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tv   [untitled]    February 11, 2017 3:58pm-4:11pm EST

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there are preliminary discussions at the forum. the dnc candidates will be moderated by april ryan, the washington bureau chief for urban radio networks. elections for the chair and other positions are coming up at the winter meeting in atlanta on february 23-26. again, we expect to hear from the dnc chair candidates shortly at the democratic national committee forum in baltimore. live coverage on c-span. [applause] >> thank you. everybody is taking a
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five-minute break. and when we come back, the moment you have been waiting for. the moment, the moment. the forum. break.nutes [applause] [cheers] >> again, in baltimore waiting for a forum with a candidates for the dnc chair, getting underway shortly. connecticut senator chris murphy
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outlines the policy priorities and the republican-led congress and working with the trap administration. -- trump administration. hy: thankarkey -- murp you for being here. happy friday. we have a great turnout. thank you to everybody joining us on c-span and online. we will take some questions from twitter, if you tweet. i will see your questions. and thanks to chris murphy for joining us. he has been in the senate since 2012, and in the house six years before that, and you are onto committees right now. -- two committees right now. health care and foreign relations, they have been at the core this week and will be for some time. we have a lot to cover. i want to talk about the resistance as it is starting to
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areasled, and policy, the that your committees oversee, whether it is labor, health care or education. and a foreign-policy issues. and you can take questions later. and you are at the senate until 2:30 a.m. this morning. senator murphy: i am becoming nocturnal. host: for the third night in a row. i heard you are accessed with the diet mountain dew -- obse ssed with diet mountain dew. senator murphy: it is like more mountain dew. i will have a sip. [indiscernible] senator murphy: that is right. i will put that down. host: you were the youngest senator elected and now you have been clipped by one or two guys.
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i want to start with a question, you were at the senate polling all nighters for three days this week, we do not have another election for almost three years. and this weekend, planned parenthood planning protests, the fourth weekend in a row of major activism. i guess, how do you keep this going? can this be sustained through 2020 and the, hardxt is, you have worked this week, but betsy devos was confirmed and 10 price. how do you keep it going? senator murphy: i am tired. it is hard to understand how the pace continues, but i do not have any other choice. and although we did lose those nominations this week, there is
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a feeling amongst those coming out and engaging and protests, that they are meaningful and that we can see tangible ways and results. clearly these judicial decisions on the ban are giving people coming out. i am not saying that the organized protests is what led to those decisions, but they feel like the decision is not -- host: and it is a win. senator murphy: it is a win. and they are watching the affordable care act, the republicans saying never going to repeal it and replace it, then they were going to repeal it and immediately replace it with something just as good, now they are going to just repair it. and i think that people feel like the republicans are responding to this sort of mass outrage across the country.
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so i think it is hard to imagine how the pace will keep up, but the extent that people feel like they are having an impact, it is not chilling their enthusiasm. and it is beginning to organize itself, not from the democrats in washington, but from connecticut where this was organic at the beginning, now on a regional and town by town business -- basis, it is organized on social media, and as that occurs it allows those folks leading it to kind of pace out the protests in a way that makes it sustainable. host: there is so much restriction with donald trump, he has outlined several examples. do you see areas at this point with all of the frustration out there, that the democrats can work with him? we know that infrastructure is something, you have been a proponent of buy american, so there are things that donald
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trump talks about that you are in agreement with. do you think that democrats can work with the president who is doing all these things, when the base is frustrated? senator murphy: donald trump is offering no hand of cooperation right now, so i think the chances that there is major bipartisan breakthrough, when you have the president calling the minority leader of the senate a clown, when he is insulting other members of the minority caucus on a fairly regular basis -- host: your own state colleagues. senator murphy: yes, yesterday. it does not look like he is prepared to extend that hand. and i do not think there is the capacity for us to put together those steps necessary to get a major deal on something like infrastructure or tax reform so i think theoretically people
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like me who have been a big part of the resistance, are still willing to work on infrastructure, or work on strengthening the buy american laws, or trade policy, but i do not think that he is truly interested in getting that done. he will bring democratic senators over for a photo op, but nothing to suggest the breakthrough moment is coming. host: i understand the situation is different from 2009, but eight years ago the republicans made a decision not to work with him on anything and they did earn a brand of the party as -- "no." party of how to democrats avoid getting that label? how do you not just become viewed as part of the gridlock and obstruction that is preventing anything from getting done? senator murphy: i think you can
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continue to make it clear the areas where you will compromise on. i sent donald trump a series of actions that he can take to strengthen laws. i asked for a personal meeting with him. and at a good grief for me offering to work with him, but i think it is important to make it with it that there are -- make it explicit that there are lanes of cooperation. and when he does not take those offers, i have not gotten any feedback from him on what he might do to work with me, so when he does not take those offers, i think it is actually guards us against the claim that we are engaging in obstruction. host: to what extent, obviously had friendships with republicans in the house, and now across the aisle in the senate. we have seen republicans talk
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about russia, which we will talk about in a couple of minutes. last night, a statement was put out criticizing kellyanne conway for talking about ivanka trump's products on tv from the briefing room. [laughter] host: do you see that continuing? senator murphy: what we have seen so far is the willingness to engage in opposition by rhetorical flourish, without willingness to put it into policy. so the letter yesterday was significant in that it was asking a government agency to look into taking steps that would have , or involve no repercussions. in the senate, we have not seen that. many say that they are uncomfortable with the muslim ban, but there is legislation they could join that would resend it, but they are not joining it. they say they want to take
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seriously the issue of russian interference in the election, but there has been no announcement about the hearing process or nothing being done on the foreign relations committee to say that they are willing to move beyond words. so the cynical part of me thinks that they want to get through these two reconciliation processes. they want to repeal the affordable care act and get the tax cut done and they do not want donald trump to screw it up, so until that happens they will stand back and allow a couple of word bombs to drop on him, but stay clear of any direct legislative confrontation. and maybe if they get what they want done with those come in they could be more willing to stand up to him. host: talk about judge gorsuch. the decision last night, the ninth circuit decision, you said was a win for those who have been in the streets.
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where do you see that case going thato what extent will ongoing case affect the supreme court fight? senator murphy: i think the administration has a decision to make as to which route they will go down, the supreme court or not. but i think their chances of prevailing are low and they likely understand that. the way in which donald trump has reacted, locate things for the judge. thank all of my colleagues on the dnc and special guests in the audience. dnc members will begin with a have a dialogue with the candidates and special guests have, as you know, these forms have been passed out,


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