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tv   Open Phones on Supreme Court Nominee Part 1  CSPAN  January 31, 2017 8:18pm-8:36pm EST

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>> 49-year-old neil gorsuch is named by president trump as his pick to fill the final seat of the u.s. supreme court. he currently sits on the 10th court of appeals in denver. a colorado native who grew up in the washington area but went to columbia, harvard and also oxford. the phonening up lines to get your thoughts and what you heard from judge gorsuch and president trump. we also welcome your thoughts at
8:20 pm send is a tweet at @cspan. we are keeping our eyes on the comments from members of congress, particularly those who will sit on the judiciary committee will hold the confirmation hearings for judge gorsuch. we don't have a date on those yet. certainly in the next day or tow, we should know. we will hear from champaign, illinois on the democrat line. you are on the air. caller: i just want to say first and foremost, i love c-span. i love the fact you guys show everything. i looked up the supreme court nominee and he seems like he has a pretty good background. i'm hoping he just serves and he does the right thing. host: republican line, catherine. >> hi, this is catherine. i'd like to say, not because i
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'm so proud ton, i be a citizen of this great country. i totally support mr. trump. that is why we voted for him. we needed great change in this country. his nomination for supreme court is excellent. i'm not really familiar with him, but listening to his speech and his background, it seems it is impeccable. i really feel he is not going to lean all the way to the right, but he is going to follow the constitution and be a moderate and be fair. i think he is going to be as equal as judge scalia was. i feel very confident in him and i hope the senate can come together. this country is divided. i hope this is the start of coming together and seeing what the people do in this country.
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i thank president trump for his decision and i totally, again, support this 100%. host: president trump mentioned the widow of justice scalia was in the audience this evening. a lot of republican senators there, but not many democrats. senator schumer, senator durbin not in attendance. let's go to philadelphia on the democrats line from bradley. caller: good evening. thank you for your gavel to gavel coverage. actuallyto comment, agreeing with president trump's nomination. i think he is an extremely qualified of justice. i think the real implication is what justice kennedy can possibly do. possibly another qualified justice on the court and maybe going to retirement early in
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giving the president another chance at a nomination. it should be interesting. thank you. host: fort mills, south carolina. susan on the independent line. caller: hello, my name is susan. i'm an immigrant myself from england. i came over in the 1960's and i have worked hard. i was able to go to college here and able to participate in the election. hadso proud that everybody really tried so hard to represent the american people. i'm so proud to be an american and i just want to say thank you to president trump for an ofounding -- outstanding job picking this supreme court justice and i am praying and hoping with all of my heart that america gets together because we have to love one another. thank you very much for yo.
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president trump selecting neil gorsuch of the 10th circuit of appeals in denver. 49-year-old neil gorsuch, his election to fill the seat of the supreme court left vacant by the death of antonin scalia a. . getting your comments. twitter, it is @cspan. a member of the judiciary committee, we will hear from judge gorsuch, it is mike lee from utah. he says we are ready to get to work to get judge gorsuch confirmed. and were joined by ben sass senator ted cruz. we continue to watch the gathering of the east room in the white house. go ahead. caller: hi. i love watching c-span, first of
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all, because you really show everything. that president donald trump did a fabulous job. i know we put a lot of effort into looking into his candidate and i feel really good about who he picked. i hope we can come together because i think if we reach across the table, it will stuff the vision. because we are not in a good place in thisi know w. thank you for letting me express my opinion. i respect c-span very much and i respect the people that call in. host: breaking up a bit but we will let you go. we see senator john cornyn there. it is anne on the democrats line. caller: hi. host: go ahead.
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you are on the air. caller: i want to say america are got -- merrick garland got robbed. host: merrick garland was selected by president obama a month after the death of justice scalia. many democrats vowing to filibuster the nomination of judge gorsuch even before the nomination was announced this evening, making that pretty well known. a a lot of comments on both sides. this is from betty mccollum, saying "gorsuch is the architect of the hobby lobby which allowed employers to deny female employees access to contraception." next is cherry hill, new jersey. mike, good evening. caller: hello, thank you. i just want no one to be
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fooled by this process. gains processly a the matter what party is in control. this particular judge, justice elect seems to be well spoken, seems to be a nice guy. let us not be full that he was selected based on what the republicans in this case wanted to hear fantasy in their nominee. unfortunately, for example, in the area of choice or in gun legislation -- we are standing by and allowing the right-wing ideologues to find what our government should look like and i am in health care. ip -- i see people shot and brought to hospitals every
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single day and the republicans stand by and let it happen and take money from the gun lobbyist. it is a travesty. it is immoral. i hope this particular judge or justice elect is not going to be one who rubberstamps whatever the gun lobby wants. you to youll show again very shortly on c-span. we are also covering at the supreme court for the second night in a row, there are demonstrators in front of the court. reaction to both the decision this evening by donald trump selecting judge gorsuch and reacting yesterday evening to the president's executive order on refugees and immigrants. you can continue to follow that live. we are streaming that live on
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you that later in our schedule as well. for perspective on judge kaplan, here is craig tweeting about the process. was confirmed unanimously in 2006. he says i of law the president for his nomination for judge. madeline says antonin scalia was not a moderate. he pushed discriminatory gerrymandering. i will about john? we will go to dan from watertown, new york. are you there? go ahead. caller: ok, yes. thank you. thanks for c-span for being here and putting on a great presentation tonight. i'm a lifelong democrat and i
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love the law and i love the constitution. i was quite impressed by the nominee tonight. i have to tell you in all sincerity. i'm willing to give him a chance. i hope the senate expedites this to get the ninth justice on the supreme court because that is what the country deserves. constitutionthe has said. myself, -- i think he's going to make an outstanding justice. that is my opinion. i appreciate for taking my call. host: appreciate you calling. judge courses will turn 50 in august this year. he was born in 1967. he had gone to columbia university, harvard and then also went to oxford. he clerked for justices byron
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white and justice kennedy. i believe he would be the first justice to have clerked with another sitting justice. circuiteen on the 10th since 2006. luke., indiana, it is caller: hi. i'd like to thank mr. trump for everything he is going to luke. caller: do for the united states. about thet to learn government and you can see what he's going to do. i know i sound like a crazy a 14-year-old, it is really interesting to learn about this. i think he is going to do a great job with this country. input.e appreciate your
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let's go to washington. it is yuri on the independent line. caller: i'm a green card voter. as a foreigner, i'm wondering if america is doing really well -- do we really need one now? maybe we can input. let's go another four years without a ninth justice. made that point. some politicians, particularly democrats, have made the point in operating with a justices, but the court itself has struggled with a number of cases, did not take on a number of cases for the inability to come to a definitive ruling on a case. in texas on the democrat line. caller: hello. good job. followedn watching -- i
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the judges when i heard the list come out and i was impressed with this one. at first, i am not so sure but he seems to be very solid. i think we should give him a chance and i certainly will. he is very impressive. it was pretty surprising but whenever we watched all of the debates and everything -- i look over to the other side and watch the republicans and see what they were saying and come back to our side and he what we said. they didn't match. what republicans said, what we heard was not true. i would say to democrats we really need to give trump a chance and listen to him. what we were hearing during the debates was not the truth of what he was saying. host: we're seeing orrin hatch leaving.
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massachusetts on a republican line. michael. caller: how are you? just calling. i've watched and i'm excited, but i am taking everything with a grain of salt. out hoping that we figure america's identity because i feel like we are having an identity crisis. hopefully, we can put in the right people to get us back with them. oft a better understanding social instruction. i feel like if trump can play his cards right, that can be obtained. again, take everything with a grain of salt and hopefully this man will bring common sense back and we can begin to deliver on
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the issues at hand. host: in the east room for a moment longer. we will show you this evening's announcement by president trump. it follows one more call. carlos in miami beach. we will show you the event. it is only about 15 minutes. go ahead. caller: hi there. i am sadexcited -- that the president cannot afford us the freedoms. i just wish we can take more consideration instead of signing off on these bills and getting .ur teams together i hope everybody that can hear this can go forward with this. host:


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