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tv   Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly Briefing  CSPAN  February 2, 2017 11:45am-12:01pm EST

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tests them. this is not a friendly country. yeah, i think we need to have a tougher iran policy. reporter: and do you think -- speaker ryan: i think we should stop appeasing iran. >> and house speaker ryan will be gaveling in his colleagues in about 15 minutes when the house returns. they'll debate two bills -- repealing federal regulations passed during the obama administration. we will have live coverage on c-span. and a briefing with democratic leader in the house, nancy pelosi. ms. pelosi: good morning, everyone. running a little bit late because of the prayer breakfast ran over earlier this morning, as you know, we gathered for the national prayer breakfast, a time-honored tradition to gather and say fellowship and
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humility as well as prayer. the values expressed by many people at the prayer breakfast as they led us in prayer were in stark contrast with the president's unconstitutional, immoral and dangerous ban on refugees and citizens of muslim countries coming into the united states. the president claims this is about security, but national security experts are urgently speaking out. the president's cruel and reckless ban makes america less safe. over 900 american diplomats have risked their careers to send a message that the president's ban makes america less safe, again, protecting our nation, and that's our first responsibility, to protect and defend our constitution and the american people. requires us to be smart and strong, not reckless and rash. three times house republicans have blocked democrats' emergency bill to rescind the ban, to call the statue of
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liberty values act. we continue to explore all of our legislative and legal options to overturn this dangerous ban. what's making america less safe is to have a white supremacist named to the national security council as a permanent member while the chairman of the joint chiefs and the director of national intelligence are told, don't call us. we'll call you. you're no longer permanent members. we'll call you when we need whatever judgment they make about when they want them to come back. this is -- it's a stunning thing that a white supremacist then would be a permanent member of the national security council and dismissing chairman of joint chiefs and a director f national security as permanent members. you are probably aware of this but i found it intriguing that the house oversight committee chairman john chaffetz told
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"the washington post" that he was weighing legislation that in essence says if you're going to have your hands on a nuclear code we should probably know what mental state you are in. i can't wait until they sprow deuce that legislation, to be able to join as co-sponsor of that, as mr. cummings has also said. i think it's a very good idea. i think it's a very good idea. again, the public outcry toward the president's dangerous ban over the weekend was massive and the president is clearly eager to shift attention away. you notice every time something gets hot he changes the subject. he changes the subject. he's an illusionist. if you -- now you see it, now you don't. so when the heat was turned up by turning -- people turning out at airports, he surprised it and decided to move up his announcement of supreme court justice from thursday to tuesday night.
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so the president announced judge gorsuch. he's far outside the mainstream of american judicial thought. in terms of women's rights and hobby lobby, the judge singled out women's health discrimination and enabled employers to meddle into their workers' most intimate reproductive health decisions. when it came to workers and consumers, as a judge and in private practice, he consistently sided with powerful corporate interests against consumers. if you care about clean air, clean water, food safety, safety of medicine, workers' rights, shareholders' rights, class action suits against fraud in the securities industry, if you care about the enforcement, the values of the idea, addressing the concerns of chirp with disabilities and saying his case children with a autism should not have access
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to the same opportunities to reach their intellectual and personal best, this is what he has chosen. elections have ramifications. he also -- you all recall what a triumph the marriage equality decision was in the courts. that took action going through the courts and he has criticized the progressives and condemned those who turned to the courts to advance lgbt equality. again, elections have ramifications, and as he has said, the president has said far back as june, he saw a list of people who met the standard for the far right, for issues that relate to a woman's right to choose, marriage equality and more. he made that commitment which he honored in the worst possible way. tuesday, the same day that he
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made that announcement, marked the end of the open enrollment period for the insurance marketplace under the affordable care act. by christmas eve, just to go back a few weeks, 11.5 million people were already signed up outpacing the year before. california even extended the deadline for enforcement until february 4 to accommodate the search and enrollment. you had to complete your application another few days. republicans continued to try to create up certainty and sabotage the marketplace. last week, the trump administration abruptly cancelled much of the advertising and outreach to efforts that help remind americans that time was running out for them to complete their applications. this never -- contrast this with -- many of you weren't here but when medicare part d was debated in the congress under the presidency of george
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w. bush, we overwhelmingly opposed it. it was a giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry and one of the reasons that our deficit was increased, our national debt was increased, take that from the congressional budget office, not from me, because of the high cost and giveaways to the pharmaceutical companies. so we opposed it. but it became law and our offices facilitated the opportunity for constituents to take advantage of it. our responsibility is to our constituents. this is outrageous that they would say we are not even going to let you know what the law allows you to do because we are philosophically opposed. it's just another example they are not trying to make america great again, they are trying to make america sick again. it will lead to disability, death. it's a tragedy but we are going to make that fight. in the meantime there is a disruption to the marketplace because this is a marketplace oriented event.
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the exchanges. and any additional uncertainty that is injected there by this administration just -- it's not constructive and they want it to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. see, we did this. it didn't work and therefore it didn't work, not having anything to do with what we did. make america sick again. any questions? let me see a new person. ok, you. reporter: have you had any conversations with g.o.p. leaders about the obamacare replacement and possibly finding ways that democrats could work with republicans? ms. pelosi: no. we're waiting to see what they have to offer. the repeal and replace, as i said before, has iterations but it really doesn't have the votes and we haven't seen anything yet. the president says it's going to be beautiful. going to see it any minute, any second, any nanosecond but we haven't seen anything yet. but hopefully we will and then we can act upon that.
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but we haven't seen anything yet. in the meantime, what is happening across the country are members of congress are hearing from their constituents and it's one thing to pass a bill and say this will be good for you. it's another thing to say, we're taking this away from you. and i think some of their vocabulary is changing on the subject the using words like rebuild or those kinds of words rather than -- you'll hear less nd less of repeal. that's a tea party orientation but not really what we think will happen. the other part of it is people are seeing the connection between the affordable care act, medicare and medicaid. in the affordable care act we prolonged the life of medicare, we provided additional benefits to seniors for free exams that has helped them be healthier, intervening sooner, closing the doughnut hole. that means lowering the cost of their prescription drugs.
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if you repeal that, again, prolonging the life of medicare for 10 years or more of solvency. if you repeal that you seriously undermine medicare. at the same time in their budget, they want to turn medicare into a voucher. in other words, remove the guarantee. medicare is a guarantee. you remove the guarantee, you remove medicare. and then in terms of medicaid, which is a very important part of this, people think of it in a good way that it is, helping poor children and working parents and the rest and that's a good thing. probably a large number of children, probably 1/5 of the money is spent on children because a large amount of money is spent in seniors. half the money spent in nursing homes are medicaid dollars. this is for middle income families who have spent down their assets and now qualify for medicaid and they're in these hospitals.
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you can also -- in case you have grandparents that fall into this category -- you can also have daycare. you can drop off your elderly parents or grandparents for daycare under all of this. but what the republicans want to do is block grants, shrink medicaid, and that is something that the republican governors in many of the states are arguing against. so it's not just about poor children and their parents, not just about people with disabilities, however worthy that would be justification enough, it's about seniors. and it's also about opioids. don't take it from me. the governor of ohio has said, thank god for medicaid, because that's going to help us address the opioid addiction. so, again, i think the tea party probably wants to get rid of medicaid, but i think that would be problematic in the discussion. but the public has to understand what this means to
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them, not as public policy or their ideology about no role of government but what it means to you and to your family and -- in terms of all of this. now, i won't go into all of the provisions of the affordable care act. not only the 20 million people and growing who will now have access who didn't have access before but the over 150 million people who get their health insurance from their -- in the workplace who now have pre-existing conditions being a barrier to insurance, no lifetime limits or annual limits on their care. being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition. kids can stay on the policy until 26 years old. insurance companies are required to spend 80% of the money they receive on health care and meeting the needs of their policyholders. not advertising, c.e.o. pay and
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the rest of that. there's a lot of merit in the affordable care act of itself. it's being wedded to medicare and medicaid in the legislation. now, the states, there are like 1,100 republican members who are in states and have expanded medicaid and they are going to see it snatched away from their constituents. they need to know with about that. some of their governments are arguing, don't touch that. reporter: i want to ask you about the trump administration's first national security operation overseas in yemen. i know you get briefed on these things and you can't talk about classified material. do you know about the operations, are you satisfied how what happened in the green light to go ahead with the raid even though it did result in the death of an american soldier? ms. pelosi: i'm looking for more information. the department of defense has put out a pretty thorough after-action review which is
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what you do -- the after-action review on it, but i haven't been briefed directly on it with questions that i may have and i look forward to that. i don't want to say anything about that right now except to be sad about the loss of life that happened there and to say intelligence matters in terms of actions taken, timing and the rest of that. you have to be ready. reporter: do you get the sense they weren't ready? ms. pelosi: i don't know. that's what i am looking to see. reporter: i know on opening day or the inauguration day you and the other congressional leaders were with president trump over on the senate side. ms. pelosi: right. reporter: one thing i noticed, everybody seemed to be cherry and optimistic and the thing and in the past 14 days, can you describe -- and you went through a number of policy areas, steve banon -- >> watch all of this online at search nancy pelosi. we'll leave here and take you live to the u.s. house momentarily. the house gaveling in today to
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debate two bills -- repealing regulations passed during the obama administration. live coverage now on c-span. the speaker: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father conroy. chaplain con ray: -- chaplain conroy: let us pray. we give you thanks, o god, for giving us another day. there have been many prayers this day rising to you from those engaged in the political discourse of this nation. we give you thanks for those who are able to gather at the national prayer breakfast and those across this land who joined their prayer intentions with the many who attended. bless the members of the people's house now as they gather to do the legislative wok


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