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tv   Washington Journal Representative Ted Lieu D-CA  CSPAN  January 31, 2017 8:03am-8:38am EST

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admitting that he was prejudiced, which for people of all said ind of finally. > sunday night 8:00 eastern on c-span q&a. >> "washington journal" intelligence. host: congressman ted lieu a foreign affairs and judiciary committee and was international airport joining the protest of the travel bans. describe the scene at l.a.x. andt: it was very energetic peaceful and it showed what a movement is. what you saw with the women's protests you nic are seeing a very large reaction to president trump. a law of physics that i believe applies to politics which is for every there's an equal and opposite reaction and you are seeing the majority of americans
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oppose the donald trump unconstitutional orders and action. oppose it?o you guest: it is a religious test and in america we don't have a religious test. let me say having served on to have duty in the united states air force when it comes terrorism we need to hunt down terrorists and kill them. ut we are also taught in the military to defeat our enemy we need to know or enemy and they terrorist groups like al qaeda and isis. they are not women, children and fleeing those groups. that is what the facts have shown. refugees from these seven countries he banned you know how many engage in attacks on u.s. soil that killed anybody? zero. the cato institute your changes foreign areled by a in america is 1 in 3.6 million. chances of being struck by lightning 1 in 700,000.
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host: you call it a religious test on twitter. used the hash tag muslim ban. president trump with a statement said the seven countries named in order are the same countries previously obama ied by the administration as sources terror and to be clear this is not a as the media is falsely reporting. it is about terror and keeping safe.untry why continue to use the muslim ban hash tag? president is lying. it is a muslim ban. countries we ese will ban people from coming to and give states priority to christians. that is a muslim ban. whatever you want. presidentani said the told me to write a muslim ban came down and s they had to modify large parts of it, it was such a poorly
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order.n executive host: the president made comparisons to whether former 2011 ent obama did in slowdown a six-month for refugees from iraq. talk about those comparisons. guest: sure. you said it yourself. it was not a ban. did more vetting. it was not a ban. that is a difference. executive does is flat ut bans these immigrants from the seven countries. that is the major difference. support additional vetting of different people. say you are scared because of attacks that killed people in paris. you don't want that here. vet french and belgian citizens absurd that is what is about this order. but the't make us safe are br emergency to iraqis is america
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dent doesn't library -- lebron us. we have had callers say let's take a time-out to assess system and ion refugee system. hy are you so against taking a time-out to find if we can do it in a better way? guest: because there's not a killing ith a refugee u.s. persons. that is zero. the chance of dying from a foreigner killing you in america you have a higher chance of being struck by lightning. resource opsederal the extreme vetting let's spend safer.things that make us this is making us less safe personnel at ed increased rick because you have risk and you have others saying they don't like us. hat does that tell the iraqis who are supposed to help u.s.
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soldiers defeat isis. troubling for deplied personnel. sentis why over 100 people a dissent memo saying do not do this. security ational weaker. host: ted lieu is with us the half hour taking questions an comments. -- and comments. 202-748-8000, 202-748-8001, 202-748-8002. and we will start on the line for democrats in dayton, ohio. up first. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my i can't agree more with what was just said. y overall problem with the muslim ban -- and that is what it is because when trump was if d directly about it, christians were going to have a priority and as far as bringing in, he said fugees absolutely. religionpreferring one over another.
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my problem is that the basis for based on alternative facts a.k.a. lies. there's in the been a problem with extreme vetting we are doing. it is a two-year process and the that people with green cards and visas got turned away putting their lives in danger and leaving them a problem.g is that changes the perception of s in the world and right now our president, who is conducting unconstitutional executive creating a backlash wor worldwide where we are even debate in the u.k. for visit because of what is perceived as a muslim ban. andan't build relationships can't beat isis with a coalition meld eastern people and -- meld eastern people and muslims say we want you to help us
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but you are not welcome in our country. there is no need to put that in effect and it has caused a eed crisis.ed dayton ohio and did my field training in the at wright patton air force base. about turn something facts and let me talk about that. , we believe that america have a problem. we have a president that lies and he sends out his staff to lie on his behalf and large.mall the inauguration size he simply a smaller inauguration than obama, carter and reagan. such a silly thing to lie about. but he lies about big things been ear could have countries that hacked us and not russia. it was russia. intelligent report and i want through briefings and the
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resident is lying when he says russia didn't engage in the cyber attacks. he is lying. problem is that you're republic can withstand political disagreements. republicans want to dismantle the affordable care act act plan we can argue about that or disagree about tax policy. but we can't have an american president that lies tries to ally and stifle dissent when he attacks the free press. road to the authoritarianism. that is why i believe donald trump is a danger it the has to be d he stopped and in 22 months voters congress andin for they can stop his extreme agenda back ping democrats take the house of reference. host: china lake, calf. mike, a republican. caller: good morning to you. you for your show. i think that the ban is
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excellent. overdue.g it is brilliant. is brilliant.e it it is just being enforced and strengthened. there is a ban at ted lieu should be banned from the east coast. leave ld not be able to the east coast of san francisco. e is very picayune on his argument and they will not win probably ever. the liberals are on the way out. guest: thank you, mike, for your question. is amazeing and wonderful about american of my cy the voters district get to make that decision, you do not. i long as they bring me back will speak and talk about the constitution. violates it ident will call him out and i want to commend sally yates for going on
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record and saying that she's following the constitution of he united states and not enforcing the ban. we saw president trump fired r her. to stifling dissent and authoritarianism and if you ban is excellent read it because it talks about 9/11 and doesn't ban the country of or anyone from there. why is this? president trump has business interests there? we don't know because he won't release his tax returns. tax returns the you don't have large swaths of the american public questioning is he making these bizarre ecisions and not focusing on the people that did 9/11 and focusing on yemen. about.s that ban all host: would you be more comfortable in saudi arabia was another and pakistan country that is cited as a place arrested for ere attempts or attempted acts
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states? the united guest: it would make more rational sense. t would still be unconstitutional so i would still oppose 2. host: congress ted lieu in his term from the 33rd district of california. lso served as lieutenant colonel in the air force reserves. we take your questions an comments the next 15 minutes. rowan in salem, new hampshire. line for independents. i'm calling in with regard -- i have been a democrat i'm 65.ife, i got diabetes and right now i 260-something e of insulin a vial because of obama care. on ave to enforce the law immigration. it is out of hand. nobody wanted to do it. wants to enforce the law and everybody is against him. thing, all these oliticians that -- democrats,
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republicans, they need the next years, then get somebody else in there. don't spend next 20 years in because it isnate not right. you have to get new blood in there. you have the power and that is all you need is the power. cutting lways are medicaid to the poor people. you have to worry about the people in the united states. ou are going to bring more people in. welfare.y is on you know? nobody is working because there soldo jobs because clinton us down the tubes when he passed see can't guest: thank you for the question. first of all on obama care i'm on it and i would love to make it better and if a better
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plan comes out i will support it. is no better e plan so i oppose repealing it if you repeal without a -- insulin rpb costs will be higher. immigration there's bennett negative migration from mexico. more people who are mexican leave the united states than enter. wall is a border huge federal boondoggle because a problem g to solve that doesn't exist. eople are losing jobs largely to automation. ewer people are building cars because you have robots. attack a politician to robots but that is what you have. had 1,000 robots, in 2016 they have 45,000 robots. not only did they displace jobs
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he robots were more ever than human beings. if you want to solve the advocate away d teach every person whether you are in a school district in or san d or in detroit francisco, you teach them omputer science or robotics or engineering and then we retrain adults with skills the industry needs. how we bring jobs back. and ing a border wall heard.ban will ost: next is barney from florida. caller: mr. lieu, may i applaud you? you said the right thing. this muslim ban ain't nothing herring. we have not been attacked by .one of them countries protect us and we
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here, eople sitting president trump voted to go back watch history channel and how hitler controlled masses. he did it by discriminating the jews. this is the same thing that hitler used. so, america, we need it wake up. mr. lieu, you hit the nail on the head. host: how do you feel about nazi comparisons? guest: i do believe there are azi comparisons that are grossly overexaggerated. but it is troubling on holocaust memory day there was statements without referencing jews. strain of an nti-semitism among some trump advisors and that is troubling. ut there is something similar not so much naziism but authoritarian regimes whether russia, new york -- north korea
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start with trying to blur the distinction between truth and fiction. we can not have. our republic can stand a lot. we can withstand poles -- policy t disagreement and disagreement on taxes and social issues. tolerate an american president that lies athologically and blurs the distinction between truth and fiction and attacks the press -- to stifle o dissent. up because it nd is a danger to the republic. eden, indiana, a democrat. morning.good the main thing i want to make is i think what is happening is kind of ban, i hate to say is , but i think that trump trying to invite terrorism here. ecause it will give him the chance to declare marshal law
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republic is ended. thank you for taking my call. guest: thank you for your question. going to guess on whether that is a motive. rudy st going to take giuliani who said the president wanted to do a muslim ban and he wrote it in a way that he thought was legal and large illegal and i will leave it at that. his is an illegal order and harms u.s. national security. park, raymond from brook ohio. republican. caller: i'm for the ban. not five-year-olds but 17 to 35-year-old males you worry about. they won't fight for their country, what will they do here? hey will do nothing but cause trouble. that is is all i have to say.
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uest: thank you for that question. i love brook park, ohio, i grew in ear there as a child parma. in terms of the question, thank you for letting me highlight fact. under the vetting of the obama dministration of syrian refugees, they were letting in women and children and senior citizens. those are the priorities. ecause of reasons you stated they were focused on women, children and senior citizens and that we shouldee ot be banning them into this country who are refugees. we are a nation of immigrants immigrant. the statue liberty is an iconic rand that makes america amazing. you about anto ask you about an
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article in breitbart headline should congressman ted lieu be court-martialed noting you are a reserv reserved officer and article 88 uniform code of military justice which plaintiff's exhibit commissioned officers contemptous words against the president and other officials. you have been very critical of this president. it notes that ted lieu's donald tatements about trump go beyond strident political debate and claimed he is in fact illegitimate. he article notes that congressman lieu seems to be campaigning for a court-martial. your reaction. thank you for asking me that question. the article is factually wrong. the uniform code of military justice doesn't apply two on rvists when not serving duty. when i'm not on duty i'm a right, i'm it is saying a lot of things trying to warn the american people about
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our president because i believe a danger it the republic. when i'm on active duty as a wearing my uniform i don't say a single thing. durrety. when i'm off duty and member of right, i do are everything i can to show that this president is a danger. went on active duty is there any situation you would disobey an order? only an unlawful order but it is hard to tell so orders y you obey the that come down. host: mechanicsville, new york, independent. caller: good morning. how are you? host: doing well. good.r: idea ofo comment on the the merican soldier and nation nation's situation they find
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borders.s across the and furthermore, these are our soldiers, these are our children. is they are it american. and they know that. their hearts they know they are the children of america. o, furthermore, about or soldiers overseas and the fear of whatever it neither he swaeuituation, here nor there, they are american. deep rooted american of le with the belief rotecting our freedoms, our liberties, our justices. the ban of , sir, in which
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, feelings of yours, sir, is a 90-day, 90 days. warn people, 90 days is a warning. guest: thank you for that question. i'm glad you mentioned u.s. soldiers. talk about the personnel overseas and let's talk about iraq. folks there that rely on iraqi translators. translate been iraqi doctors that put their lives on the line for the united states this muslim ban sends a signal that we hate you, we here, we want to separate you from families if you have families in the united states. then you have the president of the united states saying we should take the oil of iraq,
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way is a war crime. president ed states is asking for war crimes and if translator or member of the country you soldiers isks to the of the u.s. think of what donald trump has done already. not acceptable. talk it anyone who served in iraq. that is why you have articles about veterans going to help the muslims who are attend at airports because they realize the danger. host: members of the military, was atest characterizity identified yesterday a navy sale warfare william ryan owens of peoria, illinois in a nighttime raid in war torn yemen. san reporting from the other papers and carrying the information with the release of the name of the
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casualty. respect and honor the service members who have died in this ountry and particular situation my thought with the family and having served in the military when it comes to errorists we should hunt them down and kill them. that is totally different as to whether we should did a muslim that affects everybody and s a religious test including countries that had nothing to do with any of the terrorist attacks on the united states. host: ed is a democrat from washington, d.c. caller: good morning, c-span. he congressman is exactly correct. i congratulate you on that. do this ban.ord to his ban, you are right, the president is pathological liar there are 17 is intelligence agencies in the
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there states who found information on the hacking situation. fact.s we cannot afford to have fake in our government. that endangers america. i'm a scientist and i have pointed out the thing here is hillary clinton did not that looks. that election was hacked away from her. our people are in danger when we facts.inst the the fact is scientific finding on the global warming and all in the nation, being a scientist myself retired retired, i find facts make a difference in our country. we are endangering our national and we must point out to these people what you are that we cannot base our
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intelligence and national on lies. pop lease around the -- populace around the world and hillary nible] that didn't win the election. host: i want to congressman lieu respond to one point the reaction from around the world hat you have seen in recent days. guest: we have seen from the aten's march to the protests airports there is a massive populist movement in the united and around the world in opposition to the american president because the american actions is taking based on bigotry and racism and e already caused the president of mexico to cancel a meeting with america. allies. one of our he threatened trade wars with mexico and with china.
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when you start a trade war and if it were to happen it is the consumer that will pay higher prices. was on orquist television and said if you tariffs on american companies americans pay. our american d president taking these actions are not just harming america but affecting international relations and he is doing it sort of apparently quickly vetting. that is why he has the issue of executive orders and had the ourts modify them and that is why he makes statements such as et's put a 20% tariff on mexican imports. then takes it back. e can't have an american president act like this way. host: there person says i can't anything in the constitution that requires us to unfetter red tizcitizen entry into the u.s. uest: nobody is talking about
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unfett unfetterred entry into the united states. that is why under the obama massive ation they had vetting of syrian refugees. the "l.a. times" described it as winning the lottery nor them that they -- for them to get vetting.use of the what we are talking about is aving a ban, a complete ban on people from seven majority muslim countries and when you refugees from those countries were involved in of zero terror attacks that killed anybody on u.s. soil didn't didn't he include saudi arabia. the attackers didn't have from yemen, they came from saudi arabia. i think the president has all of these business interests in saudi arabia but we are not sure ecause he refused to release tax returns. he is in violation of article 1 can'tents clause that you have conflict of interest and
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gifts appeand benefits. he could be out of that if he and put the tax returns global holdings in blind trusts. he refers. this is harold on florida.n laine in caller: i listened it the young accusations made one after another. americans, i want the president to have a broad attack one little thing after another. i want him to protect us. has to limit immigrants from seven small countries for a period of time, then i'm going to trust that he has more do, more than i information and whatever he is has one heck of a reason. we have cut immigration from periods tries for long of time and it has been heal.
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one more -- legal. one more thing. the young man, based upon what repeatedly during this interview, i don't care what his advice he's going to have one heck of a jag this is just crazy that he thinks he can get away with in chief e commander one thing after another and there is no repercussion. he's still the command are in chief and this young man, even duty, he is tive saying these things. this is just crazy. if you think you are being a you watch serving what you say because you are the chain of host: i want you to respond. guest: thank you for calling me a young man. appreciate that. getting white in my hair. a jag officer.
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i serve on active duty i'm in active duty. i'm a civilian and not wearing uniform. so i will tell you president trump is danger to the republic. needs to be stopped. he has legitimacy problems. night.say that day and but when i'm on duty with the united states air force i do not say that. i follow orders, the president is my command are in chief and resident trump gave an order that was lawful i would follow it. but as a civilian and member of speak s i'm going to truth and highlight when president trump takes harmful utional and actions to our country. ost: ted lieu, appreciate your time. we will see you back. up next we will continue the the travel ban executive order with pennsylvania republican lou barletta. that is in a few minutes on the ."ashington journal".
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>> in case you missed here are programs last week. as c.i.a. sworn in director. >> i will discharge the duties office on which i'm about to enter. me god.lp >> so help me god. >> congratulations. thank you. >> senators questioning nominee price. here is one. >> you bought over 400,000 at discounts that were as 40 cheaper than the price on the australian stock and were on committees that have jurisdiction over programs and re trade policy. yes or no? doesn't this show bad judgment?
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>> british lawmakers discuss minister's visit it washington. >> in the forthcoming meeting purchase she will be -- president trump she will be prepared to offer up for the opportunity of american companies to come in parts of our n.h.s. or public services. to president trump's visit homeland security. >> the secretary of homeland security working with myself and staff will begin immediate wall.uction of a border >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi reacting to the claim of voter fraud. for l we want is the truth the american people. i feel very sad about the claim.ent making this i will sorry for him. i even prayed for him. but then i prayed for united of america. chaney.
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>> i support enhanced interrogation. it is something that has helped us in the past t prevent attacks and save lives and i was glad it see president trump take that. it watch programs any time. journal continues. host: congressman lou barletta joins us a vania republican. we will continue our discussion on the president's executive vetting.extreme ted lieu just spent the last why he doesn't think this is an effective measure. bans.pport the travel guest: i commend trump for doing hat he said he was going to do when he ran for president. i know that is sometimes to americans when somebody campaigns and when they what they does promised to do. i serve on the homeland security committee and


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