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tv   Democratic Leaders Hold News Conference on Immigration Executive Order  CSPAN  January 30, 2017 6:12pm-6:31pm EST

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administration, the iran nuclear deal, them giving palestine an equal footing in terms of the amendment passed -- passed by the u.n. security council on their way out the door, to compare a statement that remembers the holocaust with the actions of the last eight years and the disrespect that was shown to israel is unbelievable. where were the questions about the u.n. security council resolution that came forward and he idea of this -- [cheers and applause]
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ms. pelosi: good evening, everyone. thank you very much for coming out -- is the sound working? good? the sound working? i can hear you, can you hear us? good evening, everyone. 'm very proud to hear -- i'm proud to stand with the members of the house democratic caucus, soon to be joined by the senate democrats as well. it's not on?
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ms. pe he see: look at that moon -- ms. pelosi: look at that moon. a new moon. can you hear now? good evening, everyone, i'm proud to stand here with the members of the house democratic caucus, soon to be joined by the senate democrats as well. sharing views in a bipartisan way with many of our republican colleagues who agree that what the president did undermines our values and is not in support of the oath of office that we take to support and defend the constitution of the united states. an't hear?
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does this work better? staff? sound people? shall we sing "this land is your land" again until they get the sound working? >> ♪ this land this land is my land from california to the new york island from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters this land was made for you and me as i was walking that highway i saw below me that endless skyway i saw below me that golden byway this land was made for you and me this land is your land
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this land is my land from california to the new york island om the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters this land was made for you and me this land is your land this land is my land from california to the new york islands from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters for you and made me ♪ [applause] ms. pelosi: thank you, joe crowley, for getting us through the sound here. this is -- this land is our land. it's the land of our founders, it's the land of our future. i am proud to be standing here with the members of the house
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democratic caucus, 100% of our house democratic leadership, right, steny hoyer, mr. cly base runner, mr. crowley, ms. sanchez, other members. we will shortly be joined by our colleagues from the senate, the senate democrats, but we share a view with our republican colleagues that what the president did is not constitutional, indeed, in the few of -- in the view of many of us, it is immoral. protect all of us, all of us, take an oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. what the president has done is not in the interest of security. it is reckless. it is reckless and rash. to protect our constitution and our people, we must be strong and smart. i now have been joined by our distinguished leader of the
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united states senate, mr. schumer. we share a view of the portance of the words on the statue of liberty, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. you know the rest. it's a statement of values of our country. it's a recognition -- recognition that the strength of our country is in our diversity, that the revitalization constantly of america comes from our immigrant population. it would now be my time to introduce two very brave, determined, courageous, optimistic newcomers to our country, but first, i'm going to introduce and yield to a hampion for the principles embodied in the statue of liberty and fought for since our country began, including this weekend at airports through the the country. i thank all of you for coming, i
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ask all of you to welcome the distinguished leader of the senate, chuck schumer. [applause] mr. schumer: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, this order is against what we believe in in america. the order will make us unsafe, the order will make us inhumane, and the order will make us less of america because this order is what america is all about. it will make us unsafe because it will encourage those who are lone wolves as they get more and more isolated, who are our greatest danger. it will make us unsafe because it make ours soldiers who are fighting overseas have fewer allies. and it will make us unsafe because the nations of the world will no longer look up to us.
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but most of all, it is against what america is all about. america for its history has been a shining beacon and it has id, we welcome you, if you oppressed because of your religion. because of your political beliefs, because of who you are. the lady in the harbor in the city in which i live holds a wonderful torch. that torch has stood for the greatness of america to all americans and to the citizens of the world. we will not let this evil order extinguish that great torch. we will not let this evil order make us less american. we will fight it with everything we have and we will win this fight.
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ms. pelosi: let us all hold our candles high as the statue of liberty, the lady of liberty holds the torch high. our president has stooped low in this order. we here tonight ask the president to withdraw this unconstitutional order. and now it is my privilege, our rivilege, to introduce farah with their stories. k, then next we will have -- mr. schumer: senator chris urphy. enator hirono.
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ms. pelosi: representative nadler. we got one here. >> thank you very much. mr. nadler: i'm congressman jerly nadler, i represent the 10th congressional district of new york, the home of the statue of liberty and the home of ellis island, those symbols of america's proud tradition of welcoming people to our shores are a little beaten an battered today because of the little man in the white house, donald trump. when the president signed his dangerously stupid executive order friday afternoon, i knew that it was unconstitutional, discriminatory and morally reprehensible. what i did in the know is that people all over this country would join together so quickly to fight this outrageous policy
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and to help those in need. that gives me great hope that our country can overcome this dark time. we must overcome this dark time. we must overcome this little man in the white house who is disgracing our history and disgracing our traditions. we must continue to welcome people from all over the world, regardless of their race or their color or their religion or their creed or their national origin. that is what our constitution demands. that's what our law demands. that's what our people demand. we will prevail. [crowd chanting] >> no ban! no wall! no ban! no wall! mr. schumer: senator ben cardin. mr. cardin: we are here tonight to make sure that this executive order is repealed and never
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becomes effective here in the united states of america. this executive order on immigration and refugees is reckless, it's dangerous, and i am ashamed about that executive order. it's against the principles of our nation. it makes us less safe. when we rely upon our allies to help us, we are isolating america with this executive order. we will not allow this nation to impose a religious test as to who can come to america. that is not the united states that we love. we are going to speak out and do everything we need to make sure this does not happen here under our watch. we are united to say no to this type of action.
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we're going to be here tonight, we're going to be on the floor of the senate, we're going to be on the floor of the house, we're going to take this debate to the american people. what you see here tonight is happening all over this country and people are standing up around the world. they need the u.s. leadership for refugees. and the united states must answer that call. so together, we are committed to make sure this executive order is repealed. together, we will succeed. ms. velazquez: i'm congress william nydia velazquez, i represent the seventh congressional district in new york. saturday, i was with my colleague, jerry nadler. we were told by immigrant groups
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-- we were called by immigrant groups to alert us that there were people about to be deported and i am here to say as a member of congress, mr. president, what you did is shameful. this is not -- it is not how you run the government. to issue such an executive order , that is unconstitutional that undermines the national security of our country. but also that mistreats people ahmad darwish. it breaks my hurt to see how these refugees who are seeking a better life, who are escaping violence from this country that we turn our backs on them.
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that is not who we are. that is un-american. and we will fight to bring justice to everyone in this country and especially those refugees that are escaping the realities and the horror. agine, imagine these men who work for the u.s. government, to make it to new york legally and to be detained. imagine what it was for him to see his wife and his children allowed to enter the united states and he was not. that is not the american way and we are here to say, mr. president, we are asking you to please reverse this ill-conceived, ill-advised executive order. it's totally un-american. that is not who we are. [applause]
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mr. schumer: and now we are asking, we have our two people who just came here, refugees, if you're here come forward. in the meantime, we'll first have senator booker, then we'll ear from elizabeth warren. mr. booker: can you hear me now? test, test, can you hear me? all right, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, today we don't stand out here as members of congress. we don't stand here as members of a race or religion. today we all stand here as
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american citizens. every generation of american citizen has had to earn the right to enjoy the freedom and the privileges of citizenship. every generation has faced a choice, do we let our ideals expand or retract? do we let our freedoms grow or do they retract? do we let love expand or do we let love be beaten by hate? this generation now has our test. there's a shadow hanging over our ideals and values. there's an assault on our values and our principles. and now more than ever, we must choose to fight, we must choose to resist, we must choose to stand up for what we believe in. now more than ever. [applause] now more than ever.
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as donald trump per pro seeds with an unconstitutional and immoral executive order, we must stand up to this test and fight to make sure that the truth of america is known. i want this last point to be clear. nothing worthwhile is easy. >> we'll break away here. the house is coming back in. you can watch this live on -- online at


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