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  President Trump Signs Executive Orders to Roll Back Financial Regulations  CSPAN  February 3, 2017 8:04pm-8:17pm EST

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white house, a statement was tweeted saying that being on the a means toply was provide advice, and that he does not necessarily agree with the trumpet in the station. you can -- trump administration. some executive orders that were signed by president trump today dealing with financial regulation. president trump signing two executive orders. one of them ordering the financial department to review -- here is the president signing those orders. pres. trump: thank you for everybody being you this morning. this is a world-class group.
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congratulate steve for the job he has done. the day after the election was [inaudible] to be honest with you. he's that i would like to put lower deskgroup of world-class leaders, and that is what he has done. good job, steve. a couple of things happened this morning. ,27,000 jobs have been secured so we are very happy about that. i think that is going to continue bigly. we are bringing back jobs, we are bringing down taxes. we are doing it. we're coming up with the tax bill soon, and health care bill even sooner, and it is really working out. getting a lot of help with the veterans, and we are really appreciating that, toby. you have been amazing.
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one of the things i heard this morning watching the news was become a muchhas bigger subject than the super bowl. that is saying that politics is more interesting to people. so that is good. we have polarity here -- larry here. larry did a great job. he manages a lot of my money and he got a great return last year. [laughter] to go crazy for smart people that make money. why don't you get other people to run the economy? the people who voted for me understand that. that is what they want. when i campaign for office, i promised the american people that i would ask for our countries west and brightest, and we have that. such a great
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secretary of commerce, wilbur ross. with the great jack welch, the legendary jack welsh. we appreciate it. we are looking in the upcoming few moments to discuss all of the things that you think we can do to bring back our jobs to get taxes even lower than what we have been cutting down. we have a great plan. i want to have your input on the plan. inant to know we have to do terms of regulation. we have some bankers here. there is no one else better to tell me about stock price and jamie. but we expect you to be cutting a lot, because i have a lot of money, who cannot borrow a lot of banks will not let them
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borrow money because of the rules and regulations. it will be talking about changing the rules to that. i want to introduce someone i have known for a long time. we're thinking of having [indiscernible] on ank we will start monthly basis and go to a quarterly basis. -- we have the biggest, brightest in the world, in this country. manufacturing setup, which is worldwide. these of the biggest and best minds in this country, and i would like to think steve for being here. would you like to stay in -- say a few words? >> i would like to thank everyone for being here. isn'trpose of this group for general discussion, which is ok. the real purpose is to get things done, to advise the
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government as to areas where we could do things better, and for the country for all americans. and for bottlenecks and things. we have an agenda, unlike a lot of other meetings that happen. we'll cover some of the immigration things. ,ill cover regulatory release we will cover tax and trade, women in the workplace, infrastructure, and education. we will need areas suggestions, ways to make things happen, happen faster to improve the country. important that we mobilize the nongovernmental sector and also most important way that we do it on a bipartisan basis.
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apparently a first in modern washington. everybody on the group was selected because they have expertise and they want the country to do better. we had no criteria. differentl kinds of people from different backgrounds and political persuasions, and if we can make things work right, that is the way the country is supposed to work. sacrifice for people who are here to spend their time. we need to put those things assigned -- aside to focus on things because in any successful meeting, the people who attendance -- attend care about the country. i want to thank everybody for all coming here today.
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room, butaround the before we do that i want to say there are so many people who are --ends of mine as they are friends of mine and i called stephen wanted to get them -- steve and wanted to get them in. [laughter] steve -- pres. trump: he has been very selective. i thought we might go around the room. mary and i met last week. company, somef great companies. you that i learned a lot about the automobile business.
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it,ought i knew a lot about but they have so many regulations and other reasons. when you look at mark, who is telling us what they are doing well,ord and bill ford as a lot of jobs will be coming back into ohio and michigan, pennsylvania, all of the places that have been hurt so badly. they do we can start with mary and go around the room really .ast everybody knows each other, but it will be nice to see. >> hi, i am the ceo of general motors. jim, the boeing guy. [laughter] >> [indiscernible] >> kevin morse, stanford university. [indiscernible]
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jack welch. >> [indiscernible] >> jenny ramadi, ibm. pres. trump: thank you very much. the president mentioned during his business council meeting, the job numbers. january.obs created in the president also signed two executive orders dealing with financial regulation today. one directing that treasury department to renew the 2010 jobs right --. frank law -- dodd frank law. here is the president signing those. signing thesee
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the-- orders to regulate u.s. financial system. it doesn't get much bigger than that, right? pres. trump: would you look at that? >> what we are doing is returning to the american people, the investors and retirees, the control over their own retirement and savings. this is a big moment for us. pres. trump: she means that so
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much. chairman, i think we should hand the pen to this special person. >> thank you. pres. trump: you aren't it, it, youit -- she earned earned it. >> alright guys, thank you. >> and new sanctions against iran were put in place against -- by president trump today as well after nuclear missile test fire ron -- by iran letter today this week. the u.s. also moving a navy destroyer closer to the coast of upen, and oil prices going
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after the news. you can read more of this in the bbc. headednt trump is tomorrow to mar-a-lago in the state of florida for the weekend, where he is expected to hold needing -- meetings at his estate in palm beach, florida. he boarded marine one at the white house. also today, press secretary sean spicer addressing those new sections against iran. here is the briefing. mr. spicer: thank you. good afternoon, happy friday. it is another busy day here at the white house in the trunk administration.