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tv   Open Phones on Supreme Court Nominee Part 2  CSPAN  January 31, 2017 8:48pm-9:01pm EST

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a judge who likes every outcome he reaches is very likely a bad judge. stretching for results he prefers rather than those the law demands. i am so thankful tonight for my family, my friends, and my faith. these are the things that keep me grounded at life's peaks and has sustained me at its valleys. to louise, my incredible wife and companion of 20 years, my cherished daughters watching on tv, and all of my family and friends, i cannot thank you enough for your love and your prayers. i could not attempt this without you. mr. president, i'm honored and i'm humbled. thank you very much. [applause]
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host: neil gorsuch named by president donald trump to fill the ninth vacancy on the supreme court vacated by the death of justice antonin scalia in february of 2016. we're opening up our phone lines to hear from you, your reactions. send is a tweet at @cspan. we will read them in the next 10 or 15 minutes. reaction from capitol hill. senate democratic leader chuck schumer posting a statement. schumer, judge gorsuch
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has repeatedly sided with corporations over working people." now more than ever a supreme court justice that is independent and who will preserve our democracy backed and standing up to a president who is already shown a willingness to bend the constitution. we will hear from frederick in louisiana. caller: thank you very much. i have a question. i don't know whether you can answer it or not. i've been told the supremelouis. caller: thank you very court up between up between members that are jewish and catholic, roman catholic. do you know what religion this nominee is? host: i don't know. i do know he went to a catholic boy's high school in the washington area. underther servedis divided
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president reagan in the environmental protection agency, but i don't know his religion. comment i would like to make about justice scalia. that not everybody knows he was a participant in a said that flag freedom of speech and upheld the flag burning from the case from texas. the decision. host: did you agree with that decision? did you agree with his reasoning? caller: i agree with it. you have him on c-span at one time. reasonsstated that his for siding with the defendant in
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.hat case, the flag burner i thought they probably should have been prosecuted in texas for disorderly conduct, for destroying somebody's property. from ad stolen the flag convention that the republican party was holding. host: you saw that conversation with justice scalia on c-span? caller: that is right. host: thank you for calling this evening. he is right about that. you can go to our website,, type in justice scalia and see that. not a lot of video we have of judge neil gorsuch. i believe we have some from the federalist society. we can show you a part of a speech he gave back in 2013 as
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we do our phone calls. we will give you a flavor of some of the things he said regarding the law. mary jane on our republican line. caller: hi, i just want to congratulate our new president donald trump for doing the things he said he will do and why i voted for him. the people in this united states need to get behind him and judge gorsuch and do what they need to do to make america a better place for us to live. give him a chance. he has only been in office for two weeks and he is already keeping his campaign promises. we need to shut up and listen instead of running our mouths. amen. host: erin on the democrats lied. go ahead. caller: i would like to say like america garland, -- merrick
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garland, neil gorsuch is a driven judge for an american and for that reason i feel it is only fair he receives the exact garland wasration given. host: do you think the democrats and obstruct his nomination slow walk the nomination process then? caller: i think when we are looking at the architect of the hobby lobby decision, i think democrats have every reason to consider the political outcome of this action, or his nomination. yeah, i think they will obstrcut it and they have every reason to. i don't think until america garland gets consideration. host: mark nolar tweeted this out. he said for reference, antonin
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scalia a died february 13, 2016. president obama nominated merrick garland march 16. good evening to mary lou. caller: thank you for c-span. with this pick, antonin scalia 's spirit will remain on the supreme court. i think for a long time now we have been living in a country of the legality and immorality. if donald trump is able to get enough supreme court judges on that court, hopefully we will be able to and the senseless killing of unborn babies, restore the defense of marriage act between a man and a woman and finally stop illegal immigration once and for all. kudos to donald trump and i think this is a great day for conservatives and for our country. thank you again. host: we mention we have some video of neil gorsuch speaking
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in 2013. back then, he was speaking to society and was talking about the about of federal criminal laws being created. judge gorsuch: without question, the discipline of writing the law down and codifying it advances the laws interest. today, we have about 5000 federal criminal statutes in the books. most of them added for the last few decades. pouring witheps hundreds of new statutory crimes inked every year. that is in count the thousands of regulatory crimes. so many crimes in the numbing agents,t of those scholars have given up counting and debating the number. joe biden worried we would have a dependency to federalize
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everything that walks, talks and move. too, we should say hooves because it is now a federal crime to misuse the likeness. pollute. hoot, d on't this has been important to lobster tails and plastic tags. mattress sellers remove that tag, yes, they're probably federal criminals too. whether because of public choice problems or otherwise, there appears to be a ratchet relentlessly clicking away always in the direction of more federal laws. some say the growing numbers is not out of proportion of the population. others suggest the proliferation of federal criminal laws can be mitigated by allowing it to be more widely asserted. isn't there a trouble irony lurking? without written laws, we lack
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fair notice of the rules we citizens have to obey. with too many written laws, don't we invite a new kind of fair notice problem? what happens to individual freedom and equality when the criminal law comes to cover so many facets of daily life that prosecutors can almost choose targets with impunity? neil gorsuch in 2013. tonight, selected by donald trump as his pick to fill the ninth seat of the u.s. supreme court. let's hear reaction from washington, new jersey. dean on the democrats line. caller: i just watched tonight, the selection, the process of the supreme court judge. happy to see the temperament of the president tonight and i really enjoyed the tonight.'s speech
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it was very heartfelt. i don't know anything about him, but i think he will make a difference in our country.' not so much make the country great again, but make the country greater. host: you mentioned the temperament of the president tonight. what were you expecting? what were you concerned about? caller: i actually thought it would be a train wreck. it turned out to be quite enjoyable to watch. trumpk -- i'm not at rum supporter but i think with the temperament he had tonight of trying to bring people together, i think if he continues with that spirit that it will be better for him in the long run. it will be better for the country in the long run. not to divide people, for example, on this immigration issue that is raging across the country now. host: appreciate your input, dean. statement from mitch mcconnell
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who was sitting front row. his statement on the selection of neil gorsuch, saying the president made an outstanding decision in his nomination to be associate justice of the supreme court. ground andmpressive a long record of faithfully applying the law and the constitution. we will take you live to the u.s. supreme court where there has been a building demonstration and reaction to the nomination tonight of judge gorsuch. we will watch and listen in and get back to your phone calls as we are able. to live coverage here on c-span. >> united we will never be defeated.


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