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tv   President Trump Holds Listening Session with County Sheriffs  CSPAN  February 8, 2017 6:26am-7:01am EST

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commercial. joe was making deliveries going door to door as well. making phone calls as well. and michael was mainly doing stuffing envelopes and things like that but everybody was involved. this time it was really a very wonderful part of this experience what was their - >> what was their reaction when they found out you one? suozzi: oh this is a long funny story actually you should really did to them because the night of the election we were so dervis you know i thought i was going to win by a much bigger number and because of the thing. the results at the national level. >> thank you very much. president trump's
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meeting with county sheriffs. this is a half-hour. president trump: hello everybody. >> hello. >> thank you, sir. president trump: hello. president trump: oh, the sheriffs are great people. >> thank you. pres. trump: thank you very much, law enforcement. a big subject in the campaign and a subject that was very well
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received. you have no idea how respected you are. sheriff's generally speaking, the leaders of law enforcement, anybody involved, you have no idea how respected you are. you don't get the honors from the press and you don't know how respected you are, so i want to say that up front. i'm honored to welcome the national sheriffs association. your leadership is here and i know the great job you do. i have known you and followed you for a long time. your efforts are outstanding. i know so many sheriffs from my area, some in particular, they are great friends and great people. i just want to let you know that our job is to help you in law enforcement and we are going to help you do your job.
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we are going to expand access to abuse deterring drugs, which a lot of he has been talking about. they are out and they are very hard to get. to stop the opioid epidemic. we've got to do it. honestly, people are not talking about it enough. it's a new focus, probably a vast majority of your crimes or at least a big portion are caused by drugs, and going to stop them at the border. we are not going to have the drugs pour in from the border like they have been. we will work with you on supporting your long-standing efforts to strengthen the bonds between the communities and the police, which is very important and is sort of a new it is a new phenomenon to some extent. we're going to reduce crime, human trafficking. especially in border counties. we have a lot of the border counties represented. we are committed to working with law enforcement to stop terrorist attacks. you have been reading about that.
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and seeing a lot about that. they want to take a lot of our powers away. some people with a lot of the wrong intentions and we've got a lot of bad people out there. i just want to thank you on and ourf the government country for leading a strong, strong effort. because as you know we do not have an attorney general. we have somebody who is phenomenal, jeff sessions. but i believe there is a record for the time they have delayed the cabinet. these are phenomenal people. we have not had representation. unfortunately. now we have phenomenal representation. and jeff will be with you very shortly. hopefully. we are having a hard time getting approval.
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it is only a delay tactic. it is all politics. one person came up to me, a democratic senator came up to me and said jeff sessions is a fantastic man. he is fabulous. he is a friend of mine. he is a great talent and we are lucky to have him. i said great, i guess that means you are voting for him and he said no, i will not do that and he said politics will not allow me to. i think it is a disgrace. if the press talks loud enough and hard enough i will have to tell you who said that to me. you don't want to hear who said that. [laughter] president trump: i did not think you would care. i did not think you would care. i will publicly tell you anyway probably. [laughter] pres. trump: we are going to be very tough on crime. very tough on the drugs pouring in. very strong at the border. we have no choice. general kelly will be working with a lot of you and he is
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fantastic. he got approved very quickly. along with general mattis. he is very, very outstanding. and i very much appreciate they you are here today and i really thank you for leading the effort. it is a great honor to know you. maybe we can go around. we will let the press stay for a little while unless you would rather leave. would the press rather stay? just so you understand. this is a new phenomenon. you are on live television oliver the world right now. so don't get nervous when you speak, ok? i don't think this has ever taken place before. but you are on live television so if you do not want to use anything you do not have to but if you do, i think you should because i think it is a good thing to say. so, maybe we will just go around the room. >> mr. president, thank you for having us here. i am from chester county, pennsylvania.
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proud to say pennsylvania, the commonwealth that put you over the the top. very proud. never stop bragging about that. i want to thank you for doing the campaign and being such a strong, courageous supporter of law enforcement on the national, federal level with border patrol. level.state the counties, the municipalities, and particularly with the newly elected sheriff. because we are the sheriff. we are the people's representative and we were elected by the people and we greatly appreciate your strong and continued work. pres. trump: thank you. there is a new sheriff in town. i only see that on tv, a new sheriff in town. so anyway. >> we appreciate your support very much. our county is about 85% republican. so it was easy. we are a border state. being in a border state, i have been to the border a number of times. i have been to the border of arizona. i understand the problems we have.
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previously, when we go to the border and hear what the ranchers have to say, it is 180 degrees from what we heard on the previous administration. a big difference. we are very proud to have you as president and that is only two weeks, ok? i am hearing it from a lot of people. people arerump: calling in. people i know. they are saying it is like day and night because we are not playing games. we are not playing games. we are stopping the drugs pouring into our country. >> i am the director and ceo of the national sheriff association. let me tell you the difference of the six months. i sat in this room, in his chair and i was pleading and begging for help. today you invited is here to your home and you are offering us help. you are delivering. on behalf of our members across the country, we thank you.
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pres. trump: thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> minneapolis, minnesota. thank you. three points in my state. i put it over the top. president trump: we were not supposed to do very well in your state. we would have one in minnesota but it was very challenging. >> i just want to say that, you know, first opioids, right. 144 people died last year as a result of opioid overdose. 31% increase over the year before. we need help. 87 percent of those drugs come from south of the border. everybody knows it. you know it. i know you will do something about it. pres. trump: i will. it is already being done. you have a big problem with refugees pouring in, don't you? >> at we do, sir. do what we have been doing.
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the rule of law is strong. and the proper vetting is really important. pres. trump: we know the vetting is much, much tougher now. this court case would be very helpful keeping the wrong people out of our country. you understand that better than anybody. it may take a little while. you know, this is a dangerous time because everybody is talking and dealing, a lot of people are saying, let's go in right now. but we are being very, very tough. tougher than ever before. so -- >> i am the chair for the national homeland security association. we heard from general kelly yesterday. his message was about this. we appreciate that. president trump: not used to be like a political position what mr. kelly is doing now.
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but not anymore. he is doing a great job. thank you very much. >> mr. president, thank you, it's such an honor to be here. i am sheriff of laramie county, wyoming. there's so many issues that you will hear going around this table. one of the issues people don't realize, the epa decision that affected our coal and oil industry in the west, but it increases the number of people that are jobless and increases p rehet e statistics.lagh f
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important to you in your part of the country. rather, it was an outgoing message about gun control and other things. you asked us what is important to us, whether it is mental health, jails, opioid addictions. you hit on them right off the bat. the border, immigration, betting. -- vetting. we appreciate that. that has not happened before. we have been here before, but we have not had a president listen to what it is we are facing representing constituents and public safety across the country. that is why we appreciate you. that is why we are here today with you. pres. trump: before it was scripted. you know, bill belichick is a great guy and a friend of mine, and he was telling me -- somebody told me that oftentimes, when he wants to get a player, he will go to the other players on the team and say, what do you think of this
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guy? you know, they'll know the different people. and he will listen to them. and he has done very well, right? he has done very well. essentially, that is what we are doing. you know, we are talking to the people that know. i'm not telling you. you are telling me. like, what came up this morning, that was a big statement. i didn't realize the system was so clogged. the system is all clogged. so, we are going to unclog the system. we are going to go right now into the oval office. would you like the press to come in with you, mr. vice president? we don't went them to sit around waiting for the next meeting for, you know, six hours. >> how far are you going to take the travel ban? president trump: we are going to take it through the system. it is very important. it is very important to me or whoever succeeds at a later date. we have to have security.
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you take some place like syria. you take all of the different people pouring in. you take all the different people. and if you remember, isis said we are going to infiltrate the united states and other countries through the migration, and then we are not allowed to be tough on the people coming in? why not? so, we will see what happens. there's a big court case. we are well represented. and we gun i see what happens. -- and we are going to see what happens. >> the supreme court? pres. trump: we will see. hopefully, it doesn't have to. some things are common sense. this is common sense. >> if it is underreported, why do you think it's not being reported? president trump: i happen to think, i don't have to think, i have to know because i am reported on possibly more than anybody in the world. i happen to know how the media is. i happen to know how dishonest the media is.
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i happen to know that stories about me that should be good, or bad. i do not mind a bad story if it is true. but i do mind a story when they make it totally negative. i understand the total dishonesty of the media better than anybody. and i let people know it. is a very, media very dishonest arm. i always preface it with saying not everybody. there is tremendous dishonesty. pure, outrageous dishonesty. ok. let's go to the oval office. we have a lot of papers. ok, go ahead. >> mr. president, on behalf of 3088 sheriffs in america, you
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are the new sheriff in town. and we provide you with our sculpture, the first time we have provided a sculpture to a nonlaw enforcement person, and we provided to you. the new sheriff in town. [laughter] [applause] pres. trump: that's beautiful. wow. thank you. [applause] announcer: today on c-span, washington journalist next taking your phone calls. a foundation awards its annual human rights prize to a member of parliament. the washington institute hosts a discussion about the future of u.s.-israel relations. and betsy devos at her welcoming ceremony at the education department. and about a half an hour, we will talk about immigration policy.
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then, national journal political the presidency could lead to a realignment of u.s. policy. ♪ host: good morning. for the second night in a row, the senate was in session overnight. this time, democrats held the floor to speak against the nomination of jeff sessions for attorney general. keep an eye on the senate this morning. we begin "washington journal" getting your reaction to the questions from administration officials faced yesterday from members of congress on the president's travel ban. if you followed john kelly's appearance on capitol hill


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