putting accolades on russia, a white country. i don't understand why he's doing that. then he asked the u.k. to come in. there was nopeople do over. affect andlph nader
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he would be president and we would see a country like social reconstruction. all his talk about 3 million voters -- this is all a setup for voter suppression. having some kind of id like a poll tax where people will pay. --s not even interested in should be people looking at this because they will be affected as well. i am a disabled person. overturned and there will be some kind of thing for them to practice that will totally cause the deaths of many people who are disabled. it is unconscionable that americans can't see through this. this is not the twilight zone. -- he trump is intent
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might even be on the other side. the people he's putting in office, do they look like anybody that you know that is representative of america? he had to dig deep to get ben carson. ,e is attacking the press acting like a third world dictator. he's doing exactly what he said he was going to do. in the last four months, i've been in the midwest, cincinnati, indianapolis and phoenix. there is a tenor in this country that doesn't understand -- i understand that they lost their factory jobs. evangelicals, black evangelicals voting on this single issue of abortion.
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they are afraid. they saw a black president, even though he probably did the most to save this country from economic disaster, but he was not one of their club. -- thisall about country will go down the tubes because of donald trump. there's no way we can have tax money, rebates to the rich and acaanies, taking care of and the military. people will get what they got. in 2018, the democrats will go roaring back and people will realize they cannot be independent in a war. from next, colleen tennessee. she is an independent. caller: good morning. , hasn't reallyon
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been just a week -- has it really been just a week? mr. bannon is registered in two states. mr. bannon worked for mr. trump. germanyna and coming have built walls to keep people out. the only thing mr. trump has really done is sign papers. we have a congress that has to do the implementing of all these little papers he's signed. he holds them up and shows his signature. last lady, i agree with you a lot. i'm guessing the next thing for voting, we may have to be branded. i bless america. god help america. -- god bless america. host: frank from florida. republican. +.ller: i think it is an a
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i listen to mr. trump speak and i'm proud to be american again. i would rather see a wall of military personnel than a wall of concrete. owns use bernie sanders' parents as role models. his parents came from poland the legal way. let's reopen ellis island to show the world the only proper way to come into this country. in missouri. independent. caller: good morning. voting, i think voter -- motor voter needs to end. there was a young man who called in last week from maryland who said the person at the counter even admitted to him that they let thousands and thousands of
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illegals registered to vote. even though they sign under perjury, they know nothing will happen. i think trump is doing a fantastic job. he needs to get going on term limits and ending the government employee union. who are they negotiating against? the taxpayers? thank you. host: that is our program for today. we will be back tomorrow at 7:00. until then, have a great day. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] ♪
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>> next, the congressional budget office unveils this year's economic outlook. then, the senate foreign relations committee votes on rex tillerson's nomination as secretary of state. after that, a discussion on russian hacking and the u.s. elections. on tuesday, officials from the congressional budget office read reporters following the release budgetagency's latest and economic outlook. this is 40 minutes.


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