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tv   Senate Minority Leader Schumer on President Trumps Executive Order on...  CSPAN  January 29, 2017 12:51pm-1:19pm EST

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an extreme vetting proposal that did not get the betting it should have had in it was a result we have seen problems. >> and what do you think should be done? >> i think we need to slow down. is not as safey as it could be. i think there is a general consensus on their way to do so. we have to do it on a waste that is consistent with our values. it in a way that makes sense. that is not the way to do it. earlier today chuck schumer
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tweeted out that he had talked .o general kelly >> just hear from syria. -- thank you, everybody. we have had a few emotional moments together.
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we are here today to deliver a no to the president and the misguided executive orders that of shocking to a majority americans and inflicting wounds on this country. misguideding no to executive orders because they are bad for america, bad for our , bad for therity humanitarian nature that america has always been. these orders go against what america has always been about. the orders make us less humanitarian, less safe, less american. when it comes to making us less safe, people forget this.
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that is why so many of our security intelligence, and law enforcement leaders are posed to this order and all those like it. alliances overseas. we lose allies. it hurts hours soldiers as they lose intelligence sources and allies to fight with. and here in america, these -- rs her our domestic makes lone wolves more likely, not less. so we are joined today to the president to say no more orders to turn america away from what it has always been. presidentanding the reversed these executive orders that go against everything we
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are -- everything america has always stood for. i have communicated deposition to the ministration. kellertalked to general -- kelly twice and asked him to persuade the president to change his mind. morning andim this one little bit of small good news amidst all of this is that there are now 42 americans at our airports -- there was a great deal of worry that they would be sent back. theetary kelly assured me delayed and they would be process and come back -- come into america. he also told me this order would
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not affect those with a green card. did morning, reince priebus and so weat on tv need clarification, but it sure you thehows incompetence of this administration. one hand is not know what the other is doing. most of the departments in charge of enforcing it didn't even know about it. check with theen justice department to see if the orders are constitutional. there was no thought, no preparation, no coronation in this administration as they did this.
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it would be bad even if they were coordinated, but it shows you in addition to the ineffectiveness and and administrationhe in addition to the nature of pulling us far way of what america has always been about which bothers me the most other than the beauty of these people. about thet tell you families we have here who will say a few words in a minute. mohammed hamid. onarrived as a refugee january 5 a few weeks ago with his wife and small children. why did he have to come here? because he helped our american soldiers translate. he and his family have gotten death threats because they cooperated with our american
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soldiers. what kind of country, what kind of administration would tell him that he would have to stay there and face death because he helped our soldiers? he began the refugee process two years ago. if donald trump had initiated his guidelines six weeks ago, he with hisll be in iraq life and the life of his family threatened. the otherl you about family. childrentheir four
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arrived here about a month ago. -- in-laws -- are american citizens. he and his wife live in the bronx. he started out as a taylor -- tailor. educator.s an they wanted their children and grandchildren here. suicide bombs in front of their house in damascus. that's who they are. filled with promise of the american dream. us to trump seems to want
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believe that immigrants are either terrorists or criminals, but these people here are her they are. these faces for the any kind of threat to america? no. they are the promise of america. so, we are here today. wanted we have the support of so many religious leaders. 22:20. not too long or press the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of egypt. matthew 25 in the new testament, i was hungry and you gave me something to eat. i was a stranger and you invited
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me in. and i'm reminded of pope francis, who asked us in terms -- in order too protect their dignity, improve their quality of life, and face the challenges emerging from modern forms of persecution and slavery. so, mr. president i'm here to tell you we will fight this. .any of you know this i was named after my uncle ellis ellis islandafter and i named my daughter middle named after a great
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poet who wrote those lines on the pedestal of the statute of liberty. give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free. so, this executive order was un-american. and it was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion and it will only serve to embolden and inspire those around the globe who will do us harm. it must be reversed immediately. introducewill legislation to overturn it.
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i will fight with every fiber of my being until these orders are overturned. thank you. to going to turn over mohammed who will say a few words. thank you. >> hello, everybody. hamid.hammed i used to be undercover for the u.s. army when they were in iraq from 2003 until 2013. during that. of time, my life and families risk.we were at a real we were threatened so many times and on the brink to be killed
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and we got threatened so many times by those terrorists and they were trying to track us down and find out our faces and houses to kill us. i applied for the refugee because i know the united states is a great country and after two years of applying for the program i was granted family and id my better and
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thanks to the america people who actually helped and thank you for everybody who supported us and every person that helped us. i appreciate every person. i got help from people i never met before. people who you never met before -- some of our soldiers. >> i cannot find words to thank everybody. familylp me more than my back in iraq. thanks a lot. fromw we are going to hear
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a resident of the bronx who was just united with his children and grandchildren who just came, having been granted refugee status. >> i would like to thank you for and also i want to thank my wife. they are not her children. years tofought six bring them here to the united states. for 1978 and i'm a good citizen. i have my own business, my own house, but i don't have my children with me. it is very hard to see people being killed right and left and
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andn't save my own children i have another daughter in lebanon. and iannot get here appreciate senator schumer for his efforts and he is going to fight this nonsense because america was built on refugees and people like us building america. we are going to build a better than mr. trump wanted. we are all teaching them to be everybody. good for >> thank you.
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we are going to keep the questions to the subject. how many people are being held in new york airports? nationwide is what secretary kelly told me. i believe there are six at kennedy airport. on thes your opinion white house asking for social media and cell phone information from foreigners? >> i don't know about that. -- it's not just the tech industry.
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business depends on people like these people to create and buy their products. i have to say i have not heard them speak out. they're going to buy cars, but appliances.- by be business people should speaking out loudly heard i have not heard them except for the tech industry. donald trump tweeted that christians in the middle east have been executed. the refugee program should be for all religions who are persecuted. that is the point. there should not be a religious test. the constitution prohibits it and we want christians to come
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and in fact be refugee program from syria is about half and half. christians were persecuted should be able to come here and people of other religions should be able to come here. we have never used a religious test. this is going to play out in the courts. what are your opinions? this is uncharted territory. things thatg haven't been done before. here's testing water. john mccain speak out against it. we should have other republicans come out. maybe we can pass something in
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congress. this is, unconstitutionally have to be a scholar to know that. courts will throw this out. not just here in new york for others that have hampered -- given temporary restraining order is. example -- the people who are not here we cannot bring here. the people not being allowed to come are people who have helped our military like mohammed and there are people who are facing severe danger, many of whom who have relatives here who are american citizens. person who is here, there are people over there in these countries that are very much the same.
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>> is it two or three daughters were trying to get here? dollars. three she also has four kids. both of us had the interview and everything they're ok. -- of my it is very difficult for us to -- they are not taking any refugees. if the lebanese government
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catches us, they will put him in army and we don't want this. this is her said mother but she is fighting them like their own. been muslims -- we live in the same house. i have jewish friends.
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i make dentist chairs. all my clients are jewish. i never have a problem with anybody and they never had a problem with me. many immigrants are entrepreneurs crating jobs. we will take one more. .nyone who has not asked -- orin terms of blocking reversing the executive order, what are the options besides the court? legislation. again, i heard senator mccain seek out. if we get a few more republicans i think we might be able to pass legislation to overturn it. it will be up to getting more republicans.
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>> have you seen the signs that judge ordered that they will follow? i called the secretary of homeland security and said this would violate the court order that the judge issued and he said that is not so. all the people here will be vetted as they should be and then allowed to stay here. he did not give me an exact time.
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>> did you think things we get so bad so quickly? >> no, i do not. you would think as something as would bes this consulted. it's not just the justice department but many other departments i can't reveal were not consulted. them i wanted to show who these four. the president wants to believe that everyone is a terrorist or criminal who is an immigrant. well, it is not fair and right. these folks speak from better what this is all about.
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thank you, everybody. >> he tweeted i will be joining to stand3:00 at dulles up to trump's unconstitutional executive order. president donald trump is speaking by phone today with the king of saudi arabia and the crown prince of united arab parents. neither country is included in the travel ban. u.s.countries are close allies. he said let me turn
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something, i have done everything i can to protect my country and i am not afraid of you or president bush. i haven't given in order to protect my country than i will. but i did not give that order. >> sunday night, former cia -- yst .> saddam was a realist i think when you're at the top win bighen you win you but when you lose


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