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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 31, 2017 9:08am-10:01am EST

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c-span, where history unfolds daily. a 1979, c-span was created as public service and is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. "washington journal" continues. host: we continue to talk about the president's travel ban and executive order on extreme vetting. wewant to hear from immigrants only. if you are an immigrant in the eastern or central time zones. if you are an immigrant in the mountain or pacific regions. we want to hear from you. in bethesda, maryland. good morning. hello, good morning. thank you for having me. from yemen. am
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i lived there for five or six years in my early life. my family moved around a lot. my father was working in factories. calls very what americans a blue-collar guy. he moved to the mountain area for maybe 10 years. i grow up there. i learned to farm. i learned everything i know there. i come here, relocating to maryland. this very nice area. i get some opportunity to work a real job, make a little bit money. i want to send my family from yemen here. i have friend, i've family from these countries that he make a on.
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they cannot come now. they're just like me, good, honest, hard-working people. i don't think it is trump so much that institutes these bans. i think the government -- he is not the only one. levelsto go through many that say yes to this and enforce his policy. many not just him, it is people in the congress, in the government, that agree with him. we are pointing the finger at him because he is the figurehead. host: you don't blame the president for this? caller: it goes deeper than that. i believe so. he is the one that signs the order. who you say his name on tv and this and that, if this was supposed to happen, it wouldn't matter
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who the president is supposed to be anyway. it is not really his fault here it should focus on other areas of government. host: in terms of people charged with enforcing this policy, a shakeup in the justice yesterday after the now former acting attorney general issued an order through members of the justice department saying not to try to defend the president's travel ban in court. that was sally eight yesterday, who was relieved of her duties. replaced by dana been to a -- dana bente. had betrayedally the justice department. dana is the former u.s. attorney for the district of virginia. now he will serve as the acting attorney until jeff sessions is confirmed.
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donald trump's choice for ag for his cabinet. how are you? caller: on the same day that issued thep executive order, he also ordered a strike on a village in yemen. it was aimed at computer equipment and information. an eight-year-old girl, an american one, was shot by the u.s. greens while she was sitting with her mother in her bedroom. the marines went to another house and killed everyone there, including women and children. what is tragic is to see the reaching of the objectives justify the killing of women, children, innocent people. i cannot imagine how cruel such people are. seeuld have loved to
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protests coming out like we saw on the weekend against criminal activities as those who kill babies and collateral damage. host: where was the report of the results of that mission? caller: on the newspapers. "the washington post," it is everywhere. host: are you from yemen originally? caller: yes, i am. host: what is the reaction from your community, and you talk to anyone from mn and that might be impacted by the executive order? caller: it has been devastating. to say the least. the executive order and the operation in yemen came on the same day, giving an indication of what the new administration is doing and thinking about yemen.
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strategy in yemen is not effective. the old and new administration seems to be against justice in yemen. to see ahave loved different agenda from this administration, but it seems the same as the obama one. only, recent or otherwise, getting reaction to the president's travel ban. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. on way this ban is put won't work. i was thinking if canadian opened borders for refugees, they can become canadian citizens in three years. they can always travel to the united states under canadian citizenship. cann't know how mr. trump stop them not to come into the
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united states after a couple of years. that is my comment. host: where are you from originally? caller: pakistan. host: what is the reaction in your community? caller: everyone is so much afraid. i had my family here. my kids hear a lot of stories in school. when they come home they are like, what is going to happen now? . we just waiting and see how things play. we are really afraid. host: are you an american citizen now? caller: yes, i am. host: are you worried about travel overseas? if you leave, are you concerned about getting back in? caller: i had to go to pakistan in march. me, my kids, and wife were talking about it. we don't know what will happen when you come back. we took the risk.
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even though we are citizens, i don't want to take the risk at the airport. host: anthony in the bronx, new york. good morning. caller: fellow. -- hello. the one thing i want to say is donald trump, we need to control immigration, but he is denigrating the entire hispanic community and it will be bad for the republicans. it will not be today, it will be in 40 years. there will be no safe state in the south. the majority of the people only think about today. when i see young people in colorado, children, talking about the republicans, they are going to vote. my mother is dominican, my father is from cuba. i'm telling you, it will be in 40 years they will pay a big
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price about what they are doing. denigrating the entire hispanic community. host: what would be a good way of enforcing to border? caller: we cannot allow -- millions of people want to come. a lot of people want to come, it shows something good. people love this country in the world. we need to let the good people come to this country. not be denigrating people all the time and blaming the y.ttle gu that is why i love this country. i'm willing to die for this country, but i don't like it when people denigrate one group as a scapegoat. like they did with the jewish people. that is what i believe. host: you think it is hispanics that have been scapegoated, or
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muslims as well? caller: i think muslim -- b religion. entire you have muslims who die for this country. that is what i mean. god bless you. host: ali, good morning. mr. president trump, when he said that we destabilized the middle east, it true isword, but the much deeper than that. work for the united states government in iraq. years to get my
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visa. i hear, proud, thankful for the american people. my daughter will grow up here. want to say is it is very painful i am painted with the same brush of those people who forced me to leave my country. anis not only me, i am not exception. i am a muslim. i know if i live in this country i have to protect this country, this is my home. the front lines, dying, they are the victims. it is painful to see that me, cousins, are painted with the same brush as criminals. host: what did you do for the
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and government in iraq what year did you come to the united states? later: i start working 2003 after the united states entered iraq. i applied for refugee and immigrant status in 2008. i earned my visa in 2012. i arrived in virginia on the fourth of july 2012. i was 31 years old. host: are still in touch with people trying to make it to the united states from iraq? wife in three months, but her pregnancy is with complications. we were trying to get my mother-in-law here to help with the birth and to take care of
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when my wife gives birth, but now it is impossible under the ban. we received notification from the embassy that even if we paid an fee and scheduled appointment, we received notification don't reschedule. --we canust have that is myt personal experience and how i was affected. host: would you travel outside the united states right now? caller: no. i work for a u.s. company and was planning to travel to turkey one day5th of january, before the executive order. canceled, and i
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citizenshiping my is not affected. yeah. host: good luck with the new baby. new haven, connecticut. caller: good morning, how are you doing? host: doing well. caller: i am from iraq. i used to be an interpreter for the united states army. especially the sf special forces. we would do daily patrols. i got shot 8 times. twice byown up suicide vests. to save american soldiers. to save american soldiers' lives. it is very dear to me. and what happened right now,
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that is really shame. it is not what the united states is built on. it is built on liberty, dignity.s, i don't know what is going to -- thaty friend after is horrible. mine that isd of a interpreter as well who couple of hours before the executive order was signed. his family is stopped in turkey and cannot get in because of the executive order. host: what is he going to do? -- i have notly idea. he has no idea. it is devastating.
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he's trying to do everything. i got one question for mr. trump, it is not all muslims that are bad. not all iraqis are bad. 80% of iraqis fought with americans. they shed blood together, they protect americans together. know? to shame, you end up like that, honestly. my life.ced i almost died twice. i have eight bullets in my body. thought it was a good cause, you know? help the americans. i believe in the liberty -- you still think it is a good cause? caller: yes. if i had to do it all over
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again, i would do it. there were a couple of companies that want to help in iraq. american companies. our soap contractor for the dod -- our subcontractor for the dod, but i cannot go because of the ban. i don't know how we are going to end up. mohammed is in jasper, alabama as we talked to immigrants only. recent or otherwise. immigrants only until 10:00. getting your thought on this travel ban. go ahead. are you with us? caller: yes, hello? yes. thank trump for the ban. i am from syria, a lot of stuff
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is going on. isis taking on different countries. these are terrorist people, even though my people are you know good people. in airports. i believe what trump had done because it is dangerous. you cannot walk around, you cannot do certain things. i am not saying everybody, but hey, we do lots of things and i do not blame trump. for my country, you come to the country come you don't know what is going to happen. you have russia, extremists, somalia, people do crazy things. you do whatever you need to do. that is it. you can blame the people. we have people everyone doing crazy things. a good state and
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country, but now things have changed. do you understand? host: when did you come to the united states? caller: in 1998. host: what was the process like in 1998? not a: our country was terrorist active place, you know? it was easier. we didn't have too much trouble, things like that. getting a decent was much easier -- getting a visa was much easier in 1998. you have 9/11 from 1999, all of the crazy things that happened, you know? host: thanks for the call from alabama. coming up on 9:30 on the east coast at capitol hill. the scheduled beginning of the jeff sessions' hearing for the vote in the judiciary committee
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on his nomination for attorney general. this is the committee vote, not the full senate to vote. there is a picture of the hearing room. you can watch it live on c-span 3. , on the subject of donald trump's nominees moving through willol hill, becky t have her pension hearing at 10:00. we will show you that on c-span 2. stay with us if you would like to hear stories from immigrants only as we talk about their reaction to the travel ban and everything that has happened. lewis in salisbury. caller: how're you doing? host: i am doing well. caller: correct me if i am wrong, but isn't everyone in the , outsideates
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of the native americans, immigrants. i want to know why all of a sudden immigrants are a threat to america. i would agree on certain things that immigrants are a threat. all you have to do is look at the oklahoma bombing. to the embassy hospital. you can look at some of the things, how the immigrants shot up columbine. no one mentions how they shot up sandy ridge, the school. no one said anything about how they go inside theaters and shoot up people, mass people. i have seen more immigrants in america do more damage to then all of ae, sudden everyone wants to talk
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about immigrants. we are all immigrants. not one person in america, are notthe indians, immigrants. when they came on the mayflower they were. when they brought my people on the bottom of the boat, we are immigrants. why all of a sudden muslims are the only immigrants, hispanics are the only immigrants in america? today, speaking since donald trump's knew something that obama had? it is beyond me how all of a sudden they want to use something from obama to give .hem the ok to do with they did i don't think it is right. i do not think they should use that as an excuse of the botchup they committed. they also stated what obama did,
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but obama correctly went through all of the administration's, the senate. signed something, showed the people, and before no agency was ready to take care of their responsibility. i would say it is totally ridiculous. and he is going to do some and to another country where there is no evidence of any terrorism. host: we're talking with immigrants, whether you are a current immigrant or otherwise. we want to hear your stories and thoughts on this travel ban. anding about the travel ban other reaction in the united states. this headline from the usa today tech workers hearing on the travel ban. it prompted over and condemnation from tech
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executives at the google, apple, and more. airbnb, the google cofounder, who is russian, was at the protest at the san francisco airport. reaction from many is particularly visceral in san francisco where the tech center is front and center and much of the work or its is foreign-born and many founders were immigrants or children of them. steve jobs was the son of the syrian immigrant. i'm donald trump on how he plans to -- from donald trump on how he plans to run his work force. theromised to protect rights of lesbians, gay, transgender people under an executive order signed by president obama in 2014. noting that the president's statement from the white house,
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that he is the proud first republican nominee to mention hiso btt q community in acceptance speech to protect them from violence and persecution. taking calls from immigrants only. phone line split of regionally. in the eastern are central time zones, (202) 748-8000. in the mountain or pacific region, (202) 748-8001. germantown, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. can you hear me? host: yes, sir. where are you an immigrant from, matt? caller: west africa. dad served in the military, the navy. he is retired. he got married to my mom. . came to this country
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this ban really breaks my heart. believe america to be. the nation of immigrants, the nation that will stand up for right. it really breaks my heart, simply because in the african communities i have met several some non-citizens who defended this country in the iraq war. one of them is related to me. like very of heartbreaking for the president to do something like that. the question that i have for mr.
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-- i refer to him as djt -- i got that from online. the question i have for him is why isn't england on the list? terrorists american in this country. take dlyann roof who killed nine people. sandy hook. columbine. the oklahoma bomber. what is mr. trump going to do to vet hatefull -- people that are born on this country, real americans, but i think all americans are real americans. what is he going to do to stop
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people from entering the government? when they enter the government they create terrorism through policies of the past. .hat is my question that is my question for him. host: good morning. caller: good morning. yes, would i want to say is this will not make america safe. i don't think it will. countries, ie don't think it will make america safe on hundred percent. in. is the new world we are it is happening everywhere. it is happening here. there are people going into clubs and killing people. there are black people who kill whoever passing on the street. we don't understand their
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reasoning. it is just the time. especially after september 11. killing is everywhere in the world. you cannot stop the world from coming to america, yes, but we think they arei already doing it -- to look at the people who come to the united states, yes. all thejust stop people. for me, i have american citizen to its, a green card, family that is supposed to come to america, apply for it. my friend is not coming to stay with his family. broke her, but i sent him to yemen. when he went to high school he started acting -- you know teenagers -- i sent him to yemen to grow up and come back. i did not want him to -- he was a very smart boy. i sent him home.
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he was supposed to come back after i applied for him. now, that means my son cannot come in to join his family. you know? say is listen to the voice of the world. tot like we did when we went iraq. the world was telling us that is wrong, don't go america, but america went. ok questio? the world is telling us no. what you are doing is wrong, america. trump, listen to the voice of the world. the republicans convinced the american people and went to iraq when the world was opposing us? why question like that is what happened, right? now they are trying to convince
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the majority of americans, they don't understand what is going on in the world. people thatbout the say donald trump should listen to the voices of the voters that elected him. he talked about extreme vetting during his campaign. caller: from what i see and hear, those people, most of them, don't understand. you can't stop everyone who has a green card. you have american family saying stop, you cannot come in, ok? they do not understand what is going on. they say he is stopping iteris, most doing right, but people are brainwashed. they do not understand what is what. host: pittsburgh, california. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am calling as an immigrant from sweden. i am upset the way you are
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moderating the show. you are not explaining to the immigrants the real truth about the temporary travel ban. it is a temporary travel ban inclusive of certain countries aat apparently obama had on list before taking office. the united states is open to legal immigration. if immigrants are here and are willing to assimilate and not acts, therorist american people don't have a problem with that. you would do these immigrants a favor by fully explaining it is a temporary ban, and the president is not attempting to ban every immigrant from coming here to the previous caller mentioning aren't we all immigrants? no. some people were born here and our natural citizens. they have a right to protect their borders. we have experienced terrorist
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, 9/11, the boston bombers, san bernardino, other terrorist on this homeland. i do not think it is improper for the president to take extra measures to ensure people are traveling, their visas are not expired. we have a lot of immigrants who do not conform with the immigration laws. they travel in and out, their visas are expired come yet they are allowed to travel in and out of the country. president forweak the last eight years who has not followed the laws, in forced the immigration laws, now people are spoiled and think they have a right to come in and out on expired leases, especially from the countries on the list that either support terrorism or provide weapons, or whatever. if people were to do research and they would understand the
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importance of the temporary travel ban. in are promoting fear immigrants because you are not explaining the facts. now they are hanging up and you are not giving them the facts. host: we talked about it with both members of congress, the temporary ban on certain onntries, indefinite ban syrian refugees. as immigrants to call in on this section and share their stories and thoughts. we want to get out of the way for them to share their stories. maya from georgia. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you today? when i was seven years old with my parents. we were running away from the regime, the gadhafi regime. my country is suffering even
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though that regime is gone. ie don't have a government, understand i am a citizen and by theen given asylum united states of america. i went to school here, graduated, have my own business and i feel the pain of those people. at the same time, i want this country to be safe. the process, you have to have faith in the system. that they go through to get the visa or citizenship. they are grilled. this is a country that does everything to protect its citizens. the fact that one order will protect the country is not true. i people that work for me that are sub countries that are not even from these -- that our subcontractors that are not even
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from these countries. people work hard, have green cards, i looking forward to being citizens. when those people cannot go to sleep and are worried they cannot leave the country and may be deported even though they have green cards come you have normal people who cannot sleep. people who are legal here. it is a fact in the legal citizens, green card holders, more than -- we can shut the borders and no one comes in. host: why are the green cardholders worried about being deported? that was not something in the executive order. caller: i have a guy from el salvador. not even one of the countries listed. they do not have trust in the government. if they can issue orders just like that, put 10 through, stop theye with legal papers, are already in the countries, detained, what makes them not
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report us? that is really serious. i see the anxiety. i am a citizen and i do not feel comfortable leaving. it has to be explained right, done right, so we are all not panicking. if they do not allow me to come back i will find a home somewhere, but for americans that are worried and terrified about the danger coming, we have a system that is doing its best to protect this country. like it is a one-man show, and it is up to trump for benin to decide what is good for the country? host: abraham, good morning. caller: good morning. host: i am listening, where are you from? michigan, i from
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came here in 1980 from iraq. logic for v extreme vetting. things have changed since 9/11. impliedd have been by president bush. if he has the guts to implement, only for the safety of the united states. extreme vetting, there have been people showing worries concerning the worries, give them time. it is important we have to live easily. terrorism started from 9/11. american life has changed. most of the -- they committed the crimes in new york. 19 were from saudi arabia. muslims are terrorists,
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but most of the terrorists are muslims. the 19 were from saudi arabia. i don't see why saudi arabia is part of the seven or eight. all the terrorists come from that school. pearl harbor was bombed by the japanese in world war ii, they killed 3000 u.s. soldiers, marines, in hawaii. we bombed hiroshima and nagasaki. arabiad we do for saudi question nothing. why? they have the oil. we have not punished saudi arabia for any reason. host: can i ask you, when callers say they are shocked
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,bout what president trump did as we heard in this segment, do you think they should be surprised, that donald trump made it clear while campaigning this is what he wanted to do and this was why people were voting for him? caller: absolutely. he was very transparent. he said it and he does what he is saying. he do what he say. in implementing this extreme vetting. i don't see any problem. is notrry from others founded. , helpful, only temporary. it will give some time. given time tor, have it all sorted out. hold and nothing to
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evil intentions, why would i worry about the vetting? let them hold me and questioned me, may a few hours to week or two. they give me food and water then let me come in. important.ting is one important point, they said -- i would like to see any of these callers or american citizens to go to these countries where we are banning from. in cairo, baghdad, beirut, saudi arabia, it will be religious and racial. they will be very happy that he came up with his background. host: that is abraham in michigan. 10 minutes left, talking to immigrants only, current or
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otherwise. your reaction to the travel ban. out, more stories to point "the new york times" editorial board writing that 100 state department employees indicated they will sign a memorandum registering their opposition to president trump's travel ban. the new york times editorial board noting the administration would be reckless to dismiss this morning from public servants who spent their career safeguarding american interests abroad. their concerns are shared by lawmakers from both parties, european leaders, and top united nations officials. yesterday at the white house press secretary sean spicer was asked. here was his response. [video clip] governmentthat any official or anyone who does not understand the president's goal and what is what, this is blown
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out of proportion and exaggerated. in 24-hours 325,000 people flew about 109are talking people from seven countries that the obama administration identified. these bureaucrats have a problem? they can get with the program, or they can go. this is about the safety of america. there is a reason the majority of americans agree with the president. they understand that is his number one priority and duty, to keep our people and institutions safe from attack. these steps are common sense steps the president is taking to make sure we are not looking in the rearview mirror saying "we should have done something like this." host: you can watch it in its .ntirety at a few minutes left. we want to take a few more calls
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from immigrants only, talking about your reaction to donald trump's executive order on extreme vetting. jose, good morning. go ahead. caller: first, you are doing a tremendous job. you are not miss informing the people. their panicking, i share the panic with most immigrants. i am from mexico. he have to realize what donald trump comes from. ands a businessman, hotels casinos. in four years he will go back. i'm not surprised by this move. the other lady who says this was temporary, we don't know. when you are an immigrant, you learn temporary sometimes becomes a kind of long time.
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muslims -- mexicans, me personally i am a u.s. citizen and was picked up by ice five months ago. i was in a decision center for two months. . showed them every proof social security, naturalization saidficate, and the guy they would investigate. i hired a lawyer. they said "sorry, it was into you." a splace you have where there are 60 people. host: how did you get out? a lawyer.hired they proved i was a united states citizen. they said sorry, you can go home. go to thei went to station, and i got my paper back
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again. i was on my way to dallas one i heard about the ban. the new administration is trying new -- make an impression on the owrld, make a other countries, i feel bad for muslims. -- rprised at all. this is the beginning. valentina, good morning. caller: good morning. we came to this country in
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1978 from moscow. we were grateful for every piece of paper we had to fill in. for everything we had to do to make sure we could come into the country lawfully. i've been listening to this for a long time and never called before. it is amazing people are angrying, yelling, being about something that is as natural as breathing. if someone came to your home, invited or uninvited, and do you suspected one person meant to harm, would you let them rid of the people right away, or next time make sure that people that were under possible suspicion to hurt you or your family did not make it into your home? i would. i believe any reasonable people way. feel the same
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this is not discrimination. this is not feeling one group is worse than another group. this is a very reasonable we live towards saying in this country. it is our home. we all are responsible for having it safe. measure to prevent people that we are not sure coming and hurting anyone here is only a reasonable thing to do. about those state department and government members who in some way feel distanced from the president, he is there. they have two choices, they can quit, which is what most of us do what we do not like the job or boss and find employment
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elsewhere, or they can do what they are asked to do. the rest of the conversations belongs at home with your friends, not in the press and scaring people that go about living their life and trying to psych everyone out, run around, and behave in and of noxious manner. --in an of noxious manner obnoxious manner. host: the senate panel that was voting this morning on the nomination of rick perry, former texas governor rick perry, to serve as energy secretary approved the nomination. that was the senate committee boat. they are facing a floor vote as well. as our viewers know, that vote for senator jeff sessions is underway. that hearing is happening now for the vote for his nomination for secretary of state.
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you can keep track of these things throughout the day by staying with c-span. we'll update you on that information and take you to the house in a minute or two. from san in mimi mateo, california. good morning. caller: good morning. les.s born and raised in nap i'm not from one of the designated countries, but i am an import nevertheless. hooray for the woman from moscow. that is how i feel. of the silente majority. we live 10 minutes away from sfo. i watched the people yelling and screaming. i started looking closely to those people. like they had nothing
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better to do. that goes the same for the universities in california. appalled millions of dollars are given to sanctuary ,ities, san francisco california. how long has that been going on? how stupid that is. that should be against the law. that should have never even started. or that to go on today, it is amazing. these are billions of dollars that should be spent to take care of veterans, people who have given their lives, their families, and to the caller that is waiting for his mother-in-law to take care of the baby, or the woman from yemen who's son right now is in limbo, for
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heaven sake, give the president a chance. host: we have to end it there. house is coming in and we will take you there live on c-span.


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