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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 5, 2017 9:40am-10:01am EST

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from 84 lber, focusing on the issue of immigration and will be airing today as part of the super bowl on fox. charlie in florida on the democrat line. should the super bowl be a politics-free zone? caller: good morning. i think that no zone should be politics free. i think everyone should be talking politics wherever they are at, whenever it is available. there is not enough discussion back-and-forth with what people think, so the more we know what the other person is thinking and can reason with why you think what they are thinking is wrong or not going to be good, people need to be more well-informed and get to know each other to the super bowl, if they have something to say, say it. if you are at work and you are discussing things, talk about
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it, find out what is wrong because it seems that most of the people listen to people on talk radio, and those guys are just one-sided. they just misrepresent most every issue, some people have a lot of misrepresented views, so we need to be bring in politics into everything. everybody get involved, everybody get the country back on track because i don't know what will happen over the next four years. host: charlie, thank you. a storyainment has about lady gaga, the halftime entertainment. she has vowed that she would not turn it into a political event. we are asking the question, do you think the super bowl should be a politics-free zone? david in fairfax, virginia, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you particular call. host: go ahead, thank you. caller: i just wanted to say the
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following, in general, i do not think politics is necessary at sporting event. let me explain why briefly. the democrats basically for the -- they had a years to try to accomplish something. they did not accomplish anything. in this last election, crudely put, they had their lunch served to them. now they are taking every , a seedity they can that protesters, the violence, their main mantra and everything is this sense, dissent, dissent. enough to send up government officials that we need to run our country. they are nit picking and choosing every little thing they can to thwart the government for moving forward to read in other words, the media they are using now, the attention they are trying to get from the events, is a perfect example. fine, they will have protesters,
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they will smash up some cars, they will cause taxpayers a lot of money in that area to apparently thing once they are done. what purpose does it serve? only one thing, get the attention we need because it did not work out for eight years and we are unwilling to let the election go. that is all i have to say. for thevid, thanks call. another comment on fox, which its broadcasting the super bowl, year,ox presenting this expected to make the game political. on their public in line to jenny, good morning. caller: good morning. i have been watching fox and back-and-forth to you guys. i love fox, washington journal, and i will not watch football tonight so they contact about whatever they want, and i think it is really great that it will go -- that lady gaga will go along with that. that is great that she will keep your mouth shut. have a great day. host: the nfl commissioner roger
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goodell, native of upstate new york, issued this statement -- we are aware of the conversations going on, and divisions. as commissioner of the super bowl -- of the nfl, i am focused on the super bowl. as i said before, we have a unique position to have an event on sunday that will bring the world together. 11 opportunity to be entertained, to feel good about what they're doing, and that is something we feel proud of and something we will continue to be focused on trade that is from "the new york times in court and roger goodell. cindy, connecticut, democrats i'm. caller: good morning. i was just calling, i have been listening to what some of the callers have been saying. politics should be separated from the super bowl, but i do understand that there are a lot of people that are passionate and seeing changes happening and they feel they should say something about it. it is our american rights, so we
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should support that. host: to terrance from michigan. good morning. caller: good morning. i would suggest that you cannot separate politics from anything in this country, especially lately. the caller there touched on this, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and anybody's opportunity to step forward and make a statement, i do not think it is all violence, but i do think america has short-term memory problems. last time the president was republican with the republican congress and senate, well, ask george w, and on his last day, we are facing full-blown depression with aig, banks ready to go under, wall street ready to go under, stock market under a thousand, losing 2700 jobs a month, gm and chrysler ready to
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go under, and we have two unfunded wars, and one was a lie. ownsman, donald trump, he his words until he speaks them but then his words own him. he has said some whopping things. to deliver that, i that we're looking at the same man. i do not know how it is this man got to the electoral process. a blowout? i do not think so. he did not win the popular vote, but he got enough to get him through the electoral college and you will have to try to recognize what i did not see and what a lot of americans do not see, but some saw that he would deliver us all to greatness. that is great, the new republican messiah. host: thank you for being with us. senator has this to -- can we please stop politicizing everything? we came to the sports to escape the politics centered view of everything. following a tweet from tom brady, the quarterback for the patriots, and the new york post
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has a piece by domestic -- by bel, history tells us to worried about lady gaga sat back, last years of star beyonce enter troop. the ambushed the countries did senses with a salute to the black panthers, who randomly assassinate police, black, white and hispanic as an exercise in political sport. roger goodell did not address people know any when you an advanced or why such an act to be performed on his $40 million per watch? then again, roger goodell allowed nfl teams to quietly accept $5.4 million from the department of defense to stage american and flag in pre-shows to honor those who served and unserved. host: republican line. good morning. us?el, you with caller: can you hear me?
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host: good morning. caller: there is a place and time for politics. as far as work, absolutely not. and the super bowl, let families just enjoy it, you know? host: thank you. james from dallas, good morning. caller: good morning. yes, i think it is impossible to politics,ootball from simply because everything is political. the election that the book the stadium with, the money that they paid the players, the injuries that they get from the again, everything is related to politics, the food that people eat, the air people breathe, the water people drink. it is all political and people have to face the reality that the cannot run away, so politics is looking at the game. host: james, you are not going to talk politics? caller: i am, whoever. host: where are you watching the
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game? caller: where? at home. host: james, thank you. in case you missed it last night, there was this on nbc's "saturday night live" and the spoof. [video clip] >> 15 the white house press briefing with secretary sean spicer. ♪ [applause] >> gentlemen, settle down. settle down. knowe we begin, i [indiscernible] [cheering] >> all right, all right. in essence, when i said rocky start, i meant to do in the sense of "rocky" the movie because i cannot get a punch you in the face, and also, i don't talk so good. i begin today but apologizing on behalf of view to me. [laughter]
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for how you have treated me -- theset two weeks last two weeks and the apology is not accepted because i'm not here to be your buddy. i'm here to swallow gum and i'm here to take names. [laughter] >> ok, now, let me wearing something shiny in front of your monkeys. i will get back to you. [laughter] >> as you know, president trump announced his supreme court pick on the national tv today. when he entered the room, the card greeted him with a standing which lasted a full 15 minutes. you can check the tape. everyone was smiling. everyone was happy.
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host: [laughter] you will not find that in the c-span video library. that was last night's "saturday night live." you can check out our book tv programming. tomorrow morning on "washington journal," we will continue the conversation. it airs every morning at 7:00 eastern time. real clear politics will talk about the week ahead president donald trump. the senate taking up votes for a number of the president's nominees, including education secretary, and sam atkins, the regulatory policy director for the action forum, talk about banking regulations and executive orders, and what is the price of building the wall between the u.s. and mexico? danielle ivory has been looking into that for "the new york times." some of our topics for tomorrow "washington journal." "newsmakers and equip coming up next. to upper joining us on sunday. enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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i hope you have a great week ahead. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] ♪ here on c-span, "newsmakers" is next with democratic senator ben cardin of maryland. the nominations of betsy devos for education secretary and senator jeff sessions for attorney general. our guest this week is maryland's senior senator ben cardin, a democrat. on thehe lead democrat foreign relations committee. we will be talking to him this morning about a busy week in washington and a busy week ahead with kristina peterson and lisa


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