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tv   Governor Jim Justice Delivers West Virginia State of the State Address  CSPAN  February 8, 2017 7:03pm-8:01pm EST

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safe and, ultimately, i believe, a world less safe, so i want to be part of a generation of post-9/11 veterans who come to washington with experience, having served. my experience is the most recent experience of any member of congress, having served in a combat zone less than two years ago, to bring that experience here and serve in this capacity and be a new leader on national security issues, to move our military forward, to make it again so that we can confront the significant issues that we face around the world. have your parents here in the office and a picture of when you were serving. why? representative bank: not just a reminder of the experience that i had but of the troops i served with in afghanistan and the veterans, whom i hear from every day, who are looking for leadership and washington, d.c., o reform the v.a.
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the stories i hear from veterans in my district who have trouble navigating the bureaucratic system. announcer: you can watch this interview in its entirety on we now turn to charleston, west virginia, to coverage of the first "state of the state address" from governor jim justice. [applause]
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whoo! [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure and honor to introduce to you the governor of west virginia. [applause]
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gov. justice: unless you all are wanting to be here all night tonight, you have got to stop this clapping so much. [laughter] gov. justice: thank you so, so armistead,er president carmichael, members of public works, and of the supreme court of appeals. , and hownority leader about that? and i got that first time. pretty good. i did pretty good with that. and all ofy leader our great legislators. tonight is a really important night. know, i want before we get
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into the meat and potatoes of what i have to say, i want to recognize a couple of people. with ourr people came great speaker armistead. have sufferedple through a thousand year flood. you know, i firsthand know what it is all about, and it was beyond belief terrible. they are,now where but if they can stand, mike kelley, missy lovejoy, the principle of bellevue, the principle of ridge elementary, and vanessa brown, the principal of -- elementary. [applause]
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gov. justice: your courage goes way, way, way beyond going unnoticed. you know, it took wisdom and courage to some way, somehow battled back. we have got a long ways to go, but that is what we do. there is another group year systems, andalth there is the ceo that is the national ceo. his name is jason hoover, and let me tell you what they are doing. they are going to bring a college, basically for foster kids, to montgomery. this,e that really needs
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needs our jobs, it needs hope. some have been terribly instrumental in this. are, jason, and your team, please stand, as well. [applause] gov. justice: now, stay with me. isn't this place reverent? hallowed ground? theght, i'm going to do best in my ability to deliver a speech that i think is phenomenally important.
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question there has been speech after speech delivered here. i am telling you i cannot is ably imagine that there time as dyer and a time as important as tonight. as dire and a time as important as tonight. now, there is no question that r evermore.n 50th fo like it or not, we are dying 50th. difficult andst the biggest depression that we could ever possibly imagine, the biggest of the biggest. and let me tell you this. . little bit of light humor there is a fellow, his name is ricky. he is a comedian.
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hyperd as a child, he was , and his dad gave him a shovel, and he used to like to dig, and he would dig and dig and dig and dig and dig to the point in time where he could not get out of said,le, and then he what's the use? there is no point in digging anymore, is there? funny,e said it to be and then he turned and said he and his dad had a password at that point in time, and when he would get to the point where there was no way he could get out of that hole, his dad would come and get him. trust me. we have got to quit digging. hole that wen the have got to quit digging.
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we have to quit working against one another. we have to some way hold hands with each other and run across the finish line together. we have got to have new ideas, and i will get to those in just a few minutes. this.her thing is just you have honored me beyond belief, elected me as your governor, a person who had never been a politician, and in the wake of me running as a democrat at a time when donald trump won our state by 17,000 million percent. [laughter] gov. justice: now, there had to be a reason, and the reason is just this simple, and if i make them mad, i just make them mad. if the people knew that it did not matter to me. it did not matter to be if you were a democrat or republican or
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independent. all that mattered to me was one thing, and that was that you are i am a westans, and virginia, and i just want goodness for our state. i said it over and over it over. some will be on some witch hunt to try to beat on me about something, but i want to again and announce to the world it every way neither i, nor my family, want anything from this other than goodness for you and our state. now, let me tell you. you have trusted me with your vote. absolutely need you now to trust me. now, you do not see any teleprompters here. you know, a lot of news media is folksy." know, he is " i do not even know if i know how to spell that.
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[laughter] but, you see, my definition of that would be i think that and is what west virginians want to hear. now, the truth is it is time for gigantic decisions. the past four years, no matter how hard we have tried, we have weed off of rainy day, and have lift off of low-hanging fruit that we can cut away. -- we have lived off of low-hanging fruit that we can cut away. we did. and we cut the rainy day fund in half. now, this year, right now, you are going to have to cut the rainy day fund 100 $23,000,000, right now. $123,000,000, right now.
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what are you going to do? you are faced with $123,000,0000 in the bucket, and next year, 700 million more. -- ratesfor our bonds for our bonds are going to torpedo. we have got issues and real problems. tell you this. i do not mean this in a bad way, because i am the one who signed up to run for governor. we have got this, don't we? i did not create this. i have inherited it. you, you haveng to have real direction and real ideas and real cooperation together to be able to get out of this. there is two ways, two ways to to there, and you have got forgive me. i am not nervous, but i just sweat a lot.
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[laughter] gov. justice: a lot. [laughter] and i have got a bad knee, and, man, does it hurt. waste to get two w out of it or a combination of ways. t ist idyal $ i
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