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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2017 11:35pm-11:45pm EST

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would hold the tiebreaker vote and she would be confirmed. >> andrew covers federal policy for education week. thanks so much. >> watch live coverage of senate confirmation debates and votes next week on c-span two and or listen for free on the c-span radio app. >> this weekend, c-span along with our cable partners, explore the literary life of fresno, california. other tim hernandez with his book about the 1948 plane crash in california they killed 32 people, including mexican margaret workers. , willieit happened
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guthrie was in new york at the time, one of the great rebellious folk icons that he has come he heard the news reports that he wrote a column about it.em he said "you won't have a name when you ride that airplane." of "harvest author son," as he recalls race and identity in california's central valley. >> they have a very vibrant agricultural community partly because when immigrants came, this was the only entry for them into the american economy. history tv oncan c-span3, the history of farming and agriculture in fresno from
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county director jacobson. only region like this found in the united states. >> we will tour a museum and learn about an early contributor to agriculture in fresno. >> he especially was interested in the growing of raisins, and he wanted to get a co-op of reason growers to structure the pricing, and control the quality. tour of the c-span's fresno, california. working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country. >> a federal judge in seattle has temporarily blocked president trump's executive order on immigrants and refugees. this is from bloomberg. the ruling saying washington
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state and minnesota can sue over the executive order, saying the states economies and residents could be injured by the band. the judge is a george h w bush appointee and the ruling in seattle came after an earlier ruling from a federal judge in boston said the order did not discriminate against muslims, which was sent back for a challenge by the aclu there. in australia today, the prime minister spoke to a reporter about his telephone call with president trump earlier this week, and according to some reports, the call did not go well. calldent trump ended the early after a disagreement with the prime minister after -- over whether the united states should accept refugees from australia. here is what he called -- told reporters. >> how are you? >> how is your relationship with
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donald trump? >> his spokesman said we had a cordial conversation. >> and it will go ahead? >> of course. the president made a commitment to honor the deal that was entered into by his predecessor. that has been confirmed several times and it is very important that goes ahead because it will enable us to secure resettlement options for people, a number of the people. they are there because the labour party left them there as a consequence of their absolute tragic failure to keep our borders secure. -- extremely vetting be involved? ministerlian prime there. speaking about his phone
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conversation with president trump earlier this week. turning to the financial side of things, the ceo of bloomberg is stepping down from president trump's business council. the sector protests from writers -- this is after protests from writers. "fortune" magazine reporting problems started for uber after they turned off search pricing for jeff key amid -- pricing for jfk airport. they took it as a sign of as support ofber the executive order. a rival car service pledged $1 million to the aclu. you can read more about that in
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"fortune." elon musk is still on the business council, and he tweeted sake, and said that attending does not mean he agrees with the actions of the trump administration. humanity ato make multi-planet civilization. you can read more there, that statement from elon musk. some executive orders signed by president trump today dealing with financial regulations. the president signing two executive orders, one that would direct the treasury department the dodd-frank law, and another one requiring that -- another one requiring a rule forf the ro
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financial advisors acting in the best interests of their clients. [camera shutters clicking] [laughter] >> what we are doing is we're returning to the american people , investors and retirees, control of their own retirement savings. this is about main street, and it has been a labor of love for me for over four years. day and a big moment for americans. that so much.
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shutters clicking] >> at think we should hand this pen to this very special person. >> thank you. i am grateful. >> [indiscernible] all right, guys, thank you very -- thank you. >> new sanctions against iran was put in place by president trump today, as well. this is after a missile test by iran earlier this week. u.s. also moving a navy destroyer to -- closer to the coast of yemen. you can read more of those details in the bbc be.
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president trump is heading to mar-a-lago in florida. he is expected to hold meetings at his estate in florida. he will return to washington, d.c. on monday. he boarded marine one at the white house. secretary sean spicer addressed those sanctions against iran and other issues today. here is that briefing. sec. spicer: good afternoon everyone, happy friday. another busy day here at the white house. the first jobs report under the administration was released this


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