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tv   Democratic Leaders Hold News Conference on Immigration Executive Order  CSPAN  January 31, 2017 12:50am-1:37am EST

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state madeleine albright speaks on national security. announcer: c-span, where history unfold daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by americans television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. congressional democrats led by nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer protesting trump's executive order restricting travel from seven majority muslim countries. this from outside the supreme court is 45 minutes.
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[applause] [cheers and applause] >> stand up fight back. stand up, fight back.
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[cheers and applause] >> stop the wall. ms. pelosi: good evening, everyone. thank you very much for coming out -- is the sound working? good? the sound working?
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i can hear you, can you hear us? is the sound working? good evening, everyone. i'm very proud to hear -- i'm proud to stand with the members of the house democratic caucus, soon to be joined by the senate democrats as well. it's not on? is somebody going to deal with this? look at this. ms. pelosi: look at that moon. a new moon. can you hear now?
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much different. good evening, everyone, i'm very proud to stand here with the members of the house democratic caucus, soon to be joined by the senate democrats as well. sharing views in a bipartisan way with many of our republican colleagues who agree that what the president did undermines our values and is not in support of the oath of office that we take to support and defend the constitution of the united states. can't hear? >> the microphone is not working. pelosi: does this work better? staff? sound people? shall we sing "this land is your land" again until they get the
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sound working? ♪ this land this land is my land from california to the new york island from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters this land was made for you and me as i was walking that highway i saw below me that endless skyway i saw below me that golden byway this land was made for you and me me this land is your land this land is my land from california to the new york island from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters this land was made for you and me
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this land is your land this land is my land from california to the new york islands from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters this land was made for you and me ♪ ms. pelosi: thank you, joe crowley, for getting us through the sound here. this is -- this land is our land. it's the land of our founders, it's the land of our future. i am proud to be standing here with the members of the house democratic caucus, 100% of our house democratic leadership, right, steny hoyer, mr. cly base , mr. crowley, ms. sanchez, other members. we will shortly be joined by our colleagues from the senate, the senate democrats, but we share a
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view with our republican colleagues that what the president did is not constitutional, indeed, in the view of many of us, it is immoral. protect all of us, all of us, take an oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. what the president has done is not in the interest of security. it is reckless. it is reckless and rash. to protect our constitution and our people, we must be strong and smart. i now have been joined by our distinguished leader of the united states senate, mr. schumer. we share a view of the importance of the words on the statue of liberty, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
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you know the rest. it's a statement of values of our country. it's a recognition -- recognition that the strength of our country is in our diversity, that the revitalization constantly of america comes from our immigrant population. it would now be my time to introduce two very brave, determined, courageous, optimistic newcomers to our country, but first, i'm going to introduce and yield to a champion for the principles embodied in the statue of liberty and fought for since our country began, including this weekend at airports through the -- throughout the country. i thank all of you for coming, i ask all of you to welcome the distinguished leader of the senate, chuck schumer. [applause] mr. schumer: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, this order is against what we believe in in america. the order will make us unsafe,
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the order will make us inhumane, and the order will make us less of america because this order is what america is all about. it will make us unsafe because it will encourage those who are lone wolves as they get more and more isolated, who are our greatest danger. it will make us unsafe because it make ours soldiers who are fighting overseas have fewer allies. and it will make us unsafe because the nations of the world will no longer look up to us.
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but most of all, it is against what america is all about. america for its history has been a shining beacon and it has said, we welcome you, if you oppressed because of your religion. because of your political beliefs, because of who you are. the lady in the harbor in the city in which i live holds a wonderful torch. that torch has stood for the greatness of america to all americans and to the citizens of the world. we will not let this evil order extinguish that great torch. we will not let this evil order make us less american. we will fight it with everything we have and we will win this fight. ms. pelosi: let us all hold our candles high as the statue of liberty, the lady of liberty holds the torch high. our president has stooped low in this order. we here tonight ask the president to withdraw this
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unconstitutional order. and now it is my privilege, our privilege, to introduce farah amir kamal with their stories. ok, then next we will have -- mr. schumer: senator chris murphy. senator hirono. ms. pelosi: representative nadler. we got one here.
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>> thank you very much. mr. nadler: i'm congressman jerry nadler, i represent the 10th congressional district of new york, the home of the statue of liberty and the home of ellis island, those symbols of america's proud tradition of welcoming people to our shores are a little beaten an battered today because of the little man in the white house, donald trump. when the president signed his dangerously stupid executive order friday afternoon, i knew that it was unconstitutional, discriminatory and morally reprehensible. what i did in the know is that people all over this country would join together so quickly to fight this outrageous policy and to help those in need. that gives me great hope that our country can overcome this dark time. we must overcome this dark time. we must overcome this little man in the white house who is disgracing our history and disgracing our traditions. we must continue to welcome
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people from all over the world, regardless of their race or their color or their religion or their creed or their national origin. that is what our constitution demands. that's what our law demands. that's what our people demand. we will prevail. [crowd chanting] >> no ban! no wall! no ban! no wall! no ban! no wall! mr. schumer: senator ben cardin. mr. cardin: we are here tonight to make sure that this executive order is repealed and never becomes effective here in the united states of america. this executive order on immigration and refugees is reckless, it's dangerous, and i am ashamed about that executive order.
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it's against the principles of our nation. it makes us less safe. when we rely upon our allies to help us, we are isolating america with this executive order. we will not allow this nation to impose a religious test as to who can come to america. that is not the united states that we love. we are going to speak out and do everything we need to make sure this does not happen here under our watch. we are united to say no to this type of action. we're going to be here tonight, we're going to be on the floor of the senate, we're going to be on the floor of the house, we're going to take this debate to the american people. what you see here tonight is happening all over this country and people are standing up
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around the world. they need the u.s. leadership for refugees. and the united states must answer that call. so together, we are committed to make sure this executive order is repealed. together, we will succeed. ms. velazquez: i'm congress woman nydia velazquez, i represent the seventh congressional district in new york. saturday, i was with my colleague, jerry nadler. we were called by immigrant groups to alert us that there were people about to be deported and i am here to say as a member of congress, mr. president, what you did is shameful. this is not -- it is not how you run the government. to issue such an executive
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order, that is unconstitutional that undermines the national security of our country. but also that mistreats people who work like ahmad darwish. it breaks my hurt to see how these refugees who are seeking a better life, who are escaping violence from this country that we turn our backs on them. that is not who we are. that is un-american. and we will fight to bring justice to everyone in this country and especially those refugees that are escaping the realities and the horror.
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imagine, imagine these men who work for the u.s. government, to make it to new york legally and to be detained. imagine what it was for him to see his wife and his children allowed to enter the united states and he was not. that is not the american way and we are here to say, mr. president, we are asking you to please reverse this ill-conceived, ill-advised executive order. it's totally un-american. that is not who we are. [applause] mr. schumer: and now we are asking, we have our two people who just came here, refugees, if you're here come forward. in the meantime, we'll first have senator booker, then we'll hear from elizabeth warren.
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mr. booker: can you hear me now? test, test, can you hear me? all right, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, today we don't stand out here as members of congress. we don't stand here as members of a race or religion. today we all stand here as american citizens. every generation of american citizen has had to earn the right to enjoy the freedom and the privileges of citizenship. every generation has faced a choice, do we let our ideals
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expand or retract? do we let our freedoms grow or do they retract? do we let love expand or do we let love be beaten by hate? this generation now has our test. there's a shadow hanging over our ideals and values. there's an assault on our values and our principles. and now more than ever, we must choose to fight, we must choose to resist, we must choose to stand up for what we believe in. now more than ever. [applause] now more than ever. as donald trump received with an unconstitutional and immoral executive order, we must stand up to this test and fight to make sure that the truth of america is known. i want this last point to be clear. nothing worthwhile is easy.
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the value that we enjoy, the freedoms that we have were paid sweat, andblood, tears of our ancestors. we now can not choose to luxury. .- luxuriate we must earn them now. the fight will be long and difficult that we must understand, when someone attacks multiple americans, they attack all of us. attacks with prejudice, we must respond with love. so i call on everyone, anyone that can hear my voice, that we now must be determined to fight for the long haul. we must be determined to stand up for refugees. we must be determined to stand up against hate. thank you. chu.dy
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on friday, president trump issued an executive order. on saturday, i received frantic calls in los angeles. iranian detainees with green cards that were being held. i got a call from a constituent whose brother in law had a green returning back from syria. and was detained. and so i rushed to lax to demand answers from the customs and border patrol. denied any response to us. and we found out that amongst those being detained were a 78-year-old woman, a seven month old child, a man with a green had had his home here
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for 20 years. so, this cannot be the america that we know. donald trump's muslim ban is one that is denying the truth of the symbol of the statue of liberty. this is donald trump's america but it is not ours. ok, now we have someone, a newly iraq.d american from >> good evening everyone. i would like to introduce myself. i arrived in the united states in two years ago. with the u.s.ork
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when i was 19. i started and engineering business supporting the u.s. military, u.s. troops in iraq. i supported the u.s. military in iraq in 2003 with my father and all of my family. in 2006, my husband was murdered and my father was kidnapped and tortured because of our support for the u.s. military. the cousin of our belief in the u.s. mission. and my family applied or our visa and so did i and i was approved in 2012 after waiting eight years. , every day i head. i hid in all cities with my two boys. my family is still in iraq. they are still separated. my father is getting old. i need to see him.
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i am a military spouse. my husband is in the military in the navy and i cannot go back and see my family. and i need help. this decision does nothing but separate my family. and i pray that the president will change his mind. and will do something to reunite me with my family again. i need to see them. and they are great people. i promise you that they pose no threat to your national security. they are amazing people to work with and live with. i appreciate your time. thank you. now, we have senator warren. [cheers and applause] warren: donald trump has
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issued an executive order that is illegal, that is unconstitutional, and that is a moral. we are here to fight back. that is why we are here. donald trump is trying to chip away at the very foundation of our democracy. this country is in crisis. it is no longer business as usual in the united states congress, it is no longer business as usual in washington. we are here to step up in this moment. americans are a good and decent people. we stand with our fellow human beings who flee terrorism. whotand with the people helped american soldiers. we stand with the people who work, whoto study, to
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have families here. we will fight donald trump in the courts, we will fight donald trump in the congress, we will band together to fight donald trump as he tries to put himself above the law of the united states. truly the this is purest form of patriotism. we are here to defend the constitution of the united states. moral here to defend our foundation. values,ere to live our to fight for our values, today, and tomorrow, and for as long as it takes to restore the basic decency and division of this country. this is who we are. thank you.
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>> thank you, elizabeth. now, we have another one of our new americans. omar. come on over, omar. omar: hello guys. thank you for being here tonight. first of all, before i start introducing myself, there is one thing i want to say. refugees are not your enemy. your enemy is the one who made them refugees. your enemy is the one who made them refugees. i came to this country as a refugee from syria. i am a syrian journalist and filmmaker. i am an american journalist and filmmaker from syria. persecution and the regime there because i was followed and arrested by syrian
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security forces. i came here seeking freedom. freedom of speech. to express my opinion without being harassed by police and security forces. i believe in american principles. i believe in liberalism. americae in a medium stands for. i am not a terrorist. ist is going on out there the marginalization and the definition of generalization. this is wrong. -- i want to salute you all for being here. the beautifula -- face of the united states of america. thank you.
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>> my name is raja. , i took alleagues note to uphold the constitution. unite theted to help country. the executive order that was just issued is an assault on the constitution, it works -- it and itorking families divides our country. it is time to fight back. are you ready for the fight? are you ready to him? you have heard of evangelical -- evangelical christians and i respect them. i am an evangelical american.
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if you believe in these values, you are an american regardless of where you came from, the color of yourif you believe in'l pray, whom you love, and the number of letters in your name. is that youters a good life, you take care of your family and you get back your country. are you ready for the fight? are you ready to win? god bless you and god bless america. a good life, you take care of your family and you get back your country. thank you. from the great middle west, tour.rbett >> i am here because people need to understand that this is not just about tour. >> the coast. this is something that heads at the heartland of america. somalita has the biggest population, the biggest liberian population. we are proud of our refugees.
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we are proud of their families. my story i will leave you with is this. we had a family that went out to dinner and they were sitting there and a man walked by. they were muslim. asked whatked by and they were doing there. the woman said they were out for dinner. he told them to go home. the little girl looked up at her mom and she says -- mom, you said we could use out tonight. i don't want to go home. you think about that little girl. she did not even know what she meant. because she only knows one home and that is my stage. and she only knows one home and that is the united dates of america. this order is callous and it has created callous and it must be reversed. >> mazie hirono from the great
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state of hawaii. aloha everybody. thank you all for being here. --ay is the 98th anniversary during the height of the anti-japanese hysteria during world war ii when 120,000 japanese americans were sent to deterrent camps, he stood up and said no. convicted fornd going against at the government's orders. was 40 years later that new evidence was found that showed the government had hidden some evidence from the supreme court because fred had taken his course to the supreme court. -- evidence said the mass whenever our country targets a
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group, like the japanese-americans or muslims, history shows that we have been wrong. wronged. if the donald trump limitations had been in place, i would not be standing here today fighting with all of you. we have to fight against this targeting of muslims. if we do not stand up today, we will be complicit in what follows. no band. no wall -- no ban. no wall. now, we will hear from andre carson, a muslim member from congress. greetings from the great state of indiana.
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not only do i represent indiana's seventh congressional district proudly but i happen to be a muslim and a former police officer. know just asump to i worked at the indiana department of homeland security, there are thousands like me in our law enforcement community helping to keep america safe. i am reminded of the great at the constitutional convention between benjamin franklin and mrs. powell. she looked at old ben and said what do we have? do we have a republic or a monarchy? and benjamin franklin looked at her and said we have a monarchy -- how do you keep the republic? by havinghe republic
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thousands of people, christians, muslims, jewish brothers and ,isters, hindus, buddhists non-ds to, showing up and saying mr. trump, this is not a monarchy, this is a democracy. we want to show mr. trump and the trump administration that are welcomehat all to the united states. ban, no wall. no wall., no ban, no wall. vermont. sanders from bernie sanders: thank you all for coming out tonight to send a loud message for mr. trump.
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that your bill is denying people the right to and itur country contradicts everything that this what ourtands for and men and women in the military have fought for. people is to bring throughout the world closer together, not to divide them up. and not only is this span a violation of what we as americans stand for, it will make us less safe, not more safe. trump has done. is give ammunition to the jihadists all over the world. people thatd their we in the united states hate them.
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we do not hate the muslim people. we want them to know that. trump'ssay to president -- what we say to president is -- rescind the ban. lewis still in the house? al franken. >> hello, i am al franken from
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the great state of minnesota. a me just came up here and spoke saying we have the largest population in the country and we are so proud of our somali community. i want to tell you a story. year and a half ago, we minnesota.from told me she was a new senate page. had --y said that she and they said that her principal had recommended her. i went down to meet her. it was not hard to pick her out from the 30 senate pages because hijab.d a
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her and i toldo her -- you look like a minnesota mn. and she said -- yeah. i attended a high school graduation and i invited myself. her he wasintroduce a graduating senior and she had been chosen as her class speaker. and it was a beautiful ceremony. and the kids gave her a standing ovation. 65%the class was about minnesota norwegian-german stock. 50% latino. the valedictorian was a latina and 10% somali.
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this fall on election day, the , i sawity of minnesota her and she said her sister had just been ted homecoming queen. i returned and i spoke to the french ambassador. what you call a frenchman. and he said a frenchman is someone that can point to a village where his family came from centuries ago. that is why france has a problem. and why belgian does. assimilation problems. to be a frenchman you have to point to a village that your family was from centuries ago. minnesota, our somali's are americans. and we vote them homecoming queen.
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this executive order is wrong and worse than that, it is dangerous. it sends the wrong message to everyone around the world. this is not america. this is not america. thank you. >> i am richard blumenthal from connecticut. quickly -- my see dad came to this country in 1935 to escape persecution as a refugee. he was 17 years old. he had not much more than the shirt on his back. he spoke no english and he knew
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no one in this country. the united states of america gave him a chance to succeed. ashamed of sad and this order. he was a proud american. but he would be sad and ashamed of a ban on anyone based on religion, or race, or national origin. that kind of band and discrimination -- that kind of and discrimination is not only anti-refugee and anti-muslim, but it is anti-american. fight, be strong and we will with your help. and this movement is capturing america. america is rising. america is rising. and it should because this is a threat not just to one religion or race but it is a threat to
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all of us. thank you for being here tonight. thank you leader pelosi. i am happy to introduce my colleague. >> from the great state of oregon. oregon stands for liberty. you stand for liberty. oregon stands for justice. do you stand for justice? do you stand for lady liberty? give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. isn't that what america is all about? are we going to stand with the widows and the children and the interpreters coming to america? let us send a message to donald trump. learn about religious liberty.
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religious freedom. tear down that ban. .ear down that ban thank you. >> tuesday, the senate debates the nomination of the transportation secretary. live coverage of the u.s. senate always on c-span2. c-span's washington journal,
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live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, california democratic congressman ted lieu will discuss president trump's executive orders on extreme of adding. the announcement of a supreme court nominee. and his view on key donald trump nomination cabinet picks. about congressional reaction to the trump administration travel ban. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal. live at 7:00 p.m. east -- 7:00 a.m. eastern. of senatornation jeff sessions to be the next of attorney general gets a vote by the senate judiciary committee tomorrow. busy live coverage at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3 and also streamed live on after supreme court justice
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antonin scalia at died on february 13, the republican-controlled senate did not take up president obama's nominee. tuesday, president trump will announce his pick for the supreme court. we will have live coverage at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. and following the president's remarks, we will open up our phone lines and take your comments. , white house press secretary press secretary john spicer joins a panel of journalists that cover the white house to discuss media coverage of president trump. the george washington university hosted this two-hour event. >> good evening everybody. the schoolrector of of media and public affairs. as barbara porter and i like to


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