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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 30, 2017 9:31am-10:02am EST

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on c-span2. c-span, history unfolds daily n. c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and today by your ou cable or satellite provider. >> "washington journal" continues. host: our question in our last of the program today is the same we began the program with, the discussion about executive order, his travel bans. think it makes the u.s. more or less safe? here is two takes on it. fender's john mccain and lindsay graham, joint statement yesterday. ultimately we fear the executive order will become self-inflicted wound in the fight against terrorism. most important allies in the muslims who reject the ideology of hade red, executive
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sends signal intended or not america does not want muslims coming into the country, we fear this order may do more to help terrorist recruitment yesterday president trump putting out his own statement travel ban, the executive order amid the discussion and headlines and the happening at were airports around the country. he said, my policy is similar to obama did in tent11, he banned visas for months. seven countries are the countries identified by the bama administration as sources of terror. this is not a muslim ban as the is falsely reporting, this is not about religion, this is about terror and keeping the country safe. visas to all countries once we're sure we have the most secure policies 90 we're asking where you stand on this, do you think this unitedve order makes the states more or less safe? lines, democrats 202-748-8000.
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202-748-8001. independents 202-748-8002. f you are outside the u.s., 202-748-8920. phone lines are yours for the rest of the show. jame necessary rex georgia, republican. good morning. caller: good morning, john. that what the k president is doing will in the safer.un make us i also believe that a lot of people that has been stopped, they understand what is terror with the situation. so to be held up a couple hours answer a few questions, i think they will go along with that. the problem with all it has to do with democrats losing. see, they never expected donald to be president, therefore, they never did
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to make sure y everything would be going okay. nce trump lost, they just infuriated they didn't -- claimed they didn't know what was going on. he american people made the wrong decision. but the people voted for this president, the people trust this man do something, omething that is out of the ordinary to make us not trust him, let him be president and he mess up in four years, get rid of him. host: what do you think about the republicans that have criticized this policy? began the segment by talking about two republican senators, mccain and lindsay graham. caller: i have a lot of respect mccain, i'm a vietnam veteran, i have respect for him. passed. has his time has passed, he need to
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let it go. graham, they need to let it go. they ran for president, the people didn't want them, they over spilled milk. this thing is about nothing, but democrats losing and they are going to do everything they this make sure that president fails. they know if trump is successful doing what he's doing now the democrats can go home. be no more democrats. host: james, there is about a republicans that have made statements criticizing president's travel bans,, keeping track of the 21 who have opposed or said something critical about the bans. have come out with comments about it, just since the weekend. republicans, who made a comment over the weekend, ongressman will herd of texas, former undercover c.i.a. officer alled the measure the ultimate
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display of mistrust that would erode our allies willingness to put with and yous americans at risk. that is quoted in the "new york times" today. caster, ohio, an independent. good morning. caller: hello. taking my call. ban, i agree that it but the country safe, here were more demonstrators holding up lines, causing hate and chaos. they are more than those contained. newscast out ofa 00,000 only 109, and i just, i agree with that last caller. of trump and rs ven poor old mccain, he can't
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et over the fact he lost and the thing that trump said. have to forgive people that say bad things about me, but mccain, graham i'm very, very disappointed in. mccain, he has been against day one.m to heart.hing he says this is what i'm saying, the hate rom hollywood, the from the demonstrators, they're making this is country more unsafe. there are people out there that mentally disturbed that can, they say, it's wrong, it's wrong, it's wrong. and cause chaos and kill people. ost: mona, 109 number you were
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talking about, donald trump a tweet t number in earlier this morning, talking about the people who had to wait were detained over the weekend. he said in a series of tweets this morning 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questions. big problem at airports caused outage, computer protesters and tears of senator kelly sd tary that all is gog wl thew obms ari se ain isha doldru tet ts rng. eewroanheonof na tmp tet ts rng. stbo whithpa hr, doldru tki autis suemcot disn,hi w arwatchiorhis we. sd,'vadmyecio whi llomatorhe unedtas pre ur i it venueay 8 p. athwhe us id iwh h th nsomg moow nht it w eecd ten e
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ekbu hrdommome tt e um adniraonasoongo vepheomatn. onhero pe othopio ctn t whitotis isorngatobo ts bjt. sayi w dald trp sul goicfothe suem crt ry ows,rothunerty ofisns mis idas shingt me iyowa t re i in nool cneicut. me e l n it ste me lsaf caerwe, wt thk e densats, thearayut ofnei al bie t inans se alsthod tevera, spde a nues c. qstn thide st fueshearruin ay rom tirourynsadf
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ghngithe oerra unymhoout tsa cntes litl thunedtas est ed an me ople w ite o fiti f tir cnt, st tirous f le e moat n doctsi an densats. dlhe.shanoh ibal iary aaycrba cle sdes tirday' caozngssn,hien nds,heew mia whev, nef emer i thseic n o n i a y ou sy tol fiti f theourywh abt ilenf refues ty aow ian no pen, ty c sy
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d gh ll: at areeoi tdo wi erydy f bo ilosoy, n oy ld0 pple, y cat t oit o,d fill i wt say, peal tseouou chr, ato oo gdbg,c,hesaid eyergogo av t it ste y dn'th? eior a cary. omygustedso frnd a versrobl ma ous n wldotin shil, nth cali. uloomoin caeroomoin thk youoreange. otlygr wh e m at jusspe,otly ant undeta ppl tt o eranexcts akca othndet heemntouourynd
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arrostg fth le e thgserwhe ty me hei inwe sul he tm g bk d po sile at yodot bckigayou don't in le at eyon kw w tli re inoa ncofhe red, tju ustrbl sulke t b all f atrede tmpsoi. rhthi to do doouantoe feral wks wdenghoer in ts cnt, e ey gog bwe ? i n' thkou ho:lbt vmo, dendt. go mni. gdorng i st he quti. onr wre mitinal bde bau- id efeel welcell inana. io eeto disly
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na aro t bde ju wdeheerhiis onor obeg boerevywre thk y. hi wer dyo ne aalstti thi oua llnhe cania boer lo h. an iwionn,emra odorng caergo mni. od mni. c'telieveeoe tnk thutngal autng o anhi. u' jt catg re s t into lvthprle owhyeoe heo av t cntes arin it is cae, me, o nt to le aaron e al he sp t rs ee hoi w, lkg ouba p tse oa n ris.
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i n'beevth itr. itas- eyoun'geth waerf eyentohe cotrs r va ce ouryhewod ve tgohrghetng t co. ty nt t eyer'tand, wdef ournalts cou talk autha ho: n, c ge tt omhe asngn stfa cck tedoldruadth stemt iss e se in rede oma d bk 11r il ont. th "washington post" fact checker noting president obama as responding to actual threat in 2011, discovery refugees had in bomb make ed nothing iraq under pressure, fficials decided to re-examine refugees and put in place new screening procedures, led to down in the process of application. president obama did not announce application, the story noting a lot of news reporter visa application had
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to trickle, obama administration never said policy to halt all application and the noting president obama's policy did not prevent all itizens of that country, including green card holders from traveling to the united states. sweeping,licy is more officials pull back from barring residents and that story coming back before he official statement from the department of home land security residents and s. whether this ban would apply this from the new secretary of land security, john kerry yesterday saying in applying executive f the order, i hereby deem the entry tolawful permanent residents be in the national interest. of significant degoratory information serious public safety and well fare resident status will be s
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isin case by case determinations. that was from dhs second john yesterday. go to steve in eugene, oregon, an independent. morning. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i think that obviously this is going to make the country less safe. a negativeat creates opinion of our country i think safe. it less i think the world is pretty much don't like they what is happening since trump is in office. country is speaking out loud in the streets. protest is there. voice, i think we've seen overwhelming peaceful this entire across the border in the country. that is. form of empowerment we're allowed to have in this country. support we should protesting. i want to talk to older people
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we're in, remind them living in a different world. you know, the world is changing, unified oming rapidly through hyper connectivity the internet, they are going to stop the world from changing. i think that we're seeing, you know, kind of a step back in our of moves the lot trump administration is making lot of ink there is a blind support being given to them. we're preoccupied with fear in our country, fear, comfort and more we go toward that direction, the more walls will be built. this is another wall, he wants build a wall, people want to this a wall on the border, is another wall being put up i ween us and the world and don't think it is fair to compare to anything obama has done. handled his is being arrogantly should not be
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way obama the gracefully handled the things he office. i'm just feeling really sad and not going in re love-based direction in the fear-based, we're seeing new administration, it is very sad. debra, virginia, republican. go ahead. caller: how are you? okay. say i agree with the man that called before paula i would also like to say to who don't agree with president trump and for those in country who don't agree with it, president trump and for who call themselves americans who don't agree with president trump. put in t trump was office by god himself and his trump, not sident trump or "he," president trump
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the united dent of states of america and will be says resident until god differently. that is all i have to say. e-mail when is they come in, we've had e-mails on the topic. one from stan. allow refugees to come from country when is they do not have governments you can do the vetting. who is in charge in somalia, etc., one other e-mail from lou, a democrat. human beings get angry, they get dangerous. targets ofill become retaliation, i expect more attack necessary our country and europe. well thought out policy. question for the viewers, the executive order, the travel bans they make the united states more or less safe? want it hear your thoughts for today.t of the program anita in mechanicsville, virginia. democrat. morning. caller: yes, i definitely think
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president has made safe, in ry much less i'm appalled by his total disrespect of the congress and senate in avoiding seeking their council on these discriminatory muslims.against as far as comments on veterans, 100 ather would have been this year, world war ii veteran, fought for four years, he was at liberation of dactile, he would be appalled we have a such racist president after all the years after what he fought for. mean, with the republicans annfrank? that is all vito say. a tweet on our twitter stream. wj if you want to follow along. do you think we trust him? show his tax returns. in el dorado, oklahoma,
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a republican, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you. host: go ahead, linda. caller: well, we agree with it. we have no idea who some of the people are. and the protesting has gotten ridiculous. the guy, interpreter yesterday, got off the plane, they interviewed him, he said, he loves america, he likes trump. then later in the evening they interviewed him again and he felt hedorado, oklahoma, a republican, good morning. aller: good morning. was discrd against. since 2001, even american citizens go through that if they want to go anywhere. i don't know of any other country that let's you come over and totally be in their values and everything else to meet yours. i mean, you can't go to china and say hey, i'm from america, means you got to change. ridiculous.gotten host: linda talking about. go ahead, finish your thought. aller: this ban is not on muslims, i think it is on
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terrorism. country me into this with ill will, you know, we let these people in here. it is not their right, not a uman right, it is a privilege to get to come here. ost: linda on the thought on other countrys and what they have to say about it. the washington times today with immigration ban on refugees inspires wide anger and world.pplause across the british prime minister theresa may does not agree with donald trump's order and will challenge the u.s. government if it has adverse effect on british nationals, according to a spokesman. the comment came after mrs. may aid saturday that the decision was a matter solely for the united states. her main political rival, labor leader corbyn called for mr. trump to be ban friday isiting britain until the temporary travel restrictions are rescinded. independent, good morning. caller: good morning.
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over 20-year military retired veteran combat veteran from vietnam. even while wait og my turn on he phone line, all it does is anger me more because i think merica really, really needs to wake up. the amount of time in the course eyeballs are the on a computer or on a cell instead of paying attention to what is going on world. you, this is a sad mr. trump is not a racist. mr. trump is doing what he was do, protect going to all our country against all and that is an oath of office in the military when we enlist. don't know, y'all need to wake up. i will tell you point blank, not people coming here are bad people, but you have some. these people u, will come into this country, some of them, and kill you.
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this country needs to wake up, all this is political and it is sad. whatmongering, this is not this is about. same thing with -- i watch celebrities in hollywood, get you know what, take a the u.s.o. tour and go around the troops and maybe you will understand more instead of complaining and -- it is just sad, that is all i got say. america needs to wake up. host: before you go, do you to be he entry ban needs expanded to other country? the "wall street journal" noting that other countries have had higher numbers of individuals who have attacks on rrorist the u.s. arrested for plotting attacks in the u.s. that were included in the seven country travel restriction, ncluding saudi arabia and pakistan. do you think it should be
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expanded? yeah, i do. again, take a look at the have happened in germany. take a look at problems in france. mean, france, for example, has a situation now to where they've community where they can't even police it up. and look at what has happened, the terrorist problems that have happened within the country. i do believe that. host: all right. gabriel, a democrat. good morning. caller: good morning, sir, how you doing? well.doing caller: i am speaking here like immigrant, fortunately not from country the president is putting a ban on. i want to go back to basics. 240 something years ago when the nation was formed. country were as ignorant and arrogant as the president is today. the president would not be sitting on the chair he is
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itting at today because there was a ban placed on everybody, his ancestors would not have come to this country. second of all, his wife would not be in this country if that blanket.hat take this again back to basics. are sure there are some people that will come to the country to do harm to us. making it global, so blanket, does not solve the problem problem. it will piss nk more people off more than abroad. put yourself in the family of someone who is running away from a problem in those countrys and is here hoping they will come in. do you think it makes you happy held w a member of your 18 age at airport 17 or hours. some people coming to the country, 40 years from today, 50 years from today, their children just ted states citizens like his family came from ireland would be running for
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president of this country someday. should remember the position he is standing today right now so ecause this country was grateful to me as african, this country doing due diligence, paying my taxes and i am today, that is why he's sitting in there today. ay what you may, he is doing something that is wrong and this country might pay the price for it. calls ime for a few more in today's program. joseph in crystal lake, illinois sef, good morning. caller: hi, thanks for taking my call. the lly got to get down to crux of this situation. it is the vetting. question, hello. host: go ahead. it is the vetting. caller: do they ask these people
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religion?r as far as i know it is against people aboutto ask their religion. hese people are fanatics about religion. they say, do you believe in law, arms if you steal something or hands or fingers or you know. people are these ompletely different than we are. you know, i'm a veteran. been to several countries, i've lived several different continents and never been in a country, but from what i've seen, let me tell you a .ory about 50 years ago, i first my corporation sent me on a special project. n this project, there was
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egyptian engineer and i thought egyptian ange that an engineer would be here instead was egypt because the guy really intelligent and he had a mountain of knowledge and he far in egypt.e so i asked him, i said, why did america? to he said, one day my father and i and some guy rket came out with one of those moon up ds and started chopping that allah e said told him to do it. they are crazy people over there. ago.was 50 years they are still doing it. so that is my comment. would you want that egyptian man you met to be in the united states, the one of knowledge, in the one you met? caller: yeah, he's a nice guy. he came here because he was afraid of where he was living
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of these crazy laws -- host: how do you figure out the from the bad guy? caller: just by vetting them. proper, all g isn't right. figure out what they are thinking. host: apparently something that trump back here tomorrow morning. great meantime, have a day.
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>> president trump announced on twitter who he will nominate supreme court. it will be announced tuesday. the tweet from the president came at 8:43 a.m. we will bring you the announcement tomorrow night. over the weekend, he spoke on the phone with vladimir putin and we saw him in the oval office making that call. he was surrounded by his grief of status -- chief of staff.


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