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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 11, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EST

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judge talks about this book about the connection between politics in the 1960's and today. ♪ good morning, saturday, february 11, 2017, the finish of another busy week at the wideout as president trump and other -- -- officials find out what is next after an order was freeze barring nationals from seven countries from entering the u.s. , the president said he may sign a new executive order and has yet to say whether he plans to appeal. the president also signed a series of executive orders he said would restore safety to america by boosting enforcement of federal laws, targeting drug cartels, and protecting police officers.
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critics say the white house is inflated crime statistics and that the orders are short on specifics on how to fight crime in american cities. washington journal today, asking our viewers, are you concerned about violent crime in your community? regional lines for the ifstions, call 202-748-8000 you live in the eastern or central time zone. if you live in the mountain or pacific time zones, call 202-748-8001. or reach us on social media, on attter @cspanwj and facebook a little more today about the order, freezing the executive order by president trump, halting entry into the country by people in seven countries. the new york times says the president about to order new security measures by next week into the to stop terrorists were evening the united states,
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as aides debated whether to ask the supreme court to reinstate his original travel ban which has been blocked by lower courts . a day after a three-judge panel's him, president trump says he may cite a new order by monday aimed at accomplishing the same purpose but presumably with a stronger legal basis. while the vowed to keep fighting for the original order in court, he indicated he would not wait for the process to play out to take action. that is one report about the ongoing legal battle over the president's immigration order. he signed executive orders aimed at crime-fighting, also from the new york times, it says when the white house released the actual text from these three orders, aimed at fighting crime, they turned out to contain few specific policy steps. for example, the first on
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combating international criminal cartels, largely considered -- consisted of opposition to some groups and directed the government's threat mitigation working group which already existed before, because barack obama established it in 2011 to review various efforts to battle them at work to improve efforts. the other are reducing crime and preventing violence against law enforcement officials, attorney general jeff sessions will develop a strategy to achieve those goals by coordinating with other agencies, including at the state and local level, the new attorney general to review existing laws in montoursville --nt and recommends changes law enforcement grants and recommends changes. do you feel about violent crime in your community? -- alexandria, virginia, how is crime in your community, charles? guest: -- caller: where i
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reside, the crime rate is low but i have to ride the train through washington, d.c., the nation's capital, parts of that city i would not go in broad daylight. even though i do not live there, i am highly concerned about the homicide rate in chicago, our third-largest city. the constitution, the federal constitution, the one no one ever talks about is to establish domestic tranquility. you cannot have tranquility when they are stacking up bodies. , very approving of the fact that president trump has spoken with the mayor and authorities in chicago about reducing the crime rate. frankly, i think we need to send federal troops into chicago. some of these neighborhoods are
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a combat zone. people are dying. the murder rate in chicago is out of control. fact,ld not be wrong, and people would be delighted if additional federal help, including perhaps even the national guard, were sent into some of these neighborhoods in chicago to establish domestic tranquility and make the community safe again. thank you. host: diana is calling in from miami. feel -- we lost diana and will move on to james calling in from long beach, california. good morning, james. host: i am from the southside of chicago, i grew up in 60609, one of the most violent zip codes in the last 50 years. you notice these conservatives have this talking point about chicago, if you look at -- a
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list came out a couple of weeks ago that says chicago is the 17th most violent place in america. 16 other places that conservatives need to pay attention to. half of them are in red states. people getting killed all over america, i am 55 years old and having to keep my head on a swivel for 50 years because it is a violent place for black men since the 1960's. surprised i made it out of the 1960's and 1970's, 1980's, surprised i made it out of the 1990's, and so forth, all of a sudden everybody is so concerned about chicago, they have been not concerned about the klackmail, they hate us -- blac male, they hate us with a passion. see what the president said after signing these executive orders and swearing in jeff sessions. [video clip] trump: it is with great
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pride i say these words to you, attorney general jeff sessions. [applause] pres. trump: welcome to the white house. i want to congratulate you, jeff, your wife, mary, and your entire family. jeff sessions has been a federal prosecutor, at the highest level and the most respected level. a state attorney general and then a u.s. senator for two decades. he devoted his life to the cause of justice. and believe deeply that all people are equal in the eyes of the law. jeff, andtantly for for so many of us, also in the eyes of god. he is a man of integrity and principle and of total result. -- resolve. the resove is what we need right
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now, we face the menace of rising crime in america, and the threat of deadly terror. and it is not getting better but it will get better very soon, it is going to get a lot better. these dangerous times require a determined attorney general which is what jeff is. jeff understands the job of attorney general is to serve and protect the people of the united states and that is exactly what he will do and do better than anybody else can. he is trade better for it than anybody else. the level of respect he has throughout this country, as a former prosecutor, not even to mention a long time u.s. senator , is absolutely incredible. he will be a great protector of the people. i am signing three executive actions today designed to restore safety in america.
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these executive actions continue to deliver on my campaign promises. i am directing department of justice and homeland security to undertake all necessary unlawful action to break the back of the criminal cartels that have spread across our nation and are destroying the blood of our youth. otherher people, many people. secondly, i am directing department of justice to form a task force on reducing violent crime in america. thirdly, i am directing the department of justice to implement a plan to stop crime and crimes of violence against law enforcement officers. what has been happening to our great, truly great law enforcement officers and that will stop as of today. today ceremony should be seen as
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a clear message to the gang members and regulars terrorizing innocent people. your day is over. a new era of justice begins and it begins right now. i want to again thank and and our new mary attorney general, jeff sessions. i wish you god's wisdom and blessings in your journey. , how do you texas feel about violent crime levels in your area? well, i wanted to comment about, the crime in my area, i live in a small piece texas town, not 100,000 people -- east texas town, not 100,000 people, the city police is and i do not think
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they have kept up with the times, we have a next -- a population, the one thing i want to say, a few weeks ago, maybe a month ago, williams was visiting, i don't know if you know who he is, a retired nfl player, he was racially profiled here. they try to keep it quiet but it happened. anything buting taking a walk but in an area we call -- where the rich people live, him being a tall, big black men someone called the police and said he was suspicious but he was just walking. i am concerned about racial profiling for black men, he could have easily been hurt for no reason. just because he was walking while black. is talking about their days are over, this is over, he
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needs to concentrate on getting jobs for people, trying to bring us together as americans and not dividing us. he is mainly dividing us on some of his stances and i am thinking he has always lived in a glass house, what does he know about violence in communities, nothing. thank you for taking my call. is going from chicago, a city the president frequently talks about when addressing crime, how do you feel about crime levels in chicago? caller: it is very high. you have a lovely outfit today. host: i appreciate that. what did you think of the president's approach in saying that he may send federal law enforcement officials to chicago to help address the crime levels? caller: first of all, the president is not a king or dictator, what he should do is tell congress that for eight years they refuse to pass jobs
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bill or jobs training in inner cities. that would have alleviated a lot of the aggression that occurs. sociopathic president is not what we need, we need someone to stop holding sessions and begin to make congress do something to take care of the problems that are there. nothing is being done, these worthless orders they mean nothing. the appellate court, what they said really is that this president does not understand his job or what his rights are, or what the constitution means. it is absurd what he is doing. january, before taking office, president trump tweeted, chicago murder rate is record-setting, 4331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016, if the mayor cannot do it,
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he will ask for federal help! one of many times the president talked about chicago crime rates. john is calling from spring, texas. caller: thank you for taking my call. i live in the woodlands, very safe, all this talk about chicago, you have to hear republicans and donald trump talking about chicago all the time is because it is mainly .emocratic voters up there houston has a higher murder rate than chicago per capita. is three times bigger than houston, number one, and is at a 47 your low nationwide. these executive orders do nothing. not providing any money. i am more terrified of betsy devos taking money away from
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public schools and putting it into charter schools than i am about gun violence. carry, i did not hear the president talking about the murder rate here or doing anything about the murder rate in houston. per capita it is higher than in chicago. he does not have a hotel here. he has a hotel in chicago. can see his nonsense every day. , he signse nothing these executive orders that do not provide any money. [laughter] weekendto florida every to stay in his compound. this guy is a joke. host: let's look at exactly what these executive orders you president signed this week due, the first one-
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tasks the attorney general with setting up a task force on crime reduction and public safety that will work to reduce crime, particularly illegal immigration , drug trafficking, and violent crime. from this task force, the president expects an annual report with findings and recommendations. the second tasks the attorney general with developing a strategy and coordination with local, state, federal agencies to prosecute individuals who commit violent crimes against police, and reviewing whether existing laws go far enough to protect bullies from violent crime. the dirt on tasks the secretary of state, attorney general, and secretary of homeland security, the director of national intelligence, to cochair and interagencyxisting threat mitigation working group with a broad review of policies to make sure the u.s. is adequately detecting and
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prosecuting international drug cartels. from high calling in bluff, arkansas. good morning, -- pine bluff, arkansas. the president to stop misleading the public with his topological lies. our community is working hard to improve crime in our community and it is working with the police force, we have seen a decrease in crime in our little town. i am very happy we are working together, and the president has to do that for the nation, he has to lead the country and not try to mislead them by calling judges names and by doing the things he is doing in a negative light. the lies he tells needs to stop and he needs to unify the country. i would like to see him improve that as well as try to improve the crime and stop trying to hurt the country by limiting
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jobs for immigrants. host: ok. ugusta, georgia, wayne, what you think about crime levels where you live and what the president said? are you there? we are going to move on to nancy calling from new jersey. what are crime rates like work you live -- where you live? caller: i am fortunate the crime where i am is not bad but i came from chicago a few years ago, my family lived there and i lived there most of my life. thatnk it is wrong to say we need a police action in chicago to solve the crime rate. americans,ink we, as
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want to live in a police state. one way to start improving the crime in that city and other large cities is to provide people jobs. the reason i am in new jersey now is because i am a college educated person and i could not find a job, a good paying job in that area, let alone people who do not have college educations. they are challenged to find a good paying job. i think that is one of the reason why crime is so high, people cannot find good paying jobs in this country. the last thing i want to say, the prison system, for-profit resin system in this country is the wrong way -- prison system is the wrong way to go in this country, people should not make a profit off incarcerating other people and it encourages them to lock more people up and perpetuates this crime cycle. there are better ways to solve crime than the direction the
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president is going. host: john is calling from california, sunnyvale, california, what do you think about crime levels where you live? are you concerned? caller: where i live i am not but i am from right by oakland, a city called haywood which was bad, i do not know why everyone is saying that -- if there were job opportunities that crime would go down. that is not it, that is not it at all. what it is is that -- the way these areas are getting forgotten about. in thet the tax money --er areas but they do not they forget about the ghetto which is why people act the way they do. creating jobs will not stop that. host: what would you like to see happen, john?
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what would you like the president to do to address the crime level that we have? caller: i do not think he can stop it. i do not think anybody can stop it, that is where the world is now. it is done. i mean, it is like taking up a ball and running with it. ain't nothing nobody can do now, and that is what is sad. host: mike from cary, north carolina. are you concerned about violent crime there? caller: good morning. thankfully, no, i am very blessed, i am live in one of the safest cities in america as voted on, a bedroom community, suburb of raleigh. in that respect i feel very blessed. i think what the president is talking about, he shoots his
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mouth off a lot. he does not always hit the target but what we have seen over the last maybe decade, is we have targeted areas of this country that are experiencing spikes in violent crime. areas, they definitely have problems. the entire nation is not the set with filing criminal activities and gangs and drugs. ok? it is specifically certain areas. i will do my best to avoid being -- or even two, with any appearance of being racist or being bigoted about this. a lot of it is political. i followed this quite regularly. cities inlot of major this country that have been governed primarily by liberal democrats. and leftist policies for probably almost 50 or 60 years, los angeles, oakland, california, milwaukee, detroit,
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chicago, cleveland, philadelphia, washington, d.c., baltimore, all of these cities probably have not seen a republican governor since the 1950's. they are governed by democrats. and democrats have a certain way of looking at the world. they have very strict gun control in these areas. they have very high taxes. many businesses have fled so there are not very good jobs. economic opportunity is very limited. many of the police forces in the cities are under department of justice governance or oversight. the school systems are the same. there is a correlation which many people in the media, including this wonderful outlet, c-span, refuses to acknowledge. , we have a new president who has been in office for three weeks, he is at least acknowledging these problems exist.
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ok? mind a hell of a lot more than our prior president did you actually came from chicago. does he have solutions, yet? i do not know, let's give him a chance, he met with jim brown, martin luther king jr., a lot of people with interest in solving the crime problem, the economic issues of the inner cities of our country. at least he is getting input on this. all he seems to be getting his scorn, ridicule, hatred. host: let's look at what president trump new attorney jeff sessions said at the swearing-in ceremony. mr. president, thank you for this great honor, something i never expected to have it in my life but i do love the department of justice. i care about it traditions and heritage, i had 15 years in the
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great department and the honor to lead it now is something that i do not have words to express effectively. a lot of things we need to do. first, we need to value and support and encourage the fabulous people who work there. i have worked with them over the years and know how good they are. their talents need to be directed at this nations benefit in a lot of different ways. we have the crime problem. i wish the rise we are seeing in crime in america today was some sort of aberration or a blip. my best judgment, having been involved in criminal law enforcement are many years, is that this is a dangerous, permanent trend. it places the health and safety of the american people at risk. we will deploy the talents and abilities of the department of
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justice in the most effective way possible to confront this rise in crime and to protect the people of our country. we have an increased threat since i was united states attorney from terrorism, mr. president, you have spoken firmly on that and lead this nation to say that we will respond effectively to the threat of terrorism and you can count on your department of justice to do so in an effective way. you have said something that i believe and i think the american people believe, we need a lawful system of immigration, one that serves the interests of the people of the united states. that is not wrong, that is not immoral, that is not indecent, we admit one million a year plus lawfully and we need to finish the lawlessness that threatens the public safety, pulls down wages of working americans. it is an honor beyond words to serve under you and your leadership. you are putting together a great
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cabinet which is a thrill for me to have the opportunity to join. i look forward to making sure iat every ounce of strength have and the people of the department of justice have is going to be focused on preserving and protecting the constitution and the safety of this country. we will defend the law of this country as passed by congress and will defend the lawful orders of the president of the united states with vigor and determination. thank you all for being here, i see a lot of good friends and my -- may god bless all of our efforts. thank you [applause] . host: a piece in the guardian questions jeff sessions' inertion that the uptick crime is a permanent trend, saying several crime experts said the data led them to an opposite conclusion, it was much too soon to call the increase in
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murders a trend. much less a permanent one. jeff sessions judgment is not consistent with the professional judgment of the -- anyone else in the criminal justice. on gun, gain, and youth violence policy who works in the obama justice department. an is calling from los angeles , are you concerned about violent crime in l.a.? caller: i am not concerned and the real statistics are that act , i am more worried about an authoritarian president and government committing violent crimes against the people. i am very surprised that we are at a time where we are really in a place where we are in alternative facts land. i think more people should be concerned about a malignant narcissist as a president and i do not think most people know what that means. the biggest problem is that it means the president cannot hold
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any kind of empathy. it is frightening. not worried about crime, more worried about an authoritarian government and police department more and more militarized and what it means for the people down the line. lastly, i really hope the news outlets are going to concentrate more on the russia story because there is a lot there i think and there are criminal acts being committed by this administration. and it is frightening, i am frightened them. host: mike is calling in from, hudson, new york, are you concerned about crime levels? hudson,er: not here in we are looking at a lynching that took place in 1983 committed by the police, then we found that about a lynching in
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1986, another lynching that came in 2015. have ablem we see -- i cousin that works in the washington field office of the f dei and it took us nine years -- fbi, and it took us nine years to get fbi help to make the fbi in albany take a deep look at what is going on. when you have persistent acts of racial bias done by the police, you will always have problems. but it seems to be done by one group of people to another particular group of people and these people have the power to do that, it makes it worrisome for the people who live here. i come from a family that has othersore monetary than but we are trying to help people that do not have that. if this is the case throughout the country, we are wondering what will happen now that this narcissist is in power because you are looking at a fascist, totalitarian, authoritarian, way
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of doing things and we are concerned that we will be able to get this done and have this on int out, what is going hudson because it is bad and should not be that the police themselves are the ones acting in the more violent way against the people that are supposed to be protected by them. host: one of the order signed by president trump focuses on protecting police officers. that measure was hailed by some law enforcement communities, the boston herald reports that chuck canterbury, a national president of the fraternal order of police called the executive orders his wordther evidence is good and the president will deliver on his promises. he said in 2016 253 officers were shot in the line of duty, 64 were killed by gunfire. he said that a third of those killed were "murdered and targeted assassinations, simply because of the uniform they
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wear." little river, south carolina, good morning, steve. are you concerned about violent crime? caller: i am not in an area that gets a lot of it but we get a little bit. i have relatives in areas that i am concerned about. i cannot understand why these people say -- i do -- they are brainwashed -- i can hear the talking points right out of their mouths. they are brainwashed to this talking points of -- you know -- what was she saying? i can't remember what she was saying. she was saying -- but anyway -- ,eside the point -- in chicago it is all gangs and drugs, they do not have a job, i understand
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that, they are making their money on drugs. they get in fights for their corners. that is what it is all about, you have nothing else to do but peddle drugs. what else would you do if you do not have a job? that is what is going on in chicago. chance to give him a bring jobs back to chicago. these kids a give job to get them off the street so they do not have to shoot each other for street corners to sell dope. don't tell me -- do you know what, the democrats know it they just don't want to admit it. host: brenda is calling in from north carolina. how do you feel about violent crime where you live? caller: i am a very blessed.
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i lift probably 45 minutes from charlotte. -- live probably 45 minutes from charlotte. i am originally from mobile, alabama, talking to my friends and getting up every morning to listen to the news in charlotte, there are shootings every morning. i think it is not between democrats and republicans, blacks or whites, i think we need to start all being citizens of the united states of america. i am 69 years old. and i think, personally, that we need to take care of ourselves. and everybody worked together. work together.y i am tired of hearing people put down president trump.
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i am for whoever is going to do the best job. host: let me ask you this, you want people to come together, you think there is a role for the federal government in crime-fighting? be more federal enforcement, federal officials going into the cities and towns when policing is usually a matter of local government? is two yes, i do, it , he just we had a man happened to be a mexican man he gott a police car and out and started shooting at the undercover officer, this is in charlotte, thank god not morris though -- and they made a big deal about it, and i thought what was the police supposed to do, stand there and let him shoot him? mindsk we need to get our
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off of he said, she said. if we did not have the police, what would we do? what in the world would we do? i think we need to come together. host: in other headlines today, the wall street journal says, white house national security adviser mike flynn this gust u.s. sanctions against russia with the country's ambassador to the u.s. before president trump took office. he could've violated a law that
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prohibits private citizens from engaging in foreign policy, legal experts say, no indication in the transcript cited by the current and former officials that he made such promises. more headlines today as we continue to discuss crime levels . henry from oak ridge, tennessee. good morning. 1950r: this reminds me of -1959 in mississippi when i was working with dr. king, when we got to the railroad tracks, a policeman was standing there with billy clubs and tanks and dogs and put us on the buses and take us to jail. they started leaving dr. king in the middle of the street at the railroad tracks and the police would say, if we kill the body, the head would die. this is what worries me, i will say this, this is the first time and the whitekkk house and being run by the
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people around here in the kk. that is bad -- the kkk. that is bad. it is crazy what you see across the country, i have not seen this since the 1960's. .hen we were going to salem today, this country is really, really -- i don't know, it is bad, i want to say to my brown sister and brother, you must do 25% of what the president did when -- you have to arm yourself. host: charles from st. charles, missouri. how do you feel about crime levels where you live? caller: i do not know them but i -- i did not vote for the man, i may be a non-veteran and i do not like taxes, whyrom his
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didn't he show his tax return that he made. if he doesn't have anything to hide, he would say, here. host: do you think the president needs to act on the issue of crime, or do you think crime is not something that should be as high a priority, or should be left to the local government? caller: i think it should be. all of the politicians should show what they made. what do they have to hide? .ost: ok let's look at what president trump said when he was still a candidate, this is in august in akron, ohio, about the nation's crime problem. trump: you could go to war zones in countries we are fighting and it is safer than living in some of our inner cities. they are run by the democrats. i ask you this -- i ask you this problems,all of the
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to the african-americans, who are employed so many, so many people. to the hispanics, tremendous people. what the hell do you have to lose? give me a chance, i will straighten it out. [cheers and applause] donald trump: what do you have to lose? [cheers and applause] , trump!, trump sayld trump: i am going to it and keep saying it and some people say that makes sense and some people say that was not very nice. it was a disaster, the way african-americans are living in many cases and in many cases the
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way hispanics are living. felt it with such a deep feeling, what do you have to lose? i will straighten it out and bring jobs back. we will bring spirit back. crime, get rid of the you will be able to walk down the street without getting shot. right now, you walk down the street and get shot. look at the statistics, we will straighten it out. taking a look at some of the headlines today. out of chicago, a place he president frequently spoke about crime, on the cover of the "chicago sun-times" -- where is the justice, a family -- families are outraged after prosecutors decided not to charge officers in the 2015 shooting death. , that chicago tribune story also on the front page with no charges against police
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in fatal 2015 shooting. crimesue of alleged taking place in chicago but this time it is involving a police shooting of someone. a resident. willie calling in from detroit. what do you think about what the president said? does his description of cities in the united states resemble what you see in detroit? when i think about the president saying that he will put the feds in to the inner-city, i think that is more of a dictatorship. once you put the feds in their, they can do anything, they have no boundaries. you know, they would be able to take over anything and go anyplace. , back in thehat
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1970's and 1980's, a lot of people in detroit were relaxed, drug houses, police were on the take. they were in the drug houses using drugs. and scoring drugs from airports from drug dealers. i went to federal prison for selling drugs. i got myself together. me, so much going on. i do not see how they let trump get in there. i knew there was something about his assets may be the russian assets. i do not understand how they cannot let someone get in the white house and not show tax returns. we all have to show tax returns. he is hiding something. paris, california, what do you think about crime levels there? caller: hi.
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i am thinking about the crime all over the country, not so much paris. i do not hear donald trump hereng about the paris's in this country, the white --remacist, i have never terrorists in this country, the white supremacists, i have never heard him speak about the young blacks or blacks being attacked by the police. thank you. host: jennifer is calling in from springfield, ohio. good morning, jennifer. caller: good morning. host: are you concerned about crime levels where you live or elsewhere in the country? caller: yes the opiate and heroin epidemic is terrible here . i do not hear donald trump talking anything about that. it is at the point where there are at least live -- five to six
7:45 am
overdoses per day, it is doubling and tripling, i just lost my father to this for months ago, the problem are the pharmaceutical companies are just taking this and they cause most of the problem. after that, now, with the drugs to bring these people back from the overdoses, capitalizing on that money. we have the issue of the pharmaceutical companies. they are all in the pockets of everyone. that is the problem. they do not give help to people who are on drugs. that is the maximum of the crime here in my city. , however black people but he tends to think, this is a white-based crime. they give them the medicine to bring them back. they send them back on the street, they do not give them rehabilitation or drug charges. that is how i feel about this
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basically. i see it every single day. it is getting out of control and he needs to focus on pharmaceutical companies that have caused this epidemic. is really nohere grounds for him to be in the white house and capitalizing off of us americans. we should not be used as ploys for crimes in this game of his moneymaking schemes. mike,a little more from about the executive order aimed at protecting police. it says it is based on a false narrative, the executive order gets new credence to the false narrative of police officers under siege and calls for action to fight this they scored in partnership with the newly confirmed attorney general, this is during the safest time for u.s. law-enforcement in decades, although officer fatalities in the line of duty rose 135 in 2016 compared to 123 in 2015.
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those numbers do not come close to what they have been for most of the last 60 years. larry is calling from the soto, illinois, are you concerned about violent crime there? caller: yes, it is out of control, our police officers, for the majority of them, we have a good group of people but there are a few bad apples in the group that are bringing everybody else down. for instance, this is what happened to me. living in granite city, about six years ago, i had a girlfriend, she got pregnant, did not know nothing about it. andthe child is full-grown, i lived here in southern illinois for like 11 years. back in the 1990's. going to hit me
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with child support, they should have done it then but nothing got filed. full-grown andw the woman wants to take out her revenge on me because she has political connections now. her family is connected big-time. want to understand how this relates to be crime initiative by the president. caller: i am getting to that. the ones doing all this are representatives, , ity costello, his buddies gets real bad with all they have done to me in the last 15 years. they are out of control. other headlines today in
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the new york times, reports that a personal beef led the president to reject rex pick for deputy, saying president trump overruled his newly minted secretary of state rec 70 tillerson and projected his choice for his deputy at the department. people briefed on the decision said the deputy's job was denied for elliott abrams, a conservative who is served under presidents ronald reagan and george w. bush and deals a blow to tillerson in his first week on the job. the rejection leaves mr. tillerson without a sure about to help guide the first government official around state department headquarters, donald trump had a productive meeting with mr. abrams on tuesday according to a white house official and a person close to mr. abrams but after it took place am a donald trump learned of his pointed criticism of the president when he was campaigning. -- administrative
7:50 am
administration officials said donald trump has been increasingly focused on who is with him or against him during the campaign according to several people who have spoken with him in recent days. from oldark calling in orchard beach, maine. part you concerned about levels of crime in new england -- are you concerned about levels of crime in new england? not so not -- caller: much of violent crime, but it is a welfare state, as long as the people can deal that they are far removed from it, -- it seems stagnant. host: ok. have calling in from connecticut, mustafa. are you concerned about violent crime where you live? caller: very much so, i am from syria come in syria we have
7:51 am
sharia law and we submit to the will of all of and we love all love will of allah and we allah. in the west they are ignorant of the, submitting to the will of allah is the only way to stay out of crime. host: kevin, are you concerned about violent crime? caller: i am concerned about violent crime and concerned about the last caller. wanting sharia law and feeling that is the answer for our country. presidentrt of what trump is concerned about himself , and a lot of other americans. i consider the country my community and i watched c-span, and i am a news junkie.
7:52 am
disheartened by the amount of hatred that is displayed in our country. and the lack of an understanding that a lot of our crime is due to two things, unemployment, and toald trump has the ability bring jobs back into the country. he is concerned about the inner cities. and the fact that minority communities in the inner cities have not -- gone decade after decade after decade without real progress. i believe that he wants to help. he wants to help be -- the blacks and hispanics in the inner cities and i think it will
7:53 am
take some time. the drug epidemic in large cities, and even throughout the country, is tearing apart our youth. and families. those problems are huge. the borderor of control. and the wall. says,ot care what anybody the only way to keep some of the drugs out from coming across the border and infecting our entire country. but especially the inner cities. sad. very and i want your listeners to know that i really care. i really care about their suffering. host: elizabeth calling from casper, west virginia. are you concerned about violent
7:54 am
crime? caller: i absolutely am, more than ever. president we have a who is finally ready to tackle some of these issues. am, i was a single mother with two children, doing very well, own my own home and my children are doing great. i became the victim of a violent by a, random violent crime random person, not somebody i knew. within three months. it has taken away my life and my children's life. when it hits you, there are a lot of people who have a lot of opinions on this but when you literally start to lose your life and hand it to the criminals and watch the justice them, itmpathize with will change her mind about violent crime and you will start to support presidents like donald trump who plan -- who
7:55 am
take a good fit at it. a more aggressive -- a good hit at it, a more aggressive towards keeping it from coming into our -- i fully also support having the federal government involved. i do not think it should be a matter of what state you live and whether or not you and your family can live and failsafe. 100%d feel safe, so i am worried about the violent crime and it has gotten a lot worse over the years, there should be no reason why, when you are doing good and already against the odds, you cannot live in safety. i think that is something we all need to support. this is our children's future. ok.: in other headlines, from "usa today" -- russia considering sending edward snowden back to the united states, and nbc news
7:56 am
report says u.s. intelligence forces says russia may consider handing over edward snowden to national security agency contractors turned whistleblower to the united states as a favor to president donald trump. nbc news is the only major news outlet to report this development at this point. it's a highly sensitive intelligence reports detailing russian deliberations suggest russia is mulling over sending edward snowden back to the united states as a favor to donald trump, nbc news says it is several tactics russia could use to cozy up to the president, and words noted called the report irrefutable evidence he was not colluding with russia to fight allegations from u.s. members. he said irrefutable evidence i never corporative with russian intelligence, no countries trades away spies as the rest would fear their next. in from virginia,
7:57 am
are you concerned about violent crime? caller: newport news, virginia, every night, gun violence, drugs, crime. in to war times, i am a retired navy nurse and i take a more humane approach to this problem. perhaps as many do in america today. i look at amsterdam and legalizing all drugs, and how they have done well, it would take the sting out of the crime and the cartels and move everybody into treatment centers that needed it. we could set up huge treatment centers for people who needed treatment for the drugs. we can also control the guns. our society has become out of control because we have not set limits. i am not pushing for bureaucratic, autocratic limits like i see from the white house today. i am proposing more humane approaches to carrying for each other -- caring for each other.
7:58 am
i would like to note that senator -- jeff noddle or, congressman nadler has introduced -- i don't know if you talked about this today or not, if yes introduced an action that would push congress to support his resolution of inquiry into impeachment of president trump. that is something i would like to to discuss, very important. he is an autocrat. host: bill is calling in from florida. are you concerned about violent crime where you live or anywhere else? caller: very much so, i live in a suburban town outside of orlando, i moved from the other coast, tampa, 10 crime has taken off note -- not only in the inner cities but all over our great country. we have a new president that is in the white house and some of his ideas are more radical than most.
7:59 am
i do not think we are used to someone going in there with his bold opinions. you know what i mean? fromnk we have gotten away the old advantage of looking out for one another. i do not think crime should be federalized. i do not think bringing more police into the inner cities where there has already been problems with the police. and some of the inner cities have interactions. i do think it is time for us all to be americans. and i know we all have differences of opinion. and we have different political beliefs but it is getting us nowhere. against oneng back another and we should be trying to come together as one another to help one another. host: margaret is calling in from aberdeen, washington, good morning. caller: i wanted to agree with the caller from ohio.
8:00 am
talking about the epidemic of heroin. where i live, it is heroine. where i live it is heroin and math most of it stems from the big farms. the doctors directed by pharmaceutical companies prescribe so many opiates. then when they shut down the dubious doctors and they could not get their oxycodone or whatever it was they were taking, they turned to heroin because it was much cheaper. the main crime i see where i live is the crime of being hopeless and homeless. the crime is more theft and than murder or heavy crime, it's the continued her drug addiction. i know people that never did drugs and their lives who are addicted to opiate painkillers prescribed legally. one of the big drug
8:01 am
thatrs, the pharmaceutical push all these opiate drugs. it is so addictive. host: coming up next we will talk more about the executive order signed by president trump limiting immigration. we will be joined by benjamin johnson of the american immigration lawyers association. later on, our spotlight magazine series continues. theook a look at political magazine piece on the old right -- alt-right. this week newsmakers interviewed rand paul. he explains why he voted for jeff sessions. [video clip] >> i think there will have to be a lot of standing up and saying there is a right to privacy and he needs to be observant.
8:02 am
it was a vote where i ended up voting for someone who is a colleague in who i knew, and also i felt like in some ways the democrats made it much more certain i would vote for him by trying to destroy his character. to me it's very upsetting that they did not choose to go after him on particular issues like civil asset forfeiture where they might have been able to persuade someone like me. they chose to try to destroy a man's character. i have seen pictures of him marching with john lewis for voting rights. he says he is for voting rights. i think it's unfair. there are certain things none of us want attached to our character. nobody wants -- no person i know what's to be called racist or insensitive, or your for trying to prevent someone to vote. it is attacking someone's motives and character to say he doesn't want for some reason african-american voters to vote. i don't think it is true. >> where libertarians going to
8:03 am
get policy gains they may have gotten from the obama administration? it is going to be more difficult for criminal justice reform under this president and his administration. i was disappointed under president obama's administration. while i agree with him on a lot of criminal justice reform we did not get it done. there have been discussions of president obama being aloof. i think it is kind of true. you have to come and mix it up. in some ways i think president trump may be more successful because mike pence is a pure all the time. , ais a creature of congress creature of state government but he knows the players and is not afraid to come up here and talk to people. you have to have relationships. to get things through >> washington journal continues. host: we're joined by benjamin johnson, executive d


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