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tv   Washington Journal Nicole Austin- Hillery Discusses Voter Fraud...  CSPAN  January 29, 2017 10:33pm-11:00pm EST

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efforts tothe u.s. counter online radicalization. >> everybody likes that neutrality, but what they do not like making sure that the networks are fast, fair, and open. division needs to be more sharply focus. the structure needs to adapt as well. >> is up to google, facebook, and others to create counter messaging. that is an area where the president has really stepped up. illegal votes, that is the claim from president trump. is that valid?
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>> research has been done by several bipartisan organizations, academicians in other organizations have done research over the years. research has shown that voter , which is what mr. trump is claiming, is something that is virtually nonexistent, even with respect to our most recent election. research has been done by the washington post and other organizations and the shown that voter fraud, it was the result of misunderstanding by the voter or critical error on the election officials part. >> fox news said the following, "the real problem in our election system is that we do not know to what extent
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president trump's claim is true because we have an election system that is based on the honor system. what we do know, despite assertions to the contrary, is that voter fraud is a problem and that both sides of the political aisle should welcome an investigation into it. especially since the obama and his ration tried for years to obfuscate the issue. >> i think it is hyperbole. many checks and balances in place to ensure that is free,ion system fair, and working correctly. every state has election officials that work very diligently to ensure that elections are run properly. they have the checks and balances to ensure that things like voter fraud are not happening. so this concept that voter fraud has run amok is something that is preposterous. what we do know is that we do
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have systems within our voting system that are not working properly. there about things like outdated machines and voter registration systems. that is what we need to be focused on. we do not need to be focused on creating a problem where none exists. the fear is that mr. trump is going to spend millions of dollars of the american public's dollars on a witchhunt looking for a problem that does not exist. the money and the effort could be better spent on improving the system and in sharing more americans -- ensuring more americans are registered to vote. >> president trump talked about this issue with david near. atsident trump: if you look butter registration and look at the dead people that are registered to vote, you look at
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people that are registered to , you look attates all these different things that are happening with registration, you will find -- and we will do an investigation on it. >> 3,000,000-5,000,000 illegal votes? president trump: it could very well be that much. yet people registered in two states. in new york and new jersey. they vote twice. there are millions of votes, in my opinion. i'm going to do on investigation. >> you are now president of the united states. president trump: i want the voting process to be legitimate. >> when you say in your opinion, millions of illegal votes. that is something that is extremely fundamental to our fundamental democracy. you say you are going to launch an investigation. what you have presented so far has been debunked. it is been called false.
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i called the altar of the pew report last night. he said they found no evidence. president trump: excuse me. then why did he write the report? reportersalk about grovel when they write something that you want to hear but that millions of people don't want to hear or have to here. >> so you are going to launch an investigation? president trump: we will launch an investigation. and of those votes cast, another of them come to me. they would all be for the other side. >> that was president trump on abc news this past wednesday. your reaction? >> this is simply false. the president is really trying to take attention away from things that we should really be focused on right now. the problem with the argument about voter fraud is that there is a fear and a concern that is really an effort to try and get
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like suppressive people of -- other suppressive pieces of legislation introduced. are fearful that our democracy and our voting -- our voting system is not working properly, then people start looking for answers to that. one place they start to look is legislation that has effect of suppressing the vote. this was a problem in the last couple of elections. we know the fifth circuit and the fourth circuit have showed that voters suppression efforts have done nothing but make it further to -- for people to vote. -- trump is trying to leave later ground work trying to put other mechanisms in place that will limit the number of american that have access to the voting booths. lawyer inicing
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weston, d.c.. a former fellow at harvard law school. he was also an undergraduate at carnegie mellon university in pittsburgh. froms joining us massachusetts. independent line. : good morning. thank you for c-span. i've watched all over youtube, the people that have run around for the democratic party to try to get others to get registered to vote. then they throw out the republican registrations, only submitting the democratic registrations. there was all kinds of nasty stuff going on with the democratic party. they have lied to people. they burned bernie sanders right of the contest. that was despicable. she can address that. >> thank you so much for your call. aboutrstand your concern stories of that nature. i will tell you this, as i said at the outset of our
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conversation, there been a bevy of independent research that has been conducted by academicians, reporters, think takes on both sides of the aisle. liberal leaning organizations, conservative organizations that have all shown that these kinds of actions have not led to voter fraud. i will tell you, if some of the things that you have mentioned have been happening, we are all concerned about that. we all wanted brought to the attention of the election officials. we all want it to be investigated and to be go with. i will tell you, based on the research that we have access to, that many experts have cited these kinds of activities as not happening to the extent that they are leading to voter fraud. this is recently. -- electedctions officials as high up as senator
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mcconnell and editor john mccain that they do not agree with the president. that in person voter fraud is not something that they are concerned about another they do not believe is happening. >> let's go to al in ohio. republican line. i've a couple of statements. the first one is in ohio, we had 500 people get arrested. almost 150 of them are getting felony charges. that is just in ohio. i can imagine around the country , that is just a statement. my question is, do you believe in voter id? i think myself that could be the answer to solve it all. before almost four years elections, if you cannot get an id by then, i do not understand what the problem is your thank you. >> on the issue of photo id?
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>> here's the problem with butter id, many of the states that try to implement photo id have done so in a way to target specific groups of voters. court in texas, north carolina, and wisconsin, but specifically north carolina have shown that with respect to north carolina, where the legislature and try to implement photo id at the elections. they have literally been targeting african-americans to try to make it harder for them to vote on election day. notproblem with photo id is that it exists, it is that it exists in such a way that it is not even and -- evenhandedly administer. it is not acceptable to everyone . it is not free in all instances. it is not something that is easy
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to obtain for all americans. if we were to have photo id that was free and available to everyone, then we can start a different conversation. the problem with photo id is that it has been used in such a way to make it harder for groups of people to have access to the voting booth. that undermines our democracy. democracy is supposed to be about making elections free, fair, and accessible to all voters. researchers have found that is not what is happening. michelle lee of the washington post wrote a story about debunking that pew report. john spicer also commented on that. there is a tweet that the claims false andmp staff are that the report made no findings with regards to voter fraud. the quote that i used earlier
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probe ofy trump's voter fraud is long overdue, you can read how about john in virginia. john: good morning, c-span. calls beforet two the election to look into issues of voter suppression. you never did anything. finally, you have somebody on from the brennan center to talk a little bit about it. i think the brennan center needs to do research into how many people were purged and not able to vote in this previous election. those purged people would have elected hillary clinton. i blame c-span for not bringing this to our attention before the election because more people
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were purged through cross check and other forms of other than the difference between them. >> we will get a response. john, thank you. >> john, thank you. something that the brennan center does work on and has research. it is something that we are concerned about. in any major election, there is a window of opportunity in which all states have an opportunity to purge voter rolls. if they do not purged by a certain time. , they must leave the voter rolls as they stand. but we have found is that some jurisdictions have been circumventing those rules and regulations and have been purging voter rolls outside the window in which they are allowed to do so. that is one of the concerns. that some ofrn is the purges have targeted certain
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groups, specifically ones who were formerly incarcerated. even purging them after they have paid their debt to society. they still have a right to vote. that is something we are concerned with. it is something we do research on. purges arensure that happening in a way that adhere to the rules and regulations in particular jurisdictions. >> how about a in ohio. ed: good morning. i do appreciate when your guests referred to president trump as president trump. i think they need to go ahead and accept that. i do appreciate it when they do that. i would like to say is a gentleman had called earlier and stated that there were 500 people in ohio arrested for voter fraud. he is correct about that. another thing is this is happening all over the country. i do not know what that
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retraction was from the pew report, but i did read that. , this isappening is been going on for a very long time. why the a reason governors do not want to accept this, because they are part of the month in the meyer. citizenseciate that like yourself are concerned with the integrity of voting. we are concerned that the brennan center, as should everyone be regardless of party. it does concern me what citizens believe that there are large numbers of voter fraud incidents across the country. i would urge you to read research from the many different ,rganizations and resources individuals, academicians, and experts have no particular affiliation to any party. look at that research and evaluate it for yourself. that theyar voter say
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believe voter fraud exists, that concerns all of us that care about our democracy. that is what we did the research. the bottom line is the research is shown that voter fraud and incidences of voter fraud, particularly in numbers that we had talked about is not something that we are finding evidence. and we are all concerned about it and want to stamp it out, but we are finding that the only evidence that is in existence is voters who are sometimes confused about the rules and regulations, and elections officials who are sometimes making clerical errors. we are not finding evidence of individuals going to the polls and pretending to be somebody that they are not. it is criminal. it is something that people can go to jail for. it is not something we are seeing evidence of actually occurring. >> is it possible to register in do states?
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>> it is possible to accidentally registering to states. in fact, he came out in the news that one of president trump's dollars was registered in the state. >> well, the white house denies that. but i'm just pointing to the fact that it was in the news. an individual can be registered in two states because they move and in the. when they moved they register in a new statement do not have an opportunity to get taken off the rolls in the previous state. that is notthing illegal. what is illegal is if you in bothto vote registers -- both jurisdictions where you are register. that people are voting in one jurisdiction. at some point, elections officials get their administration in order. the person that has moved will be purged from the old voter roll and should only be listed on the voter roll where they currently reside. >> i asked this question in all
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seriousness, can a dead person vote? can somebody use a registration of somebody who has passed away and cast a ballot? >> they cannot. deceased,hat has been the election officials have an obligation to clean the voter roll and ensure those individuals are hers and the role. if they are not, because again, these administration officials are on the back wall. if they're still on the role, it is not legal for anybody to go to the poll and in impersonate -- and impersonate that person. the research we have seen as shown that people are not going to the polls and saying there somebody they are not. our guest is nicole austin hillary of the brennan center. frank is next on the republican line from texas. morning, and thank
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you for taking my call. yes, if you're so concerned with voting and that everything is done right, i do not understand why you cannot understand that in the state of texas where i live, you have to have identification to get on the affordable care act, to get medicaid, to get a drivers license, to get insurance, why is it when it only comes to the vote that the democrats are afraid that somehow voting rights will be suppressed? i just do not understand that. if you're really concerned, let's do a thorough investigation. let's not just have some people ofking and choosing because the science. let's do an investigation. once and for all, and that we , if there's answer
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no other suppression, and there's no easy legal voting, then we will know it and we can move on. thank you. >> i appreciate your concern. i've two key points for you. all, the fifth circuit court of appeals which governs texas legislation as shown on record that the state of texas when it attempted to implement voter id rules was not simply trying to implement voter id to ensure the integrity of the ballot box, evidence was brought to the court and the court said very clearly in its opinion that the state of texas was attempting to pinpoint and focus on certain portions of the texas community namely african-americans and latinos, and they were trying to make it harder with the use of voter id for those particular groups to vote. again, that is the inherent problem with voter id. if either id is something that a
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state like texas is going to implement, they're going to ensure that is free and acceptable for all people, and that there are not going to be encumbrances in place to make it harder for some people to access that voter id, then we can start a different conversation. right now what the court in texas has shown is that texas is not implementing voter id in a free and fair way. as regards to the investigation, because the evidence is overwhelming to show that voter id and -- voter impersonation rather is not happening, it is a waste of taxpayer dollars. trump torge president focus on issues that we do have at the ballot box. we have registration issues. we have outdated machines in many jurisdictions across the country, including texas. those are the kinds of issues we need to concern ourselves with. if we fix them, it can make elections more efficient and
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effective. i would urge you and other voters to push mr. trump to look at waste is an money more cost effectively to make our democracy stronger and make our election system more efficient and effective. >> go to frank in nashville, tennessee next. k: how much money would it cost to have a federal government check into voter fraud? in regards wondering to absentee voting, how does that work? are the discrepancies or fraud in that? >> thank you, frank. >> thank you. early estimates of what it would cost for president trump to conduct this investigation are in the millions. this is something he just announced. there will be research. but what we know at this point
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is that it would cost millions of dollars. again i assert those millions of dollars to be better spent by improving our election rather than investigating a problem that so many experts have shown does not exist. to absentee balloting, that is a great question. if there is concern about voter fraud, absentee balloting is an area that has not been explored. those people who are proponents other isid have even to look at absentee balloting in weather problems exist in absentee balloting, they've not been concerned with it. the fact is, it would be easier to have discrepancies with respect to absentee balloting because it is not something that happens under the guise of elections officials. area where be better -- work time would be better
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spent looking at the possible discrepancies rather than in person voter fraud where research is already shown it does not exist. , whowhen hers, republicans is the party that is been most focused on voter id, even when urged they had a skewed any efforts to look into absentee balloting and problems that might exist then. >> we have one minute left. client from minnesota. cl allow me to make myy point. de: this is very important. she sounds very credible. we have voter registration in the state. i've a ballot drivers license in this way. i've worked with people from california to washington. they all drive. the fraud is not in the voting. the fraud is in getting the documentation you need to that when you appear at the polls,
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you appear to be legal. all of these documented workers drive and they have been doing it for generations. how many of these people after the rhetoric that trumpet out -- trump put out got together and went to the polls? the fraud is not in the voting that in the documentation you get so that when european -- it's so that when you show up at the polls you appear to be legal. >> what i have to say in response to that is that we have a strong democracy here in the united date. in fact, it is the strongest and most effective democracy in the world. the rest of the world emulates us. with respect to all of the states, they all have systems in place to ensure that before any individual is registered to vote, they have been verified, their documents have been reviewed, and that we are only allowing people to be registered who legally should be registered . if there are issues with any
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particular individual, it is up to those states and their elected officials to ferret out those problems and to deal with them. voting, our system of and the way our jurisdictions work, i think they do a comments job of doing that. when they find issue, they do a to pinpointing those issues and document them immediately. more details are available online at the brennan >> thank you for being with us. >> think you for having me. >> come back again. announcer: c-span, where history unfolds daily. a 1979 c-span was created by public service by americans television companies. it's brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. announcer: tonight on c-span, q&a with former cia analyst john nixon.


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