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tv   Washington Journal Representative Lou Barletta R-PA  CSPAN  January 31, 2017 8:37am-9:07am EST

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interrogation. it is something that has helped us in the past t prevent attacks and save lives and i was glad it see president trump take that. it watch programs any time. journal continues. host: congressman lou barletta joins us a vania republican. we will continue our discussion on the president's executive vetting.extreme ted lieu just spent the last why he doesn't think this is an effective measure. bans.pport the travel guest: i commend trump for doing hat he said he was going to do when he ran for president. i know that is sometimes to americans when somebody campaigns and when they what they does promised to do. i serve on the homeland security i'm on e and
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correspondent terrorism and intelligence and border security. we have had four national weurity experts testify that have no way to properly screen syrian refugees. there's not a good data base rely we certainly can't rely on the us thegovernment to give background of the individuals and we are putting americans at when we allow people to come into the united states when said they will use the refugee program to get into the united states. the president's job is to keep us safe. that is what he said he was going to do. would be a war on isis and he would make the number onecurity his priority. border security is the cornerstone of national security. a good friend of mine a former i consider an
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expert in interior enforcement once legal immigration told me travel documents are the most important weapon to a terrorist. without travel documents that foreign fighter can get in the states. so the best way to stop a committing an act in the united states is stop entering. indefinite.n is a few months for some other countri countries. do you think it should be indefinite? do you think there should be limit to the review process? guest: i actually believe this common sense approach to keeping americans safe. a system in place here we can properly screen people who are coming to the united states and right now been anybody who can testify that we can properly syria. anyone coming from
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until we can isn't it ream to to say until we can properly screen an individual we are not going to let them come states?e united this is a time of war. it is not a muslim ban. that phrase t clarified. on people atorium coming to the united states screen can properly them. host: do you think the restrictions should include ountries like saudi arabia and akistan who were left off the sev seven-country list? uest: the seven countries came from president obama as jihadist hot spots. just used nt trump what president obama will already classified as the seven jihadist hot spots. am i saying that list couldn't expanded? maybe it will be. but if we are able to properly coming from duals
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any of the other nations, then the list ld not be on -- if we can. of 89 n "u.s.a. today" individuals implicated in terror united states he since 2001 the only ones that might have been affected by this somali americans had didn't kill anyone. orlando and fort hood and within san bernardino shooters were all been in the united america.f targetingt the ban is people. guest: it is targeting seven top jihadist for terrorism. multilayered purchase to security. because after you security. because after you visa doesn't mean you are guaranteed entry. that is why we have inspectors in airports. if our intelligence is telling
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us that we are not properly able to screen individuals coming rom these countries and we are at a time of war where we are watching isis and terrorists on own soil, what we are doing working so we have president trump who campaigned we would his, that have vetting of individuals. then he follows through and the is confusing to me ecause on one hand the protesters are saying this is unconstitution and unfair onal singling out individuals, then not include why saudi arabia or this country. i don't understand. do they want more or less. architeguments the that this helps isis recruiting? that is the same argument mayors who declared cities sanctuary cities will say we
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to protect the legal immigrants it come out of the give us information. somehow that working in chicago and philadelphia? obviously, if anyone believes that somebody who is involved in terrori it will , this is what attack for them to -- this is take to like the united states this with affect anyone. are away -- away saying? them so want to offend let them slip through the holes of the immigration system. about e'll talk more sanctuary cities but i open the lines ares, the phone open to talk to congressman lou from pennsylvania. irst a couple from yvonne from south california. stkpwh for r: i have a question the republican there. what is it that we need to do to
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safe?r borders i thought we had something in place already and i don't think is doing it is the right way. guest: there's many things we keep the borders safe. when we talk about biorder we are not just talking about the southern and northern borders. 50% of people that ome in illegally don't cross a border. they come legally on a visa. the visa expires and they disappear. o any state with an international airport is a border state. we need to properly screen people and have physical walls use technology to stop oliceman from crossing our -- people from crossing the land borders but we need and entry when somebody comes into the united states and so ometric entity and exit
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we know when they came and who they are and we know whether or not they have left. what president trump is diagnose is reasonable and responsible in protect the american people from countries where we our hot spots for terror and do not have the proper screening it be able to assure american people that somebody is not slipping into the united states. until we temporary have a process in place. it is a responsible thing to do. the unnotyou netted you are on homeland security. how many syrian refugees have we and how n the country many have committed attacks? 2011500 s-- 2012, were denied for ties it terrorism or being a terrorist them. fact is -- host: is that an argument that the system worked for those?
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an argumentt is not that the system worked. don't catch some but we want any. 75% record is not good when we terrorism.g with that might be good in baseball but not in trying to keep terrorists out. criminontrol. when experts say we don't have a data base to screen an isis tells you they will use that program, why say not reasonable to until we have a system in place o check the backgrounds of individua individuals, any refugee until that the assured people coming in we know who they are and they have no ties it terrorism. we are at war. incident happens a
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little more of our freedom is tape from us. 325,000 flew into the united that day, 300 were delayed and 109 were denied. is that -- i get delayed on the highways coming home from work. is an inconvenience for me to appen airport.ff in host: roanoke, virginia. roger is a republican. good morning. thanks for taking my call. a comment and a question. the comment first is i can't that the democrats seem they protest out of emotion and not on facts and i life ofderstand for the me the resistance on protecting years ntry and for eight it seems like the emphasis was immigrants and people coming into the country
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so than ity of it more the rights of americans. it is like we are always getting on the back en burner. also people coming into the sign y but they need to the guest book. i never thought i would see the ay we i would see so much resistance for people being up to protect trying our country. my question is, they keep saying what he ident trump, has done is an constitutional one, section eight says the president has every he needs to do or deems necessary to control out of our and country. i would like to know where -- being unconstitutional? guest: else not -- what he is i want appepwant an american to do is protect the american people. i don't agree with our
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government doing studies on things that are irrelevant to our lives but i the number one priority of our government and what i expect of the government safe.p us we have never in my lifetime when we are at hreat here on our own homeland and seeing 25ebg r attacks in the ut in cities united states. whether president trump did is president trump did is the first step of reestablishing control of the borders. border security is national security and the very first step control the to borde borders. are protest iing are trying to portray this as a muslim ban. not.s there are 50 muslim majority nation s
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nations. we are talking about seven that spots.hadist hot i think this is a no brainer and e is saying let's take a time-out until we can make sure the people coming from toes to terrorism.tied that is what i want our president to do when he election is d the over. the president is doing what he said he was going to do and that the borders and put america first apnd do everythin us keep host: j.d. is from alabama an independent. caller: good morning. great guest. i agree with everything he says. i want to address something said by the previous guest i fund to be extraordinarily inflammatory and unfair. he said president trump's key hadn't have a sreur strain of anti-semitism. when you prehensible onsider jared kushner is orthodox jew and president
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trump's daughter is a practicing orthodox jew and three grandchildren are practicing jews.ox so i want to put that comment away. address it, the congressman common sense, we are at war. and ught the axis powers subjected to increased crutiny about their intentions and goals and backgrounds. that is just common sense when you are at war. americans a lot of particularly aclu type forgot 9/11.appened in those were refugees in america visas who got through and did extraordinary damage it 3,400 plus killed people. as you look at history away times square bomberquare
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who failed. he almost succeeded a number of years ago. the married couple in california where lieu is a representative who shot up a state agency and killed many before they were killed. the islamic psychiatrist in the army. president trump is displaying great sense, common sense it try nation and take a time-out as the congressman said and see to it that we are sort it out toan see who is coming up and going. guest: this is not the first there's been a moratorium on people coming from a country. for six obama did it iraq. for people from i don't remember protests or because prim did with he -- president obama did with he thought was best at that ime to protect the american people. i carry with me and brought it today the 9/11 commission report. this report made recommendations
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it congress and congress liked the recommendations and passed itm and the president signed into law. much of it we have ignored. felt on member how we september 11 and september 12 we were willing to do anything we so that we never experienced anything like this again. the recommendations are clear. need to enforce the immigration laws and know who is coming into the country. biometric have a entry and exit for those coming in. about?re we talking people coming from syria, iran, iraq. if they are not delayed or inconvenienc for to short time to come from a country like syria into a country like the of america which is the greatest country this earth has ever seen, if they are not delayed for a little bit ntil they can come in then sobeit. i'm delayed at airports all the time.
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host: you think you can make changes in the three to four-month moratorium? this president will do hat he thinks is right, not because of pressure, because of the media or the liberal left wants to protest and scream. after 90 days or 120 days in program, ee situation if he feels that we have in place a proper thhaouure thisss, i'm sure president will say it is not needed. we are u if he finds still in the able to properly vet or screen individuals, i'm he will have no problem extending t. he doesn't care think.hat people his job is to keep us safe and he will do whatever he can. protest all they they will protest until tomorrow
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until they signed something else they will then protest again. it is amazing that there are not going toho are accept donald trump as our president feel the election is ver, he won, he is doing what he campaigned on. host: by tomorrow we will have a court what do you expect tonight? couldn't be more what he did and he was so transparent when he campaigned he put out a list of to see, r everyone there is no surprise. he's doing it again. said oing exactly what he he was going to do. he is going to put someone on our supreme court that will fell the constitution - follow the constitution and the individuals who are named stellar individuals. pennsylvanian, i know a hardiman.tom
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all of them are very good picks again i commend president selectiononly for his of people who he is considering for supreme court but for the together. put going outside of washington and to find he bubble successful business people and gain i -- it amuses me people are critical of selections that they are cause billionaires. ell, i'm happy that he tkpdidnt pick an unsuccessful businessman it run some of these agencies an departments rather than people who have proven records of success. ost: that pick will be 8:00 tonight. you can watch live when the president announces it on c-span and and c-span radio. you mentioned the nominees.
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vote on hour the senator jeff sessions' attorney general in the judiciary committee. we will have that live on c-span 3. and today 10:00 betsy devos will .ave her vote 2.owing that on c-span time for a few more comes with congressman lou barletta. maryland, democrat. tom, good morning. host: good morning, everyone. never, ever discern discern. there's always going to be somebody who does something that is despicable. these countries that the has picked have inform
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condition anything to the united states. i can understand if he picked saudi arabia and some other who we think had something to do with 9/11. people -- the -- i'm sorry to say he's picked people, a group of not, i'm not going to say not educated but fears and lot of feelings about other people that though they el as should not be trusted. people people to [indiscernible] people people us. have done something to let's if the alienate our friends. there other thing, should be a time limit for answers from your guests so that get in.ople can other people like to call and express their opinion. if your guests talk all day long
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get in. -- nobody can get in. host: we want to give lou barletta a chance. of is the nationality people who committed terror ttacks or were arrested to plotting on or after september 11. seven countries the president picked are hated five three from iraq, two yemen and one from iran and sudan and syria. guest: president trump didn't a l these countries out of hat. hese were seven countries that president obama listed as hot terrorism.ihadist until we have a system in place we feel secure that
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vetting or oper screening system in place, isn't common sense and room to say let's take a timeout. if you have information that it is clear there are holes in the screening process and we know isis wants to come here to harm the american people, why is their outrage with taking a time hole?til we patch the do we want national security or don't we? obviously, he won the election and of the majority of the american people want the president to do it he can to keep us safe and you can't tie his hands behind his back. when something bad happens the same politicians will criticize president trump for not doing everything he can. he was clear of what he will do.
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extreme vetting. homeland security i understand there are places where we cannot properly screen individuals. a travel document is a weapon to foreign fighter. border security is national security. if you deny these individuals entrance to the united states, you can stop a terrorist attack. it is harder when they gain entry. elizabeth in dallas, texas, a republican. caller: i agree with president trump 100%. i agree with everything he says. was going to ask, why hasn't congress done anything to protect against visa overstays? my visa just introduced
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overstayed bill. the 9/11 commission report and recommendation was very clear that we need to have a biometric entry and exit for people coming on the says. we talk about illegal immigration and have pictures of people coming across the southern border, but 50% of the people here illegally come on a visa legally. 15 of the 19 terrorists could have been stopped if we had proper screening of individuals. people are using false documentation. people get into the united states and disappear. my bill would make parity the criminal offense, the penalty for anyone who overstays their visa. the person who overstays their visa is unlawfully present. someone who crosses the border
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isegally, that person unlawfully present in the united states. the penalty should be the same. host: can you talk about the mobilizing against sanctuary cities act? guest: i was the first mayor to introduce an ordinance punishing the businesses that hire illegal immigrants and harboring illegal immigrants. i was sued by a legal immigrants. the aclu defended then. in went to the supreme court. i was a mayor that was sued wanting to enforce federal immigration laws, not create new ones, but in forest the ones we have. it is illegal to harbor illegal aliens or assist illegal aliens. the first thing i did was introduce a bill to stop funding, not one federal cent to any mayor who declared himself a
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sanctuary city. a mayor does not have the legal authority to harbor and is is illegal aliens and create safe havens for them to live in.there were 80 sanctuary cities in 2011. today there are over 300. we must step further. the mayors are publicly thumbing their nose at the federal government. they are committing a crime by harboring and assisting those in the country illegally. not one federal cent. the only way to stop mayors from doing this t is to put teeth into the law. none would go forward if they knew the federal funding would be cut. hopefully the third time's the charm for me. host: go ahead. caller: how are you doing, congressman? aboutst made a statement how you try to do the sanctuary thing. comment is why do
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they want to bring a president obama when president obama and never passed a law bannin people from entering the country. muslims, notning christians, muslims. 2009,bama was elected in you were all against obama. you said he would be a one-term president. you didn't want to do anything to help this man. in, you wantp is to use over obama as an excuse to what trump is doing. as a u.s.t that citizen. i don't get it. anst: i'm not using obama as excuse. i'm clarifying where the seven countries came from. they came from president obama.
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donald trump did not pick these out of a hat. your first comment is inaccurate. president obama did have a moratorium on people traveling to iraq for even longer than president trump. it was six months. we cannot ignore the facts because they do not fit our argument. host: appreciate your time. next in the last hour of "washington journal." we will revisit the president's travel ban but we want to hear from immigrants only. recent or otherwise. call in with your thoughts and stories. (202) 748-8000 in the eastern or central time zones. (202) 748-8001 in the mountain or pacific regions. you can start calling in now. we will be right back. ♪


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