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tv   Newsmakers with Senator Bill Cassidy  CSPAN  January 29, 2017 10:00am-10:34am EST

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really do it they live look on capitol hill. have a good sunday. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] ♪ next, newsmakers with louisiana senator bill cassidy. then the confirmation hearing for tom price, nominated for secretary of health and human services. after that the director of office and management and budget with mick mulvaney. newsmakers welcomes senator bill cassidy as one of the small number of physicians in the number since 2009. he is advancing a piece of
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legislation that would change the affordable care act. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. kliff,me introduce sarah and seung min kim. we will talk a lot about our bill. would you tell our audience the most important things you need to know. context, as ather in that i found if a patient has the power that the whole system lines up to serve her. using the feminine because women make 95% of health care decisions in our society. give her the power and we return power back to the states. we give states the option of going with a better choice. that is federalism. we allowed the money to follow
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the patient. if they go with the better choice, the patient would receive a tax credit that she could use for health care. if he does nothing, she will have a health savings account pre-funded. it to make it work better for her and her family. her tol being to enable become deactivated patient who we have learned from empirical evidence will have better health outcomes and a lower cost. that is our goal. >> we will turn to sarah for perspective. >> one of the big differences between the better way plan and obamacare is the tax credit is the same for everyone. if i am buying insurance on my own, bill gates, -- >> that is not true. >> walk me through how this is different and similar. >> the way ours words is we give states the option.
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we think states should have the option. let's imagine one set of options. thetax credit would go to patient. she would have the policy i previously described. qualify would be those who do not receive an income tax benefit from employer sponsored insurance. upper income folks must always have employer-sponsored insurance. we would begin to phase it out at the top level. even if bill gates is in the individual market, he gets nothing. middle income families who have this cliff under obamacare, 400% of federal poverty level gets nothing. thoseis some support for with low income and three kids. we empower the patient. obamacare tells the patient what she has to buy.
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some women told me on the campaign trail, one woman was 58 she does notnd 59, by obstetrical benefits. combine if she wishes anybody on her family credit so they can buy a richer family policy. they can define it as the employer contribution to the employees sponsored plan. one person has cash exposure out-of-pocket, other members of the family can contribute their health savings account cash to help meet that family members expense. we give her the power. , andan give for the power outcomes are better. >> one of the interesting features about your plan is it
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leaves obamacare as an option. the politics of that are interesting. how do you persuade members of your party who have held for years that nothing but completely repealing obamacare is the only way forward. issusan collins says ours the most republican of plans because republicans have always believed in federalism. lovelifornia in new york obamacare, i think it is a mistake. i think ultimately you go with our way. on the other hand, a republican principle is that our nation's capital should not be telling state capitals what to do unless it is something pertaining to war or something like that. if sacramento and alchemy want albany want to-- keep obamacare, and we mean a unlike president obama who did
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not, this is our way of fulfilling that principle. if they want to stay in obamacare, god bless you. it is not for us to say otherwise. those days were obamacare is not working like louisiana were the individual market is going crazy , you can choose a better way. a better choice. >> i want to follow-up up on that idea of keeping your health insurance plan. i know one of the big frustrations with the affordable care act are the essential health benefits. the idea that you cover a wide array of benefits, including mental health services, and that drives up the premium. on the other side of that, before the affordable care act there were a lot of pregnant women who cannot get their y they found those were very expensive. i am curious how you see your
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plan. how does that serve people like pregnant women who need mental health services, people with a high health care burden. there'-- they be left? the essential health. ourealth benefits we keep mental health. that is the one time where someone -- make an informed decision. let's speak about women in general. i will speak about what is in my bill and what we hope to also a conference -- accomplished going forward. more to their 20's cost care for then men. you just mentioned why. they have children. one thing i would like to do is to give women in their 20's a greater credit.
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for example we have seen statistics that women in their 20's cost 1.64 times that of a man. as a physician, i think they should get 1.64 times the credit. women are the future of our society. they bear our children. we need to protect them. second, the health savings account law can have an hsa in are notternity services subject to a deductible, meaning the woman is not exposed to out-of-pocket exposure. we would strengthen that. making sure that throughout the course of her pregnancy she would have the option to buy a policy in which she would not have a deductible or co-pay.
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it isird way we do mandate price transparency. if there is a woman out there, and many women are like this, the cost of her delivery before she goes in. that allows her to purchase the service, the provider, the hospital that gives her the best value. there is a lot of women that would do that if given that information. we will mandate the price transparency. >> do you mandate that some insurers cover pregnancy? do bigger question is insurance companies want to cover this experience that is quite expensive. >> imagined that she and her husband have health savings accounts with a high deductible health plan. it may be that she moves into the high deductible health plan portion. imagine between them they have
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the cash value for $4000 of health savings account they would apply to it and a high deductible health plan picks up everything after $6,000. there might be the $2000 exposure. other family members can chip in from their health savings account to cover that exposure. that is another option. we have four or five options for family may choose to address that. >> speaker ryan laid out an ambitious policy agenda, one of those is repealing and replacing obamacare by april. is that realistic? >> i don't think so. let me start over. place, say repealing the everyone assumes there will be a let there be light moment. i think if you listen carefully to what he says, and i think this is a better interpretation, he says it should be done
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concomitantly. there should be a transition. we will not hold the rug out from under these people. he is not speaking at one point in time there is a great divide. is that weted out would do the first reconciliation of obamacare and set the stage for replaced. republicans have always said that we should, that we want to keep the provision that someone can stay on her parents policy until age 26. don't repeal that. because you don't repeal that, it is inherently part of your replaced. originally that was a republican proposal. one of the few incorporated into the aca. we will keep that. we will speak a process you are familiar with. if it is a true repeal and replace where democrats join with us, that would be a 60 vote
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threshold in the senate, which means we will need at least eight democrats to vote with us. that would be another portion. the second reconciliation bill in the fall will be conference of tax reform may be completed at that point. there are other proposals this year that i-17 congress -- 2017 congress passes legislation that gives states the authority to choose between our better choice option or to stay with obamacare. in 2019 they would implement their choice. in 2020 it is all done. is that simultaneously replacing, absolutely. that avoids the disruption. i am a doctor. i keep on thinking of the woman
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who did not go to college, works , vulnerablee bit economically. she voted for donald trump, but her $6,000stand for deductible on obamacare. she has breast cancer. we need to take care of her. she should be the prism through which we will have the system. the only thing she should notice as she goes toward physical healing is that her coverage gets better. prismkeep our as a knowing that if the worst-case that'so this drags out, her coverage does not drop off after two years or three years from the deductible is no longer $6,000, her coverage can help support her. that is my goal. economicseturn to the of your legislation. you mentioned you propose to
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keep the 26-year-old purchase option. you also want to keep the pre-existing conditions mandate. >> as president trump says he wishes to. >> as i understand your dropping the individual mandate and the employer mandate. how does the economics work? >> americans hate the federal government telling them what to do. the individual mandate is one of the least popular things about obamacare. the employer mandate right behind it. out of the gate, that should be repealed. get rid of the individual mandate and employer mandate. we get rid of that, but the way we accomplish the law of big numbers. how do we keep the people in to make it sound? option to say the everyone who is eligible for these tax credits is enrolled unless they choose not to be.
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65.k of when i turn i will be on medicare, not a mandate. i can call them up and tell them i don't want to be on medicare. we do the same thing. we give the states the option to say you are enrolled unless you choose not to be. the person receives would be sufficient for the premiums. that does not come out of their pockets. first i will say this reaches to folks we need to reach. folks, perhaps living underneath the bridge will never go to the public library and sign up for obamacare. he will not. he does not have his life together. we provide him coverage. the other person who is quite responsible is a 28-year-old man
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who does not think about health insurance and has a student loan and carnell and is trying to buy new clothes for his new job. take his outrageous rates that obamacare demand he spent for coverage he thinks he will never use. mand breakfast today with a who does not have health insurance because for him to buy it is too expensive and he cannot maintain his business. he will get a credit. the advantage to that is you restore the law of big numbers. by doing so, one person gets sick, that cost of that illness is spread over the many and not concentrated among the few. companies say just by that provision they will lower premiums by 20%. that is huge. >> we have to go. your press conference where you announce this bill on monday.
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you talked about how you thought it would appeal to democrats in california and new york. they would like to keep obamacare, which i think they do. some of it has been quite negative. all of the democratic senators i talked to did not like the idea of allowing states to do nothing at all. i'm curious if you would talk about any conversations you have had with democratic senators and if you think the tone will change. >> several things. i've spoken to five or six or seven different democratic senators at length. i have other appointment set up. we are reaching out. this is not a republican plan. it is not a democratic plan. i want to be about that woman, economically vulnerable with breast cancer who cannot afford her $6,000 breast cancer deductible. it should be an american plan.
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chuck schumer criticized it saying things that were not true before he read the bill. i know it was before he read the bill because we had not yet introduced it. partisan, ass a minority leader is trying to crack the whip. telling his senators that you listen to me even if this is an attractive bill. that is what is the worst thing about washington, d.c. i am first the physician and after that i am a politician. this is about patients. abouty have a better idea how we can improve this bill, we are open. totally open. the fact that before someone reads it he is telling his membership not to endorse is what is wrong with this debate. i would just say, mr. schumer, we looked it up.
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individual marketplace rates are going up 16% in new york. if you are ok with that, and new york wants to keep it, keep it. why should you force one of your democratic senators in a state where premiums are increasing by 40% per year, force her or force him to a year to a policy that benefits new york but not their , state? hopefully the senators will see it as i. it is about that woman with breast cancer, not about partisan politics. i cannot. >> i wanted to shift to some other big news we have coming up next week with the supreme court nomination we expect from donald trump. includingocrats, chuck schumer, have already said we will block someone who is not mainstream. say he doesgone to not expect mainstream nominate from this president.
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should republicans be prepared to use the nuclear option to change the rules so supreme court nominees will only use 51 votes? weber thecconnell, president -- whoever the president nominates, assuming they are reasonable, they will get approved. period. >> it sounds like you are open to going nuclear. >> i am open to doing what we need to do. i have great respect for the institution. advantageere is such for having to build bridges. strictly pastime partisan lies. that is why it has never been fully accepted and is not being rejected. that is why i am trying to build a bridge and susan collins and others are trying to build a bridge.
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the supreme court is an opportunity for us to build a bridge. if someone before someone is nominating declaring just as he did before reading my bill that he is going to reject it and totally recognize partisan politics, that can change. i hope as with our bill as with the supreme court nominee the merits of him or her will be considered as the character and not the label of the party. >> i want to ask you about some news that broke on obamacare earlier this week. rolled aay politico story that the trump administration what stopped advertisements on obamacare. the last day of open enrollment is january 31. former administration officials say that this moment is important to get those young people who have been too distracted or don't care as much about coverage to sign up.
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i was hoping you'd comment on the trump administration's decision to stop the zatz that were prepaid. i was not even aware of that. i had not even thought about that. i have not thought about it. i would rather not render an opinion on something i have not even complicated -- contemplated. >> can you talk a little bit about relationships in washington. one of those important relationships in d.c. will be a relationship between president trump majority leader mitch mcconnell. we are only a few days into the new administration. how do you see that elation ships got so far? men with very different relationships and tactics. how do you see them influencing each other as 2017 continuous? >> i think this could be one of the rate partnerships -- great
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partnerships and political history. mitch mcconnell did his phd thesis, i think he is a phd, on henry clay. he also studied andrew jackson. ofspoke about a picture donald trump and behind his head was andrew jackson. for the 40 years before andrew jackson, every candidate for president was establishment. jackson came in and turned it over. he compared that approach to what donald trump is done. there is someone who is just like andrew jackson turning .hings over, refreshing that anyone is going to have a historical perspective on the donald trump presidency, it is going to be mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell always has his eye on history. i think it can be great. >> is there a potential for
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friction with mitch mcconnell being establishment. >> of course there is. my wife and i have friction. i have been happily married for some time. in any adult relationship, the restriction. on the other hand, what is important is not donald trump or mitch mcconnell, it is our country. i think they will both focus on our country. as long as we keep our country, donald trump said he is about the person who has been forgotten. i refer to the woman with breast cancer. , ourng as we focus on her country will go forward. >> since you are so bullish on the new administration, just a question about the new president's focus. do you agree with it? >> that is one of those things where, obviously, i once read about everything -- henry clay
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and andrew jackson. andrew jackson got three times as many votes in plaquemines parish as people who lived in plaquemines parish. we have to make sure there is integrity of the polls. by the way, plaquemines parish is much better now. that there is something to show that indeed you are this person. that can be a drivers license. they can be a utility bill. it can be anything with your name on it in the address. it is a low threshold. it presents the sort of thing that happened andrew jackson and henry clay. i think that is important. i've been thinking about health care and not this sort of thing. i don't pay attention to that. that,ve to think about but that is the degree to which i have thought of it. >> i will give you a final
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question for the senator. >> going back to your health care plan. feedback fromthe leadership about it? more of a kind of general conversation, not so much with leader mcconnell as with others. i think they're becoming better aware of the issues and folks will have that understanding. the medicaid expansion, we have with aublican governors, very good presentation. they would like to see it continued. they need freedom from restrictive regulations and continued income stream. that is important for us to hear. it has been a good conversation. >> have you had any interaction with president trump or the white house about your health care bill or the proposal they
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said they? are working on >> tom price and i had breakfast. if you look at his bill and our bill, there are differences. in some parts it is plagiarized. i think he copied me. the awareness of where trying to do, and i just asked my staff today if they would make an important because i would like to give him the courtesy of what we are talking about. >> that is it for our time. thank you for coming. as this debate over health care continues, please come back. >> thank you. >> thank you for being with us. this week our guest was senator bill cassidy of louisiana, a physician who has been involved in the affordable care act, says he has a plan for changing it that he is advancing in the senate. our two reporters are sarah kliff and seung min kim.
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his are the prospects for legislation? >> right now does not looking especially bright. has framed this as a compromise bill. democrats have been critical. i don't like -- i don't think they like the idea of any state repealing obamacare. he has been talking to democratic senators. it is possible we might see some shifts as democrats think about their strategy. i would not expect serious movement on this in the next few months. i think it will take a lot of work for democrats to sign onto a bill that lets some states get rid of obamacare. >> democrats don't want to get rid of obamacare. republicans have been operating on hold this out by the root. each, andttle bit of does that make this possible outcome? >> you may make a lot of people
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happier or you may make nobody happy. it is important to hear what leader mcconnell wants to hear, orrin hatch, lamar alexander. they will be driving the train as far as obamacare appeal. even if democrats are resistant now, if republicans have successful repeal vote and donald trump signs that into love, i think that creates a different political environment for democrats such as indiana, north dakota, west virginia because now you have to do something. that is what a lot of republicans are banking on. that pressure will create political will for moderate democrats to come on board. there has been so much news over the past seven days. it is amazing to think we are only going into the second week of
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what happens now, given the fractured politics? >> i think it will be busy. -- not at will be very lot of working together. collect -- >> does everything stop? will involve the senate so much they cannot turn to issues like health. >> i think progress will be made. maybe not on the senate floor. one thing we are seeing now is a lot of ideas. this week we had a bill from senator cassidy and collins, two days later senator rand paul introduced a republican replacement plan. , think you're seeing republicans were as surprised as many of us were that donald trump won the presidency. they're trying to play catch-up. i think what you will see happening, regardless of what
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else is going on is a lot of capitol hill staff and some senators drafting out a suite of ideas, kind of how obamacare started. you had a number of bills duking it out and ultimately and up in a final form. >> democrats are still unhappy, how does this play out? raw inink they are very terms of how president obama's last nominee was treated. i think for now -- democratic senators are not trying to say we will do payback yet. there is a sense that, what, that will always be in the back of their minds. for now, when we don't know the nominee that is why people are saying, let's look at their policy, whether they are qualified or mainstream. i think you'll have a lot of pressure from the outside of
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these progressive groups saying, look at how republicans treated obama. you better treat president trump like that as well. >> thank you. cliques -- >> they said, let me tell you something. i have done everything i can to protect my country. if i am not afraid of you, and i am not a friend of president bush, i am not afraid of anybody. if i have to give the order to protect my country, i will. he sort of did this mussolini thing with his arms. he said, but i did not give that order. we said, wait, saddam,, down. johnnday night on q&a nixon talks about his book, "debriefing the president interrogation of saddam hussein." >> he was a realist in the use of power and the way that
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political power is exercised in the political game. i think he saw that when you are playing at his level of presidency, the top level in the country, when you win, you win big. but when you lose, you lose big. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on q&a. >> on tuesday the senate finance committee held a second confirmation hearing for georgia congressman tom price, who was nominated to become secretary of health and human services. part of the questioning focused on his trading of health care stocks. this portion is two hours and 15 minutes.


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